Chapter 125 – 126: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 125: Needle punishment

Just when everyone was stunned, Kris’s cell phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and found it was a call from mother, Fang Gu.

Terrible! He was playing recently and forgot to see his parents in the hospital, what a shame!

He quickly answered the call: “Mom…”

As soon as the call was answered, his mother’s cry came from the phone: “Kris, come here as soon as possible, there is something that happened!”

Hearing that, Kris was anxious, and he quickly asked: “Mom, what’s wrong, is my dad’s condition worsened…”

“No, we are at the Chen family. Come here quickly, if you don’t come, your dad will just…”

Before she could finish speaking, the phone was hung up.

Kris’s brain “buzzed”, and blanked…

At the same time, in the Hall of Manor of the Chen Family.

The old master of the Chen family sat expressionless on the royal chair, looked at the eldest son who was forced kneeling on the ground, and said to the next fellow with a whip in his hand: “I failed to be a good father. Beat this evil creature for me!”

“Yes, old master!”

The fellow bowed slightly, and walked behind Tianyao Chen, cracked a whip.

Then he whipped Tianyao heavily.

“Ah!” Tianyao screamed, and soon the blood oozed in the place where he was beaten.

“Dad, stop it…” Fang knelt down on the ground, desperately begging, but the old master was determined to punish Tianyao in the presence of all the Chen family and ignored her at all.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

With dozens of lashes in succession, Tianyao was already bloody on his back. The wound on his chest hadn’t healed, and now he was so stimulated that the wound was about to burst.

“You unfilial son, I handed over the family to you before the retreat, how did you promise me?” The old master of the Chen family looked at the eldest son in distress and said: “You not only lost the patriarch’s seat but also cultivated such a beast who even molested his sister-in-law. My Chen family’s century-old family-style has been destroyed by you and your son”.

Tianyao said with pain in his face: “Father, Kris was brought up by you; how could he do such a thing; that is impossible!”

“Unfilial son, even now you still protect that evil creature. Say, where is Kris?”

It was precise because Kris was brought up by him, he was so angry. Kris was the eldest grandson of the Chen family, the most perfect heir to the family in his mind.

He always expected much on him, who knows that after the retreat, this evil creature not only became a live-in son-in-law but also defiled his sister-in-law. The reputation that the Chen family had boasted for hundreds of years was completely destroyed by him.

At this time, Jie Liang originally wanted to find a chance to add fuel to the fire, but the old master had scolded her before. She dare not speak now, lest the old master regarded her show no respect to elders.

After thinking for a while, Jie whispered to Quan Chen.

Quan listened and nodded, couldn’t help giving her a thumb up.

“Grandpa, calm down.” At this time, Quan walked to the old master and helped him, saying, “Your health is the most important!”

After he finished speaking, he turned to Tianyao again: “Uncle, although you are my elder, but justice naturally inhabits everyone’s heart. Kris defiled his sister-in-law which was a fact recognized by everyone in the Chen family. It is impossible that all of us are lying. You see, Grandpa is angry with you, you had better admit it as soon as possible.”

“Admit? Why should I have to admit for what we did not do” Tianyao smiled coldly: “I say it again, my son didn’t do such a thing.”

“Unfilial son, you still have your mouth shut!” Old master’s hands were shaking due to anger: “Lash him! Until he admits!”

At this time, Quan said in a pretentious manner: “Grandpa, don’t lash anymore, or uncle will…”

“Don’t speak for this unfilial son.” Old master shook off Quan’s hand and said in a cold voice: “I failed to be a good father, and I will teach him to be a man today!”

“Why are you still stunned? Lash him!” Old master shouted at the fellow holding the whip.

“Yes, old master!”

The helpless man had to wave his whip again.

Upon seeing this, Quan couldn’t help but look at his wife. Jie smiled slightly and gave him a thumb up. Of course, no one saw this scene.

“Crack, crack, crack!”

After dozens of lashes in succession, Tianyao set his jaw without even making a sound.

He did not believe that his son would do such a thing, even if he was lashed to death, he would not admit it!

“Dad, I beg you, let Tianyao go. He just underwent the operation. The stitches have not been removed yet!”

Fang knelt and was held down by someone, crying and begging for mercy from the old master.

“Don’t think I will be soft-hearted.” The old master has been in charge of the Chen family for decades. He has developed the Chen family from a third-rate family into a first-class family and is not a soft-hearted person. No one can change the thing he is determined.

“Dad, don’t lash, please, don’t lash…”

At this moment, the wound in Tianyao’s chest had opened up slightly, and blood oozed from the wound, soaking the white hospital gown.

If he continues to lash like this, the wound shall open up completely, and Tianyao will die.

“Hey, you really have a hard mouth. You have done something wrong, you not only do not admit it, but also want to win everyone’s sympathy. It’s ridiculous,” Jie said, stirring up the trouble.

But this time she became a little wiser, did not stand up, nor named names; even if the old master wanted to scold her, there was no excuse.

As expected, the old master just glared at her, but did not speak.

“Well, our compassion is only for our family members!”

“Yes, Kris’s family live on us but help others secretly and have been cleared out. They are not Chen’s family members!”

Everyone alternatively put in their words. Then someone said something in the crowd at this time: “Grandpa, Kris’ family has corrupted the Chen family style. If we do not curb this crooked evil, the Chen family’s reputation for hundreds of years will be destroyed once.”

“I beg Grandpa to severely punish Kris’s family.”

“Beg your severe punishment…”

All of the Chen family said toward the old master and asked him to severely punish Kris’s three families.

Hearing everyone’s words, the old master of the Chen family was suffocating. What kind of evil was done by Kris’s family of three, making everyone in the Chen family demand severe punishment. At this moment, Old Master of the Chen Family completely believed in the big crimes committed by Kris.

“Come on, punish him according to the clan laws!”


Grandpa even wants to excise the clan laws.

Tianyao even paled. As the last patriarch, how could he not know how terrible the domestic discipline was.

As a century-old family, the Chen family had two sets of domestic rules.

The first set is the Chen family’s domestic discipline, which was set by Tianyao’ s grandfather. If a disciple of the family committed something wrong, he was usually punished according to the domestic discipline.

The second set is the clan law, which originated in the late Qing Dynasty. At that time, the imperial power did cover the countryside. If the people in the family violated the law, they were punished according to the clan law.

It can be said that the birth and death of the disciples of the clan were in the hand of the clan leader.

Family law had been silent for decades since the old master came to power. Unexpectedly, today, a few decades later, Grandpa actually used it again.

The Chen family’s disciples had to learn the two sets of laws of the Chen family since they were young.

Such as three chops making six holes, locked in pig cages and soaked into water, throwing into a tub full of scorpion, cutting the tongue off, tattoo in the face, etc.

It can be said that the rules were extremely severed!

According to the clan law, the clan disciples defiled their sister-in-law and shall be locked in the pig cages and soaked in water.

However, Tianyao was punished for his son and should not be sentenced to death, so this time the “needle punishment” was adopted!

“Needle punishment” was also called inserting needles, which was to insert thin, long, pointed needles into the fingers.

As the saying goes, the nerves of the fingertips are linked with the heart. For such pictures, everyone would be terrified even thought about it.

Soon someone took the needles needed for “needle punishment”.

There were thin, long, pointed needles in the tray, and everyone suddenly fell into a chill. Although they wanted to punish Kris’s family, they didn’t expect it to be so ruthless.

This needle punishment would make people hurt deadly.

Chapter 126: Let you die

At this time, the old master of the Chen family stood up again and said sharply: “Unfilial son, I ask you again, do you admit that you are wrong?”

This is his oldest and dearest son, as long as he admitted his mistake, he can be remitted from this torture.

“Father, I still believe, Kris couldn’t heartlessly do such a thing,” Tianyao said bitterly: “My son did not do it, why should he admit it!”

“Okay, okay, I will see whether your mouth is harder or the needle is harder!” The old master of the Chen family was completely desperate to Tianyao at this moment, and shouted loudly, “Execute!”

“Yes, master!”

The Chen family’s disciples came out from the side, pressed Tianyao to the ground, and took off his shoes and socks.

What a cruel thing these people did; they did not even let their toes go.

“Dad, don’t…”

Fang Gu hysterically cried.

The old master of the Chen family looked at her coldly, and said sharply: “The loving mother always has an unfilial son, Kris corrupts to such an extent, you, as his mother, are also to blame.”

“Go, bring me the finger clamp in the torture chamber!”

After the old master finished saying, his disciples came out of the crowd and trotted to the torture chamber.

“Father, let Fang go, what’s wrong with her?” Tianyao raised his head in difficulty and looked at his father.

“Are you all dead! Execute quickly!” the old master shouted hard at the disciples for the penalty.

Seeing that the old man was angry, the disciple next to him pulled out a thin needle and stabbed toward Tianyao’s nails!


Tianyao’s miserable cry rang in the hall. Some girls saw his miserable look and closed their eyes in horror. It was cruel and terrible!

“All of you watch carefully, and if any disciple dares to make the same mistakes in the future, I will let him go by no means!” the old master of the Chen family looked around the crowd.

The disciples of the Chen family lowered their heads one after another and dared not stare at him.

The screams ran into their ears, so cruel.

Quan, in particular, was pale and scared, but fortunately, this time, Kris is his scapegoat, otherwise the one who was screaming now would be him.

“Come on, you want me to confess false charges under torture, but I will not!” Tianyao shouted exhaustedly: “My son is innocent, innocent… ah…”

Before he had finished speaking, there was a great pain on his toes, which almost made him faint, but when he just fainted due to pain, he was awakened by the great pain again.


A lot of blood oozed from Tianyao’s chest, and the wound in his heart completely cracked, even the surgical line broken.


Fang Gu knelt down on the ground with hair disheveled, and when she wanted to come closer, she was pressed to the ground by the disciples of the Chen family. No matter how hard she struggled, it was useless.

Tears blurred her vision, and she saw the disciples for the penalty of the Chen family ran over with the finger clamp.

“Put finger clamp on her!”

After hearing the order, the disciples separated Fang’s ten fingers, put them in the finger clamp, and then yanked the clamp.


The finger clamp made a bitter sound.


The miserable cry, like the cuckoo’s cry to bleeding, lingered in the Hall of the Chen family for a long time.

It was really miserable, many Chen’s disciples turned their heads around, daring not to look at it.

“Ah… damn you!”

At this time, a heartbreaking roar came from the door. Following the voice, the crowd saw Kris holding the spear in one hand and the soft sword on the other hand, with scarlet eyes, madly rushing towards the crowd crazily.

Tianba Li behind him was shocked when he saw this scene, and he rushed in with hundreds of men in black.

“You beasts, damn, I want your life!”

Looking at father with his hands and feet full of needles, and mother with her hands clamped, Kris was mad, completely mad, and the fierce beast shut in the heart was completely released.

The sharp spear easily pierced the disciples’ body for the Chen family’s penalty, and the soft sword was now indestructible, severing the weapon in their hands.

He had only one idea in his mind now, and that was to kill these beasts!

Seeing Kris engaged in killing, the old master of the Chen family was so angry that he almost fainted.

“Evil creature, really evil creature, actually slay the brothers of the same race!” The old master of the Chen family pointed to Kris and shouted, “Go, go and take this evil creature down.”

As soon as old master finished, the disciples surrounded Kris.

Seeing that his brother was under siege, Tianba Li felt gloomy and waved his hand: “Come on!”

With this command, hundreds of strong men rushed out like hungry wolves and wrestled with Chen’s disciples.

Kris stabbed the disciples who punished his parents and hugged his parents, bursting into tears.

He quickly pulled out the fine needles on his father’s body and then removed the clamp from his mother’s hand.

Fang’s fingers were clamped and broken, it was so painful that she fainted.

Tianyao was also dying, obviously weak to the extreme.

“K…Kris, tell your dad, have you…”

“Dad, I didn’t. I swear I really did not do it!” Kris cried and swore before Tianyao finished.

“If so, Dad can rest assured…”

When Tianyao heard the answer he wanted, he couldn’t hold it anymore and closed his eyes. His white hospital gown had been soaked in blood.

“Dad, you wake up, dad, you can’t sleep!” Kris shook his father in fear: “Go, stand up, go home with me…”

But regardless of how Kris shook and shouted, Tianyao remained motionless.

“Kris, you can’t live by doing evil, this is retribution!” Jie Liang finally waited the coming of this moment, she couldn’t help but jumped out and pointed at Kris’s nose and scolded: “You beast, ungrateful soul, you was born and brought up in the Chen family, how should you slay your brothers and bully the clan with outsiders. You deserve your father’s death. If I have a son like you, I will be extremely annoyed!”

“Mom, you accompany dad first, I will take revenge on them for you!” Kris said softly in the ear of his unconscious mother. With that said, Kris stood up and looked at Jie with his scarlet eyes. There was no other emotion in his eyes except naked killing intentions.

Jie swore that she had never seen such a terrible look in her life. “What do you want to do? You have already raped one of your sisters-in-law, do you even want to rape the other…”

Before Jie’s words were finished, Kris rushed over.


With a pain in her face, she flew in an instant.

This vicious woman made mischief two years ago, and now she dared to do it again. Such being the case, I will settle the score right now.

For this slap, Kris had no reservations and even used internal energy. We can only see that Jie flew out tens of meters away like a broken doll, and then fell heavily on the ground.

This time Jie almost breathed out, and a mouthful of blood burst out from her mouth, the pretty original face was swollen like a pig’s head.

Just one slap was not enough, Kris jumped to the front of her, and slapped on her face one after another.

“This slap is for my dad.”

“This slap is for my mother.”

“This slap is for me…”

Every time he slapped, Kris would say a few words. He had lived in bitterness in the past two years, and too many grievances accumulated in his heart. Although it was nothing at the usual time, nothing, at this moment, the grievances and resentment that accumulated in him for more than two years were completely ignited.

“Evil creature, really evil creature!” The old master of the Chen family wanted to stand up, but he felt his head dizzy and failed.

At this time, seeing his wife was slapped by Kris, Quan was crazy and rushed over with a machete in his hand: “Kris, how dare you slap my wife, I will take your life… .”

With that said, the machete in his hand hacked toward Kris’s back.

If hacked, Kris would be crippled even if he didn’t die.

In an instant, Kris suddenly turned around and grabbed the blade with his hand, the blood instantly slipped from his palm and dripped on the ground.

Quan didn’t know what happened, his whole body flew in the air.

Kris kicked him on the stomach; he was kicked four or five meters away, and then fell heavily.

He bowed, like a cooked prawn.

At this moment, Kris walked over and grabbed his neck, grabbing him from the ground like a chicken.

Kris had a cruel smile, exerting force in the palms, Quan struggled suddenly, he could not breathe, he would suffocate and die, help, help… Kris wanted to strangle him.

“My good brother, two years ago, you and your wife incited the whole family that I embezzled family funds for my own benefit, so as to force my father to give up the position of the patriarch and drive my family out of the Chen family.” Saying this, Kris’s strength in the hands was a little more: “You knew clearly that the 20 million was my own money, was accumulated little by little, and had nothing to do with the Chen family.”

Quan’s entire face has turned into liver color, and how could he hear what Kris said. If Kris didn’t let go, he would really suffocate and die.

But to his desperation, Kris did not let go but continued: “Three months ago, my good second uncle found me and begged me, then I sponsored the family five billion. You said I hijacked you to buy the Huanyu Group. But what you don’t know is that your dad begged me to do that.”

“One month ago, on the day of Lei’s marriage, the bride was insulted by someone. You imputed that to me, indiscriminately!” Kris hysterically shouted: “Lei and I are not brothers, but closer than brothers; how could I do such a thing, you bastards, I just want to live a safe life, it’s you who forced me.”

“Okay, you don’t want me live, I will let you die!”

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