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Chapter 135: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (1)

Yehuang Group

Rubbing her sore back, Venus Mu walked into the design department, and a beautiful colleague came to her.

“Venus, are you alright?” She asked with concern.

“I’m fine.” Venus responded.

Ever since their ‘pubic showing’ a while ago, colleagues had become warmer to her.

“I see you don’t look too good, and you’re still wearing long sleeves, do you have a cold? I have some medicine there.”

“Oh…yeah, thanks.” Venus didn’t refuse her.

“Well, rest for a while and I’ll get you some medicine.”

Walking to her seat, Xinyou Qiao, who was next to her, gave her a cold glance and turned her head away.

Venus had already gotten used to her this kind of attitude. As long as she didn’t mess with her, she didn’t bother to find her trouble.

After a few days of perfecting, Venus’s design was completed. Then she brought it to Meiling He’ s office, who was attracted at once.

“Good. It’s much better than what I was given last time. Prepare yourself and you are gonna to report it tomorrow to Mr. Ye. This is the only chance for us to win.”

Venus said confidently, “Manager. He, I’ll do my best.”

“Well, off you go.” Meiling gave her the design and also a document, “Send this to Mr. Ye.”


“Go ahead!” She frowned.

“Sure.” Venus helplessly took over it, feeling that she was about to become her secretary. As long as the documents that were given to Kerry, she must be the one to send them. Meiling didn’t care about her al all, for Venus just recovered.

When she reached the president’s office, Venus suddenly remembered his brutality last night and instantly didn’t want to see his face, so she turned to the secretary’s desk.

“Secretary Liu, this is what Manager He asked me to send here. Please give it to Mr. Ye.” Venus said politely. In the company, she always kept in mind her identity, an intern in the design department.

Secretary Liu looked at the document and her attitude was gentle, “Venus, you can send this document by yourself. No one is there right now.”

It was because there was no one there, she didn’t want to go in.

“Secretary Liu, please help me.” Venus put her hands together to beg her, but she was ignored by Secretary Liu.

“Venus, Mr. Ye has just ordered that if you come, you should go directly to him.”

This was definitely his plan.

There was no way out, so Venus had to take the documents and slowly walked to office door and knocked.

“Mr. Ye, this is the document that Mr. He asked me to send.”

“Well, leave it here.” Kerry was busy with his work, so he didn’t look up.

“Okay, then I’ll go out first.” Venus was gloating inside, for he didn’t stop her this time.

Before she could reach the door, she heard him ask, “You have a cold?”

“No.” Venus answered subconsciously, and when she turned around, she saw a cup of hot water on the coffee table not far away, next to it was the medicine, the same as the one given to her by her beautiful colleague just now.

Kerry raised his head, “Then you… are wearing so many today? Is it cold?”

Venus was indignant. Didn’t he know why she was wearing so much?

“Take a look at my arm. Can I just wear short sleeves like this?” As she spoke, Venus lifted her cuffs to show the blue strangles on both wrists.

Recalling what happened in the bathroom, he did think that he didn’t consider about her too much, for he was focusing all on himself.

“If there’s nothing else, please let me go, OK?” Venus noticed he wasn’t right, so she pulled her sleeve down and continued to walk out.

“Stop!” Kerry yelled.

Venus returned helplessly, “Mr. Ye, is there anything else?”

Kerry pointed to the sofa and said indifferently, “It’s almost the lunch time. You sit there and wait, I’ve ordered lunch.”

Lunch together?

No, she was afraid of indigestion.

“Mr. Ye, I’ll go to the staff restaurant myself.”

Kerry became much colder, “Do you want the staff to say that I mistreated you? I won’t repeat my words.”

Venus bit her l!p and glared at him, sitting on the sofa unwillingly.

Ten minutes later, Secretary Liu pushed in a food cart with seven or eight plates on it.

This is too sumptuous.

Venus helped Secretary Liu move all the food to the table, saying ‘thank you’. Then Secretary Liu smiled and went out.

“Let’s eat.” Venus called him. She just wished to finish the lunch as soon as possible, in case of any accident.

Hearing this, he threw down the report in his hand, going to the bathroom to wash his hands, and came back to sit next to her.

“Does your arm still hurt?” Kerry suddenly asked.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (2)
Venus Mu paused and looked at him with a weird gaze, “Kerry Ye, what happened to you?”

Was he caring about her now?

It must be something wrong with him.

Kerry knew what she meant, but he just ignored her and kept eating.

She only deserved abusing, not well-treated.

But why he was angry when she was acting like this?

Venus ate so quickly that she almost choked several times, so she gulped down some soup before swallowing.

“Can’t you just slow down? I won’t grabbing it.” Kerry couldn’t help but reprimand her.

“I… I’m too hungry.” Venus said, but she wasn’t hungry at all.

“Really? Then eat more.” Saying so, Kerry poured a plate of super spicy fried pork with peppers into her bowl and he remembered that she disliked spicy food very much.

Venus’s eyes widened as she looked at the red oil dish. He was deliberately screwing her.

“Aren’t you hungry?” Kerry looked at her gloomily, as if he would put all this into her mouth as long as she said she wouldn’t eat.

Venus was speechless and simply gave the bowl to the table, “I’m full.” If she ate all this, she would definitely have pimples all over her face tomorrow.

“Are you sure?”

Noticing the threat in his words, Venus saw that there was still more than half of the rice in his bowl, so she changed her attitude and she took him some food, “Mr. Ye, I’m really full. You’ve only eaten that much, how can you work well in the afternoon? Come on, try this shrimp, it’s quite delicious.”

Kerry was startled by her enthusiasm, whose newly risen anger somehow disappeared, and then accepted her service frankly.

“This is also delicious, try it.” Venus put another piece of mushroom to his bowl.

Kerry raised his eyelids to catch a hint of displeasure on her face, so he pushed the fish in front of her and said, “Pick out the fishbones.”

“Why? I could give the fish to you, what do I need to do that?” Venus retorted.

“I do. Venus, I’m your boss.” Kerry tried to use his superiority.

With chopsticks grabbing in her hands, she resisted the urge to drop them, “Mr. Ye, it’s off duty time.”

“But you’re in the company now, you’re my employee.”

“Ah…well…great!” Venus gave a thumbs up for him, very unconvinced to look down and pick out the fishbone while cursing inwardly.

The company’s downstairs canteen

Xinyou Qiao put down her chopsticks as she ate and took out her phone to call someone, “I have something for you.”

“What time?”

“I’ll leave work this afternoon and I’ll send you the address later.”


Xinyou hung up the phone, and had no desire to eat.

Although Hao Nangong called her a loser, she still had to use his influence.

It sucked.

In the evening, Xinyou came to the place she had agreed with Hao and ordered a lemonade. She urgently needed to calm down recently.

But after waiting for almost half an hour after the appointed time, Hao still hadn’t shown up.

The longer she waited, the more furious she got. Wasn’t he he just rich? Without his parents, without the Nangong family behind him, Xinyou would never have made an alliance with him.

It was only the lights were on that Hao appeared.

They hadn’t contacted each other since the last trick was revealed, except for that text of course.

“Hao, can you be a little more punctual? Look at the time, I’ve been waiting for you for such a long time?” Xinyou lost her temper at him.

Hao was also not in a good mood, “You can go you don’t want to wait. I haven’t asked you about the thing? Why was it exposed when the plan was so well thought out?”

“You can’t just blame me. That cyber hacker you found was too weak to just give the pictures to others without seeing me in person…”

“When did it happen? Why didn’t you tell me?” Hao interrupted her with a gloomy face.

Xinyou lowered her head. At that time, she wanted to tell Hao, but after waiting for a few days, she didn’t see any movement from the one. With the attitude of ‘less was better than more, she kept this matter hidden, not knowing that it would end up being a big trouble that would ruin her.

Hao was extremely annoyed, “Xinyou, what’s wrong with you? How could you not tell me? Do you think our alliance will continue?”

“I’m sorry… It won’t happen again.” Xinyou apologized in a low voice. It was currently too hard for her to achieve her goal with her ability alone.

Hao stared at her for a while, wanting to turn his head and walk away, but…

“Tell me, what do you want from me this time?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (3)
Holding the cup, she briefly told about her conversation with Kevin, “Kevin is so strange, for he always helped me when it’s urgent, but when I tried to ask him for help, I was rejected. What do you think?”

“Kevin is the second son of Ye family and he only acts according to his mood, so it’s not strange at all for him to treat you like this.” Hao Nangong had met Ye him several times, so he knew him pretty well.

“Then how can I let him trust me? Now in Ye family, he is the only one that can help me.”

Hao shook the wine glass in his hand and said, “He doesn’t want to work with you, that’s because he knows he can’t get anything from you. As long as you have what he wants in your hands, he will definitely beg for you without you having to go to him.”

Xinyou was depressed, “I know he wants information about Tianye Mu, but where am I going to find him?” At this, she paused and stared at Hao, “Could it be that you know something?”

Hao laughed a few times, “If I knew where he is, would we still need to waste so much time? Do you think it’s easy to find him? He’s an even more powerful person than Kerry.”

“Hmph! Doesn’t that mean what you just said is just nonsense?”

Hao took a sip of the wine, his eyes glowing, “Are you stupid? He wants him, you just tell him. Is it necessary that what you say need to be true?”

Xinyou was very clever and when she heard Hao say this, she immediately reacted and said quite excitedly, “You want to use the fake Tianye to confuse them?”

“Not only to confuse them, but also to make a complete break between Venus and Kerry. I heard that Venus and Kevin have a good relationship too?” Hao raised his eyebrows and asked.

Thinking of their friendship, Xinyou was jealous and angry, “Venus once saved his life and he also save hers. So, what do you think?”

Hao had an unexplainable resentment inside, for Venus could get along well with other men, but why couldn’t she accept him? Not even to be friends?

“In that case, if you make some efforts and turn both of the brothers and Venus against each other, won’t we have achieved our goal?”

Xinyou seemed to have foreseen the future, her eyes glowing brightly, “So where is the fake Tianye?”

“I’ll cooperate with you to put on a big show then.” Hao was smug.

Xinyou desperately needed to know what she should do next, “What do I have to do? Tell me.”

Hao leaned forward and lowered his voice, “Let’s start like this…”

The following day, in order to select the best design to work with Style, both departments came up with the best proposals.

Meiling He and her competitor, Zijie Li, were sitting opposite. The meeting room was filled with people, just waiting for the person on the main seat to arrive.

Venus sat near Meiling, and now she was so nervous that her palms were sweating. Although she had spoken in front of so many people before, this time was different. The more attention she paid, the more nervous she became.

Meiling discovered her abnormality and whispered, “Don’t be nervous. I’ve seen your design and you have a good chance of winning. Just state clearly about your concept.”

“Manager He, the more you say that, the more nervous I get.” Venus said with a bitter face.

Meiling glared at her, “Are you afraid of Mr. Ye?”


“Look at the people in this conference room. Most of them are nervous because of their respect and cowardice towards him, Since you’re not even afraid of Mr. Ye, then you’re afraid of them?”

When she said that, Venus felt a lot more relaxed. That’s true. She’s not even afraid of Kerry, so what’s there to be afraid of?

Taking a sip of the water in front of her, Venus settled her mind and said, “Manager He, I’m not nervous anymore. Thanks.”

“Well, good. Do your best!” Meiling encouraged her.

At that moment, Kerry walked in, a simple white shirt looked good on him. He sat down on the main seat, with Secretary Liu sitting next to him.

The meeting room was quiet, and Kerry swept around, pausing slightly when his eyes swept over Venus, and then looked at the others as if nothing had happened.

“I believe that the importance of this collaboration with Style Magazine has been emphasized by both Manager He and Manager Li and in order to be fair, the two groups from the design department are going to PK today to vote for the best. Alright, which one of you will go first?”

Zijie snapped, “Mr. Ye, we’ll go first.”

“Okay, let’s start.”

Xinyou sat in the crowd, focusing on Kerry, full of joy and admiration. This was the man she had chosen, handsome, confident, and full of charm.

Every time she saw him once on this kind of occasion, Xinyou was a little more possessive of him and a little more jealous of Venus, but soon, soon she would have him. She didn’t mind letting Venus have him a little longer.

Time was passing by minute by minute, Zijie’ s group had a total of three pieces, continuing the previous luxurious style and the clothes were all beautiful.

Half an hour later, after all three works were introduced and the meeting room resounded with warm applause, and Kerry said simply, “Not bad”. Zijie looked at Meiling, full of gloat.

Meiling also prepared three design drawings, except for Venus, the other two are very talented designers. However, Meiling had more confidence in Venus’s work, so she let her be the last one to show.

After another twenty minutes or so, Meiling said, “Venus, it’s your turn.”

Venus nodded calmly. After adjusting herself for a long time, she was already very calm. She stood up, calmly waling to the stage and put her work on the projector. Then her design was perfectly presented on the big screen and the crowd in unison ‘wow’.

“Hello everyone, this is my design, Meet.” Venus looked at everyone with a calm demeanor. Her heart was as quiet as a pool of blue water and her voice was as soft and pleasant as a stream, “As you can see, the most fashionable British style is the main focus on this design of mine. The pattern on the skirt is the most common-seen blue flower, but the color has been changed to pink, just like a woman’s mood when she meets her beloved. “

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (4)
“I know you’re wondering why I use such a traditional blue and white porcelain pattern. Just like the name of the work, it represents the design style where tradition meets fashion. When traditional Chinese elements meet international style, it’s a perfect encounter.”

Kerry watched Venus talk freely with a pride for her. His wife had grown from a schoolgirl to a great designer.

“Besides, I want more people to know about our traditional culture. I think that’s the desire of every designer here.” Venus continued.

Then her speech was greeted by a roar of applause. Venus bowed her head and breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Meiling and found she nodded in appreciation.

She glanced over at Kerry and noticed he was smiling.

“Your description is good. I’m sure we’re going to win this time.” Meiling whispered in a low voice.

Venus nodded excitedly.

“Now let’s start voting.”

The voting uses secret ballot. Everyone has only one vote, and can only vote for one person. The results of the vote will be presented to the board for review by Kerry.

When the person counted ballot-slips and called out the names of those voted for, Venus got nervous again. There was a designer who had a similar number of votes to her in the group of Zhijie Li. Every time Venus won by one vote, the he got one more vote to tie with her.

Suddenly the atmosphere in the meeting room became tense.

In the end, the two of them had the same number of votes. At this moment, the last vote left in Secretary Liu’s hand. She looked down and noticed the writing on the vote was Kerry’s. She did not expect him to vote for Venus.

Venus gripped her dress and stared at Secretary Liu.

“This vote is for Venus,” Secretary Liu said suddenly.

All the members of Meiling’s group cheered, except for Xinyou.

Venus was so happy. She really didn’t know how to express her joy for this. She had won by one vote.

“Venus, congratulations.” Meiling gave her a gentle hug.

Kerry let them celebrate their win in the meeting room for a few moments. As the boss, he understood their excitement and was happy to see his staff competing against each other.

“Congratulations.” Kerry reached out and shook Meiling’s hand, and then said to Zhijie Li, “Don’t get discouraged. There’s still a chance next year.”

Zhijie Li smiled awkwardly.

Then someone shouted, “Mr. Ye, your wife has won the competition. Shouldn’t you invite everyone to have a party?”

The conference room was quiet as soon as he finished. On Venus’ first day in the company, Kerry had warned the company members not to give her privileges, but now someone was asking for a party because of Venus.

“Doesn’t that get me in trouble?” Venus thought in her mind.

Kerry looked at everyone calmly, and then ordered Secretary Liu, “Book the biggest private room in Penglai Restaurant.” Then he said to everyone, “Thank you for all your hard work. Let’s go to a party after work.”

People cheered in the meeting room. Penglai Restaurant is one of the most famous seafood restaurants in Sky City. The food is delicious and is also very expensive.

Everyone thought that since Kerry invited so many people to a luxurious place, it showed that he very loved Venus. Venus, however, was not impressed. She only felt that this was Kerry’s scheme to manipulate people’s thoughts.

Back at the office, Venus sat in her chair and she still felt like she was dreaming. She had actually succeeded. She’d be on the cover of Fengshang Magazine.

“Venus, you really do a good job this time.” The colleague who had brought her the cold medicine last time came over with a cup of coffee, his face beaming with joy.

“Yeah, Venus, you’re really a blessing to our team.”

“I’m not as good as you guys describe me to be. In fact, thanks to your help, I can win the competition today. It’s because you guys gave me advice that I was able to create this work. I also want to thank you all.” Venus stood up and said.

“Since you want to thank us, then you can’t stop us when we toast to Mr. Ye at the party.” a few colleagues deliberately said after hearing her words.

“I’m definitely not stopping you guys,” Venus said. “You guys better get him drunk.”

Xinyou didn’t want to go to this party. Everyone admired Venus so much, which made her unhappy, but she had to go there. The gossip had just passed, and she couldn’t cause any more resentment from Kerry.

Soon it was time to get off work. Venus planned to take a colleague’s car to go to the Penglai Restaurant.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (5)
“Venus, don’t you ride in Mr. Ye’s car to the Penglai Restaurant?”

“He’s…he’s probably busy with work.” Venus made excuses. Actually she didn’t think he’d give her a lift to the Penglai Restaurant.

“I can give you a ride to Penglai Restaurant.”

“Thanks.” Venus said.

As they walked downstairs, they saw Kerry’s car parked below and the driver standing outside waiting for Venus.

Venus was a little surprised that he would be waiting for her downstairs.

“Venus, you should get over there.” The colleague gave her a shove.

In the car, Kerry was still reading a file. Venus got in and took a look at him, “Since you’re so busy, you can come over later.”

“If I don’t get there on time, they won’t order food,” Kerry said quietly.

“Maybe you’re thinking too much.” Venus said. “All you need to do is pay when the dinner is over.”

“Actually, no one really cares if you’re there.” Venus thought.

Venus looked out of the window and saw that Xinyou Qiao was looking at her with a gloomy face.

“I miss my schooldays. Xinyou and I were still good friends then, but now she’s always thinking about how to frame me,” Venus thought.


“What are you looking at?” Kerry asked suddenly.

“Xinyou Qiao,” Venus said frankly. Then she said, “She is with you for a long time. Don’t you think it’s cruel to dump her like that?

Kerry put the files down and turned to glare at her, “Don’t mention her again. Believe it or not, I’m going to push you off the car right now.”

Venus shut her month up quickly.

“Kerry is so heartless. Once he cared about her, but now he just ignores her completely.” Venus thought.

The atmosphere in the car was somewhat awkward. Venus silently watched the scenery that continued to pass by outside the window. She suddenly remembered that her birthday was in two days’ time.

Every year when it was her birthday, her brother Tianye Mu would come back to celebrate her birthday no matter where he was.

And this year, Venus didn’t even know where her brother was and he was dead or alive.


When Kerry and Venus arrived at the large private room in the Penglai Restaurant, the people of design department was already there. When she looked up, she found Xinyou sitting across from her.

The dishes Kerry ordered were all Penglai Restaurant’s signature dishes. When the dishes were all served, everyone was looking right at them.

“Thank you for your hard work. Feel free to eat.” Kerry raised his wine glass, “I hope everyone can continue to work their best.”

Then all the staffs raised their glasses.

Venus took a sip of the red wine and thought it wasn’t bad. But she’d rather have the lobster. She put down her glass and grabbed her chopsticks and went for the lobster.

After they had eaten for a while, someone gave Kerry a toast, “Mr. Ye, thank you for your help all these years. I want to toast to you and Mrs. Ye.”

Venus was burying her head in the food and was busy wiping her mouth and raised her glass.

She could not give Kerry face in the Ye’s family, but on this occasion, she can’t embarrass Kerry.

After a few glasses of red wine, Venus’s face grew red. Sitting next to her, Kerry suddenly remembered how she looked the last time she got drunk.

“If they toast me again, you need drink for me.” Kerry leaned over to whisper in her ear.

Venus turned her head sharply, her l!ps touching his cheek, and she was in response quickly and sat away from him and stared at him, “No, I refuse.”

Kerry’s posture hadn’t changed just yet. His eyes fell on her l!ps. “If you don’t, I’ll kiss you right now.” he threatened.

“You…you’re really….” Venus didn’t know how to describe him.

“Venus, don’t you feel honored that I could kiss you in front of all these people?” Kerry said.

Venus was about to scold him, but then suddenly noticed her colleagues around her and swallowed what she was about to say.

If Kerry kissed her here, she would feel awkward. She had to say, “Okay, I’ll drink for you. But if I get drunk and do something wrong, you can’t leave me on the road when we get back.”

“Yeah, deal.” Kerry said.

However, in Xinyou’s eyes, their conversation was showing their love to her. The jealousy took over her mind. She couldn’t go to separate them and could only keep drinking.

“Mr. Ye, thank you for supporting our department. I want to toast to you.”Meiling came over with a glass of red wine and said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (6)
Kerry looked at Venus. She stood up reluctantly, forced a smile, and said, “He’s had a bad appetite lately. The doctor advised him not to drink much. I’ll take this drink for him.”

“Well, fine. I’d like to thank you this time as well. Without you, my group probably wouldn’t have won this race.” Meiling smiled and said.

Venus smiled, “Thank you for your compliment.”

Then she drank half a glass of red wine in one gulp.

Then whenever someone came to toast Kerry, Venus drank them all for him.

Kerry saw her drunk and held her head in his hand.

“Venus, we’re going back.” Kerry whispered in her ear.

Venus pushed him away and said, “I’m not going back. I want to drink more.”

Kerry was too busy holding her hand down as she went to grab the glass and then took her into his arms, “Let’s go back and drink. the wine at home is even better.”

“You lie! I’m not going back.” Venus pounded his chest with his hand.

“I’m carrying you home,” Kerry said gently. These female colleagues looked at Venus enviously.

“I’ll take Venus home first.” he said to these people and then he left.

Before he left, he took a glance at the drunken Xinyou Qiao, but his look was cold. He put his suit jacket over Venus and then picked her up and strode out.

“Mr. Ye is so gentle. I’m so jealous of Venus,” a female colleague said excitedly.

“Yeah, I also want to find a husband like Mr. Ye, domineering and gentle.”

“I want to fall in love so badly too…”

Xinyou heard them talking and then slammed her glass, “I swear I’ll get him back sooner or later!”

Then the room was silent suddenly and everyone looked at her in surprise.

Meiling was worried that she would continue to say inappropriate things, so she immediately said to her two female colleagues, “Xinyou is drunk. You and Lena take her out first.”

The two female colleagues immediately walked up to Xinyou, intending to take her out.

“I’m going to drink more…I swear I will…” said Xinyou. Miss Zhang quickly covered her mouth, “You’re drunk. We’ll take you to sober up.”

In the end, Xinyou was eventually helped out by the two.

Sitting in the rest room of the restaurant, Xinyou fell asleep. Miss Zhang rubbed her sore arm and grumbled, “Is she crazy? Mr. Ye has made it clear that he has nothing to do with her, but she still says that. What does she want?”

Lena wiped her sweat with a paper towel and glanced at Xinyou, “She’s not as talented or attractive as Venus. And Kerry seems to very like Venus.”

“I think Mr. Ye wouldn’t like her.” Lena continued.

“Fortunately, Mr. Ye has already left. If he was still there, Xinyou would definitely be in trouble.” Miss Zhang said.

“Let’s think about what to do with her.”

At this time, Meiling came over.

“Where should we place Xinyou?” Miss Zhang asked. They all knew that Xinyou lived at Kerry’s house, but calling Kerry over was obviously very inappropriate.

Meiling thought for a moment and said, “Let her stay at the hotel for one night.”


In Kerry’s car, Venus sang loudly. “Edelweiss, Edelweiss…….”

She likes to sing when she is drunk. However, she is tone deaf and never dares to sing in front of outsiders, so she only sings when she is drunk.

In the car, Kerry finally understood what she meant by the words she said before drinking. At this point he really wanted to leave her on the road.

Venus picked up the window and sang loudly. Kerry swore he hadn’t heard anything worse than her singing.

“Venus, will you be quiet for a minute?” Kerry said loudly.

He didn’t know she was drunk like that.

Venus glared at him, “Why…why don’t you let me sing?”

“Your voice is bad.”

“But I think it’s pretty good,” Venus continued to sing.

Kerry couldn’t take it anymore and yanked her, covering her mouth with his hand, “Stop singing.”

Venus was drunk and her mind wasn’t very clear. She bit the finger that was at her mouth.

“Venus, stop biting me.” Kerry took his fingers out of her mouth. A clear tooth mark was on his hand.

“You ask for it.” Venus said and then leaned back on the window and continued singing

Kerry had to give up on the idea of getting her to stop singing. By the third time she sang, he suggested, “Could you sing a different song?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (7)
Venus started to think about Kerry’s suggestion, but after a while she fell asleep on his shoulder.

Kerry took a sigh of relief. If he’d known it would work, he wouldn’t have had to listen to her sing for so long.

At the villa, Kerry picked her up and carried her upstairs, then threw her right on the bed, and turned to leave.

In the morning, Venus woke up with a headache. She realized she’s still wearing her clothes from last night. She looked down and smelt herself, “Oh my God, I stink.”

She didn’t have time to think of anything, and ran to the bathroom immediately.


In the dining room, Kerry saw her coming and remembered the song she sang last night, and then teased, “Hi, edelweiss.”

Venus stiffened, “Edelweiss?”

“Do you remember the song you sang last night?” Kerry smiled.

Kevin asked curiously, “Venus likes to sing when she’s drunk? Does she sing well?”

Venus interrupted, “I’m a terrible singer.”

“Yeah, you have self-knowledge,” Kerry said. Then he smiled at her brother, “She’s the worst singer I’ve ever seen. If you think your ears can tolerate it, you let her sing some words.”

“No, I won’t sing.” Venus said unhappily.

Kevin looked at the angry Venus and was more looking forward to her singing.

“Has Xinyou not gotten up yet?” Venus asked suddenly.

“Miss Qiao didn’t come back last night.”Mrs. Qin said.

Venus looked over at Kerry and swallowed her words when she saw that his face was cold


In the hotel, Xinyou woke up and stayed in bed for a moment before remembering what had happened. However, she didn’t remember what she said last night.

“Who sent me to the hotel?” Xinyou was confused.

She found a note on the bed that read, “You’re drunk, we bring you to the hotel. Remember to check out at noon. It was from Meiling.

“I haven’t been home all night, has Kerry been looking for me?” Thinking of this, Xinyou got out of bed and took out her phone from her bag. However there was not missed calls on it, and no text message.

She cried out in sorrow. She hadn’t been home all night but no one had even contacted her. “If I had an accident and died outside, maybe no one cares me either.”

Her cries grew louder and louder. It was as if she was about to cry out all the grievances she had been suffering from all these days.

When she arrived at the office in the afternoon, Xinyou noticed that her co-workers were looking at her strangely.

In the break room, several female colleagues were drinking coffee. Xinyou stood in a place they couldn’t see and eavesdropped.

“Xinyou’s eyes are red. I guess she cried last night.”

“She said something stupid like that. Do you think she still remembers what she said yesterday?”

“What did I say last night?” Xinyou was puzzled.

“I guess she forgot.”

“Honestly, I’m quite impressed that she dared to say she was going to regain Mr. Ye’s love for her.”

Xinyou was in shock. She knew she said what was on her mind yesterday.

On the weekend, Venus got up early. She dreamed of her parents last night. They smiled at her and said to her, “Happy birthday, Venus. Live your life”

She wanted to run up to hug them, but she couldn’t move as if she had a stone tied to her leg. Then her parents went farther and farther, and finally disappeared.

“Did mom and dad come to celebrate my birthday?” Venus thought.

“Ma’am, it’s the weekend, why are you up so early?” Mrs. Qin walked into the kitchen and saw that she’s looking at her phone while cooking.

“Well, I have something.” Venus said, “Mrs. Qin, Could you teach me how to make longevity noodles.”

“Is today your birthday?” Mrs. Qin looked at her and asked.

“Yes, I just want to make myself a bowl of longevity noodles.” Venus looked outside and whispered. “Please don’t tell anyone about my birthday.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (8)
Mrs. Qin nodded, and then she said, “Okay. After I make breakfast, I’ll teach you how to make longevity noodles.”

Venus reached out to hug her and said happily, “Thank you.”

“Ma’am,” Mrs. Qin called out to her, smiling, “Happy birthday.”

She nodded at her, holding back tears, and then left. She was glad that someone could sincerely wish her a happy birthday.

She wore a new dress and put on a light makeup. Even if no one would celebrate her birthday today, she wanted to make herself happy.

At ten o’clock, Venus and Mrs. Qin were in the kitchen learning to make longevity noodles. John walked in with a large package in his hand, “Madam, here’s your delivery.”

Venus was surprised for a moment. “My delivery?” she asked.

“It has your name on it.” John said..

Venus thanked him and took the delivery. Then she said to Mrs. Qin, “I’ll go up and see what it is. I’ll come back later.”


In her bedroom, Venus carefully opened the package with scissors. She was frozen when she saw what was inside.

It was a Winnie the Pooh.

She had loved Pooh since she was a child, and her room was filled with all kinds of Pooh-shaped ornaments.

Venus was touched that someone gave her a gift. She held Pooh in her arms. Then she found a card inside the box. On it were some words: Happy birthday, the cutest Venus.

Venus, however, found the font familiar. She had seen it somewhere before.

It suddenly occurred to her that this was her brother’s font.

“It is a delivery from my brother. He knows I’m here?” Venus was thrilled.

“Did my brother see the news that Kerry and I were on the internet?”

It was definitely the best gift she’d ever received.

She rolled over several times on the bed, then suddenly thought of something and stopped. Then she read the card over and over again.

“It is indeed in my brother’s handwriting, but why I feel it is so unreal.” Venus said to herself.

“My brother won’t write this to celebrate my birthday.” Venus sat up sharply in bed.

“Kerry has a grudge against my brother. If my brother knew I was here, he wouldn’t have sent me a present purposely. And he also had John take it to me, as if he wanted everyone here to know I got a present today.”

“Does someone impersonate my brother? Xinyou and Hao Nangong?” Venus thought. “Is this really their ruse?”

A few minutes ago, Xinyou stood at the corner of the building watching John give the package to Venus. Then she walked upstairs towards Kerry’s study.

“Come in.” Kerry’s deep voice came out.

Xingyou pushed the door open and stood in the doorway without entering. She clearly remembered Kerry didn’t allow anyone to enter his study without his permission.

When Kerry saw her, there was no expression on his face. “What’s wrong?” he asked coldly.

“Today is Venus’s birthday. I want to give her a gift, but I’m afraid she won’t accept it. Can you help me?”Xinyou said.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (9)
No wonder she was in a good mood this morning, who was also wearing light makeup. He thought she was going out, but it was because it was her birthday. But why didn’t anyone say anything?

“Come on, I’ll take you there,” Kerry Ye came over from his desk and asked her, “What are you going to give to her?”

Xinyou Qiao took out a silk scarf from her handbag and showed it to him, “The weather is getting colder, so I chose a silk scarf for her. I don’t know if Venus Mu will like it.”

“Good color, it suits her quite well,” Kerry was very calm.

The two of them went through the corridor, down to the second floor and headed to Venus’s bedroom.

In the bedroom, Venus thought twice, still feeling that there was something strange about this. And she also couldn’t keep this card.

She found a box of matches left by Kerry on the dressing table. Kerry often had a cigarette when he slept here, so the room had his something left, and this box of matches was one of them.

Venus then struck a match. After taking a look at the card, she put it on the flame.

Just then, the door was pushed open from the outside. When Venus turned back to look, Kerry had pounced on her, snatching the card from her hand, and put off the flame.

“You idiot, what are you doing?” Kerry yelled at her, “Want to burn down this villa?”

Venus was stunned for a second and tried to snatch the card from his hand, but he avoided it.

“I’m not a fool, even if I wanted to burn the villa, I’d be the first to run away from it. Give me back the card.”

Kerry quickly calmed down. He had just been a little scared by what she was doing, thinking that she really wanted to play with fire however, after she said so, Kerry became interested in this card.

The card had only one small corner burned and the words on it were still clear.

“The most adorable Venus, happy birthday, always safe and joyful.” Kerry read it out softly, but he grew sullen. Seeing a Winnie the Pooh still on the bed, he grabbed it over and asked gloomily, “And a doll? He’s familiar with your hobby, right?” Then he dropped it on the ground and stomped on it.

“Tell me, who gives you this?” Kerry heart was instantly filled with hatred.

Venus was frightened of him and took a step back, “Just a friend.”

“A friend? If it’s just a friend, why doesn’t he write the drop-off? Why did you burn the card if it was a friend?” Kerry was quick-witted and quickly dismantled her lies.

Venus was indeed guilty and she couldn’t tell him the truth. What if it really was given by her brother?

“Kerry, this is really just a friend, I’m burning this card because I’m afraid you’ll see it and get angry.”

Xinyou walked in with a suspicious smile on her face, “Venus, I basically know all of your friends. Why don’t you tell me his name, and I’ll call him?”

Venus stared at her. If she had just had 40% suspicion, now it had risen to 60% now. Otherwise, why did she bring Kerry in just as she was about to burn the card?

what a coincident.

Kerry agreed with Xinyou’s words and said, “Xinyou is right. Tell me the name and if I find out it’s just a friend, then I’ll choose to trust you.”

Venus snickered, “Kerry, from the beginning, you never believed me, now don’t pretend to say that you believe me. I say it’s a friend, so it’s just a friend. Believe it or not.”

Kerry was infuriated by her attitude and pushed her to the ground, “Venus, I ask you once again, who? Zihang Lu? Or some other as*sh0les?”

Venus lay down on the ground and looked back at him angrily, “Kerry, watch your mouth.”

“Is there anyone in the world who remembers your birthday?” When he said so, a person flashed in his mind—Tianye Mu.

That’s right. If there was anyone else in the world who cared about her, it would be Tianye!

Kerry looked carefully at the card again. The font, it seemed like he had seen it somewhere before.

That’s right, it was Tianye’ s.

He had spent the past nearly a year trying to find him, gathering all his information. This font had once been placed by his pillow for countless nights. He couldn’t believe he had almost forgotten about it.

“Tell me, is it Tianye?” At the mention of this person, Kerry rage was completely unleashed, bending down to tug her long hair. Staring into her eyes, he seemed to kill her.

Venus’s scalp went numb and her face grew pale, “How do I know? There is no sign.”

“It must be him, that’s why you want to burn the card, just in case I find out.” The more Kerry thought about it, the more he thought it was a possibility. He saw the scissors on the side of the table, took them over and put them on her thin white neck, threatening her, “Say, where is he?”

“I don’t know!” Venus was accustomed to death, who was without fear, not to mention that she really didn’t know where her brother was.

During this time, she thought that Kerry had changed, but she didn’t think that she was too stupid. He never changed, but just restrained his cruelty and tyranny, which originally flowed in his veins.

Xinyou watched them closely, extremely happy. It seemed that no matter how long it took, Tianye would always be a knot in Kerry’ s heart.

If Kerry stabbed her, it would be great. Then she wouldn’t bother to prepare the rest of the show.

“Venus, don’t make me kill you!” Kerry moved the scissors and the blade had cut through her delicate skin, and blood came down, staining the clothes.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 135 Tianye showed up again (10)
“Kerry, I told you, I don’t know where he is. Even if you kill me, I still don’t know.” Venus said indifferently, ignoring the pain on her neck.

The sound of rapid footsteps sounded outside the room, only to see Kevin run in. He shocked for a few seconds and shouted at Kerry, “Brother, stop. Do you really want to kill her?”

Kerry seemed to not hear what he said, “The reason I kept is just to find out Tianye. Since she doesn’t say anything, what’s the point of keeping her? I might as well send her to meet her parents.”

“Tianye? He showed up?” Kevin was surprised.

Xinyou explained beside him, “Kevin, today is Venus’s birthday, and Tianye sent her a gift and a card.”

After hearing so, Kevin picked up the card on the ground, and said, “Brother, it’s too arbitrary for you to infer that it’s from Tianye based on this card.”

“It’s his handwriting, I’m sure.” The scissors in Kerry’ s hand moved another inch forward, blood gurgling down, “Say it or not. If you don’t tell me, I’ll let you bleed to death.”

Venus’s face had gone pale and her breath was weakening, “Kerry, if I knew where he was, I would have left this fucking place long ago. Why would I wait until today? If you’re so powerful, why don’t you go and find him by yourself?”

Kevin looked at her white l!ps, anxious inside, but he didn’t dare to say more to Kerry, “Brother, if you don’t let her go, she will really die. Aren’t you going to use her to find out Tianye? If she’s dead, how will he still show up?”

Staring at her lifeless gaze, he took away the scissors, “I’ll let you go this time. The day I find Tianye will be the day you die.”

“Good, I really can’t wait for that day to come earlier…” After saying this, perhaps the blood flowed too much, Venus fainted.

Kerry panicked for some reason, and was busy holding her wound, turning back to Kevin, “Quickly call Dr. Han.” Then he shouted at the outside of the room, “John, bring the medical kit.”

He had just been here and was already waiting at the door, just in case Kerry would order something, but he didn’t expect he was true.

“Yes, Young master, I’ll be right there.”

Kevin was enraged by what Kerry had done, desperately wanting to beat him up. He originally thought that Venus had exaggerated before, today he knew he was wrong.

Why couldn’t he treat Venus and Tianye separately?

It wasn’t fair to her at all. And she was still his wife, how could he do it?

Was all this time of peace with a sham?

John quickly brought the medical kit. After seeing Venus’s chest clothes stained red with blood, he shivered and the medical kit almost fell on the ground. Fortunately, Kevin held it.

Kerry opened the medical kit, but he didn’t know whether he should clean the wound first or just bandage it. Seeing her bleeding more and more, he was in a total mess.

“Brother, put her flat on the bed. I’ll take care of the wound.” Kevin spoke up. If he delayed any longer, he was afraid that Venus’s life would really be in danger.

Kerry was stunned, and put Venus on the bed according to what he said.

Kevin stepped forward and quickly cleaned the wound with alcohol. The wound was narrow but not deep and the artery was not hurt. The blood flew out was from the outer layer of capillaries, but nonetheless, it was a bit too much blood for an adult.

Seeing that there was a bottle of spray inside the medical kit, which was good for the wound he took it out and sprayed it to the wound a few times. Venus seemed to feel the sting, so she grunted in pain.

She could still make some reactions, so it shouldn’t be too serious.

In the end, Kevin took out the gauze to put it on her neck. It was bleeding at first, but after several layers, it gradually stopped.

Kerry was standing in front of the bed, frowning. Seeing Kevin finish what he was doing, he asked, “Kevin, how do you know all this?”

Kevin said nonchalantly, “Haven’t you heard? Long illness makes a doctor. I have been living by myself so long outside and if I know nothing about this, you can’t see me today.”

Kerry thought of his hardships, angrily saying, “It’s Tianye’ s fault? I will avenge you when I catch him!”

Kevin got up from the bed with little expression on his face. Why did he only blame Tianye? What about him? Was there no responsibility at all in this matter?

“Brother, you just said that Tianye was the one to blame for, but why do you add your hatred on Venus? Ask yourself, is this fair to her?”

Kerry didn’t expect Kevin to say these words to him. He was even more confused.

Xinyou noticed that Kerry had a change in his face, afraid that he would think as the same as Kevin—Tianye was Tianye and Venus was Venus. Then wouldn’t it be more difficult for her in the future?

“Kevin, that’s not right. Tianye is sinister and cunning. If Kerry doesn’t use Venus, how can he find him? Besides, before Venus married Kerry, her private life was…”

“You shut up!” Kevin was furious, pointing at her and scolding, “Do you have the right to interfere when I’m talking to my brother?”

If it wasn’t for the fact that she still had a few uses, she would have been kicked out of the villa long ago.

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