Chapter 125: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 125 Where are they?

“John, I advise you, it’s better to calm down. You’re only charged with several years in jail, but in addition to the kidnapping, we don’t know how long you’ll be charged.”

John sneered at him, “Colin! Don’t you think that you can persuade me that way? I’ll tell you for the last time, don’t let those police to come to the airport to arrest me. If I see any police there, I’ll kill her immediately!”

After speaking, John directly hung up the phone.

Jason was about to instruct his men to go to the airport to arrest him, but Colin stopped him.

Jason looked at him perplexedly, “What is it? If we don’t arrest them before they go abroad, it will be difficult later. You’re worried about Belle Moore, right? Don’t worry, we will definitely free the hostage.”

Colin shook his head, “Don’t you think that it’s too obvious? Besides, doesn’t the Martin family also have a private hangar and runway?”

“Do you mean that they deliberately tell us about the airport?” Jason responded, “And then leading us to the airport but actually, they left using their own hangar!”

Colin nodded, “But it was too obvious. Moreover, the sound on the phone earlier, although it sounded like the airport, when Belle was on the phone, her voice was slightly softer.”

Jason was blank for a moment before recalling it again. It was indeed so, as he startled in an instant, “Was that voice recorded on the phone?”

“It should be” Colin nodded, “When he let Belle speak on the phone, the phone that was used for recording couldn’t keep up so the voice became smaller.”

“But John can’t be so stupid.”

Jason was in deep thought upon hearing that, “Couldn’t be that since he wanted to escape, so he didn’t notice these details?”

“No, it can’t be!” Colin shook his head, “Let’s think about it from another perspective. If we want to escape, we won’t disclose our position. He even said it directly. With the help of the sound, it is too obvious, on the contrary, it appears to be abnormal.”

Jason was alarmed suddenly, then, where would they be?

Colin said lightly, “They won’t be at the airport or their private hangar. As for their position, it’s….”

Kinda difficult.

Jason frowned. If they weren’t at the airport, where should he find them, where should they start, it would be really difficult to find out.

At this time, Colin’s phone rang again….

An hour later, a huge cargo ship started sailing from Tianbei Harbor and slowly headed towards the depth of the sea.

On the deck of the ship, there were many dining tables. Among some of them, several of the Martin family members sat on it.

Alan sat down on the chair looking dejected and he let out a sigh.


John said as he saw that, “Dad, don’t worry. The money that we took away is quite as much as the property of the Martin Group. As long as we go abroad and started a new, by then, we can regain what we lose.”

“They are really stupid. Do they think that catching me is easy?”

After he finished talking, some family members nodded their heads and praised John for his intelligence.

“That’s right. John has been clever since he was young.”

“This time, it’s all thanks to John, otherwise all of us would’ve been arrested!”

“Right. John deserves to be the heir of Martin Group!”

After John heard the compliments from the crowd, he even felt prouder. At the same time, he also imagined a bright future.

After they reached abroad, since they have so many funds, they could start a new company and set their root abroad. At that time, it would be hard for the police to arrest them. After their development progresses well, they can re-enter the country, and even overthrow the Marquis Group!

Unfortunately, it was all just a dream.

“Geez, are you having dinner here? Didn’t you say that you want to show how anyone would end if they offend the Martin Group? How come you’re leaving?”

Everyone was startled when they heard the voice. So they turned around and saw Colin, Gerd, and Jason. All three of them were standing behind them.

John immediately stood up, looking completely shocked, “How did you find this place?”

Colin sneered at him, “Aren’t all of us stupid? Of course, some people like to be smart-ass.”

As he talked, all three of them sat at the dining table across them leisurely.

The members of the Martin family turned pale as they saw this and were completely terrified.

After John glanced behind them and found out there were only three of them, then he arrogantly said, “Huh! There are only three of you and yet you wanted to take us back? You are too naïve!”

“There are more than thirty of us here. Do you think you’re catching us or we’re the one that catches you instead? Anyway, this ship is going to sail to the vast sea. If we throw you directly to the sea, who the hell will know?”

The Martin family members instantly returned to their senses. That’s right. There are so many of them, on the other side, they only have three people. They could throw them to the sea without anyone knowing about it and they could go unpunished.

When Colin heard what John said, his eyes slightly lit up as if he thought of something.

Jason who saw it couldn’t help but remind him,” Mr. Ward, I know what you’re thinking. I treat murderers equally. The law will also not spare any murderer.”

Colin shrugged after hearing this, “Won’t this be regarded as the right of self-defense?”

Jason said helplessly, “Depends on the situation. Excessive self-defense could also be considered.”

“Okay!” Colin didn’t give much thought to it.

John also knew clearly about Colin’s idea, as he yelled in discomfort, “Colin, are you turning to kill us? Let me tell you, don’t you think about it. We have so many people here, it’s uncertain who’ll die!”

Colin shrugged helplessly, “The police has heard it. You’re planning to kill me. I’m just defending myself.”

“Bullshit!” John cursed angrily and continued, “Whatever, next year on this day will be your death anniversary!”

Colin ignored John, then he looked at Gerd, “You’ve worked hard. You just returned and yet you have to work again.”

Actually, Gerd had returned the next day but he never showed up. Instead, he’s secretly observing. When John took his people and ran away, he called Colin an hour ago.

This is the reason why Colin knew that John is here.

John was very angry when he saw Colin’s attitude. He waved and shouted, “Kill him!”

The moment he finished speaking, more than a dozen people stood up, glared at Colin, and ready to take action anytime.

And, Jason also immediately took out his gun and loaded it.

“You have to think clearly. You’ve only committed a few mistakes and it will be over in a few years. But if you take action today, you will turn into a murderer. Moreover, you’re killing people under someone’s instruction. The crime will be more serious by then!”

“Think about it carefully, is it worth it?”

John snorted, “Don’t be swayed by him. If we kill all of them, who will find out? After we reach abroad, who can control us?”

These remarks made the people of Martin Group stood firmly on John’s side. But, Jason’s next sentence made all of them wavered.

“We are not that stupid that only three of us that came. The backups will arrive soon. Moreover, do you think that it will be just fine after you fled abroad?”

“Our country isn’t the same as they were in the past anymore. I believe we have the potential to catch anyone who fled abroad!”

Jason was right. Nowadays, the country had been developing well and had turned into a powerful country. It wouldn’t be too hard to arrest the criminal from their country. Besides, they didn’t commit any serious crimes. If they do it, then they will really become murderers.

The situation was completely different.

When John saw their attitude, he couldn’t help but get anxious, “Don’t let yourselves be fooled by him. He only wants you to lower down your guards and catches you in his trap. Think about it, is it better to go to jail or follow me to continue getting rich?”

His people remained silent.

If they fled with John, it would be different than being in jail. At the same time, they also wanted to gain more benefits. But they would be a murderer by then. It was completely incomparable to the trivial crimes that they committed before and it’s not worth it!

John was about to start persuading them again when he saw this, but he also saw Alan who had sat down.

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