Chapter 127 – 128: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 127 Kerry Was Seeking Reconciliation(1)
Kerry’ s brow furrowed. He asked in an annoyed tone of voice: “When did I say you are the woman I hate the most? If I indeed said it, I take it back. Is that okay?”

Venus was displeased by his arrogance. She looked at him with contempt. Then she shook her head and said in a mocking tone: “You can not take what you said back, just like the water poured away is forever poured away. If I slap you and ask you to forgive you in an instant, will you forgive me?”

Kerry had no idea what he did to her. He stripped her of her pride and dignity, and he made her life utterly miserable. How could he expect Venus to forget all the humiliations she was subjected to because of him simply by making an apology?

Kerry froze for an instant. He never thought Venus hated him so much. He asked: “Then what do you want?”

“I want nothing!” Venus’ eyes were moist. She turned around and looked outside the window. She said in a hoarse voice: “The past is behind us, and I don’t want to talk about it anymore. But I really don’t want you in my life anymore. If you really feel sorry, please keep your distance.”

“That’s impossible!” Kerry looked at Venus’s face. When he noticed there were tears brimming in her eyes, he felt very shocked. He stood up and held her in his arm. He then cupped her chin with his hand, lifted up her face and said in a grim voice: “You should know you can never get rid of me the day you married to me.”

Venus was so angry. She didn’t know how to get rid of him, and she didn’t know what Kerry was insisting for, and why was he trying to please her all of a sudden. She would never believe Kerry would someday change his character and treat her so nicely when he obviously hates her so much.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone! I am really exhausted!! I spend every single minute thinking about how to leave this place! This is just a nightmare for me!!”

Venus’s breakdown shocked Kerry to the core. He felt a sharp pain in his chest as if someone stabbed his heart with a knife. He felt a giant hole appeared in his heart and he didn’t know how to fill it.

At that time, someone knocked the door. Kerry turned around and said in a grim voice: “Come in.”

The door was opened. Secretary Liu walked in and asked respectfully: “Director Ye, the lunch you ordered is here. Do you want them now?”

Kerry looked at her and said coldly: “Fine.”

“Yes, sir.”

Secretary Liu then opened the door, and then a waitress pushed a trolley in. And she put all the dishes carefully on the table.

Then they all left. So there were only Venus and Kerry in the room. Venus looked at the dishes and was a little bit surprised, because all the dishes were her favorite. She didn’t know whether Kerry ordered them on purpose or not.

Kerry dragged her to a sofa and explained: “I asked your uncle what are your favorite dishes, and he told me.”

Venus was surprised. She couldn’t believe Kerry specially inquired about her favorite dishes. She remembered when they first got married, she wanted to take Kerry back to her home, but he declined without hesitation. He would never go to her home had it not been for the fact that he wanted to learn something about her brother.

So she was slightly touched when he asked her family about this kind of thing. But it was Kerry. And she couldn’t believe he did that with a noble intention.

Venus picked some food, and asked in a cold voice: “So, why did you do this? Do you want to know my brother’s whereabouts? Then you will be disappointed, cause I don’t……”

“Even the food can’ t make you shut up, can it?” Kerry was displeased by Venus’s misinterpretation of his kind act.

Venus stopped talking. She looked down and ate her food.

Kerry had no appetite at all, after what happened. Besides, Venus loved food with strong taste, and Kerry didn’t like it. He looked at her when she ate the food.

Venus could feel Kerry’ s long and hard stare on her. She put the chopsticks down, and she wanted to find an excuse and leave.

But Kerry said first: “Are you full?”

Venus nodded and said: “Thank you for this.”

Kerry then wore a smile that could mean anything, and said: “How do you want to thank me?”


My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 127 Kerry Was Seeking Reconciliation(2)
Venus asked in a confused voice, and her brow furrowed.

Then, Kerry walked towards her, and held her up in his arms before she realized what was going on, and walked into the lounge room.

“Kerry!! What the hell are you doing!!”

“What am I doing? You are full now, but I’m still hungry. So you need to feed me!”

“No!! You jerk!! Let me go!!!”

“No. Stop struggling. You are my woman.”


At that time, Xinyou was right outside the office. She heard the noise and threw her bags away, and ran into an elevator.

When she got into the elevator, she collapsed on the ground. Tears streamed down her face and ruined her makeup, but she didn’t mind at all. She dug her fingernails into her leg, so deeply, as if it was Venus’s leg. Soon, blood oozed out of her leg and became a little stream and flew down her leg, but she didn’t feel any pain. She couldn’t stop thinking what she just heard.

She couldn’t understand it. Why couldn’t she get what she wanted no matter how hard she tried. What did she do wrong? She just wanted to be happy, that was all. Why did she always get betrayed? These questions puzzled her completely.

“Venus! I hate you!! You are the reason why I can’t be happy! At first I just wanted to get rid of you, but now, I changed my mind! I’ll have to destroy you! You won’t get away with it!” Xinyou thought to herself.


Some undefinable time later, Venus woke up, feeling sore and pain in her whole body. She noticed her neck was covered by the hickeys, and she blushed. She cursed Kerry inwardly for being such a monster.

She looked at her watch and found she was already one hour late for work. Her brow furrowed and she got dressed very quickly, and walked out of the lounge room.

There was no one in the office. She vaguely remembered after having sex, Kerry got a call and he was asked to attend a meeting. She was too tired that time to pay any attention.

She rushed to her department, greeted Manager He, but the manager told her that Kerry had already asked a day off for her. And she was much relieved.

She went to her seat, and then she felt someone passed her a vicious glance. She looked around, and found Xinyou was looking at her contemptuously. Then she just ignored her.

Xinyou was already very angry, and the fact that Venus ignored her only served to fuel her anger. She soon came up with an idea to take revenge.

Xinyou grabbed her cup, and fetched a cup of coffee. When she passed Venus, she pretended to be tripped and lost her balance, and she spilled the coffee all over Venus’s body.

The coffee was very hot, and Venus was only dressed in a very thin shirt. Venus screamed in pain, and everyone looked at them.

“Oh my god, Venus, I’m so sorry. I was tripped. Open your collar. It’s very hot coffee!!”

Xinyou’s back was to the others, so although she acted to be very concerned with Venus, she put no effort into her expression management, and her mouth curved up, and her eyes were provocative. She seemed to be telling Venus with her eyes that she did it on purpose.

Since everyone was looking, Venus could only refrain her anger. She wanted to open her collar, but she suddenly remembered all these hickeys on her neck. She would be doomed if so many people saw her neck.

So she stood up and said calmly, despite her anger: “It’s okay. I know you didn’t mean it.”

Xinyou didn’t expect Venus to be so calm. When Venus was about to go to the bathroom, Xinyou grabbed her collar and pulled. Two buttons dropped.

“Venus, you must open your collar, or you will get hurt!” Xinyou said.

Venus finally figured out what was Xinyou trying to do. She covered her collar, held back her anger, and said: “I’m alright.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 127 Kerry Was Seeking Reconciliation (3)
Venus went straight to the bathroom. Looking at the clothes full of coffee in the mirror, she felt angry and hateful. She thought that she couldn’t continue to tolerate Xinyou Qiao any longer. She must learn to fight back.

In order to make her embarrassed, Xinyou had spilt a cup of coffee on her clothes. She didn’t have any other clothes, so she had to borrow clothes from her colleague. But now she didn’t know who would lend her clothes.

Now, Venus could only think of one person. She pulled out her cell phone and dialed a person’s number, anxiously saying, “Kerry, something happened to me. You have to help me.”

“Where are you?” Kerry asked.

Hearing his words, Venus said, “I’m in our department bathroom. My clothes are ruined. Can you bring me a suit now?”

Kerr was in a meeting now. After receiving a call from Venus, he thought a while and said to the board of directors, “The meeting will be suspended for 10 minutes. You guys will discuss the planning proposal about Hongyu International Company.” Then he left.

Now everyone was confused and guessed who called Kerry.

When Kerry took office, there was a rule for the meeting, which was that no one was allowed to make or answer a phone call during the meeting. Kerry always followed the rule. But the board of directors was very confused why he broke the rules today. Looking at his anxious look, they guessed that there was something wrong with the real estate.

If they knew that Kerry was terminating the meeting to deliver clothes to a woman, they would definitely be in shock.

“What’s wrong with you?” Kerry looked at her clothes with coffee all over them and asked.

“Nothing. Just Miss Qiao spilt coffee all over my clothes.” Venus said casually.

After hearing her words, Kerry frowned deeply, and turned around to leave.

Looking at his back, Venus wore an ironic smile.

“What am I expecting? Kerry will go and teach Xinyou a lesson for me?” Venus thought. “In his mind, anyone is more important than me.”

After putting on the new clothes he’d brought, Venus went back to the office, only to find that Xinyou wasn’t here. She didn’t pay attention to her and continued to work.

Suddenly there was a ringing in her ears. She found that the phone on Xinyou’s desk was working. After thinking about it for a moment, she tried to turn it off.

At that time Xinyou returned to the office. When she saw the caller ID on it, she quickly went straight to the bathroom.

Venus was very confused, “Why did she have to go to the bathroom to answer the phone?”

Looking at her panicked look just now, she guessed Xinyou was hiding something.

Thinking of this, Venus stood up and went straight to the bathroom, just in time to hear Xinyou say, “Okay, I’ll be right over. Don’t worry, no one will find out.”

Seeing Xinyou hang up the phone, Venus quickly hid in the next room.

When Venus returned to the office, she found Xinyou picking up her bag and going straight downstairs. Venus felt something strange and asked the manager for leave and then followed Xinyou downstairs.

She took a taxi after Xinyou. She was worried that she would be spotted if she followed Xinyou too closely, so she reminded the driver to keep his distance from the car in front.

After about 40 minutes, Xinyou got off the taxi at a shopping street. She then looked around cautiously before she walked into a cafe called Shangri-La.

Venus waited in the car. She didn’t enter the cafe until she was sure that Xinyou was inside. Since Xinyou’s seat was next to the window, Venus sat down in a corner not far behind her. She was covered by a huge potted plant, so she didn’t have to worry about being spotted by Xinyou.

“Nice to see you again,Mr. Nangong.” said Xinyou.
My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 127 Kerry Was Seeking Reconciliation (4)
Hearing Xinyou Qiao’s words, Venus stiffened with an incredulous expression on her face. She looked up just in time to see Hao Nangong’s handsome face.

Venus was surprised that Xinyou knew Hao Nangong. And the two of them still met each other, so it was clear that their relationship was not ordinary.

“Mr. Nangong, is there something wrong?” Xinyou looked worried.

“I just want to know how your relationship with Kerry is going.”Hao said.

Then he looked at her sad look and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Xinyou sighed, “Recently, Kerry has been cold to me. No matter how I tried to talk to him, he always avoided me.”

Xinyou said this with a bit of grumbling in her tone.

“Does he know something?” Hao asked.

“He knew that I ordered Zihang Lyu to find Venus’s trouble at Tingyu Restaurant. What would I do if Kerry knew more of the truth?” Xinyou said.

Hearing her words, Hao just asked, “Why would Kerry investigate that?”

“Zihang Lyu threatened me for money, but I didn’t give him money. Then he told Kerry about it.” Xinyou said angrily.

She suddenly remembered the scene. It turned out that Kerry’s disbelief in Zihang’s words was just a stopgap measure. He actually investigated the matter in secret. She was the only one who thought Kerry believed her. She suddenly realized that Kerry didn’t have feelings for her.

Although Kerry acted to dislike Venus, he never ignored her no matter how much he hurt or insulted her. Xinyou used to think she was special to Kerry, but now she felt she was so naive herself.

“I’m afraid Kerry won’t believe you anymore.” Hao looked at her frustrated look, and then he said. “You have to find another way to regain his trust.”

Xinyu looked startled and said, “Then what should I do?”

“You can’t give up. Don’t forget your trump card.” Hao continued.

“Trump card?” Xinyou was confused.

“As long as Kerry thinks you’re the woman from that night, he won’t ignore you.” Hao said.

After hearing Hao’s words, XinYou calmed down. Hao had mentioned that Kerry had special feelings for the woman from that night. As long as she let Kerry think she was the woman from that night she would definitely have a chance to gain Kerry’s trust again.

“But you need to have sex with Kerry soon, and then he’ll love you.” Hao continued.

Listening to Hao’s advice, Xinyou nodded.

Soon Hao received a call and they left the cafe. Then Xinyou took a taxi back to the office

Venus gulped her coffee to ease the shock in her heart. Everything she just heard was like a punch hitting her fragile heart.

She didn’t expect that Hao knew all the things Xinyou did to her. From their conversation just now, Venus deduced that Hao was the one who planned the plan. It turned out that Hao was the one who ordered Zihang to rape her and taught Xinyou to do these horrible things.

Venus thought she was stupid herself. First she was used by Xinyou, and then she was cheated by the man who said he loved her.

Tears flowed down her cheeks into her mouth. “Who can I trust now?” Venus laughed bitterly.

After venting fiercely, Venus gradually calmed down. She had already been heartbroken once because of Xinyou’s backstabbing of her. Now she knew what Hao had done to her, she was calm and not as sad as she was when she was betrayed before.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 127 Kerry Was Seeking Reconciliation (5)
Since she was hurt already, she forced herself to accept the fact as soon as possible. The two had just mentioned the design, so could the design they mentioned be the one that was an impostor?

They said it had a big impact on Kerry Ye, so what exactly was the impact?

The more she thought about it, the more alarmed she became. She felt as if there was a conspiracy that she didn’t know and she had to find it out as soon as possible!

Now she knew the reason why Xinyou Qiao was afraid of nothing was that she was supported by Hao Nangong. She had already become passive, and if she allowed this to go on, it was unlikely that her situation would be not very optimistic…

On her way back to the office, Xinyou began to think about a plan and suddenly, she remembered that today was her birthday and maybe she could use this opportunity to make them closer.

Back to the office, Xinyou suddenly noticed that Venus Mu was not there. Did she go for Kerry again? Thinking of this one possibility, she was so jealous that she couldn’t wait to go up and kick her out!

If she didn’t inform against her in the morning, she wouldn’t have been warned by Kerry, but now thinking about it, she and Venus seemed to have switched places. This was what Venus could do?

Taking out her phone, Xinyou thought for a moment and sent a text message to Kerry …

“Kerry, no matter how you think about me, today is my birthday, so could you please spend a meaningful birthday with me? Just two of us, I have a lot to say to you.”

Then she sent it and she received a reply soon. Though a few simple words, it made her extremely excited.

“Okay, where?”

Xinyou thought for a while and smiled.

“CK international hotel room 1026, 8 pm. I’ll wait for you.”

Looking at the address that Xinyou sent, Kerry felt a sudden shock inside. After a long time before sending back, with just one word.


CK International Hotel

Opening the door, Kerry had a sudden sense of lost time. Looking at the familiar furnishings, that night came to his mind, feeling a deep vibration inside.

Xinyou was in a red sexy dress, showing her great figure. She went up to hug Kerry, flirting with him, “Kerry, do you still remember this place?”

Looking at her bright face and gently asked, “Why did you choose this place?”

“Because it’s my birthday… Of course, I wanted to pick a special place… It’s such a beautiful night and it’s just too much of a bummer not to have wine to celebrate! I’m going out to get a bottle. Wait for me…”

Hearing her proposal, Kerry didn’t object, lightly shaking his head.

Having his promise, Xinyou went out to the front desk for the wine. However, she didn’t return back immediately, but go to a nearby toilet.

After making sure that there was no surveillance facility around, she used the wine opener to open the cork, and then took out a paper bag from her pocket, only to see some white powder and she directly added it into the bottle…

After finishing everything, Xinyou went to the bar to order another glass of champagne before returning to the room, but found the room was dark, nervously asking, “Kerry? Are you there?”

After calling for a few times, there was no response at all. Xinyou got desperate immediately. Checking around. she found no one.

Just at this moment, a small fire suddenly lit up on the balcony, so Xinyou hurried to the balcony. To her surprise, she was full of happiness.

Oh, god, candles!

Through the dark shadows of the candles, Xingyou found a three-tiered birthday cake!

Xinyou looked up and found Kerry standing right in front of the cake with a drunken smile, “Xinyou, happy birthday…”

“When did you prepare it?”

Xinyou’ s face was surprised and moved. Since she was born, it was the first time she had spent a birthday with a man, and he was the one she cared about the most, so it meant a lot.

Kerry wasn’t going to answer, but asked, “Do you like it?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 127 Kerry Was Seeking Reconciliation (6)
Xinyou Qiao’ s eyes grew red and she looked full of contentment, “I like it.”

“As long as it’s what you have prepared for me, I like it. Kerry Ye, you know? It’s not the gift that’s important, it’s about you care about me.”

Kerry was not very professional in this kind of thing, so he thought about it and said, “Make a wish, and then blow out the candle.”

Hearing his words, Xinyou was quite cooperative. With her palms putting together, she did as he said.

After eating the birthday cake, Xinyou once again remembered the plan for tonight. With the surprise just now, she had a little more confidence of tonight.

After uncorking the wine bottle, Xinyou took out two tall glasses from the cabinet, and poured a glass of red wine for Kerry, and a glass of champagne for herself.

Worried about being suspected by him, Xinyou explained, “I’m not feeling well these days, so I’m not quite fit to drink. I’ll replace it with champagne, is that okay?”

Kerry didn’t mind at all and slowly said, “Sure.”

The two clinked glasses. When Kerry was about to drink it, suddenly the phone in his pocket rang, so he took out his phone. Seeing the caller ID, he directly put down the glass, stood up and said, “I’ll take a call first.”

Xinyou was annoyed, complaining the caller at the moment, but she appeared very calm, softly saying, “Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

Kerry went straight to the balcony to answer the phone, looking out the window at the deep night, and said in a low voice, “Kevin Ye.”

“Brother, why aren’t you back yet? Are you still working now?”

“Well, I’ve got some papers to do. You guys go ahead and eat your dinner. No need to wait for me.”

“OK then.”

“By the way, has Venus… your sister-in-law come home yet?”

After he asked this, he suddenly felt Kevin hesitated for a moment and replied, “I just asked Mrs. Qin. She is resting in her room.”

Hearing that she was home, for some reason, Kerry felt relieved and spoke, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be home in a moment.”


Kerry hung up the phone and returned to the room. He saw Xinyou watching the TV. Seeing him coming back, she handed the wine to her, his tone with some wryness, “You promised to accompany me on my birthday, but you still answered the phone without my permission. No, you have to drink this first.”

Hearing her words, Kerry thought today was her birthday and he didn’t want to spoil her good mood, so he received the wine to drink. The she poured one after another glass, together three glasses.

Seeing the red liquid disappeared in the glass, Xinyou was filled with excitement. She had already added drugs in it, so what she needed to do was to wait for it to take effect. Tonight, he would definitely not be able to push her away!

As long as they had a sex, then she would definitely have an extra bargaining chip in her hand, and then she would definitely kick Venus Mu out of the house.

After all, she was Kerry’ s ‘first’ woman. Compared to the second-hand Venus, Kerry would definitely choose her.

Xinyou completely immersed in her giant plan. She had read the instructions before, which wrote that the effect was going to show within half an hour. She only needed to make Kerry stay here to avoid any mistakes.

“Kerry, how about a dance?”

Xinyou just found that the room was equipped with sound equipment, so she went forward to turn it on and a melodious violin song was sounded.

Kerry lifted his hand to look at his watch and found that it was around nine o’clock in the evening at the moment, and inside, he was thinking that he had to rush back at ten o’clock, but somehow, after thinking that Venus was at home, his desire of going back was getting stronger.


Kerry hugged Xinyou’ s waist and they spun started to dance with the melody. With the gentle moonlight shining in, it added a bit of tranquility to the room.

The reason why she didn’t turn on the lights was because Xinyou had gotten to know that when Kerry and Venus was having sex, the room was dark too, so she was afraid that turning on the lights would arouse his suspicion…

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 128 Kerry’ s only antidote and the truth of Xiaozi (1)
Xinyou Qiao’ s heart filled with jealousy as she thought of how he had once treated Venus tenderly in this room!

No matter how the process went, as long as she reached her goal, she could endure the displeasure and shame that Venus had brought to her!

After about two dances, Kerry gradually felt something wrong, for he felt a wave of heat rising in his abdomen and strong desire instantly surrounded him, making Kerry acutely aware that he was drugged!

Kerry pushed Xinyou away abruptly and the fierce effects of the drug caused his breathing to quicken. A deep desire was raising from the depths of his body. He stared at Xinyou, his tone hoarse, “You drugged me?”

Hearing him say so, she rejoiced, which meant he could feel the effect, so he couldn’t resist long.

Of course, she wouldn’t just admit what she had done. She tried to be panicked and asked with puzzlement, “Drugged? I don’t understand what are saying.”

Kerry turned around and walked towards the door, but was hugged by Xinyou, whose tone was filled with lust, “Kerry, have you been drugged? I’ve heard that only a woman can help you. I’ m already your girl, so I don’t care if you use me as an antidote…”

Hearing her bold invitation, Kerry was in awe, feeling her delicate and soft body behind him. If he didn’t have any self-control like other men, he might have slept with her.

However, thinking the one who drugged him was her, he…

Kerry forcefully broke her hands and staggered towards the door. Xinyou, however, wouldn’t let him leave so easily, for it’s a rare chance for her.

Anyway, she had added a very strong dose of drug, believing that he couldn’t last much longer, so she ran to stop him, looking determined, “Kerry… Please don’t go…”

“Fuck off!” Kerry was extremely painful by the effects of the drug. His tone was hoarse and weak as he tried to suppress the desire inside.

“Don’t! Kerry…why don’t you want me? I love you so much and although I don’t know who drugged you, you could have wanted me, so why not now?”

Kerry felt a little dizzy and he knew he could only last 10 minutes at most, so he pushed her hard away and rushed out.


She hurriedly pushed open the door to go after him, but there was no one in the long hallway. She was filled with incredulity. Had he left already?

In such a short time?

Thinking of this, Xinyou sat on the floor desperately with great confusion—how could it be? This hallway was at least a hundred meters, so how could he disappear in less than a minute…

Kerry left the hotel in a panic and he immediately drove home, all the way of 200 miles per hour.

In the car, his breath was getting faster and faster and his whole body was about to explode. What he had in mind now was all about Venus’ s body…

It should take half an hour to get back to the house, but after just ten minutes, Kerry parked his car in front of the villa.

Stumbling down from the car, John was shocked, “Young Master, what happened to you?”

Kerry pushed his hand away and was supported by the banister to get to the second floor. His antidote was there…

In the evening back to the villa, Venus found Kerry and Xinyou didn’t come back, which made her very happy, so she took a comfortable bath and got early to bed. Today noon, she was tortured by Kerry that bastard, so she was quite tired.

As soon as she fell asleep, she felt a hot body was on the top of her. Before she could open her eyes, someone had roughly and rudely ripped off her skirt, and then came a wave of pain…

Opening her eyes, she saw Kerry.

“Kerry, stop!” Venus shoved his chest hard. Wasn’t this bastard having a tryst with Xinyou?

How could he show up here?

Kerry had no time for her, whose senses were completely replaced by lust and now he couldn’t wait for another second.

“Kerry, you’re hurting me!” Venus yelled at him. How much of a hurry was he in, for he was still wearing his pants and shirt…?

“Does it hurt? Shout out if it hurts.” His voice was hoarse, but he didn’t slow down because of her resistance. He was about to explode and he desperately needed to release. He cared nothing about her feelings in the past, so how could he care for now?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 128 Kerry’ s only antidote and the truth of Xiaozi (2)
Venus Mu felt sick at the thought that he might have just gotten out of Xinyou Qiao’ s bed.

“Kerry Ye, can’t Xinyou satisfy you? Isn’t she very good at this? So bad at bed?”

Hearing her say that name, Kerry began to recall what had happened tonight and he couldn’t help but feel angry, “Don’t talk about her!”

Maybe Kerry’s was too aggressive, Venus burst into tears because of the pain. She turned her head away to bite hard on his exposed arm, which instantly stimulated his nerves. This made him even more excited.

“Kerry, you bastard!” Venus scolded while enduring his roughness.

Kerry felt she was too noisy, so he directly gagged her with his mouth…

Venus didn’t know that he had been drugged and she only felt that tonight he was very crazy and rarely spoke, just keeping torturing her, who made her change into countless poses. In the end, Venus was so tired that she just passed out.

By the time had the effects almost gone, the sky was already turning white…

Waking up, Venus was thirsty. She turned back to see a man sleeping with his back to her in his pajamas, broad shoulders and narrow waist.

When Venus remembered what he did last night, she was so angry that she lifted her foot and kicked his buttocks, trying to kick him off the bed, but Kerry didn’t fall, but slowly sit up.

Venus crawled up from the bed in fear, he…

The man flipped over in the air and then opened his eyes, which were a pair of purple pupils.

“Xiaozi?” Venus stared at him, “No way. Why are you in my room?”

Xiaozi smiled, stretching his waist and said, “What a comfortable sleep.”

Venus now was in a total mess. Last night she clearly felt that person was Kerry, so why did it turn into Xiaozi now?

“You come down first…” said Venus, pointing at him, “I’m a little dizzy, you come down.”

Xiaozi then got to the ground, “Do you want to wear something first?”

With head down, she found herself naked, whose body was full of ambiguous kisses, marks and scratches, marks. She quickly dressed, while saying, “Tell me, why are you in my room? Last night you…”

With a move of his finger, Venus’s jacket flew up from the floor and spun in the air, “I was sleepwalking and I ran to your room without any notice.” After saying that, the jacket dropped on her head.

“Sleepwalking?” Venus pulled her jacket off, incredulously asking, “You? Sleepwalking? Come on!”

“You’re not a ghost, so how do you know ghosts don’t sleepwalk?” Xiaozi retorted.

Venus was stunned. Though what he said made sense, but that’s too ridiculous.

“Then last night did you and I… “Venus was too shy to say that.

Xiaozi seemed to read her mind, “Venus, how could I, an immortal, have anything to do with you? It will be condemned by God.”

“Condemn? Can you let God strike a thunder down on me?” Suddenly thinking of something, Venus said to him, “Come here.”

Xiaozi walked slowly, What?”

Venus grabbed his arm and removed the sleeves of his pajamas, but the arm was smooth and unmarked, and she then checked another arm, it was clean too.

Venus didn’t believe it and she got up and unbuttoned his collar, and there were no scratch either…

That’ s impossible. She remembered that she was so angry that she bit him. Even if he recovered quickly, it’s impossible to leave no trace at all, so was it really like what he said that he was just sleepwalking?

Xiaozi dressed and said with his face near to Venus, “I told you it was sleepwalking and you still don’t believe me? Forget it, I’m leaving!”

Then he disappeared.

Venus was confused. Last night, the person was Kerry which she was sure, but in the morning, it was Xiaozi. They looked the same, so could they be one person?

As soon as this idea popped up, Venus herself vetoed it.

Xiaozi was a kind and lovely angel, but Kerry was a demon crawling out of hell. Except they looked alike, there were no similarity between the two, so they couldn’t be the same one.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 128 Kerry’ s only antidote and the truth of Xiaozi (3)
But her instincts told her that there must be the most direct or close relationship between the two.

Dragging her exhausted body, Venus Mu moved into the bathroom. When she was showering, she only to find that her private part had been worn out and even water made her hurt.

“What a fucking asshole!” Venus cursed. Although Kerry Ye didn’t like her cursing him, in private Venus felt that only in this way could she release her anger.

At this time, Kerry was sitting in the living room reading a newspaper. With his sleeve pulled up, he could clearly see the teeth marks.

Xinyou Qiao ran back early in the morning, planning to snuggle up to Kerry and say something nice to please him, but he avoided her while maintaining his composure.

Xinyou gritted her teeth and asked carefully, “Kerry, I was really worried about you when you suddenly ran out last night. Where did you go?”

Kerry glanced at her and said indifferently, “Of course I went home. Do you think I went for a whore?”


He’s back… for Venus?

Her gaze suddenly fell on his small arm, stirring her anger inside—What was so good about that bitch? He didn’t want her, but he instead came back to Venus?

Just then, Venus came down from the second floor. Despite she used a lot foundation to cover the marks, Xinyou still saw those hickeys on her white neck.

“Venus, you’re finally up. Kerry and I are waiting for you to go to work.” Xinyou stood up, with a warm smile, but her eyes were like a viper’ s.

Venus calmly walked by her side. Going to work? She couldn’t go to work today for she had been tortured by this bastard.

“I’m taking a day off today, so I won’t bother you, so please go.”

When Kerry heard this, he turned sullen and said, “Taking a day off? Did I approve it?”

Venus turned to look at him condescendingly, her tone cold, “So I’m asking now, is that okay? Mr. Ye?”

If it was before, Kerry would have definitely scolded her without any mercy, but now when he saw her haggard face, he couldn’t say ‘no’.

“Venus, we’ve been waiting for you for so long. How can you treat Kerry this way without saying ‘thank you’?” Xinyou provoked her by saying this, which was her trick.

Venus sneered, “Xinyou, isn’t it an excellent opportunity for you if I’m not going to the company? Why are you mad at me now?”

“Enough!” Kerry interrupted her, throwing the newspaper on the table, stood up and walked out.

Since Kerry didn’t say yes or no, Venus took it as ‘yes’.

Xinyou was following him. while waiting for the car at the door, she wanted to ease the atmosphere between the two, so she said, “Kerry, you left in a hurry last night and I just ran out, but you disappeared. I was worried if something had happened to you and searched for you for a long time in the hotel.”

On the way to the garden, Venus heard this. She was planning to go for a walk there, with a glass of milk in hand.

Kerry suddenly disappeared?

She suddenly remembered that Xiaozi had a superpower of instant transfer.

Without answering her question, Kerry got into the car when a servant opened the door for him.

“Wait a minute… “Venus ran over, holding the door with her hand, staring at Kerry’s blue pupils and asked, “Do you know Xiaozi?”

Kerry looked at her indifferently, his blue eyes unable to make a single ripple, “Who?”

Venus didn’t miss him any expression, “Don’t you know him? He looks exactly like you, but his eyes are purple.”

Kerry looked at her mockingly, “Venus, are you mad? How can there be anyone in the world who looks exactly like me?”

“What if he’s not a man?”

Xinyou puffed out a laugh, “Venus, what else can it be if it’s not a person? A ghost? Or a demon?”

Venus really wanted to throw the glass of milk to her. Ghosts were fine, but she said that he was a demon?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 128 Kerry’ s only antidote and the truth of Xiaozi (4)
“Xinyou Qiao, the world is so big and colorful, so why do you always see the ugly things, but not the beautiful things?”

It was hard to tell Kerry Ye’ s expression for now.

“Venus Mu, how could you say this? I didn’t say anything.” Xinyou looked hurt. even tugging lightly on Kerry’ s sleeve to act like a spoiled child, “Kerry, she…”

If it were the past, Kerry would have stood up for Xinyou to teach Venus a lesson, but today he just wanted to stand aside without getting into it.

Venus didn’t want to talk any nonsense with her, so she directly asked Kerry again, “You really don’t know Xiaozi?”

“What Xiaozi? I don’t know him, but… “Kerry grabbed Venus’s collar, a ferocious light in his eyes, “You’d better behave yourself. I’ll kill you if I find out you’re having an affair with him!”

Venus looked straight into his blue pupils, in which was only coldness and brutality in, without any warmth.

She was really stupid to think for a moment that Xiaozi was Kerry. This was simply an insult to Xiaozi.

As the car left the villa, Xinyou observed Kerry’s face. Now he was visibly distant from her, so she couldn’t let him believe Venus’s words anymore.

“Kerry, you’ve become more and more cold towards me lately. Did I do something wrong?” Xinyou squeezed out a few tears.

Kerry was cold, without saying anything.

Xinyou was panicked and cried with a bit of sincerity, “Yesterday was my birthday and my wish was that you would stay with me for one night in that house, where my best memories were, but in the end, it was ruined by…”

Kerry was no longer the fool who had been cheated by her and he knew for sure it was she who drugged him, but at this time, seeing her crying so hard, he didn’t want to further hurt her.

Reaching out him arm to hug her, he comforted, “You think too much, I’m just busy with work lately.”

Xinyou looked up at him with tears, “Really?”


Xinyou was then quietly staying in Kerry’ s chest, thinking that she regained his trust.

As long as he still cared about her, she still had a chance.

Without two disgusting guys in the room, Venus had an outburst of inspiration and sat in the garden drawing. Her phone buzzed, so she picked it up and looked at it, which was from Hao Nangong.

Venus hung up without any hesitation!

He called again and she continued to hang up.

Since she knew that all of her encounters were arranged by Hao, all of her good feelings had vanished, leaving only disappointment.

“Why don’t you answer it?” Kevin Ye came over languidly with his hands in his pockets.

“I just don’t want to.”

Kevin sat down beside her and he had a look when the phone rang— Hao Nangong.

Oh…so that’s it. It seemed that he knew something.

“If you don’t want to answer it, just blacklist it.” Kevin said with a smile.

That’s right. Why didn’t she think of this before? So, she immediately blacklisted him.

“Well, the world is quiet now.” Venus exhaled a breath of dirty breath.

Kevin picked up her design and looked at it, exclaiming, “Nice drawing.”

“Thank you. This is just a preliminary idea. Look here, I always feel here’s too empty, so I have to think about what pattern to add.” As soon as Venus talked about her design, she rambled on and on, glowing with confidence.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 128 Kerry’ s only antidote and the truth of Xiaozi (5)
The next day, Venus Mu went to work as usual and she didn’t see Xinyou Qiao, so no one would say something annoying, making Venus feel the air was much better.

When it was near lunch time, unwilling to be asked to eat with someone, Venus went downstairs to eat before Kerry Ye’ s secretary came, but unexpectedly, a white Ferrari stopped in front of her once she got of the company building.

Venus was shocked, recognizing it was Hao Nangong’ s car, who was the last person she wanted to see, so she walked quickly away from behind the car, but he still stopped her.

“Venus,” Hao ran over and tried to grab her wrist, but she was quick to dodge.

“Venus! I have something to say to you.” Hao blocked her way, not letting her leave.

Venus stood still and calmly looked at him and said, “Okay, say it.”

Hao didn’t know why she suddenly changed and was worried, “Venus, I’ve called you many times, so why didn’t you answer?”

“Didn’t I say last time? We’ d better never contact each other again.” Venus said coldly.

“Even if you want me to forget you, just give me some time, okay? Giving up on you just like this, I really can’t do it.”

Venus originally didn’t want to pierce his ugly face, which was a way to leave some respect for each other, but looking at his hypocritical attitude, she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Hao, stop saying these lies. Are you lying to me or to yourself?”

Hao was stunned and surprised as he looked at her, “What lie? Venus, I mean every word I said.”

Venus smiled sarcastically, “Really, Hao? Oh… I know, your sincerity is to join hands with Xinyou to frame me and put me in a place of doom.”

Hao was completely dumbfounded. She already knew this?

How? They’re obviously very secretive, so how did she know?

Since things had come to this point, there was no need for him to hide it, “Venus, let me explain…”

“Explain what? Hao, stop lying, I won’t believe even a word you say!” Venus was a bit agitated.

“Hao, I’ve always treated you as a friend, but I didn’t expect you to be so selfish. I’m curious, when you teamed up with Xinyou to set me up again and again, don’t you think it’s shameful that you pretended to be kind to comfort me?!”

Faced with Venus’s cruel accusation, Hao looked full of pain. He stepped forward to grab Venus’s arm, forcing her to lock eyes with him, his tone filled with deep helplessness.

“Venus, I beg you to calm down! I’m working with her, but I didn’t ask her to hurt you! We just get what we want, she wants Kerry and I want you!”

“Oh…” smirked Venus, looking at Hao with a look of disappointment, “But you know that, don’t you? Knowing the consequences of what Xinyou have done, you used my mess to achieve your ulterior aim!”

Seeing that Venus was getting more and more agitated, Hao noticed that there were more and more people attracted, so Hao tried to remain calm and said sensibly, “Venus, let’s find a quiet place and let me explain, okay?”

Venus moved stiffly to draw back her arm, looking at him with a serious look, her tone indifferent and gloomy, “No need. Hao, I, Venus, officially cut off from you! Don’t ever pester me again!”

Looking at her words without any mercy, Hao began to fear, so he grabbed her hard, begging, “Venus, you can’t be so cruel.”

“It’s me who’s cruel, or you! Let me go! Hao, even if I do divorce Kerry one day, I won’t be with you!”

Venus roared, while struggling to escape from Hao’s entanglement, but she was too weak to escape.

“Hao, let me go!”

“I won’t! Unless you give me a chance to explain!” Saying that, Hao took Venus in the opposite direction of the company. He had to explain immediately, otherwise he knew that the longer he delayed, the longer it would be impossible between them.

“No way! Let me go! Or I’ll call the police!”

“Just do it…”

Faced with Hao’s paranoid look, Venus gritted her teeth. Since things had come to this point, what he was doing would only make her hate him more!

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 128 Kerry’ s only antidote and the truth of Xiaozi (6)
As they were arguing, there was a sudden sound of tires rubbing against the ground. Then a Lamborghini pulled up beside them. After the car door was opened, Kevin slowly stepped out of the car.

“Kevin.” Venus was slightly stunned. She took the opportunity to get rid of Hao Nangong, and then she quickly walked to Kevin and asked in confusion, “Where are you going?”

“Of course I’m here to save you.” Kevin thought to himself and didn’t say it.

Kevin looked at Hao and asked, “Hao, where are you taking Venus?”

Seeing Kevin’s sudden appearance, Hao was a little surprised. He had heard that Kevin had returned to Ye family, but he had never thought he would meet Kevin on such an occasion.

“Venus and I have a misunderstanding.” he smiled and said lightly.

“Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? You can tell me. Maybe I can fix it for you two.”

Hearing Kevin’s words, Hao’s heart sank.

“Do not bother.” He pretended to be calm, and then said, “I remember there’s something that I need to handle, so I’ll leave first.”

“If you have time, we can have a drink together.” Hao said suddenly before he left.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since we had a drink together. I really miss that.” Kevin said.

“When you’re free, you can call me for a drink.”Hao said, and then he looked at Venus, “Venus, I’ll call you later.”

Venus didn’t respond. She just hoped that Hao would stop pestering her or she wouldn’t consider him a friend anymore.

When Hao left, Venus turned to look at Kevin. She found him staring at her. Venus was nervous, then said lightly, “Thank you, Kevin. I’ll explain this to you later.”

Kevin nodded gently and said, “Let’s find a place and have a talk.”

Venus looked at her watch, hesitated a little, and nodded.


Hao got into his car and smashed the steering wheel hard with his hand, but he accidentally honked his car horn, causing an ear-splitting honk that drew the attention of passers-by outside.

He really didn’t understand why Venus couldn’t see what he was doing for her.

He loved her so much. Why did she choose to be blind to it? He had never put so much effort into a woman before, yet she repeatedly rejected him.

At this point, Hao was furious. His mind was filled with Venus’s words just now.

“Vivian, no matter how much you hurt me, I still love you. I will never give up on you easily.” Hao said to himself.

Then he pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and quickly dialed a number. When the phone was answered, he said, “The plan changes”

“What’s wrong?” Xinyou Qiao was confused.

Hao looked out the window and said seriously, “Venus already knows what we two are planning. We have to carry out our plan quickly. Otherwise the situation is bad for us.”

“What?” Xinyou Qiao, who had been drinking water, immediately put down her glass and deliberately lowered her voice, “How did Venus know that? We’re very careful every time we meet.”

“That’s not important. Now we need to change the plan. Since Venus knows all about it, then Kerry will know it soon too. We need to bring our plans forward.” Hao said.

Xinyou’s brow furrows tightly, now Kerry didn’t want to see her at all, so she had no chance to finish that plan.

Thinking of Venus ruining her plan, Xinyou hated her even more. Suddenly she thought of another plan.

“Got it?” Hao asked with an impatient tone.

Xinyou quickly said, “I know. I’ll get it done as soon as possible.”

“You need to make the video of you and Kerry sleeping together as soon as possible, and then give it to me. Kerry will have to be responsible for you then.” Hao said.

Hanging up the phone, Xinyou felt ridiculous about Hao’s plan. He wanted to use the video of her and Kerry to achieve his goal of forcing Kerry to divorce Venus.

But once Xinyou did that, Kerry’s reputation would be damaged and she would be called mistress by others. If Kerry knew the truth, he would definitely hate her.

“Hao Nangong wants me to ruin Kerry to achieve his goal. I won’t do that.” Xinyou saw through Hao’s plan.

To achieve her goals, Xinyou would choose to ruin Venus.

“Since Venus knows what she shouldn’t know, I can’t let her live. My secret must not be known by Kerry.” she thought. “Venus, you made me do this.”

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