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Chapter 125 – 126: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 125: Xinyou Was Doomed (1)

As Xinyou Qiao got admitted into the family Ye through lying and gaining Kerry’s sympathy, what on earth did she want? Why did she got close to him?

Once when the reason came to the public, everything would be overthrown, especially for a man with such a thoughtful mind like Kerry. When he learned that he was cheated, he would figured all the thing out rather than came to question others impulsively.

After doing so, he found that there were many questionable points in it.

Xinyou always grasped the opportunity accurately. Every time when she had a dispute with Venus Mu, Xinyou was coincidentally met by him. It was worthy of pondering at that whether it really happened by chance or not.

Venus didn’t know what he was thinking, and even if she knew it, she wouldn’t be happy.

As for Kerry, as he had given a helping hand to Xinyou, even if he was suspicious of Xinyou now, Venus couldn’t assume that the things he did for Xinyou had never happened before!

The talk with Venus was not pleasant, perhaps it was because he got changed.

He suddenly realized that he had never cared about Venus’s feelings, so now he could clearly felt her indifference to him. Kerry felt as if a fishbone had been pinched in his neck, making it hard for him to swallow.

At this moment, the phone’s ringtone suddenly rang, and Kerry took out the phone from his pocket. It was a strange number. When he was hesitating to answer the call, he found that Venus had already checked out and left.


It was Zihang Lu.

“Kerry, do you remember what I said last time? Now I have new evidence in my hands, so I want to make a deal with you.”

If it was before, Kerry would just hang up the phone, but now he changed his mind, so he asked, “What deal?”

“If you have time to come out for a drink, I think you will definitely be interested about it.”

Kerry’s look seemed cold and thoughtful with whose fingers tapping the table loudly.

In terms of patience, no one was better than Kerry, and Zihang was no exception.

Soon Zihang continued to said, “Kerry, I hope you will think about it. The last time you gave me such a big gift, now I should return the gift…”

Hearing Zihang’s words, the corners of Kerry’s mouth turned around indifferently. After a long time passed , he said, “Well, give me your location.”

“Shangri-La Cafe.”

Entering the door of the cafe, the elegant cello sounded, and the room was full of refreshing coffee aroma.

Kerry walked to the pre-arranged position and saw Zihang who seemed to be haggard, sitting opposite him with a flat expression.

Zihang’s expression flashed with a faint hatred, and the smile on the corner of his mouth evoked, and his attitude seemed somewhat mysterious.

“Kerry, now we meet again.”

Kerry looked unmoved. He took a look at the watch with a calm tone and said, “My time is limited, please turn to the main point of the topic as soon as possible.”

Looking at Kerry’s invincible attitude, Zihang’s was unbearably angry. Finally he restrained himself and said with a cunning smile on his face, “Of course I will.”

At the point, when he took out a CD-ROM from his pocket, his smile became more bold and said, “Kerry, do you remember what I said last time? This time I am I brought the evidence, I wonder if you are interested in taking it away?”

Kerry looked at Zihang in cold eyes, even the slightest expression on the face of Zihang could not escape his blue eyes. Finally, he turned a smile, too, and said,” Mr. Lu, are you negotiating with me?”

While his intention was seen through, Zihang no longer tried to conceal his purpose and said, ” Give me 500,000 dollars, and I will share you a valuable secret.”

“Right?” Kerry snorted coldly, his tone was flat, “Do you mean I can’t know the truth unless I make a deal with you? To tell the truth, I hate being threatened the most. But now you seem to know that.”

It seemed everything was easy for Kerry, and his attitude made Zihang a little anxious.

His tone turned a little unnatural and said, “Kerry, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not threatening you, I am just doing a business with you. If you think the price is high, I can give you a bargain.”

Kerry looked at him with a cold shot which made Zihang’s heart suddenly went up and down. What Zizhang did was just like pulling teeth from the tiger’s mouth. Kerry was the tiger, and if he got angry, he would indeed give Zihang a lesson .

But he had to do it. Since being suppressed by the family Mu, his life became terrible. He couldn’t even support himself with his poor salary. Now he had to take the risk!

Just when Zihang felt desperate, he suddenly saw Kerry stretch his hand into pocket.

Zihang’s heart nearly stopped. Now he did not even dare to take a breath.

Chapter 125: Xinyou Was Doomed (2)

Was he going to pull out a gun…?

Just when he felt it was hard to breathe, a gold card, a symbol of nobility, appeared in front of him, and then Kerry Ye said in a low tone, “Here is one million. For the secret.”

Kerry picked up the disc and handed it to Henry He and then stopped paying attention to the dumbfounded Zihang Lu. Then he left the seat, walking to the door.

After leaving the café, Kerry took a car directly to the company. He sat on his desk, first examining the disc in his hand and then put it into the computer mainframe.

The image was very clear and the time in the upper right corner was undoubtedly right. Then it began to play, happening at the public bathroom door of Tingyuxuan Restaurant.

As it was recorded by a camera, so it could only be in the form of images, with no voice.

The first thing that could be seen in it was Venus Mu going into the bathroom and then a man, sneaking inside, who was none other than Zihang!

Seeing this, Kerry frowned slightly. Although it couldn’t tell too much from the video, Zihang purposefully followed Venus. Distracting for a moment, Kerry began to focus on the following parts.

After about 5 minutes, Venus looked panicked, appearing at the door of the toilet, followed by Zihang. Then Venus was pushed by Zihang against the wall. Venus was struggling desperately!

Seeing Venus’s tears keeping falling down, helpless and angry, Kerry’ s heart ached.

He still remembered that night, he cursed me and he even used ‘Bitch’. Though she was retorting, he was saying something harsher. At that time, he was impulse, but now, he was wondering what’s her attitude towards him.

If in the past, caring about his influence on Venus, he would definitely sneer at it, but now, for some reason, he really wanted to know.

What happened next was no other accidence. About 15 minutes later, Kerry showed up, beating Zihang and taking Venus away. He thought the video ended here, but Xinyou’ s appearance made Kerry frown.

It had been half an hour since the video was recorded and it seemed that Xinyou and Zihang had an argument, but since there’s no sound, he couldn’t tell what the argument was about. However, it told from another way that Xinyou knew what would happen to Venus.

Then following part revealed the truth.

In the video, Xinyou tried to leave after the argument, but she was immediately stopped by Zihang. Then they argued, but Xinyou seemed to lose patience, so she took out something from her bag and threw it to Zihang before leaving.

The video clearly showed that it was a pile of cash. Then Zihang counted the money, while leaving with that money put to his inner pocket…

The video was completely over here and Zihang did prove that Xinyou couldn’t have nothing to do with this matter.

Kerry recalled that Zihang had stated Xinyou’ s intentions. Xinyou sent him to harass Venus and promised to pay him a amount of money. Now it seemed that he was telling the truth.

But why did Xinyou choose Zihang?

He soon figured out that Zihang’ s relationship with Venus made it easier to get to the goal, since the two had a story before, but his appearance disrupted their plan!

But Kerry didn’t completely believe in Zihang. At the beginning, he suspected that the video was changed by Zihang, but then a detail made him completely stop thinking so.

He still remembered that night, when Venus walked out of the party room, it was Xinyou who reminded him that Venus hadn’t returned by now. combining what she had done after that, it was absolutely impossible for Xinyou to stay out of it!

Kerry looked full of indifference and he lit a cigarette and let it burn silently. He had no desire to smoke it. Now he felt very confused, as if what he had always been convinced of, had changed, and now he couldn’t deceive himself!

Xinyou was playing tricks on him!

Whether he admitted it or not, he, Kerry, as Zihang said, had indeed been fooled by a woman!

Xinyou, lately, has always had a feeling of uneasiness and her intuition had always been very keen, which told her that Kerry was very cold to her, even at work, he deliberately shunned her.

She didn’t understand and she also couldn’t ask him. Instead, Venus was asked by Kerry to ride in the same car, but his attitude towards Venus was still indifferent.

But Xinyou knew that everything was different from before…

Chapter 125: Xinyou Was Doomed (3)

However, Xinyou Qiao had never waited for the arrangement of fate. After analyzing the whole thing, she believed that Kerry Ye’ s attitude towards Venus was perhaps influenced by Kevin Ye, or perhaps Kevin’s attitude towards Venus had indirectly influenced him.

Thinking of this, she decided to take advantage of it and she had to win Kerry’ s heart before he realized how badly he treated Venus before.

Xinyou couldn’t wait until lunch time, because in recent days, when it was lunch time, she would be told by secretary Liu that Kerry had gone to a business dinner and couldn’t share the meal with her.

Today, Xinyou decided not to wait until noon. She first went to the tea room to make a cup of coffee and took the elevator directly to the Mr. Ye’ s office. Arriving at to the door, Xinyou took a deep breath before knocking the door.

“Please come in.”

The magnetic voice of Kerry came through the door, making Xinyou feel happy, so she pushed the door open and directly walked in.

“Kerry, you’ve been working hard these days. I’ve just made a cup of coffee, remember to drink it while it’s hot.”

Xinyou suppressed the excitement inside and walked to him with an elegant pace, placing the coffee, which was still hot, lightly by his hand.

Kerry gradually shifted his gaze from the document to Xinyou’ s bright face. Seeing her blushing, he was filled with confusion.

This was the woman he treated with all his heart, but she betrayed his trust.

First, she hid her identity. Kerry had sent Henry to investigate and indeed, her parents came to see her that day, who encountered Venus. According to the security guard who witnessed the whole process, he saw Xinyou arguing with the couple.

This meant that Xinyou indeed knew the couple. Henry had also checked Xinyou’ s household registration and found that she was born in a countryside, but she has a temporary city household, so it was not easy to find out if he didn’t check carefully.

Xinyou, who was originally kind in his eyes, now seemed to have lost her ‘purity’, while having a hypocritical face.

Not knowing how long it took, so long that Xinyou was about to be unable to maintain the smile on her face. Then she heard Kerry say, “Thank you. Then go back to work.”

Hearing such an obvious eviction order, Xinyou’ s heart went cold, but she took a deep breath to maintain her calmness, her voice trembling, “Kerry, what happened? Are you unhappy?”

She asked cautiously, with some unhappiness.

If it was in the past, Kerry would have directly comforted her, but now, he looked extremely icy, with sunshine on his body, adding a little solemnity to him.

Xinyou then boldly came to him to stretch out her arm around his neck, in an intimate manner, with a little spoiled tone, “Tell me, who upset you? Please, don’t ignore me…”

Kerry was just about to speak, when a petite figure suddenly appeared at the entrance of the room. She immediately turned around and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Kerry was keenly aware of that figure, suddenly reaching out to shake off Xinyou’ s hands, saying in a serious tone, “Venus, come back.”

Venus, who had originally walked out of the doorway, had to go back when she heard his order.

Noticing the resentment in Xinyou’ s eyes, Venus directly ignored her and placed a document on Kerry’s desk, and spoke, “Mr. Ye, this is the project plan of SA Clothing Group. Manager He asked me to give it to you. Please sign it.”

When Venus said this, her eyes happened to meet Kerry’ s, but she was hurriedly shifting away. Looking at her shoes, she continued to speak.

All of Venus’s actions were captured by Kerry. Looking at her, who was with resistance, Kerry’s heart tightened.

“Raise your head. Have you been talking to your colleagues with your head down?”

Kerry’ s voice came from above, forcing Venus to raise her head and look at him. What she wanted to say was that she was willing to raise her head when facing anyone, except him and Xinyou.

It wasn’t that she was afraid, but felt sick.

Of course, she couldn’t say this directly. In the company, Kerry was her supervisor, so she naturally had to say something nice, “Mr. Ye, you are right and I will pay attention to it in the future. Then I’ll go back first. After you finish it, I will come back up to get it.”

After hearing her words, his eyebrows were lightly raised, his tone negligent, “Why bother? Is this your work efficiency? Waste all your time on walking.”

Venus pursed her lips, sighing inside, as if no matter what she said or did, he always would find fault with her. She wondered if she doomed to be fooled by God.

Chapter 125: Xinyou Was Doomed (4)

“Fine, I’ll just wait here. If this is what Director Ye wants.” Venus said.

Kerry stopped picking on her and began studying the documents. At that time, Venus could feel Xinyou was glaring at her in a hostile way. She thought if glares could kill people, she would have died a thousand times.

The clock ticked the time away, and the silence in the room was absolute. Everyone was immersed in his or her own thoughts.

The document has only three pages, but Kerry had already looked at it for ten minutes, which annoyed Venus a lot. Venus thought to herself: “Oh for the love of god!! Be quick!! You freaking loser!!”

Venus had been feeling irritable those days, and of course Kerry was the main reason for her irritability.

She was responsible for designing clothes in the company, but all of a sudden, she was asked to run errands for Kerry, doing things like passing documents and the other mindless jobs which were usually finished by Manager He’s secretary. She asked the secretary about it but she was told that it was Kerry’ s idea, and that’s why she felt annoyed and gloomy those days. She hated wasting her time on these mindless errands. But she thought it through very fast. She believed it was another technique applied by Kerry the pervert to torture her.

Kerry finally signed the document after careful study, and Venus signed with huge relief. But then, Kerry said arrogantly: “Miss Mu, make a cup of coffee for me.”

Venus was again seized by bitterness. She hated the way Kerry sent her on errands.

“Director Ye, there is a cup of coffee on your table.” Venus clenched her teeth.

But Kerry didn’t even look at the coffee on his table, which was already cold, and he didn’t seem to notice that Xinyou’s face had already set in grim lines. He said coldly: “I’m your superior, and you should never question my decision. Do you know what is the consequence?”

Venus turned around and was about to go and make coffee because she didn’t want to argue with him, not after hearing his “intelligent” words.

“Wait!” Kerry shouted.

Venus’s anger flared up in an instant. But she took a deep breath, refrained her anger, turned around slowly and asked calmly: “Yes, Director Ye. What’s the matter?”

Kerry didn’t notice her anger. He pointed at the coffee cup on his table, put on a weird smile and said in a low voice: “Miss Mu, you can just use this cup.”

Venus then dragged herself to the table and grabbed the cup. She ignored Xinyou’s long and hard stare, turned around, and was about to leave.

But then, Kerry’ s annoying voice was heard again.

“Right, Miss Mu. No sugar, no milk!”

“Fine.” Venus said in an impatient tone of voice. She pulled her hair because Kerry was really driving her crazy. But she knew she had to obey, after all, she was working in his company.

“Screw these blood sucking capitalists!!” She thought to herself.

Venus left. So there were only Xinyou and Kerry in the office. Kerry was back to his work, and Xinyou could no longer put up with his behavior. She asked directly: “Kerry! What’s the matter with you? Why did you ask Venus to pour my coffee away!!”

Xinyou was filled with bitterness. She realized Kerry was distancing himself from her on purpose, and he was getting closer to Venus. If she wasn’t sure about it earlier, the fact that Kerry asked Venus to pour her coffee away just proved everything.

On the surface, Kerry seemed to be picking on Venus and giving her a hard time on purpose, but Xinyou, who is very observant, noticed that Kerry was actually trying to create more opportunities to be with Venus.

Xinyou knew how efficient Kerry could be, because she once saw Kerry studying the document brought to him by Secretary Liu, and it only took him a minute. She remembered she complimented him on his efficiency. But just now, he spent ten minutes reading a document that has only three pages. Even she wouldn’t need that much time to read it.

Xinyou knew something must had happened, or this wouldn’t happen at all. But she didn’t know what happened.

Kerry looked at her, and saw her eyes were moist. He then opened the screen, and found the file Zihang Lu gave him, and pressed the play button……

Chapter 126: Kerry finally knew the truth (1)

With time passing by, Xinyou Qiao’ s look changed from curiosity, to shock, to incredulity, whose any subtle look was captured by his eyes, and of course, the fleeting fear.

Xinyou’ s gaze moved away from the screen, much calmer and her tone was with aggrievance, “Kerry Ye, it’s not true. You have to believe me. I’ve never done this!”

After hearing her, Kerry was sure she did do so. Kerry had sent Henry He to make a copy of the disc and take it to a professional expert. The result was—100% original without any modification or alteration.

Facing this, however, she still tried to lie. Was he, Kerry, really so silly?

“I’ve let professionals check this and there’s no trace of PS. What else do you want to say?” Kerry asked with an indifferent look.

After hearing his words, Xinyou was desperate, but she quickly adjusted her mind and answered with a very sincere tone, “Actually, I heard something I shouldn’t have, so Zihang Lu threatened me and told me to give him 50,000 yuan, or he would take revenge on me!”

Looking at that very dramatic face, he might have believed her if he hadn’t done the research beforehand.

“Do you know who gave it to me?”

Kerry looked calm, asking.

After hearing his question, Xinyou suddenly felt a touch of intense unease inside. She said in a touching voice, “Kerry, you trust someone else but not me?”

Kerry’s bony hands picked up Xinyou’ s chin, causing her in great pain, but there was no mercy in Kerry’s eyes, only hatred and indifference after being deceived!

Looking at her painfully bloodless face, Kerry said coldly, “Xinyou, do you know what I hate most? That’s cheating! Tell me, after you implemented your plan, were you very proud of yourself?!”

Xinyou tried to hold back her fear, shaking her head desperately, “No! I don’t! Even if did, it’s because I love you… I want so much to be with you.”

When he heard Xinyou’ s cries, Kerry coldly withdrew his hand and pressed her down on the desk, but there was no ambiguity in his look, only endless coldness, “That’s why you do whatever it takes to seduce me? Just trying to let me fuck you?!”

Hearing the obvious sarcasm in his tone, Xinyou’ s face burned with pain as if he had mercilessly slapped her!

How could he say this about her? Even if she had done something wrong, it was all because she loved him!

As a matter of fact, she had always heard people say that in the world of relationships, men were always more rational than women. Even if women loved them to death, men chose to ignore it if they had no feelings for women.

“I’m doing it because I love you!”

Xinyou’ s tone was filled with sadness as she continued, “Kerry, have you forgotten? You’re my first man and you think it’s just my virginity I’m paying for? And all my hopes and pride!”

Kerry deeply shook inside. He seemed to have forgotten about that. Now in retrospect, he was becoming more and more skeptical of her words, but before it was just a vague notion.

But now, his instinct was becoming more and more genuine, for he felt that the woman that night was really not her, but now he couldn’t refute it…

“Maybe you men don’t care about this and simply treat it as a physical need, but I’m foolish enough to fall in love with you. Kerry, tell me, am I wrong?!”

After Kerry heard her words, his lips pursed, raising a mocking smile and said in a cold tone, “Xinyou, you’re making it impossible for me to trust you at all right now.”

Hearing his words, Xinyou looked stunned and asked dumbfoundedly, “What do you mean?”

“If this was the only thing, I might not really have cared, but your successive deceptions have completely shattered my trust!”

Xinyou’ s pupils constricted and she felt as if her heart was being strangled by a pair of invisible hands, deadly, making her about to suffocate!

“Kerry, I didn’t…”

Kerry shook his head with an indifferent look and put his index finger on his lips, signing her to shut up. Then she stopped saying…

Then he said, “Don’t rush to deny, even if I don’t care about this, but how are you going to explain about your background? Is it also a lie that your parents from the countryside?”

After listening to Kerry, Xinyou suddenly took a few steps backwards, with her hands placing on top of her chest, her look filled with despair. Did he even know about this?

She knew Kerry too well and he would never say something he was unsure, so he already had the evidence!

Chapter 126: Kerry finally knew the truth (2)

Xinyou Qiao was in a total mess, but she forced herself to calm down. She kept comforting herself and as long as she was still in Ye family, as long as she’s still Kerry Ye’ s ‘first woman’, he wouldn’t abandon her!

Steadying her mind, Xinyou’ s brain began to work. Suddenly, a detail was discovered by her, her tone carrying some imperceptible resentment, “Kerry, was it Venus Mu who told you?”

Hearing her words, Kerry was completely disappointed. The kind Xinyou in his heart, as if a bright rose, completely withered and died.

Though her plot was uncovered, her first reaction was not to admit it, but to try to escape, even wanting to drag others down with her!

Seeing that Kerry was silent, Xinyou was even more sure of this thought. She scolded Venus inwardly and said, “Maybe it’s because I live in Ye family and it’s inevitable that she has some prejudice against me in her, which I can understand.”

“You know what, Kerry? My family was extremely poor, so poor that I couldn’t eat meat a year or wear new clothes. Ever since I came here, I’ve told myself to be stronger, so why I worked so hard was just to get out of that awful life I had before!”

“I don’t feel wrong at all and maybe you think I’m vain, but you haven’t lived that kind of hard life. If you experience it yourself, you’ll be able to understand me…” Xinyou was crying much harder.

“Not telling you the truth was because I’m working hard in this city and if people know this, it will be difficult for me to find a job and I will even be looked down upon by many people! Kerry, you have to believe me… I really didn’t mean it…”

Kerry chose to face the repentant Xinyou with silence and he reallt didn’t know what to say at the moment. He hated that she deceived him, but he didn’t want to be so cruel to her.

Anyway, she was his woman, so he really didn’t know what kind of mood he should have to face her. After a long time, he said, “Go back to work.”

Hearing this, Xinyou completely relaxed. She gently wiped away her tears and looked at him with a complex look before turning around.

At least he didn’t punish her for what she had done, nor had he explicitly stated that he wanted her to move out, which meant that he still had some feelings for him.

Thinking of this, Xinyou began to feel some hope. Although she was a bit dangerous today, she had come to know how much Kerry cared her, which was an unexpected bonus!

It was just that she needed to be more careful in the future. Thinking of this, Xinyou cursed Venus.

If it was Venus who told Kerry, then she should be aware of what was gonna happen to her!

Meiye Bar

The bar was in a total darkness, with loud music. Men and women in the dance floor were dancing and flirting. The whole hall was full of wildness and excitement.

There was a hot beauty sitting at the bar, attracting the attention of countless hunters around her, but she seemed to be in a bad mood, drinking the strong spirits one cup after another cup.

“Hey, pretty girl, dance with me?” A man with green hair asked her to dance.

“Fuck off!” The woman wasn’t interested at all, so she just rejected him, making the man have no choice but to walk away.

The woman was still drinking, with the flush on her face becoming more and more obvious. Finally, the drunkenness became stronger and when she struggled to get up, a familiar voice came behind her, catching all her attention.

“Xinyou, why are you drinking alone here?”

Xinyou turned around, drunkenly looking at the man behind him. After a while, she couldn’t tell who the man was, only then did she notice that she was really drunk. She asked, “Who are you?”

Kevin Ye looked at her in a funny way. Seeing that she was really drunk, he went forward to kindly hold her up and said in a gentle tone, “I am Kevin.”

Hearing his name, Xinyou suddenly seemed to been wronged by someone and her tears flowed straight down, whose tone was a little bitter, “Kerry… is that you? Are you coming to take me home?”

Hearing her call out her brother’s name, Kevin helplessly shook his head, originally wanting to tell her, but he found it was meaningless. He only carefully held her waist, taking her out of the bar.

Xinyou put her face directly on Kevin’s chest, sniffing, tone with a little drunkenness, “You are really Kerry. You always smell so good.”

Hearing her words, Kevin felt funny. Then he put her in the passenger sea, and carefully fastened the seat belt for her before starting the car.

Chapter 126: Kerry finally knew the truth (3)

He came here today to meet someone, but he didn’t expect to bump into Xinyou Qiao, who even ridiculously thought of him as his brother. Thinking of this, Kevin Ye laughed.

Compared to his comparably perfect brother, his presence was indeed negligible!

Right at this moment, Xinyou beside him looked filled with pain, with tears instantly wetting her face as she mumbled, “Kerry Ye… don’t leave me… I love you… I love you more than Venus Mu…”

Hearing her talking to herself, Kevin felt really funny, for he didn’t expect Xinyou, who was usually so decent to be so bold after getting drunk.

“Kerry… Do you believe me or not? Do you believe me or not?” Perhaps because she couldn’t hear the response, Xinyou turned her head, gazing at Kevin, with a little accusation in her tone.

Unable to bear her insistence, Kevin could only say helplessly, “I believe you.”

Hearing ‘Kerry’s’ reply, Xinyou finally recovered quite a bit and she was much quieter. Perhaps she was really drunken, keeping talking to him.

“I apologize for what happened today, you must forgive me… Hmph! Venus is really annoying! She is simply trying to destroy our relationship. Kerry… You mustn’t fall for it!”

Hearing her words, Kevin was stunned, showing a thoughtful look and asked with a tentative tone, “You think it’s all because of Venus?”

Hearing Kevin’s words, Xinyou nodded desperately. She was now in a total mess, so her mind wasn’t even as clear as usual. She just wanted to say everything that was on her mind.

“Right! That bitch Venus… She messed it up…” Xinyou hiccupped and kept pounding her forehead with both hands, looking full of pain, “Ah, my head hurts…Kerry… my head hurts…”

Hearing her cry out for a headache, Kevin immediately pulled the car over, reaching out his hand to rub her forehead for her, and asked with a coaxing tone, “Are you feeling better now?”


“So, tell me, what has Venus done?”

Xinyou enjoyed the massage of his fingers while she couldn’t help but spit out, “Didn’t I tell you during the day… but I know something that you don’t know!”

Xinyou said solemnly and Kevin looked at her with an obscure look, asking in a gentle tone, “I don’t know?”


“So, tell me.”

Finding ‘Kerry’ want to know, Xinyou just wanted to tell him all. She was slandering Venus to make Kerry divorce her!

So, she said, “Do you know who took Venus’ s virginity?”

Kevin frowned and shook his head, suddenly realizing that she couldn’t see him, so he spoke, “I don’t know.”

“Oh… it’s your best friend Hao Nangong!”

After hearing her words, Kevin looked pale, for he didn’t expect to get such explosive news from Xinyou!

But he was a little skeptical. In his impression, Venus didn’t seem like the one who would do such a thing. Was he wrong in his judgement?

“How did you know that it was Hao?” Taking advantage of Xinyou’ s lack of consciousness, Kevin directly asked.

Xinyou wouldn’t doubt of ‘Kerry’ s’ question and what she wanted to do was to expose all of Venus’s scandals, so that Kerry would hate her and divorce her as soon as possible!

“Of course, it was Hao who told me this.”

Hearing her explanation, Kevin was suspicious of her words. He remembered that before the accident, Hao was the best friend of his brother, so how could he do this?

Before Kevin could ask, Xinyou was the first to explain, “Venus saved Hao’s life a few years ago and from then on, Venus was the only one that Hao planned to marry, but he didn’t expect that Venus, in the end, would marry you…”

“Of course, Hao couldn’t accept this result, so he always tried to get Venus. Before Venus’ s marriage, he used some tactics to sleep with her. That’s why I feel sorry for you, marrying a slut! Kerry… you deserve better…”

Kevin tried to digest all the information while knowing more about the current situation, but he soon found a problem and asked, “How did you know what Hao was thinking?”

Chapter 126: Kerry finally knew the truth (4)

“He told me, of course.”

“He told you? Why is he telling you these things?” Kevin Ye kept asking, for he even detected the conspiracy, but to his disappointment, Xinyou Qiao, who might have drunk too much wine, after repeating ‘because’ a few times, fell deeply asleep.

Looking at her tired sleeping face, Kevin was a little disappointed, but still excited because he knew some secrets.

He gently rolled down the window, trying to digest the news he had gotten tonight, while taking out a phone from his pocket and quickly dialed a number, and when it was connected, he said in a solemn tone, “Ajie, investigate something for me…”

After this, he drove Xinyou home and told Kerry Ye that Xinyou was drinking alone while he was looking for a friend, but he didn’t tell what happened next. Kerry didn’t suspect.

Back to his room, Kevin had a temporary insomnia. Although he got a lot of information, he still felt far from enough. His intuition told him that there must be a more horrible plot that had has not yet surfaced and all he needed to do now was to wait and see what happened, so as not to wake the sleeping dog.

“Venus, come to my office.”

Kerry’ s voice came from the phone, making Venus frown. She just wanted to refuse, but he seemed to know what she was thinking, so he hung up the phone before she could say it.

Two days ago, she not only needed to send documents and make coffee, but also accompany him for lunch. Despite of her reluctance, he was still arrogant enough not to give her the chance to say ‘no’, causing Venus to be extremely angry!

Lifting her wrist to look at the time, it turned out to be 11:15. Venus sighed helplessly, while standing up from her seat, and took the elevator directly to Mr. Ye’ s office.

She didn’t notice Xinyou’ s jealousy and out of anger, Xinyou also lest her seat and took another elevator to the 28th floor.

She wanted to know why Venus went up to Kerry for so many times!

Venus came to the door of his office and knocked the door as usual. Soon, there was a response from inside, so she pushed the door in and saw Kerry lying on the sofa.

He was in a lazy posture with his legs crossed, with a fine crystal glass in his right hand, the red liquid in which emitted a sweet smell.

Kerry glance at her, smiling, whose tone with some charm, “Come here, sit down.”

She was surprised that he could be so nice to her, but her clear little face was full of coolness and her tone was flat as she asked, “You asked me to come over at this time, so you want me to accompany you to lunch again, right?”


Hearing his words, Venus turned pale, for she really didn’t want to do this endless entanglement with him, pointless.

Venus then said, “Well, today I hope it’s the last time. In the future, for something like dinner, you should ask Xinyou. I think she’s more professional than me!”

Kerry lifted his perfect chin lightly, wearing a wry smile, “Are you jealous? Since you know that she is more professional than you, you should be open-minded to learn. I do think you have unlimited potential!”

Looking at his flirtatious look, Venus was pissed off.

He used to be arrogant and did so many things to hurt her for Xinyou! Now he started using ‘soft violence’ and even though she’s rarely hurt now, it still didn’t make her feel any better!

She hated him so much, but why didn’t he have any sense of that?

“Kerry, whatever humiliation and torture you think of right now, just go ahead. I’m not afraid of you anymore!” Venus’ s tone was cold, with a strong intention of a direct showdown.

“Why would you think that? I’m not ordering you, but inviting you. Are you a dummy?” His good intentions were taken as a conspiracy, which destroyed his warmth, so he said with a tone of hidden anger.

He really thought that Venus was a nerd. Can’ t she see that he’s deliberately trying to please her? He, Kerry, had never treated someone like this.

After learning of Xinyou’ s true nature, Kerry also did a lot of research in private and discovered that she really wasn’t as pure and beautiful as he thought. Thinking in the past, for Xinyou, he never listened to her explanation.

Now he understood that he wanted to make it up to her, but this woman not only never smile at him, but also said some crazy stupid words. He had thought of giving up many times, for he didn’t want to humiliate himself.

But every time he faced her deliberate neglect, he felt awful, but he didn’t want to give up, for he didn’t believe he couldn’t move Venus. He had encountered many tough situations, so how could he not be able to handle a woman.

Invite her?

Hearing his words, Venus had to admit that she was simply shocked!

She looked suspicious and asked in an indifferent tone, “Why invite me to lunch? Is it possible for you to eat while facing the most disgusting woman?!”

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