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Chapter 136: My Mysterious Husband

Chapter 136 Venus’ s birthday (1)

“Kevin Ye, I’m at least your brother’s friend, so how can you talk to me like that?” Xinyou Qiao was also angry. She had long been suppressing her anger and making a low profile. She was happy that Venus was dying, but he ruined all this.

Kevin looked at her with contempt, “Xinyou, do I need you to tell me how to speak?”

“That’s not what I mean…”

Kerry was originally a bit moved what Kevin had said, but Xingyou’ s ‘her private life’ reignited his anger. Even if he couldn’t blame Venus, he would never forgive her that she was unfaithful to him.

“Alright, you two stop.”

As soon as he said so, Dr. Han ran in, mumbling, “I knew it, I knew it. Young master, this year, the times that I’ve saved Mrs. Ye is more than the times I’ve saved in Ye family for several years. Can’t you… Hey, someone has dealt with the wound? “

Dr. Han leaned close to Venus to take a closer look and said, “Nice. Who did it?”

“Kevin.” Kerry seemed to be used to his nagging.

Dr. Han turned his head to look at Kevin, giving him a thumbs up and said, “Kevin, study medicine if you’re interested, you can follow me.”

Kevin pursed his lips, “Not interested.”

Dr. Han chuckled and began to examine Venus. Leaning against the edge of the table, Kerry was complicated inside.

Why couldn’t he control hurting her every time? But he began to worry after that, feeling that she would never wake up again.

What’s wrong with himself?

“Her blood pressure is very low, caused by excessive blood loss, but it’s fine. I’ll prescribe some medicine to enrich blood. Also, pay attention to her diet for the next few days. She needs to eat more red dates, carrots and other foods,” After he saying so, he wanted to clean up the blood stains on her body, but Kerry would definitely be jealous. So, he said, “Tell Mrs. Qin to clean the blood off her body later, but be careful to prevent her from getting a fever.”

“Got it. You’re not going to treat the wound anymore?” Kerry asked in a cold voice.

“Of course I will. Can’t you see I’m preparing the medicine?” Dr. Han was a little unhappy.

Kerry was not used to seeing this look on his face, “Hey! You do want the salary, right?”

Dr. Han glanced at him, “Don’t threaten me with money.”

Outside the villa, Henry had been ordered to go and investigate, while Kevin’ s men were also doing so.

For them, no matter the news was true or not, they wouldn’t miss it if they have a little bit of information.

In the kitchen, the chicken soup is still boiling and the half-made noodles were drying on the panel. There’s also a handful of vegetables on the plate. This was a very uneventful birthday, but it’s ruined by a gift that was sent from nowhere.

Venus woke up in the late afternoon, looking out the window at the sunset, bleak.

She really hoped that this gift was from her brother, that at least it still proved that he was alive and that he knew where she was.

But her sanity told her that she shouldn’t believe it and there must be a conspiracy.

After struggling for a while, Venus got up from her bed and went downstairs. She hadn’t eaten noodles yet. (In Chinese tradition, one should eat noodles on his birthday, which means live a long life/ many happy returns.)

When Mrs. Qin saw her, she even came over to help her, saying, “Young lady, why are you up? The doctor told you to rest. I’m making you some red date porridge to help you recover.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Qin.” Venus walked into the kitchen, dizzy, “Mrs. Qin, I still want to eat noodles. I wanted to make it myself, but now I don’t have much strength. Please do me a favor.”

“Okay, I’ll make it. The ingredients are all left. You can sit in the restaurant for a while and it will be ready right away.”

After the suffering, Venus was almost starving to death. At this time, the noodles that Mrs. Qin had made were served to her.

“Ah! So hot!”

“Eat slowly. It’s all yours.” Mrs. Qin smiled and instructed her.

“Mrs. Qin, your cooking is simply as good as the chef.” After tasting the noodles, Venus exclaimed.

Mrs. Qin squinted, “Really? I’m so glad.”

As they were laughing, Xinyou walked over with an elegant step.

“Wow, noodles,” Xinyou had a smug smile on her face and sat down opposite to her, “Venus, you’ve never expected that you would have such a miserable birthday, have you? Not only no one celebrates you, but you almost lost your life. It’s really pathetic.”

Venus buried herself in her noodles, not answering her. The greatest contempt for a person was to ignore her.

“Mrs. Qin, is there any noodles left? I want to eat more.” Venus asked Mrs. Qin.

“Venus, it’s enough. If you’re still hungry, the porridge will be ready soon.”

“Oh, good, then I’ll eat some porridge.” After Venus said that, she turned around and drank all the soup in the bowl.

Xinyou looked at her with cold eyes and scoffed, “Eating noodles is a blessing for others, but I don’t think it’s a blessing to you.”

Venus was tempted to slap her, but held back and said at the kitchen, “Mrs. Qin, I’m going for a walk in the garden. Call me when the porridge is ready.”

“Okay, okay.”

Venus got up and walked towards the garden, while Xinyou gritted her teeth. Venus had almost lost her life at the beginning, so how could she face the following scheme?

In the evening, the third-floor study

Henry was standing with his hands hanging down, and Kerry looked very gloomy.

Chapter 136 Venus’ s birthday (2)

“No trace of it at all?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s more likely that the package was delivered directly without going through any courier company. We also checked the surveillance at the entrance, but the delivery man was wearing a hat. We tracked him to the downtown area, but then he disappeared.”

Kerry Ye knocked on the table for a moment of contemplation and said, “Send more people around Venus Mu. If he is really Tianye Mu, he can’t contact once and then give up.”

“Young master, are you trying to lure a snake out of the hole?” Henry He immediately understood what Kerry meant.

Kerry sneered, “As long as Venus is here, I’m not afraid that he, Tianye, won’t show up. Don’t care where Venus goes these days, just keep an eye on her.”


Because of the wound, Venus rested at home for two days, and she was getting better.

“Dr. Han, will this… will I leave a scar?” Venus touched the gauze, which was right on her neck. How scary would that be.

He comforted her, “Don’t worry, Last time when you were injured, you used my medicine and you didn’t even leave a scar. This time I’ll give you some more and use it for a while longer, so there’s absolutely no scar at all.”

Venus was relieved, “Thank you, Dr. Han.”

He looked towards the door and whispered, “Miss Mu, don’t be too weak in the future. If Kerry wants to hurt you, resist! If you don’t resist, I’m really afraid that the next time I come…”

“Dr. Han, thank you for your concern. I know what to do next time.” Venus interrupted him, for she didn’t want to cause him any trouble. If Kerry heard this, no one knew what would happen.

Dr. Han understood what she meant and said with a sigh, “The body is your own anyway, you can’t afford to put it through this.”

“OK.” Venus smiled at him and sent him out.

That night, when Venus turned off the light and was just about to go to sleep, the phone came in with a text message, with a sentence and a picture, from a strange number.

“Venus, how are you doing in Ye family? I’m your brother.”

Venus sat up. She was too excited that she tugged the wound on her neck. It was hurt.

She clicked the picture, which showed a man’s back, dressed in a black leather jacket, a pair of black wide legged pants and a pair of Martin boots, tall. He was upright, standing under a large tree. With the sun on his shoulders, he was shining.

This was…her brother?

Venus’s eyes grew red. It really seemed like her brother.

Zooming out, Venus had her doubts. Her brother’ s shoulders seemed to be a little wider than this man’s, because he had exercised for years, so he had very strong muscles. Although he was the type that was thin in clothes and strong in undress, compared to most men, his shoulders were thicker.

But this man…

His shoulders were a bit narrow.

Could it be the same as the fake Winnie the Pooh that was thrown away by Kerry?

Thinking with her phone, Venus cautiously typed a few words, “Big brother? Is that really you?” Then she sent it.

Soon, she received a message.

“Of course it’s me, brother has been missing you a lot. I recently learned that you’re in Ye family, so I want to be in touch with you.”

Venus stared at the phone for a while. To find out he was her brother or not, all she had to do was listen to his voice. So, she dialed directly, not expecting him to hang up after just one ring.

Then the text message came over.

“Venus, I can’t t pick up the phone right now.”

Venus became more doubtful. He could send messages but couldn’t answer the phone? This was too strange. To test him, Venus continued texting.

“Okay, brother. Where have you been all this time? Why disappeared? I’m so worried about you.”

“I have gone abroad to hide for a while. Don’t worry, I’m fine now.”

When she saw ‘hide’, she laughed. Her brother was never afraid of anything, so how could he use this word? Now she was able to pretty sure that this was not her brother.

But she was curious to know who was the impersonation, so she might as well go along with it and see if he dared to come out to see her.

“Brother, I miss you so much. Can I see you?”

After the text message was sent, it took a few minutes for the message to come.

“I’m not in A city, so I’ll contact you in a couple of days when I go to A city.”

“Okay, brother, be careful.”

“I will. You also be careful in Ye family. Kerry is not a good person.”

Venus puffed out a laugh, “Goodbye.”


Lying on the bed, Venus read the messages and suddenly, she thought about something, so she checked her records, but she couldn’t find anything. It was a virtual phone operator.

In other word, this SIM card was also bought online.

He really made a good preparation. She could find nothing.

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