Chapter 129 – 130: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 129: Tension Escalated

Kris Chen looked very ugly, he thought that Mary Su and the two were here to visit, but he didn’t expect they’re here to make trouble and said horrible words in front of his parents.

Kris examined his conscience, he had never done anything wrong to the Su family, and it was fine to beat him and scold him, how could they scold even his own parents. He was simply not a qualified son for his parents if he continued to put up with it.

What really made Kris despair was Mary, she didn’t try to mediate between them as a daughter-in-law when her mother said such nasty words.

Even if it was a misunderstanding, he explained clearly enough just now, and even Xi Lan was implicated in. Shouldn’t she apologize to Xi Lan?

“Wimp. You’ve been in my family for over two years. You’ve been eating our food and using our money, yet you’ve done nothing for the Su family. Now you even learn to cheat on Mary? You really learned something.” Jane Tang said with unabashed sarcasm, “Look, this is your good son, I’m really ashamed for you!”

Hearing this, Tianyao Chen’s face went red, and the wound in his chest was aching faintly again.

Yesterday, the wound had opened, and Xi Lan had wasted a lot of effort to stitch it back together and snatched Tianyao Chen from the jaws of death, and she said hastily, seeing he was short of breath, “Uncle Chen, be careful of your wound.”

“That’s enough!” Kris said in a deep voice, “Do you think that without me, your daughter can get that fifty-one percent share?”

As soon as his words fell, Jane sneered as if she had heard a big joke, “Look at you, poking at the pain and still learning to brag, who gave you guts to say such a thing?”

“Hehe…” Kris sneered, “Your daughter is right there, won’t you ask her for yourself if you have a mouth?”

After that, he walked quickly to his father’s bedside and looked at him, nervously, “Dad, don’t be angry, your health is most important.”

“Wow, it looks like he is deadly ill?” Jane shot out her lip and said.

“Are you done?” This time Xi couldn’t bear it anymore, she really knew about Kris’s father’s situation last night. If he had been sent to the hospital a few minutes late, there’s nothing she could do.

“Can’t you see that the patient is so angry with you now? If you keep acting like this, I’m going to call security!” At this moment, Xi showed the momentum as a dean.

She thought that Jane would know she has to stop when she heard this, but these words actually irritated her. She fluffed up like a cat instantly, “You vixen just shut up, you don’t have the right to speak here. You know that Kris has a family, yet you’re still stuck with him, you really whored yourself.”

After scolding Xi, Jane glanced at the hospital bed again, “What? Saying a few words can let people die? Don’t you see he’s still alive?”

“Just shut up and get out!”

At this moment, Kris could no longer bear it. His parents were his backbone, no one could touch them.

Jane was shocked by Kris’s roar. Even Mary was stunned.

In Jane’s eyes, Kris was nothing more than a meek loser. Whether she beat him or scolded him, he only had to suffer.

But at this moment, she was confused, he… he actually yelled at her and told her to get out!

Kris’s words made Mary feel sad even more. He actually told them to get out!

“Kris, you’re crazy, how dare you to talk to mom like this?” Mary came up from behind Jane and questioned him.

“Don’t make me say the same words twice!” Kris said with a gloomy face.

In fact, it wasn’t that Kris was stupid under many circumstances, it was just because they didn’t step on his backbone for real, so he didn’t bother to argue with them.

Parents were Kris’s backbone. No one could offend them.

Mary’s eyes showed a hint of pain. She sniffed her nose and said to Jane, “Mom, since they don’t welcome us, we’ll leave.”

Saying that, she left the ward without looking back.

When the two people left, Xi came over with an embarrassed face and said, “Kris, it’s all my fault, they wouldn’t have misunderstood you if it wasn’t for me.”

Xi felt very bad, if Kris’s family broke up because of her, she would be extremely guilty.

Kris shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with you.”

He should have known that mother and daughter in the Su family have the same nature. He couldn’t change their view towards himself no matter how many things he did.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

Although Kris said so, she still did not feel good in her heart.

Seeing her look like she had been caught in the unholy act, Kris shook his head and smiled, “I said, it really has nothing to do with you. Instead, I’m going to apologize to you for causing you to suffer an undeserved catastrophe.”

Xi waved her hand several times, “No, no…”

“Alright.” Kris interrupted her and said, “To show the sincerity of my apology, I’ll treat you to dinner when you get off work!”

One was to apologize to Xi, and the other was that he wanted to thank Xi properly for saving his father’s life. If she hadn’t repeatedly saved him from the jaws of death, he really didn’t know what kind of extreme things he was going to do.

“That’s…that’s not good, is it?” Xi said with fear remained in her heart, she could no longer clearly explain what happened today. If she was seen going to have a dinner with Kris again, she’s afraid she wouldn’t get off easy.

“Alright, don’t think too much, there’s nothing improper.” Kris comforted her and said, ” The wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all. Let others say what they want to say.”

“Ah… Alright…”


Meanwhile, inside the hospital hall.

Jane was so angry that her chest rose and fell violently, “Did you see that, he actually called us to get out, this kind of trash, I don’t know why you have to love him.”

When she remembered Kris yelling at her just now in the ward, Jane was furious, that’s enough, she didn’t know what kind of thing Kris would have done in the future.

“No, I’m telling you, you two must get a divorce, otherwise I’ll be angry to death due to this wimp sooner or later!” Jane pulled Mary’s hand and said, “You listen to mom, it won’t be wrong.”

Mary was already annoyed, and she was even more annoyed when her mother kept talking beside her, “Mom, stop talking, I will consider it thoroughly.”

Right now, her heart was in a mess, and she couldn’t say how bad she felt.

She was especially unpleasant when she just saw Kris chatting with that Xi through the doorway.

And what made her feel bad was that from the time she entered the ward, her parents-in-laws hadn’t said a single word of greeting to her, not even looking at her. Instead, they kept defending other women, which made her feel very aggrieved.

Mary’s phone rang when they walked to the parking lot, and just about to get into the car, she picked it up and saw that it was from Hai Su.

Could it be that there was something important at the company, so she needed to go back to deal with it?

Mary frowned and answered the phone.

“Hello, Mary, where are you now? Come back quickly!” As soon as the call was connected, Hai Su’s anxious voice came from the phone, “Grandma is sick, come back quickly!”

After saying that, the busy tone came from the phone.

Mary and Jane looked at each other. The old lady was actually sick.

Without thinking too much, Mary quickly started the car and drove towards the Su family’s manor.

Ten minutes later, Mary arrived at the manor, she parked the car, and the two of them walked in hurriedly.

At the moment they entered the hall, they were both stunned.

The old lady sat on the head seat with a red face, there was one maid standing at her back, rubbing her shoulders, and another crouching down to rub her feet. She just couldn’t enjoy anymore, how could she look like she’s seriously ill.

“Hai Su, didn’t you say that grandma is sick?” Mary looked at Hai Su beside the old lady and questioned, “Why did you lie?”

Hai laughed indifferently, “Of course to make you hurry over, we can’t let everyone wait for you here, right?”

“Alright, Mary, the fact that you were able to come over so quickly shows that you still care about the grandmother, and I’m very pleased.” The old lady waved at Mary, “Come, come to grandma’s side.”

Mary walked over to the old lady and said softly, “Grandma, is there something urgent so that you’ve called me back in a hurry?”

The old lady took Mary’s hand and sighed, she said, “Mary, ever since you became the president of the Su family Group, grandma hasn’t managed much of the family business, grandma also knows your ability, so I feel relieved that you’re managing our group.”

At this point, the old lady gave Mary a look of approval. Mary was delighted, it’s great that her efforts were recognized by her grandma.

However, next, the old lady’s words made her confused before she could rejoice.

“But the family members reported to me that apart from the fact that you did a good job of packing Rui Liu, the family’s other businesses were all slowing down a bit, this has made everyone feel dissatisfied.”

“Of course, you get the credit you deserved, but it’s just that during this time, after my comprehensive examination of you, I feel that putting the burden of the whole family on your shoulder is still too much for you. It’s not fair to ask a woman to take everything under control.” The old lady said reasonably and compassionately, “How about this, you take out a bit of the share you hold and let the family’s children to share your burden, you don’t need so many shares as you’re a woman!”

Chapter 130: Coercion

By then, Mary Su still didn’t know that they tricked her back because they wanted her stock shares.

Mary found herself in an awkward position. She said: “Grandma, these stakes were given to me by Director Ding, and I don’t think it is a good idea to give them away without his consent.”

People laughed coldly when they heard Jie Ding was brought up.

Her grandma, the old lady of Su Family, said: “I know it’s not easy for you, but since these stakes are already under your name, what can Jie Ding do even though he knows. Su Family and Jie Ding are no longer related.”


Mary bit her tongue and couldn’t say anything.

And then someone said coldly: “How dare you to threaten us with Jie Ding.”

“No. I wasn’t trying to…..”

Mary was not trying to threaten anyone. Her stakes were given to her by Jie Ding, and these stakes must cost him a good fortune. How could she give them away just like that? She didn’t want to offend Jie Ding after all.

But not everyone was as thoughtful as she was.

When Su Family was going through its toughest time, Jie Ding forced Su Family to sell 51% of their stakes, which to them still represented a great shame.

Jie Ding was once the Su Family chairman, and they didn’t dare to say anything against him. Now Mary became the chairwoman, and they were no longer obedient because they were not afraid of Mary.

Once a nobody in Su Family, Mary became the chairwoman all of a sudden, and everyone found this development hard to take.

“Mary, don’t you even bring this immoral Jie Ding up.”

“Right, we won’t comprise.”

“You are not capable enough to lead the family. Now take the stakes out, and maybe we can leave some to you.”

People urged Mary nonstop, and they put on such an air like it was Mary’s duty to give all her stakes away.

Being pushed so hard, Mary looked at her grandma and asked: “Grandma, you also want me to give my stakes away, right?”


Her grandma sighed. “Mary, you know I don’t want to push you too hard, but it is a great responsibility to be a chairwoman, and I really don’t want you to be under so much pressure. Besides, you are a woman, and it is better to leave all the business to men. Mary, I hope you can understand.”

She seemed to be very considerate towards Mary, but her true intention was rather obvious. And that was she wanted Mary to give away her stakes, and women are not supposed to take such a position.

Of course, Mary knew her grandma’s true intention.

Mary felt bitter. She knew this would happen, but she didn’t expect it would happen so soon.

Seeing Mary was silent, her grandma felt irritated, but she managed to hold back her anger and said: “Mary, I’m old, and I don’t have much time left. The only hope of mine is that the Su Family’s sons can carry on the mission of making our Su Family great. Then when I die, I can meet our ancestors in heaven with great pride.”


Mary held her grandma’s hands tightly and said: “No, you won’t die. You will live for one hundred years.”

Her grandma patted her hand and said: “I know you are a good kid. And you won’t disappoint me, right? You know Su Family can be strong and powerful only when Su Family’s sons are strong and powerful.”

When Grandma was finished, Hai Su tried to say something, but Grandma gave him a look, and he zipped his lip.

She knew Mary too well. Being filial was her advantage, and it was also her biggest disadvantage. Now having an air of uncertainty about her, Mary was obviously touched by her grandma.

“Mary, I know you are concerned. Don’t worry, even without stakes, you are still the chairwoman of Su Family.” Grandma said implicitly.


Hai Su raised up his head suddenly and looked at Grandma in disbelief, and when Grandma shook her head gently towards him, he understood Grandma’s true intention immediately.

He held back his laughter and thought to himself: “With age comes wisdom. As long as Mary gives away her shares, they will have more shares than her, and then it would be so easy to dismiss her.”

At that moment, everyone stared at Mary. The atmosphere was rather tense.


Mary sighed heavily and said: “Fine, I’ll just do whatever my grandma wants me to do.”

She knew she couldn’t keep the stakes; besides, how could she refuse her grandma? She would not be considered as a filial woman if she did so. And who would do business with a woman who disrespects her grandma?

They knew she cared a lot about filial duty, and that’s why they could be so confident.

“You are indeed my precious little granddaughter. I know I love you for a reason.” Grandma was so happy when Mary agreed.

Hai Su got so excited that he almost jumped up.

Then, a contract was brought to Mary to be signed.


“Kris Chen… I’m so sorry. It’s all my bad. If only I didn’t drive your car…”

“It’s fine. Don’t worry. You are new to this, and it couldn’t be more normal.” Kris looked at Xi Lan, who was sitting behind.


“Forget about it, or I’ll be angry.” Kris darkened his face on purpose and changed his tone.

“Okay, I’ll forget about it.”

“That’s right. It’s been a long time since I rode a motorcycle, and it is indeed refreshing to try it once in a while.”


Xi Lan laughed when she saw Kris’s hair floating in the wind.

She was already beautiful, and her smile only made her more attractive, and people looked at them in amazement.

“Damn it. This loser can get such a beautiful woman with that stupid motorcycle. What a strange world.” A BMW driver stared at Xi Lan as he passed them, feeling a sharp pang of jealousy.

Normally when working in hospital, Xi Lan was dressed in a white coat. Today she was dressed in a white t-shirt and a pair of short jeans. Her slender legs were exposed, and her delicate skin was radiant under the sun.

She also tied her hair into a ponytail, and she looked so young and attractive and people could hardly believe she is almost 30 years old.

Even Kris Chen found her charms impossible to resist.

Just like that, being envied by almost everyone on the road, Kris reached Huanyu Group.

Kris laughed bitterly when he saw all the fancy cars at the gate of Huanyu Group. Under comparison, his little motorcycle seemed so pathetic.

He didn’t want to ride this at all. He was the general director of Huanyu Group after all, and if his staff saw him coming in this way, they would laugh at him so hard.

But this is not his motorcycle. It was Xi Lan’s.

Last night, he invited Xi Lan to dinner, and Xi Lan told him that she wanted a car because she was the leader of the Five Schools, and it would be highly inappropriate if she went to work by bike every single day.

If her inferiors saw her in that way, they would laugh at her secretly.

So she asked Kris to give her some recommendations. Kris was very into cars, and he began talking endlessly.

When he was finally done, Xi Lan got another problem. She got her driver’s license a few years ago, but she had not driven since then. So she was afraid of driving on the road.

Then Kris gave Xi Lan the key to his car, a Benz imported from another country and asked her to practice in his car.

It should have been fine because Kris was right beside her and giving her instructions, but out of nowhere, a cat jumped in front of the car, and Xi Lan got so frightened that she mistook the accelerator for the brake, and the car bumped into a tree in front.

He was still fearful when he thought of what happened last night. Female drivers were indeed horrifying.

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