Chapter 137 – 138: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 137: Yong Wu

“Yong Wu, what are you doing here?”

Xiaorou Xu frowned, looking at this handsome man wearing a handmade Italian suit.

“Hi, Uncle Xu.”Yong Wu walked in front of Jianguo Xu reluctantly. He greeted him respectfully. He then smiled at Xiaorou gently: “Xiaorou, I haven’t seen you for some days. You’ve become prettier.”

‘Who allowed you to call me that?

Xiaorou Xu said unhappily.

Yong Wu’s family is in the pawn business. Although they do not specialize in the antique business, they were sort of in it. Although he has been pursuing herself, Xiaorou Xu did not have any interest in him at all.

“You are my future wife. Why can’t I?” Yong Wu said frivolously.

“Nonsense, I’m not your future wife,” Xiaorou Xu’s face instantly turned blue: “Mind your mouth.”

After saying that, she looked at her father with confusion: “Dad, how can he be here?”

Jianguo Xu sighed and did not say anything. He was worried about his daughter.

He knew that the reason his daughter would be like this must be Kris Chen.

Although the last time he said that as long as Kris Chen divorces, he will not stop the two of them being together, but that was only because he was angry.

He is a nobody, no identity, and no money. How can he deserve his daughter?

As it happens, Wu and Xu were family friends. He also knew Yong Wu has been in pursuit of his daughter, so he called Yong Wu over to this auction so that her daughter and Yong can have some time together.

Yong Wu, however, was not in a panic: “Xiaorou, the father-in-law said you were in a bad mood recently, so he let me accompany you. We will go to the auction to relax.”

“You…are shameless…”

How can there be such a cheeky person, calling her father’s father-in-law? Xiaoru was pissed. She wanted to turn around and leave, but Jianguo Xu Stopped her.

“Xiaorou, Yong Wu was thinking of your benefit, don’t mind him.”

Jianguo Xu quickly winked at Yong Wu.

Yong Wu understood, and went to the Porsche’s co-pilot seat, and opened the door like a gentleman would: “Xiaorou, father-in-law, please get in.”

He leaned over slightly and said, ‘Father-in-law, please let me be the driver this time. I’ll bring you back when the auction is over.’

Xiaorou Xu was pulled by her father so she could not go. She said unhappily in the car.

As Yong Wu closed the door, Jianguo told him in a low voice, “I have created an opportunity for you. It’s up to you to be my son-in-law.”

“Father-in-law, please rest assured. I, your son-in-law, am going to win her over!” Yong Wu said firmly.


Jianguo Xu looked at Yong Wu approvingly and then said, “Ok, but it’s too early to call me father-in-law”. Before your marriage is settled, you can just call me as you called before.”

“Ok, father-in-law…”

Jianguo Xu:…

At 8 o’clock in the evening, Kris Chen went to Longteng Mansion according to the invitation letter’s address. Tintin Auction will be held here.

Kris Chen hurried into the building with Xue Mi, and as soon as he entered, he saw an acquaintance.


Not far in front of Kris Chen, Tianba Li, who was wearing a white suit, along with his wife Song Xuan, was chatting with several middle-aged men.


Tianba Li heard the sound and turned around. He found Kris Chen and said a few words to the man standing next to him. He then smiled and went over.

“Kris, I didn’t expect you to come to the Auction.” He Wanted to pat on Kris Chen’s chest, but thinking of the bullet wound in his chest, he withdrew his hand and said, “By the way, why are you alone? Where’s my sister-in-law!”

Tianba Li seemed strange. The last time Kris Chen was injured, Marry Su took care of him. Their relationship seemed good. Why is Marry Su not beside him?

Kris Chen shook his head with a wry smile and said to Xue Mi: “You go first. I will come to find you later.”

“Okay, President!”

Xue Mi bent slightly and went in.

“Ok, Kris, this secretary is pretty good.”Lee joked: “This look, this figure…We give her at least 90 points. Have you “had” her…”


Seeing Kris Chen speechless, Tianba Li burst into laughter: “Don’t be embarrassed, share…”

He had hardly finished when he was interrupted by the startled shouts of the crowd. A Porsche parked at the gate of the building. As the co-pilot’s door open, Xiaorou Xu walks down from the car.

As soon as she got off the bus, she became the center of attention.

Kris Chen saw Xiaorou Xu, feeling bitter. Why is she here?

Recently, Xiaorou Xu kept sending messages to him every day, but he did not reply. Seeing her here, he unexpectedly felt guilty.

Xiaorou Xu saw Kris Chen as soon as she got off the car. Her depressing mood changed instantly to a happy mood. She felt joy from deep inside.

“Kris Chen!”

She hurried over to Kris Chen with her long legs.

Right now, Xiaorou xu is wearing a long skirt, simple but elegant. Her black hair was pinned high, and she was wearing cloth shoes instead of high heels. She looked like the fairy that comes out from a picture.

All the men around were stunned. They were used to see those flirtatious women. Everyone was amazed by her.

As soon as Jianguo Xu got off the bus, his face turned black.

What the hell is going on here? Why is this guy here? Did he come to this auction, too?

When he remembered that Kris Chen had bullied his daughter in his house the other day, he could not help wanting to whip him to death.

This son of a bitch, who has a wife, was bold enough to tease his daughter.

This time, however, he wanted to put an end to his imagination. He wanted to let Kris Chen knows that someone like him couldn’t have someone like her. Seeing Jianguo Xu’s face, Yong Wu still did not know what the matter was. He hurriedly walked to the side of Xiaorou, and armed around her waist: “What a coincidence, aren’t you the gigolo in the Su family ?”

Then, he said to Xiaorou: “Xiaorou, why are you going near him. He has a wife. If you keep doing this, I will be jealous.”

When he said this, he was looking at Kris Chen and was speaking in a loud voice.

Xiaorou was shocked by Yong Wu’s action, but the next moment she reacted. She hurriedly opens his hand and said angrily: “Yong Wu, do you have some problem?… Kris, that’s not true. Don’t misinterpret this…”

Before she finished speaking, Yong Wu interrupted her with a smile: “Xiaorou, why are you so shy? Our relationship is not something shameful. Besides, why are you afraid of him?

After saying this, he turned to Kris Chen and looked at Kris Chen with malicious eyes saying, “Su’s son-in-law, do you know who I am? If you don’t know, let me introduce it. My name is Yong Wu, Wu pawn shop is ours. Let me give you a piece of advice. I like Xiaorou. Remember to leave her a bit farther later to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding…”

Hearing him threatening himself in front of Tianba Li, Kris Chen could not help laughing.

Just a pawnbroker, acting like he had a bank?

To such a person, Kris Chen was too lazy to even pay attention. He shrugged his shoulders and said nothing.

By this time, the auction had almost begun, and people in the hall were going into the auction place.

“Tianba, let’s go inside,” Kris Chen said.

Tianba Li nodded, pulling Xuan Song along with him.

However, Yong Wu did not want to let Kris Chen go.

Yong Wu stepped forward and said, “Kris Chen, how much money did your wife give you when you went out? Is it enough for you to buy something? If it’s not enough, you can borrow some from me. Don’t worry, I won’t charge you any interest.”

Kris Chen looked at him and said with a smile, “Thank you. You’d better keep the money for yourself.”

Chapter 138: The auction began

“Oh, you are really confident, aren’t you?”

Yong Wu sneered: “Who gave you the confidence to say that? All over the Westriver city, does anyone not know that you’re in poverty? Let’s do this. If you call me grandpa, I will reward you one million dollars, how do you think?”

Kris Chen shook his head speechlessly. This guy in front of him has nothing but some money. And he could do nothing without money. It’s not worth wasting his time on such a person.

“Fuck you! Don’t you dare say it again!”

Tianba Li could not bear it anymore. How dare this fool to bully his brother in front of him! Isn’t that a slap on the face for him?

“Wow, I didn’t expect that such a wimp even have a helper!”

Yong didn’t know who Tianba is because he’s too low in hierarchy to know such a person.

Yong and Tianba are the parallel, so he subconsciously regarded Tianba as another wimp.

After all, birds of a feather flock together. How powerful can he be for he’s the friend of a wimp?

With a contemptuous smile, Yong walked up to Tianba and said aggressively, “What if I say it again? Do you dare to attack me? Believe it or not, I’ll make you regret that…”


Yong didn’t even finish his words when Tianba slapped him on the face, soon Yong’s face was swollen, and there was an apparent print of palm emerging on it.

Yong was stunned suddenly being attacked, with his head kept buzzing. The next moment he covered his numb cheek and shouted: “How dare you hit me! I’m going to have both of you killed.”

He had never suffered from this kind of shameful thing before. Half his face was completely numb, which showed how hard the slap had been.

Tianba coldly hummed and gave him an indifferent look. Then he held Xuan Song’s hand and then walked into the house with Kris.

Xiaorou Xu was annoyed and stamped her feet because Kris didn’t even say hello to her. She shouted at Yong: “This is all your fault, I hate you!”

Then she hurried in after them.

Yong was aggrieved, covering his face and shouting: “Xiaorou, wait for me, please…”

At this time, the auction house has been filled with people, people who come here are either rich or powerful. The more advanced their seats are, the more noble status they are.

Xue Mi, on behalf of Huanyu Group, was sitting in the center of the first row.

Kris didn’t want to get noticed by too many people, so he just chose a quiet corner and sat down together with Tianba and his wife.

Dispite the long distance to the stage, he has the best view, and he was able to clearly look over the whole place. Most importantly, this corner is secret enough. That’s what Kris needs most.

As soon as he sat down, Xiaorou came over. She was biting her lips, and her hands were pinching her dress, she asked: “Kris… May I, may I sit here next to you?”

She hasn’t seen Kris for so many days, and she finally got the chance to meet him today. She was eager to get closer to him, even if she could just stare at him, that’s enough for her.

Besides, Kris is one of the identifiers in Treasure Court, if she was interested in some antiques later, she could ask for his advice…

Of course, none of this matters. What’s important for her is to be around him.

At this moment, Yong also followed her here, covering his swollen face. He walked to Xiaorou and said fawningly: “Xiaorou, this seat is too far away from the stage, why now sit on the front seat?”

While saying this, he looked at Kris with disdain. The wimp deserves to sit in this corner.

“You can go there. I just want to sit here.” Xiaorou said lightly. She didn’t even turn her head while speaking, she was so focused on Kris.

Yong was angry and annoyed, but he could do nothing. So he sat down there with discontent.

One after another, the auction place was full of people. From Kris’s point of view, the place was crowded. There were more than 500 people here.

Dingding Auction House isn’t an ordinary auction house, it’s impressive that they can invite so many celebrities today.

When the house was full, at 8:30, the auctioneer stepped onto the stage and drummed the table with his mallet to officially start the auction.

In general, the first few items to be auctioned are some inexpensive but novel items used to heat up the atmosphere.

Sure enough, after the first round of auction, they sold out only some insignificant antiques ranging from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But the atmosphere there was cheerful and lively.

Of course, these little things are just a piece of cake for experts.

What Xiaorou wanted most was nothing but “Heavenly City”, so she was indifferent to these little things.

After the first round of auction, the second round began. Usually, the first thing that comes out of the second round is always an expensive treasure, which is called the first dish. And that’s the real beginning for the experts.

The first round was just an hors d’oeuvre.

As expected, when Miss. Etiquette wearing a red Qipao(A kind of body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women in earlier years) came up the stage with a mahogany tray in her hands, all the women present simultaneously stood up and gasped out of surprise.

It is a brilliant jewel necklace shining in the light.

Heavenly City!

Looking at the only necklace she wanted, Xiaorou couldn’t be more excited.

This time, she has made up her mind to buy the necklace and treasure it, so that when she gets married, she can wear the necklace at her wedding, by then, she will be the most beautiful bride ever.

With this in her mind, she couldn’t help but imagine the situation when she’s wearing the “Heavenly City” and a white wedding dress, walking to her bridegroom step by step.

She couldn’t imagine what her husband looks like before, but now, she found that his face in her dream became more and more clear. He looks exactly the same as Kris…

Her face burnt on thinking of this.

“Be quiet, please. Now what we’re going to auction is the final work “Heavenly City” of the French designer Allen. There are 18 pieces in this series all over the world…” The auctioneer gave some introduction about the necklace and then said, “The starting price for this necklace is $10 million, with each increase of no less than $100,000. Now the bidding begins!”

The starting price was 10 million dollars, which is equivalent to 60 million RMB. All her money was no more than 120 million RMB. If she couldn’t afford the necklace, she had to exchange her treasured antique for money.

Auctioneer’s voice just fell, Yong sitting next to Xiaorou, couldn’t wait to raise the brand in his hand.

“Number 38, Mr.Wu bid for ten million dollars!” The beautiful auctioneer chuckled and announced his offer price.

“Xiaorou, I know you always wanted this necklace, this time I will buy it for you!” Yong regarded this as a good chance for him, he thought as long as he bought the “Heavenly City” for Xiaorou, she will definitely feel touched, and perhaps she will date with him.

“Ten million dollars for the first time!”

“Ten million dollars for the second time!”

“Anyone else?” The beautiful auctioneer’s mallet suspended in the air, she glanced at the audience and asked.

“Eleven million dollars!”

“Okay, eleven million…”

“Twelve million dollars…”

“Fifteen million…”

“Eighteen million dollars!”

Within a minute, the price of the necklace surged from $10 million to $18 million!

Equivalent to 110 million yuan!


Yong was dumbfounded!

Are these women crazy?

But he thought the price couldn’t be higher. Eighteen million dollars has reached its limits anyway. No matter how much these women like it, they wouldn’t raise the price, would they?

He has promised to Xiaorou that he would get the necklace for her, anyway, he had to take it down.

Thinking of this, he raised the brand again, “Eighteen million and one hundred thousand dollars!”

As these words were spoken, the audience burst into touches of laughter.


Even those women raised the price one million dollars once, he just bided for a hundred thousand dollars more as a man?

How funny is it!

Yong heard the laughter, and his face glowed with embarrassment.

Yes, his family is quite rich, but how could he spend money like this!

Wu Family is engaged in running the pawnshops. It’s their family rule to buy at a low price and sell it higher. Now he has spent more than 100 million RMB on buying a damn necklace. It already cost him an arm and a leg. He felt like someone was using a blunt knife to slowly cut his flesh.

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