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Chapter 129: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 129 Xinyou’ s final try (1)
One day at noon, Xinyou Qiao had arranged everything, so she walked up to Venus Mu and said, “Are you free this afternoon?”

Venus was revising the design and was surprised for a few seconds at what she said, then she directly refused, “No.”

Xinyou pressed down the anger inside and continued to lower her posture and said, “I want to talk to you.”

Venus threw her pen on the desk, with her legs crossed and sneered with her arms folding in front of her chest, “Xinyou, do you think we need a talk?”

“Are you afraid?” Xinyou raised her eyebrows, using an irritating method.

Venus shook her head, “Of course not. I think it’s a waste of time and there’s no need. Also, it’s useful for you to focus more on Kerry Ye instead of me.”

Talking to her? It was nothing more than clichés and Venus had better use the time to finish more drawings.

Xinyou looked at this face, eager to tear it apart, but for her own purposes, she still held back and said in a low voice, “Venus, this time I really want to talk to you. 5:30 pm, Shangri-La Café. I’ll be waiting for you.”

Since the two had fallen out, Venus hadn’t seen Xinyou in such a low profile.

“Xinyou, what do you want again? Why don’t you just say it and I can save the time.”

With her hands clenching together, she told herself to control.

“Venus, see you then.” After saying this, Xinyou left the office. She didn’t want to argue with her in the office. After all, Venus was still Kerry’ s wife in the eyes of her colleagues now.

Sitting in her chair for a moment to consider, Venus decided to go? She’d like to see what else could she do. She wasn’t the little rabbit she used to be and wouldn’t be at the mercy of her.

At four o’clock, Meiling He placed a stack of documents in front of her, “Send these to Mr. Ye. Ask him to sign them. We need them tomorrow.”

Venus was in a bit of a dilemma, for she had been avoiding to see Kerry for the past few days. So, in addition to having some simple contacts every day at work and eating at home, she basically didn’t say more than three words to him a day, and to her surprise, he didn’t bother her.

“Manager He, could you please let someone else send them?”

Meiling was expressionless and she knew that Kerry and Venus seemed to have some problems, but as a loyal subordinate, she just needed to go about her job.

“Venus, this is work.” Meiling said indifferently, “You’re a very talented and spiritual designer, so I also want you to separate your private affairs from work.”

Hearing this, Venus couldn’t say more excuses, so she had to force herself to go to his office.

Knocking the door

“Come in.”

With documents in hands, Venus found he was sitting behind a huge desk in a white shirt. Undeniably, he was a very good corporate manager.

“Mr. Ye, these papers need your signature.”

“Leave them there.” He didn’t look up.

“Mr. Ye, these documents will be needed tomorrow, so could you please sign them now…”

“Do I need you to tell me what to do?” Kerry raised his head, looking at her unhappily.

Venus lowered her head to apologize, “I’m sorry, Mr. Ye.”

Kerry stared at the top of her black hair, somewhat irritated, but he took the pile of documents she had put down and turned them over one by one.

“Mr. Ye, I’ll come over later to pick them up.” Venus said.

“Stand here and wait.”

“Okay, I want to do my job, but you’re the boss, you’re in charge.” Venus said to herself.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, half an hour had passed, but he hadn’t started. Venus’s feet were almost numb from standing.

Looking down at her watch, she found it was already 4:40 and in twenty minutes, she should leave. Half an hour was enough to arrive at the Café.

Kerry saw she still got something to do after work, so he was a little upset, “You’re in a hurry?”

“It’s fine.” Venus said simply.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 129 Xinyou’ s final try (2)
After waiting for another twenty minutes, it was time to go and Venus Mu knew that he was deliberately screwing her, making her stand here for almost an hour for no reason, but she was not angry, coldly saying, “Mr. Ye, it’s time to go and I’ll take these documents tomorrow.”

Kerry threw the documents on the table, a little angry, “The boss doesn’t even leave and you want to leave?”

“Mr. Ye, employees also have private time.”

Kerry stretched his hand on the table and smirked, “Okay, now it’s your private time, but have you forgotten that your private time also belongs to me.” Saying this, he cleared the table and turned off the computer.

Venus had a bad feeling, “What are you doing?”

Kerry came over and said unkindly, “Of course we’re going home.”

Venus took a step back, for she was too familiar with the luster in his eyes. She wouldn’t be able to escape if she went home.

“I have an appointment, so I can’t go back for now.”

Kerry paused and stared back at her, “Who?”

Venus sneered, “My good friend, your mistress, Xinyou Qiao. Do you wanna join us?”

The word ‘mistress’ made Kerry uncomfortable, so he clasped her chin and said, “Watch your mouth.”

“Well, isn’t she a mistress? Kerry, you have slept with her and you even want to deny it?” Venus mocked him.

Kerry fiercely lowered his head to bite her on the lips, making the taste of blood spread in her mouth. Venus pushed him away, pressing her lips with her finger, scolding, “Kerry, are you mad?”

“If you say one more word, I’ll fuck you right here.” Kerry took a step forward and threatened her, “Trying to provoke me into letting you go? No way. I’m telling you, as long as your brother doesn’t show up, you won’t be able to escape from me for a day.”

Venus knew she could get no good results if she kept fighting with him, so she changed her attitude, “It really is Xinyou who asked me out, if you don’t believe me, you can come with me.”

Kerry looked at her, believing her words, “What did she ask you out on a date for?”

Venus used a tissue to wipe away the blood on her lips and said, “How should I know? Maybe she wants to kill me.”

Kerry didn’t agree with what she was saying, “Venus, do you think everyone is as ruthless as you?”

“Yes, I’m a witch of all evils, so now may I go meet your Snow White?”

Kerry loosened his hand. He really couldn’t figure out the woman in front of him. When exactly did she become so unpredictable? Why was she so cruel now?

The car stopped in front of Shangri-La Café. Venus turned her head to ask Kerry, “Aren’t you going up to watch the fight? What if I get into a fight with your Snow White?”

“Get out of the car!” Kerry shouted.

Venus slowly got off the car and the car sped away.

In the café, the waiter led Venus to the seat, where two cups of coffee had been placed on the table. Xinyou was sitting there.

“Excuse me, may I ask for a cup of Blue Mountain?” Venus said then sat down.

Xinyou looked at her coldly, “What do you mean, Venus?”

Venus smiled at her, “Nothing. I’m just afraid that someone didn’t succeed in dying herself and wanted to let me die.”

“You… “Xinyou’ s vicious words were about to be said, when she found the wound on her lip, asking, “What happened to your lips?”

Venus touched the wound and said, “This, it was just bitten by someone.”

Though Venus didn’t say it was Kerry who did this, Xinyou could figure it out, thus making her more jealous. She had only left a few hours earlier and Kerry had asked her up again. It seemed that she had to kill her.

“So, tell me, why ask me out today? I don’t have too much time to waste.” Venus looked at her indifferently and got to the point.

Xinyou forced herself to act guilty and said in a low voice, “Venus, today, I want to apologize to you.”

“Seriously?” Venus was indeed stunned for a moment, and then laughed, drawing the attention of many people around her, for it was the funniest joke she had ever heard in her life.

“Xinyou, are you mad? Apologize to me?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 129 Xinyou’ s final try (3)
Xinyou Qiao resisted the urge to splash coffee at her and sincerely apologized, “Venus Mu, I really want to say sorry to you. I’ve been thinking a lot about our old days, remembering how happy we were at school…”

“Wait,” Venus raised her hand to stop her and correct her, “Reminiscing about the past? No. I really don’t want to remember the past at all right now because I feel like a big fool when I think of all the times I used to be with you.”

“Venus, don’t be like this.” Xinyou seemed a bit sentimental, “Let me finish first.”

“Okay.” She was also curious to what she’s gonna say to show her regret.

“I know I’ve done a lot of bad things and hurt you during this time. It’s all my fault. I’ve figured out now that Kerry Ye won’t like me and I don’t want to live like this anymore, so I will leave and chase after my own happiness. If you don’t believe me, I will move out of the villa tomorrow.”

Of course she didn’t believe her. She wasn’t a three-year-old child anymore.

“That’ s all what you want to say?” Veuns asked.

Seeing that Venus didn’t trust her, she said anxiously, “Venus, I was really wrong. I sacrificed our friendship for an unattainable love and I’ve been regretting it for the past few days. Today I finally have the courage to apologize to you and I hope you can forgive me and still treat me as a friend. I sincerely wish you and Kerry to live a happy life.”

Gazing into her incomparably vicious eyes, she wondered what was the reason that made her grovel.

“Venus, can’t you just trust me?” Xinyou said rather sadly.

The coffee that the waiter re-served emitted a strong bitter taste, and before drinking it, Venus felt a faint bitter taste on her tongue.

“Xinyou, after all you’ve done, I was almost killed by you, so do you think I would still believe you?”

Xinyou got anxious, “Venus, if you don’t believe me, I can swear.”

Venus snorted, “Go ahead.”

Xinyou just said that, but she didn’t think that Venus took it seriously, so she cursed her inwardly, but in order to make her believe, she had to put up her palm and said, “I, Xinyou, swear to God, if there is any lie, I will be in hell. How about this? Do you believe me now?”

Venus hadn’t expected her to actually swear and she even had believed her for a moment, but on the other hand, she didn’t care her parents anymore, so how would she care the vow?

Since she’s working so hard on her acting, how could Venus not cooperate?

Taking a sip of warm coffee, Venus found it was quite bitter.

“Well, since you say so, I’ll believe you for once.” Venus’s expression was somewhat helpless.

Xinyou immediately became happy, “Venus, you’re so nice. I knew you’d still treat me as a good friend. Don’t worry, I’ll move out tomorrow.”

She was so happy on the surface, but she was gloating inside, “Tomorrow? I’m afraid you won’t even be able to see the sun tomorrow, Venus.”

“Good, then I’ll be waiting for you to move out of the villa.” Venus smiled.

Xinyou saw it was the time and said affectionately, “It’s still early, why don’t we go shopping? We haven’t been shopping for a long time and I miss it so much.”

With fingers fondling her coffee cup, Venus said, “I don’t have anything to buy.”

“Shopping doesn’t mean buying things, right? I want to buy some new clothes, so you can give me some advice.”

Venus scoffed. Advice? She remembered when they went shopping for clothes at school, Xinyou would always tell her that she had a bad taste and that she had to buy the clothes she recommended. Now she thought about it, she was really stupid to listen to her and the clothes she bought were black, white or grey.

“Come on, please.” Xinyou was keeping begging her. With everything arranged, if Venus didn’t go, Xinyou would be in vain.

Venus put down the small spoon and finally spoke, “OK, I’ll go.”

Xinyou shouted a big ‘YES’ inwardly!

She really paid a lot to lie to her. After this was done, she would have to give herself a treat.

The lights were on and the streets were crowded.

“Venus, the clothes in that store are particularly good. Let’s go.” Xinyou then held Venus’ s hand, like a pair of good friends.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 129 Xinyou’ s final try (4)
Venus Mu allowed her to take her forward, and when they reached somewhere quiet, Xinyou Qiao looked around and suddenly and violently pushed Venus away.

Venus stumbled a few steps and fell in the center of the road.

“Xinyou!” Venus shouted at her, before she could finish it, a speeding car appeared in her sight. Till now, Venus finally got to know what she planned to do. She anxiously tried to get up from the ground, but she found that her ankle hurt, unable to support her to stand up.

Suddenly, she recalled what she had said in Kerry Ye’ s office, “Maybe she wants to kill me”.

Venus was right.

The car was approaching fast, while Xinyou on the side of the road was laughing wryly. Venus was in despair. This time she was really killed by her own curiosity.

Brother, where were you? couldn’t I see you?

When the car was about to run over her body, Venus closed her eyes, “Just do it. I don’t have to face Kerry’ s torture anymore.”

Just when she thought death was coming, she was pounced by someone and rolled forward several times. Then the sound of screeching came to her ears. With her head hitting the edge of the road, she lost her consciousness.

Xinyou was stunned for a second and then ran forward to see. It turned out to be Kevin Ye, who was holding her tightly in his arms, and both of them were unconscious.

A crazy thought grew in her mind. She couldn’t let them wake up, otherwise she would be completely exposed herself.

Just as she took out her phone to tell the killer to drive the car back and run over again, the people passing by were already calling the police, “Hello, is this 911? Here’s a crash, the location is…”

It was too late…

No, she still had a chance to turn the tables, as long as Venus and Kevin hadn’t woken up.

Quickly organizing some words, she took out her phone and dialed Kerry’ s number, “Kerry, come here quickly… Something happened…”

After Kerry just drove into the villa, he received a call, so he told the driver to turn back and immediately run to the hospital.

“Kevin, I couldn’t lose you.”

Venus was meeting with Xingyou, so why would Kevin be involved in this?

What’s going on here?

Ten minutes later, Central Hospital

Kerry raced to the hospital and met Xinyou at the door of the ward.

“Where’s Kevin? Where is he?” Kerry was in a state of anxiety.

Xinyou grabbed his hand to calm him, “Kerry, don’t worry. The doctor just said that he is fine. Just a mild concussion. He is now resting inside and he will probably wake up later.”

Kerry pushed the door straight in and saw his brother sleeping quietly on the bed, so he relieved. Thanks God.

Remembering that there was someone else, Kerry asked, “Where is Venus?”

Xinyou said coldly, “In the next ward, she’s fine, too.”

He still worried about Venus at this time. If it wasn’t for the fear of being discovered, Xinyou really wanted to strangle that bitch.

Hearing that Venus was also fine, Kerry was relieved for no reason, frowning and asking, “What happened? Why did Kevin get injured?”

Xinyou snorted, beginning to make up a lie, “I asked Venus to go shopping and when we were at the corner, we met Kevin, so Venus went up to talk to him. Not knowing what they were talking about, I only saw they get into an argument. I was about to stop them, but I saw Venus pushed Kevin onto the ground, but she fell down too, because of losing her balance. At this time, a car came and Kevin tried to save her, so both of them hit the side of the road.”

Kerry got furious after hearing Xinyou’ s lie. It was her again! She harmed Xinyou, but now she even tried to hurt his brother.

He absolutely couldn’t tolerate it.

Turning back to the next ward, he was going to kill this woman with his own hands!

Xinyou didn’t stop him, for she was eager to push Kerry into Venus’s room so that he could help her torture Venus.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 129 Xinyou’ s final try (5)
But Kerry stopped the moment he opened the door to the ward. Because he remembered Venus once jumped into a swimming pool to save Kevin who was drowning, despite her leg was wounded at that time. So, if she really wanted Kevin to die, why would she save him, why couldn’t she just stand by and watch?

Kerry was suspicious of what Xinyou said because of what had happened. Xinyou had been blaming Venus for everything bad that had happened, and was that really the case? Kerry thought.

At that time, Kevin’s guard’s voice was heard. “Young master, you are finally awake.”

Kerry felt happy. He walked in rapidly and saw Kevin had finally opened his eyes.

“Kevin, how are you feeling? Are you alright?” Kerry asked concernedly.

Kevin sat up from the bed, relaxed his neck and said: “I think I’m fine.”

“Really? Do we need another checkup?”

Kevin grabbed his arm and said: “No, big brother. That’s not necessary.”

“Good, good. I was so worried when I got Xinyou’s call. I thought you……” Kerry didn’t finish his sentence.

Kevin seemed indifferent. He remembered another person, and asked: “Where is Venus?”

“She is still in a coma. What happened? Kevin. How did you get injured?”

Xinyou froze when she heard what Kerry said. She thought Kerry would trust her completely, and she never expected Kerry would ask Kevin this question.

She was so nervous. She held her breath, clenched her fingers tightly on a corner of her clothes, and thought about how she would explain herself if Kevin told the truth.

Kevin glanced at Xinyou with a half smile that could mean anything, and he knew what Xinyou was concerned with. He said: “Nothing happened. I met Venus on the street, and we talked. But then a car charged towards us and Venus was almost hit, so I pulled her and we both fell. That was all.”

Xinyou sighed inwardly with relief. Although Kevin’s version of the story was slightly different from hers, but he didn’t rat her out, and that was enough.

Kerry had absolute trust in what Kevin said. He turned around and stared at Xinyou and asked: “Why did you say Venus pushed him down?”

Xinyou was frightened by his cold stare. She explained in a hurry: “Maybe it was because I was standing far away from them and I didn’t see it clearly.”

Kerry walked towards her and asked: “Then why would you blame Venus when you are not even sure yourself? Why would you do that?”

Kerry was looking murderous, which frightened Xinyou greatly. She had never seen this side of the man before. She said: “No, no. Kerry, I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t see it clearly and you must trust me!”

Kevin defended Xinyou all of a sudden by saying: “Big brother, it was dark at that time, so she couldn’t see clearly.Besides, Miss Qiao and Venus are very good friends, and why would she frame Venus?”

Kerry’ s suspicion was basically dispelled after hearing what Kevin said. He said: “Fine. I will trust you again.”

Xinyou sighed inwardly when Kerry turned around. Kerry was indeed an intimidating person.

But what surprised her greatly was that Kevin helped her. She wanted Kevin to work with her earlier but Kevin didn’t make his attitude clear. From what happened today, Kevin was obviously on her side. It would be so easy to destroy Venus when she got Kevin’s help.

And then, a nurse appeared at the door and said: “Venus is awake. Who is her family?”


Venus opened her eyes. She found everything so surreal. Obviously god still didn’t want her to die, so, she would continue the struggle.

Kerry walked in, followed by Xinyou. Xinyou wasn’t afraid of Venus telling the truth because Kerry wouldn’t believe her after hearing what Kevin had said.

Venus’ face set into grim lines when she saw Xinyou.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 129 Xinyou’ s final try (6)
“How are you feeling?” Kerry asked concernedly, which was pretty rare.

Venus’s anger flared up in an instant when she saw Xinyou’s smile. She grabbed a medicine bottle and threw it at Xinyou.

Xinyou startled. She stood behind Kerry in an instant, and the bottle hit the wall and smashed into pieces.

Kerry held Xinyou in his arms and shouted: “Venus! Are you insane?”

“Am I insane? This woman is trying to kill me!! She is insane!!” Venus shouted.

Xinyou acted to be hurt. She rested her head against Kerry’ s chest and said in a low voice: “Venus. I don’t understand what you are saying.”

Venus laughed coldly. She pointed at Venus and said: “You asked me to drink coffee with you, and said you wanted me to forgive you, and when I met you, you pushed me to the street so that I can get killed by a car. Have you forgotten all this? Xinyou Qiao! I could never imagine that you are willing to kill me to get what you want! I have really underestimated your shamelessness!”

A sharp pain shot up her liver because of her anger, and what made it worse was that her injured ankle was also torturing her nonstop.

Kerry found Venus’s narration a little bit convincing. But he would rather trust Kevin.

“Venus, why would I do that? You can’t just sling mud at me like that.”

“Xinyou! What kind of person are you! If you have the courage to do that, you should also have the courage to acknowledge it!”

“I didn’t do it!! Venus, I thought you are my good friend. Why would you do this to me?”

Venus had to release her anger or she would surly explode. She grabbed another bottle and was about to attack Xinyou with it, but Kerry took a step forward and grabbed her wrist.

“Venus! Calm down! This has nothing to do Xinyou. You can’t wrong her like this.” Kerry said.

Venus froze. She didn’t expect her so-called husband to defend her in the first place. When she saw him holding the woman who tried to kill her so tightly in his arms, and accusing her for framing Xinyou, her anger gave way to despair.

She thought she must committed an egregious sin in her precious life, or she wouldn’t be punished like this in her current life.

“Kerry! You are not only blind. You are freaking stupid! Please let me go!! I surrender!! I want to leave this place!!” Venus looked at Kerry and said.

Kerry put his hand round her neck and said: “Don’t forget about what I said at noon. You are going nowhere until I found your brother!!”

Venus stared at Kerry’ s eyes and smiled dryly. “Kerry, I will surly be killed by Xinyou before I get killed by you. Why don’t you strangle me to death right now!”

Kerry tightened his grip and looked at her murderously. He said: “You think I don’t dare to kill you? I should kill you just because you almost got Kevin killed!”

Venus’s face changed when she heard Kevin’s name. So it was Kevin who saved her? She thought. Then why wouldn’t Kevin tell Kerry the truth? Why would he defend Xinyou?

“What? Are you afraid?” Kerry loosened his grip when he saw Venus’s expression changed.

Venus then broke away from his grip. She would have a thousand ways to kill herself if she really waned to die. But she couldn’t die. She must live. She must tear Xinyou’s mask off in front of everyone!

“Afraid? You will be so happy if I die now. So I can’t die. Besides, how can I die before I meet my big brother?”

Xinyou was getting so excited when she thought Kerry was really going to strangle Venus, and she felt so down when Kerry released his grip. She cursed Xinyou inwardly.

“Then you should just live, and see how will I kill him!” Kerry said. Then he turned around and left the ward.

Xinyou was very happy when she saw Venus was in such a wretched state. She said: “Venus, are you feeling hurt? Are you feeling jealous when your husband protected me?”

Venus countered: “Xinyou, you have tried so hard to kill me, and you know why I am still alive?”

Xinyou snorted and said: “You are just lucky. Although Kevin saved you, he is still on my side.”

Venus clenched her hands in her quilt, but she was still smiling. She said: “Xinyou, you have the advantage of the environment, and people around you also trust you. But the reason why you always fail is because you don’t have god’s help!! You will never succeed, because god will never take side with you!!”

Xinyou said viciously: “I don’t believe god will help you next time!!”

“Okay, then let’s try it out! Let’s see who will win god’s help!”

Xinyou was angry, and she stomped out of the room. Venus shouted at her when she left: “Xinyou!! Don’t forget about your oath!! God is watching you!!”

Xinyou stopped for a moment, and she clenched her teeth so hard.


Kevin and his body guard were shocked when they heard the bottle being thrown at the wall.

“Young master, are they fighting?” The guard was surprised.

Kevin was rather amused. He said smilingly: “Venus looks like a very soft person. I never thought she has such a temper.”

The guard then asked a question that had been puzzling him. He asked: “Young master, it was that woman who pushed Venus down, and why would you……”

The guard checked himself and looked at Kevin.

“Why would I defend Xinyou?” Kevin smiled. “I have my own plan.”

The reason why Kevin did that was very simple: Kevin was very jealous of Kerry. For the past year, Kevin had been leading a miserable life, but Kerry was just the opposite. He made a huge fortune and he was living his life to the fullest.

So, Kevin was very envious. He wanted Kerry to have some problems, to have some worries and confusions, and Xinyou can perfectly inflict these things on him And that’s why, Kevin lied for Xinyou.

Kevin was looking forward to the following days very much.

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