Chapter 135: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 135 Ramon Chen.

The yellow-haikred man glared at Rat. In order not to be dragged into the mire, he immediately said, “holy shit! How dare you steal? I treat you like a brother, and this is how you pay me back?”

And then he turned to Colin and Gerd Ward, “I’m telling you, he’s framing me! It was he who stole the phone, not me!”

Colin raised his eyebrows and disliked the yellow-haired man’s unfaithful behavior. Then he asked Rat, “did you really steal it alone?”

Rat nodded, “yes…”

Although Rat was a little angry with the yellow-haired man, he did steal from Colin alone.

The yellow-haired man was relieved a little, and he immediately said to Gerd, “see? Now let me go. It has nothing to do with me.”

Gerd ignored him and looked at Colin, who thought for a while.

He found his phone already, and it was Rat who did it but not the yellow-haired man, so he nodded.

Seeing him nod, Gerd got rid of the yellow-haired man all at once. The latter fell to the ground and ran away as soon as Gerd loosened his grip.

Rat said in a trembling voice, “I…Will you spare me? I’ll return the phone to you. Don’t call the police… “

“You afraid of us calling the police? You went to jail before? Wait, if you’ve experienced jail, then why are you so afraid?” Colin looked at Rat.

Rat didn’t know what Colin was going to do, but there was nothing he could do but play along, so he answered, “I did go to jail before, but I don’t want to go in again. I…”

As he spoke, Rat’s eyes turned red and he was about to cry.

Colin was speechless, “be a man, okay? Why do you feel more wronged even than me? I’m the one who got the phone stolen, not you.”

Rat trembled, “no, sir…it’s just…I need money…”

“Money?”Colin said meaningfully and asked, “Why? And how much?”

Rat hesitated for a while and asked, “will you call the police?”

“Okay, I won’t.”

Hearing this, Rat breathed a sigh of relief. He took the phone out of his arms and asked, “Which one is yours?”

Colin picked up the one that was not iPhone and checked. Everything was fine in it, so he put it back in his pocket. Then he saw Rat’s unspeakable expression.

“Why that look on your face?”Colin asked.

Rat shook his head. How dare he say that?

He thought one of the iPhones was Colin’s but it turned out to be the cheapest one, which he couldn’t understand at all.

Colin shrugged and asked, “why do you need money?”

“For my mother…she’s sick…” Rat said honestly.

Rat, whose original name was Ramon Chen, grew up in a single-parent family. He didn’t have a father, but only a mother. When he was nineteen years old, he was wronged for stealing and sent to the police station. After his mother knew this, she was so mad that her brain was hurt.

After Ramon came out from jail, he took his mother out of the psychiatric hospital and took care of her by himself, because he felt that the chance of recovery for his mother would be greater.

Sure enough, his mother’s mental state was much better, but she couldn’t live without medicine. Once she stopped using the medicine, she would become mentally abnormal again. But Ramon couldn’t afford to take those medicine all the time.

Having no other way, he decided to steal, and gradually, he found himself really good at this, so he kept stealing to support his mother’s medicine fee.

“Sir, please, can I go?” Ramon asked cautiously. He had given Colin everything and returned his phone.

Colin took a look at Ramon and made a decision, “no, you can’t.”

“What?”Ramon was stunned, “Didn’t you say that you wouldn’t call the police? I don’t want to go to jail again! Please let me go! “

“Alright, just calm down, I didn’t say that I would send you to jail, did I? Just calm yourself down.”

“What?” Ramon was even more confused.

Colin replied, “I mean, if you work for me, I will give you money. Hmm, I can also take good care of your mother. I will pay for all the medical fees.”

Ramon was able to steal Gerd’s mobile phone under his watch, which was enough to prove that this person’s ability. Such a capable person might help Colin a lot in the future.

Ramon looked up at Colin in astonishment.

Colin explained, “don’t worry. I won’t let you steal. I’m a businessman and I’m running companies.”

But it didn’t seem to persuade Ramon at all, and he kept begging again, “Sir, I’m begging you, please let me go. I won’t dare to do it again. I’ll find a job and stop stealing…”

Colin thought for a while and said, “okay, you are still worried about your mom, right? No problem here’s the thing, if you don’t trust me, I can find you 24-hour nursing to take care of your mother at any time. Are you relieved? By the way, if it’s not convenient for you to live in your previous house, I can also buy you a new one, sounds good?”

Seeing that the two of them were not on the same channel, Gerd was a little speechless.

“Sir, it’s getting really late, I mean, I believe you’re not bragging yourself, but I need to go back and take care of my mom…” After seeing that Colin was not angry, Ramon became bolder.

Only then did Colin realize that this guy thought he was bragging!

“I’m telling you the truth! As long as you stay with me, I can guarantee that I can pay for your mother’s treatment.”

Ramon looked at Colin and said anxiously, “sir, please spare me! I’m begging on my knees… “

After saying that, Ramon really knelt down.

Colin pulled him up and said, “why don’t you believe me? I mean, why should I lie to you!”

“Sir, you phone…how can a wealth man use such a cheap one…”Ramon asked.

Colin looked at his phone and understood Ramon a little, “yeah, you got the point, fine, just come with me, and you’ll believe me when you see it with your own eyes.”

After saying that, Colin took Ramon’s hand and walked towards the car.

Ramon was stunned, “sir, where are you taking me?”

“I’ll take you to the new house first. If you think it’s okay, bring your mother there. Then I’ll ask someone to find nursing for you.”Colin said while walking.

When the three of them walked to the front of the BMW, Ramon was stunned for a moment, but it could be rented!

After getting into the car, Colin took out his phone.

“Mr. Ye, sorry for interrupting you at this late hour. I want another house in Lanbo port.”

Ramon still didn’t believe him.

However, when he arrived at the Lanbo port community, Ramon was stunned.

This was a big house with complete furniture, and people could move in right away.

What Colin said was all true!

“Well, don’t think too much of it. Call me tomorrow if you have made up your mind.”After saying that, Colin threw the key to Ramon and left with Gerd.

Ramon stood in a daze in this empty house.

After a long while, Ramon came to his senses, “holy shit! This house should be worth three million or even more with the furniture! Why did you give it to me? “

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