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Chapter 13 – 14: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 13: The Mysterious Man with Purple Eyes

Entering the dining room, Venus didn’t see Kerry Ye, which made her relieved and happy.

“Young mistress, here’s your breakfast!” John brought food to Venus respectfully.

Venus replied with a smile, “Thank you, John!”

John was startled, then a flicker of a smile crossed his face. He had been a servant in the Ye family for so long, it was the first time a master had expressed her gratitude to him!

“It’s what I’m supposed to do!” John now became even more fond of the young mistress before him and said with a smile, “Young mistress, come on, eat! Don’t starve yourself!”

“OK!” Venus nodded, then started eating.

The chefs of the Ye family were all top-level. Venus ate a substantial breakfast with eggs, milk and pasta. After the breakfast, Venus went upstairs.

John told her that Kerry was in the study. Venus planned to talk to him. Though she didn’t want to see him, she needed Kerry’s approval to go back to the Mu family and bring some of her things.

After all, she had married into the Ye family already. The place she would be living in would be here instead of the Mu family.

The Ye’s House was a three-storey villa. The study was on the right side of the third floor. Venus went upstairs with great strides. When she reached the staircase of the third floor, she suddenly heard a pleasant, clear sound of the wind chimes.

Wind chimes… Venus stopped, and subconsciously looked to where the sound came from; a series of wind chimes were hanging in front of a room on the left side of the third floor, shaking and jingling.

Venus suddenly remembered what John had repeatedly warned her before: no one was allowed to approach a room with wind chimes without Kerry’s approval.

A room with wind chimes…Is it the one right in front of her?

Venus was curious about this room. What’s the secret of the room? Why would Kerry forbid anyone to approach it?

Venus was heading to the study on the right originally, but she subconsciously went to the left side as she was too curious. Just after taking two steps, she regained her senses.

No, no, John had warned her so many times. How could she make such a mistake!

Thinking this, Venus took her foot back and walked towards the study on the right. However, a muffled sound suddenly came from the room with wind chimes, then came the sound of something being broken.

Someone was in there?

Wasn’t Kerry in the study? Who else could it be?

Venus stopped, her curiosity was aroused again. She paused for a while, and finally couldn’t resist it, walking towards the room with chimes.

The door wasn’t closed, Venus moved closer to the door, hiding herself in the wall. She peeked out to look inside, and couldn’t help but open her mouth wide. She was completely dumbfounded by what she saw.

The room was about one hundred square meters, with all kinds of sports equipment, and a small round table in the center. Kerry was standing next to the round table, reading a book in his hand. However, it was pretty strange that a teapot and two teacups were floating around him in the air.


What’s going on here?!

Venus blinked and rubbed her eyes hard, making sure again and again that her eyes didn’t deceive her. It was true that a teapot and two teacups floating in the air as if the law of gravity didn’t exist.

This…this was….

Venus was startled, it was like a dream. And the man standing in the middle of the flying teacups was her husband, Kerry Ye!

Venus didn’t know what to do. At this time the man in the room seemed to be tired of reading and looked up. Venus saw that the man’s eyes were purple, shimmering in the air.

Purple eyes?!

Venus was puzzled, she remembered that Kerry’s eyes were blue. This man was not Kerry!

Then who could he be?

He looked exactly like Kerry, but his eyes were different….

Chapter 14: You are not allowed to leave this Villa!

As Venus was trying to figure out why when suddenly the people from inside the room seemed to notice being watched, so the person looked in Venus’s way suddenly.

The bell on the door made a clear sound so Venus immediately pulled her hand back; she dared stay there no more and turned to her right then walked towards Kerry Ye’s study room.

That’s right! If she wanted to know whether the person inside was Kerry, all she had to do was to check if Kerry was in his study room; ain’t it simple?

Thinking of this, Venus started running towards the study room without even a second of delay.

The door of the study room was open, and Venus could see Kerry sitting behind his office table reading files with his ocean-blue elegant eyes.

So the purple-eyed man she had seen earlier was not Kerry? What about the tea pot and tea cup that were going around him?

Venus was frightened at once; she stood by the door for quite a while without moving.

Kerry saw Venus the moment she stepped in; seeing her not moving at all, he frowned and said coldly, “You need something?”

“Eh…” Venus pulled herself back from her thoughts and nodded. She stared at Kerry, held the great shock and suspect in her heart and said, “Yes, I’d like to go home…”

As a result, before she could continue with her words, Kerry interrupted her, “You want to leave?”

Want to leave?

Venus was stunned, but thinking she indeed needed to go home to get something, she said, “Exactly.”

“Huh! Stop daydreaming!” Kerry’s blue eyes were full of coldness, “You are not allowed to step out of this villa without my permission!”

What a bully!

“Kerry Ye, this is house arrest! Yes I married you, but I have my right of freedom as a human; you can’t lock me in your villa!” Venus said firmly.

“House arrest? What a nice saying!” Kerry laughed wickedly, “You can call the police. The police of the Sky City serves for the Ye Family; I’d like to see who dares to take your case!”

“You…” Venus got speechless and held her fist tight. She hated it, that she could neither fight him, nor could she get any good results from resisting against him.

After a while, Venus took a deep breath and her voice softened a little, “But I need to go to school; I still need to study for another half a year before I graduate!”

Kerry picked his brows and seemed to understand nothing about what she said; he just smiled wickedly, “Does it have anything to do with me?”

“You…!” Venus was so angry that her lungs were about to explode. What a wicked man he was!

“You are so damned, Kerry Ye!” Venus cursed. She abandoned all her good manners and elegance and all she wanted to do was kill this wicked man in front of her.

“Yes! Right, the way you stare at me, need to be a little more hateful, so that my lust can be ignited and want you more!” Then he seemed to have thought of something and added, “I almost forgot, that a bed is a perfect place for a slut like you to perform, isn’t it? Or you can consider pleasing me right here right now; and when I am satisfied, I might allow you to go back to school!”

Please him right here right now? How could he humiliate her like this!

Venus’s face turned pale immediately; she bit her lips, “Kerry Ye, you bastard! Stop dreaming! I will never please you, ever!”

“I am a bastard?” Kerry couldn’t help laughing, “Who pretended to be a virgin with a pure and innocent face? Or you can tell me how many men you have slept with before me, huh?”

“I…” Venus got speechless and lowered her head. She really couldn’t tell him about her being sold by her boyfriend; it’s too shameful.

Seeing Venus being silent, Kerry thought she had acknowledged what he said, so he got extremely angry and threw everything on the ground and roared, “You slut! Don’t think I don’t know you had a boyfriend named Zihang Lu; you want to go out and find him? Stop dreaming! You are not allowed to step out of this villa!”


Venus’s face was pale, as she couldn’t deny about what he had accused of her. She really didn’t know how she lost her virginity; besides, it’s really useless explaining any more with this man of male chauvinism!

However, she needed to go back to school; if she left school for too long, she would surely be expelled…

Thinking of this, Venus turned around and was ready to leave, but her legs were so heavy as if they were full of lead bars.

Seeing her remaining where she was, Kerry got even angrier; what he said was even meaner and colder, “What? Have you changed your mind and finally decide to please me here?”

He said it only wanting to provoke her, but he didn’t expect what would happen next. Venus lowered her head and asked in a light voice like a mosquito, “Do you mean, if I please you here, I can go back to school?”

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