Chapter 134: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 134 Thieves.

Fox Lee wasn’t afraid of Webb Lee, “This is a company, not a place for you to mess around.”

“You!” Webb didn’t expect that Fox would be like this. It was disrespectful to him and Grandpa Lee.

In the past, Grandpa Lee had been biased for Fox. But now, Fox didn’t show any respect to Grandpa Lee.

Fox snorted, “Dad, I’m calling this meeting to keep Lishi Company alive. Please don’t waste my time here!”

Grandpa Lee asked in surprise, “you can save it?”

“Of course, there’s a project worth one hundred million, “Fox said proudly.


Everyone was shocked.

“One hundred million?”


“Did I hear it wrong?”

Fox took a look at everyone and said, “you didn’t mishear. It’s indeed a one-hundred-million project. The money will be soon transferred to the company’s account.”

After saying that, everyone looked at each other excitedly.

“Fine, then I’m relieved.” Grandpa Lee was very happy. In fact, it was all his fault for what had happened just now. Now that he had the chance, he wouldn’t mind so much.

Webb didn’t say anything more either.

However, Fox continued, “okay, now please go out.”

Then, Grandpa Lee walked out first. Webb also followed him out.

Fox was satisfied to see that, “this project is the chance for us, and they told us that they would provide us with the marketing and channel. We just need to finish the first part of the project…”

No one was found after two days of waiting, and Colin Ward seemed to be a little impatient.

Things didn’t go well here, and he was told that there was something wrong with the Marquis Group.

A couple of hours ago when he was in the company, Nina White reported that in the past two days, there had been problems in the companies that had a large profit margin.

Needless to say, someone must have played tricks on the Marquis group.

But Colin didn’t have so much energy to care about it.

The poison in Doris would become more and more serious. If he couldn’t detoxify her, her life would be in danger.

Today, just like the previous two days, the three of them, Colin, Gerd Ward, and Xu Lang, continued to wait at the barbecue stall across the Huihuang KTV.

However, there was still nothing.

Colin had no choice but to drive back with Gerd. When he was about to take out his phone to check the time, he suddenly found that his phone was gone.

“Fuck! Where is my phone?”

There were many business secrets of the Marquis group and many documents on his phone. If someone took them away, it would be a disaster!

Gerd calmly took out his phone and checked the location of Colin’s.

“Three kilometers away from us, someone is taking it, heading for an old market.”

Colin was stunned, “old market? Is the thief planning to sell it for money?”

Colin was right.

He and Gerd came to the old market according to GPS, but because it was early in the morning, there was no one in the market. They could see nothing at a glance.

The two followed the man and came to a flat. The man knocked on the door and it opened soon.

“We going in?”Colin asked, “there should be more.”

Gerd nodded and walked away.

Inside the flat.

A yellow-haired man looked at the man who just came in and asked, “hey rat, how’s it going tonight?”

Rat took out three phones, “the result tonight.”

“Booyah!” The Yellow-haired man chuckled, “three for one night, good job, man!”

“Uh-huh, I’m the best in town, oh yeah!”

The yellow-haired man took the three phones and said, “two iPhones.”

“Yes, these two can be sold for a lot of money, but this one might only worth a few hundred.” Said Rat.

Suddenly, there was another knock on the door.

The yellow-haired man asked in confusion, “who is it? Rat, didn’t you ask others to come here today? “

Rat shook his head, “no, I’m alone.”

Hearing this, the two of them looked at the door vigilantly. The yellow-haired man stopped and stared at Rat.

Rat thought that the yellow-haired man misunderstood him, so he immediately explained, “don’t look at me, I don’t-“


Gerd kicked the door open.

Instantly, the yellow-haired man rushed out, trying to flee, but was caught back by Gerd right away.

Gerd’s appearance had a great impact on people. It was obvious that he was not to be trifled with.

“Who, who are you?” Rat was scared the shit out.

Yellow-haired man failed to struggle and shouted bravely, “let go of me! Let go of me! If you don’t let me go, I’ll sue you for assault!”

Colin walked out from behind Gerd, “oh yeah? Go on, then I can I sue you for stealing!”

“Bullshit! We didn’t!”The yellow-haired man denied.

Rat was too afraid to speak.

Colin took a look at the yellow-haired man and then looked at Rat. Slowly, he spoke up, “my mobile phone has been installed with GPS, so if you don’t tell me the truth, I will call the police.”

“No!” Rat was so scared that he screamed out. He shrank aside and took a look at the yellow-haired man, “Your phone…it’s…it’s here…”

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