Chapter 133 – 134: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 133: You are fired

Yong Luo was shocked. He could not believe that this boy was the President of Huanyu Group. What should he do now?

The people around were pointing at him. Kris Chen remembered how he was pranked a few years ago.

Suddenly, Yong Luo became angry, and said: “So what if you are the President of Huanyu Group, you still have to park your electric car in its own parking space? If everyone breaks the rules as you do, sooner or later the company will fail.”

He secretly wished that Huanyu Group would go out of business so that he will feel better.

Just as he said this, the staff around him all shook their heads. What a fool, why can’t he see who was in front of him? He is the boss. Not only can he use the electric car parking space for how he wants, but he can also use up any space he wants without anyone judging him.

Just then, Xue Mi came up to him with a cold face and said, “Are you blind? Don’t you see this is our CEO’s exclusive parking space?”

“Who gave you the courage to smear the CEO of our company?” she said, leaning back against a sign dedicated to the CEO by the side of the parking space.


Yong Luo found the sign. His face immediately turned red, and he began to babble with no words.

“Mr. Chen, do you want to return to the company and leave this to me?”Michelle said while she was bending down.


Kris Chen nodded and took Xi Lan’s hand while walking to the company. “Come, I will show you the Huanyu Group.”


Pulled by Kris Chen, Xi Lan was really shy. She wanted to take her hands back, but it did not feel like a good idea in the presence of so many people.

Seeing that Kris Chen was going to leave, Lei Du was anxious. She knew that Kris Chen was not happy about what just happened.

But…Joining the Huanyu Group is her dream. She is about to turn thirty, and if she misses this opportunity, she will regret life.

“Kris Chen…” Lei Du bit her lips and said.

Hearing someone calling him, Kris Chen stopped walking and turned around. “You should come up too,” he said.

Whatever happened, she was still his own teacher.

And, for three years in high school, she treated him well.

After thinking about it, Kris Chen decided to give her another chance.

Hearing Kris Chen’s words, Lei Du was overjoyed and quickly followed behind him. At this moment, the positions of the teacher and students were changed.

It seemed like Kris Chen is the superior teacher, and she is the student.

“Lei Du, wait for me…”

Yong Luo saw Lei Du follow him. He also was anxious and want to follow him, but he was stopped by Xue Mi.

“Mr.Luo, our group does not welcome you, please leave immediately. Besides, you crashed our CEO’s car…”

Xue Mi smiled at Yong Luo, and a group of security guards stood behind her…

Ever since she transferred part of her shares, Mary Su’s mood has been very bad, especially this period of time, as Kris Chen left home. She didn’t even hear anything from him, which made her more exhausted.

She had been tempted to call him, but the thought of that day in the hospital room made her sick.

Who the hell was his wife? Who was their daughter-in-law?

They were defending an outsider.

In that case, she does not care.

After parking her car in front of the office, Mary Su walked toward the office in her high heels.

As soon as she entered the company, she found there was something wrong with the atmosphere.

Usually, once she enters the company, the employees would stand up and say hello to her.

Today, though, they took a look at her. Then they sat there and chatted with colleagues as if they hadn’t seen her.

It shouldn’t be like this. Normally, they are afraid of her. Why are they being lazy around her?

Mary Su wanted to say something, but she kept herself quiet. Well, she just took over the family company, if she is too harsh, she will give a bad impression.

Mary Su put up with it for the long-term benefit and headed straight to her chairman’s office.

But on the way to the office, Mary Su couldn’t resist her rage. What has she seen?

Someone was eating breakfast. Someone was playing the game. Someone was chatting. This provoked her.

The company had a policy of not allowing people to eat in the office and to play games during office hours, and they had violated the company’s policy in front of her. So she thought that they were not thinking much of her as a chairman.

“You, you, you…And you…Breakfast in the staff lounge, and you guys, don’t you know it’s office hours? Just put it away.”

Mary Su walked over and looked at them coldly.

However, what made her angrier was the reaction of them when they heard her. They were unexpectedly indifferent. They completely ignored her.

Not only just that, but the staff around her chuckled and whispered.

Su couldn’t help but felt people around looking at her. She didn’t want to give her employees a bad image, but today they went too far.

“You, now, immediately go to finance and leave. The company does not need you…”

Su’s words had not finished. Her female assistant anxiously ran to her side and whispered: “Su… Ms. Su, there’s a reason that they didn’t listen to you…”

“A reason? Why?”

Mary Su frowned with displeasure: “No matter what, they can not openly violate the rules and regulations of the company. They can not ignore me. Our company does not need such arbitrary employees. You guys are fired. Pack up and leave.”

“Wait…How is it possible to fire good people from our company so early in the morning?”

At this time, the voice of the old lady Ms.Su emerged. Mary Su turned around. The old lady walked down the stairs slowly with the help of Hai Su and a couple of others.

What’s going on?

Why is Grandma here?

Mary Su paused. Grandma is old. Her legs are inconvenient. She did not leave the house often. But today, She ran to the company? Hai Su gallantly brought a chair to the old lady. The old lady of the Su family kindly looked at Hai Su. She sat down, and then turned to Mary Su: “Mary, what are you doing this early in the morning being a drama queen in the company? These are excellent staff. Fire them just because you say so? You are too harsh.”

She paused, then said: “They contribute a lot, so we can not make them disappointed. I was the one who let them rest. What, my words do not count?”

“No, Grandma…”

“Well, well, you don’t have to explain. We just held a board meeting. After discussion, from now on, you are no longer the chairman of the Su family.

The old lady said this with an indifferent expression. A simple sentence, Mary Su fell from heaven to hell.

This sentence left Mary Su in shock.

What… What the hell is going on?

Mary Su blanked. She forgot how to think.

She looked at the old lady in disbelief and asked in a trembling voice, “Grandma…Why?”

Chapter 134: The fulfilled period of the acquired stage

“Mary Su, don’t treat yourself as if you are someone special. You have been the chairman of the board for all these years. Haven’t you had enough fun yet,” Hai Su sneered and said, “How can the power of my Su family be in the hands of a woman as dumb as you?”

The old lady agreed with Hai Su. She preferred men. Although Mary Su was pretty good at her job, she likes Hai Su way better.

This time, Mary Su took power, making her very upset. She was this assertive when she was still alive, what will happen if she was gone. Wouldn’t the painstaking efforts of the Su family destroyed in Mary Su’s hand?

Mary Su repressed her anger and said: “Grandma, you promised me that even if I give up my shares, the chairman will still be mine. How can you do this? And even if I give you 25 percent of the shares, I will still have 26 percent of the shares in my hand. I was also the major shareholder of the company. If you did not inform me of the shareholders’ meeting, the decision made should be invalid.”

Although Mary Su was very angry, her train of thought was still very clear. She held the most share in the house other than Grandma. What right do they have to recall herself?

“Mary Su, how can you talk to grandma like this?” Hai Su took out a thick stack of contracts. They fell heavily in front of her: “Look at it yourself. You signed the contract. See whether we have the right to recall you.”

Mary Su was surprised. She hurriedly picked up the contracts. She found that the contracts changed from”voluntarily transfer 25 percent of the shares,” into “I voluntarily give up all the shares!

What the hell was going on?

Mary Su couldn’t believe it: “Grandma, two days before the contract was not written so…”

She did not expect this. Her respectful grandmother cheated.

“Ah…” Hai Su looked at Mary Su like a cock that had just won: “Mary Su, you want to be the chairmen with your ability? Wake up!”

“Now, go clean up the office and get out!”

Hai Su quickly changed his friendly face to a gloomy face.

Why, why would you do this to me?

Mary Su felt in despair. She did not think that they will be so cold.

How could they?

All these years, she had put up with their pride, and she worked so hard. Besides, they had cheated her. How could they drive her away?

She felt both wronged and sad. She could not help but to look at the old lady: “Grandma, how could you…”

Mary Su’s words were not finished, yet grandma interrupted her: “Well, stop talking. These days, people in the family complained about you all the time. If you are a good girl, don’t let grandma be upset!

After all, a woman could not hold the power of the Su family. You have shamed us all these days. You’d better go away and never come back to the Su family again!”


Grandma… You’re kicking me out of Su’s family?

Mary Su looked at the old lady, heartbroken. She also did not think that grandma would kick her out of the house…

What did she do to deserve this? Why are they doing this to her!

“Why are you still here. You want me to kick you out?” Grandma clubs the crutch in her hand, and her tone was much heavier.

Okay… I’ll go…I’m leaving now…

Mary Su’s tears burst from her eyes. She took her bag and cried her way out of the company…

In the afternoon, Mary Su and her mother sat on the hallway’s sofa, helplessly.

Although it has been several hours, Mary Su could not stop crying when she thought of what grandma said. Her eyes were red.


Seeing her daughter crying like this, Jane Tang sighed: “What should I do now? It was out of our control. The old lady was too cruel.”

Hearing the words of Jane Tang, Mary Su slowly recovered. She wiped the tears from her eyes: “Mom… Don’t worry. I’ll find a way to make money.”

“Oh, it’s not that easy!”Jane Tang looked sad, “Now, the employment pressure was so high. You don’t have any special skills. You can upmost get four or five thousand yuan a month. What can you do with that little money? I can’t even do a face massage…”

It was easy to go from frugality to extravagance, but difficult to go from extravagance to frugality.

Mary Su knew there was nothing she could do with four or five thousand RMB.

She now regrets not listening to Kris Chen’s words. No matter what grandma said, she couldn’t give the shares out.

But now it’s too late!

At this moment, Jane Tang suddenly said: “I got it. I know what you can do!”

“What? Mother speaks quickly!”Mary Su hurriedly asks.

“You can be…”


At the same time, something happened in Huanyu Group’s President’s office.”

Kris Chen put down the medicine book Thousand Golden Prescription, looking excited.

He found two kinds of elixir from the book. One calls the Genuine energy pill. The other is a more interesting, Puppet pill!

The main ingredients of these two were the Moluo Fruit he had received the other day at Xiluo bay, so he could make these two pills. This genuine energy pill can quickly enhance the strength of monks. And a Puppet pill, as the name suggests, can let the person act as a dummy and obey him for two hours.

Although this medicine was magical, it could not bring them strength. So he thought it was better to improve his strength as soon as possible.

After preparing all the materials, he begins to make a genuine energy pill. The alchemy process was very boring, so Kris Chen took the files to see the work done by Xue Mi.

Ever since the popularity of “I am a Big Star” faded, Huanyu Group has launched a new reality talent show, “Rocket Girl 1+1”.

As soon as this program was launched, it received numerous attention. If everything goes well, it will be another reality show with a phenomenon reward.

Just two days ago, Kris Chen signed up Rui Du. He was going to arrange her into this program so that he could let her shine.

He thought Rui Du needed to be trained for some time. However, as soon as she was on stage, her songs and exquisite voice won countless audiences’ applause and love.

Although some of it was his arrangement, there was still her strength.

If everything goes well, she will be another Rui Liu.

Speaking of her, there was a strange thing recently. Ever since she gained fame with “I was a big star”, request for her appearance came steadily. Her schedule always lined up to next year. In a month, she made the wealth of ordinary people’s lifetime wealth. Of course, Huanyu Group earned a lot too.

But in recent days, those original contracts were inexplicably canceled.

As of today, Rui Liu has been free for a week, which was not normal.

A popular star, in the middle of her career, how can there be no investors?

There was something strange about it, so Kris Chen decided to find out what had happened.

Therefore, Kris Chen looked at the work reports while controlling the heat of alchemy.

An hour later, there was a sudden jolt inside the alchemy pot, and Kris Chen couldn’t wait to lift the lid.

He saw dozens of red pills lying quietly inside the pottery.

So this is the genuine energy pill?

This was magical. Who can think that the extremely poisonous Moluo Fruit can refine into a pill that enhances strength? He was afraid if he tells the others, no one would believe him.

Kris Chen took out the medicine and wrapped it in oil paper carefully. He could not make it damp, or the medicine’s power would be reduced.

Moreover, as clearly stated in the Medicine book Thousand Golden Prescription, you should not take too many of these tablets at one time, a maximum of two tablets per week.

Kris Chen paused to think. He took in the dragon tiger pill. His body has been far beyond normal.

The gunshot wounds of the two days ago has almost healed. Two were too few, and he thought he could at least double them.

After thinking for a while, Kris Chen had four more tablets in his hands and swallowed them.


In the moment of taking medicine, a hot airflow quickly gathered from his body, and then flew to the limbs and bones.

He felt his whole body was tingling and itchy as if countless tiny ants were gnawing at his flesh.

Fortunately, the pain did not last long. After drinking a cup of tea, Kris Chen came back to his senses. To his surprise, he found that he has even jumped three levels and reached the fulfilled period of the acquired stage!

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