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Chapter 124: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 124 She wanted to inform him?

All of the 35 manufacturers of the thermal protection board were producing the non-flame retardant under Martin Group and Crystal Group, then supplied them to Marquis Group. If there wasn’t any problem with the second phase of the Lanbo Port project, then all of the thermal protection boards that they used were produced by Crystal Group. Since the one that Crystal Group manufactured weren’t non-flame retardant but flame retardant boards.

All the non-flame retardant boards were sent to the Martin Residence under Lenard’s instruction.

After thinking to this point, John couldn’t help but cursed, “F**k you!”

Lenard wasn’t angry with it, even he replied lightly, “Martin Group and Marquis Group are incomparable, and instead of destroying Marquis, it’s easier to destroy Martin Group. And also, I can gain more benefits, right?”

“Moreover, if I destroyed Marquis, Martin Group would gain all the benefits. What’s the point of me doing it? Don’t you agree with me?”

Anyway, I just don’t want all my hard work to be in vain without gaining benefits.

After speaking, Lenard hung up the phone.

John was slumped down on his seat as his mind went blank.

The second young master of the Martin Group who once dominated 80 percent of the industry, had now brought to the point into a wanted criminal, as if he fell from heaven to hell in an instant.

Not long ago, he was just ranting about letting everyone in Tianbei City know the end of anyone who dared to offend Martin Group, huh, but now? Presumably, it was Marquis Group that let people know the result of offending them.

Tianbei Hotel

After John left and the commotion caused by the crowd ended, the celebration party was continued. It’s just that the topic went off track. All of them went to fawn on Colin and disregarded Martin Group as they were doing it.

Colin handled it with a smile and then announced for the party to continue.

Finally, when nobody came to Colin anymore, he walked into a corner, and found Flora, “How do you feel about the party?”

Flora paused for a while when she heard the voice and slightly looked up, “It’s good, no, it’s really good.”

Colin nodded.

When Flora saw Colin’s manner, she suddenly felt very angry. Everyone was kept in the dark. If it wasn’t because she attended the party, she would still think that Colin was someone who isn’t worthy of Doris.

But today she didn’t only learn that Colin is the chairman of Marquis Group, but also the chairman that had helped her, the chairman that her heart secretly attracted to!

Colin behaved as if nothing happened now, even put a smile on his face.

Flora suddenly sneered at him and said angrily, “How come you are the chairman of Marquis? How come it’s you?”

Colin shrugged, “I’ve helped you so much before, will you help me this time?”

“You are the chairman of Marquis. Do you still need help from someone ordinary like me?” Flora said as she twitched her mouth.

Colin smiled helplessly, “Can you help me hide my identity? Especially, Doris, I don’t want her to know my identity for the time being.”


Colin didn’t have another choice. Actually, he didn’t need to hide it from Doris. But now Doris was poisoned and she couldn’t have a significant mood swing. So, he had to hide it from her.

“Doris is sick.”

“Why is she sick? What kind of illness? Is it serious?”

Colin didn’t say anything about the poisoning, but he said lightly, “It’s nothing serious. It’s just that she can’t have a significant mood swing.”

Upon hearing this, Flora wasn’t quite convinced, but she agreed.


After the party, Colin returned to Marquis.

At this time, Jason returned with someone.

“Haven’t you caught him?” Colin asked.

Jason glanced at Colin and said, “Everyone in the Martin Group is gone. Moreover, recently there’s been a lot of cash transactions and transfers from different places all over the country.”

Colin frowned, “Is it possible to have such a large cash flow in one night?”

“Super VIP in Bank of Beijing.” Jason muffled.

Colin was silent, and said, “They have connections in the capital city?”

“It’s not really clear for now.” Jason shook his head.

Colin frowned. It wasn’t just the matter of two groups that went against each other this time. It also involved the lives of many people this time. The country would definitely take it seriously if they noticed it and would be difficult to cheat.

And those people in the Martin Group, since they could develop so well, were their hands also clean?

After a problem happened, nobody wanted to go to jail, so all of them escaped with their money.

“Do you know where they fled to?”

Jason replied, “They went abroad, it’s very likely to be Thailand.”

“Huh?” Colin raised his eyebrows.

“According to our investigation, Martin Group has a private jet and they just submitted an application to the Air Traffic Control two days ago. One of the directors said that they’re going to Thailand, so we suspected that they fled to Thailand.”

Colin listened and looked down.

Baker just sent him a message recently, telling him not to leave future troubles behind, to avoid harming himself and his family in the future. Colin also understood the principle of cutting grass to the roots.

It’s just that Baker was too capable. When something just happened here, he happened to send the text message over, as if he knew what was going on here anytime.

Forget it, he doesn’t want to think of this for the time being. Baker was right. If they threaten his family in the future, especially Doris, then….

That absolutely can’t happen!

However, at this moment, Colin’s phone rang.

Jason became serious after hearing the sound.

Colin received the phone and turned on the speaker.

“Colin, I admit that I miscalculated it this time. But I advise you, don’t be too ruthless.” John’s voice came from the phone, “Don’t be too extreme on everything, so you can leave a way out for yourself.”

Colin frowned after hearing that, “If I don’t take an extreme measure, won’t you come and be ruthless with me?”

John sneered at him,” Hmph! As long as you tell your police friend not to arrest us this time, I won’t make things difficult for you in the future. But if you take an extreme measure this time, I’ll make you regret it.”

Just when Colin was about to say something, a female voice came from the phone, “John, quickly let me go!”

Colin was surprised. Does this voice belong to Belle?

“John, you even use Belle. She’s your girlfriend!” Colin didn’t expect that someone like John would be so wicked.

John didn’t care and said viciously, “She still has a f*****g nerve to say that she’s my girlfriend. She actually wanted to secretly send you a message about our plan. Shouldn’t I catch her?”

When the words fell, Colin was slightly startled.

So, Belle was caught by John because she wanted to inform him?

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