Chapter 137: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 137 Was that Tianye Mu? (1)
A dreamless night.

The next day, at the restaurant

After the birthday, Venus Mu had not said a word to Kerry Ye and she would like to see Kerry be like this for the rest of his life, as if she didn’t exist. However, Kerry seemed to be in a very bad mood, always finding fault with her during the meal, complaining that the salt was too much or the sugar, causing Mrs. Qin to tremble, and she even cried in the kitchen.

After her meal, she said to him for the first time during these days, “I’m going to work today.”

Kerry glanced at the wound on her neck, which was still obvious, and his tone was unpleasant, “Don’t forget the silk scarf.”

Venus put down the chopsticks in her hand and sneered, “Is Mr. Ye also afraid of people gossiping?”

After all, Venus’s injury was too special for people not to think much about it.

“If you still want to be in the company, don’t challenge my bottom line, because I can let you go at any time.”

Venus pushed her chair away, standing up to look down at him with a smile, “ok, you’re the boss.”

The weather was getting colder, so there was nothing strange about a scarf around the neck, but wearing it all day in the office was not normal at all.

During the break time, Lina walked to Venus’s desk. Looking at her scarf, she snickered, “Venus, where did you buy this scarf? Is it the new one this year?”

Venus shook her head, “No, I bought it this time last year.”

“It’s beautiful!” Lina said enviously, “But you’ve been wearing it all day, don’t you feel hot?”

“No! Not at all. I had a fever the other day, didn’t I? And I still feel a little cold.” Venus was talking nonsense in a serious way.

Lina smiled wryly and looked like she knew what she was doing, “I don’t believe you.”

Venus’s eyelids twitched as she covered the silk scarf and said, “There’s no such thing. Don’t think too much.”

“Hey, what are you nervous about? It’s not just some marks made by Mr. Ye. There’s nothing to be shy, we’re all adults now.” After she said so, the laughter sounded all around.

But Venus was so embarrassed, but she couldn’t retort anything.

But if they knew this was a scar, she wondered what kind of expression they would have.

“Lina!” Venus pretended to scold petulantly.

Lina said, “Alright, alright, what a naïve girl. Goodbye.”

Venus was only relieved.

During lunch time, Venus, Xiaozhang, Lina and a few others went out to eat. On the way, she always felt that someone was following her, and when she turned back, she couldn’t see anyone.

“Venus, what are you always looking back?” Xiaozhang asked.

Venus shook her head, “Nothing. Maybe I haven’t been out for too long.”

Lina held her arm and said pleasingly, “Venus, I’m telling you something. Be careful.”

“What is it?”

“It’s that last time when Mr. Ye invited everyone to dinner, you were drunk and Mr. Ye sent you back, but Xinyou said something at the table.”

Venus got interested, “What?”

“She said she’s trying to take Mr. Ye away. And you weren’t there for the past few days and I saw her out several times, but I don’t know if she went to Mr. Ye’ s office.”

Xiaozhang added, “Yes, this woman is scheming. Venus, you are just too kind and still treat her as a good friend. You must hold on to a good man like Mr. Ye, or you’ll be regret.”

Venus thanked them, but inside, she was hoping that Xinyou could quickly snatch Kerry away, for she didn’t want to hold on to that bastard at all.

“Well, thank you guys, I will.” Venus said politely.

Xiaozhang and Lina looked at each other, for their goal of today’s meal had been achieved, who were mainly just to be friendly.

Venus had talent and there was also Kerry supporting her, so she must be useful in the future. There was no harm getting close to her.

Yehuang Group

Henry reported on Venus’s day, who went out for lunch with colleagues, bought a dress at a nearby mall and bought a cupcake on the way home from work, but there was no contact with any people.

“Keep an eye on her.”

“Yes, young master.”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door from outside.

Kerry frowned, now that everyone’s off duty at this time, who else was there?

He told Henry to open the door. Outside stood Xinyou, who was still carrying the hotel’s lunch box in her hand.

“Is Kerry…Mr. Ye here?” Xinyou asked.

Henry turned his head to look at Kerry, who nodded. Then Henry let her in.

“What are you doing here?” Kerry was cold. And he didn’t know why he had lost interest in this woman, with only that one night’s love holding him up.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 137 Was that Tianye Mu? (2)
Xinyou showed the bag in her hand and said gently, “I saw the light in your office was still on, so I think you should not have eaten yet, so I went to buy some of your favorite dishes.”

Well, thanks a lot, put it on the table.” Kerry was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, with the starry night behind him, while he was like a leopard in the night, calm and scary.

Xinyou was a little reluctant, “Kerry, you should eat these while they’re hot. It’s not good for your stomach if they’re cold.”

“I see, I have business to do. You can leave first.”

Kerry’ s attitude didn’t change at all. He didn’t even bother to answer her more.

Xinyou looked at him quietly for a moment. After saying ‘good’ and putting the dishes on the table, she went out.

She knew this man was cold and ruthless, but she didn’t want him to even look at her, as if the warmth had never happened.

The large office quieted down again and Henry felt that he should leave, “Young master, you eat first. I’m leaving now.”

“Wait,” Kerry looked at the night view of A city and turned his back to him, “Take those dishes away.”

Hesitating for a moment, he walked to take those things Xinyou had just put and walked out of the office.

It seemed that young master was really not interested in Xinyou anymore, for he even refused to even eat the food she sent. Compared to before, he was quite cruel now. But on the other hand, thinking that he was married, it was only right to do so.

The darker the night outside was, the brighter the lights were.

With so many lights on, Kerry wondered if there’s one that belonged to Tianye.

Where the hell was he? Would he show up again?

By the time he got back to the villa, it was already 11:00 p.m. John greeted him at the door, “Young master, are you hungry? I asked Mrs. Qin to save some meals for you.”

“No, I’ve already had it.” Kerry handed him the jacket, went up to the second floor. He stopped at the door of his room, but then he went to the next bedroom, and pushed open the door.

The light inside was dim, with bright moonlight shining in through the window, leaving a soft light on the ground.

He sat down on the sofa, lighting a cigarette and looked at the sleeping woman. He gradually calmed down.

Shouldn’t he loathe this unfaithful woman?

But shouldn’t he get angry when he saw this fucking woman?

Why would he feel awful when he was when you see her smiling at others?

The smoke slowly dissipated in the air, causing Venus to cough in distress. Opening her eyes in confusion, only to see someone sitting on the sofa. She was scared, waking up suddenly from her dream and retreating towards the edge of the bed, her voice trembling, “Who?”

Kerry didn’t answer her. The scarlet cigarette butt was very bright in the night. Venus vaguely saw his face, relieved, “Kerry, don’t do this at night, OK?”

Kerry put out his cigarette. Without a word, he began to take off his clothes, shirt, belt and pants…

“You… Kerry, you… “Venus was so angry that she wanted to bite him. what an asshole. It had only been a few days since her recovery, but he started tormenting her again.

Kerry went to bed, holding her waist with his big hands and said in a deep voice, “Sleep!”

How could she sleep like in this way?

“Kerry, let me go. I’m not comfortable with you like this.” Venus moved away his hand.

“When you’re uncomfortable, I’m comfortable.”

Venus rolled her eyes. She knew it. He was a monster.

“Kerry, what do you want? I’ve told you. I don’t know where my brother is. No matter how hard you keep pushing me, I still don’t know.”

Originally, he simply wanted a sleep, but her immediately rose his passion, so he turning over to press down on her moving legs, “Don’t talk about him for now. I want you tonight.”

“You…oh…Kerry, why don’t you have any principles at all?”

“What?” Kerry asked, while getting into her body, making her cringed in pain.

“It’s just that…if you’re so disgusted with me…why are you still doing it with me…”

“Because, you’re just a tool for me.”

Yes, that’s right. Besides this, he wouldn’t have any feelings for her. To prove this thought in his mind, Kerry was even more violent…

“Well… Kerry, don’t bite my neck…you asshole!”

After not touching her for several days, Kerry was very excited all night and wanted again and again. Venus couldn’t stand him anymore, so she jumped off the bed and went straight to the bathroom to lock him out, but she was picked up and threw onto the bed…

In the end, Venus was so tired that she couldn’t even lift her finger, so she had to let him do what he wanted…

The next morning, Kevin was waiting in the living room for a long time. It was about eight o’clock, but Kerry hadn’t come downstairs yet, so he said to John, “John, you go and call brother. I’m waiting for him to have breakfast.”

He smiled with some shyness, “This… Last night young master came into young lady’s room…”


Kevin’ s expression was as usual, while glancing at Xinyou, who was not far away.

It seemed that there will be a good show again soon.

In the afternoon, when Venus was working in the office, her mobile phone rang, and she saw it was that strange number.

Venus looked around, making sure that no one was around, so she clicked the message.

“Sis, I’m coming to the city.”

Venus replied, “Brother, where are you? When can we meet?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 137 Was that Tianye Mu? (3)
“7 p.m., Shangdao Café.”

“OK, I’ll be there on time. See you later.”

“Okay, see you.”

Then Venus had no interest in working, thinking about the meeting later. If it was really her brother, she would probably jump for joy, but if it was a fake one, how would she deal with it?

Therefore, Venus took out a paper knife from the drawer and put it into her bag.

As time passed by, it was finally five, so Venus grabbed her bag and left the office, not seeing Xinyou’ s smug.

As soon as Venus got into the taxi, a black car followed behind, and behind the black car, an inconspicuous silver car also followed.

“Young master, I’m following young lady. She seems to meet someone and is taking a taxi to the east side of the city.” Henry used his cell phone to report Venus’s location.

“Good, keep an eye on her.”

“I see, young master.”

It was at rush hour and Yehuang Group was in the city center, so the taxi was stuck in a deadlock before it got very far.

“Excuse me, how long do we have to wait?” Venus anxiously asked. It was twenty minutes past, but the car didn’t move at all.

The driver was used to this kind of scene, lazily saying, “The road is being repaired in front. I guess it will take another twenty minutes.”

“So long? But I’m in a hurry.”

“What can I do if the road is impassable?” The driver saw that she was really anxious, so he didn’t embarrass her, “If you really can’t wait, get off from here. There is a subway station in front of you, you can take the subway. It’s faster.”

Venus hurriedly took out her wallet and gave the driver an extra twenty yuan, “I’m really sorry for blocking you here, then I’ll get off here.”

The driver took the money without saying anything and opened the door.

Venus hurried towards the subway station, not noticing the one following behind her.


It was 6:30 when she arrived and she found a window seat from which she could not only see the outside of the café, but also see the people entering the café.

The waiter served s cup of Blue Mountain she had ordered, and Venus remembered the time she pretended to be Xinyou, who was also sitting in the café, waiting for an unknown person.

As the time approached seven o’clock, Venus’s heart beat faster and faster, and she couldn’t take her eyes off the entrance of the café, afraid to ignore someone.

At exactly seven o’clock, the cafe’s chime rang, and Venus was nervous to the exreme. Here came a man, but not her brother. The man was wearing glasses and had an elite look. Venus kept fixing her eyes followed him as she watched him walk to a booth and sit down, talking and laughing with his friend sitting opposite.

He was not her brother.

There was a touch of disappointment. Was he in a traffic jam?

After another two or three minutes, the shop door was pushed open, and it was a woman in a very literary dress…

As time went on, Venus was lost. She wished so much that the person who came was really her brother.

Half an hour had passed since the appointed time and Venus hesitated to send a text message to ask. She was holding the phone and was about to type, a text message came in.

“Sis, I can’t get there. I found that you are surrounded by Kerry’s men watching, so I can’t show up.”

When Venus saw this, she looked up and looked outside. There was a bustling crowd and traffic outside and she had been sitting here for half an hour and she hadn’t seen any weird people appear.

Moreover, with her brother’ s personality, knowing that if she was waiting for him, how could he not show up because he was afraid of Kerry? He would just take her away with him.

After considering for a moment, Venus replied, “Brother, I just want to see you to see if you’re OK. If you can’t come to the café, just walk past the bank across the street, so I can see you.”

This time he returned quickly, “I can’t. I’ve seen a few of Kerry’ s men lingering around the café. I have a grudge against Kerry, so as long as I appear, they will definitely catch me. Sorry, sister, this time I can’t meet you. Go back first, next time there is a more suitable opportunity, I’ll contact you.”

Venus put the phone down on the table. What the hell? It’s definitely not her brother.

But she didn’t want to just give up, so she dialed the number, but a mechanical female voice came, “Sorry, the number you have dialed is…”

Well, clever.

Sighing lightly, Venus leaned on the sofa and looked at the lights outside. After finishing her cup of coffee, she got up to go back.

When she was on the way, the news had already reached Kerry.

“Tianye didn’t show up and young lady left after having a cup of coffee, looking a bit lost.” Henry said.

“I see.”

Another group of people also sent the same news to Kevin.

At this moment, Kevin was walking in the garden, but Xinyou appeared all of a sudden.

“Young master, are you interested in chatting now?” Xinyou’ s tone was arrgant, a proud proclamation.

Kevin lowered his eyebrows with a smile, “Fine, it’s boring to walk alone anyway.”

“So, Kevin, are you interested in making a deal with me now?” Xinyou got straight to the point.

Kevin just be straight too, “Even if Venus knows where Tianye is, but as for your relationship with my sister-in-law, what information can you get from her?”

“Don’t worry about that, I’ll have my own way,” Xinyou said proudly.

Kevin didn’t say anything. He was too suspicious of this Tianye.

Xinyou just wanted to make a deal with him and then Tianye appeared, still in such an arrogant way. It was all too coincidental.

“If you can really get the whereabouts of Tianye and let me see him with my own eyes, I’ll make you my new sister-in-law.” Kevin seemed to say in a serous way.

“Kevin, you haven’t done anything yet to meet him, what if you go back on your word?” Xinyou was not an idiot.

Kevin shrugged, stretching his back and said, “My words absolutely count. If you don’t believe me, I have no choice. Maybe you need to find a new partner.”

Xinyou gritted her teeth. He was too cunning. But at this point, it seemed like she had no other choice but to trust him.

“Good, I hope you remember what you said today.”

“Of course.” Kevin smiled.

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