Chapter 126: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 126 How could this happen?

It’s when Alan let out a sigh and said lightly, “Forget it….”

John couldn’t believe his ears, then he looked at each of the people of the Martin family. Nobody was standing by his side.

Without anyone helping him, what’s the use of him being alone?

John sat on the stool.

Jason nodded with satisfaction, “Very good. This is your most proper choice.”

While John sat on the chair, even though there’s nothing that he could do now, but he was still unwilling as he thought of it. Everything that he planned so hard, not only failed to bring Marquis down, but also dragged the Martin Group in it. He couldn’t be contented with it.

Suddenly, John looked up, “Officer, I’d like to make a report. I have an accomplice. Moreover, he is the mastermind in this.”

“Lenard Wang, the chairman of Crystal Group. The manufacture of the banned flame retardant boards were all planned and arranged by him.” John said quickly, “I’m just taking a small part in this. He was the one who did the rest.”

If it wasn’t because of Lenard who came to him directly with the material, he might not have thought of using the flame retardant board. So, it was planned by Lenard indeed.

But John was afraid that Crystal Group would be benefitted more after the incident, so he took initiative to take over this whole thing, and most of it was executed by him.

Now that something happened, he couldn’t be the only one that was arrested. He had to drag Lenard all along, otherwise, how could he be willing to?

When Alan and his family heard this, their eyes lit up. If they dragged Lenard, wouldn’t their sentence be reduced? Especially for John, his sentence could be reduced to a few more years.

However, their wish came to nothing.

Lenard walked out leisurely and stood next to Colin, and said calmly, “John, you can eat whatever you want, but you can’t say whatever you wish.”

Lenard’s appearance, made the place became utterly quiet.

Not only John was shocked, but also Colin didn’t expect that Lenard would be here.

Colin and Jason were able to board the ship because Gerd was trailing them. But how could Lenard know that Jason and the others were here? How did he get on the boat?

John wasn’t shocked for long. He pointed at Lenard as he said to Jason, “Officer, it’s him. He is Lenard Wang, the mastermind of everything here! Arrest him too, quickly!”

Upon hearing this, Jason looked at Lenard.

Lenard said helplessly, “Officer, I’m just a good citizen who abides by the laws and regulations. I never do bad things. I didn’t produce those banned flame-retardant boards. But before that, John had ever looked for me and asked me to produce the non-retardant flame boards but I disagreed.”

“What did you say? You clearly made this idea!” John widened his eyes in disbelief.

Lenard shook his head, “Didn’t you come looking for me to produce the non-flame retardant?” After finished speaking, he turned to Jason again, and said, “Officer, you can go and check. All of the manufacturers under my company produced the flame retardant boards that meet the national standard.”

John froze for a moment, “You didn’t produce the non-flame-retardant?”

Lenard smiled and nodded.

John was taken aback.

Since the beginning, it was only his company, Martin Group that produced the thermal protection board without flame-retardant!

“No, it’s not like that. Even if you didn’t produce it, you are still the mastermind in this. You’re the one that took the initiative to find me. You’re the one that told me Marquis has no connection for the thermal protection board!” John’s eyes were red, his forehead was covered with cold sweat.

Lenard said lightly, “If you say so, do you have any evidence?”


From the beginning, Lenard had been targeting the Martin Group, so he wouldn’t leave any evidence behind.

As John thought of this, he suddenly collapsed, as if he couldn’t hold himself.

“Lenard, have you forgotten what Colin has done to you?” John roared unwillingly.

Colin looked at Lenard calmly upon hearing this.

Lenard smiled, “I made up that story and I didn’t expect that he would believe it.”

“What do you mean?” John felt that the story seemed to be different than what he thought.

Lenard shrugged, “It means, I made that story up.”

“It’s impossible!” John widened his eyes, “I’ve checked those things up. It’s true!

Before John decided to cooperate with Lenard, he had investigated Lenard thoroughly. Moreover, Colin’s behavior and the progress also verified that all his investigations were true.

Lenard smiled slightly, “I’m the one who deliberately gave out the information that you investigated, but it’s not completely fake.”

“I was indeed adopted by a Chen family in Lu Ping Village and there’s also someone I love that called Nina White, but she’s not Colin’s assistant.”

“And the last one, I also got financial help from a famous star but it’s not Jane Stewart, but Xiao Xuan.”

Xiao Xuan is also a famous star.

John felt as if he’s struck by lightning while listening to every sentence that Lenard said, “No…it’s impossible…”

Lenard chuckled, “Nothing is impossible. I can tell you seriously that every information that you found was given by me.”

John still refused to believe it, “You’re trying to make it up to Marquis, so you deliberately made this up in front of Colin so that he won’t have any doubts in you, right? The information that I found out is absolutely true!”

“It’s not necessary for me to do so. Our friendship wasn’t as fragile as you think.”

Lenard continued, “I know that you’re asking someone to investigate me. So, before that happened, I made a deal with someone. That person is called Jiu Mei, a supermarket owner. I asked her to recite something and rewarded her with one hundred thousand.”

“She did a good job. I’m very satisfied with the deal. I don’t know if you still remembered Jiu Mei? You should be, right? After all, didn’t you got all my information from her?”

“As for the others, do you have any questions left? I can still give you the answers.”

John shook his head as he’s dumbfounded by it, “No, how could this happen? It shouldn’t be this way! I don’t want to believe it, not believing it…..”

How could it turn out this way?

Since Lenard had also planned about this, didn’t this mean that he was deceived from the beginning?

He recalled this matter carefully. It was because Barr provoked Colin and Colin took revenge on Barr, which made John had this plan.

He is wildly ambitious so he wanted to use this opportunity to swallow the Marquis Group.

However, not only he couldn’t swallow the Marquis Group, but also lost Martin Group, and even himself.

Colin glanced at him faintly, “I’ll give you a word. He who harms the others will end up harming himself.”

Isn’t it right? If John didn’t plan to harm the others, would he fall to this point today?

After a while, a coastguard ship approached the cargo ship.

The police came up to the ship one after another and then took all more than 30 people of Martin family members back.

Belle was finally being rescued from the cabin.

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