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Chapter 129: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 129 You’ve found him?

If Colin wasn’t the chairman of Marquis Group, maybe he would continue to be biased. But now it would be quite unreasonable for him to think of Doris now.

Colin sneered at him, “I’ve said before, Lishi Company is finished. I won’t give Lishi Company any more chances.”

As the old Lee heard that, he was stunned for a moment, and smiled bitterly.

Right, from the moment that Doris fainted in the meeting room at Lishi Company, Colin wouldn’t give Lishi Company any more chances.

The reason why Colin invited him in, was just because he considered him as an elder. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to meet Colin today.

This situation was a result of what he had done before.

The old Lee stood up while trembling, “I understand. I’ve troubled you all this time.”

Wasn’t it troublesome? The Marquis could’ve just ignored this matter. It was because the Lishi Company was begging repeatedly. Firstly, Baker came to Marquis to negotiate, then they troubled Marquis to acquire Lishi, and finally, they backed up halfway. It couldn’t be more troublesome anymore.

Colin sneered and didn’t reply.

The old Lee shuddered as he walked out of the office. After today, would Lishi Company still be able to survive?

After the old Lee left, Colin thought of Doris.

Since they got married, they had never been separated. Even though there was no affection at that time, at least they would still meet at home every day.

But now that they were separated and not seeing each other for several days, Colin missed Doris very much and wanted to go to the capital city to see her immediately.

Colin couldn’t help but take out his phone and intended to call Doris. When he was just about to dial, his phone rang, and someone happened to call him.

Colin saw that it was an unfamiliar number and became suspicious.


“Hello, I’ve found the person that you are looking for.” Xu Lang’s voice came from the phone.

“You’ve found him?”

“Yes, I’ll send you an address. You have to come now.”

Colin was overjoyed. The person that poisoned Doris had been found and Doris could be saved.

After Colin got the address, he immediately got off the office and drove there. Because he’s too excited and anxious, he completely forgot to tell Gerd about this.

After arriving there, Colin slightly frowned. It was an abandoned warehouse. The door was rusty and there’s a hole on the right side of the wall, looking completely shabby.

“Why do you have to choose this place?”

Colin was suspicious, but he didn’t think much. He thought, since an assassin needed to stay hidden, so he would choose a remote place like this abandoned warehouse.

After he walked inside, Colin realized that the warehouse was empty and he couldn’t find anyone after he took a glance.

“Xu Lang?” Colin called out.

Nobody responded.

Colin suddenly had a bad premonition.

At this moment, the door behind him was suddenly closed with a ‘bang’.

Colin was shocked, then he realized that it wasn’t that simple. He immediately reached out to open the door, but the door was locked and could be opened at all.

“Fuck!” Colin cursed.

At this moment, he heard a sound coming from the right side.

Colin was on guard as he turned his head. He noticed that a huge box was placed on the far-right against the wall. The sound came from the box.

Colin’s heart was thumping and quickly took out his phone to give Gerd a phone call, then stepped closer to that box.

When he reached the box, Colin looked down at his phone. There was no signal and the phone call couldn’t be made!

Colin was met with a bad situation. There must be someone who deliberately blocked the signal and also someone must’ve led him on purpose.

Is it Xu Lang?

Why should he do this?

Colin took a deep breath and couldn’t think much. So he put the phone away and opened the box.

“Xu Lang!”

That’s right. The person inside the box was Xu Lang.

He was also tied up. His mouth was taped and a black box was placed on his stomach. He looked at Colin and tried to speak, “Hmph!!”

Colin hurriedly approached, took off the tape, and asked, “What happened?”

Xu Lang took a few breaths and said, “Someone plotted against me.”

Could an assassin be deceived?

“Where is the person?” Colin asked.

Xu Lang shook his head, “Untie me first.”

Colin nodded and stepped forward to untie Xu Lang.

At this moment, a sound was heard near them, and they immediately looked up.

There was a display screen that flickered. It was a blurred screen at the beginning and after a few seconds, someone appeared.

This person was wearing a ghost mask and sitting behind a table, as he stared at Xu Lang and Colin. He was in a good mood and even raised his hand to greet them, “How are you!”

His voice was changed with a voice changer, so they couldn’t tell how old is he.

Colin frowned, “Who are you?”

The ghost mask laughed and said coldly, “You don’t want to know who I am.”

“What is your purpose by bringing me here on purpose?”

The ghost mask clicked his tongue, “My purpose? Isn’t it simply to kill you?”

Colin’s eyes flinched, but he pretended to be calm, and said, “Kill me? I don’t know who you are? Why do you want to kill me? Did I offend you?”

“It’s not an offense.” The ghost mask seemed to be at ease, “It’s just that your existence has offended me. As long as you’re still alive, I won’t be at ease. So, you must die!”

Colin took a moment to think. He offended him by being alive, so was he blocking his way? But whose way did he block?

John Martin?

John was currently in the detention center. It couldn’t be him.

The masked man spoke again, “But I overestimated you. It was so easy to lure you here. It wasn’t fun at all!”

“You’re no match for me. You’re too weak.”

Colin raised his brows and stared at the display.

“Why? You’re not pleased with it?” The masked man laughed mockingly, “So what if you’re not pleased with it? To me, you’re as weak as an ant. Once I stepped on you, you’ll be crushed in the mud.”

“But, I’m a bit bored now. Why don’t you play a game with me?”

Colin looked at him and asked, “What game?”

“I’ll give you ten minutes.” The masked man said slowly, “Do you see the bomb on him? There are two lines inside, red and green. I’ll give you a question. The answer to the question is the line that you need to cut. Of course, if your answer is wrong, you’ll also cut the wrong line. Then, it will…. ‘BOOM’, explode, hahaha…”

“Of course, you can also choose not to participate in this game. You can think of a way to escape, regardless of the life and death of that person!”

When Colin heard about the bomb, he looked at Xu Lang. That black box turned out to be a bomb!

As the masked man finished speaking, a countdown appeared on the dynamite. It was ten minutes, no, it’s not 9 minutes 59 seconds, 58, 57…

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