Chapter 135 – 136: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 135: Live streaming

People would be shocked if they knew that Kris Chen reached the fulfilled stage in less than a month since he began to practice.

You know, Lan Yu is a senior sister of Mount Emei. It took her more than ten years of practice since she was a child to reach the fulfilled stage. If it were not for Kris’s Obstacle Breaking Pill, it’s unsure how much time it would take for her to reach the innate-power stage.

Kris was satisfied with the effect of Genuine Energy Pill. At that moment, he was full of inner energy and as light as a swallow. He seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of energy all over him.

He planned to use the Obstacle Breaking Pill again to reach the innate-power stage when he got used to his present power.

At the thought of that, Kris was very happy.

After packing up his things, Kris’s phone rang. It’s Tianba Li called to ask him out.

He then hung up the phone and walked out of the office.

When he came to the office hall, he saw several male colleagues watching a video together with mobile phones in their hands, and they laughed from time to time.

The system of Huanyu Group is very humanized. It’s understandable that you play the mobile phone to relax after completing the work. But it’s going too far when a few people got together and laughed.

Kris frowned and went over, but they were too focused to notice him.

When the other colleagues around them saw the President came over with a sullen face, they felt it’s lucky that they didn’t watch with them, or they would fall on evil days.

“What are you looking at?”

Kris said that coldly when he was behind those who were watching the video.

The sudden voice scared the young man in the middle, and his phone was almost being thrown out. They turned their heads and found it’s the President. Then they stood up and bowed to say, “Good afternoon, president!”

“Come on, don’t be so nervous.” Kris waved his hand and said. In fact, being a manager is not just about being strict. The occasional chat with the employees can promote the relationship between the leader and the subordinates and deepen the company’s control. So why not enjoy doing it?

“What are you looking at?” Kris asked.

The male employee holding the phone handed it to Kris in a panic. “President, we’re watching a live streaming video.” He said.

“Oh? Live streaming?” Kris said interestedly. In this We-media era, live streaming is very popular and becomes mainstream.

Kris touched his chin and wondered if the artists of Huanyu Group can broadcast live also?

After thinking about it, Kris looked at the screen of the phone subconsciously. He was stunned as soon as he looked at it.

He saw there was a beautiful woman in the broadcast room. She has a beautiful face. And her eyes, as beautiful as the water in autumn, captivated your attention and made you can’t move your eyes when she blinked.

There were only a few hundred people in the room, but it seemed that there were thousands of people from the bullet subtitles.

The screen was full of praise and gifts from the audience.

“I swear, in addition to your live, I will not watch other female’s live streaming in the future.”

“Oh my god, she is so beautiful!”

“Goddess, how many gifts do I have to give you to have your Wechat…?”


Kris’s face clouded when he saw the chat message in the room. The goddess is his wife, Mary Su.

What’s going on?

Why she, the President of the company of Su family, paid no attention to the company but broadcast live?

At that moment, Kris had a lot of questions in his mind. He took a deep breath and looked at the male employee and asked, “Do you know who she is?”

“Ah?” The male employee said.

The male employee was dumbfounded. He thought he would be punished by the President, and he didn’t expect the President to ask him about the female anchor.

The male employee felt he was running out of his wit, and he couldn’t figure out what’s going on.

“President, I know. The female anchor is Mary Su. She is a newcomer who started doing it a few days ago. She said she is from Westriver City. Because she is beautiful and her voice is sweet, there are a lot of people who send gifts to her. ” Another male employee next to him said carefully.

She’s been broadcasting live for several days?

Kris was a little surprised. He frowned, and no one knew what he’s thinking. The several employees gathered around to watch the live streaming were so scared that their legs were almost soft when they saw Kris’s face clouded.

“All right, go to work,” Kris said. Kris left the staff office when he said that.


No reprimands and punishments?

Several employees looked at each other. They didn’t expect that the President just said some words and let them go.

But they all saw the joy in each other’s eyes. At that moment, they swore in their hearts that they would work hard to make more benefits for the company.

Of course, Kris didn’t know that.

Kris thought for a while and then called Xue Mi. “Check a female anchor called Mary Su for me and find out why she broadcasts live,” Kris said.

“Yes, president,” Xue replied reverently when the phone got through.

Kris didn’t want to go out anymore. So he called Tianba and told him there was something urgent in the company that he had to deal with.

After hanging up the phone, Kris leaned on the executive chair and put his feet on the desk. Then he picked up an artificial Cuban cigar and smoked it.

After waiting for about ten minutes, Xue knocked on the door and came in. “President, I’ve looked into what you asked me to look into. The anchorwoman, Mary Su, was originally the President of Su family, but two days ago, she was ousted from her post and expelled from the family…”


She was ousted from her post and expelled from the family?

Kris stood up suddenly, and he was furious. He snuffed out the Cuban cigar that worth hundreds of dollars. The last thing he wanted to see just happen.

The old lady of the Su family went too far in bullying Mary. How could she treat Mary like that?

It’s the first time for Xue to see Kris so angry. She was too scared to speak.

“What am I doing?” Kris thought and shook his head. He suppressed his anger and sat back in the executive chair. Then he relit the cigar and took a greedy deep puff and then exhaled. His whole face was enveloped in smoke.

It was so quiet in the office, and Xue felt her palms sweat. She dared not to breathe deeply for fear of disturbing the President’s thoughts.

“Xue, do you know the name of the platform she’s broadcasting on?” Kris said.

The sudden words of Kris broke the dead silence. “President, the live platform is called Squirrel Live. The boss of it is our company’s partner,” Xue answered immediately.

“Oh? Really?” Kris said.

“Okay, tell the boss of Squirrel Live to help her be popular. And I owe him a favor,” Kris said calmly.

After hearing what Kris said, Xue was shocked, but she dared not to ask much. She nodded and said, “Yes.”

After Xue left, Kris took out his phone and downloaded the Squirrel Live. He registered an account named Miaoyang.

There were not many people in Mary’s room. As she is a newcomer, there were not many resources for her.

Fortunately, she is pretty. Most of the audience didn’t want to go out once they entered the room.

The moment when Kris entered the room, he saw a fan named “The leader of Westriver City” gave Mary ten planes. One plane is a thousand dollars, and ten is ten thousand dollars.

Mary didn’t expect that she could receive so much money when she broadcast live for the second day. She was very excited.

Mary immediately rose to her feet and said, “Thank you, The leader of Westriver City.”

“Ha, ha, ha, you’re welcome. I’ve given so many presents, won’t you dance for me? ”The leader of Westriver City texted after hearing Mary’s thanks.



Mary was surprised for a moment. She can’t dance and said, “I’m sorry. I really can’t dance. I can sing a song.”

After broadcasting live for two days, Mary knew some argots. The dance they said is not ballet or anything, but the kind that’s very sexy.

If you can’t imagine, you can think about pole dancing.

“The leader of Westriver City” was unhappy. “Goddess, do you understand the rules of live broadcasting? I’m your financial backer as I have given you so much money. As long as I don’t ask you to do something illegal, you should do your best to meet my demands. Do you understand? Do you think the reason why I gave you ten thousand dollars was to hear you sing? Are you kidding me?” “The leader of Westriver City” texted.

“Yeah, do you understand the rules of live broadcasting?”

“Don’t think you can pretend to be pure and lofty just because you’re pretty.”

“There is no need to pretend to be pure and lofty as you are an anchor. Just dance, or I’ll unfollow you…”

“Dance or I will launch a tip-off…”

Mary was very sad when she saw the audience threatened her that they wound unfollow or launch a tip-off.

She bit her lips and slowly rose up from the chair…

Chpater 136: Auction

As soon as she stood up in a short skirt, her leggy and white legs were revealed. The live-streaming studio immediately flooded with bullet-screen comments: “She looks so fair, what a pretty girl… beautiful legs…”

Looking at those comments, Mary bit her lip tightly.

Some time ago, she was a god’s favored one, but now she has come to be in such a state.

“But if I refuse their requests, who will reward me gifts later on?” she thought.


“Having prepared my tissue, I’m waiting for the goddess to dance…”

“What should I do?” she thought.

Standing in front of the screen, Mary was too panicky to know where to put her hands.

“Why don’t you start dancing? Do you think I reward you fewer coins?”

“Westriver’s godfather” sent a bullet-screen, and then ten planes whizzed over the screen.

“Well, you’ve received ten more planes. Dance now! Don’t be greedy!”

“Wow, you’re damn amazing, Westriver’s godfather.”

“That’s incredible, tuhao (filthy rich man), I want to ride your coattails!”


For a moment, almost everyone in the live-streaming studio flattered him, which worked well for him: “Come on, maybe I’ll reward you another plane if you dance well and delight me.”

His mobile phone screen, however, was occupied by rockets before he sent the bullet-screen!

My god, who the hell is this? He rewards her 2,000 rockets right off!

This time, Mary’s screen was filled with rockets, and the squirrel live broadcast platform also released what happened in her live-streaming studio.

All the viewers of this live streaming platform were shocked by the news. Who were this crazy tuhao rewarding gifts so lavishly?

Two thousand rockets, which amount to four million yuan.

Oh, my god, this was too crazy!

Mary’s live broadcast ranking zoomed up, rushed into the top 10 from the bottom of the list.

Several big-name anchors of squirrel live streaming were also knocked off the list by her.

And the viewers of this platform could not help entering Mary’s live-streaming studio when they saw this news.

Within a few minutes, the number of Mary’s viewers jumped from more than a hundred to several thousand, and the number was still rising.

Looking at the bright red screen, Mary was also excited. She could not help seeing the tuhao named “Miaoyang” who rewarded her two thousand rockets.

The so-called “Miaoyang” sent a bullet screen: “Do what you want to do. No one can force you!”

As soon as they saw this bullet-screen, the people who have clamored to unfollow and report Mary were silent, including the wealthy “Westriver’s godfather”.

“Thank you, thanks, Miaoyang!” Mary said gratefully, “To show my gratitude, I’d like to sing a song for you…”

As soon as she said that, she saw a message was sent from the backstage: “your supreme fan has withdrawn from your live-streaming studio.”

“Miaoyang” has become the “supreme” of the live-streaming studio in that he rewarded Mary for two thousand rockets just now. “supreme” is the highest title of this live streaming platform, so the anchor will receive the news at once whether “supreme” is online or offline.

In a moment, Mary froze when she saw the new…

Turning off the phone, Kris Chen gave a stretch while the office door was knocked on.

“Come in!” Kris said. The door was opened, Xue Mi came in with a pile of data. “President, I have already done what you told me to do. The boss of Squirrel live-streaming asked me to tell you that it’s his pleasure to help you!”

“Well done,” kris nodded with a smile.

Hearing his praise, Xue was delighted, putting the data in front of Kris: “President, this is our company’s financial statements for this quarter, please check it.”

Kris was very clear about the group company’s income in the last quarter, but when he opened the statements and found out that the actual income was more than he knew, he realized that the company must have made a fortune last quarter.

“Well done, I will give you a double bonus this month!”Kris looked at Xue approvingly. Her working capacity was very strong. At this time, she assisted Kris in doing a lot of work, while Kris was never mean for competent and loyal employees.

“Thank you, President!”

Xue bowed to Kris joyfully. Her basic salary was not high, but she enjoyed high perks and bonuses, which amount to two or three months’ salary for an average white-collar worker, let alone a double bonus.

“You’re welcome. You deserve it.” Kris said calmly.

The affirmation made Xue even happier, but she still had one thing to report, so she stopped smiling and said solemnly, “President, there was an auction that invited our company just now hoped we can go to the auction tonight!”

“Auction, what kind of auction?” Kris asked, picked up the cup, and drank a sip of water.

“Dingding auction house!”


Dingding auction?

Kris almost spat the water out. He thought: “What the hell is this auction house with such a so-so name?”

He said decisively, “I could tell by the name that it’s not a decent auction.”

Xue felt anxious when she saw Kris refused it, hurriedly said: “President, it doesn’t have a good name, but this Dingding auction is held by the Ding family.”

The Ding family?

Kris touched his chin and thought: “He has heard of the Ding family, which is also a first-class family. Besides, it’s family goes so well that it’s businesses have already expanded to other cities.

It wouldn’t do any harm to attend it.

Xue looked at Kris expectantly as she wanted to go to the “Dingding auction” long before. In fact, when she received the invitation, she almost jumped up. Hearing one of her friends said, the auction is prestigious in the Westriver’s auction community, which not only sells antiques but auctions all kinds of extremely rare treasures. In addition, it also auctions things for other people but charges ten percent commission.

Moreover, she learned from one of her girlfriends that this auction will auction “Heavenly City”, which is the French master Allen’s last work.

Heavenly City is a limited edition with only 18 in the world that all women in the world long for it.

Xue couldn’t afford it, but she would be contented as long as she could see it at the auction.

Seeing her expectant eyes, he nodded and said: “it’s not good to refuse since the invitation has been sent. Attend it with me then.”

“Yes, the President!

Xue answered happily, tried to smother her excited mood.


Meanwhile, the Xu family. Jianguo Xu was worried, looking at his darling daughter Xiaorou Xu.

As all her thought was on Kris alone.

Recently, Xiaorou has lost of appetite, being absentminded, having an interest in nothing, and always sighing and groaning, just like “Lin Daiyu” in Dream of Red Mansions.

As a man of experience, he naturally knew that his daughter fell in love with Kris.

After coming back from Ciro’s gulf last time, Xiaorou was like bewitched, thinking Kris all the time.

She thought of how he authenticated Yuan blue and white porcelain in the presence of grandpa modestly, raging against the vendor in the pedestrian street and appraising cloisonne easily.

She also remembered that he fought against shark bravely in the deep sea. And the most unforgettable thing for her was how he struggled against the robber to save others, but he was shot and suffered a black-out—everything he did or said deeply imprinted in the heart of Xiaorou. As long as she was free, she could not help thinking of him.

It’s been almost a week, she was worried about him as not knowing if his wounds have healed.

Looking at Xiaorou lying on the sofa in a daze, Jianguo was anxious as he was worried that his daughter would become autistic if she went on like this.

He walked quickly and stood beside Xiaorou, said softly: “Darling daughter, why do you moon about all day at home? Get up, and I’ll take you for a walk.”

“Dad, I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to stay home.”

Xiaorou said inanimately.

“Is that so? What a pity!” Jianguo said in a pretend way: “It is said that this Dingding auction would sell ‘Heavenly City’ necklace. I was going to buying it for you as I remember you like it particularly. Since you don’t want to go, I have to turn down the invitation.

Then he pretended to take out his cell phone and make a call.

“What? Heavenly City?”

Xiaorou had interest immediately, hurriedly sat up from the sofa, pulled her father’s hand: “Dad, please don’t refuse it. I’ll get dressed right away!”

She has longed for it for a long time, especially the last time when they went on an outing, she couldn’t conceal her envy when she saw Mary wearing it.

The last time she asked Mary to buy it for her and was willing to give the same price of antiques in return, but still couldn’t get it.

This time, she was determined to get it!

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