Chapter 127 – 128: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 127: The whole family began to practice

The murderous intentions had completely made Kris blind.

Quan Chen was twitching, with eyes rolling, and it seemed that he would die soon.

At this critical moment, Tianba Li rushed over and knocked Kris away.

“Kris, wake up!” Tianba patted Kris’s face and was extremely anxious: “If Kris really kills Quan, he would be tied down by the matter of killing his brother for a lifetime.”

Kris shook his head, was in a little trance. He looked at Quan lying on the ground and gasping for breath. Looking at Tianba again, then he said to Tianba: “Tianba, thank you!”

He was in an abnormal behavior just now, and he almost got into trouble.

Seeing Kris woke up, Tianba did not speak, but let out a sigh of relief.

Immediately afterward, Kris knelt down in front of the old master of the Chen family: “Grandpa, I was brought up by you, and I can’t forget the love and care received from you. Today, please accept my kowtows.”


With that said, Kris kowtowed for three times, generating loud sound on the ground.

Then he stood up, holding his mother in his arms and carrying his father on his back.

“From today on, remove my family from the genealogy book, and there will be no relationship between I and the Chen Family!” He looked at the Chen family with red eyes: “You’d better pray that my parents are fine, otherwise I will let all the Chen family die out!”

After saying that, Kris walked out of the door of the Chen family without looking back.

“Evil creature, evil creature, in Chen family’s history lasting hundreds of years, we had never seen such an evil creature…”

The old master of the Chen family collapsed on his chair and looked up sighing. What an evil creature he had raised! Should the Chen family be destroyed by him…

After Kris left, Tianba clapped his hands and recalled his fellows, then looked at the Chen family who hated him: “Tell you that I leave my words here today, Kris is my friend until death, I will take revenge on whoever bully him. You’d better pray that his parents are all right, otherwise I will kill your Chen family…”

Tianba sneered, and what he said was creepy.

Although Tianba’s words were harsh, none of the Chen family dare to talk back. Tianba of the Li family was famous in Westriver City, all of them were clear about that.

Although the Chen family was a first-class family, it is only ranked at the first-class families’ bottom. But the Li family was among the top three families in the first-class families which the Chen family can’t contend against.

Everyone in the Chen family was silent. Looking at the overbearing Tianba, they dared not speak.

“Bah, such a family like you is also worthy of being first-class? We Li family are ashamed to be int he same group with you!” Saying that Tianba spit, waved his hand, and left with the people.

Seeing Tianba and others leaving, everyone in the Chen family looked pale and sullen.

They never imagined that Kris actually made friends with Tianba.

The Grandpa looked at the disciples of the Chen family lying on the ground, howling, and said with bitter hatred: “Quickly, help them…”

At this time, Lei Chen stood up from the ground with difficulty. He held his injured arm and felt hopeless.

He never imagined that his beloved elder brother would take outsiders to attack the family and hurt so many clan disciples.

Seeing Kris almost strangled the second brother and almost killed the second sister-in-law, Lei believed that Kris was guilty in the heart and wanted to silence them, which confirmed the bad things he did.

He squeezed his fists tightly and snarled in his heart: “Kris, as the saying goes, he who raped other’s wife shall have his wife raped by others. I swear that I will double repay the humiliation I received!”

Lei walked over to Quan, helped him from the ground, and looked at the pinch’s trace on Quan’s neck. The hatred in his heart was even more stronger.

Kris was so cruel, so ruthless to the brother with whom he grew up together. He was a man resorting to extreme measures!

At the same time, the retreat room.

Tianzong Chen knelt down on the ground and wept in front of the old master of the Chen family: “Father, I am incompetent, disgracing the family! Please punish me…”

Tianzong was so distraught in his heart since Chen’s family was a family for a hundred years, but under his control, outsiders broke into the family and wounded so many disciples, which made the Chen family disgraced due to him.

He knew that if he shirked his responsibilities, he would really anger the old master since his patriarch’s position was snatched from the elder brother. The old master was traditional, and the patriarch’s position would be returned to the elder brother if he had not made suck a big mistake.

Seeing the second son burst into tears, wept bitterly, the old master sighed and said impatiently: “Okay, as a man, you should not cry easily! Get up quickly!”

“Okay, I will get up!” Tianzong wiped his tears pretendingly and got up from the ground, he knew that the old man would not punish him.

Seeing the old master in a bad mood, Tianzong wanted to speak but stopped.

“Say what you want to say, don’t be hesitated!” The old master said unpleasantly. He didn’t like his second son very much because he was too selfish and was indecisive in his work, which the old master did not like.

However, whether the character or means, his eldest son was much better than Tianzong, but now… hey, he did not want to mention it.

“Yes, father!” Tianzong made a salute and said: “Father, the Li family is backing Kris now. What should our family do next? Should we Chen family leave passively beaten?”

The old master touched his beard, pondered for a moment, and said: “Let people watch the Li family closely. Any changes must be reported in time.”

The old man sneered and said: “How can the Chen family with a history of a hundred of years is in a passive position of having to receive blows? I decided that from now on, all of my Chen’s disciples must practice. In this world, the rich fear the officials, and the officials fear the man at a full split. The reason why the Li family is rampant is that they are wealthy and at full split!”

Today, this incident deeply stimulated the old master of the Chen family. If a family wants to develop for a long time, having money is one aspect, and more importantly, it must have strength. Otherwise, it will be swallowed by others sooner or later!

The old master of the Chen family, as a practitioner in the middle period of the innate-power stage, naturally saw that those disciples in the Li family had more or less practiced martial arts, which was why the disciples of the Chen family were defeated by them.

Hearing what the old master said, Tianzong was stunned.


Shall the whole family practice?

With a population of several hundred in the Chen family, it cost an arm and a leg for the whole family to practice?

He couldn’t afford the pills needed for practice even he got the Chen Family sold.

“Father, didn’t you make this decision too hastily?” Tianzong said with a salute, “Now the practice resources are so scarce, only the expensive build-up pill alone, we cannot afford many with the Chen family’s current financial resources. What’s more, we don’t know anyone in the practice world.”

“You don’t have to worry about this.” the old master of the Chen family waved his hand: “I have my own way. Since the family does not have many financial resources, you can choose the best and cleverest ones in the family to practice.”

Given the friendship between an old master of the Chen family and monk Zhen Yuan, and the old master’s identity of a disciple of Wudang Mountain, he can surely be got build-up pills.

Seeing that the old man was full of confidence, Tianzong suddenly remembered the monk Zhen Yuan. The latter recommended the old master to go to Wudang Mountain two years ago. He scolded himself in his heart, how could he forget such an important matter.

After thinking for a while, he respectfully saluted to the old man and said, “Yes, father, I will prepare for it!”


Chapter 128: Renewed Conflict

The Fifth People’s Hospital of Westriver City.

Mary Su helplessly looked at her mother and said, “Mom, you are already here. Let’s go inside to look at the actual situation.”

“Is there anything good to see?” Jane Tang wore a pair of sunglasses, folding her hands over the chest with a reluctant expression.

“I beg you, please…” Mary Su pleaded.

Yesterday, Kris Chen answered a phone call and hurried out of the Li Family. Mary Su didn’t know what happened, and she couldn’t get through to Kris Chen.

Being upset, Mary Su wondered if something was wrong. Then in the morning, she heard the news that Kris Chen’s parents were in the hospital.

So she even didn’t go to the company today. Instead, she pulled her mother out early in the morning to the hospital to visit the “parents-in-law” that she had never met.

It made her uncomfortable. It was too strange that she hadn’t met her parents-in-law since she married Kris Chen more than two years ago. At the same time, she was a little shy, having a feeling that the ugly daughter-in-law was going to meet her parents-in-law.

Anyway, her relationship with Kris Chen was growing closer and closer, so she felt obligated to take care of her parents-in-law in the hospital as a daughter-in-law.

“They are bumpkins. Is there anything good to see?” Jane Tang said arrogantly:“ I even don’t know how my girlfriends will laugh at me if they know my in-laws are bumpkins.”

With her mother’s more and more inappropriate remarks, Mary Su was upset. “Mom, what are you talking about? Anyway, They are my parents-in-law. What should I do if you say so…”

“All right, all right, but I will just take a glance, and I’ll go.” Jane Tang said impatiently: “I have an appointment for mahjong with my girlfriends today. If I am late, there will be no seat for me.”

“OK!” Mary Su nodded and took her mother’s hand as she walked toward the ward.

However, hardly had they reached the door when they heard voices in the ward.

“Is there anyone inside?” Jane Tang took off her sunglasses and looked at Mary Su. “Sounds like a young woman.”

“Mom, she may be a caregiver!” Mary Su said.

“A caregiver?” Jane Tang sneered and pointed through the crack of the door, saying:“ Have you ever seen such a beautiful young woman who works as a caregiver?”

Mary Su looked at the direction that her mother pointed to and became speechless.

Mary Su could not see clearly because the door was not wide open, but even so, she knew that the woman inside was a beautiful woman who could match herself.

Mary Su’s instantly wore an unhappy expression, and she turned to her mother, saying:“ Mom, let’s go!”

“Go?” Jane Tang took Mary Su’s hands and said in a cold voice: “ Kris Chen becomes so capable that he dares to have an affair and conceals it from my daughter. Come on, I will give them a lesson!”

Pulling Mary Su, Jane Tang pushed the door open after saying that.

“Bang!” The door slammed against the wall.

The four people in the ward were startled, but they all looked at the door at the same time.

They saw Jane Tang dragging Mary Su to come in.

Kris Chen was happy to see Mary Su. Standing up, he was going to say something, but only to see Jane Tang aggressively approaching himself. Then Jane Tang raised her hand and slapped Kris on the face.

Kris Chen was shocked, taking two steps back and looking at Jane Tang, asking: “ What are you doing, mom?”

Jane Tang was angrier because she failed to slap him, then she went to scratch Kris Chen’s face desperately.

Kris Chen was startled. He thought that Jane Tang must be mad because she raised the hand to punch himself without saying a word. And Jane Tang even continued to hit him because he dodged.

Even Kris Chen was annoyed. He dodged Jane Tang and stood aside, frowning at Mary Su and saying: “Mary, what’s going on?”

Mary Su bit her lip and pointed at Xi Lan next to her. “Who is this woman?” she said.

Kris Chen almost fainted when he heard Mary Su’s words. He instantly knew why his mother-in-law felt like a firecracker. With a wry smile, he introduced: “Mary Su, this is Dean Lan of the Fifth People’s Hospital!”



Jane Tang was shocked. This beautiful young woman actually was Dean of the Fifth People’s Hospital!

So Jane Tang made a mistake?

Mary Su was embarrassed, blushing at her own mistake.

Seeing Kris Chen dared to dodge, Jane Tang became angry. She said aggressively: “ Don’t talk nonsense! How can she be Dean? The Dean of the Fifth People’s Hospital is a man. And she must be your mistress!”

Xi Lan, standing aside, was startled. What’s all this about? She only saw Kris Chen’s parents, but she was considered a mistress by his mother-in-law. She wouldn’t be a scapegoat, so she hurriedly explained: “Aunt, Dean left under the order. I was recently appointed. You can look at the hospital’s experts column in the hall, which shows my photos and title. Additionally, Kris Chen and I are just friends. You really misunderstand me!”

“Expert? Em…”Jane Tang said scornfully: “I think you are the expert for seducing men!”

Xi Lan almost fainted because of these words. Why didn’t she listen to the explanation? She was about to explain, then she heard Tianyao Chen, lying in bed, said: “Elder sister, how can you slander them? My son and Dean Lan are blameless!”

“Yes, why did you come in to hit people indiscriminately?” Fang Gu, eager to protect her son, lay on the bed and said: “Who are you?”

“Shut up, you bumpkins!” Jane Tang shouted at them.

Kris Chen showed a displeased expression as he heard these words. He said to bewildered Mary Su, “Mary Su, are you coming to see my parents today, or are you just messing around?”

“No… no. Kris Chen, I come here to see mom and dad…” Mary Su was shocked when Kris Chen stopped calling her Mary.

“Kris Chen, you go too far. You find mistress and conceal from Mary. Is your behavior reasonable?” Jane Tang hurried to Mary Su’s side and protected her as a hen. “You are so shameless to bully my daughter! Do you believe I will scratch you to death?”

“Mom…” Mary Su was anxious. She had never thought that her mother would beat and scold Kris Chen in front of her parents-in-law. They would certainly consider Mary Su as a shrew that bullied their son.

Her image in the eyes of her parents-in-law must have deteriorated. Especially, Kris Chen, he had never looked at her with such an icy glare.

At that time, Tianyao Chen also came to his mind. He seemed to hear Kris Chen called this “shrew” as “mom” just now. Could this woman be his son’s mother-in-law?

“Kris,” he asked, “ Who are they…?”

Kris Chen took a deep breath to suppress his displeasure and said, “Dad, this is Mary Su, your daughter-in-law. And this is my mother-in-law!”

Hearing Kris Chen’s introduction, both Tianyao Chen and Fang Gu looked a little angry.

It was hard for the couple to accept such a shrew who slapped and scold their son indiscriminately in their presence.

Fang Gu’s expression was even more uncertain. She felt hurt when it came to her that Kris Chen had stayed in their home for more than two years. He must have suffered a lot.

Xi Lan was also silent and looked at Jane Tang in surprise. It never occurred to Xi Lan that Kris Chen’s mother-in-law, who looked like a lady, was so ferocious that she would scratch people if there was anything annoyed her, looking just like a shrew on the street.

The scene suddenly turned embarrassing, which was completely different from the meeting imagined by Mary Su. She didn’t see any joy on her parents-in-law’s faces. Instead, they looked a little indifferent.

“Daughter-in-law?” Jane Tang smiled grimly: “Do you worth her? Your son is a loser. How can he match my daughter? I tell you, since your son like this mistress, I will help you today.”

Jane Tang sneered: “Let’s go to the Department of Civil Affairs to complete divorce proceedings today. Then your son can marry this ‘expert’. My daughter will look for a decent husband!”

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