Chapter 138: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 138 Doris‘s back.

Although Colin Ward stepped back in time, he still inhaled a little powder, so the drug took effect after a while.

Ellie Ye took a deep breath. Her expression was no longer the same as before. Instead, she kept staring at Colin with great interest. After a while, Ellie squatted down, gently stroked Colin’s face, and muttered, “Colin Ward, what kind of person are you?”

“Others think you are good for nothing, but you are not. Why do you hide your identity? A woman like me comes to you but you refuse me so firmly, interesting.”

After a while, Ellie took out her phone.

“Room 213, Huihuang KTV.”

Half an hour later, three coquettish women showed up in the room.

Ellie ordered expressionlessly, “begin!”

It took her half an hour to move the Gerd Ward and Xu Lang away, leaving this sofa to Colin for the following things.

The three women giggled and began to take off their clothes.

Then, they surrounded Colin. One was lying on his belly; one was holding his feet; the last was touching his face before putting his head on her smooth and delicate thighs.

Ellie stood aside and took out her phone to take photos.

Five minutes later, Ellie put her phone away and said, “done.”

After hearing that, the woman sitting at the head of Colin looked at Ellie shyly, “can I kiss him?”

Ellie’s eyes suddenly turned cold, “I said it’s done! Now get out!”

The woman shrugged and got dressed with the other two before leaving.

Ellie didn’t know why she felt very angry when the woman asked if she could hiss Colin just now. It felt like her things had been taken away!

It was not until the second morning that Colin woke up, while Gerd and Xu were still in a coma.

Colin still felt dizzy. For a moment, he didn’t know where he was. It took him a while to calm down and realized that he was in a KTV.

Recalling what had happened before, he looked around but didn’t find Ellie. He thought Ellie had left after he fainted, so he didn’t think too much of it.

It was not until nine o’clock that Gerd and Xu woke up one after another.

Gerd said expressionlessly, “I was being careless.”

Colin felt a headache, “it will be difficult to catch him next time. He will not come back to this place and no one knows where to find him!”

The three of them walked out of the KTV. After thinking for a while, Colin said to Xu, “would you like to go back with me?”

Taking a look at Colin, Xu didn’t move, “said the man who knows he will be killed by me?”

Colin sighed a little, “you’ve been drugged, right? Now you are awake, but your body should not be fully recovered. So I suggest you go to my place to have a rest, and we will talk about it when you recover.”

“Are you sure?”

Colin nodded.

In fact, Colin could feel that the way Xu looked at him now was no longer murderous.

Gerd, on the other hand, didn’t say a word from beginning to end.

Finally, the three of them went back to the Lanbo port together.

Colin took Xu to a guest room, “Have a rest. You can leave yourself if you want to.”

Xu nodded and said hesitantly, “in fact, you can kill me in the KTV just now.”

The corners of Colin’s mouth twitched slightly, “that’s murder, and murder is illegal.”

Xu sneered at this sentence, “yeah, for ordinary people.”

He was right. In this world, as long as one was rich and powerful, even it was killing, there was no punishment at all.

Colin didn’t retort.

Xu continued, “I guess the person who drugged us was hired by the same person who hired me.”

Colin was stunned, “you mean he hired you and the man who drugged you?”

“I suppose so.”Said Xu flatly.

After a moment’s silence, Colin suddenly raised his head and asked, “can you tell me who wanted to kill me?”

“No.”The attitude of Xu was the same as before, “I am professional.”

“But I can tell you something so that you can follow the clue to a further investigation.”

In the afternoon, Colin went to the Marquis Group.

As soon as she sat down, Nina White came to report, “Colin, Lishi Company is suppressing the industries under the Marquis Group.”

“Lishi?” Colin was confused, “Are you sure it’s Lishi Company?”

Nina nodded, and I found that Lishi seems to have started a new project.”

At this time, Colin’s phone rang.

On the phone, Doris asked with a happy tone, “where are you? I’m back. “

“I’ll be right back!” Colin said excitedly as he stood up. Ignoring Nina, he strode out of the office.

Looking at Colin’s back, Nina sighed a little.

Colin hung up the phone and drove to the Lanbo port.

When he arrived at the villa, Colin was a little worried. He didn’t know if Xu had left or not. If Doris Lee had seen Xu, she would have been very scared. If she was agitated again, wouldn’t she faint again?

When Colin entered the living room, he saw that Doris was standing in the living room, wearing a white floral dress and a pure face, which made her more graceful as snow.


Hearing the voice, Doris turned around and smiled, “you’re back! Come here.”

Colin walked over and saw Doris holding a silver tie.

“Try it on. I bought it in Jing City.”

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