Chapter 13 – 14: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 13: The arrogant Fox

Baker looked at Colin’s back thoughtfully.

At the same time, Fox’s Audi car stopped in front of the Lanbo port.

Fox was dressed in a silver suit. If he didn’t speak, he looked good.

With his beautiful secretary, he walked into the office building.

“General manager Lee, if we make it this time, your position in Lee family will be even more unmatched in the future.” Said the beautiful secretary with a smile.

Fox smiled triumphantly, “of course! And that Barr, huh! He dares to insult me and drive me out. When I succeed, Barr is nothing for me! “

“Right! Barr will flatter you when he sees you. That Martin group will be nothing in front of Mr. Lee! ” the beautiful secretary said coquettishly.

Fox nodded proudly and hit on the Secretary’s waist and buttocks.” Xiao Li, you are good. If you follow me in the future, you will be my most effective assistant! “

The beautiful Secretary smiled shyly, “Mr. Lee can rest assured. I will do well!”

Fox laughed and said, “let’s keep a low key.”

“OK, Mr. Lee.”

Two people walked into the office building. The receptionist saw them. She stopped them immediately,”Sir, do you have an appointment?”

“We are from Lee fruit company.”

“Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist continued without expression.

Fox’s face was a little heavy, “we are from Lee fruit company, to talk about cooperation.”

“I’m sorry. Whether you’re here to talk about cooperation or not, you need to make an appointment. Do you have?”

Fox replied in a deep voice: “No.”

“No appointment. The general manager won’t see you. Please go back.” Said the receptionist politely.

Fox looked at the receptionist suspiciously, “how did Doris get in yesterday? She didn’t have an appointment. How did she get in? “

It was a temporary decision to talk about cooperation yesterday. It was impossible to make an appointment, but she went in and made it!

The receptionist said with a smile, “I don’t know about this.”

The Secretary said immediately: “I say it again, and you hear clearly. We are from Lee fruit company. We agreed to sign the contract yesterday. If you break the cooperation between the two parties, you can’t afford it!”

The receptionist was in a dilemma.”Sorry, I heard you clearly, but I really haven’t heard of Lee fruit company.”

Fox and his secretary’s faces were bad.

Finally, they had to go back to their company in dismay.

He didn’t came in so that the contract was not signed. This matter was very serious and related to 100 million dollars. He didn’t dare to see the old Mr. Lee.

Fox called Doris at first, but she didn’t answer.

Fox had no idea but to go to his father Webb’s office and told Webb about the matter. Webb also thought it was too serious. Finally, he took Fox to find the old Mr. Lee.

In the old Mr. Lee’s office.

“What are you talking about? Not even in? ” The old Mr. Lee was furious.

Fox did not dare to speak. It was the same with Webb.

The old Mr. Lee looked at Fox, “didn’t you say that you have a classmate working in Lanbo port as a manager? What happened? You didn’t even go in, and you didn’t see anyone! “

“I don’t want…” Fox lowered his head. His classmate was just a logistics manager. He couldn’t deal with it at all. There was no way!

The old Mr. Lee snorted, “You promised before, but now you came back with dishonor and didn’t even see people! This is the life and death cooperation of our Lee family.”

“Grandpa, it’s not all my responsibility, is it? I’m just a man, while Doris looks beautiful. Maybe she used some means! General manager Zhang said that he only signed a contract with Doris. I would not believe they have pure relationship!” Fox said reluctantly.

“Shut up!” The old Mr. Lee roared, “make an apology to Doris and ask her to sign the contract. If this thing goes wrong, you’ll get out of Lee family!”

Words falling, Webb and Fox were shocked suddenly. They just were silent.

As soon as the door was opened, those relatives who eavesdropped immediately left.

These people liked to flatter Fox most before. But now it happened, and they heard what the old Mr. Lee said just now. None of these people paid attention to them.

Fox was very irritable, “Doris that bitch. She certainly sold her body, otherwise how could she make it?”

“Shut up!” Webb said angrily, “You should pay attention to you words. Doris is your cousin. Can you be a little bit better to her?”

“Now, it is good. What you’ve done makes things so bad.”

Fox’s face was gloomy, “what should I do? Do I really apologize to that Slut? “

Webb wanted to give him a slap, “what else can you do? Call her!”

Doris didn’t come to work in the company today, and nobody knew the reason.

Doris was staying at home now. She was supposed to go to work, but Colin said that she should rest at home for a day. He would help her to deal with everything.

So Doris really stayed at home. She now trusted Colin deeply without reason.

“Ling Ling…” Doris’s mobile phone rang.

Doris looked at the mobile phone. It was Fox. She intended to answer it.

At this time, Colin held her hand.”don’t answer.”

Doris looked at him suspiciously, “why?”

Colin smiled but didn’t say the reason.

After a while, Fox called her again. Colin still didn’t let Doris answer.

It was not until the third time that Colin answered the phone and put him on speaker.

“Doris, you did a good job! You are so busy that you don’t even answer the phone? “

Doris frowned and was just about to say something. Colin’s finger was on her lips. She was stunned immediately and did not dare to move.

“I’ll talk to him,” he said in a low voice.

Two people were very close. The warm breath on the face and the temperature on her lips let Doris blush instantly.

Although they were husband and wife, it was not real. It was the first time that they were so close.

Doris’s thumped slightly and a strange feeling was in her heart.

“Doris is not feeling well. Can I take your message?”

When Fox heard that it was Colin, he immediately sneered.”It’s you, rubbish. Don’t talk nonsense to me. Give Doris the phone.”

Colin raised up his eyebrows, “I said Doris is uncomfortable. It’s inconvenient.”

With that, Colin hung up the phone directly.

Doris looked at him suspiciously.

Colin smiled, but did not say anything.

After a while, Fox called again. Colin hung up directly and turned off the cell phone.

“Is there something urgent?” Doris asked.

Colin shook his head, “the project. He might want to beg you.”

Doris said doubtfully,”well?”

Colin said with a smile: “He is so anxious to find you. It must be that the contract has not been signed. I guess that he even has not seen Ye Kui.”

“How do you know Ye Kui? Do you know him? ” Doris looked at Colin in surprise.

Colin was stunned. God, he forgot! How did he patch up now?

“…Well, you can guess?”


Half an hour later, Fox came.

Although they were relatives, this was the first time when Fox visited Doris’s house. His disgust and irritability would overwhelmed him.

“Get away!” When Fox saw that it was Colin who opened the door, he was furious.

Colin was very calm facing Fox’s anger. He stood there steadily and looked at Fox with a smile.

Fox frowned, and his voice was louder, “I told you to get away! Didn’t you hear me?”

“This is my home. What qualifications do you have to let me go?” Colin said lightly.

Chapter 14: Call me uncle

Fox was stunned, and then his face became worse.

Yes, this was Doris’s home. He really didn’t have the qualification to let Colin get out!

Eva and Baker sat on the sofa in the living room and did not refute Colin’s words.

If Eva had heard these before, she would have ridiculed Colin. But now the situation was different. Fox was an outsider!

After a while, Eva snorted coldly, “let him in. I’d like to see if the person who has occupied the credit of Doris is shameless?”

Fox walked in and said, “there is something urgent in the company. I want to find Doris.”

“Doris is ill and is resting.” Eva replied.

Baker didn’t speak, but he just looked at Fox.

Fox has been angry,”it is really urgent. If it is delayed, I don’t think you can afford it! If Doris is not allowed to come out, you… “

“I told you that Doris was sick. What a shame on you!” Eva said angrily.

Fox was furious but he could bare it.

The old Mr. Lee gave orders. If he didn’t let Doris to go back, his family would have to get out of Lee family!

But he was really going to apologize to that bitch?

He can’t do it!

All of a sudden, Fox’s eyes brightened. He thought of something.

“Colin, you either repay the money borrowed from me now or let Doris come out.”

Eva and Baker were stunned.

They almost forgot it. It was for the money that Doris wanted to sell their house.

Although it was Colin who borrowed money, Colin their son-in-law and has not divorced Doris. They were still family. Fox letting Colin pay back the money was equal to let them to pay back the money.

Eva’s eyes were full of disgust and dissatisfaction. Even if he has changed in the few days, he was still a rubbish!

At this time, Doris opened the door, “what’s the emergency?”

Fox raised up the corner of his mouth.

He was really glad that he had foresight. He borrowed 300000 dollars to Colin, but now he just used it as an excuse.

Fox looked at Doris and Colin triumphantly and said, “there is an urgent matter. You need to go back to the company immediately.”

Doris sighed helplessly and prepared to go with Fox.

Colin stopped Doris suddenly and said in a gentle way.”you should have a good rest and do not go out!”

Doris was stunned and looked at Colin.

Colin’s voice was very light and gentle, but his words were very domineering. This was the first time that Doris saw Colin so overbearing. Her heart thumped uncontrollably.

This kind of feeling made her feel she was a little woman who was doted on by man infinitely. She felt so happy.

After a while, Doris thought about money.

There was no money to repay Fox. What should they do?

A week has passed. If they wanted to pay back the money, they had to pay 600000 dollars. But they don’t have even 300000 dollars, let alone 600000.

Fox looked at them, as if he had found something, and snorted, “Doris, you won’t really like this rubbish, will you? Ha ha… “

Doris turned her eyes immediately and did not dare to look at Colin. But Colin was staring at Doris and raised up the corner of his mouth.

Eva immediately pulled Doris to her side, “how can Doris like this rubbish? Don’t talk nonsense!”

Doris bit her lip and did not speak.

Fox snorted, “It’s none of my business. Doris, I’ll ask you again for the last time. Do you want to pay back the money or go to the company with me? “

With that, everyone was silent. They didn’t have money and Doris can only go to the company.

At this time, Colin looked at Fox,”of course, we choose to repay money.”

Everyone was stunned.

After a while, Fox laughed, “Colin, are you crazy? You don’t have 300000 dollars, let alone 600000. Do you pay back the money? Who believes it? “

Eva and Baker look unhappy, but Doris was angry either.

“What if I have?” Colin asked lightly.

Fox didn’t care, “if you can repay, I will say uncle!”

How can a person who had to borrow 300000 dollars pay back 600000 dollars?

Colin smiled, and took out the mobile phone, “if you can repay, I will say uncle!”

It was Fox’s voice, and Colin recorded it.

Fox’s face darkened immediately, “what are you doing?”

“nothing. It’s just evidence, so that you don’t cheat.” Colin took back the mobile phone.

Fox ground, but thought that it was impossible for him to repay the money, and he was much relieved, “hum! Then you pay back the money!”

“You wait!” Colin then turned back to the bedroom and came out with a black bag.


Colin threw the bag in front of Fox, “600000 dollars!”

The bag was not sealed, and it was difficult to ignore the brand-new cash inside.

When Colin knew Fox robbed Doris project, he prepared it in advance to for this moment!

Fox looked at the bag on the ground in disbelief.

Doris and her family were also shocked and dull.

After a while, Fox looked at Colin and asked, “where did you get so much money?”

“You don’t have to know that. Anyway, the money has been repaid, and you should fulfill what you said.” Colin looked at Fox lightly.

Fox’s face was terrible.

Thinking of what he said just now, Fox would like to slap himself in the face. How could he know that Colin could really repay the money?

But it was impossible for him to say uncle!

“Colin! Don’t go too far. Who are you? I won’t say uncle!”

Colin sneered,” man should keep his words. What? You’re not a man? “

“Fuck! You’re not a man.” Fox spoke dirty words directly.

Colin was still calm.”Oh, then if you are a man, just say uncle now!”

After that, Colin looked at him quietly.

“Colin!” Fox ground and wanted to peel off Colin’s skin and kill him.

Colin smiled, “do not want? Don’t forget, you’re here to beg us! What would the old Mr. Lee say if you messed up? Let you get out of Lee family? “

He knew how much the old Mr. Lee attached importance to this financing, so that he can easily guess what the old Mr. Lee would say.

Fox’s eyes became deep and he stared at Colin unbelievably.

Eva and Baker were also a little dumbfounded.

Doris looked at Colin with adoration.

Colin chuckled, “Are you ready?”

Fox was silent.

Eva was very glad to see this. Fox should be dealt with!

Fox looked at Colin, and his chest was fluctuating constantly. He was flattered since he was a child. When did he suffer such humiliation?

“Colin! Don’t go too far! I let Doris go to the company. I don’t believe when grandfather comes, Doris doesn’t go with me! “

The old Mr. Lee was the most influential person in Lee family. No one dared to disobey him.

What was more, the old Mr. Lee didn’t like Doris’s family. If the old Mr. Lee knew about it, it was clear that he would stand by Fox!

Doris was a little worried. When the old Mr. Lee comes, they were really not as gentle as now.

Colin said in a soft voice,”don’t worry. I’ll be with you. It’s OK.”

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