Chapter 131 – 140: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 131

Lara is really hot, what kind of cardholder do I need for the gold card? Last time it was a party for the whole class. The whole class came. This time, more than a dozen people did not come. These more than ten people are still hanging silks. How could they be gold cardholders?

The other students couldn’t figure it out. Everyone talked a lot. Isn’t this gold card holder Lara? Why are there other people?

When I came here last time, wasn’t it because of Lara’s boyfriend?

What has changed this time? And listening to the minister, is this gold card holder still his classmate?

Who could this be? Everyone knows how many catties there are in their class. What they want to do, besides Lara, who is eligible to be a gold card holder?

“The boy who came with you last time,” the minister said.

“Boy?” Lara was even more angry. The few that her mother didn’t come were all hanging silks. How could it be? This is how this minister deliberately made things difficult!

Charlotte was surprised, boy? ?

Everyone immediately talked about it.

“What? Boy? Let’s see who in the class hasn’t come yet?”

“Wang Hao, Chen Weijie, Li Wenzhi… just these few,”

“Are they? They are all poor at home, and the richest Wang Hao’s family just opened a small restaurant. How could it be them?”

“Yes, it’s definitely not them, but besides them, who else is there?”

“By the way, isn’t Chuck not here?”

“Yesterday, I can’t tell you, but the Chuck who came again today!?”

“Yes, it is him. He is shameless. Yesterday Lara asked him to scan the code, but he did not scan. Today, he came over to drink free milk tea with a cheeky face. I really have never seen such a shameless boy! Maybe it is? If he is, then I would rather believe that it is Chen Weijie!”

“Yes, I don’t believe it was him if I killed him! If he is a gold card holder, I will go to eat immediately! And eat three pounds! I did what he said!”

They whispered, they didn’t believe that the gold card holders who could waive the bill would be among them. They would rather believe that the Minister deliberately made things difficult!

Lara is really annoying. It’s more than 20,000. She has today’s turnover in her hands, plus a little bit of her own money. It is less than 6,000 yuan. Her cousin has no money anymore. After all, the decoration has come in. How could it be possible to spend more than 10,000?

If this is not free today, she doesn’t know what to do!

“You don’t know the name of this person?” Lara stared at him, Lara clenched her fists, she wanted to hit someone.

“I don’t know, but I know him.” The minister said. He had seen him at the front desk, but there was no one among the group of people today. They can still be sure of this.

“What does it look like? You mother said clearly!” Lara was annoyed!

Charlotte pulled Lara, who did she think of, could it be Chuck?

It should be. Chuck can spend more than two million to buy a BMW 7 Series. That strength is beyond doubt. Plus he happened to not come over, he must be the holder of the gold card!

“It’s the one with you the last time you smashed the red wine,” the minister said.

Lara was stunned, what! !

It’s him!


Chuck is the gold card holder? how can that be? !

Lara couldn’t believe it, she was already like a wooden chicken!

When the classmates saw Lara’s expression, everyone looked at each other. Lara knew who this person was?

“Lara? What smashed the red wine, what happened?”

“Lara, who is this gold card holder?”

“Tell us!”

Everyone said, Lara shook her head, recovered from the shock, it is absolutely impossible for him!

“You’re lying, it’s definitely not him!” Lara’s eyes were red, and she felt a big fire, don’t you just want to give me a waiver? Is it necessary to say one person out casually?

“You can call him to come over, if he can come, then this order can be avoided today!” the minister said.

Lara was really stunned, could it really be him? How is this possible? He is just hanging silk!

Last time it was the “Baller” who resolved the matter. Could it be that the “Baller” did not exempt the bill, but because of Chuck?

Her mother, how could it be because of Chuck? It’s because of Yolanda! Yolanda is the manager here. This ktv boss pleases Yolanda, so this gold card holder was originally given to Yolanda, but Chuck is Yolanda’s spare tire, so Chuck got out of shit luck!

It must be so!

Lara thinks this way, feels normal, even a spare tire can have a gold card? Really look down on Li, eat soft rice! !

“Lara, isn’t it…” Charlotte asked in a low voice, definitely Chuck, because only he has this ability!

Lara nodded, Charlotte was surprised, really!

“Lara, who is it?” a classmate couldn’t help asking.

Lara felt ashamed today, how could she say it? What a shame if a policy came over and said with a big mouth that he smashed the red wine last time and was scared to cry!

“Don’t ask, you go back first!” Lara said.

“Just tell us who it is. We are too curious. We didn’t expect that among our classmates, there are still people who can have a gold card for free. We don’t even know!” Another classmate asked, but also very envious.

“Yes, is it Wang Hao?”

“No, I think it’s Chen Weijie!”

“A few of them are possible. Anyway, I don’t believe that this person will be Chuck if he is killed! If he is, I will immediately go to eat!”

The students present expressed their opinions, some were puzzled and some were contemptuous.

“Is it annoying? You just keep it and you want to check it out, right?” Lara was annoyed, and it was shameful enough today. She said so many things for her mother to sing with these evil pens! If it was a few thousand dollars, wouldn’t she just grit her teeth and give it?

The more Lara thinks, the hotter she gets!

“Lara, why are you angry? This is what you said to treat us.”

“Yes, I don’t have any money. Forget it, let’s go. This person must be Chen Weijie. There is nothing curious about it.”

“Yes, I also think so, everyone is gone, gone…”

When these people heard that they had to pay the bill, they immediately walked outside in groups, and soon disappeared. Lara almost yelled, these white-eyed wolves!

“Wait a minute, I’ll call him!” Lara took out her mobile phone and found Chuck’s number. She gritted her teeth and couldn’t call.

“Cousin, you called him. By the way, do you have his phone number? I’ll give it to you.” Lara can only let Charlotte call and ask her to ask Chuck for the spare tire in a low voice. She really doesn’t willing.

Charlotte nodded, she took out her mobile phone and called Chuck.

Lara stared, and the minister and the front desk could only wait. When someone came, then the gold card could be used, depending on whether this person could come.

“Hey, Chuck? Where are you?” Charlotte asked in a low voice, she was particularly unassuming.

“The square, I haven’t left yet,” Chuck’s voice was in the phone.

Charlotte was guilty, he was still in the square, and singing did not call him.

“Anything?” Chuck asked.

“Yes, can you please come to the ktv in the square? I have something to ask you for help.” Charlotte said.

“Ktv? Okay, I’ll come over right away.”

Charlotte breathed a sigh of relief, she said thank you, and then hung up the phone.

“Cousin, how?” Lara asked.

“He said he will come right away,”

“It’s still right now? Where can I get there after half an hour?” Lara shook her head, a little impatient.

“He’s in the square.” Charlotte sighed, Lara’s attitude really made her helpless.

“Still in the square?” Lara frowned, “It must be waiting for Yolanda to get off work, so humble as a spare tire, so he can do it with this hanging silk.”

“do not talk……”

“Why didn’t I tell you? Do you know why he is a gold card holder? Isn’t it because of Yolanda?” Lara disdain.

“What nonsense are you talking about? People are very rich!” Charlotte was annoyed.

“Haha, he is rich? Cousin, he is so poor, you haven’t seen him eating soft food everywhere? How is this different from ducks?” Lara sneered. Chuck was rich? When others have spare tires, eating soft meals everywhere is called rich? If so, she can be rich at will!

“Stop talking, he’s here.” Charlotte hurriedly covered Lara’s mouth. Lara looked over and found that Chuck had walked in from outside, and Lara was impatient in her heart. Isn’t she just eating soft food?

“Hey, Chuck, you are the holder of this gold card?” Lara asked Chuck impatiently holding the gold card.

Chapter: 132

Chuck took a look at Lara. He just received a call from Charlotte and said that he was going to come to KTV. Chuck understood that Lara must have asked her classmates to sing. It was too expensive to pay.

So let him come over. If Lara called just now, Chuck wouldn’t pay attention to her at all, but Charlotte’s voice was a little pleading. Chuck was softened, so he came.

After all, what should I say, although Chuck doesn’t have a good impression of Charlotte in that respect, Chuck thinks Charlotte is not bad, and he can be a friend.

“Lara, what is your attitude?” Charlotte saw Chuck coming in, she was relieved, but seeing Lara’s impatient appearance, she was really hot.

“Cousin, what are you doing? Why do you keep turning your elbow out?”

Lara was annoyed, she snorted, “Chuck, what am I asking you, are you the holder of this gold card?”

Before Chuck spoke, the ktv minister and the front desk came over respectfully and said very politely, “Hello, sir.”

Chuck nodded to him.

Lara was stunned, why did the minister and the front desk be so polite to this hanging silk?

Isn’t it the gold card that Yolanda got? Is it necessary?

Lara was disdainful, she wanted to flatter Yolanda!

You are shooting the wrong person!

“Since it’s yours, then you can handle it. My cousin and I are gone.”

Lara snorted, stuffed Jinka into Chuck’s hand, and then took Charlotte to leave.

Lara was annoyed in her heart. Didn’t you take it last time?

“Lara, it’s impossible to do this.” Charlotte helplessly, how could Chuck do this?

“Just leave it alone, let him do it,” Lara said.

“Wait!” Chuck said.

Lara stopped and stared at Chuck, “Why are you slow? Do you still want me to thank you? Okay, thank you head office?”

“Your thank you is not so valuable.” Chuck shook his head and walked to the front desk. He looked at the bill. It was more than 20,000. Just an impatient thank you?

“What do you want?”

Lara stared at Chuck, and she was too hot. She was really upset today. She opened happily and had a good business. She came out to celebrate, but she didn’t expect such a result!

The gold card in his hand is actually Chuck’s!

“I owe you?” Chuck asked.

Lara’s face turned red, “What are you pulling? What are you pretending to be? Isn’t it just a bullshit gold card? Without Yolanda, you can get this gold card? You are a soft rice man, still with me Acting in front of you! I am worthy of you when I let you solve it!”

“This beauty, please don’t insult our store’s gold card so much. Since our store opened, only three such gold cards have been given out! This gentleman is a VIP of our store!” Minister KTV walked over and said solemnly.

Lara glared at Minister, what shit Jinka? Why did you pretend to say only three? People like Chuck can have one. What kind of compelling can this be?

The minister ignored her and said to Chuck politely, “What do you mean?”

“Let her take care of it herself.” Chuck said.

The minister nodded.

Charlotte sighed, what else can we say?

Lara immediately became angry, “Chuck, you stinky silk, don’t you just want to pretend to be in front of me? Do you want me to beg you? I tell you, it’s impossible!”

“Lara, I don’t owe you, on the contrary you owe me.” Chuck said.

“I owe you? Are you funny?”

Lara sneered, what she thought of, she immediately dismissed, “Oh, I know, you still mentioned the last time? Do you want to sleep with me like that? But I don’t want to sleep for you, you are not qualified to touch Me, do you know? You are not qualified!”

“Lara, you are enough,” Charlotte couldn’t help it anymore. She had seen Chuck’s softness just now. It was all Lara’s attitude. Is this more than 20,000?

Chuck shook his head. He has no interest in Lara right now. Yvette accounts for a big reason. Another reason is that people like Lara, although they have a very good body, are very hot, but if this character is Chuck’s girlfriend , Chuck who doesn’t hit a woman will also hit her.

Chuck hates Lara very much now.

“Cousin, he just wants to pretend to be coercion. You really know what kind of person he is. After he picked up 20,000 yuan before, he would take several thousand yuan to open the presidential suite. What do you say is this pretending to be coercion? You want me to beg him, but I would beg him such a soft rice man?” Lara sneered.

“Enough!” Charlotte was particularly angry. “Are you going to end it? Apologize to Chuck!”

“Let me apologize to him? Impossible!” Lara shook her head, “Cousin, don’t worry, isn’t it more than 20,000 yuan? I’ll solve it…”

“What can you solve?” Charlotte glared at Lara.

“Don’t worry!” Lara said, and she said to Minister, “Don’t look at me like that, I will give you the money myself!”

“That’s the best.” The minister was expressionless.

Lara stared at Chuck again, “I ask you, you really want to continue to pretend not to give me a waiver, right?”

“I don’t owe you,” Chuck said.

“Okay, I remember what you said! But you don’t owe me? What did you bump into? Don’t forget, last time you broke a few bottles of red wine here, but I helped you solve it.” Lara snorted coldly. .

She gets angry when she thinks of it. If it wasn’t for me to help you solve it, how much would you lose?

Chuck frowned.

“You helped this gentleman solve it? Beauty, I think you have misunderstood.” The minister shook his head, and he handled the breaking of the wine. How could Lara solve it?

“What are you talking about? You!” Lara was on fire. It wasn’t her who contacted the “Baller,” and could that matter be resolved so easily?

“This gentleman broke the red wine by himself, and when you broke the red wine, it was 40,000 to 50,000 yuan, and this gentleman helped you solve it,” the minister said.

Lara was stunned with a bang, she immediately furious, “What did you say? He helped me solve it? I think you are always confused!”

How could it be solved by the “Baller”? Have a dime relationship with Chuck?

“If you don’t believe me, forget it. Anyway, if you break the red wine, if it wasn’t for this gentleman who told me to stop worrying about it, you would lose money at the time, and a lot of it!”

“Huh! You said I believed it?” Lara sneered, “My boyfriend did it, but it has nothing to do with him.”

“Your boyfriend?” Minister frowned, “Beauty, you were deceived? The matter could not be solved without this gentleman.”

“You were deceived!” Lara glared at him, “Now I will contact my boyfriend and ask him to call your boss and let your boss fire you!”

Lara took out her phone as she said, she immediately opened WeChat to send a message to the Baller, are you there? I want you to do me a favor.

Tyrant, can you talk to me? Please, I have encountered something, someone bullied me.

Tyrant, are you here, I really need you…

Lara sent a message by herself, but the “Baller” ignored her. Lara was sad and anxious. What happened last time was also ignored.

“Beauty, please check out!” the minister said solemnly.

“Don’t rush! Am I in the contact person?” Lara’s eyes turned red, and she sent another message to the “Baller”, but she did not reply yet.

“No need to post.” Chuck said calmly. At this time, Chuck didn’t want to hide it anymore.

“Are you laughing at me? What right do you have to laugh at me? My boyfriend is very busy, so I don’t have time!” Lara stared at Chuck, she really wanted to go to Chuck, you are still not a man. !

“Your boyfriend? I…”

“What am I? My boyfriend is so busy, why is it like you who hangs around all day long? He will return to me later.”

“I mean, I’m not your boyfriend!” Chuck shook his head.

“Are you sick? Who the hell is talking about you? Don’t be passionate. I mean my rich boyfriend. You don’t think you are like this. You deserve to be my boyfriend?” Lara was furious. Is this strategy shameless?

“Your boyfriend is a Baller?” Chuck asked.

“Yes, my boyfriend drives a BMW 7 series, of course he is a Baller. Do you know how much the BMW 7 series is? You can’t afford soft rice for a lifetime.” Lara sneered, she despised Zhang even more. Policy, only Ballers are worthy of me, what are you?

“I am a Baller.” Chuck said, looking at her.

Chapter: 133

“Are you a Baller? Haha!”

Lara immediately laughed. Will Chuck be a Baller? He He……

Lara was instantly stunned as if struck by lightning. She lowered her voice and asked subconsciously, “What did you say? You are just a hanging wire, how could you…”

But before Lara finished speaking, Chuck took out the phone directly, clicked on WeChat and showed it to Lara.

In such a moment, Lara’s mind went blank for a moment. These photos are all photos of herself, in any posture, and the name on WeChat is really “Baller”!

Could it be that Chuck is the “Baller” who has been talking for so long? ?

How is this possible? He is just a hanging silk who has picked up money and is about to spend it immediately. How could he be a “Baller”?

The “Baller” car is a BMW 7-series with more than two million yuan, why Chuck can afford it!

At such a moment, Lara felt a strong sense of shame. She was annoyed to grab Chuck’s phone, but Chuck had expected it to put the phone in her pocket.

“Let me see it clearly, and you can show me your phone…” Lara shouted.

Charlotte was surprised. She didn’t see what was on Chuck’s phone, but only saw the WeChat interface. Is this a chat history?

Minister KTV and the front desk looked at each other, a little confused.

Of course Chuck would ignore her.

Lara’s eyes were red, and she yelled, “Are these “Ballers” sharing these with you?”

She prefers to believe that the “Baller” betrayed her and shared her photos with Chuck, and she is unwilling to believe that Chuck is the “Baller” she talked about.

The key is that Lara really likes this “Baller”. When she ignores her, Lara will worry about her and become uneasy. This is like, but she doesn’t like Chuck, she hates him, no like him!

At this moment, Lara felt broken. The person she had been worried about was Chuck? ?

“No, it’s me who you’ve been chatting with. You talked to me first, and you sent me photos first,” Chuck said.

“You!” Lara’s scalp was numb. The first photos were nothing but sexy photos, but later they were different. The scales became bigger and bigger, they were fruitful, and they showed their faces.

“So I am not your boyfriend. You are breaking red wine here. It is not me. You really want to lose money, so you owe me.” Chuck said.


Lara’s strong sense of shame made her blush, and she hurriedly pulled Charlotte, “Cousin, are you making a mistake? What I wanted was to buy a BMW 7 Series car, not his, not his. Not…”

Charlotte sighed, “It’s him, and he bought the car.”

The only glimmer of hope in Lara’s heart was shattered, “Cousin, how can you treat me this way? I sent him…”

“What did you send?” Charlotte sighed.

Lara can’t talk anymore, how can this be said? Did you tell your cousin that you sent Chuck a fruit photo?

What a shame?

“I don’t believe it, his car, where’s his car?” Lara asked.

“His car is repaired in our 4s shop.”

Lara sat on the ground, how could it be, how could it be…

She looked up at Chuck, regretting in her heart, the hanging silk she had always looked down upon was actually a Baller?

“You are dirty! You are shameless, you are dirty!” Lara shouted.

“You sent it to me yourself, and you said you want to eat with me, and you said you want to accompany me. This is what you said,” Chuck said, but he didn’t send her photos.

“You bastard!”

She got up from the ground and stared at Chuck and said, “I see, all your money is picked up, right? You said last time that you picked up two thousand yuan, but you actually picked up three or four million. wrong?”

She has known Chuck for so long, but he often eats, how could he have so much money to buy a BMW 7 Series at once? ?

“Do you think it’s possible?” Chuck looked at her.

Lara is angry, tens of thousands can be, but she does not believe in millions of her! But, his car… “I see, your car is not yours, it belongs to Yolanda, you take Yolanda’s car and pretend to be in front of me!”

She sneered, thinking it made sense, so how poor Chuck could afford to buy it? Definitely bought the car with Yolanda’s money, it’s really shameless! Actually pretend to be forced with other people’s money!

Chuck is also helpless, this woman is willing to find so many reasons, and is unwilling to believe that she is a “Baller”?

“Why don’t you have anything to say? I am right, right? You are just pretending to be forced by Yolanda’s money. You are a soft rice man!” Lara laughed, and she calmed down again.

“Do you think it’s possible?” Chuck shook his head.

“What’s the possibility, yes!” Lara said coldly.

“Lara, don’t say anything, he paid for the car himself.” Charlotte shook her head.

She handled the money personally. It was more than two million. Yolanda was just a square manager. It was possible to buy a car for two to three million, or even a car for four to five million, but how could he buy such an expensive car for Chuck?

This is too unreasonable.

“Cousin, absolutely!” Lara said, she was sure.

“Then you think so, right?”

Chuck turned around and left. He saw Lara enLoganled. He wanted to see how Yvette was.

“You stop! I told you to confess, you have no face to stay here anymore, so you want to leave?” Lara sneered.

Chuck turned his head, “You think I can’t afford a BMW 7 Series, right?”

“Yes, you just eat soft rice!” Lara sneered.

“That’s good! You wait!” Chuck walked out.

Lara was annoyed, “You look for a chance to escape, right? You shameless bastard. You are nasty!!”

Lara cried and cried suddenly. She felt very wronged. How could he be the “Baller” she likes?

No, no!

Lara could not accept this fact!

“Lara…” Charlotte came over to comfort her, Lara cried hard, Charlotte sighed, what happened to the two of them? Didn’t you hide your identity?

“Two, this bill!” The minister came over, Chuck didn’t say to him that he was exempt, he certainly couldn’t let Lara go.

“Here, here you are!” Lara took out the money in her pocket and threw it all on the table.

The front desk promptly shook his head and said it was not enough.

“It’s not enough for me to give it to you in a few days. There is a shop below me. Are you afraid that I might run away?” Lara wiped away tears.

The minister hesitated, he knew this.

“Well, send the remaining money within five days, or I will call the police to deal with it!” said the minister.

Lara cried and walked out with Charlotte. When she got downstairs, Charlotte couldn’t stop crying when she saw Lara. She comforted, “Don’t think too much, five days will be enough for us to pay back the remaining money. Up.”

“Cousin, woo…” Lara suddenly hugged Charlotte.

“What’s wrong?” Charlotte comforted.

“I, I talked with him for a long time, for a long time. Recently, I have him in my heart. I fantasize about him when I sleep at night. I like him. What should I do? What should I do?” Lara vented, she It really feels like this.

As long as Chuck returns the information, then she will be very happy, if not, she will be sad and lost… Isn’t this like it?

Charlotte froze, fell in love with him?

“Are you sure?” Charlotte sighed.

“I… I hate him, hate him, he is just a sling who pretends to be someone else’s money, I hate him. I hate him!” Lara shook her head, but tears came out.

Charlotte didn’t know how to console her.

“I was right, so he ran away. I don’t like him anymore. I don’t like him… He is a liar, he is not a Baller…” Lara cried.

Charlotte was about to talk, but at this time, suddenly on the quiet street, a roar from far and near came from afar. She was a car seller. Of course, it was the sound of a sports car.


Lara also looked over, and saw a sports car turning in from the street. It was a Porsche 911. She knew it. But after she saw the driver, she was as if struck by thunder. .

Charlotte was also stunned, surprised in her eyes.

The car stopped in front of them, the door opened, and Chuck walked out, “Didn’t you say that I can’t afford a BMW 7 Series? This car can buy two BMW 7 Series.”

Chapter: 134

Lara was completely dumbfounded, she was as if she had been struck by lightning.

She thought that Chuck’s car was bought by Yolanda, and Chuck took it out to pretend to be forced, but now…Of course she knows this car, millions of dollars, can Yolanda afford such an expensive car?

Could it be said that Chuck is really a Baller?

But how is this possible? He has always been so poor, how could he be so rich all at once? ?

Lara couldn’t figure it out, she was completely shocked.

At this moment, she was extremely confused, is Chuck really hanging silk? Lara already shook her head in her heart to deny it, and he really changed when he appeared in front of her completely.

He used to be handsome, but now he is richer and handsome.

This feeling is completely different. Lara regrets it in her heart. Why did she not agree to sleep with him at that time?

and also……

I once imagined that the “Baller” was Chuck’s appearance, but now it really is, then did I really like Chuck?

Lara couldn’t describe her feelings at this moment, as if she had eaten Huanglian, she couldn’t tell.

Charlotte was different. She was a little surprised. When did Chuck actually buy such a new car again? You know, this car can really buy two BMW 7 series.

He is really rich!

“See, I can afford a BMW 7 Series!” Chuck said.

Lara was speechless for a while, she felt too embarrassed that she had always called such a rich Chuck Diaosi.

“I…” Lara hesitated, having no idea what to say.

She was afraid to look at Chuck.

Chuck came over, Lara’s face turned pale, her eyes red, and tears were about to come out. She felt that she could not face Chuck anymore, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Charlotte had a complicated expression, and kept her head down in silence.

Chuck glanced at Lara and turned to leave, but Lara stopped him and begged, “Chuck, I was not good before, I am sorry for you, you must not send my photos, please. …”

Chuck originally had this plan, otherwise he would not add so many groups, but at that time, he thought that doing so would hurt Lara too much. It might directly cause Lara to collapse and commit suicide. Chuck hated Lara, but he didn’t Thought of letting Lara die.

So he does not plan to do this now.

“I beg you, don’t do this,” Lara cried, her tears streaming down.

She feels very tired. The “Baller” she likes is actually the person she hates most…

“You can let me do anything, just don’t send out my photos,” Lara continued begging.

Chuck looked at her, Lara, who used to be arrogant and domineering, ever thought about asking herself a day?

“You will still be dragged in front of me in the future?” Chuck asked.

“No, I definitely won’t,” Lara shook her head.

Chuck is so rich, where can she be dragged, she also regrets what she said to Chuck before, she still dare not look at Chuck.

“That’s fine, I won’t send your photo.” Chuck shook his head.

Lara breathed a sigh of relief, but asked tentatively in a low voice, “What are the requirements?”

Chuck looked at her.

“I…” Lara hesitated.

“No, I never thought about sleeping with you,” Chuck shook his head, opened the car door and sat in.

Lara was stunned, never thought of sleeping with herself? …

Suddenly, she couldn’t stop her tears.

Chuck drove, but he happened to see Yolanda who was working overtime taking the elevator down. Yolanda was also surprised, but he quickly returned to normal.

Charlotte and Lara looked at Yolanda in a dress, exquisite high heels, slender legs, she is so beautiful…

Beautiful women with sports cars, the two of them… seem to be a perfect match!

So, it’s not Yolanda who raised Chuck, but Chuck who raised Yolanda?

Lara was even more sluggish.

Chuck said to Yolanda, “I’ll send you back to school.”

It’s too late, a girl is not safe.

“I… OK,” Yolanda opened the car door and sat in. Chuck took Yolanda out of the square with the bang of his throttle, the engine roaring away.

Chuck left.

Lara and Charlotte stayed where they were for a long time. Charlotte sighed. Chuck could afford such an expensive car. His wealth exceeded her previous estimates.

“Cousin, I didn’t dream…” Lara muttered to herself in a daze.

“No, all this is true,” Charlotte said.

Lara cried again, her tears streaming down.

“Lara, do you really like him?” Charlotte asked comfortingly. Lara’s expression told Charlotte that it was true. Lara saw Yolanda getting in the car just now, with that kind of look, and I hope it’s her who got in the car. Myself…

“I, I don’t know, I…” Lara shook her head, that kind of worry is real, do you really like him?

Lara tears more…

“You won’t go back to school?” Chuck was surprised, because it was already late, and someone like Yolanda, who has a very regular living time, would actually be a night owl today?

“Well, I made a birthday celebration today at the bar, so I’m going to participate,” Yolanda said. She didn’t want to get in Chuck’s car just now, but she couldn’t refuse Chuck’s invitation.

Chuck asked what bar he was in? Yolanda said a name, and Chuck said that she should be sent there, but the road is not far anyway.

“Thank you then.” Yolanda smiled.

“It’s okay,” after Chuck planned to send her off, he called Yvette and asked what was going on.

When passing by a bar, Yolanda said, “I posted it was originally planned to be in this bar, but this bar was recently renovated, so I changed a place…”

Yolanda said that, Chuck’s heart moved, isn’t this his mother’s bar? Last time I bought it, my mother said that it would be a luxurious decoration. Now it seems that it has started in an all-round way. It is estimated that it will take a while, and I will definitely come to join us.

“I heard that this bar has changed owners, so it was renovated. People who can transfer here are definitely worth a lot,” Yolanda said while watching.

Chuck smiled, I’m afraid my mother doesn’t know how much money she has.

“What are you laughing at? Did you turn down this bar?” Yolanda’s eyes lit up, because Chuck’s expression told her that she was able to fully acquire the city square, so what would happen to the next bar!

“No, I didn’t transfer it,” Chuck shook his head, not originally, his mother transferred it.

And it was bought directly. According to the current scale of decoration, the luxury of the bar, I am afraid it can be ranked in the entire China.

“Oh.” Yolanda nodded, turning out to be thinking too much.

Soon he arrived at the bar Yolanda said, Yolanda opened the door and went down, “Thank you.”

“It’s okay,” Chuck shook his head.

Yolanda turned and walked into the bar. Chuck was about to leave. But when he saw the seat, Yolanda didn’t take his bag. He could only park the car on the side of the road and then took the bag into the bar.

Many of the exposed beauties in the clothes seemed to be popular. Chuck saw Yolanda from a distance, but the music was too noisy, Chuck yelled, and Yolanda didn’t hear it. Chuck was helpless, so he could only catch up with her bag.

Seeing Yolanda entering a private room, Chuck naturally prepared to go, but just a few people walked out.

“Who are you? You have taken the wrong box.”

“Yeah, looking so unfamiliar, you want to go in and eat and drink, right?”

The two pairs of men and women looked at Chuck, with a strange tone of yin and yang.

“My friend is inside. I gave her something.” Chuck said.

“Who is your friend? If you can’t tell the name, just get out of here!” one of the round-headed youths said politely.


“What, Yolanda? Are you a friend of the goddess Yolanda?”

“Isn’t it possible? Isn’t Yolanda’s boyfriend the rich second-generation Ye Weitian? I’ve seen him, not him.”

A few of them immediately suspected, and their eyes were not good. They didn’t believe that Chuck would know such a beautiful Yolanda.

“Just call her,” Chuck helplessly.

“Okay, I call her, but if she doesn’t know you, don’t blame me for slapping you!” The round-headed youth pushed open the door of the private room impatiently and shouted, “Yolanda, someone is looking for you!”

Several other people disdain, do you really know Yolanda? This person definitely wants to go in and eat and drink.

Chapter: 135

“It’s too late to leave now, otherwise we can hang you when Yolanda comes out and says that I don’t know you.”

“Yes, dare to fish in troubled water at Sister Bing’s birthday party, and see if I won’t throw you away!”

Several people ridiculed Chuck. Chuck’s face was calm. They seemed to have a little money, but it was nothing to Chuck. Give Betty a call, and they would have no problem after playing tonight.

Soon Yolanda walked out curiously, and several people immediately said that they seemed to want to please Yolanda.

“Beauty Lu, he said it was your friend. I think he is so poor, maybe that’s not it!”

“Yeah, I don’t think it is possible. The most basic level of making friends with Damei Lu should be someone like us. He is not worthy of being a friend of Damei Lu.”

As soon as Yolanda came out, they changed their faces and were very pleased. Also, Yolanda’s body and appearance are so top-notch, how can they not let men try their best to show off in front of her?

Yolanda didn’t even look at them, smiled directly at Chuck and said, “Did you come here for a drink?”

This attitude… this gentle voice.

Several people were immediately dumbfounded. Is this hanging silk really Yolanda’s friend?

This is totally unworthy, with this gentle appearance, is this a boyfriend? ?

“No,” Chuck shook his head and put the bag in his hand in front of Yolanda, “You put the bag in my car and didn’t take it. I gave it to you.”

Yolanda suddenly felt embarrassed and blushed, “Thank you.”

She took the bag down.


What kind of car can he drive? It is estimated that the car is more than one hundred and two hundred thousand, so embarrassed to show off?

These people shook their heads in disdain.

“Then I’m leaving, you have fun.” Chuck said.

“Well, thank you.”

Chuck turned around and left, but at this time, a strange voice came from inside, “Oh, Yolanda, you changed boyfriend? Why don’t we know this one?”

The speaker was a beautiful woman with yellow hair and exposed dress. She walked out from the inside with a handsome guy in her arms, which looked very sweet.

Yolanda frowned.

This beauty is her middle school classmate Fan Jiaqi, and this man is also a middle school classmate Zhou Daming. At that time, Fan Jiaqi liked Zhou Daming, but Zhou Daming has been chasing Yolanda.

It’s just that Yolanda didn’t agree, so Fan Jiaqi kept looking at Yolanda upset.

“I’m sorry to introduce you? It was dumped by your ex-boyfriend!” Fan Jiaqi smiled, very happy.

She has always been jealous of Yolanda for being so beautiful and having such a good figure. Yolanda’s family is rich. She was jealous and secretly jealous. Later, Yolanda’s father’s company went out of business and went bankrupt overnight. She became a poor man. I laughed more happily that night.

However, after Yolanda university, she found a very rich boyfriend. She was upset and jealous again. But today, she was happy again, changed her boyfriend, and actually changed a sling.

Haha, that’s great!

“Don’t speak yet? That’s a real breakup, haha, right?” Fan Jiaqi laughed unscrupulously. How could she let this opportunity pass?

Zhou Daming sneered and told you not to be with me before. Now you are dumped. You deserve it!

“But when I was dumped, I was dumped. Why did you find such a boyfriend? It looks very poor. No wonder you were embarrassed to introduce it… But ah, it fits you well, you don’t Is it also poor ratio? Poor ratio is a perfect match!” Fan Jiaqi sneered.

Zhou Daming laughed. The others in the room just watched Chuck’s upset, and their faces were sneered anyway.

“If you have anything to say to me alone, don’t involve other people.” Yolanda said, looking at Chuck, “Sorry, you drive carefully.”

Yolanda kept smiling at Chuck.

Chuck glanced at the man and the woman, hesitated and walked over.

Fan Jiaqi snorted and looked at Chuck with disdain, “Introduction.”

Yolanda ignored her and said directly to Chuck, “Would you like to go in for some juice?”

She was embarrassed in her heart that she actually involved Chuck. She originally wanted to stay for a while and then go back, but that was not the case…

Chuck nodded and walked inside with Yolanda.

Fan Jiaqi was angry, and reached out to stop Chuck and Yolanda.

“Stop! Today is the 23rd birthday of Sister Bing. It’s not that any cat or dog can go in to eat and drink. Without giving his name, the ghost knows what he is going to do when he goes in. Just in case, take away a few mobile phones and a few watches. Who are we looking for?” Fan Jiaqi said, today we must let Yolanda face sweeping!

“Don’t be so excessive!” Yolanda’s expression went cold.

“What’s wrong with my mother? The people inside are basically rich second generations. Everyone is an Apple mobile phone. The cheapest watch is 50,000 or 60,000. If you are poorer than you realize, don’t go in!!! Hey, I ask you, are you poor than? Yes, get out of here right away! Don’t even think about going in and stealing things!” Fan Jiaqi stared at Chuck in the last sentence.

“Fan Jiaqi, you are enough! What can you say to me!” Yolanda was so hot, she came over for a drink and was ready to go. Who knew this happened?

“So protecting him, it seems that he is really your boyfriend, hehe, he was dumped by a rich man, and you are actually looking for such a poor ratio, you two are very good.” Fan Jiaqi laughed.


Yolanda slapped Fan Jiaqi!

Fan Jiaqi’s face flushed immediately, with a clear slap print.

“You fucking dare to hit me? Fuck Nima!” Fan Jiaqi’s face was grim, and he raised his hand to slap Yolanda.


However, Chuck grabbed her wrist and his eyes became cold, “Don’t hit anyone!”

Chuck pushed Fan Jiaqi away. Zhou Daming was angry. His woman was bullied. How could he stand it? ?

He smashed his fist immediately. Yolanda was shocked and quickly pulled Chuck to leave, but Chuck narrowed his eyes and was about to fight him. Everyone was about the same height and weight. Who’s afraid of whom?

“Stop! What are you doing?” An annoyed voice came from inside, and it was Sister Bing, the protagonist today.

Zhou Daming stopped, and Chuck glanced at Sister Bing. He didn’t know this woman, he had never seen it.

“Sister Bing, Yolanda just hit me with this wicked pen, look…” Fan Jiaqi immediately complained.

Her dad’s company is cooperating with Sister Bing’s dad’s company. She doesn’t believe that Sister Bing will favor Yolanda.

“What’s the matter?” Sister Bing frowned and glanced at Yolanda, “Today is my birthday, how can you beat people?”

Yolanda sighed. She and Sister Bing grew up, but since her father’s company had a problem, she was gradually estranged. She didn’t want to come, but Sister Bing personally called and said she was going to get together, Yolanda thought I haven’t seen each other for so long, plus her birthday, so Yolanda came over.

Sure enough, I am no longer in the same circle with them.

Yolanda was a bit lost, and he shouldn’t have come today.

“Why don’t you ask her?” Chuck said, and Yolanda kindly came over to join him. This woman indiscriminately referred to Yolanda. Is this what a friend should do?

“No matter who is right or who is wrong, today is my birthday, everyone is here to be happy, how can you hit someone?” Sister Bing frowned and started to lemon.

“I’m sorry.” Yolanda sighed.

“Be careful next time, I didn’t let you come here to hit someone,” Sister Bing said.


“Knowing that Nima is forced, her mother will be over if she is sorry? Let you and her mother beat me!” Fan Jiaqi walked over in annoyance, and while Chuck was not paying attention, he raised his hand and slapped Yolanda in the slap.

But Yolanda raised his hand to catch it.

Fan Jiaqi was even more annoyed, “Let go, don’t forget, where your parents live now, but my friend’s house, I said, your parents are going to sleep on the street tonight!”

Yolanda glanced at her and pushed her hand back. Fan Jiaqi almost fell to the ground staggeringly, “Sister Bing, chase her away! This kind of poor is not worthy of going in!”

“Yolanda, I will take your mind, you… go back.” Sister Bing said.

Yolanda sighed and nodded, “Sister Bing, I wish you a happy birthday.”

She turned her head and was so wronged that she was about to cry. She has always been strong, but, but…

Why it came out like this?

If you don’t have money, right will become wrong.

She apologized, “Chuck, I’m sorry, we are leaving now.”

“Why are you leaving? She asked you to come, you came, and she asked you to go, you are leaving?” Chuck said calmly.

Fan Jiaqi dismissed it, blatantly, do you know who Sister Bing is? Her mother let you go, you have to go!

Chapter: 136

Chuck was speaking for Yolanda at this time, and Yolanda was moved in her heart. She shook her head and said, forget it, she didn’t want to contact these people anymore.

“But you just let her call to you?” Chuck asked.

Yolanda sighed.

What can we do?

She now has no money in her family and no background, what can she do?

Over the years, Yolanda has become used to it.

“What did you say?” Sister Bing narrowed her eyes.

Chuck looked at her.

“Shabi, sister Bing asked you something, what you were talking about just now, there is a kind of say it again!” Fan Jiaqi sneered.

Several other people also felt that Chuck was going to come in unlucky, and sister Bing was so easy to talk back?

Chuck first glanced at Fan Jiaqi, “Your name is Fan Jiaqi, right?”

“Haha, what do you want? Find someone to beat me, right? I advise you, it’s better to find someone who is good, because ordinary people don’t dare to touch me.” Fan Jiaqi laughed disdainfully.

Her boyfriend Zhou Daming was even more mocking.

“No, I won’t find someone to beat you, I will let your father beat you.” Chuck said.

“Haha, you’re crazy, you’re really crazy, my dad will hit me?” Fan Jiaqi seemed to hear the funniest joke.

“He’s pretending, he’s pretending to be a fool, right?”

“Why do you let Fan Jiaqi’s father beat him? Pretending to be a force!”

The others sneered.

Chuck took out his cell phone, called Betty, and quickly connected, “Sister Li, I want a woman named Fan Jiaqi to let her dad call her. I’m in Feise Bar now.”

“Haha!” Fan Jiaqi laughed. Who is this calling to pretend to be?

“Really fight?”

“Who can’t make a pretending phone call? If you make a call and pretend to be coerced, you can leave immediately. I have seen a lot of such routines. If you speak harshly, who can’t?”

The young man smiled disdainfully, and took out his cell phone, pretending to be Chuck, calling, very loudly, “Hey, I want to hit a idiot now, you ask his dad to come and hit him, yes, I’m in the Feisi bar… Haha, is that so?”

The other people laughed, full of ridicule. Now if you ask someone to come over and beat Fan Jiaqi, they can still believe it, but if you let your dad come over and beat your daughter, it’s fucking possible? ?

Who believes?

The corner of Sister Bing’s mouth was cold, and she was sure that this person was a shame.

Yolanda looked at Chuck in surprise. She thought of that time when Chuck was in the hotel, but Chuck called hundreds of people over with a single phone call. Yolanda still remembers such a terrifying scene!

“Her dad is not here? Forget it, um, let’s do it for now…” Chuck was surprised. Betty checked it out just now. Dad Fan Jiaqi has gone out and will be back tomorrow at the earliest.

That is unnecessary.

Chuck hung up the phone.

Fan Jiaqi disdain to laugh, “Oh, you are fortune-telling! You guessed so accurately, my dad really went out, didn’t you ask my dad to come over and beat me? How could it be forgotten? I can’t pretend to be forced? “

“Haha! This is so embarrassing to pretend.”

“Is there any kind of shameless pen?”

These people burst into laughter, and one of them just laughed, which is really funny.

Chuck glanced at her and was about to speak when the phone rang. Chuck took it out and answered it. Betty’s.

“You said her mother was there? Then you can let her mother come and hit her, um, there’s nothing else, that’s it for now…” Chuck said and hung up the phone again.

After these people, including Fan Jiaqi and Zhou Daming, their faces became more disdainful.

“This guy is endless, right? Fan Jiaqi’s father is not there, and now she is asking her mother to come over again, this… came out without taking medicine today?”

“Surely I didn’t take medicine? I didn’t say anything like this kind of silly pen. I really admire it. Forget it, forget it. This guy is a silly pen. How can we compare with a fool?”

“Hey, you are enough. If you pretend to be forced, I will find someone to beat you!” Fan Jiaqi stared at Chuck.

“Your mother is coming,” Chuck said.

“My mother? Do you know where my mother is? Just pretend to say that my mother is going to come over, right?” Fan Jiaqi was annoyed.

Chuck didn’t look at her at all. What’s so nice about her? Although it looks okay, but the face will be swollen after a while, can you see?

Chuck looked at Sister Bing, “Yolanda came over to celebrate your birthday. It’s not good for you to treat her like this. You apologize to her, and I will let you go this time.”

Sister Bing smiled. She didn’t pay attention to Chuck’s meaning at all. She glanced at Yolanda, “Yolanda, why is the boyfriend you are looking for this time like this? Will you pretend?”

“Sister Bing, I advise you not to talk to him like this.” Yolanda frowned and walked to Chuck.

“Then how should I talk to him?” Sister Bing smiled deeper, “I think I should just call him the best.”

When she said this, she looked at Chuck with disdain.

Yolanda’s face turned cold.

“I originally thought your house was bankrupt, and at least the grades didn’t drop too much. Now you actually find this kind of trash to be your boyfriend, how mean are you?” Sister Bing said.

Yolanda bit his lip.

“What’s your full name?” Chuck asked.

“Li Bingxue!” Sister Bing laughed, she wanted to laugh, did this person make her own idea?

Others, including Fan Jiaqi and Zhou Daming, started mocking.

“Well, don’t hold your birthday party today.” Chuck said.

“You said you wouldn’t let me drive?” Sister Bing laughed, this joke is really good.

Chuck immediately called Betty again to get through.

“Sister Li, I’m in Room 109 of Feise Bar. There is a woman named Li Bingxue. I want her to leave here… Well, well, I’ll wait for you.”

Chuck hung up the phone, and the whole process took just over ten seconds.

“Here again, this call is really slippery, do you often pretend to be so forceful?”

“I think it is, look at the way he talks, I don’t want to say it anymore, my brain is disabled! Just now I said I wanted Fan Jiaqi’s father to beat her, but she couldn’t come, so she asked her mother to come over again. Sister Bing won’t have this birthday party. This leaves me speechless. Is this kid a fool?”

The Fan family laughed at them, especially Fan Jiaqi, she really sneered

what is this? Pretending to be on Sister Bing’s head, let’s see how you die!

“You pretend to look like you!” Sister Bing sneered, not to mention other things, that is, she has already reserved this private room, how could she leave? What’s more, she knows the manager here!

The manager here gave her a private room for free, and it was impossible to let her go.

“Pretend or not, you’ll find out later.” Chuck shook his head and turned to Yolanda and said, “Wait, let’s drink something.”

“Good.” Yolanda was moved.

Chuck called a waiter over and opened the opposite box.

“You are poorer than you can afford to drive? This is a luxurious box with a room cost of more than 6,000…” a young man said disdainfully.

Chuck glanced at him, and the waiter immediately led Chuck and Yolanda in.

“What to wear? Two people open this luxurious box.”

“It must be a pretense. Open one. I think I am crying in distress now.”

“Haha, I think too.”

“Sister Bing, just let him be here like this?” Fan Jiaqi wasn’t happy anymore. Isn’t this showing her awe?

Sister Bing glanced at this private room and sneered, “Why? Dare to make me upset, I won’t make him feel better, I immediately called the manager to come over and drive them away!”

“Yes, let’s go with this wicked pen, her mother couldn’t see him long ago.”

Sister Bing immediately took out her mobile phone to call the manager, and the phone was connected, and the manager said to come over immediately.

Soon, a man in a suit came over and said to Sister Bing politely, “Sister Bing, what’s your order?”

“Let the two of them get out of here! Drive them out!” Sister Bing said.

“Yes, drive them out!” Fan Jiaqi also said.

The manager trembled. He didn’t dare to offend Sister Bing, and he was ready to go in, but at this time, his cell phone rang, and the manager immediately said to Sister Bing, “Sister Bing, wait a minute, my boss called.”

Sister Bing waved her hand impatiently.

The manager immediately walked aside to answer the phone, and sister Bing sneered, “Go in for a drink, there is nothing to look at, the two of them will get out!”

Fan Jiaqi and the others opened the door contemptuously and prepared to go in. What’s so good about it? The two idiots got together.

Perfect match!

But at this time, suddenly a person called “Fan Jiaqi”.

She turned her head, and saw a charming woman walking towards this side. Fan Jiaqi was stunned for a moment. What was her mother doing here? “

Chapter: 137

Fan Jiaqi was stunned. She knew that her mother was eating supper with others nearby. She knew, but why did her mother come over suddenly?

And it’s scorching hot?

Sister Bing was also a little surprised, let alone other people. They were all in a daze. Why did Fan Jiaqi’s mother come over to the bar?

Did it happen to be playing in a bar?

Also, Fan Jiaqi’s mother still has the charm. She wears tight jeans again. She is fashionable, sexy and beautiful. With her long legs, she is more attractive than many young girls. I guess I came to the bar to have fun. I happened to see my daughter. So here comes.

Sister Bing is going to invite Fan Jiaqi’s mother to her birthday party. In other words, today is also a happy day, although she was disturbed by two fools.

Sister Bing snorted, took a look at the opposite room, invited Fan Jiaqi’s mother, and asked the manager to drive you away!

Thinking of what Chuck said just now, Sister Bing felt funny.

Let Fan Jiaqi’s mother beat her daughter Fan Jiaqi? How can I say such a thing?

Still let yourself go?

Sister Bing sneered!

“Mom!” Fan Jiaqi walked over.

Sister Bing and the others also walked up, saying that she was also an elder, and she should be greeted.



Fan Jiaqi’s mother glared at Fan Jiaqi angrily, slapped her hand up and threw it out.

The crisp sound of slapping flesh made Fan Jiaqi’s cheek a red slap in an instant.

Sister Bing and the others were immediately stunned, and their jaws were stunned.

what happened?

Fan Jiaqi’s mother really beat Fan Jiaqi?

“Mom, why are you hitting me?” Fan Jiaqi covered her cheek with one hand, full of grievances.

“You also said, what did you do?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother glared at her! She is simply too hot!

“Mom, I promise you not to come to the bar again. This is the last time.” Fan Jiaqi said aggrievedly. Fan Jiaqi felt particularly ashamed to be beaten in front of so many friends.

The hot pain, and the strong sense of shame made her almost cry.

Don’t you just come to the bar to play? As for hitting me in public?

“Yeah, next time Jiaqi and I won’t come to the bar, I promise my aunt, we won’t come…” Fan Jiaqi’s boyfriend Zhou Daming also smiled.

However, he hasn’t finished speaking yet.

Fan Jiaqi’s mother raised her hand and slapped Zhou Daming with a slap.

Extremely crisp!

“Fuck you, who the fuck is your aunt?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother was angry!

Zhou Daming put his hand on his cheek and was beaten dumbfounded.

The others were shocked again!

“Don’t think I don’t know your virtues. For four years in college, all her mother used my daughter’s money. What else would you do besides eating soft food? Now her mother is getting used to it? Fuck you! If you don’t leave my daughter now, my mother will find someone to clean up you!” Fan Jiaqi’s mother scolded!

Zhou Daming’s face immediately blushed, and he also showed fear.

“Mom, what are you doing, why are you hitting my boyfriend?” Fan Jiaqi was angry.

Snapped! !

Fan Jiaqi’s mother slapped her slap again in irritation, “You still have the face to say? What did you do? People call me on my mobile phone and say that your dad’s company will be shut down. What have you done? ?”

Fan Jiaqi’s mother and her friends were eating supper, and their young girlfriends were about to go back, but she suddenly received a stranger’s phone number saying that her husband’s company would be shut down. Of course she was angry and asked who this person was. , Just said a name on the phone.

Fan Jiaqi’s mother said angrily and hung up the phone with a neurosis. However, within a minute, her husband’s phone was called violently, and she scolded herself as soon as she answered the phone, and she was stunned by the scolding.

Only then did I know what my daughter did.

She rushed over immediately.

“Mom, did you receive a fraudulent call? In this situation, how could it be possible to shut down the company after closing the company?” Fan Jiaqi shook his head, how could it be possible?

“There are fakes that your dad called in person? What did you do just now?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother went into a fire.

“I…I didn’t do anything, just…” Fan Jiaqi said in confusion, suddenly subconsciously looking at the opposite room, could it be…

Impossible, impossible!

Fan Jiaqi was dumbfounded for an instant! An incredible look!

Others, including Zhou Daming, were also shocked. Could it be that the person in the private room was true? Can he really let Fan Jiaqi’s mother come over and fight Fan Jiaqi? ?

Sister Bing was already stunned and hit Fan Jiaqi, so this person is really enough to let herself go?

“Mom, did you make a mistake? What did Dad tell you?” Fan Jiaqi was anxious.

She didn’t believe that Chuck could really do this. How could it be possible for her mother to come and call herself with just one call? It was definitely a mistake, and it was absolutely impossible to have anything to do with Chuck.

“Your dad said that you offended someone that our whole family can’t afford. This person can make our family disappear overnight. What did you say you did?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother trembled with anger and her face became pale. .

“What?” Fan Jiaqi trembled with fright.

“Hurry up?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother scolded.

“Mom, I just scolded someone just now. He said he asked Dad to come and hit me, but when Dad was not there, he told you to come and hit me, so he made a phone call. Of course I don’t believe it…” Fan Jiaqi said , Fan Jiaqi’s mother hated iron and steel and slapped it out.


Fan Jiaqi burst into tears.

“You want to piss me off? How many times have I told you? Many powerful people are very low-key. Why don’t you understand this? People? Wouldn’t you take me over to apologize?” Fan Jiaqi’s mother was anxious.

“Mom, he’s in it.” Fan Jiaqi cried and pointed to the private room opposite.

She can’t believe it now, how can she really do this with one phone call?

“Hurry up with me and apologize to others? If they don’t forgive you, your dad will break your legs when he comes back tomorrow!” Fan Jiaqi’s mother pulled Fan Jiaqi into the private room.

These people were dumbfounded.

They didn’t expect that Chuck just made a phone call, just said a few words, actually let Fan Jiaqi’s mother hit her daughter.

“He, who is he?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know, oh, I scolded him just now, will he call someone to fix my family?”

“I scolded too, what should I do, what should I do?”

These people became more and more panicked as they talked, and even some of them turned pale and trembled all over.

It is definitely not something they can afford to be able to make a phone call for mothers to come and call their daughters!

“Sister Bing, Sister Bing…” a young man with a round head whispered to Sister Bing.

The horror on Sister Bing’s face slowly disappeared. Her family is much richer than Fan Jiaqi’s, but, but…a phone call can do this, which really makes her feel incredible.

“It’s okay, what’s the panic? Fan Jiaqi’s family is just like that. She was scared by a phone call. Don’t you know what’s the situation in my family?” Sister Bing returned to her normal look. People in the company are just scared. If you are a little older, you have to step aside!

“Sister Bing, you have to protect us,”

“Yes, yes, we scolded him just now, he will definitely get revenge.”

“It’s okay, you come over to my birthday party, what I say will let my dad protect you, don’t worry,” Bing Sister said.

She looked at the private room opposite, and immediately sneered, Fan Jiaqi, that’s the case for your family. Anyone can scare your family!

“If you want to make trouble again, I interrupt your leg!” Fan Jiaqi’s mother grabbed the crying Fan Jiaqi and walked out.

“I know, I know,” Fan Jiaqi cried and said, with fear on her face, as if she had just gone in and experienced something terrible.

The two left, Zhou Daming hesitated and walked over, “Jia Qi…”

“It’s a mess! Break up!!”

Fan Jiaqi turned around and slapped Zhou Daming, and then left with his mother.

Zhou Daming’s face was red, and she finally gritted her teeth and walked away. Why does she still have the face to stay here?

“Don’t watch, everyone go in, the birthday will continue!” Sister Bing said, and the others were relieved and immediately opened the door to enter.

But the bar manager finished the call and walked over with a serious face, “Sister Bing, please take your friend out of our bar immediately!!”

Chapter: 138

“What are you talking about?” Sister Bing became angry immediately, feeling that her face was severely beaten by a bar manager!

Actually let yourself go? ?

Several other people were dumbfounded, because they had never thought that this little manager would dare to talk to Sister Bing like this!

You know, sister Bing’s father is the boss of a big company!

“Sorry, this is what our boss meant. Just now, our boss said to let you go, and you should never come to our bar again!” the manager said blankly.

He received a call from his boss just now. First, he was scolded by himself, and then he ordered the security guard to come over and blast Sister Bing directly out.

This is a dead order!

If it can’t be done, then he, the manager, won’t do it.

He thought he had heard it wrong, but the boss was anxious, as if he was particularly frightened, so he completely believed it and had to drive Sister Bing out!

“Do you know who my dad is? Do you dare to speak to me like this? Do you dare to let me go?” Sister Bing was so annoyed.

She has been out for so long, and no one has ever dared to speak to her like this!

The others were even more stunned.

Really, really!

A phone call asked Fan Jiaqi’s mother to call Fan Jiaqi, but now she is still making a phone call to let Sister Bing leave!

This is incredible!

This birthday party cannot go on today!

The faces of these people turned pale again, and there was fear in their hearts. They were afraid, would Chuck also call to deal with them?

“Come over ten security guards right now, to the private room!” The manager glanced at her and said this directly on the intercom.

“Fuck you!”

Sister Bing raised her hand and slapped the manager, and the manager immediately blushed on one cheek. He didn’t speak.

Soon the security guards of ten famous Gaoma University ran over.

“Manager!” They looked at the blushing manager in surprise.

“Get everyone in this private room out of the bar!” The manager coldly ordered!

“But, isn’t this Sister Bing?” One of the security guards hesitated. Sister Bing is a frequent visitor of the bar. How could they not know the security guards?

The manager actually wants to drive Bing sister out, this is really unexpected for them!

“Should I say it a second time?” the manager said with a cold face.

“Yes Yes!”

The ten security guards immediately nodded their heads, and their faces became expressionless, “Sister Bing, please cooperate and immediately pack up and leave the bar!”


Sister Bing raised her hand and slapped it on the face of a security guard, her face flushed and furious, “The grass, muddy horse, are you all turned upside down? Dare to let me go?”

These security guards were stunned immediately, no one dared to move.

“You don’t want to do it anymore, do you!” The manager snorted coldly.

After these ten security guards looked at each other, they immediately reached out and grabbed Sister Bing, and went straight outside to leave. Sister Bing struggled frantically, “It’s a mess, I told my dad to kill your bar and kill you guys…”

“You still use me, right?” The manager rolled his head and looked at the other dumbfounded people.

In fear, these people immediately went into the private room to pack their things, and ran outside.

The manager showed respect, and walked into Chuck’s private room with a smile on his face…

Sister Bing was blasted out, she was so angry that she wanted to kill someone, and several other people also came out carrying things, with a panic expression on her face.

“A few shameless pens, dare to drive me out, I’ll call my dad! I won’t be able to open your bar today!” Sister Bing was so angry that she took out her phone immediately.

The other people were shocked. Who is this person? ?

“Hey, dad, where are you, I’ll tell you, I’m being bullied, I’m…” Sister Bing said, and saw Chuck and Yolanda come out from inside.

“Hey, daughter, who are you bullied? Tell your dad!” On the phone, Sister Bing’s father said annoyed.

“I… hiss!” Just as Sister Bing was about to speak, she saw a Mercedes Benz coming in from the side of the road. It was the bar owner’s car.

She knows.

When the car door opened, it turned out to be the bar owner. He actually walked to Chuck with a smile on his face, and said something, this polite and respectful appearance almost made him kneel down.

Sister Bing was stunned immediately with her chin.

She knew the owner of this bar, and he had a net worth of tens of millions, but the boss was so respectful to Chuck, which made Sister Bing feel incredible.

Several other people didn’t know the bar owner, but they also saw Mercedes-Benz, a car that the absolute big boss can only afford, but this big boss actually apologized to Chuck with such a face.

They are dumbfounded.

“Hey, daughter, why are you not talking? Who is bullying you? Tell your dad that Dad will vent your anger right away!” Sister Bing’s father’s voice rang again on the phone.

“Dad, do you know the owner of Feise Bar?” Sister Bing was already dumbfounded.

“Yes, what’s the matter? He bullied you?”

“No, I saw him being very kind to someone…”

“What, what, is Lao Li being polite to someone? It shouldn’t be possible, right? He doesn’t have much money, but he runs a bar and has a little background. In the sea market, you don’t need to be polite to people. Are you wrong? Is it?”

“No, he is really polite to someone, and he is about to kneel down.”

“What? What happened? That daughter, please leave as soon as possible. Old Li is like this, and our family can’t afford it…”

Hearing the sound of her father’s anxious sigh in the phone, Sister Bing was completely dumbfounded.

“You go slowly, I am so sorry today!” The bar owner said respectfully to Chuck.

Chuck nodded, took out the car key, and pressed it.

A Porsche 911 turned on, and Chuck and Yolanda sat in.

“He actually drove a Porsche 911…” Sister Bing murmured to herself.

The other people were completely stunned. They thought Chuck could drive a car worth more than one hundred and two hundred thousand at most, but they didn’t expect that he could drive a sports car worth five or six million!

This car is so beautiful, they are completely shocked.

There was a roar, the engine roared, like a beast, came out of the cage, the sports car left here, leaving a boiling roar on the street, just so slowly away…

“Li Bingxue, remember, don’t come to my bar in the future!” The bar owner walked over with a cold face.

“He, who is he?” Sister Bing was already at a loss.

“It’s someone who can make you disappear forever in one sentence!” said the bar owner.


Sister Bing seemed to be struck by thunder, and the phone in her hand fell to the ground, a trace of fear appeared on her face, could he let herself disappear? ?

Sister Bing was scared.

The other people were shocked again, and even one of them was already sitting on the ground. They were afraid, who did they offend today?

“Thank you for helping me today,” Yolanda whispered.

Today, she felt Chuck’s strength again. When she was in the private room just now, Fan Jiaqi knelt to Chuck and confessed her mistake. All this was just a phone call from Chuck!

“It’s okay.” Chuck shook his head and drove to the school.

“My family went bankrupt before, and I often encounter this kind of situation…” Yolanda muttered to himself. If it weren’t for Chuck today, she would really be driven out by Sister Bing.

Chuck didn’t speak, Yolanda’s character has become particularly good after these tempers.

“Let me go here, I will walk over by myself.” Yolanda said.

Chuck nodded and Yolanda got out of the car. After Chuck waved to her, he drove around and left. Yolanda looked at Chuck who was going away. After she was silent, she walked to the school.

However, at this time, the phone rang, she took it out to see that it was Sister Bing’s, and Yolanda hesitated to answer.

“Hey, Yolanda, I’m really sorry today, I apologize to you, I hope you don’t blame me.” This is Sister Bing’s pleading voice, she regrets treating Yolanda so much, especially regrets it.

“I’ll invite you to dinner, tomorrow, tomorrow will be fine, night hotel, I heard that the dishes inside are delicious,”

“No, it’s okay, so be it!” Yolanda shook his head, ready to hang up.

“Yolanda, don’t be angry, I apologize to you, you must not let your boyfriend fix my dad…”

“No, that’s it!” Yolanda hung up the phone, she subconsciously glanced in the direction where Chuck left, quietly watching…

Chapter: 139

Chuck had already driven back, and he called Yvette, but Yvette answered that he was busy and asked Chuck to rest early.

Chuck is helpless, what time is this? It’s almost early morning, right?

Chuck could only hang up and fell asleep on the bed.

Chuck got up early in the morning and drove directly to the square because Yolanda called and said that Yvette himself was handing out flyers downstairs.

Yvette tried too hard to repay the money.

When I came out of the parking lot and passed by Lara’s shop, Lara was not there, and Charlotte was not there. Only two employees were there.

Business was good early in the morning.

Lara must be at school, and Charlotte must be working at a BMW store. The two of them can only come here occasionally, and Chuck doesn’t bother to bother about it.

Soon I saw that Yvette was really distributing flyers. When the square went to work in the morning, it was already past nine o’clock. The sun was a bit poisonous, making Yvette who was distributing flyers sweaty. She is not in good spirits, maybe she didn’t rest much last night.

Chuck looked distressed and immediately bought a breakfast next to him and walked over.

“Hello, I’m from the training company, our company…” Yvette kept smiling and handed the flyers to people passing by.

However, a woman glanced at it and threw it on the ground impatiently, and said disdainfully, “I have never heard of it, it must be rubbish…”

She left after speaking.

Yvette looked at the trampled flyer on the ground with footprints on it. She sighed and was about to squat down to pick it up.

She often encounters this situation, and she is used to it, but she still feels sad.

But as soon as she stretched out her hand, another person’s hand stretched out and picked up the flyer one step ahead of her. She looked up and found that it was Chuck with a concerned face.

Yvette stood up straight, “How did you come? The exam will take place tomorrow, you must review!”

“My wife, eat this.” Chuck handed the breakfast to her.

“You have eaten yourself, and I have to distribute flyers.” Yvette shook his head.

Chuck took away the flyers in Yvette’s hand, then stuffed the breakfast into her hands, Yvette was surprised.

“I’ll send it, you will eat it.”

Chuck said that before Yvette could react, he walked to a crowded place and handed out flyers to passersby one by one with a smile.

Yvette looked at Chuck who was serious, and she looked down at the breakfast in her hand again. She was moved in her heart and suddenly smiled, “Fool, I bought so much again, how can I finish it?”

She is sweet in her heart. In fact, Chuck has always been very good to herself. There is no need for her husband to find a rich man. Is it enough to be good to herself?

Yvette thought so.

Chuck quickly finished distributing the flyer, and he walked over, “Wife, is there any soy milk? I’m thirsty.”

“and also……”

Yvette handed over the soy milk she had just drunk, but remembering that she had drunk it, she shook her head, “Don’t drink it, I drank it…”

However, Chuck’s mouth has come over and has taken a sip, feeling that today’s soy milk is particularly sweet.

“It smells good,” Chuck said.

Yvette blushed, isn’t this an indirect kiss? She whispered, “I drank it…”

Chuck didn’t speak, but just took another sip and enjoyed it very much.

Yvette blushed even more. He is his husband. What if he drinks it?

“Wife, do you have any flyers? I will help you continue to distribute them.” Chuck said.

“No, you go to school, take the exam tomorrow,” Yvette became serious, there is no need to distribute so many flyers at once.

“My wife, are you short of money lately?” Chuck said.

Yvette was silent and shook his head, “No, you are short of money? I can give it to you.”

Chuck was helpless, “We two have been sleeping together since nap, I am your husband, do you understand?”

“Yes, but I really don’t lack money, old, husband…” Yvette whispered.

Chuck was excited. Yvette hasn’t called herself that way for a long time. The voice is really too sweet.

But Chuck sighed, Yvette’s personality is like this, very strong, otherwise she can’t start a company as a woman, so desperately.

“Why don’t I bring some business to your company,” Chuck said. The training company can train basically anything.

He can call his mother and ask her to call the hotel staff over for training, and the bar, isn’t it under renovation? You can also call for professional training.

“Thank you, I’ll do these by myself.” Yvette shook her head. She didn’t want Chuck to call Zelda anymore. He said that to get business, it should be for the employees of Zelda restaurant to come for training.

“Wife, you…” Chuck was helpless, forget it, and helped her secretly.

“I’ll take you back to school, don’t be lazy, take the exam tomorrow!” Yvette said solemnly, and Chuck could only nod his head and follow Yvette to the parking lot.

Yvette saw Chuck’s sports car, she was a little surprised, because she hadn’t seen such an expensive car in this square yet, maybe someone rich second generation drove over to play.

“Wife, do you like sports cars?” Chuck smiled. As long as she said she liked them, she immediately took Yvette to buy them.

“I don’t like it, this is the car your men like.” Yvette shook his head, opened the door and sat in.

Chuck had no choice but to get into Yvette’s car. Yvette watched Chuck staring at the sports car. She bit her lip and said, “Like it? I’ll buy it for you later.”

Chuck accident, after all, this car is very expensive!

“Don’t worry, I will definitely be able to afford it. I will buy you a red one at that time, okay?” Yvette said.

Chuck laughed. Is Yvette trying to raise herself?

Yvette drove, Chuck felt too comfortable in his heart, “My wife, I want to give you your hand.”

“Okay, here you are.” Yvette stretched out his hand and Chuck grasped it. It was a sweet feeling.

But when Yvette was like this, Chuck remembered what Queenie had done for him a few nights ago. He sighed in his heart and absolutely couldn’t do anything like that anymore.

Yvette was relieved to find that Chuck was just holding her hand. She was driving, so she definitely couldn’t do other things.

“Director, I want to play this role.” Ye Zimei looked at the director Erica Yannic seriously. She has been following this drama for a long time, but Director Erica Yannic did not contact her at all. She could only come over on her own initiative and ask for this role.

“This…what you want is the heroine,” Erica Yannic shook his head.

“I know, this role suits me well.”

“It’s suitable, but I can’t be the master alone. The producer must choose together.”

“Then who is the producer of this drama? I’ll find him myself. Acting in your drama, you just need to pay for it.” Ye Zimei said, if you can get a queen or something with this drama The award is more important than the pay.

After all, Erica Yannic has won awards in several plays.

Erica Yannic hesitated and could only give the producer’s phone number to Ye Zimei, “This, this is the producer of my play, but you can introduce yourself, because he is not satisfied, no one can come.”

Ye Zimei was surprised, so powerful? She smiled and nodded. The production was a bit tugged. She said thank you, and then dialed the phone number.

Answer quickly.

“Hey…” was a man’s voice.

Ye Zimei was surprised, why is this voice a bit familiar? She hesitated and said, “Hello, I am Ye Zimei, I want to act…”

“Ye Zi Mei?” Chuck here was surprised. Ye Zi Mei called, was it for a role? In fact, Chuck had thought of her, but maybe he hated her a bit, so she was discharged.

But since she knew her number, she probably passed the director Erica Yannic’s pass.

“You, know me?” Ye Zimei was surprised. She felt that this voice became more and more familiar. Where did she see it?

“Yes,” Chuck smiled, and Yvette, who was driving aside, gave Chuck a glance.

Chuck immediately recovered his look.

“That’s it. I like this script very much. I think I am the heroine in it, so…”

“Let me think about it.” Chuck hung up.

The Ye Zimei here was stunned. This voice… she asked, “Director, what’s the producer’s name?”

“You can just call him Mr. Zhang,” Erica Yannic said.

“What? He invested in this drama?” Ye Zimei was stunned, and a person popped up in her mind, sitting on a Rolls Royce…

Chapter: 140

Ye Zimei couldn’t describe the shock in her heart. How could she think of it? The person she thought to strike up a conversation with was actually the most VIP guest of a five-star hotel, and she also hit the Chamber of Commerce organizer at the Chamber of Commerce. Now it is actually this one. Investors in the drama…

Ye Zimei shook her head blankly, who is he?

To be honest, she was a hit overnight, and it was also a traffic star. What she needed was to use a play to prove her acting skills and extend her stardom. Now, this play directed by Erica Yannic, It’s just an opportunity to prove her opportunity, but also an opportunity to broaden her play!

She wants to seize this opportunity, but he is the investor in this movie…

Ye Zimei is enLoganled, what should I do?

She really wants to act in this drama, but he will let him do it?

Ye Zimei has no bottom in her heart, how can she offend Chuck herself?

“How is it?” Director Erica Yannic asked.

Ye Zimei came over and hesitated and said, “Director, is he in the capital now?”

Erica Yannic shook his head, “Not here.”

“Then where is he?”

“It seems to be in the sea market…” Erica Yannic thought for a while.

“Haishi?” Ye Zimei muttered to herself. Slowly, her eyes became firm. In any case, she must act in this drama that can prove her acting skills and prolong her star life!

“Go to class obediently, don’t run around, I will go to the classroom later, I will have the exam tomorrow!” Yvette said solemnly.

Chuck nodded, and he sighed. He didn’t study anything this semester. He would definitely not pass the exam, but there is no way. After the exam, see if you can find a place to relax.

Fortunately, the sophomore year will begin in the second half of this year.

“What’s the matter, husband?” Yvette asked in a low voice. She sighed when she saw Chuck.

“I will fail,” Chuck said.

“It’s okay, I will give you tutoring during the summer vacation. You must study more, and you can find a good job after graduation.” Yvette said seriously.

She wanted to change Chuck’s thinking and let her work hard on her own, always relying on Zelda. This is not good. This school is good. After graduation, if the ability is good, there is no problem with a monthly salary of more than 10,000.

She also believed that Chuck would earn more than 10,000 yuan a month. How could Zelda and the woman sitting in Rousslaus in Beijing be able to help him so much. She has a charismatic personality, so after graduation, she would definitely be very easy to find a job.

Chuck nodded. He also wanted to read more, especially English. He thought that his mother was so rich that one day he would go abroad to buy, buy, and buy!

“Wife, give me tuition tonight.” Chuck said, and at the same time took Yvette’s hand.

“Seriously, what are you thinking about? Go to the classroom!” Yvette glared at Chuck and pulled his hand back.

Chuck was speechless, but looking at Yvette’s face, it was as white as milk, Chuck couldn’t help but leaned in to kiss him, and hurriedly opened the car door and ran away.

Yvette’s face flushed immediately, her hand covering her cheek, her heart was warm, “Fool, I am your wife, if you kiss me, kiss me, what are you running?”

Yvette’s heart is wonderful, and his heart beats fast. Is this the feeling of being in love?


She glanced around. Fortunately, no one saw it. Otherwise, if someone else saw her, she wouldn’t be able to continue doing it.

She breathed a sigh of relief, got out of the car, and walked towards her office, but she was hesitating and was about to pay the “Baller” money. She had already thought of a way, but… she was still thinking about it.

Yvette sighed.

As everyone knows, after Yvette left the parking lot and walked away, a big tree walked out of a stunned girl. She looked at Yvette who was going away and was already stunned.

That’s right, this girl is Lara who happened to pass by the school parking lot!

She was gloomy because of Chuck. She didn’t have a car, and she didn’t know how she got here. Maybe she was confused. When she saw Yvette’s car, she wanted to go and say hello, but when Lara was shocked when she saw Chuck getting out of her car.

And seeing Yvette blushing and covering his cheek, is this Chuck kissed? Or did you do something else in the car? This is the school parking lot. This is too bold!

Lara is not a fool, she suddenly thought of an unbelievable fact!

Chuck actually chased Yvette, the most beautiful teacher in the school? How is this possible!

He is rich and can chase many women, but Yvette has so many suitors, but she has always been single, Lara knows that Yvette does not worship gold, and Yvette hates Chuck very much before, why now …

Lara recovered from the shock, she thought about it again, no wonder, Yvette recently said something nice to Chuck in class, it turned out!

Lara felt uncomfortable in her heart. She felt that her belongings had been taken away. Yvette was several years older than you, so would you actually like her?

Lara snorted softly, “A freshman who actually caught up with the teacher, this news is breaking news!”

Lara hesitated, thinking of something, she immediately went to the classroom.

Chuck wandered around in the school, feeling relaxed, he arrived in the classroom, Chuck saw Lara, she had been looking outside the classroom, Lara was waiting for Chuck.

After Lara found Chuck, she immediately bowed her head instinctively, why did she bow her head? I know his handle!

When Chuck passed by her, Lara bit her lip, stood up suddenly, pulled Chuck and walked outside. The classmates in the class were suddenly dumbfounded. What’s the situation? ?

Lara, who has always looked down upon Chuck the most, actually took the initiative to talk with Chuck?

They looked at each other. What’s the situation with Chuck? Why are all beautiful women looking for him recently?

“Fuck, Lara is blind too?”

“How is it possible, doesn’t Lara have a rich second-generation boyfriend? Why would you like Chuck?”

“That’s right, it is estimated that Chuck will be a porter.”

“Sure, Chuck’s heart is probably so happy.”


The people in the class laughed.

“What are you doing?” Chuck frowned, he really didn’t want to Li Lara.

Lara stared at Chuck, “I saw it.”

“What did you see?”

“I saw you came out of Teacher Jordan’s car just now. She blushed. You two did that kind of thing in the car! You actually got a teacher?” Lara got more and more angry, she thought about it these days. It’s been a long time, do you like Chuck?

She thought about it and struggled especially, but in the end she knew, yes, she fell in love with Chuck.

When Yolanda got on the sports car and left with Chuck, her heart was very empty, as if her own things were taken away. This is what she likes.

Chuck frowned. He was so excited just now that Lara didn’t notice that there were other people in the parking lot.

You must know that the principal of this school is a very old-fashioned middle-aged woman. If she knows that Yvette is in love with the students, then she will definitely find a way to expel Yvette.

Yvette is very comfortable as a teacher here. There are only a few classes per week. If this is expelled, Yvette will definitely be more sad.

“Chuck, you two rich generations think all day to conquer all kinds of women, right? Now you suddenly put your mind on Teacher Jordan! Don’t you think your behavior will harm Teacher Jordan?” Lara said.

“Hurt, I don’t think.” Chuck shook his head. Yvette was originally his wife, what happened to the kiss? Naturally, besides, his mother is so rich, Yvette will definitely be very happy if he follows her.

“Don’t you think? Chuck, I originally thought you were pretending to be hanging silk because you were not that bad in your heart, but I misunderstood you. You chased Teacher Jordan. Will you marry her? No, You just play with her. If you use Teacher Jordan as your toy, if you play enough, you will pay compensation at most, and you will kick Teacher Jordan, but you will harm Teacher Jordan! Then Teacher Jordan will You have been pitiful for many years? I advise you not to play with her, because

although Teacher Jordan has a bad temper, he has a good teaching level. He is a good teacher. A good teacher should be respected, not played by you!” Lara said coldly.

“I think you have misunderstood, the teacher Jordan in your mouth was originally my wife,” Chuck said.

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