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Chapter 128: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 128 You’re so biased

“Just to get Colin trust me completely, it cost you the entire Martin Group. Don’t you feel it’s such a pity?”

Barr chuckled, his eyes full of disdain, “It’s not a pity! Because I’m never interested in Martin Group since the beginning.”

“My second brother is too full of himself. He’s even afraid that I’ll fight him for our family fortune and tried his best to get my father to drive me out from Martin Group. Tch! My plan will be executed step by step!”

Lenard couldn’t help but shivered, “So, you don’t feel anything towards your second brother?”

“Feelings? F**k feelings! If he considered me as his relative, he shouldn’t be delusional and greedy to take Martin Group as a whole. He didn’t feel anything towards me, so why should I?” Barr’s eyes were full of hatred and apathy.

“If someone doesn’t have feelings, it would be terrible!”

Barr snorted at him, “Are you talking about yourself?”

They are just two peas in a pod.

Lenard didn’t reply.

Barr was too lazy to speak about such nonsense, so he seriously said, “Since you’ve completed the first step, you’ve gained Colin’s trust. Then we can continue the second step. Otherwise, the higher-ups will be anxious.”

Lenard was silent.

At the beginning of the establishment of Crystal Group, Barr was the first person that he got in touch with. It was also Barr who introduced him to the higher-ups.

Not long after that, the Martin Group was being suppressed by Marquis and Barr planned the whole thing by himself.

Later, they let John discover Crystal Group, so John could join the game.

In the evening, Lenard took his cellphone and talked to Baker, and told him everything.

Baker nodded slightly, “It is the right time. Just do everything as he said!”

Lenard nodded as he’s about to speak, “I….”

Baker smiled slightly, “You can say anything.”

Lenard looked at Baker’s smile. For some reason, he could see through him, but he still asked, “Are… Are you on the higher-ups?”

“You are my boss now.”

Lenard was dumbfounded for a moment. He finally understood and said nothing more.

Actually, he still had one question. The reason for Baker taking Doris away, was it to let Doris see Colin’s weakness?

But again, it seemed that Doris had never considered Colin brilliant.

From the very beginning, Colin was someone inconspicuous and useless. Doris was also cold toward Colin. It was only because of the recent incident that it gradually improved and she even sincerely accepted Colin.

But from the beginning, Doris never knew about Colin’s identity. So, for Doris, Colin is just Colin and not some chairman from the Marquis Group.

The Lee family

The Lee family was currently in a panic state. From the beginning, Baker didn’t leave any feelings behind and even make sure that the old Lee wouldn’t agree to those conditions.

The only way out for Lishi Company was for Marquis to acquire Lishi in the first place. But the appearance of Crystal Group had made the Lee family changed their mind.

Fox didn’t want to be some useless director. He wanted the Lishi Company and to become the chairman of Lishi Company, so he immediately persuaded the old Lee.

The old Lee was also tempted by it. After all, Crystal Group gave a higher bid and they would be benefitted more from it, so the old Lee agreed.

But eventually, they were too naive.

Lishi Company was just Lishi Company. Without the acquisition of Marquis, they were nothing.

As for the Marquis, without acquiring Lishi Company, they are still Marquis Group.

Not only that, but Crystal Group also made a huge prank on them.

The old Lee went to Crystal Group to find Lenard to talk discuss the acquisition.

And Lenard looked at the old Lee with a faint smile, “Colin and I were classmates and also we are good friends. Without him, there’ll be no me.”

The old Lee had just realized how stupid the decision that he made before.

But it’s too late.

The old Lee was unwilling to let Lishi Company sink on its own. So, he put his pride down, brought the senior executives of Lishi Company, and went to Marquis Group.

He thought, after all, Colin is still Doris’ husband. They still had some connection. If he tried to plead him again, there should be a way to save them.

“Hello, we are from Lishi Company and we would like to meet the chairman.” The old Lee spoke with the utmost modesty and didn’t look as arrogant as before.

The receptionist smiled slightly, “Hello, do you have an appointment?”

The old Lee paused and said, “Please let him know that the old Lee is hoping to meet him.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.”

Two minutes later, the receptionist smiled and said, “Assistant White said that Mr. Lee should go in alone.”

“All of you just wait here.’ The old Lee looked at several people behind Webb’s back and went upstairs alone.

Webb and the others looked at the old Lee’s back figure, suddenly, he looked wearier than before.

However, Fox didn’t notice this. All he noticed was the old Lee’s attitude, “Dad, why does Grandpa do it this way? We are the senior executives of Lishi Company, but towards the receptionist….”

“Shut up!” Webb was really exasperated at Fox

Fox was dissatisfied, “Am I wrong? It’s not like we can’t survive without Marquis!”

Webb glared at Fox, “You still dare to say it. If it wasn’t because of you, would your Grandpa do this?”

Fox had to shut up but he’s extremely dissatisfied.

In the office

Colin raised his head to look at the old Lee and said indifferently, “Sit”

The old Lee wasn’t clear about Colin’s attitude. After he sat down, he said in hesitation, “Mr. Ward, didn’t you say that you’re going to acquire Lishi Company before? I came here today mainly because…”

“Grandpa, let’s not talk about this today,” Colin said lightly.

The old Lee was slightly anxious, “I know that we made a mistake. It’s normal if you’re angry. We….”

“Grandpa, I’m not letting you in to talk about this. If you insist on talking about this, then I have to ask you to go out.” Colin said lightly.

The old Lee raised his eyes to look at Colin. He didn’t know what Colin was going to say, but he subconsciously said, “Colin, I know you love Doris very much. Could you think of Doris….”

“Grandpa!” Colin’s voice was slightly lower sounded extremely strict.

“Grandpa, I respect you as an elder. I’m not embarrassing you but that doesn’t mean that I can give in without a bottom line.”

“You said to think of Doris. Then, I want to ask you, do you ever think of Doris?”

“Doris is also your granddaughter and she was slapped by Fox. You didn’t even say anything. I slapped Fox for my wife but you want to stop me from leaving?”

“Also, this is not the first time. Marquis has ever invested 100 million before but you repeatedly back out and let Doris be considered as a joke. Both of them are your grandson and granddaughter, but do you have to be so biased?”

“You’re so biased that you don’t even consider Doris as your granddaughter, you didn’t think of her, and yet, you still have the nerve to let me do this for her?”

The old Lee was full of embarrassment and regret.

Right, he was biased. Because he didn’t want to acknowledge Baker as his son and automatically he wouldn’t recognize Doris as his granddaughter. Moreover, Fox had always gotten his favor which made him became more biased.

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