Chapter 133: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 133 A happy couple (1)
“How many times have I told you, no need to be so polite with me. You saved me.”

Venus Mu asked in puzzlement, “What do you mean?”

Looking at her watery eyes, Kevin felt lucky that after going through so many things, she still remained the original innocence.

Unable to resist the turmoil inside, he looked up and fondled her head and said, “That means you saved me and I also saved you. We are each other’s saviors, so there’s no need to thank each other.”

Venus smoothed her hair that he had messed up, smiling like a child, “Don’t mess with my hair. It’s hard to do it.”

“Well, since you’re fine, then keep working. I need to go out now.”

“Well, bye.”

After walking a few meters away, he turned back and asked, “Do you want anything to eat? I can bring you some.”

Venus didn’t want to trouble him, so she waved her hand and said, “No. The villa has everything.”

Kevin seemed to see through her concerns, so he just turned away without pushing her.

She was such a kind and sensible girl, but Kevin felt sorry that she had married to his brother.

Yehuang Group

The moment the news broke out, Secretary Liu rushed into Kerry’ s office, putting the newspaper in front of him.

With a sullen face, Kerry quickly finished reading it. He didn’t have any objections to the former statement, but when he saw the words ‘mistress’, his eyelids twitched.

“Mr. Ye, do we need PR?”

Kerry tore the newspaper into pieces and tossed it into the trash can near his feet, saying with cold eyes, “This kind of gossip is worthy of that? In a couple of days, everyone will forget it. Don’t worry.”


Kerry looked up at her, “But what?”

“Mr. Ye, there are already a lot of people talking about this in the company now, and if this continues, I’m afraid it will damage your reputation.”

Kerry sneered, “I think they’re not busy enough. Issue a notice in the name of the president’s office that the estimated sales for this month will be increased by five percentage. In addition, it is strictly forbidden for all employees to discuss this, and those doing so will have their annual bonuses deducted!”

“Okay, Mr. Ye, I’ll do it right away.”

When Secretary Liu reached the door, Kerry stopped her and instructed, “You go and inform Xinyou Qiao that she is strictly forbidden to come to my office without work matters in the future.”

“Yes, I’ll go and inform her immediately.”

How did those reporters get those photos? Was that Xinyou?

That’ s impossible, for an intern couldn’t have such means and connections.

He had offended too many people in A city, so any competitor could have done this.

“Henry Zhang, go and find out who is doing this.” Kerry ordered over the phone.

“Yes, boss.”

Design Department

Xinyou, sitting in her chair, looked at ease, receiving many scrutinizing, or jealous gazes. There were also many colleagues from other departments who came specifically to see this gossip girlfriend.

“Xinyou, is what’s said online true?” A female colleague asked.

Xinyou smiled, “Don’t listen to the reporters’ nonsense, how could Mr. Ye be interested in me?”

“Don’t deny it, I’ve seen you get out of Mr. Ye’ s car several times. Have you already lived in his house?” The female colleague’s tone was full of jealousy.

Xinyou blushed, “Because Venus and I are good friends, so she let me stay there for a few days.”

“Oh…” Everyone got it.

Venus was Mr. Ye’ s wife, so how could she invite another woman to stay in her own house? It was clearly Mr. Ye who had let her live in.

Xinyou was gloating inside.

“Ding Dong—Ding Dong—”

Then someone began to say in the company group, the beeps of which aroused everyone’ s attention. They all read the news and soon went back to their own seats. The department was quiet again.

Of course the bonus was more important than the gossip. After all, everyone came to the company for the common benefits, not to pry into the boss’s privacy.

When she saw the news, she began to worry.

What did Kerry mean?

No discussion?

Was he trying to ignore it? If he could really ignore the pressure of public, then what she had done would be in vain?

Just thinking about it, Secretary Liu walked into the department.

“Xinyou, come out for a moment.”

The others seemed to be doing their work, but they never ignored what happened outside, eager to find out what thy were saying.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 133 A happy couple (2)
“Mr. Ye asked me to tell you that if there is no work matters, please don’t go to his office.” Secretary Liu said expressionlessly.

Xinyou Qiao’ s hand clenched into a fist and stared at Secretary Liu for a while before asking, “Did he really say that?”

“Of course,” Before turning around, Secretary Liu added, “Miss Qiao, as the president’s secretary, I’d like to remind you that it’s difficult to change what Mr. Ye says, and I hope you won’t make it difficult for me, or cause him any unnecessary trouble. “

In the corridor, the sound of Secretary Liu’s heels stomping was crisp and clear, but to Xinyou, it was unbearably harsh.

It seemed that she was right. Kerry was planning to just ignore this.

However, the pictures that she had spent a lot of efforts hadn’t met her original expectation, so how could she just give it up?

Xinyou returned to her office, sat in her chair and began to think about it. Then she took out her phone to send a message to Hao Nangong.

The washroom was always the best place for women colleagues to spread and exchange messages.

“Hey, do you think that Xinyou is the mistress of Mr. Ye?” The female colleague asked her companion as she washed her hands.

“I don’t think so!” The another one was reapplying her makeup.

“Why? I heard from the design department that Xinyou even argued with the boss’s wife a few days ago, so if she wasn’t the mistress, how could she dare to do so?”

“Even if the rumors are true, I think it must have been all planned by Xinyou himself. You’ve only been in the company a short time, so you don’t know Mr. Ye. He’s very cold to women and he’s scolded many beautiful women who wanted to throw themselves at him. Xinyou, who is at the just-so-so level, can’t get Mr. Ye’ s attention.” Saying this, they all laughed, lowering their voice and saying, “Maybe it’s that she is trying to use the gossip to be his woman.”

“Can she make it?”

“Impossible, OK? If she can do it, then everyone can. You don’t know how many bitches in the company are longing for Mr. Ye? If she can do it, I’ll treat you to the most expensive restaurant in A City.”

At this time, a door of the toilet was opened. The two looked at each other and rushed out.

When Xinyou came out of the toilet, she was in great anger. She was the campus queen, but those two women made fun of her for being just-so-so. So annoying.

The more people say this, the more she wanted to get him.

After work, the entrance of Yehuang Group

As soon as Kerry went out, he was deadly blocked by more than ten reporters, and several security guards couldn’t stop them.

“Mr. Ye, I heard that you are keeping a college student as your mistress, can you say something?”

“Mr. Ye, the news is that Miss Qiao and you were in love first, so may I ask if Mrs. Ye is considered the third one?”

“Mr. Ye, I heard that you and your wife have a very bad relationship because of Miss Qiao? Or because of the business marriage.”

With the help of security guards, Kerry originally was trying to get away from them. However, hearing this question, he stopped, turning his head to look at the female reporter who asked the question. His fury shocked everyone, so the place was quite again.

“My wife and I have a very good relationship, and she is not the third one. I hope you will not smear her freely.”

After saying this, reporters were first stunned, then they began to ask more.

“Mr. Ye, what about Miss Qiao?”

“Yeah, don’t you want to say something about her?”

“Miss Qiao was involved in your marriage, shouldn’t you be responsible for her?”

Kerry got into his car and left those annoying ones.

A few minutes later, the Internet updated with the latest report on this matter—Kerry’ s response! My wife and I have a happy marriage.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha…” When Venus saw this news, she was eating an apple and almost choked.


He was really good at talking nonsense.

However, Venus agreed that he clarified that she was not the third one.

In the evening, When Xinyou returned to the villa, seeing Kerry sitting in the living room chatting with Kevin with a peaceful expression, she felt like he was not unaffected by this.

She really wanted to know what he was thinking, but she couldn’t let him suspect anything on herself, so she had to resort to a retreat for progress.

“Kerry, I heard that you were stopped by reporters when you were leaving. Are you alright?” Xinyou asked seemingly worried.

Kerry glanced at her and said indifferently, “I’m fine.”

“Thanks God. I don’t know who gave this to the media,” Xinyou sat on the sofa and looked pale, “Kerry, I don’t want to cause you any trouble and if you think I’m a bad influence in the company, I’ll hand in my resignation letter tomorrow.”

Kerry was startled and his suspicion of her was slightly reduced, and his tone was much softer, “You don’t have to. If you resign, they will say more.”

Xinyou’ s fingers on the side of her leg were clenched, thinking to herself, “Did he forget how many times they had slept together? And now he seemed to just treat her as an employee?”

“Well, then I won’t go with you for a few days to avoid being photographed by the press.” Xinyou said.

Kerry nodded, pointing at a watch in a high-end fashion magazine and turned his head to ask Kevin, “What do you think of this one?”

Kevin leaned over to look at it and said, “It’s much better than the one before.”

“Okay, I’ll buy it tomorrow for you.”

Kevin pressed his hand, taking the magazine over and said, “A gift? No way, I need to choose a more expensive one.”

Kerry laughed and shook his head, “Don’t you remember? Your birthday is coming.”

“My birthday?” Kevin frowned and thought for a moment, “Yeah, I almost forgot about it. Brother, you never used to remember my birthday.”

“I didn’t care you too much before, but from now on, I will be with you on your every birthday.”

Kevin felt a warmth inside. It seemed that his brother had really changed…

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 133 A happy couple (3)
Xinyou Qiao looked at the two brothers joking and laughing, feeling she was completely an outsider here. She was even more disturbed.

“Young master, dinner is ready.” Mrs. Qin came over and said.

They then walked to the dining room. The table was rectangular and Kerry Ye sat in the main seat, Kevin on his right hand and Xinyou naturally sat in the first seat from the left. Kerry used to think it’s nothing to sit like this, but now it’s a bit awkward, so he turned his head and asked Mrs. Qin, “Where is Venus? Why not come down to dinner?”

“The young lady’s food is delivered to her room these days,” Mrs. Qin explained.

Kerry frowned, “I see that her foot is fine. Go and ask her to come down for dinner.”


Venus came around the corner to the restaurant. After looking at the three of them, she sat across from Kerry.

“You sitting so far away, can you get the food?” Kerry’ s tone was with some annoyance.

Venus knew it was no good to come down, “My arms are long enough.”

Kevin laughed, standing up and said, “Sister-in-law, come sit here, mine are longer than yours.”

Seeing that the person opposite her had no opinion, so she switched places with Kevin. Standing next to her, Mrs. Qin set the dishes as much as possible in the direction of Kevin.

If she hadn’t been strong enough, she might have broken her chopsticks.

It was quiet, except for the sound of chopsticks and plates colliding.

Kevin carelessly glanced at Kerry and Xinyou, pretending to be unintentional, “Brother, now the news about you and Miss Qiao is all over the internet, so what are you going to do about it?”

Kerry paused and calmly said, “Cold treatment. The more you respond to this kind of thing, the more those reporters get excited. Why should I give them this opportunity?”

“Oh… “Kevin took some food from the plate in front of Xinyou and continued, “Why do I feel that someone is after you and my sister-in-law? Have you checked who is behind this?”

Staring at the plate in front of her, she forced her to remain calm.

“I’ve had someone look into it,” Kerry snorted, “If I find out the one, I’ll never let him go!”

“Exactly!” Kevin echoed, “Does the one think our Ye family is easy to bully? Sister-in-law, what are you always looking at Miss Qiao and not eating?”

Venus smiled, “I was thinking, wouldn’t it be too cruel for your brother to do so? After all, Miss Qiao has been a mistress for so long, but she hasn’t gotten anything. What a pity. Look, her face is pale.”

So much she wanted to tell everyone that this woman in front of her was the one who planned all this, but in order to leave Kerry, she could only endure.

“Venus!” Kerry snapped at her, “Can’t you shut up?”

Venus shrugged and kept eating.


Xinyou didn’t know whether she was angry with Venus or chilled by Kerry’ s indifferent attitude, her tears gushed out and fell on the dining table.

Kerry looked at her grievances and handed a tissue to her, “Don’t cry. She always speaks like this. You don’t need to be bothered with her.”

Hearing this, Xinyou cried even harder.

Unknowingly, what Kerry had spoken was in favor of Venus, but he didn’t even realize it himself.

“I’m full and I’m going out for a walk.” Kevin put down his chopsticks, really not wanting to see her hypocritical appearance.

Venus also wanted to go for a walk, but her feet didn’t allow her to do so, so she said ‘I’m going upstairs’ and left the table as well.

Late at night, as soon as she came out of the bathroom, she saw Kerry sitting on the edge of the bed in his pajamas.

“What are you doing here?” Venus subconsciously gripped the collar of her pajamas.

Kerry stared at her, “Do I need to apply?”

“No… Of course not…” Since he showed up at this time, Venus could easily figure out what he was up to.

“Come here!” He ordered.

Venus had no choice but to walk over to him, but she was still teasing him, “Kerry, you told the reporter today that we are a happy couple. Are you serious?”

Kerry grabbed her over and pressed her down on the bed, looking into her dark eyes, “I’m telling the truth, only half of it.”

“Where’s the other half?” She asked.

“The other half is that we are also happy in bed…”


Her lips were bitten. Gazing at the ceiling, she could only suffer his madness.

It seemed that they hadn’t had sex for a few days, Kerry was exceptionally passionate tonight. No, he was so every time.

“Kerry, can you give me a break? You’re breaking my back…”

“No way!”

“Kerry, you’re touching my fucking foot!”

“Say it again and I’ll kill you, do you believe it or not?”

Venus didn’t dare to disbelieve him, for he had always been fierce in bed, and she had no way to resist.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 133 A happy couple (4)
The next day, Kerry Ye was still sleeping. Venus was awake for a while and she picked up her phone to see the time. It was 7:30.

She put down the phone to get up, wait, what’s that tweet on the phone?

Picking up her phone again, Venus saw the news.

She accidentally read out, “Big news—Kerry’ s gossip girlfriend has lived in Ye’ s house. The reporter squatted outside the villa last night and accidentally found Miss Qiao entering the house and the doorman didn’t stop her, but opened the door respectfully. Until the early morning, the reporter didn’t see her coming out. According to the leaks, she has already lived in the house. Does this mean…”

The phone was suddenly snatched away from him, and Kerry, leaned against the bed, frowning at the news on the phone.

“What it means? Let me read it.” Venus was interested in the latter words, so she reached out to grab her phone.

Kerry stretched out his long hand, and Venus upper body subconsciously leaned against him.

Kerry lowered his head, for her tits were pressing against his ribs…

In the morning, he was still up and without saying a word, he threw away the phone and pressed her down…to break in.

“Kerry …you…you get up…”

“Who told you to seduce me?” He was in the rhyme, completely forgetting the news.

“I… I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t you read what the news says?”

“What’s there to see?”

“Don’t you…don’t you work?”

“After this!”

It turned out that when he was done, it was already eight o’clock.

Kerry came downstairs refreshed and Xinyou Qiao was not there. Kevin was exercising in the garden.

The delivered newspapers were put on the most noticeable part of the table. Kerry picked it up and threw it in the trash, but he could still see the words ‘Gossip girl’.

Seeing him down, Mr. Wang went up and said, “Young master, the villa is blocked by a lot of reporters and we can’t drive them away.”

“Where’s Xinyou?”

“She went out early in the morning.” He answered, glancing at Kerry’ s cold face, “Young master, how about not going work today?”

Kerry snorted, “It’s just a few reporters. Let them stay as they like. If anyone barges in, don’t be polite, just let the dogs bite them.”

“This….if they bite someone…”

“It’s good that I don’t sue them for trespassing. Do they think I’m easy to bully?”

“Yes, I know.”

Before getting into the car, he instructed, “Tell Venus don’t come out if it’s unnecessary.”

“Yes, Young master.”

Kerry’ s car slowly drove to the door and more than a dozen reporters recognized his car. Then a swarm of people want to stop the car, so the driver was a little hesitant, “Young master, what are we going to do now?”

“Do you need me to teach you? Drive as usual.” Kerry said coldly, for he didn’t think those reporters would risk their own lives.

Since the driver was ordered, he step on the accelerator and drove forward. A few reporters saw the situation was not right, so they hurriedly got out of the way, but there were a few bold non-stop in the middle of the road. Seeing the car didn’t slow down, they immediately got out of the way.

The gossip was getting hotter and hotter, and there was constantly news coming out…

“Miss Qiao has moved into Ye’ s villa.”

“Yehuang Group CEO Kerry’s marriage to Venus is in trouble.”

“Venus and Miss Qiao—Good friend. Who is prettier?”

In addition to the above news, someone even also analyzed from the face of the two and they thought Xinyou was more suitable.

Seeing all this, Venus thought it was extremely funny. Xinyou was really doing anything for this.

The president’s office, Yehuang Group

Throughout the day, Kerry’ s phone was ringing all the time, some of whom come to pry into gossip, while others are for mocking. Even if he wanted to work and ignore all this, it’s no longer up to him.

“Henry, did you get anything?” Kerry asked.

“Boss, the one is too cunning, so I am still looking into it.”

Kerry was so angry that he almost smashed his phone. Just then, Secretary Liu knocked the door and placed an invitation on his desk.

“Mr. Ye, Guangyu Mall opens tomorrow and they hope you can attend. Here’s the invitation.”

“I’m not going! Send a gift over for me.” Kerry said rather irritably.

“Okay, I got it.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 133 A happy couple (5)
Mr. Ye’ s office was quiet again. Kerry sat on the sofa to calm down for a moment, suddenly a thought flashing through his mind, so he pressed the phone and said, “Secretary Liu, tell Guangyu that I’ll be there on time for the opening ceremony.”

“Okay, Mr. Ye.”

Not only would he go, he would also take Venus Mu with him.

Back to the villa in the evening, Kerry threw a high-class dress in front of Venus and said, “Wear this tomorrow and come with me to an event.”

Venus was dumbfounded, pointing at herself and asking, “Me?”

“That’s right.”

“But…why did you take me?” Venus couldn’t figure it out.

Kerry angrily pinched her chin, “I don’t want to take you there, but you’re my wife.”

“Oh…but my foot hasn’t recovered yet. Aren’t you afraid that I’ll embarrass you?”

Kerry opened the box of the dress, “This is a long dress that can cover your feet. I’ll hold onto you then, walk slowly. They won’t find it.”

“It seems that I have to go?” Venus still wanted to excuse herself, for she had been staying at home for days and was getting used to this life.

“You can choose not to go, but,” Kerry threatened, “I’m afraid you can’t afford my punishment.”

Venus raised her hands in surrender, “Go, I’ll go.”

If she didn’t go, she would lose more.

Kerry let her go, but instead of leaving, he sat on the sofa and pointed to the dress, indifferently saying, “Try it on.”

“I think there’s no need. What you pick will definitely fit me.” Venus flattered.

Kerry raised his eyebrows, “It’s the secretary who chose it. That’s why I want you to try it on, in case it doesn’t fit you, so I can change another size for you.”

Venus was embarrassed, for it was too awkward to change clothes in front of him.

“Can you leave for a moment?”

“Which part of your body have I not seen before? Not only have I seen it, I don’t know how many men have seen it, so don’t pretend to be a virgin.” Kerry suddenly became vicious.

Venus froze. Thought he was a little better these days, but it turned out that She was thinking too much. Kerry would always be that Kerry, no respect and tolerance for her.

Slowly getting up, Venus’s back to him, taking off the T-shirt and the skirt. Then she put the dress on. Maybe because the zipper was on the back, she found it hard to pull it. When she was about to give up, one hand pinched the zipper.

The dress was ice-blue with sloping shoulder, the waist of which was full of a bunch, highlighting her great figure, showing the smooth skin. And it’s long enough to cover the gauze on her foot.

Venus wasn’t much happier with the dress, for the color matched his eyes too well.

She turned around and was just about to say “quite fit” when the man…

“Bzz-” the dress was…

“Kerry, the clothes…”

He didn’t speak, for he had been wanting to do it for a long time, and he could no longer endure it.

“No, neck, I have to see someone tomorrow…”

Hearing this, Kerry was harder…

After this, Kerry leaned on the bed to dial Secretary Liu’ s phone, “This afternoon, the dress, send another one to the villa. The same size… What? Only one? Then send a similar one.”

The next morning, wearing the new dress, Venus was mad standing in front of the mirror.

The dress that she tried last night could cover some parts of her neck, but this dress was strapless, with her collarbone and neck exposed.

Kerry, the bastard. She told him not to bite her neck, but he still did this. No matter how she covered with her foundation, it could still be seen. People there would definitely laugh at her.

“Are you ready or not? It’s almost the time.” Kerry stepped into the dressing room and saw her standing furiously, asking in puzzlement, “What are you staring at?”

Venus turned around, pointing at the marks on her neck, fuming at him, “How do you expect me to go out and meet people like this? Kerry, you did it on purpose last night, right?”

Looking at the marks, he had to admit that it was too conspicuous.

He turned around and looked for something in the wardrobe, taking out a long pink coat to her, “Wear it.”

“It’s…too hot.”

Kerry glared at her, “Be conspicuous or be hot, choose one.”

Venus immediately put on the coat. Then she puffed on the marks several times. Although she could still see them, she could only comfort herself.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Kerry picked her up in his arms and strode downstairs.

“I can walk on my own.”

“If you left an hour ago, I would never have touched you.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 133 A happy couple (6)
Kerry sat on the sofa for a moment and then calmed down. Suddenly a thought flashed through his mind.

“Secretary Liu, tell Guangyu that I will attend the opening.” he said to the phone.

“Yes, Mr. Ye.” the secretary answered.

He planned to attend it with Venus.

Back at the villa in the evening, Kerry threw a fancy dress at Venus and said, “Wear this tomorrow and come with me to attend an opening.”

“Me?” Venuswas puzzled.

Kerry nodded.

“But…why do you want me to attend it with you?” Venus asked.

Kerry grabbed her chin angrily, “I don’t want to take you there, but you’re my wife.”

“But I still have bandages on my feet, aren’t you afraid I’ll embarrass you?”

Kerry opened the box of dresses and said,”This is a long dress that will cover your feet and I’ll hold you when you get there. You walk slowly, and no one will see it.”

“Do I have to go?” Venus wanted to refuse him.

“You can choose not to go, but….,” Kerry threatened, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to stand my punishment.”

Venus nodded her head quickly at the thought of his punishment, “I’ll go.”

“Try it on.” Kerry sat on the couch and pointed to the dress.

“I’m sure the dress you bought will fit me.” Venus said softly. “I think I don’t have to try it on.”

Kerry raised an eyebrow and said honestly, “It’s what I had my secretary buy. That’s why I let you try it on.”

Venus was hesitated. It was embarrassed for her to exchange clothes in front of him.

“Would you mind getting out?” Venus asked.

“I know every detail of your body, so don’t play innocent.” Kerry said scathingly.

Venus stiffened. She thought he started to be nice to her, but what Kerry had said showed he was still the same mean Kerry.

He’d never know how to respect her.

Venus slowly got up, turned her back to him and slowly changed her dress. Because the zipper was in the back of the dress, she couldn’t zip it up. Suddenly Kerry was standing behind her helping her pull it up.

It was an ice-blue dress that set her figure off to advantage. The dress hung down to her toes to hide the gauze on her feet.

Venus wasn’t happy with the dress, for the color matched Kerry’s pupils too well.

She turned around and was about to say, “It fits,” but Kerry pushed her down on the bed suddenly.

“Kerry, the dress is torn.”

He remained silent and stroked her hair slowly and kissed her neck.

“I have to go out and meet people tomorrow, so you can’t leave any more hickeys on my neck.”

Yet Kerry didn’t care what she said. He quickly undressed her, and then made love to her.

After a long time, Kerry leaned against the bed and dialed Secretary Liu’s number, “Send another dress to the villa this afternoon.”


The next morning Venus stood in front of the mirror in her new dress, angry.

The dress she’d tried on last night can cover the hickey on her neck, but this was a strapless dress today, exposing her collarbone and neck.

“Are you done? We’re going to be late.” Kerry said impatiently, and then he stepped into the dressing room and saw her standing there angry, “What’s wrong with you?”

Venus pointed to the hickeys on her neck and collarbone. “People will see these hickeys. You did that on purpose last night, right?” she said angrily.

Kerry smirked. He turned and pulled a long pink trench coat out of the closet, “Wear it outside.”

“It’s too hot to wear it.”

Kerry glared at her, “If you don’t wear it, people will see the hickeys on your neck. You make a choice.”

Venus had to put on her trench coat right away, but she could still see these hickeys. However there was nothing else she could do.

“Okay, let’s go.” Kerry picked her up and strode down the stairs.

“I’ll walk myself.”

“If we’d left an hour ago, I never would have carried you downstairs.” Kerry said coldly.

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