Chapter 134: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 134 He Was Obsessed with Her Body (1)
Venus, who was in Kerry’ s arms, looked at the cameras after hearing these questions. She opened her mouth slightly, but not a word was uttered. She seemed hesitant and sad.

Although she didn’t say anything, her facial expression answered all their questions. These reporters were very satisfied with her expression because it was up to them to add explanation to her sadness and hesitancy, and of course, after taking money from Hao Nangong, they would make a story that meets Hao’s demands.

So the reporters left with great satisfaction.

Before Kerry and Venus got back home, the stories written by these reporters were already circulating on the internet.

One report was titled: “Kerry’ s wife, Venus, has acknowledged the fact that her husband is having an affair with Xinyou Qiao!” And they also added a picture to the report, in which Venus’s eyes were moist.

Another report was titled: “Kerry’ s wife looked absent-minded during an activity. She acknowledged that she would soon get divorced with Kerry.”


Venus was surprised when she saw these reports. She truly admired these reporters’ imagination for making these stories when she didn’t say anything.

But Kerry was furious. He pushed Venus into a chair and said: “What the hell did you mean? Why do you have to put on such a pathetic expression!!”

Kerry took her there with the intention of quashing these rumors, but he only made the situation worse!

“You know it’s unfair to accuse me like that!! It was these reporters who wrote these stories! Not me!” Venus grabbed her ankle. She didn’t want to get injured again.

“They would never report like that if you didn’t put on that bloody expression!”

“So you want me to laugh? How can I laugh on that occasion?”

Kerry stared at her unblinkingly. He remembered something suddenly. He walked to her and cupped her neck, and asked: “Did you give away these information on purpose? Where did they get the pictures?”

Venus’s face was turning pale because of Kerry’ s grip. She said: “Kerry, how am I able to do that?”

“Then how did they know how long Xinyou has been living here? And how did they know that I’m taking you to the activity? Is there anything that you can not do to get out of here? Let me tell you this: No one can change my decision! I don’t care what are these reporters saying. And I’ll never let you leave!! You should forget about that!”

Kerry released his grip, and said to a butler: “Lock her in that small room behind the villa!! Let her live with the animals in there. Remember, don’t give her any food for the next three days.”

The butler looked at Venus, who was coughing violently, and said: “Young master, that room is used to store all the useless junks, and……”

“Why do you have so many questions?”

“Wait a second, Kerry.” Venus recovered, and said before two maids came to garb her: “I know who did that.”

Kerry froze for an instant. Then he said: “Fine. Tell me who did it.”

“Xinyou and Hao Nangong!” Venus said.

Kerry laughed. Then he looked at Venus with contempt and said: “Why should I believe you? You are just lying!”

“It is true! I am not lying! Why should I lie when I am about to be locked in a deserted room!” Venus said.

“Venus! You think I’m a three year old baby? Where is your evidence?” Kerry looked at her condescendingly. His eyes were cold and impersonal.

“Evidence?” Venus remembered that IT specialist all of sudden. She found his number and said to Kerry: “You can find this person, and he will tell you whether I was lying or not.”

Kerry looked at the number and shouted: “Henry!”

“What’s up, young master.” Henry walked in, and stood there respectfully.

Kerry gave him the phone and said: “Find this person.”

“Yes.” Henry memorized the number and left.

Venus drank some water to calm herself down.

“Venus, if you just lied to me…….”

“You will know whether I was lying to you when Henry found that person.” Venus rubbed her ankle, which got even more painful after being pushed by Kerry just now.

Shaopeng Han, who was living in a rented room, felt regretful. He realized he shouldn’t have done this business in the first place. He got even more panicky when he saw the reports that had been circulating on the internet. He would never do it if he knew Xinyou would threaten Kerry with these pictures, because he knew Kerry’ s people were much more brutal than that group of people who asked him to make the pictures.

“Stop beating me! I will tell you everything!” Shaopeng shouted to Henry’s people……

An hour later, Henry got back to the villa.

“Young Master, I know what happened.” Henry said. He was feeling annoyed because he wasted too much time looking for that person, and in the end he found that person was so near to him.

“What happened?”

“The person Venus wanted me to find is a hacker, and he said Hao Nangong and Xinyou asked him to make these pictures.”

Kerry grabbed a cup and smashed it into pieces. Venus covered her face in an instant to protect herself from the flying fragments.

“Bastards!” Kerry was furious. Blue veins throbbed on his arm.

He finally realized that Hao and Xinyou were working with each other to force him to get divorced with Venus under the pressure from the public. Because Hao wanted to get Venus, and Xinyou wanted to be his wife. He thought to himself: “It is a very good plan, but I am not the kind of person who yields to pressure!”

“Young master, that hacker also said……”

“What did he say?”

“He also said that another group of people threatened him and took the original materials from the hotel.”

Venus was also shocked when she heard this. She didn’t know who were these people at all.

“Does he remember who were these people?” Kerry asked.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 134 He Was Obsessed with Her Body (2)
Henry shook his head and said: “He said he was too nervous at that time to remember anything.”

Actually, Shaopeng Han wouldn’t dare to say it even though he remembered. He didn’t want to trigger their retaliation.

Venus stood up when she saw the problem was solved. She said coldly: “Can I go now?”

Kerry looked at her. Mixed feelings came over him. He said: “If you know this, why didn’t you tell me about it earlier?”

Venus laughed dryly. She said: “I just told you about it, but did you believe me? Do you still remember how many shitty things have happened since Xinyou moved into this villa? I have explained so many times, but did you even believe me once? Why should I keep explaining when you obviously have no trust in me?”

Kerry didn’t know what to say. So many memories came flooding back to him, and just like she said, he didn’t believe her once.

“You should have given me the number earlier……” His voice was low and he sounded very regretful.

Venus smiled coldly and said: “Kerry, do you still remember how many times have you tried to kill me? You are right about one thing: I really want Xinyou’s plan to succeed, because I will be free if you compromise and get divorced with me! That’s why I didn’t expose Xinyou’s lie.”

What she just said pierced Kerry’ s armor and stabbed his heart slowly as if her words were a knife. He felt painful and he felt all his strength was drained.

“Now, the truth is finally uncovered. If you still want to kill me, just do it. I am too tired to resist.” Venus straightened her shoulders, and looked in Kerry’ s eyes.

Silence then fell upon the living room. The sunshine came streaming in at the window, but Venus was still feeling cold.

The clock was ticking the time away. Kerry looked at Venus, who was standing right in front of him. Her face remained the same, but her character changed. At first, all her emotions were written on her face, but now, she became so good at concealing her feelings. She was so close to him, but still, he couldn’t tell how was she feeling. Is she feeling nervous? Or fearless? Or what?

And he knew, it was him who changed her.

Some time later, Kerry said to Mrs Qin: “Please take her upstairs. And ask Doctor Han to check her ankle.”

“Sure, young master!” Mrs Qin was so happy. Kerry was finally caring for Venus. She thought.

Venus also sighed inwardly with relief.

Henry, after thinking for a long time, said to Kerry: “Young master, Mr Nangong is still trying to give this incident more publicity, and people will talk about it for a long time. Should we also find some medias to stop it?”

“No. Don’t they want to know what is my attitude? I’ll tell them what is my attitude.” Kerry said. Then he called Xinyou and said: “Xinyou, where are you now? Come back. I have something to say to you. I’ll be waiting for you.”


Xinyou was at Yehuang Group at that time. She was filled with excitement when she hung up the phone. She thought her plan finally succeeded, because the way he just talked to her was so gentle and so sweet.

She couldn’t wait anymore. She turned off the computer, with which she was just reading a new report about Kerry and Venus, and got back to the villa without even asking Meilin He for leave.

She felt so excited when she thought that she would soon become Mrs Ye, and she would soon kick Venus out of the villa.

The first thing she saw when she walked into the living room was all the glass pieces on the ground, and she looked at Kerry, and found his face was grim. She thought Kerry just quarreled with Venus, and she was very glad.

“Kerry, what’s the matter?” Xinyou asked in a soft voice.

Kerry looked at her and he wanted to give her one last chance. He asked flatly: “ The rumors about me and Venus are now flying around. You know who started these rumors?”

Xinyou didn’t expect to be asked about this. She calmed herself down and said: “Eh, I have no idea. Aren’t you investigating? Is there still no result?”

“I got the result. She is living right in this villa. I just can’t believe it was her.” Kerry said in a cold voice. He fixed his gaze on her face.

Xinyou smiled awkwardly and said: “So, you know who she is?”

“Yeah. Do you want to guess? Who do you think she is?”

Xinyou arched her brows and thought about it carefully, and then she acted to be surprised and said: “Is she Venus? No, it can’t be her. She wouldn’t do that. Why would she?”

Kerry was seized by both anger and disappointment. He knew he would wrong Venus again if he didn’t know the truth beforehand. And he knew Xinyou would keep pretending to be a good friend of Venus’s.

Kerry was silent, and Xinyou continued: “But if you think about it carefully, it is also possible. Because Venus has told me many times that she wants to leave this place. But what she did was just way over the line. Not only did she get her own reputation tarnished, she also dragged you into……”

“Xinyou Qiao!!” Kerry shouted suddenly. “How can you still blame Venus for what you did!! Have you no shame?”

Xinyou was numb with shock. Her mind went blank. A few seconds later, she asked nervously: “Kerry, what are you talking about? I don’t understand you.”

“You don’t understand? Fine, let me ask you: do you know this person named Shaopeng Han?”

Shaopeng Han? the hacker? how did he know this person? Xinyou thought to herself.

“I…I…” Xinyou’s face went pale, and she didn’t know what to say.

“Cat got your tongue? Xinyou, I always thought you are a nice girl! But you are a woman with no moral scruples! Is there anything that you can not do to achieve your purpose?” Kerry stared at her. He found he didn’t know the woman standing in front of him at all.

He remembered Venus once said that he was blind, and now he realized Venus was so right about that.

“Kerry, please listen to me. It’s not like that……” Xinyou grabbed Kerry’ s arm, and tears were streaming down her face.

Kerry slapped her hand away and said coldly: “Okay. Give me an explanation. I’m listening.”

Xinyou’s mind was racing. She thought she could only blame Hao Nangong for everything. She said: “Kerry, I did this because I was forced by Hao Nangong. He wants to get Venus, and that’s why he devised this plan. It’s really none of my business.”

“How did he force you?”

Xinyou lied blatantly: “He said that if I don’t cooperate with him, he would……he would drive me out of this city. You know, his family is very powerful….”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 134 He was obsessed with her body (3)
“Shut up.” Kerry interrupted her angrily.

“You betrayed Hao, does he know that? I suggest you talk to him and then give me a reason.” He said sarcastically.

Xinyou Qiao immediately apologized, “Kerry, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have agreed to Hao Nangong to set you up. I was really wrong. Please forgive me, please….”

Kerry did not pity her. He pushed her away and said to Butler Wang, “Pack Miss Qiao’s luggage and send her away.”

Xinyou Qiao didn’t expect him to be so heartless. But she knew she couldn’t leave here. If she left Ye family, it would be even harder for her to come back.

“Please don’t do this to me,” Xinyou knelt on the floor, grabbed his clothes, begging, “I’m doing all this because I love you. The first moment I saw you at the hotel, I fell in love with you.”

Kerry bent over and lifted her chin, “You love me? The way you love me is by destroying me?”

Venus was now standing on the second floor balcony eating an apple and she was watching the scene downstairs happily.

“Madam, you’d better go to your room or Mr. Ye will be mad at you again.” Mrs. Qin said.

“Don’t worry. He has no time to notice me now.” Venus just watched them and said in a low voice, “I’m happy to see Xinyou Qiao begging Kerry.”

Xinyou shook her head, “I would never do anything to hurt you. Have you forgotten about our first night at the hotel? I gave my virginity to you. I made up my mind then that I would only love you for the rest of my life.”

“Xinyou Qiao, I’m always wondering if the girl that night is really you.” Kerry looked at her coldly.

“How can you doubt what happened that night?” Xinyou’s heart trembled and her tears flowed even faster.

At that moment, Butler Wang and two maids came over with several suitcases, “Sir, Miss Qiao’s luggage is here.”

“Now leave here. I don’t want to see you again.” Kerry said to Xinyou coldly.

He’d take that night as a beautiful memory. If he let Xinyou stay herre, he was afraid that his good memory would be ruined.

“Kerry, could you let me stay here for a few days? I have nowhere to go now.” Xingyou was still begging.

Kerry pulled a card out of his wallet and tossed it to her, “You take the money and go to the hotel. Wherever you go, don’t show up in front of me again.”

He was always heartless. Once he made up his mind about something, no one could change his decision.

“Miss Qiao has been living in our house for so long. It’s a little inappropriate for you to kick her out suddenly.” Kevin came in from outside.

Kevin’s appearance had eased the atmosphere. Kerry calmed down a little.

“What’s wrong with it?” Kerry asked patiently.

Kevin sat next to him and explained. “Now the media are saying that Miss Qiao is your lover. Now that you’ve kicked her out, what will people think of you? If Miss Qiao smeared you to the media again, your reputation will be tarnished.”

“I won’t do this.” Xinyou said quickly.

“You shut up!” Kerry shouted at her, and then turned to Kevin and said, “Gossip doesn’t work on me.”

“I know you don’t care that. But I’m afraid that it will affect our company’s reputation. Our company’s main business is making woman clothing.” Kerry said quietly. “Women are very sensitive. If you are promoted by the media as a scum who plays with women’s affections and a husband who cheats on your wife, they definitely won’t buy our company’s clothing.”

Kevin’s words calmed him down. He thought his brother’s words made sense. He was the president of the company and his image also represented the company. He didn’t care about his own reputation, but he couldn’t let the company’s reputation be in jeopardy.

“Then what do you think I should do now?” Kerry said calmly.

“It’s simple.” Kevin chuckled. “You and Venus take a few intimate pictures to show you’re in love and get a few media outlets to put them out. Then you send out a statement just saying that this whole thing is a deliberate attempt to frame you,” Then he pointed to Xinyou. “You make her record a video to clarify that she has nothing to do with you.”

After Kevin said that, Kerry was suddenly enlightened. He used to not care public opinions, but if it would affect the company, then he would have to take this matter seriously.

“Just do as you say.” Kerry patted his brother’s shoulder and said, “You become matured and more sensible since you came back.”

“Of course.” Kevin smiled and said, “Time is the best teacher.”

Kerry walked up to Xinyou and said emotionlessly, “I’ll let you live here, but I’m warning you not to play tricks on me. If I find out you’re still doing something mean, I won’t let you off the hook.”

Xinyou nodded.


Afterwards Venus walked into the room upstairs on crutches. She’s a little confused as to why Kevin left Xinyou live here. Why didn’t he tell Kerry what Xinyou had done before?

Venus was a little reluctant at the thought of taking a few intimate pictures with Kerry, but if these pictures spread on the internet, her brother would be able to see her. So she thought it was worth a try. When Kerry asked her to take intimate pictures with him, she pretended to hesitate for a moment and then agreed.

After four days of planning, the news of Kerry’s girlfriend took a dramatic turn. He first stated through the media that he and his wife had always been in love and also showed people these pictures of their affectionate relationship. The company’s employees also showed photos of him carrying Venus out of the office. In the end, Xinyou clarified that she and Kerry were just boss and employee, and she stayed at Ye’s house because Venus took her in.

Overnight, Kerry’s image went from being a scum to a good husband. The company’s sales also increased several times.

Hate welled up inside Xinyou as she thought of the two of them together. She thought she could kick Venus out of the Ye family this time with the photo, but she didn’t expect to make a mess of things. Now Kerry didn’t believe her either.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 134 He was obsessed with her body (4)
“Who leaked the news? Is it the woman who posed as me to get the pictures?” Xinyou Qiao thought.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She brought it over and saw that Hao Nangong texted her: You piece of crap.

“Crap? Hao Nangong, you’re the fucking crap!” Xinyou cursed.

Xinyou knew she had to find a way to regain Kerry’s trust. She was determined to become Kerry’s wife.

For the past few days, Kerry hadn’t even looked at her and he’d grown closer to Venus and stayed in Venus’ room basically every night. He took her to work and picked her up from work every day. They really seemed to be a loving couple.

Although Xinyou knew that they pretended to love each other, she was afraid that Kerry would really fall for Venus.

Standing on the balcony, Xinyou saw Kevin walking not far away.

Suddenly, she thought that if Kevin could help her, he would be more useful to her than Hao Nangong. Then she thought of a perfect reason, and went downstairs to him.

“Kevin, you’re taking a walk?” She asked.

Kevin put his hands in his pockets and walked slowly, “Yeah, the moon is so beautiful.”

“Yeah, it is,” Xinyou said. “I really appreciate what you did the other day.”

Kevin raised an eyebrow, “Not to mention it.”

“Ever since I met you, you have helped me many times.” Xinyou smiled, “can you tell me why you helped me?”

“There’s no reason. I just do good things sometimes when I’m in a good mood, but when I’m in a bad mood, I won’t help anyone even if someone begs me.” Kevin said coldly.

That was a good reason that was hard to argue with.

As Kevin walked along the gravel path, he knew that Xingyou had come to see him for something, but he wouldn’t ask her if she didn’t say. He really disliked calculating woman, but he had to keep her around in order to get his brother in trouble occasionally.

After a few minutes, Xinyou finally couldn’t hold back and said, “Kevin, I want to make a deal with you.”

Kevin smirked in his mind.

“You want to make a deal with me? Why would I have to make a deal with you?” Kevin asked.

Xinyou laughed lightly, “I know you’re eager to find Tianye Mu, and I can give you information on him. What do you think about this bargaining chip?”

Kevin stopped and turned his head to look at her, “I can’t even find out where Tianye Mu is. Can you find out where he is?”

“Actually Venus knows about Tianye Mu’s whereabouts, but she hid it from all of you.” Xinyou said slowly.

Kevin wore a faint smile. “This woman is good at taking advantage of people’s mind.” he thought.

“Since she hid it so well, how did you know?”

Xinyou raised her chin proudly and said, “I’ve been friends with her for so many years, so I can say that I’m the one who knows her best. As long as you work with me, I’ll be able to get the information about Tianye Mu.”

Kevin bowed his head and laughed quietly for a moment. “And what do you want me to do?”

Xinyou saw him agree, and then she said happily, “I’ll tell you the information about Tianye Mu, you help me kick Venus out of the Ye family.”

Kevin couldn’t hold back his laughter. “Where did she get the confidence to think I would help her?” he thought.

Xinyou was stunned, “Why are you laughing? Don’t you believe me?”

“Last time, you used Tianye Mu to deal with Venus, and this time it’s the same tactic, can’t you do it differently? Or do you think you can fool me?” Kevin said directly.

Xinyou’s face became contorted. It was as if she had been undressed, ashamed and angry.

“Kevin, I really wanted to make a deal with you.”

“Then you need give me useful information instead of making up lies here.” Kevin said bluntly.

“Fine, I’ll find out where Tianye Mu is.” Xinyou stomped her feet and turned to leave.

Kevin watched her back as she left and smiled, “I’ll just wait to see what tricks you’ll come up with.”

He had also investigated Venus. She didn’t know Tianye Mu’s whereabouts. Besides, he was just trying to cause a little trouble for his brother, and he didn’t want to target Venus.


Right now in Venus’s room, Venus was negotiating with Kerry. She wanted to take a shower and Kerry insisted that she make love to him first.

“Kerry, can you control yourself? I haven’t had a good sleep for many days.” Venus clung to the bathroom door.

“It’s your duty as a wife.” Kerry stood in front of her.

“But please taking care of my feelings. All I want now is a shower and a good sleep.”

Then Kerry piked her up and headed straight for the bathroom, and threw her into the huge tub filled with hot water, “Now you can take a bath.”

“Kerry, are you crazy?” Venus said angrily.

Then Kerry took off his own clothes and went in the tub as well.

Seeing him get in, Venus tried to crawl out, but he pulled her back, “You said you wanted to take a bath Why do you want to run away now?”

Venus kicked him a couple of times, but there was no threat to him, “Kerry, you get out.”

Kerry wouldn’t listen to her. He just stripped her and got on top of her. “I’ve been nicer to you the last few days and you’ve forgotten my temper.” he said.

“I know you’re perverted all the time.”

“Really? Then I’ll deepen your memory so that you’ll never forget it.”

“Aren’t you afraid of impotence if you keep having sex so often?” Venus said. “You’re an asshole. I’m telling the truth. Why do you bite me?”

“What you’re saying is so annoying!” Kerry grabbed the dress at the edge of the tub and gagged her with it.

Venus glared at him and protested with her look.

“Don’t worry. I won’t let you drink the bath water.” Kerry laughed.

Actually Kerry didn’t understand why he was obsessed with her body every night. Since she was his wife, why didn’t he do what he wanted to do to her?

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