Chapter 130 – 132: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 131: Blackmail

Because Kris Chen’s car was sent to the repair shop, Xi Lan was determined to lend her electric car to him. Having no other options, Kris had to agree.

This morning, after Kris went to get the electric car, he also brought Xi Lan here since she was off duty by coincidence today.

“Kris, you must help me ask for a signature of Rui Liu, please!”

“No problem,” Kris nodded, smiling. He did not expect that the woman at her age would still be a star worshiper. Well, it was really hard to see through a woman.

He looked for a parking spot as he rode. Soon, he found that there was a spot not far ahead, so he went there to pull over the electric car.

But no sooner had he stopped his electric car than a commercial vehicle backed up behind him.


The commercial vehicle directly hit Kris’s car, then Kris and Xi Lan nearly fell to the ground.

After that, the e-cool was totally damaged, and that BMW’s taillight was also smashed.

Fuck, this was the second time he had been hit by a car at the company’s gate. Kris was very depressed, and he was wondering if he was at odds with electric cars?

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine. Fortunately, I’m wearing sneakers today. If I wore high heels, I would definitely have twisted my foot.” Xi Lan patted her towering chest and said gladly.

At that moment, the door of the main driver opened, and a man who wore an Armani suit and a gold watch stepped out of the car. Seeing the smashed taillight, he pointed at Kris’s nose and shouted: “You fucking idiot! Didn’t you see me back up?”

This taillight was not cheap, but now it was crashed after he just bought the commercial vehicle for a week, which made him quite distressed.

This man looked so familiar.

Kris looked carefully at the man before him, who looked more than thirty years old and about 1.78 meters. Then Kris felt that the man looked more and more familiar.

Had he seen this man before?

“Why are you so rude? There is no conflict between our car’s parking and your backing up, and the parking space was also so big. It was you who backed up so fast that you hit us!” Xi Lan stood up and confronted the man.

The noise disturbed the people passing in and out of the doorway, and many of them gathered around to see what had happened.

They couldn’t help smacking their lips when they saw Xi Lan’s beautiful face.

Oh my god, she was so beautiful!

They couldn’t help praising her in their mind. Then when they saw Kris, who was riding an electric car beside her, they all secretly frowned.

This poor loser could not be the boyfriend of this goddess, could he?

This was totally unbelievable for such an amazing girl sitting on an electric car with her attractive look, figure, and temperament, instead of sitting in a luxury car like BMW.

“Now see it clearly! This is the parking space of motor vehicles, not of electric cars!”

At that moment, the door of the BMW co-driver opened, and a beautiful woman in a sexy tight skirt came up to them on high heels: “ Yong Luo, did you hit anyone?” she asked.


Another extremely beautiful woman! She was too beautiful. How lucky it was to be able to see two incredibly beautiful women in one day today!

Seeing her curvy figure, many men around secretly swallowed saliva and thought: Such a one of a kind! If I could touch her, I would definitely be happy to death.


Kris froze as soon as he saw this beauty. This woman was definitely his teacher in charge of his class when he was in high school!

Oh right, Rui had texted him that Ms.Du also wanted to be an actress.

Then he told Xue Mi to arrange her interview.

Well, it seemed that she came here for this interview today.

“Kris? What are you doing here!” Lei Du frowned and looked Kris up and down.

Two days ago, when Hai Wang told her that Kris was wallowing in degeneration to be the son-in-law of the Su family, she still didn’t believe him. Now, after seeing him riding an electric bike and wearing those cheap clothes, she knew it was true.

She thought highly of him initially. Then she sighed at the thought of him being so depraved now.

“Me? I work here!” Kris said.

“You work here?” Lei Du said in disbelief.

“Haha, he either cleans toilets or repairs water pipe and electricity, judging from his poor look.” Yong curled his lip with disdain.

Hearing his words, Lei Du could not help shaking her head: “Of all the students in your class, you were the one that I thought most highly of. But now look at you, how could you be like this! Your classmate Rui Liu is the hottest star right now, and Hai Wang has also become the Liren Group leader. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself as the monitor of the class at that time after comparing it with them?”

“Oh, I remember, you used to be the monitor of Lei Du’s class, that’s why I think you look so familiar!” Then Yong remembered: “At that time, Lei Du told me that you would definitely be able to get into Peking University, but I don’t expect you to become like this now. You really bring shame on Lei Du!”

After seeing Lei Du, Kris suddenly remembered the things that he had forgotten for years and who this man was.

The man was Yong Luo, the next class’s physical education teacher, and he would also take over a math class as an absent teacher when their math teacher was busy.

But the most important thing was that he had always been chasing Lei Du.

In high school, Lei Du could be said to be the goddess in all the boy students’ hearts, so of course, they were not willing to let Yong Luo and Lei Du be together. And at that time, Kris and Zhi Sun also played a lot of tricks on Yong Luo.

But at that time, Kris was still the master of the Chen family, who had such a high position that Yong Luo could not afford the price of provoking him at all. Therefore, he had no way but submitted to humiliation.

But two years ago, Yong Luo resigned from the school to do business, and now he had also become the boss of a small company, which was well-developed and blossomed, so now he could be counted as a successful man as well.

But what made him the happiest was that the master of the Chen family, who had enjoyed such high position in those days, should now actually become down and out like this and finally pay the price, which was such karma.

“Kris, no matter how, I’ve taught you before, and I can’t be too hard on you as your teacher. So if you apologize to me and pay me for the repair, then we can just forget about this whole thing.” Yong Luo said as if he had given alms to Kris with indescribable satisfaction in his tone.

This time, he must ask Kris for an apology and compensation to relieve and dispel his hatred.

“Apologize? Why should I apologize?”

As soon as Kris finished speaking, Lei Du spoke: “ Kris, is your bad character just what I taught you? Shouldn’t you apologize now that you have crashed Yong Luo’s car?”

Lei Du said and looking at Kris, regretting that he didn’t live up to her expectations: “Now look at you, don’t you feel ashamed of yourself for being so unkempt and scruffy?”

Lei Du was very disappointed to see her student unexpectedly become like this, who used to her favorite one.

Kris was speechless. So from Lei Du’s perspective, he was unkempt and scruffy just because he wore sportswear?

He took a deep breath and said: “Ms. Du, I didn’t do anything wrong. Why should I apologize to him? And why should I compensate him?”


Lei Du pointed at Kris and said: “You still don’t admit your mistake! You used to be a good student with excellent character and good grades, but how could you degenerate into such an extent now?”

Kris sighed: “Ms. Du, people can change. And I don’t think I’ve fallen. In my opinion, I’m fine in the way I am now.”

He thought that his only depravity was to be the son-in-law of the Su family, and if he had been able to pull himself together, he would have been able to support himself no matter what happened, and would not have groveled for two years.

But those things were all over. Yesterday, he was totally disappointed with Mary Su and Jane Tang when they argued in his parents’ ward.

That was fine because he had no reason to go back after that happened.

“You… I’m really disappointed with you!”

Lei Du was thoroughly disappointed with Kris, and she thought she had done her part as his teacher now that she could not make him aware of his problems no matter how hard she tried.

She pointed at the smashed BMW taillight and said: “Now that you are willing to be this kind of depraved, then I have nothing to say. But since you are my student, there is no need to call the police. Just fix Yong Luo’s car, and we can solve this matter in private.”

After hearing Lei Du’s words, Yong Luo hurriedly said: “Since Lei Du said so, then as your teacher, I won’t take this matter too seriously as well. So just pay me eight thousand dollars, then I will go to repair it myself, that’s all.”

What? Eight thousand dollars?

Why didn’t you rob the money?

Chapter 132: Ridiculous

Hearing Yong Luo’s words, Kris even burst into a smirk.

Yong Luo’s Honda was only 300,000 dollars at most, its rear light just broke and needed a few hundred dollars to repair it.

But Yong Luo asked for 8,000 dollars.

Besides, it was Yong Luo’s car hit Kris’s, and Kris didn’t ask him to pay. Instead, Yong Luo asked for money from Kris.

“Obviously, you hit us. Why should we pay you money?” said Xi Lan, she felt that she couldn’t tolerate people like Yong Luo.

After seeing Xi Lan speak for Kris several times, Lei Du couldn’t help but asked: “You defend Kris so much, are you his wife?”

Lei Du remembered what people said at the last classmate’s meeting: Kris had been the Su family’s son-in-law for more than two years, but he didn’t even touch his wife’s hand. Was she his wife?

Xi Lan froze for a moment and quickly denied waving her hand: “No, you… you misunderstood, I am not his wife, we are just friends.”


Yong Luo sneered and said, “Then you shut up!”

“What do you mean, shut up?” Xi Lan said: “You broke my car, and I can’t say anything?”

“So, it’s your car?”

“Yes!” Xi, Lan nodded.

“Oh, OK! Since you want to defend him, then you get it.” Yong Luo stretched his hand out in front of her: “Give me money!”


When Xi Lan was going to argue with him, Kris said: “Mr. Luo, we parked well. It was you who backed up and hit us. I didn’t ask you to give me money. Yet, you asked us for money. This is not fair. Plus, the parking lot is under surveillance. If there is a problem, we can check the cameras.”

“How can you park an electric car here? Have you learned traffic laws? You shouldn’t occupy public resources, do you understand?”

“Oh, interesting…”

Kris was amused by Yong Luo’s words: “Mr. Luo, wait for a second, this parking lot was built by the Huanyu Group for its employees. As a member of the Huanyu Group, I naturally have the right to enjoy the company’s welfare, and there is no such law says that electric bikes are not allowed to park here.”

Yong Luo thought: “Motherfucker, this son of bitch!”

“Kris, watch your mouth. I will already punch you in your fucking face if Lei Du Lei Du’s not beside me.” Yong Luo said.

“Ha ha.”

Kris sneered and said: “Yeah, you bet!”

“Fuck!” Yong Luo shouted at Kris, “Look me teach you a lesson!”

Saying that Yong Luo threw the punch towards Kris’s face.

Passers-by were scared that they even closed their eyes. Yong Luo was a professional athlete. Although he had been in business for the recent two years, he would always go to the gym. In addition, he was tall, and his Armani suit was boosted by his muscle.

Kris would be severely injured by his punch if Yong Luo did that.

“Yong Luo, stop!”Lei Du stepped forward and stopped Yong Luo.

Although Lei Du was completely disappointed with Kris, Kris was her student. The teacher beating the student sounds awful.

She never expected that one of her best students, Kris, had become like this.

“Kris, look, you won’t go anywhere if you don’t give me 8,000 dollars today!” Yong Luo stared at Kris fiercely behind Lei Du.

“Stupid Kris, he thought he was the Young Master of the Chen family?” Lei Du thought.

“Kris, you said you are an employee of Huanyu Group, right?” Lei Du holds her arms in front of his chest: “Don’t you afraid to discredit your company?”

Kris shrugged and was about to speak, suddenly, Lei Du’s cell phone rang.

Lei Du took out her phone from the bag and found it was the assistant of Huanyu Group, Xue Mi. She quickly said to Yong Luo beside her, “Yong Luo, I’ll go to the interview first.”

Lei Du secretly blamed Kris for delaying her business.

“Lei Du, please go up quickly, I can handle this alone.” Yong Luo patted his chest confidently.


Lei Du nodded and walked aside to answer the phone.

At this time, Yong Luo walked up to Kris in a huff and said with commanded tone: “Hurry up, give me the money.”

“You wish!” Xi Lan broke out, “Why? even if you two were Kris’s teachers, you can’t be so unreasonable!”

“Really? let’s check the surveillance!”

“I’m unreasonable?” Yong Luo smiled coldly, “Beauty, don’t speak carelessly.”

As he said, he paused a little: “As we all know, a man is known by the company he keeps, I will give you a piece of advice: stay away from such losers. There is no benefit to making friends with people like Kris.”

Xi Lan was amused by his words.


No benefit?

Then how did she become the President of the Fifth People’s Hospital?

As she about to argue, a beautiful lady wearing a black professional suit, with gold glasses came out of the hall. Her hair looks pretty.

“Secretary Mi!”

Lei Du, who was sharp-eyed, saw Xue Mi at once and greeted her quickly. She had a video with Xue Mi two days ago, so she knew what she looked like.

However, Xue Mi just nodded to her without speech and walked straight towards Kris.

“Secretary Mi?” Lei Du was confused.

Yong Luo also hurriedly followed behind Lei Du to greet Xue Mi.

“Hello, Secretary Mi, I’m Yong Luo, a friend of Lei Du.”

Yong Luo first introduced himself, then immediately pointed to Kris and said: “This is an employee of your company, and he parked his electric car in the parking lot without permission, causing me to hit his car when I was backing, the rear lights of my car were broken. He should apologize to me and pay me money, right?”

When Yong Luo saying this, he deliberately increased his volume so as to others can hear it.

Lei Du was about to sign a contract with Huanyu Group. With her conditions, she can easily become a popular star like Rui Liu.

Yong Luo had made it very clear that he was Lei Du’s friend when he introduced himself just now. “As long as secretary Mi was a little bit brainy, she would know how to deal with this,” Yong Luo thought.


Lei Du sighed helplessly,

“It was originally no big deal, now Kris should blame himself for making so much trouble.”

Kris might be fired by the Huanyu Group.

She thought that if Kris was willing to sincerely apologize and pay her money, she would say something nice for Kris. After all, it was a difficult time to find a job. Even if he be a dustman in the Huanyu Group, it was better than nothing.

But at the next moment, she was completely confused. Xue Mi walked anxiously to Kris and bowed several times: “I’m so sorry, President, it’s my fault. I promise that I will never allow this to happen again.”

Xue Mi was so nervous that a cold sweat came out of her back.

As the personal secretary of Kris, she should always arrange everything well for him.

The last time Rui Liu came to the company for an interview, a car crash occurred, and today she made the same same mistake.

Today, Lei Du came over for an interview, and this happened again.

This was absolutely unforgivable.

No matter how good-tempered the President was, he will be angry.

At this moment, Xue Mi was in a state of extreme discomfort.



Did Secretary Mi actually called this young man ‘the president’?” The passers-by were shocked.

People were dumbfounded and wondering: “Is this young man in casual clothes actually the president of Huanyu Group?”


Actually, it was reasonable that people don’t know Kris. After all, Kris took the exclusive personal elevator every day and never met these employees.

Besides, Kris always told Xue Mi to deal with a daily routine for him.

“No, it’s impossible!” Yong Luo looked at Xue Mi with a frightened face, “Secretary Mi, are you kidding me? Is this loser really the President of your company?”

“Shut up!” Xue Mi heard Yong Luo calling his president “loser”, and she suddenly became unhappy: “Are you crazy? I’m his personal secretary!”

What the hell?

Lei Du also understood at this moment. The last time she went to a school reunion, all of her classmates said that Kris was a loser.

How did he become the President of Huanyu Group now?

Suddenly, Lei Du remembered that she asked Rui Liu to introduce her to the Huanyu Group on the reunion, Rui Liu reacted weirdly. Now she understood that Rui Liu was an entertainer of the Huanyu Group, she must have known that Kris was the CEO.

It was ridiculous that she actually believed what her classmates said that he was a loser. And she even mocked Kris like everyone else did that day…

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