Chapter 127: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 127 A man with cap

Two days later

Inside a mansion in Beijing

Viola Harris, a woman who’s about fifty years old, still looked charming and graceful. She looked as if she’s still thirty-four. At this moment, she’s walking over the brewed Longjing Tea.

This woman is Colin’s mother.

Viola put down the tea on the wooden table at the balcony, then laid down on the rattan chair nearby to sunbathe.

She poured a cup of tea for herself and a middle-aged man next to her and took a sip, before saying happily, “He did a great job this time.”

The middle-aged man next to her is Colin’s father, Abe Ward. After he heard Viola, he said indifferently, “Not bad. He has only overthrown the Martin Group, nothing much. But he is maturing pretty well.”

Viola said proudly, “Of course, our son is not bad at all!”

“But if compared to his little brother, he’s far worse.” Abe frowned and took a sip of the tea.

When Viola heard Abe brought up Colin’s brother, she frowned slightly and her face turned pale.

Abe continued, “Actually, he made a mistake this time.”

“What mistake?” Viola slowly asked him.

Abe said lightly, “He’s too emotional”

“Huh? Is it because of that classmate?”

Abe nodded and said lightly, “That Lenard Wang, I feel that he’s very strange. Moreover, I also feel that there’s someone that helped Colin behind his back.”

“Is it our in-law?”

Abe smiled at Viola, “I don’t know if it’s true or not. But, our in-law is definitely not ordinary!”

Viola chuckled upon hearing that, “Isn’t that right?”

Baker had something to do with Tianbei City. This matter, they knew very well.


Colin’s office, Marquis Group

Nina was very surprised, “Kevin let those people use those flame retardant board on purpose?”

Colin nodded, “So far it seems to be so.”

Previously, Colin took Nina to the construction site of the second phase of the Lanbo Port project. That time, he asked why weren’t both piles being used, instead, one pile was higher than the other one. At that time, Kevin replied that the workers just took it randomly, but he avoided his gaze, clearly hiding something.

John and Lenard both produced the non-flame retardant thermal protection board together. In reality, Lenard was planning it for John, so the one that Lenard manufactured was a standard flame-retardant board. But even so, their flame-retardant boards were all sent to the construction site together. Why did the workers only use the one that was produced by Lenard?

Nina was slightly confused, “Did Lenard specially instruct Kevin to let the workers used the pile with the standard boards?”

“It seems so.”

“But Lenard must’ve offered something for Kevin. Otherwise, who would’ve paid attention to such details?”

This series of things were completely arranged carefully, step by step, one after another, and not missing any details.

From the beginning, Lenard bribed the small supermarket owner to reveal the fake information to John. Later, he planned for John to produce the non-standard flame retardant boards. Then he bribed Kevin to let Marquis use the qualified ones.

In the end, what’s more frightening was, Colin unexpectedly noticed their plan and turned their plan against them, and deliberately let himself be detained in the police station to create an opportunity for John to appear.

If anything went wrong, they would lose the whole game!

“Then, do you need me to deal with Kevin?”

Colin shook his head, “No need. There are so many people like Kevin. You can handle one, but you won’t be able to handle thousands of them. Instead of looking for someone new, it’s better to put Kevin under your watch. This way, we can be more at ease.”

“If you have time, you can go and beat him up. It’s enough.”

At this moment, Adam rushed inside, “Chairman, it’s bad! Chairman!”

“Chairman, didn’t you ask me to integrate the resource of Martin Group?” Adam said seriously, “But when I arrived there, someone else has gotten it!”

This time, the Martin Group had completely collapsed. John was arrested. None of the Martin family was innocent and most of the senior executives were gone.

On the contrary, Barr, who was driven out by Alan before, was not involved, so he could escape this incident.

As for Martin Group, the second-largest group in Tianbei City, after it collapsed, there’s nothing much to be said about their resources, and everyone must’ve wanted to get their share in it. But who would be so bold to grab Marquis’s share?

“Huh?” Colin frowned, “Isn’t this the third time already?”

Adam nodded, “Yes and it was Crystal Group again!”

Colin was surprised when he heard that. He then nodded and said lightly, “I see”

Adam was quite startled, “Chairman, aren’t you irritated by it? This wasn’t the first time for Crystal Group to interfere with us on acquiring a group!”

Colin smiled looking unbothered.

He was the one that let Lenard handle Crystal Group. So, Crystal Group could be considered as his.

At the same time, on the rooftop of Crystal Group, Lenard was standing there quietly as he looked down from above.

A moment later, someone with a black short sleeve and a peaked cap approached him.

“The scenery here is not bad.” That man said with a chuckle.

Lenard didn’t look back and only hummed slightly.

Soon, the man took off his cap and smiled at Lenard, “Colin should’ve trusted you completely, right?”

When Lenard heard this, he turned to look at him. He is someone familiar. If Colin was here, he would be shocked and even got angry.

Because he is someone from Martin Group that escaped this disaster, Barr Martin.

“Why don’t you have feelings at all? Even a little?”

Barr snorted softly, “Why should I have that feeling?”

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