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Chapter 130: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 130 She was downstairs eavesdropping (1)
The ward next to Kevin’s was quiet. And Kerry appeared in Kevin’s ward again.

“Big brother, you can go back now. I’m fine. I think I can leave hospital tomorrow.”

Kerry was still worried. He said: “I’ll be here for you.”

Kevin laughed dryly and said: “Big brother, I’m not a kid anymore. You don’t need to be here. Please go back home now.”

Kerry was silent for a few seconds, and then he said: “Fine. I’ll ask Henry to stay here. If you need anything, just tell him.”

“I know.”


The sun had set and darkness fell. Kevin got off his bed, rubbed his temples, and opened the door to the ward next to his.

Venus’s ankle was killing her. She couldn’t get comfortable on her bed. She felt uncomfortable when sitting, and she felt uncomfortable when lying.

“Are you not feeling well? You look pale.” Kevin asked.

Venus looked up, and saw Kevin, her life savior.

“Kevin, thank you so much for saving my life.” Venus said. She knew if Kevin didn’t help her, she would be dead at that time.

Kevin got seated on a chair beside a window and said smilingly: “You are welcome. You also saved my life once, remember? What happened to your leg?”

Venus rubbed her swollen ankle and said sulkily: “Xinyou just pushed me, and my ankle was sprained.”

Kevin then said to his guard: “Call a doctor for her.”

The guard walked out. Venus suddenly remembered what Kerry said earlier. Her brow furrowed and she asked: “Kevin, did you see what happened?”

Kevin nodded and said: “Yes, I did.”

Kevin was standing not far from them. So he saw everything clearly. He knew how did Xinyou push her, and he saw where did that car come from.

Venus froze for an instant. She was so confused. She asked: “Then why didn’t you tell Kerry what happened? Why did you help Xinyou and make that lie?”

Kevin looked at Henry, who was standing at the door, and lowered his voice, and said: “You silly girl. There is no way we can make everyone realize what kind of person Xinyou is with this one incident.”

“What? So you are not on Xinyou’s side?”

Kevin smiled. “I would never degrade myself by allying with people like her. You misunderstood me.”

Venus got excited in an instant. She moved closer to the edge of the bed, and asked: “So, what do you mean just now? Do you have any other way to hold her accountable?”

“Sure. But this is not a good time. Don’t worry. Xinyou won’t be happy for long. When the time comes, I’ll make her regret bitterly for these terrible things she did.

Venus felt a gush of happiness came over her. Tears brimmed in her eyes, because it had been such a long time since she was treated so kindly.

Kevin saw her tears. He found it rather amusing. He asked: “Why are you crying?”

Venus dried her tears. And her eyes became so clear. She said: “Nothing. I was just touched. Thank you, Kevin.”

“You don’t need to thank me.”

Venus sighed. She said: “I have changed so much. I don’t even know who I am now.”

Kevin asked: “In which way did you change?”

Venus said helplessly: “So much has changed. I was once a carefree girl. I was adored by my parents, and I was protected by my big brother. Everyday I read the books I like, and go to the class with the person I love. Life was so easy and so wonderful. But now, my parents passed away, my big brother disappeared, my husband is cheating on me, and even my best friend now wants to kill me. I am also changing, and I have changed beyond recognition. I become suspicious, and I become vicious……”

Kevin interrupted. He said: “You think you are vicious? Venus, you are labeling yourself unfairly. Xinyou is the one who is vicious. You are only getting tougher than before, and you should be getting tougher than before considering what has been happening to you, or you will only be bullied, be used, and be trampled. I believe whatever have you become, you always have a kind heart.”

Kevin could strongly relate to Venus’s feeling. Because he felt he also had changed from an optimistic young person to a cunning schemer who was always hatching plots.

Venus found what he just said heartwarming.

At that time, a doctor came in and checked her ankle. Venus was in so much pain, and her eyes were once again moist.

“You sprained your ankle. I will give you some medicine to improve the circulation.” The doctor said.

Improve the circulation? Venus suddenly remembered she was pregnant. She said: “Doctor, can you give me another kind of medicine? I’m pregnant, so I don’t think I can use the medicine that improves the circulation.”

The doctor was surprised. He looked at her and said: “Miss, are you really pregnant?”

Venus nodded. “Yes, I am two-month pregnant.”

The doctor’s brow furrowed. He asked: “Do you have a stomachache?”

Venus rubbed her belly and said: “No.”

“That’s weird. You fell so heavily on the ground and you don’t feel a thing? You can lose your kid very easily during the first three months of your pregnancy. Besides, you don’t look like you are pregnant.” The doctor looked at her and advised: “ Miss Mu, I think you should have another ultrasound scan.”

Venus’s eyes sparkled. She said: “Doctor, you are saying that maybe I am not pregnant?”

The doctor was surprised by her reaction. Because normally, women always feel sad when they found out they are not pregnant. So why is she so happy. The doctor thought.

“I am just guessing. Have an ultrasound scan first.”

Venus was so excited. She said: “Fine, fine. I will do it now.” Then she wanted to get off the bed.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 130 She was downstairs eavesdropping (2)
Venus was filled with happiness. She really didn’t want that kid, not after learning it was Hao Nangong’s kid. The kid was only an accident, a lie.

Kevin grabbed her arm and pushed her back to her bed gently. He said: “Your ankle is injured, remember? Just lie down.” He then said to the doctor: “Bring your machine here, because she is going to take the test right here.”

The doctor obeyed him because he knew Kevin and Venus are very powerful, and he knew better than to do otherwise.

Kevin passed her a big bottle of water and said: “You should drink lots of water before doing the scan.”

Venus drank the whole bottle of water in an instant, but she still felt she hasn’t drunk enough, so she poured another cup of water and drank it.

Kevin said: “You really don’t want the kid, do you?”

Venus put the cup on the table. Sadness flickered across her eyes. She said bitterly: “Kevin, I can’t afford to have a kid. I can’t give him a stable life when my own life is a complete mess, and that’s why, I can’t bring him to this world.”

“You can ask his father to take the responsibility.” Kevin said.

Venus knew his advice is sensible, but she shook her head determinedly and said: “No. I’ll never see him again. This is my kid, and I have every right to decide whether to keep him or not.”

She was very determined, and Kevin didn’t say anything.

Twenty minutes later, Venus said to the doctor: “I’m ready.”

Then the doctor began scanning her belly with an ultrasound machine. She could feel a sensation of coldness on her belly, and she stared at a computer screen closely, even though she didn’t understand it at all.

A minute later, the middle-aged doctor said: “You are not pregnant.”

“Really? I am not pregnant?” Venus sat up from her bed in excitement. That was probably the best news she had heard in that period of dark time.

The doctor glanced at her, put away the machine and said: “I’ve been doing this for twenty years, and I am pretty confident with my conclusion.”

Venus smiled awkwardly and said: “Thank you, than you so very much, doctor.”

Henry was standing at the door at that time, and he called Kerry when he heard Venus wasn’t pregnant.

At that time, Kerry was dealing with some documents in a study on the third floor. Xinyou opened the door suddenly and said: “Kerry, it’s time to get a rest.”

Then she walked in. She was dressed in a sleeveless black undergarment made from silk. And her body was largely exposed.

She walked towards Kerry in a seductive way, and then moved her fingers along his shoulder.

Kerry slapped her hand away and said: “Xinyou, stop it. I’m very busy.”

Xinyou then sat directly on his lap, and said in a coquettish way: “You will never finish your work. Come on, you still owe me a birthday gift.”

Xinyou’ s fragrance filled his nostrils. He lowered his head and bit Xinyou’s lips, but then, the image of Venus’s bleeding lips came to his mind, and he bit even harder.

Xinyou was surprised, because she thought it would be a daunting task to make Kerry make love to her, but turned out, before she did anything, Kerry was already turned on. She asked the butler not to allow anyone to get into Kerry’s study.

Their body was pressed tightly against each other’ s. Xinyou put her legs round Kerry’ s waist, and kissed Kerry hungrily.

Just when she thought she would succeed, the phone rang.

Xinyou grabbed the phone and wanted to turn it off, but Kerry snatched it from her hand. Xinyou bit his ear lobe, and whispered: “Please don’t answer the phone.”

“I have to. It’s Henry calling. Maybe it’s about Kevin.” Kerry slapped her butt and said: “Get off.”

Xinyou obeyed. But what made her angry was that after flirting with him for such a long time, he didn’t have any physical reaction.

“What’s up? Henry.” Kerry wiped Xinyou’s lips marks off his face with the back of his hand.

“Young master, Venus just had an ultrasound exam, and turns out, she is not pregnant.”

Kerry thought he heard it wrong. He said: “What did you say?”

“Young master, Venus is not pregnant.”

Xinyou was standing right beside and she heard Henry was saying someone was not pregnant. And her heart sunk. “Do they know that Venus is not pregnant?” She thought to herself.

“I see.” Kerry hung up the phone. And he was in a completely confused state of mind.

“Not pregnant? I almost drowned her in a pool because of her pregnancy, and now you tell me she is not pregnant?” Kerry thought to himself.

Kerry was depressed. He felt a sudden pang of regret, and he felt things were slowly getting out of his control, and his early conclusions were proven to be wrong one by one.

“Kerry……” Xinyou interrupted him to stop him from thinking too much.

Kerry’ s desire subsided completely. He said: “Xinyou, please leave here.”

Xinyou called his name in a soft voice: “Kerry……”

“Get out!” Kerry shouted at her in a low voice. He had to think about this problem. He had to figure out what did he do wrong.

Xinyou didn’t dare to stay there anymore. She walked towards the door, opened it, and was about to go. But then, Kerry’ s voice was heard again.

“Wait!” Kerry shouted. Xinyou looked back in surprise, but Kerry then said coldly: “Do not come into this study without my permission.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 130 She was downstairs eavesdropping (3)
“Okay, I know.” Xingyou Qiao was acting nice and understanding, while she was full of hatred. She found Kerry growing wary of her.

She remembered the plan Hao Nangong had told her last time. At that time, she was afraid of causing bad effects on Kerry’s reputation and also afraid of bearing the reputation of being a mistress, but now she didn’t care anymore. She thought as long as she became Kerry’s wife, people would one day forget the means by which she did it.

In the study, Kerry lit a cigarette. He didn’t like smoking, but he would smoke when he felt irritable.

In Kerry’s mind, even if Venus wasn’t pregnant, she was still a slut because she did sleep with other men before she married him. There was no doubt about that.

In the morning, Kerry got up early. After washing up, he was ready to pick up Kevin and Venus from the hospital. But when he reached the door, he saw Kevin’s car drive in.

“I said I’d pick you up, why did you come back by yourself?” Kerry said to Kevin.

Kevin opened the car door and said as he helped Venus out, “Brother, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

Venus got out of the car. Her one foot was wrapped as tightly as it could be in bandages.

“What’s wrong with your foot?” Kerry frowned at her foot and asked coldly.

Venus stood on one foot, and said, “It’s just a sprain, but it’s much lighter than the last fracture.”

Kerry was uncomfortable when he heard her words, so he didn’t say anything.

Xinyou looked at the two of them coldly. She thought Kevin was on her side, but she saw him and Venus talked happily now, which made her extremely unhappy. “Why do all of them like Venus?” she couldn’t understand.

“Kevin and Venus are on good terms. The ones who don’t know you may think you’re a couple.” Seeing Kerry’s look go cold, Xinyou pretended to have said something wrong, “Sorry. I’m just kidding.”

“She always finds chances to get me into trouble.” Venus stared at Xinyou and thought.

Kevin smiled at Xinyou and explained, “Venus saved me last time and I saved her this time. Isn’t it normal for us to be close? Does Miss Qiao want me to have a bad relationship with Venus?”

“I’m joking. Don’t take it seriously.” Xinyou was in panic and said quickly.

“You’d better not make such jokes.” Kevin said.

Kerry turned his head to scold Xinyou, “I don’t want to hear such jokes again.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll never say it again.” Xinyou bit her lips and said.

Seeing Xinyou being scolded, Venus’s was so happy.

Venus was now worried that Kerry would take Xinyou’s words seriously and picked on her later.

“The breakfast is ready. Let’s go to the dining room.” Kerry coldly said.

Kevin saw him leaving and said suddenly, “Aren’t you going to help Venus?”

Kerry stiffened, “Help her?”

Venus was shocked by this offer from Kevin and immediately refused, “I don’t need anyone to help me. I can walk on my own.”

Kerry heard her words and looked cold again, and then headed straight for the room.

“What if he suddenly gets angry and he just pushes me, and then I’ll get hurt again.” Venus thought in her mind.

Then Venus looked at Kevin and said in a low voice, “You’re getting me in trouble.”

Kevin laughed, “I’m concerned about you.”

“Just don’t mention me in front of Kerry, that’s the biggest concern you have for me.” Venus said.

“Well, you’re too afraid of him.” Kevin shrugged.

Watching Kerry walk away, Venus said, “You have no idea how mean he was to me.”

Kevin smiled and he kept silent, “He’s my brother. Of course I know what kind of person he is.” He thought.

“Mrs Qin, please bring me the crutches I used last time.” Venus shouted at the villa.

“Okay, please wait a minute.” Mrs. Qin answered.

After a while Mrs. Qin brought Venus’s crutches over and helped her walk to the dining room.

While they were eating, Xinyou’s phone suddenly rang. She picked it up quickly. When she saw the caller’s name, she nervously deleted the call log.

Then after eating breakfast, she went to a cafe.

At the cafe, she took off her sunglasses and said unhappily, “Please don’t call me in the morning. They’ll suspect me.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 130 She was downstairs Eavesdroping (4)
Hao Nangong grabbed her arm angrily, stared at her unblinkingly and said: “Why do you have to hurt Venus? I warned you not to touch her! Not to touch her! But you even tried to kill her!”

Hao was so angry when he heard this news this morning that he smashed everything in front of him into pieces. At that time he just wanted to ask Xinyou about it, so he called her directly without thinking about the danger of being caught. If he didn’t need to keep cooperating with her, he would absolutely strangle her.

Xinyou broke away from his grip, and said angrily: “It was only an accident! Besides, isn’t she still alive? Why do you have to call me so early in the morning!”

“Xinyou, you must remember why do we cooperate! You want to get Kerry, and I want to get Venus, and that is our purpose! I will never forgive you if you try to hurt her again!”

Xinyou snorted and said: “Hao Nangong! I am trying so hard to achieve our purpose, and what have you been doing?”

Hao Nangong took out a card, on which a number was written. He said: “Obviously, you are not beautiful enough nor smart enough to get Kerry. Call this person, and she will give you what you need. And this time, you’d better stick to the plan.”

Xinyou took the card, and inputted the number into her phone, and tore the card into pieces and threw them into a trash can. Determination was written on her face. She said grimly: “This time, I will get Kerry!”


Kerry was at King Ye International Company at that time. He had been feeling restless that day because he couldn’t stop thinking about what Xinyou said that morning. He knew Xinyou was just joking around, but the idea that Venus and Kevin may have an affair bothered him greatly.

He wasn’t worried about Kevin. He knew Kevin wouldn’t do anything inappropriate. He was worried about Venus. What if Venus flirted with Kevin? What if she seduced Kevin? Kevin was so inexperienced in this kind of relationship, and would he be able to resist temptation?

Then, Kerry called John, who was at home.

He said: “John, what is Venus doing?”

John was puzzled. Because it was the fourth time Kerry called him and asked about Venus since that morning. At first he thought Kerry was concerned with Venus, but now he realized Kerry was watching Venus through his eyes.

“Young master, she is painting in the garden.” John said. His answer remained the same.

Kerry asked: “What about Kevin? Is he still at home?”

“Second young master went out just now. He said he was going to the supermarket.”


Xinyou killed her time with some fashion magazines, and when the clock struck five, she took her bag and rushed to Kerry’ s office. She knocked his door, but there was no response from inside.

“Has he gotten off work? No way. He is a workaholic, and he only works overtime. And he didn’t call me!” Xinyou thought to herself.

Xinyou kept knocking the door because she thought of another possibility.

“Miss Qiao, are you looking for Director Ye?” Secretary Liu asked in a cold voice.

Xinyou rolled her eyes, but she managed to put a smile on her face when she looked at Secretary Liu and said: “Yes. Is he here?”

Secretary Liu’s face was expressionless as always. She said: “Director Ye got off work early today because he had something to deal with. You can tell me if you need anything, and I can tell him tomorrow.”

Xinyou waved her hand and said: “Don’t bother. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

Xinyou called Kerry angrily when she got downstairs, but when Kerry answered her call, she said in a very soft and tender voice: “Kerry, where are you now? I’m waiting for you. We can go back home together.”

Kerry just arrived at home when Xinyou called. He said: ‘Don’t wait for me. I’m already home. You can get a taxi and come back.” Honestly speaking, he had completely forgotten about Xinyou.

“Fine. See you later.” Xinyou said.

The moment Kerry walked into the villa, he heard a fit of laughter came down from second floor. Kerry’ s face set into grim lines.

John noticed Kerry’ s face changed. He explained in a low voice: “Second young master is back.”

Kerry then rushed upstairs. John shook his head. He knew Venus would be abused by Kerry again.

Venus and Kevin were in the same room at that time. Venus was holding a cup of yogurt, and she wore a radiant smile. Kevin was seated on a sofa, and he was looking at a design picture. He said: “Your design is very nice. It is both fashionable and classical. I’m truly surprised.”

“You have a very good taste. That is my favorite design.”

Kerry stood at the door and looked at this lovely scene. Kevin felt his gaze, he looked up and said smilingly: “Big brother, you are back.”

Venus’s smile faded when she heard what Kevin said. Why would he come back so soon.

Kerry put his hands into his pockets and walked inside the room slowly. He looked at the design Kevin was holding and said flatly: “What are you talking about? You seem very happy.”

Kevin waved the design picture and said: “Oh, I bought some food from the market, and I gave Venus some, and Venus showed me her design.”

Kerry sat beside him and said: “Kevin, I have something to say to Venus.”

Kevin then put the design on a table, stood up, and said: “Alright, I will see whether the dinner is ready. I’m rather hungry.”

Then Kevin left the room. Kerry and Venus didn’t talk with each other. Kerry only looked at Venus’s design.

Then, all of a sudden, Kerry began tearing her design. Venus charged towards him and shouted: “Kerry! Put it down!!”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 130 She was downstairs eavesdropping (5)
One of her feet was injured, and before she could stand on the other, she was pushed to the ground by Kerry Ye.

Kerry tore through her five designs and then he threw them at her.

“Kerry, are you crazy? It took me all day to draw this.” Venus struggled up from the floor and glared at him.

Kerry stared at her with his leg crossed and said coldly, “I told you not to seduce Kevin the first day he came back. Why don’t you listen to me?”

After Venus heard his words, she knew that it was Xinyou who said something to Kerry.

“I don’t seduce Kevin. We’re just friends.”

Kerry got up, forcing Venus to the foot of the bed.

Venus was pushed down onto the bed with Kerry on top of her, “You’ve seduced so many men before. Why would I trust you not to seduce Kevin?”

Venus no longer felt anything but ridiculous at his verbal insults.

“Kerry, you said I’ve seduced many men. Why don’t you go find these men?”

Kerry slapped her across the face. “Venus, shame on you.”

Venus covered her face and stared at him indifferently, “Kerry, you are so stupid.”

Kerry was about to raise his hand to slap her again, but Venus grabbed his wrist.

“I’m used to you doubting me, but don’t you think that Xinyou is trying to ruin your relationship with your brother?”

Venus’s words reminded Kerry, who had been thinking about Kevin and Venus together all day, and he hadn’t thought about it at all.

Venus saw the change in his expression and continued, “We all live in this villa. I can manage to ignore him, but what would Kevin think? He’ll think you forbid me to speak to him because you don’t welcome him home.”

Under most circumstances, when Venus said these things, Kerry wouldn’t believe her and would think that she slandered Xinyou, but now he thought about it.

“You ruined my designs and slapped me in the face, can you leave now?” Venus said coldly.

“No one here can order me to do anything.” Kerry looked at her and said.

“I’m begging you to leave, okay?” said Venus.

“Of course not,” Kerry lowered her head and kissed Venus on the lips. As long as Venus rejected him he had an urge to conquer her, so he was aroused.

Venus didn’t understand why he hated her and he still made love with her.

Venus pushed him. Kerry let go of her lips and looked at her.

“Now the door is still open. Aren’t you afraid Xinyou will be sad to see this?” Venus scoffed.

Her words made Kerry angry, and then he ripped her clothes off.

“Why don’t you find another woman?” asked Venus.

“I’m not tired of fucking you. I’ll dump you one day when I’m tired of you.”

“Kerry, you’re the most disgusting person I’ve ever met.” Venus just gritted her teeth.

Downstairs, Xinyou Qiao stepped into the villa and was about to go upstairs when Kevin, who was sitting on the couch, stopped her.

“Miss Qiao’s back?” Kevin asked faintly.

Xinyou didn’t expect Kevin to greet her and was a little surprised. She answered, “Kevin, you’re at home too.”

Kevin flipped through the magazine and said without looking up, “This is my home. Of course I’m here.”

Xinyou didn’t care about the sarcasm in his words and said frankly, “I’ll go up and change my clothes. I’ll chat with you later.”

“I’d advise you to sit here and wait,” Kevin said coldly.


He pointed upstairs with a strange smile, “Just listen.”

Xinyou really listen intently for a moment. When she heard Kerry and Venus in the room, then she gritted her teeth.

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