Chapter 138: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 138 Xiaozi was gloomy with worry (1)
After Xinyou Qiao left, someone came from far in the moonlight, lowering her head and carrying an air of decadence. Kevin Ye stood there for a moment before he walking to her.

“You’re back.” He asked with a smile.

Venus Mu raised her head, seeing Kevin standing in the moonlight, like a fairy who came down from the Moon Palace.

“Hi, Kevin.” Venus greeted.

“Why are you so late today? Busy at work?” Kevin asked casually.

Venus shook her head, “I had a meeting with someone for coffee, but I was stood up.”

Kevin certainly knew who this person she had asked out was, but he didn’t expect her to be so direct.

“Someone very important? You look really unhappy.”

Venus smiled bitterly, answering ambiguously, “Well, I don’t know he’s important or not. Maybe just a stranger.”

Kevin didn’t want to keep this topic, “I see you’re tired, go to have a rest.”

“OK,” Venus stopped after taking two or three steps towards the inside of the villa and said to him, “Kevin, I never got to thank you for the last time.”

“Don’t be. Anyway, you save me and I save you, that’s it.” Kevin continued to start walking, his voice dying away into the night.

Venus’s heart that had been cold for a long time began to feel warm. Should she… tell him about this? Maybe he would have a different point of view.

No, it’s better to wait until the guy showed a little more of his flaw, until she was sure of herself.

The cooperation between Yehuang Group and Style Magazine was advancing in an orderly manner, and Venus, as the page character for this interview, after communicating with the magazine, was going to take photos this afternoon and do the interview by the way.

Venus has never experienced these things, so she was somewhat overwhelmed, whispering to a young girl across her, “Hey, excuse me, may I know some of the questions that were going to ask in the interview?”

The little girl smiled and said, “Miss Mu, don’t be too nervous. We are just a magazine interview, not a TV or radio station, so there is no such strict requirement for language expression. As for the questions, we will tell you in the afternoon in a written form.”

Venus relived a little, but still a little worried, “What are the general questions, so I can make some preparations in advance.”

The little girl tilted her head back and thought, “Well… It’s probably about when you got interested in design, what funny things have happened, what your biggest aspirations are and some questions like that. I’m sure you can answer all that. Take it easy.”


In the afternoon, Meiling He brought Venus to the studio of Style Magazine, according to her face and figure, the make-up artist and stylist discussed and then started to do it, and in less than an hour, a delicate woman with youthfulness in her maturity stood in front of the flash. Faced with the unfamiliar camera, Venus was nervous. The photographer let her make a few poses, but her arms and legs were stiff as if they were in a cast.

“Excuse me, have you never taken any picture, Miss? You look really nervous?” The photographer was a bit helpless.

Venus also knew that she had behaved badly, so she apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’ve never taken this…”

“A lot of people have never been photographed. Don’t think yourself as a model now. Think yourself as a designer. There’s a drawing board in front of you now, so what kind of clothes do you want to design? Don’t care about my camera.”

With the photographer’s help, Venus was much more relaxed, so the shooting was going on in a good way.

“Okay… right… that’s it… very good… ok, let’s change to another set of clothes…”

After Two or three hours, all the photos were taken, and Venus was dumbfounded, looking at the woman on the computer.

Was this…was this herself? It’s too beautiful…

“Venus, remove your makeup and we’ll do the interview.” A tall woman with glasses came over and said with a recorder and computer in her hand.

That’s the content the little girl was talking about.

The questions really were those ones. “When did you fall in love with design? What funny little story has happened? What is the greatest wish, etc.” Venus was sincere in telling her story, but subtly ignored family.

“I’ve seen your designs and they’re really inspiring, but you’re still a student, so why do you have such a strong desire to win and get this chance to make a name for yourself?”

The question was so sharp that Venus hesitated for a moment. She thought for a moment, looking into her eyes and said, “I have a relative who is missing and I can’t find him, so I think if I can stand on a higher and bigger stage, maybe he will see me and come looking for me.”

The interviewer was shocked by her answer. After a moment, she said, “I’ll put that in the magazine and I sincerely hope your loved one will see it.”

Venus said softly, “Thank you.”

She patted her shoulder kindly and said, “I’ve already looked up your information when I came here, and I appreciate you answering my questions so sincerely today, and I hope we’ll be able to work together again sometime in the future.”

“Well, sure.”

When she returned to the villa, she took a shower and lay down on the bed, but before she could fall asleep, she heard a sharp “ah” sound, frightening her. she hurriedly got up to go out of the room, finding some people, including Kerry, all went to the end of the hall, Xinyou’ s room.

What the hell was she trying to do?

She didn’t want to get involved, so she turned back to her bed and went back to sleep.

She wanted to stay away from her, but she didn’t know that it was special for her. A few minutes later, John came and knocked on the door.

“Young lady, young master asks you to come over.”

Venus knew that nothing good would come to her and Xinyou must set for her again, “You tell him that I’m sleeping.”

“That…young lady, young master said that if you don’t go, he’ll personally come to you…” John sounded a bit anxious,” Young lady, you’d better go over, don’t be like this.”

Venus fidgeted and got up again, “John, OK. I need to change my clothes first.”

“Young lady, hurry up, young master doesn’t have much patience.”

“I got it.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 138 Xiaozi was gloomy with worry (2)
Venus quickly put on her clothes and slippers, and then she went to the door.

“Ma’am, please hurry. If you’re late I’m afraid Mr. Ye will be angry with you again.” John said from outside her door.

“John, what happened?” Venus asked.

“I’m not sure. It seems like something horrible came up on Miss Qiao’s computer.”

“What does this have to do with me?” Venus thought.

In the Xinyou Qiao’s room, Xinyou sat on the couch crying. Kerry stared at the computer, and Kevin leaned leisurely against the wall. When he saw Venus come, he smiled at her.

“What’s wrong?” Venus asked indifferently.

Kerry stared at her and said, “Come here.”

Venus walked over to him. Kerry took her hair and made she look at the computer, “what is this?”

When Kevin saw his brother taking Venus’ hair, he clenches his hands slowly, as if he was a little angry that his brother treated Venus this way.

There was a picture on the computer screen. The woman in the photo had long hair hanging down and her limbs were nailed to wooden stakes. Her wrists and knees were bleeding, and her face was as white as a sheet of paper.

This was a picture of Xinou.

Venus felt a little horrible. She asked, “It’s just a picture. What’s it got to do with me?”

Kerry tugged on her hair so she could look at the bottom of the screen, “Look at this email.”

Venus cradled all of her hair in her hands to avoid him tugging on her hair again.

The email said, “Xinyou Qiao, get out of the Ye villa immediately and never appear in front of Venus. If you dare do anything to hurt Venus again, the end of the woman in the photo will happen to you. I’ll definitely do what I say.” The sender was Tianye Mu.

Venus laughed loudly, “Is my brother an idiot? Why did he send her such an email?”

Kerry interrupted her harshly, “You…” At that moment, Kerry smelled a faint scent of lemon that reminded him of the peaceful times he and Venus had had a few days before. Kerry was silent suddenly, looking at her. He’d been trying to convince himself this had nothing to do with Venus’s brother.

“How do you prove this is an email from him? By a name?” Venus stared at him and retorted.

Venus saw that he didn’t say anything, and then continued, “Kerry, if you think this email is from my brother, just follow the IP address on it.”

“No one would do such a boring ting but Tianye Mu.” Kerry looked at her coldly

“You also find this thing boring too, don’t you?” Venus said, “If my brother has time, he should think of how to come to see me.”

“Venus, I’ll find Mutino sooner or later and show you how I’ll torture him.” said Kerry.

“Then find him quickly, and let me know when you find him. I haven’t seen him in a long time either.” Venus said, and strode out of Xinyou’s bedroom.

Kevin had no intention of staying any longer here and followed her out of the room.

“Does your head hurt?” He asked.

“Yeah, it hurts. Kerry is just crazy.” Venus rubbed her scalp and said, and then she looked at Kevin, “I’m sorry. He’s your brother. I shouldn’t have said that about him.”

“It’s okay.” Kevin said. “He shouldn’t have pulled your hair.”

“I’m used to it. But this thing tonight is really…” sighed Venus. “Never mind, I’m off to bed.”

“Good night.” said Venus, and then she left.


In the room, Xinyou was still sobbing. Kerry walked over and sat next to her, drawing a tissue and handing it to her, “Don’t cry. I’ll let Henry look into this matter.”

Xinyou hugged his waist and cried even harder, “Kerry, I’m really scared.”

Kerry’s heart softened and patted her shoulder lightly, “Tianye Mu won’t dare to hurt you.”

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done those things to hurt you. Please forgive me.” Xinyou took this opportunity to apologize to Kerry for what she had done wrong before. She hugged his waist even harder and said, “Don’t ignore me. I’m sorry you’ve been ignoring me all this time.” Her tears kept flowing and soaked his shirt.

Kerry seemed to relent a moment after seeing her tears. He said, “I’ll forgive you. Remember not to cause any more trouble.”

Xinyou nodded. “I’ll listen to you from now on and never do anything that makes you unhappy again.”

Then Kerry pushed her away from his arms and said, “I have to leave. I have something to do.”

Xingyou pulled on his clothes, not wanting to let him go, “I’m still afraid now. When I close my eyes, all I can think of is that picture.”

“Just listen to some music. It may help you. I need to go.” said Kerry and then got up to leave.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 138 Xiaozi was gloomy with worry (3)
Xinyou Qiao turned her head and looked at his back with a smile of victory. Unexpectedly, she actually got Kerry Ye fall in love with her again. As long as she sped up her pace, she would be able to hold his heart in her hand again.

Here, Venus was sitting by the bed recalling what had happened a while ago.

Why would her brother make such a big scene to find trouble with Xinyou? It’s not his style at all. He could have found trouble with Kerry instead of Xinyou, who he could care less about.

The people behind this…

Thinking of this, the door was suddenly pushed open. Familiar sound of footsteps came to the ears. It was Kerry.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have to put your beauty to sleep? “

Kerry took off his clothes as he was walking, and by the time he got to bed, his upper body had already been naked. He was just aroused by her, so he couldn’t wait to leave Xinyou and come to Venus to let out his fire.

“What do you think I’m going to do?”

“Kerry…You wanted my life one second ago, but now you are here trying to sleep with me. Is there something wrong with your brain? Don’t touch my clothes… “

In bed, Kerry was always the absolute leader. Venus’s resistance would eventually be swallowed by him, and then become a shelled egg, leaving him to eat up and wipe clean.


Two days later, a terrible attack happened to Xinyou. It was this incident that made Venus completely sure that Tianye Mu was absolutely fake.

It happened in the evening. When Venus, Kerry Ye and Kevin Ye were having dinner in the restaurant, housekeeper Wang came in a hurry and said, “Young master, something’s wrong! Come out and have a look.”

Almost at the same time, the three put down the chopsticks in their hands and ran out. They were all stunned to see Xinyou.

Xinyou was injured all over. She was helped by Mrs Qin. Her bare legs and arms were covered with bruises and her face was red and swollen. Her mouth was still covered with blood. Obviously she had been slapped on the face and her hair was messy. Her clothes wore torn, but there was not much exposure.

Seeing Kerry, her tears fell down.

“Kerry –” Her voice was sad with pity.

Kerry strode forward and hugged her. With doubts and anger in his eyes, he asked, “What happened to you? Who hurt you?”

Xinyou fell into his arms and cried, “Kerry, they are so terrible.”

“Don’t cry. what happened? Tell me slowly.”

Venus looked at this woman coldly. Sharp intuition told her that this woman wanted to cause her trouble again.

Xinyou choked for a while, then she began to say, “I went to the mall after work and bought you a shirt. But on the way back, I was held to a dark corner by several men with knives. They beat me up and tore up the shirt I bought for you.”

“Do you remember who they were?”

Xinyou cried and shook her head, “It was too dark for me to see clearly, but they said…”

“What did they say?”

Xinyou looked at Venus. Venus’s heart skipped a beat. Sure enough, the poisonous snake was about to attack.

“They told me to move out of Ye’s villa immediately, and not to provoke Venus any more, or I would die next time. They also said… “

“What else?” Kerry clenched his fists as if he was going to let someone else die the next moment.

“They also said that their boss is not afraid of you at all. He’s waiting for you, and will absolutely make sure you never step out of their place!”

“Asshole!” Kerry’s fist hit the ground and Xinyou was scared and jumped to the side, “Where did you meet these people of Tianye?”

“On the way to the villa after I got off the bus.”

“Henry Zhang!” Yelled Kerry.

“Yes, Young master.”

“Go! Find out those scum bags for me, as well as Tianye behind them. I’ll find out all of them this time! I will chop them up!”

“Yes sir.”

Kerry helped Xinyou to walk in and stopped in front of Venus when they passed her, “From now on, you are not allowed to step out of Ye’s villa. Since Tianye wants me to throw myself into his trap, I’ll see if he still wants you as a sister.”

Venus looked at him quietly and did not say anything, but her brain was rather clear.

She had experienced too many “torturing herself” tricks of Xinyou. At First, Xinyou fell from the building “by accident”, and then she took some sleeping pills. Now, to set up Mu Tianye, she actually found a group of men to beat herself. Xinyou was really hard on herself!

And she was more sure that this Tianye could not be true.

If her brother really came back, he would either rush to Ye’s house and make a big scene or just take her away quietly. He would in no way do things like this.

Just imagine that Tianye had given up the idea of meeting Venus for fear that Kerry would know about it. How could he even hijack Xinyou and leave so many clues for Kerry to check? This was too contradictory.

Therefore, there was only one answer- Tianye was a fake from the beginning to the end. It was all Xinyou’s trick. If Venus guessed right, Hao Nangong was also involved. She was just a college student. She couldn’t think so well and could not do so many things all by herself.

What did she want to do with her brother’s presence? To deepen Kerry’s hatred for Venus? Now it seemed that it worked.

Another added benefit was that it could create a gap between Venus and Kevin, because there was an inextricable hatred between Kevin and Tianye.

“Xinyou, you are really taking pains to drive me out of the Ye Family!” Venus thought.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 138 Xiaozi was gloomy with worry (4)
Dr. Han was ordered to come to Ye’ s villa, and without saying anything, he headed to Venus Mu’s room and was stopped by John, “Ouch, my Dr. Han, it’s not the young lady this time, it’s someone else.”

Dr. Han was surprised, “Ha, ha, a new one?”

“Don’t ever say this to young master. You’ve met her before, Miss Qiao.” He led him to the end of the corridor.

He nodded. He didn’t want her to be Venus.

Xinyou snuggled into the arms of Kerry Ye and sobbed, Kerry was hugging her while he was thinking how to catch Tianye Mu.

“Young Master, Dr. Han is here.”

Kerry let go of Xinyou and said in a cold voice, “Let him in.”

John invited to come in, and Dr. Han walked in with a medical kit. Kerry got up from the sofa and walked to the side and said, “Check her out and treat her wounds.”

Dr. Han looked at Xinyou, who looked fine. After asking a few questions, he asked her to move her arms and legs, so there shouldn’t be any injuries to the muscles or bones.

After cleaning the exposed wounds, Dr. Han stood still, so Kerry frowned, “Is it finished?”

“No.” Dr. Han said seriously.

“Then do it.”

Dr. Han glanced at him and said seriously, “I need to see if there are any injuries on her, so maybe she needs to take off her clothes.”

Kerry was stunned and said to Xinyou, “Take off your clothes and let the doctor examine you.”

Xinyou was hesitant and stammered, “My body doesn’t hurt… Can I not…”

“No,” Dr. Han vetoed, “I need to see if there’s anything wrong with the ribs and if there are any bruises. This kind of fight can easily lead to internal injuries.”

“Xinyou, Dr. Han is right.” Kerry said with some concern.

Dr. Han, however, immediately had a judgment. Remembering last time, when he treated Venus, he had been yelled to deafness by Kerry, for he touched Venus. Kerry even checked some parts by himself. What a strong possessiveness.

However, when it came to this Miss Qiao, Kerry just allowed him to do anything, so it seemed that Xinyou’ s position in Kerry’ s heart was not as good as Venus.

It was just that Kerry hadn’t realized it yet.

“Kerry, I… me…”

Dr. Han could see at once what she was hesitating about, and was angry because it was a questioning of his profession.

With a very serious expression, he said, “This lady, the total number of naked bodies I’ve seen is more than the number of the people you’ve met, and whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s just a corpse for me. There is no difference.”

If she kept persisting, Xinyou should be suspicious of Kerry. She had no choice but to take off her clothes, with only a bra.

She was a woman, even if she was malicious, she had never been like this in front of two men, so she blushed.

Dr. Han had an icy face and he found that there were many bruises, except for one or two obvious bruises on her back and the rest of her body was as white as jade.

It seemed a little strange to have such a small injury on the back, if someone was beaten.

“How do you feel about your abdomen? Like pain, bloating, or if you feel like throwing up?” Dr. Han asked.

Xinyou seemed to be very serious and said, “No.”

Dr. Han nodded, “Okay, put your clothes on.”

“How is she?” Kerry asked.

Dr. Han said as he lowered his head to take some medicine from the medical kit, “There are just some surface wounds. Though it looked horrible, her muscles or bones are fine.”

Then he took out the two bottles of medicine and said, “This medicine is applied externally, invigorating blood and resolving stasis, once a day in the morning and evening. This medicine is for internal use, mainly to prevent infection, also one pill in the morning and one in the evening. In the past few days, don’t take a bath. If she really can’t stand it, use a hot towel to wipe the body. Also, diet should be light. As for the swelling on the face, use two boiled eggs to apply a hot compress.”

Seeing him start to pack his things, Kerry frowned, “That’s it?”

Dr. Han was depressed and looked up at him, “Of course. If you don’t trust me, you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination.” He questioned his medical skills for this kind of wounds? It was simply too much.

“Okay, don’t look at me with that look. I trust you.” Kerry said with dissatisfaction. How could he have such an attitude towards his employer?

Dr. Han carried the medical kit to go out and stopped after a few steps, wanting to tell him his doubt, but thinking that it was about his family matters, he should keep his mouth shut.

“Anything else?” Seeing him stop, Kerry asked.

“No, I’m leaving first. Call me if you have any question.”

There were two people left in the bedroom once again. Xinyou was trying to make use of the little pity Kerry had at the moment and said with tears, “Kerry, can you help me with my medicine? My hand hurts.”

Looking at the woman who was covered in bruises, he felt sorry for her, so he took out the bottle of medicine and said, “Well, don’t cry, I’ll help you.”

“OK, thank you.” Xinyou wiped away her tears and smiled, but as soon as she smiled, she gasped because of the pain on her face.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 138 Xiaozi was gloomy with worry (5)
Had she known it would hurt this much, she should have let those guys be gentler.

Kerry Ye took out the ointment and then used his fingertips to plaster it on the wound. Because of the effect of the medicine, Xinyou Qiao felt cool of her skin.

At the moment, Xinyou didn’t care about the scar, with her eyes fixed on Kerry, who was so charming when he was focusing on something. Perfect face, focused eyes, and slightly pursed lips, all of which were all she wanted. Such a man should belong to her and Venus Mu, that kind of shabby woman didn’t deserve him.

After dealing with all her wounds, Kerry’s phone rang and he put the ointment aside, wiping his hands with tissue and answered the phone.

“Say…OK, I got it.”

Hanging up the phone, Kerry said to Xinyou, “I have some things to take care of. Put some on the leg yourself, and if you can’t reach it, let Mrs. Qin help you.”

Although Xinyou didn’t want to let him leave, she knew she couldn’t stop him, so she pretended to be generous and said, “I know, you go and get busy.”

The third-floor study

Henry threw a torn white shirt at his feet, with the tag on it, “Young master, I just went to check. What Miss Qiao said is true. We found this shirt more than a thousand miles away from the villa, where the grass has traces of having been trampled. I also accessed all the CCTV on this road, and at around six o’clock, there were five men appearing at the location, but the place where Miss Qiao was beaten was so hidden that the cameras didn’t capture it. Then, the five men disappeared and we are looking around for them.”

Kerry clenched his fist, yelling, “A thousand miles? Tianye has invaded my territory and you still don’t know? What are you doing?”

Henry lowered his head, “I’m sorry young master.”

“If you can’t catch him this time, you know the consequences.”

With forehead oozing with sweat, he answered, “Yes.”

“Then get out!”

Henry bowed and left, wiping his sweat at the door.

In addition to the year when young master Kevin disappeared, Kerry hadn’t been so angry for a long time ago. It seemed that this time. he was positively serious with it, however, those five people disappeared silently in the night. The city was so big, so where to find?

At night, Venus didn’t fall to sleep quickly. Firstly, she had no sleepiness, and secondly, she was afraid that Kerry would suddenly come in and vent his anger. After all, Xinyou had made such an effort to destroy her. How could Kerry let herself go so easily?

But strangely enough, there wasn’t any movement outside the door until two o’clock.

Could it be that Kerry was being pestered by Xinyou tonight? Then she really admired this woman, even with wounds all over her body, she didn’t mind the pain.

Turning over and preparing to sleep, a shadow suddenly crashed into view, and Venus’s heart nearly stopped from being frightened.

“Xiaozi!” Venus got up from the bed and shouted, “Why are you doing this again!”

Xiaozi floated leisurely to her and sighed, “Hey…”

Venus had never seen him so depressed before and asked with concern, “What happened? Why are you sighing?”

Xiaozi sat on the edge of her bed and said, rather grudgingly, “I’ve recently encountered a very troublesome matter.”

Venus curled up her legs, her chin resting on her knees, and said with a smile, “You immortals also have trouble?”

“Of course.” Xiaozi looked back at her, “We all have our own trouble.”

Venus began to feel interested, “Quickly tell me, what is your trouble?”

Xiaozi lowered his head down for a moment and spoke softly, “I recently met an enemy from many years ago. He’s very powerful, so I’m wondering how to get rid of him, but I’m afraid…”

He didn’t say more, but looked up at Venus, purple eyes glowing in the darkness…

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