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Chapter 131: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 131 Venus’ s fighting back (1)
Hearing a woman’s whisper and a man’s gasp, of course Xinyou Qiao knew whose voice it was. In this house, that’ the the only one that could make Kevin Ye wait for.

She was engulfed with jealousy and hatred, for she thought that Kerry Ye came back for something urgent, but it turned out that he just wanted to fuck Venus Mu.

Kevin raised his eyes to look at her and smiled, “Miss Qiao, you seem to be very angry.”

Xinyou suppressed the anger and said very reluctantly, “No, what am I angry about?”

Kevin threw the magazine on the table, “I think you should be angry. The couple left the door open in the day time. It’s so rude. There are other bachelors living in this house, right?” He didn’t bother to look at her expression after saying that and went to the kitchen and asked Mrs. Qin, “Mrs. Qin, is dinner ready?”

Mrs. Qin poked her head out of the kitchen and said with a smile, “Yes. We are just waiting for the young master.”

Kevin, however, was seated and lazily said, “No need to wait. They are busy now, but I’m hungry.”

“OK, I’ll serve the table for you.”

Soon, the food was all on the table. Kevin looked back at someone who still froze there and said, “Miss Qiao, let’s eat.”

Xinyou recovered her senses from ‘couple’ word, which she quite hated. She soon would have the word ‘Xinyou’ written next to Kerry’ s name.

Temporarily suppressing her anger, Xinyou remembered what Kevin had done for her yesterday and said softly, “Kevin, thank you for speaking up for me yesterday.”

Kevin stopped eating and smiled politely, “You’re welcome, but in the future, if I have something to ask for your help, you must help me, OK?”

Xinyou made her statement in surprise, “Of course, as long as you need me, I’ll do my best.”


Xinyou had wondered why Kevin had suddenly helped her, but it turned out that he also had something to ask for, which gave her the thrill of knowing someone else’s secrets and also let down her guard against him quite a bit.

The two on the second floor didn’t finish until 10 pm and no one bothered.

Venus was tired and hungry and originally wanted to just sleep over, but she was so hungry that she got up from the bed, while wakening Kerry on the other side of the bed.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m hungry. Go find some food.” Mrs. Qin was a good person, so she might leave some food for herself.

No one should be walking around in the villa at this time, but Venus was still wearing a very conservative nightgown and limped out by the moonlight, with her crutches.

The villa was quiet, with the huge chandelier emitting a golden yellow light. When she reached the stairs, Venus was violently picked up by someone, so she looked back with a shout. It was Kerry who wore nothing on the top, his expression indifferent.

“Put me down, I can walk by myself.”

Kerry’s hands tightened even more, “I’m afraid that you will roll down and kill yourself, so what do I have to blackmail Tianye Mu?”

Venus didn’t say anything more, but she kept a distance from his face. She really didn’t want to smell him, though many women felt it was good.

In the kitchen, there was still some porridge, plus a few kinds of food.

The two of them sat on side of the table and ate an uncomfortable meal in the moonlight, the first time for Kerry.

After the meal, Kerry carried her upstairs again. He hooked the door with his foot, threw her on the bed and then fell asleep.

Venus was frightened, “You are gonna to sleep here?”

“My house, my rule!”

“Well, fine.”

However, a few hours ago, he still called her a slut, but now he had changed another face, making Venus feel that there was no one in the world could be as shameless as him.

He was a complete asshole.

The good thing was that this night, Kerry didn’t torment her.

The next day

In order to stop getting herself into trouble and to keep Kerry from suspecting Kevin, Venus decided to go to work.

Hearing this decision, Kerry had a look at her feet, but he didn’t say anything, while instructing Mrs. Qin to help her into the car.

On the way to the office, even the driver could feel Xinyou’ s anger.

Whenever the three of them went to the office together, the passenger seat was definitely Venus’s and she with Kerry in the back, happily chatting, but today, she sat on the passenger seat.

No, she had to get those things as soon as possible, for she couldn’t stand it for one more day!

Venus looked like she didn’t give a shit. In fact, she didn’t want to sit next to this asshole. She was trying to refuse, but Mrs. Qin pushed her this way and quickly closed the door, afraid that she would jump out.

When the car arrived at the door of the company, Kerry didn’t have the intention to help her. once he got off the car, he entered the company. Xinyou, of course, never caring about her, caught up with Kerry.

Venus was a bit depressed, for Mrs. Qin forgot her crutches.

Forget it. She couldn’t sit in the car all day.

But she was lucky and she ran into Meiling He as soon as she got out of the car.

“Why come back to work before you’re healed?” She came over and held Venus.

Venus thanked her, “It’s too boring to stay at home and I want to finish that design.”

Actually, the other reason why she didn’t want to stay at home was that she was afraid that Kerry would tear up her design again. She couldn’t afford to mess with him, so she would have to hide away from him.

“Watch out.”

In the whole morning, Venus was concentrating on restoring her designs and was coldly dealing with Xinyou’ s sarcastic comments. No matter what she said, Venus just took it as bullshit.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 131 Venus’ s fighting back (2)
Seeing that Venus Mu ignored her, Xinyou Qiao angrily took her coffee cup and went to the tea room, only then did Venus turn her head to look at her back. Just then, Xinyou’ s phone rang…

Acting almost subconsciously, Venus reached for the phone on her desk, an unfamiliar number.

Looking at the blurred figure in the tea room, Venus answered the phone.

“Hello? Is that Miss Qiao?”

Venus lowered her voice, “Yes, please”

“I’m ready for what you’ve asked for last time. When can we meet?”

Venus’ s heart was beating fast, for this was the first time she had done something like this, and inevitably she was a little nervous. Her intuition was telling her that what this man was saying must be related to her.

“Tomorrow, ten o’clock in the morning, Yieen Café.” Venus pretended to be calm.

“Good, remember to bring the cash I asked for. Cash on delivery.”

“Okay, see you soon.”

Hanging up the phone, Venus copied his number on a piece of paper and then quickly deleted the incoming call and put the phone back on her desk.

After finishing all this, Xinyou just happened to come out of the room, but Venus’s heart was still beating fast.


“Huh?” Venus’ s voice was a little off-key, “What?”

“You just said to order takeout, order one for me.” One co-worker said.

Venus was relieved, “Okay, okay.”

Venus was almost scared to death, tapping her chest. She thought she had been discovered.

Xinyou came over and stared at her. Venus silently covered that phone number on the table, and continued drawing as if nothing had happened, but she was thinking.

What if the man on the phone had seen Xinyou when she pretended to be Xinyou for her appointment?

She couldn’t care so much.

Wait, the money, how much was it?

First, she needed to check the balance in her card.

Before Tianye Mu disappeared, he would give her a generous living expense every month, and fortunately, she was not an extravagant person, so she barely supported herself for more than half a year.

After entering her account number and password on the online bank…

Gosh, she’s only got 13,000 yuan left.

She didn’t know whether it’s enough. She should have just asked how much it was.

Forget it, take it all out first.

When it was almost the time to leave, Venus walked into the manager’s office, “Miss. He, I have to go to the hospital for a checkup tomorrow morning, can I take a half day off?”

“Sure.” Meiling He buried herself in work, her voice clear and cold.

“Thank you, Miss. He.”

The next morning, after waiting for both Kerry Ye and Xinyou to enter the company, she turned back and slowly walked to the side of the road. She stopped a taxi and headed to the Café.

It was now 8:30 in the morning, an hour and a half before the appointed time. Venus went to the bank to withdraw all the money and then walked to a shopping mall near the Café and in the bathroom, she tied up her hair to cover half of her face, with a heavy makeup, and put on the big sunglasses and hat she had prepared.

After three or four years of staying with Xinyou, her appearance and voice couldn’t be more familiar. After Venus did all this, she really looked like Xinyou, except the nose and mouth.

It was almost time, and \ Venus entered the Café early.

“My surname is Qiao. I have an appointment with a gentleman, and when he comes later, please bring him to the seat.”

The waiter answered, “Yes, ma’am.”

With slow steps, Venus took a seat in a relatively closed corner. The light was a little dim, but she needed it.

Approaching ten o’clock, Venus’ s heart was beating faster and she couldn’t help but feel that it did take a strong heart to be the bad guy, or else she’d be scared to death first.

Ordering a cup of coffee to calm down, she found she was the only customer in the morning. The pleasant music was echoing in the air, extraordinarily tranquil.

Once past 10, Venus saw the waiter brought a man in, who was tall and thin, with a pair of balck glasses. His hair was in a mess, as if he hadn’t gotten enough sleep. He was wearing a white and blue T-shirt, a pair of sandals, with a briefcase in hand.

An IT guy.

She quickly calmed down as she realized that the man didn’t know Xinyou.

“Miss Qiao? What a pretty lady.” The man bent over to look at her before sitting down and said to the waiter, “Mocha, please.”

“Where’s the stuff I want?” Venus tried to speak in a soft voice and asked very calmly.

The man patted the bag in his hand and was very proud, “Don’t worry, it’s all here. Where’s my money?”

Venus also pointed to the handbag beside her and said deliberately, “The price…”

When the man heard this, he was immediately a little unhappy and stared her up and down once and said, “Miss Qiao, I don’t think you’re short of money and my offer of five thousand is already very low. If you go back on your word now, I’ll leave immediately.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean that.” As soon as Venus heard five thousand yuan, she was happy, for she thought it was quite cheap, “You haven’t had enough sleep lately, right? You must have been exhausted for a while, and I wanted to give you some extra. Since you said so, then I…”

The man’s expression was a little chagrined. Had he known she meant it, he wouldn’t have been so rude. He handed the bag, saying, “Here you are.”

Venus reached over and took a quick scan, inside was a paper bag that seemed to wrap a stack of photos.

It wasn’t appropriate to look at them on this occasion, so Venus put the bag away and took five thousand dollars out of her own bag, “Count it.”

The man happily took the money and weighed it, and said quickly, “No need to count it. I believe you.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 131 Venus’ s fighting back (3)
The waiter came over with the coffee and the man quickly put the money into his pocket.

Venus Mu smiled with her head down, stirring the coffee in her cup. After the waiter left, she said, “I want you to keep this a secret.”

The man patted his chest and said, “Miss Qiao, don’t worry. The first thing we need to do is to be honest. To9here will never be a fourth person to know about this matter other than you and me and Mr. Nangong.”

Venus’s fingers holding the spoon moved, Mr. Nangong? Hao Nangong?

She shouldn’t be surprised, for Hao and Xinyou were already in the same boat.

“Well, good.” Venus smiled softly.

The man stared at her smile for a few seconds, then lowered his head and took a sip of coffee.

“Miss Qiao, I’ll leave first.” The man got up and took his leave.

Venus suddenly thought of something and called him, “Wait a minute.”

“What? Anything else?”

Venus was wearing a grim smile, “To guarantee my interests, please delete my number.”

The man frowned, “What do you mean, Miss Qiao?”

“I just want to feel safe. Don’t worry, if there’s any cooperation in the future, I’ll call you, but I don’t want to… “Venus didn’t finish her sentence, but she thought the man should know what she meant.

In order to prevent him from calling Xinyou, she had to make him delete the call, otherwise she would be exposed.

“You guys are rich, but are really cowards!” The man muttered and then took out his phone. After finding Xinyou’ s number, he walked up to Venus and said, “See? I’ll delete it!”

Seeing him delete the familiar phone number with her own eyes, she stretched out her hands and said, “Glad to work with you.”

The man froze, but still shook her small hand and smiled a little nastily, “Me too. Miss Qiao, if you need anything in the future, remember to call me.”

“Okay, I’ll remember that. Go ahead, I’d like to sit for a while longer.” Venus withdrew her hand, for she didn’t want the man to see her limp.

“OK, Miss Qiao, goodbye.”

Seeing the man out of the café, Venus then got up quickly and called a cab to the center hospital.

She did a good job today, so there wouldn’t be a flaw.

Even if Kerry or Xinyou came to investigate, they would find nothing.

In the car, Mu Venus took off her sunglasses and hat and wiped the lipstick off her mouth, revealing her innocent face.

After the follow-up visit, Venus sat in the empty hospital room and took out the thing that she had spent five thousand.

Inside the envelope was indeed more than ten photos. Venus took a look at, feeling somewhat familiar.

On the first one was Xinyou coming out of the CK International Hotel and the second one was the 1026 number, with the time printed on it. Venus was stunned when she saw the date on it, a date that she would always remember, always remind herself not to trust Zihang Lu, because it was the day she was sold by this scum.

Why did Xinyou take this? Venus was filled with doubts.

And then the third one was a man’s back, but Venus could still tell right away that it was Kerry, who strode into this hotel.

Several of the remaining photos were intimate shots of a man and a woman taken from a distance, but the facial outlines were blurred.

What were Xinyou going to do with these photos?

According to what she had done in the past, she must want to use these photos to frame Venus. The most likely way that Venus could think of was to publicize that she and Hao was having an affair, but she was not in these photos. So, what did Xinyou want?

What a headache!

No, she had to find out what Xinyou was planning, lest she fell into her trap again.

When she returned to the company in the afternoon, Venus had returned to her normal state.

Xinyou turned her head and asked straightforwardly, “Where did you go this morning?”

Venus didn’t even look at her, “What does it have to do with you? Why should I tell you?”

“Venus, do you wanna die?” Xinyou lowered her voice and scolded.

Venus smiled at her, “Xinyou, you can use whatever else you have, I’ll wait for you.”

Xinyou hated her so much that she gritted her teeth, but she couldn’t make her disappear completely, “Venus, wait for me. Your end day is coming.”

“Fine, I’ll wait.”

Then Venus buried herself in work after saying this. Now, her main goal was to get the main side of the Style Magazine, so there was no spare time to fight with her.

Seeing her ignoring her, Xinyou fidgeted with her phone, as if she was waiting for a call from someone.

She must be still waiting for that IT guy’s call. Venus thought to herself. Fortunately, she got it.

At four o’clock, Meiling He informed of a departmental meeting.

“Last time, we talked about the cooperation with Style Magazine. Now, talk about your progress.” Meiling raised her eyelids to have a look at Venus and said, “Venus, you and Xinyou are newcomers. Let’s start with you guys.”

Venus had been working hard for the past few days and had a lot of things stored in her brain. She organized her words and said, “My design this time mainly wants to add China’s traditional culture,

such as blue flowers, embroidery, and Chinese frog.”

A colleague interrupted her, “But Style is an international fashion magazine, so if it’s too traditional that it will look rustic.”

Venus also thought of this question and calmly said, “I’ve thought about this, but with the development of our country, our traditional culture is being accepted by more foreigners. I want to convey not only my ideas through my designs, but also the beautiful things of our country.”

Many colleagues here showed their appreciation, but some questioned, “But you can’t catch the eye of Style with tradition alone, for it’ s an international magazine.”

“Well, you’re right, so I plan to design with fashion in mind, with our traditional stuff playing a key embellishing role to provide the finishing touch.”

Meiling’ s indifferent face showed a few rare hints of smile, “Well, that’s a good idea. How’s the design? “

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 131 Venus’ s fighting back (4)
“I’ve just got an idea and I’ve drawn a few pictures, and I’m still perfecting it.” Venus Mu said modestly. If Kerry hadn’t torn up her design, it might have been done now.

Xinyou Qiao smiled wryly, “That means there’s no work yet. I thought you’ve finished it all.”

The atmosphere was slightly awkward, for everyone here knew that Venus was the wife of Mr. Ye. Even the two didn’t have a good relationship, but everyone would show some respect to Venus and besides, her idea this time was really good.

Now Xinyou directly showed her dislike to Venus, which really made everyone a little surprised.

Venus was not surprised by what she said, still keeping a gentle smile and said, “I am not finished, so please Miss Qiao, tell me your idea, so I can learn from it.”

Xinyou didn’t expect that Venus could retort back. The key was that she had no interest at all in this and she didn’t want to participate at all, so she thought nothing in the past few days. What could she say now?

“I… I haven’t had any idea yet…”

As soon as she said so, a colleague couldn’t hold back a ‘puffy’ laugh, then a few more people lowered their heads and laughed sullenly.

Everyone thought there was some awesome she could present, but it turned out there was nothing, so the onlookers were too disappointed.

No matter how much she didn’t care about this, she began to flush. After all, she was still an intern and she couldn’t be too arrogant. The day when she became Mrs. Ye, she would definitely make these people laughing feel regretful.

Meiling knocked on the table with her pen and said indifferently, “Who’ s the next?”

Others all finished their ideas. They had worked at Yehuang for many years, all graduates from famous schools, so their sensitivity to the market was high and their perspectives were wide. After listening to everyone’s ideas, Venus really learnt a lot. Work and school were just different, listening for an hour here was better than a week’s classes at school.

“It seems that you are all actively preparing. Like I said last time, this kind of opportunity is rare and if you seize it, not only will it bring great honor to our group, it will also be a colorful chapter in your own career. Okay, that’ s it.” Meiling said a couple of sentences briefly and she glanced at Xinyou and said, “Venus, Xinyou, you two stay.”

The meeting room was soon empty.

Meiling was silent for a moment and said, “The two of you have been worked for me for a while, and I know who works better. I don’t care what your relationship is, but I will never allow you to bring personal feelings to work. Don’t forget, you guys are still interns and there’s more than a month left. You leave or stay, depend on me.”

Xinyou was sullen, she knew that she was talking about herself.

“Mr. He, I’ll definitely work hard.” Venus said with a sincere expression. She needed to be chosen by Style, so that her brother could see her.

Meiling nodded, “Okay.”

Once Xinyou and Venus walked out of the conference room, Xinyou angrily questioned her, “You just did that on purpose, right?”

Venus, with a pair of bright eyes, she said innocently, “Just now? What?”

“You knew I wasn’t prepared, but you deliberately made me lose face in front of my colleagues, on purpose, right?”

Venus shrugged and smirked, “Yeah, I’m doing it on purpose, so what can you do?”

“Venus! I never thought you’d be so scheming now.”

“Oh my, speaking of scheming, you are the best.” Venus mocked her.

When they had just reached the corner of the conference room, Xinyou suddenly had a plan. Since Venus’s leg was hurt anyway, so why not just let it break completely? Wasn’t she like showing off in front of her colleagues? then Xinyou wanted to make her forever unable to go to work.

Thinking of this, Xinyou saw no one around and no CCTV, she lifted her heels and stepped on Venus.

“Ah…” A sharp pain came to her, making Venus subconsciously pushed Xinyou, whose heels were so high that she directly fell to the ground.

“Xinyou, watch out, OK?” Venus shouted at Xinyou. She had never thought that she would be so bold that she attacked her in the company.

A few colleagues ran over and Xinyou immediately put on a pitiful face, without getting up, “Venus, it was an accident. I’m sorry.”

“Accident?” Venus really wanted to smash the folder she was holding down at her face, “Do you have to use that much strength? Do you want me to be a cripple?”

This was the first time the two fell out in the company, and Venus was still concerned about her face, but Xinyou was really too much.

A colleague helped Xinyou up, her fine white arm with a big scar, oozing blood.

“Venus, I really didn’t do it on purpose, you… “Xinyou squeezed out two drops of tears and whispered with her head lowered in aggravation, “You can’t bully me just because you’re Mr. Ye’ s wife. “

Mr. Ye’ s wife?


She was really an absolute asshole.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 131 Venus’ s fighting back (5)
People always sympathized with the weak, and when Venus Mu saw a few of her colleagues looking at her with a different look, she changed a painful expression and squatted down to cover her foot, “It hurts, it hurts, my foot…”

Meiling He heard the noise and strode over. Looking at the two, she asked in a cold voice, “What’s going on?”

Venus, who was well aware of the benefit of being the first one to speak, said, “Mr. He, as soon as Xinyou Qiao and I came out of the conference room, she blamed me for just making her lose face and stomped on my foot. I guess, my bone is going to break…”

Xinyou was crying heavily, “Venus, how could you frame me? I really just accidentally touched you. You’re Mrs. Ye’ s wife, so how dare I do this? Look, Manager He, she pushed me and now I’m bleeding.”

Meiling had been in the workplace for many years and had long been used to the rivalry between women. She could easily tell who was telling the truth. However, both of them were related to Kerry, and she didn’t want to offend her boss.

Looking at the clock on the wall, she said to the others, “It’s time to go, bye.”

Even though everyone wanted to stay and watch, but since their boss said so, they had to go.

Meiling rubbed her temples and dialed Kerry Ye’ s office phone number.

“Hello Mr. Ye, this is Meiling… It’s like this, Venus’s foot is injured, we might need you to come down… Okay, bye.”

After Meiling finished the call, she looked at the two with cold eyes, “I don’t care who is right or wrong, no salary, this month.”

Venus calmed down, feeling ashamed. She whispered an apology, “Mr. He, I’m sorry, I was too impulsive.”

Meiling snorted, “Venus, you let me down.” Although she knew that it was Xinyou who was at fault, she expected more from Venus, which was why she had to be tough to her.

Venus’s wanted to cry when she heard this. Meiling was not only a superior to her, but also a senior who appreciated her.

“Manager He, I’m sorry, I…”

Then Kerry came. Seeing Venus crying, he was eager to know what had happened.

“What’s happened? What happened to the foot?”

Xinyou, who was standing beside him, was filled with jealousy when she saw that he was completely ignoring her.

“Mr. Ye, Venus said that Xinyou intentionally stepped on her foot, but Xinyou said that she did it unintentionally. Since you’re here, I’ll leave first.” Meiling didn’t want to get involved in her boss’s personal affairs.

Kerry nodded and Meiling immediately turned around and left.

Only three people were there, so Xinyou began her show, so she stretched her injured arm out in front of Kerry and said with a crying voice, “Kerry, look, I accidentally touched Venus, but she pushed me so hard that I’m bleeding.”

Kerry took a look at it, only to see the white tender little arm was red, the elbow was skinned, with some blood oozing out. At first glance, it was quite scary, but it didn’t matter.

Venus didn’t want to show her frailty in front of him, so she endured the pain without speaking or looking at him.

Kerry casually drew a piece of tissue on someone’s desk and handed it to Xinyou and said, “Wipe it first.”

Xinyou took it. She made it.

“Kerry, take me to the hospital. I’m so afraid it will leave a scar. Then I won’t look good in a dress.” Xinyou tugged on his shirt.

However, Kerry was focusing on Venus and he could see that she was trying to be strong, but he didn’t know if it was habit or machismo, he subconsciously thought she was the one who made a mistake.

“Venus, do you want to stay in the company or not?” Kerry sternly reprimanded, “Didn’t you read the employee code before joining the company? One of them is that collusion and fights between employees are strictly forbidden. This is a place to work, not a place for you to vent your personal anger.”

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