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Chapter 132: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 132 Plan, Kevin Got Involved (1)
Venus leaned against the desk with her hands resting on it, and sneered, ” Kerry, even if it’s a fight, Xinyou Qiao has a part in it, right? If she hadn’t played tricks on me and stepped on me hard, would I need to push her?”

Kerry was startled, thinking of Xinyou’s tricks, as something flashed in his eyes.

“Where did it hurt? Let me check!” Kerry said, and about to lower his head to check Venus’s feet.

Venus startled and raised her head to look at him. She thought, “what happened to him today? Why does he care about her so much? ”

Venus woodenly pointed to her right foot, the surface of her foot had swollen up.

Kerry bent down and picked her up and carried her towards the door, “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“You… you…” stammered Venus. If the eyes weren’t blue, he would definitely think it was Xiaozi.

“You what? Shut up if you don’t want to talk.” Kerry looked a bit irritated, the office has an urgent document to deal with, but he ran down as soon as he received a call from Meiling He.

After the two of them leave, left Xinyou alone with not only jealousy but also tears in the office…

It was the end of the day, and Kerry just walked out of the company’s door with Venus in his arms, which attracted a lot of glances.

“Who said that Mr. and Mrs. Ye have a bad relationship? Look, I think they are in a good relationship, aren’t they?”

“Yeah, you’re right. Mr. Ye is so nice to Madam; besides, he is so handsome.”

“He is like a hero.”

When Venus heard the whispers, she smiled helplessly on her face. to outsiders, she looked so bright and shiny, only the people in the Ye family villa knew what kind of hellish life she lived.

At the hospital, an aged doctor expressed surprise at Venus, “I think you’ve already got a follow-up this morning? What’s going on?”

Venus sat in the chair and took off her shoes. Her right foot that had been stepped on swollen high up. As she about to speak, the doctor fumed, “Didn’t I tell you to recuperate? What’s wrong with you, girl? Do you want your foot getting better or not?”

“Doctor Lin, just stop scolding me, hurry up and save me, It is so painful that I can’t feel it.” Venus didn’t mention Xinyou, as it wasn’t something good.

Dr. Lin squeezed a few times on her feet.

“Ouch! it hurts, it hurts, “

Kerry looked on with a frown and spoke up, “You do it gently.”

Dr. Lin stared up at him, “Is she your wife?

Kerry nodded.

“Now you know to care about her? Why didn’t you prevent this before? I think it’s 80% that the bone is broken,” Dr. Lin said seriously.

“Broken? Can you treat that well? Am I going to be crippled?”Venus asked in a rush.

“Need to get a CT scan on your feet, and I’ll check that later.” Dr. Lin gave the prescription to Kerry and said, “Take your wife to take a CT scan.”

Paying the bill, taking the CT scan, they had no communications during the process.

“Look here, there’s a bone broken inside the foot. I suggest applying a plaster cast, and it’ll get better faster,” After Dr. Lin said that, he looked at Kerry again and said, “Her husband, right? How did you take care of the patient? No matter how busy you are, you can’t ignore your wife, but you still let her come alone for the morning follow-up…”

People seem to be especially garrulous when they were old, and Venus stands idly by Dr. Lin’s criticism while Kerry strangely didn’t retort that.

With the cast on, Dr. Lin asked, “Do you choose to hospitalize or recuperate at home?”

“Hospitalize!” Venus replied.

“Recuperating at home,” Kerry spoke.

Venus looked up at him and shrugged her shoulders indifferently, “Ok, you pay for it, and you’re in charge.”

She actually preferred to hospitalize, and at least the doctors and nurses here were friendly to her. Kerry knew what she was thinking of, but he suppressed the anger.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 132 Plan, Kevin Got Involved (2)
On the way back to the villa, Kerry did not speak anything. At the moment the film came out, he affirmed his judgment. Xinyou Qiao was doubted more. How many lies did Xinyou tell in the past? Had he ever seen the real nature of this woman?

At the door of the villa, Xinyou saw the car coming back and hurried to welcome him.

“Kerry, you and Venus Mu are back. How’s her foot?” Ignoring Xinyou’s concern, Kerry went straight into the villa.

As Xinyou got neglected by Kerry, she ran to the car door to help Venus, “Venus, I’m sorry, I really didn’t expect it to be so serious.”

Venus dodged her hand and waved to Mrs. Qin who just came out. “Mrs. Qin, could you please help me.”

Mrs. Qin saw her right foot wrapped like a zongzi. She was surprised and said, “everything is fine when you go out in the morning. How can you come back like this?”

“Then you need to ask Miss Xinyou.”Venus put her arm on Mrs. Qin’s shoulder and jumped inside. “She accidentally touched me, and a bone broke. Mrs. Qin, do you think she is invincible?”

Mrs. Qin smiled awkwardly and didn’t dare to talk.

Xinyou secretly bit her teeth, took a deep breath and went to Kerry, who was sitting in the living room. She flattered him and said, “Kerry, are you tired? Let me rub your shoulders. “

“Aren’t you going to explain what happened?” said Kerry coldly.

Xinyou was stunned and her tears came immediately, “Kerry, why don’t you believe me? I’m really careless. Venus and I have been good friends for many years. How can I deliberately hurt her? “

“Enough!” Kerry said coldly, “Xinyou, Venus is my wife. Even if she has any mistake, I should be the only one who can punish her. Nobody else can touch her. I hope you will remember this. Do you understand?”

Xinyou bit her teeth. “Fine, I understand.”

No, it couldn’t go on like this!

Kerry’s attitude towards Venus was changing rapidly. I should drive Venus out as soon as he was still caring last time.

At night, wandering in the bedroom for a long time, Xinyou dialed somebody’s phone.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed is off…”

How? Xinyou didn’t give up. After ten minutes, she still got the same result.

What was wrong?

It seemed that I should go there in person tomorrow.

The next day, Kerry went to the company very early. Since he was in a hurry yesterday afternoon, and therefore left some materials that had not been dealt.

Mrs. Qin went into Venus’s room with breakfast. “Young mistress, the young master asked me to tell you that you should stay at home these days to have a good rest and you don’t need to go to the company. If you need anything, please just tell me. In addition, I’ll cook more bone soup these days for you. Hope that you could get better soon. “

After washing her face, Venus said gratefully, “thank you, Mrs. Qin.”

“It’s very kind of you, young mistress. It’s all I should do.”

Venus held the wall and came out, “Mrs. Qin, since Xinyou was poisoned by food last time, people here see me differently, and only you treat me so well.”

Mrs. Qin said with a smile, “I know that young mistress is a kind-hearted person who won’t do that kind of thing. Your breakfast is going to be cold. Please just have it.”

“Okay, I will.”


In the Market.

Xinyou bought several old-age clothes, a white wig and a pair of black frame glasses. Then she went into the bathroom of the shopping mall. After more than ten minutes, a simple old lady came out.

She thought it was safe, but she didn’t know that somebody kept watching her every action in the distance.

“Young master, it seems that she was going to a place. Shall we follow her OK, don’t worry, we will not lose her trace….. “

The taxi quickly drove to the eastern suburb of Sky City and stopped at the gathering place of public rental housing, where most of the renters in Sky City were gathered. The good and the bad were mixed, and the scene was very lively as well.

Xinyou found a room on the third floor according to the address.

“Knock Knock”

Inside came a man’s voice, “Coming. Who’s there?”

The door was opened. An IT man in short sleeve and knee-length shorts standing inside, with a very impatient face, “You old lady, who are you looking for?”

Xinyou didn’t speak. She pushed his body aside, went in and closed the door.

“Hey, old lady, What the hell are you in my house?”

Xinyou took off the black frame glasses and said angrily, “where are the photos? The photos that I want? “

“Who are you? As you come in my house, you just ask your photos without any explanation. Is there something wrong with you?

“I’m Xinyou. Where are my stuffs? Why didn’t you contact me for so long? “

That IT man got confused at first, and then burst out laughing, “who are you lying to? I just met a Xinyou yesterday, and gave her those things.”

Xinyou was shocked. “You’re talking nonsense. I’m Xinyou!” With saying so, Xinyou took out her ID card and threw it to the man.

The man looked at the ID card, where the name on it was truly Xinyou.

Come on. Jesus! Had I been cheated?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 132 Plan, Kevin Got Involved (3)
“Now believe it?” Xinyou Qiao took the ID card and asked angrily, “who did you exactly give the photos yesterday?”

The man also got a little confused, “just a ordinary woman.”

“What does she look like?” Xinyou asked.

The man thought for a while and said, “she wore a pair of sunglasses with her hair blocking half of her face. I didn’t see her face clearly, but she seems beautiful.”

Xinyou wanted to slap him a few times, suddenly thought of a person. Then she turned out a photo in her mobile phone and asked him, “is she?”

The man approached to identify carefully, shook his head and said, “No, the woman in this picture is a kind of good girl. But yesterday’ one, she was amazing.”

“Seriously? Amazing? You don’t even see her face and say she’s amazing?” Xinyou angrily scolded and thought that it should not be Venus. She went to the hospital yesterday morning and was in the office in the afternoon. She didn’t have this time, but who else could that woman be?

Unable to think about that much, Xinyou said to the man, “now, immediately make a new one for me.”

“Why, do you think it’s easy to do this? It took me several nights to make it. “

“Why? If you give something to the wrong person, and it probably threatens me, who should be responsible for this? “Xinyou threatened coldly, “don’t forget, It was Hao Nangong who introduce me to come here. If you don’t do it…”

The man knew Hao’s means and immediately admitted, “well, I’ll make another one, but it will take five days at the fastest.”

“No! I want them within three days. “

Five days was too long. Nobody knew what would happen.

“You just kill me. Three days? ” The man protested.

Xinyou frowned and increased her chips. “Do it in three days. I’ll give you another 5000. What do you think?”

The man’s eyes shone, “OK, deal. Where can I find you then?”

Xinyou put on her glasses. “You don’t have to look for me. I’ll come to you and get the photos myself.”

In the meantime, Kevin received a phone call from his subordinates, considered for a moment and said, “go and find out what this man is doing, and ask for details.” In half a day, Kevin received all the details about the IT man.

His name was Shaopeng Han, 28 years old, single, and graduated from a famous university in China. After working in a company for a few years, he came out to work alone. Now he was a network hacker, taking on black jobs. He mainly invaded the network of major hotels and companies and stole the information his buyers wanted.

Why would Xinyou want to find such a guy?

Kevin was suddenly interested and thought there was a big secret in her.


In the evening, Shaopeng made instant noodle and squatted in front of the computer to work. The house was a little dark and the lights were not turned on.

“Knock. Knock.” There was another unexpected knock on the door today.

With the experience of Xinyou’s hard break in the morning, Shaopeng opened the door carefully this time and asked the man outside, “who are you looking for?”

“Are you Shaopeng?”

“Yes, who are you?”

The knocker raised the express in his hand and said, “this is your stuff that a Miss Qiao ordered for you. Please sign for it.”

Shaopeng twisted his eyebrows, a woman surnamed Qiao, Xinyou Qiao?

She flattered me for getting the picture as soon as possible? Shaopeng was a little pleased and proud, so he opened the door and said, “where to sign?”

However, a few strong men suddenly rushed out of the man’s back and carried him in like carrying a chicken. The knocker slammed the door with his back foot and said with a smile, “sign in your forehead!”

Shaopeng was pressed on the sofa by several people, and still had some courage, “who are you and what are you going to do? I will call the police. “

The man cleared a place out of a coffee table full of snacks and beauty magazines, sat opposite him and said, “call the police? Well, do it. The police are looking for you all over the years for things you have done.”

Shaopeng’s face changed. It seems that these people had made a thorough investigation of his background, “what do you want to do?”

“Simple. We want to know what Xinyou ask you to do! Tell me, we’ll pretend that we haven’t seen you today.”

Shaopeng shrunk his neck and said, “this is the customer’s privacy, I can’t tell you.”

Of course not, or Hao would chop him up.

The man chuckled, took out a dagger from his waist, patted him in the face, and said, “Well, you are good at your business. What if I have to know?”

“I won’t say anything about it, even you kill me.”

The man winked at a few strong men beside. In an instant, all their fists and shoes went to Shaopeng, who was screaming.

Nearly a minute later, the first round of group fighting stopped, and Shaopeng’s face and eyes got red and swollen.

“say more and suffer less.”

“I will not tell you anything. That’s it.” Compared with Hao’s death threat, this was nothing.

After three rounds of beating, Shaopeng’s nose and mouth were bleeding, and he still refused to say anything.

The man saw the white instant noodles in the corner of the table and said with a smile, “your noodles are too vegetarian. There is no meat at all. Come here, I will add some meat for you.”

Shaopeng didn’t know what it meant, but a few strong men did. He watched two people holding his right hand and fixed it on the tea table. A man used a knife to draw something on it and said, “For you IT guy, I guess the most commonly used finger is your index finger. So let’s cut this one. It should be chewy.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 132 Plan, Kevin Got Involved (4)
“What are you doing? Don’t touch me… “Shaopeng Han cried out to break the strong man’s hands, but he was no match. Seeing that the sharp dagger was about to cut off his finger, he was so frightened that he cried in cold sweat, “Don’t, don’t cut, I will tell you.”

The man raised his eyebrows however with the dagger staying on his fingers, “Really? I don’t listen to lies. “

“Sure, I’ll tell you the truth, brother. Please let me go.”

The man put up the dagger, “Why don’t you just tell me in the beginning? It’s a waste of time. Go ahead. “

Shaopeng rubbed his finger that was saved and said timidly, “Xinyou Qiao wants to get some photos from me.”

“What kind of photo. I want to know cause and effect clearly!” The man was not satisfied with his answer.

Shaopeng looked at him carefully, and then explained what happened.

It turned out that more than ten days ago, Hao Nangong found him and let him invade the monitoring system of CK International Hotel. He then restored a monitoring picture more than two months ago. However, that picture was seriously damaged. That’s exactly Shaopeng’s job, so he spent several days restoring the picture. Later Hao told him that a woman, which turned to be Xinyou, would contact him.

Xinyou asked Shaopeng to photoshop several photos by using this monitoring picture. He just wanted the money, not the reason, so he didn’t ask anything. The photos were handed over to another woman yesterday, but I didn’t expect she was not Xinyou. Therefore Xinyou came today and asked him to make another set.

In the car, a man handed a small U-disk to Kevin and said respectfully, “that’s what happened. I’ve warned Shaopeng to do what he had been asked by Xinyou, and pretended that he didn’t see me today.”

Kevin nodded, “Well done.” And then he inserted the U-disk into the computer system of the car. A picture showed.

At about 8:00 p.m., a woman walked into room 1026 of CK International Hotel. The light line on the corridor was too dark to see that woman’s face. However, Kevin had a very familiar feeling to her figure and walking posture.

What would Hao and Xinyou want to do with this video?

“Young master, shall we take care of this matter?” The man sitting in the front seat asked.

Kevin chuckles, “Xinyou’s target is either Kerry or Venus. It has nothing to do with me, so no need for me to get involved too much?”

“Yes, I see.”

Kevin pulled out the U-disk and said to him, “Keep an eye on it and also on Xinyou. If she does something wrong to Venus again and if I’m not there, you must stop it.”

“Got it.”

Kevin couldn’t tell what his feelings for Venus. Maybe he felt like they were in the same boat, so he always felt close to her.

Although her brother was Tianye Mu, he was a man who could distinguish between right and wrong and never implicate the innocent.


As for Venus…

Venus drew her design picture all the day time in her room. Suddenly she thought of that stack of photos yesterday and wondered would there be any clues in Xinyou’s room?

As soon as this idea came out, it was lingering in Venus’s minds. A few minutes later, she threw down her pencil and walked out of the bedroom with her crutches. It was just past five o’clock and it would take at least half an hour for Xinyou and Kerry from the company to the villa. Therefore they should still be on their way home.

Mrs. Qin was cooking downstairs, and John was directing his servants to mow the lawn. The whole villa was empty with no one walking around. Venus was determined to walk to the room in the corner on the second floor

She gently twisted the door lock, and it was open. Why did Xinyou not lock her door?

Venus was a little surprised, quickly flashed into the room and closed the door.

Xinyou’s room was very simple. Everything here was originally configured for her. Venus turned over the pillow and the drawer, finding nothing to suspect.

Would it be in the closet?

She went to the closet step by step and then opened it. The closet was full of Xinyou’s clothes.

“What are you looking for?”

“Ah –“Venus was frightened by the voice behind her. She turned her head and found that Xiaozi stood at the window and looked at her with a smile. Venus had not seen Xiaozi for a long time.

“Jesus, Xiaozi, you almost scared me to death.” Venus patted her chest and gasped, “can you just say hello when you appear next time? Otherwise, sooner or later, I could possibly get heart disease, since I am scared by you a lot of times.”

Xiaozi smilingly floated to her side, and looked at her suspiciously, “what are you doing here?”

“Looking for something.” Venus touched the clothes with pockets and whispered, “don’t make any noise. It will not be good if someone else comes.”

“What are you looking for? I can help.”

Venus smiled helplessly, “In fact, I don’t know what I’m looking for, you can’t help.” While talking, she turned over the whole wardrobe, and her eyes fell on several valuable bags.

She did not do anything, but these bags were opened by themselves and sent to her front.

“Xiaozi, you are wonderful! Have you improved your skills? “

“Hurry up, I’ve just learned, and I can’t support it for long.” Xiaozi urged.

Venus stopped talking and quickly searched these bags. Nothing was found in the first two bags, but in the third one, she found a small card with an address written on it.

Just then, Mrs. Qin’s voice came from downstairs, “Xinyou, welcome home? Where is the young master?”

“I don’t know.” Xinyou went up the stairs.

Venus’s heartbeat got faster. How could Xinyou return home so early?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 132Plan, Kevin Got Involved (5)
Oh crap! She was still on crutches and couldn’t run out at all.

Wait, wasn’t Xiaozi here?

“Xiaozi, help me out!” Venus Mu took his arm and begged him.

“How to help?”

“Get me out of here.”

“Beg me.” Xiaozi said with a smile.

Venus put her hands together, “Xiaozi fairy, please.”

Xiaozi nodded with satisfaction, grabbed her arm and said, “Close your eyes.”

Venus closed her eyes and closed the closet, too, “Don’t forget my crutch.”

As soon as the words fell, the door was pushed open from the outside, Xinyou Qiao threw her handbag on the bed heavily and angrily.

It’s really a tough day for her today. First, she didn’t get the photos. Then when she arrived at the company, her colleagues avoided her as if she was a monster. Of course she could care less about their attitude. Kerry Ye was the key reason.

At lunch time, she brought the ordered meal to him, only to see that another lunch box had been set on the table. Kerry also told her not to enter president’s office at will if not for business matters, because some employees might gossip.

Xinyou’s mood dropped to the deep valley. Gossip? Why didn’t he say so when he and she were in love right here in the office before?

When it was time to get off work, she came up to find him to go home together, but she was disappointed again. Secretary Liu said that Mr. Ye had left early.

Kerry was really getting more and more indifferent to her. What’s hateful was that she didn’t know who took away the photo. Otherwise, this situation could definitely be reversed.


Venus could hear the breeze blowing by her ears. A few seconds later, Xiaozi whispered, “Here we are.”

Venus opened her eyes and found herself in her own room. She threw herself in bed immediately, and her heart was still trembling. “I’m not really a bad person type. It’s too challenging for my nerves.”

Xiaozi was walking in mid air. “What on earth are you looking for?”

Looking at the ceiling, Venus sighed and said, “Xiaozi, I don’t want to bother you with these nonsense. By the way, what are you up to lately?”

Xiaozi came down and leaned on the bed like her. “I’m learning magic, of course, and it’s advanced magic I am learning.”

Venus looked at his face and asked curiously, “How advanced is it?”

“I can’t tell you now. I’ll show you when I’m successful.”



Three days later, Xinyou once again appeared at Shaopeng Han’s door. He took out the pictures she had been looking forward to for a long time. She checked and confirmed, then she generously gave him the money and asked, “What’s wrong with your eyes?”

Shaopeng turned his face and said unnaturally, “I bumped into something.”

Of course, Xinyou didn’t care whether he was telling the truth. At the moment, she was only excited about the scene once the pictures were exposed to the public.

According to the plan, Xinyou made a lot of copies of these photos and handed them to the TV stations, newspapers, magazines, as well as the major Internet portals in A City, and attached the causes and consequences of the whole incident. Then he called Hao Nangong.

“I’m done with what I’m supposed to do. Now let’s see what you’ve got.”

“Leave the rest to me.”


That afternoon, almost at the same time, all the headlines in A city were occupied by Kerry’s scandal girlfriend.

At that time, Venus was making the final design in the garden. Kevin Ye came to her with a laptop and handed it to her. He said with embarrassment, “Look, my brother’s scandal girlfriend.”

Venus was stunned, “Scandal girlfriend? Who is it?”

“See for yourself.”

Venus took over the laptop which said: Kerry, the President of Yehuang Group, was captured to have spent one night together with the scandal girlfriend.

“According to reliable sources, more than two months ago, Kerry spent one night with a beautiful woman whose last name’s Qiao in A city’s high-class hotel. Even after marriage, Kerry was reluctant to give up his old love. With his help. This Qiao girl was transferred to his company, and they frequently showed up together in public. One employee of Yehuang Group disclosed that Kerry and his wife, Venus, were in a bad relationship. Their marriage was a commercial marriage, mainly for the purpose of winning huge sums of money for the Mu’s Group. All in all, the reporter thinks that Kerry and Qiao got to know each other first, and they were in love with each other. However, Venus got in the way, which was really the behavior of a mistress… “

After Venus finished reading it lightly, she laughed hard and pointed at herself and said, “I…I’m a mistress? Is this reporter out of his mind? “

“Now no one cares what the truth is. People are only watching for fun,” Said Kevin helplessly with a smile.

“Wait…” Venus slid down the screen and saw some familiar photos, which were exactly the ones she was longing for. “These photo…”

Kevin’s eyes lit up. “What’s wrong with the photos?”

Venus quickly shook her head, “Nothing. It’s just…they don’t look real. The pictures were taken from a long distance and the light was dim. How did they identify who’s in the photo? These reporters are too ridiculous!”

She didn’t want to tell Kevin about the photos for the moment. Now that the photos had been exposed, it’s no use saying it any more.

Kevin said, “What are you going to do?”

Venus was surprised, “Am I supposed to do anything?”

“It’s not just this website. Now all the reports related to this incident are based on this manuscript. Obviously, someone has bought the media to hype the matter and want to make profits from it. And these people have nailed you to the stigma for being a mistress. Don’t you want to refute it? “

Venus frowned for a moment and said seriously, “Kevin, I’ll tell you the truth. Don’t tell anyone else.”

“Just tell me. I promise never to tell anyone.” Kevin raised his three fingers and swore.

Venus looked around cautiously. Seeing no one around, she sighed, “You’ve seen my life here. The biggest reason why Kerry married me was to lure my brother out. I don’t love him, and he doesn’t love me, either. But even if he doesn’t love me, he shouldn’t have tortured me. The truth is, before you came back, I was living in hell. I almost lost my life several times. I lived almost every day under the blade of a sharp knife for fear that the knife might fall accidentally. I am not afraid of death. I just don’t want to die like this. I deserve better.”

Kevin looked at her calm face with deep emotion, and felt a little pain in his heart.

“Are you afraid of him?”

Venus’s eyes showed a sense of vicissitudes. “If it hadn’t been for my brother’s support, I would have met the Lord of hell already. You do not understand this feeling. In order to leave him, I jumped over the building, stopped eating and crashed the wall with my head, but it was useless. He’s your elder brother. You may feel hurt, but this is Kerry. He pressed my head and drowned me in the pool. He stepped on my arm and broke it. And I was almost insulted by his four underlings. Are you asking me if I am afraid of him?”

Kevin’s eyelids jumped. He didn’t know his brother was so cruel to Venus…

“At first, he tortured me all by himself, and then Xinyou joined him. She was even worse. In order to frame me, she even fell downstairs and poisoned herself. Everything I said was wrong because I was never the right person in Kerry’s mind. “

“Now that this thing happened, do I want to refute it? Why should I refute? I can’t be happier.” She said.

Then she added, “What a good opportunity it is! I don’t care whose plot it is and what’s the purpose. But as long as it can make Kerry divorce me, it’s worth it. I am okay with being called a mistress “

“In today’s society, people are pursuing fast food culture. If there is a new scandal, I will soon be forgotten, and I can start my life again. I can’t wait to see it happen! Let the two live a happy life. This is the best ending I want. “

After finishing the words, Venus felt much more comfortable. It had been a long time since she last chatted with her friends like this.

“Kevin, thank you for listening to me.”

Kevin was serious, which was rather rare. He wanted to pat Venus on the shoulder and comfort her, but he considered it inappropriate. After all, she’s his sister-in-law.

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