Chapter 13: Nearly being killed – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Youming Zhou walked towards Kris Chen.

Anger appeared on the faces of the Su family members. Shit! Is Kris Chen a fool? Everyone apologized to patch up the quarrel reconcile the parties concerned. However, Kris Chen didn’t apologize and even wanted to escape! He was just asking for trouble.

“Mary Su, let your husband apologize to President Zhou quickly. He wants to escape at the eleventh hour?”

“He wants to kill all Su family members by doing this.”

“Well, all family members urged you to get a divorce. Why can’t you?”

“He escaped and was caught by President Zhou. President Zhou must have been angry. It will be our Su family members’ hard-luck then.” At this time, several women of the Su family stood out, pointing at Mary Su for blame.

Mary Su looked not right on the face. Kris Chen’s escape made her feel so ashamed that she even wanted to get into the ground.

Hai Su saw Youming Zhou’s expression, so quickly came forward and said: “President Zhou, calm down, please. This man is son-in-law in the Su family. He is a loser and stays in our family for food. His escape is none of our business, please don’t be angry for the whole Su family because of this man.”

“Damn it! You fool! Get out of here!” Youming Zhou, who didn’t speak anything, turned pale and kicked Hai Su to the ground.

Hai Su cried out a yelp of pain and fell to the ground. He was muddled and looked at Youming Zhou in disbelief.

Youming Zhou rubbed his eyes. He never thought he would meet the teenager again. Oh no, Hai Su was a young man now.

Ten years ago, when he started his business, he found a lot of people to invest due to the lack of money. But no one was willing to lend him any money. After all, he was just a punk at that time.

In his desperation, it was Young Master of Chen family, a boy of fifteen, who gave him half a million dollars, free of charge. Had it not been for the money, he would have been on the streets.

He did not forget the digger when he drank the water. He never forgot this blessing in the past ten years.

Two years ago, when the Dynasty Hotel opened, he went to the Chen family with the hope of asking Kris Chen to cut the ribbon. However, the boy was evicted from the house and disappeared. It was only a glance, but he recognized him at once!

“The Young… Young Master, is that you?”

Ten years passed. The benefactress stood in front of him, but he was speechless with a shaking voice. In the past ten years, he saw various significant events, but now he was so nervous that he didn’t know where to put his hand.

I was finished! He recognized me! Kris Chen sighed. Knowing there was no escape, he turned and looked at Youming Zhou.

“Young Master, it’s really you…” Before finishing the sentence, Youming Zhou knelt to the ground with a splash!

“Ten years past, and I finally saw you. I have been looking for you for two years. God has finally let me find you. Youming Zhou’s voice choked with emotion: “I never forgot what you did”.


Deathly silence!

At this moment, even a needle’s fall could be heard in the whole Dynasty Hotel banquet hall. Everyone opened their mouths!


Everyone was stunned by the scene!

The boss of the Dynasty Hotel, at this time, even knelt in front of the Su family’s son-in-law, excited to choke.

Kris Chen stood there with his hands behind his back. He looked calm that no waves could be seen in his face.

What the hell was going on here?

“Ouch, President Zhou, how can you be so careless. I help you stand up.” Kris Chen bent down to help him to stand up, winking at him. What a smart person Youming Zhou was! He instantly understood Kris Chen’s words. He didn’t want to reveal his identity.

In this case, Youming Zhou said, “Why is the ground so slippery? Wang, send someone to mop the floor.”

Seeing Youming Zhou fall, manager Wang shuddered, then nodded and said, “Yes, President Zhou”.

As Youming Zhou steeled himself, he patted Kris Chen on the shoulder and said: “Sorry, little brother, I mistook you for someone else.”

“Never mind, President Zhou.” “But you may look clearly next time,” said Kris Chen, relieved.


The Su family members were all relieved on hearing the dialogue. It was because of the slippery ground.

“I was scared to death. Just as I thought, how could this loser know President Zhou? It was the wrong person!” The Su family members all began to whisper.

At that moment, the old lady of the Su family paused and pestled her crutches and said, “Everybody be quiet and listens to me. Today, Hai Su cannot afford that 32 million dollars by himself!”

Hai Su beamed and smiled. Sure enough, it was her grandmother who loved him.

“I calculated that 200 people were here today, 150 of whom were the Su family members.” Old Mrs. Su breathed a little and said, “We can’t ask the guests to pay, so we afford the 32 million dollars respectively among the Su family members.

Hearing the words of Old Mrs. Su, the invited guests immediately relieved and praised her for good sense.

“Grandma, if you spread it out, each person will give you two 2.1 million dollars,” Hai Su said to Old Mrs. Su.

“Well, let’s pay 2.1 million dollars per person.” Su family members all nodded. 2.1 million dollars per person for such a third-rate family as the Su family was too much. Many people looked pain and unhappy.

Mary Su and Jane Tang looked at each other and found the panic. Some time ago, the company lost 8 million dollars. They used all their family savings to fill the hole. Now they couldn’t take out several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“Mary Su, why do you look so pale? You even don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars?” Hai Su walked over and said loudly on purpose. Of course, he knew that Mary Su was out of money, so he asked just to make her lose face in public.

“I.. I…” Mary Su blushed when her little business was spoken out. It was a long time before she said, “I… I forgot my bank card!”

“What? Forgot your bank card?” Hai Su laughed and said, “That’s a good reason, so I’ll just take it as the truth.”

“Hai Su, we are in a hurry, and we don’t have any money with us… You see…”

“Aunt Jane Tang, you didn’t forget your bank card, did you?” Hai Su put on a look of surprise and said, “You two play a joke on me?”

“Hai Su, you…” Jane Tang was too embarrassed to speak. She lost face today.

“Ha ha ha!” People around him laughed, with one saying: “I’m sure Kris Chen didn’t bring anything with him, too. They are so weird. They’ve all gone out for a dine and dish.”

Listening to the taunts, the color drained from Mary Su’s face. As she did not know what to do, Kris Chen stepped in front of her and said, “I bring my bank card, you guys…”

Hai Su grabbed his bank card and handed it to a waiter. “Hurry up, hurry up,” he said. “Take it and see if it can pay 630 thousand dollars.”

“Hai Su, give the card back!” Mary Su had tears in her eyes.

He gave Kris Chen 200 dollars of allowance every day. How could he have 630 thousand dollars in his credit card? It would make him lose face. She could imagine the scene that her family members being laughed at, so that she could not hold up her head in Su family.

As the crowd waited to see the show, Xiaorou Xu, who was sat nearby, slowly stood up with her face in shock. “I… I am not dazzled. That is the black gold king card of the business bank!”

The hall, originally full of laughter, suddenly became silent. What Xiaorou Xu said, shocked everyone!

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