Chapter 139 – 140: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 139: The Second Round

“Twenty million dollars!

A beautiful young woman held up a sign in her hands.

“Twenty million, Ms. Zheng called twenty million dollars! Is there anyone willing to call higher than that?”

The beautiful auctioneer on the stage shouted out very excitedly.

Twenty million dollars, that’s one hundred and twenty million yuan. How could she not be excited since this treasure alone would bring her a cut of one million two hundred thousand yuan?

Also, the higher the price the treasure gets, the more famous she becomes, and the more people will come to her for auction later.

After Ms. Zheng called the price at $20 million, no one dared to hold up the sign.

Although these rich wives and daughters like “Heavenly city”, such a price for a necklace is too high.

Although Heavenly City is worth the price, spending this much money to buy a necklace is not worth it. It is better to put the money into the business. Making the 100 million to 200 million, 200 million to 300 million. Isn’t this more cost-effective?

Yong Wu was desperate when he heard Mrs. Zheng’s offer of $20 million.

That’s a hundred and twenty million. Where can he find the money to bid?

Xiaorou Xu was touched looking at Yong Wu: “Yong Wu, ok, I know you want to buy that necklace for me. Please forget it. I don’t really like it.”

Xiaorou Xu didn’t like Yong Wu, but she didn’t want to spend his money either.

She knew Yong Wu couldn’t afford that much. She didn’t want to accept his favors.

Yong Wu was happy to hear that. Yet he sighed with an indifferent expression: “Ah, I’ve prepared to spend all my family’s backup money. Since you do not like it, I will not buy it.”

That tone, that expression, he acted so real!

Kris Chen that sat beside Xiaorou Xu, heard his shameless words and could not help but laugh: “ha ha ha…”

The boy was such a “genius” that he even made up a family backup money.

Kris Chen’s laughter was heard by Yong Wu, he was instantly angry: “Fxxk. Laugh one more time, and you are dead.”

Pointing to Kris Chen’s nose, Yong Wu scolded, “I can afford $18.1 million. Can you? A wimp that depends on women. Not to mention $18.1 million, I’m afraid you can’t come up with $1800? What right do you have to laugh?”

Just as he said this, Xiaorou Xu’s face changed.

Although she did not like Yong Wu, just now he was about to bid for her. Even if she did not need it, she still feels like she owns him something.

But this guy taunted Kris Chen to her face.

What’s so great about him besides having good parents? Is he as brave or as talented as Kris Chen?

Xiaorou Xu said with displeasure: “Yong Wu, haven’t you said enough?”

Yong Wu saw her face and quickly changed his words: “Okok, I won’t scold him. Xiaorou, you can not misunderstand me. I was doing it with good intentions. He is an adult who does not have any ambition. He stayed at home without doing anything. He ashamed all men. I called him names to encourage him and get him into shape!”

Hearing his this shameless words, Kris Chen sneered unceasingly and then picked up the mobile phone to send a short message to Xue Mi.

At this time, the beautiful auctioneer on the stage also calmed down. She picked up the gavel and knocked on the desktop: “No. 66 Ms. Zheng 20 million dollars for the first time!


“Number 66, Ms. Zheng, $20 million second time!”


Every time the price was called, the beautiful auctioneer knocked on the table.

On the third offer, she deliberately elongated the voice: “Any other bids?”

As she scanned the room, silence reigned. There seemed to be no higher price: “Ms. Zheng 66, $20 million for the third time!”

And she was about to drop the gavel!

“Twenty-two million dollars!

Xue Mi, sitting in the front row, held up her sign at the last minute.

“Clap clap clap!”

When she called out the price, the crowd burst into applause.

This was really impressive!

Nowadays, women are crazy about jewelry. That’s $22 million, which is equivalent to 131.4 million yuan at the current exchange rate.


One hundred and thirty million for a necklace. How much would that be worth investing in a business?

All of them happened to look at the Xue Mi. When they found that a beautiful woman actually made the offer, all the men swallowed their saliva.

What a beautiful woman, this “Heavenly City” should be worn by such a woman.

At this time, although Xue Mi seemed very calm, she was actually very excited.

Although it was the President who asked her to auction it, she was still excited.

This is the Heavenly City. Is there even a woman who can resist it?

Although she knew that the necklace could not be hers, she thought she could at least beg the President to let her wear it, and took a few photos as a souvenir. Would this be okay?

The beautiful auctioneer on the stage frozen for at least three seconds after hearing the offer, and when she heard the audience “hubbub” of applause, she realized what was happening.

She quickly knocked on the table: “Number 3, Miss Mi twenty-two million dollars once, twenty-two million dollars twice… Twenty-two million dollars third!”

As the gavel struck for the third time, the beautiful auctioneer shouted excitedly, “Sold to Miss Mi for twenty-two million dollars.”

“Noises were everywhere.”

After the beautiful auctioneer announced this, there was even louder applause, a deafening noise that almost lifted the ceiling.

Everyone was applauding. Xiaorou Xu was also clapping hands, staring at the Heavenly City on the stage.”

She thought this time she can get the Heavenly City, but it was taken.

It seems that she just didn’t have the luck!

She sighed a little as she thought of this.

The second round’s first treasure was a small climax, but the second treasure shocked the audiences!

A beautiful woman in a red cheongsam dragged a mahogany tray out.

The crowd craned their necks, but they could not see what was inside.

“What’s the matter?”

“Why there is nothing!”

“It’s not an air auction, is it?

The crowd couldn’t help but started talking.

Hearing everyone’s words, the beautiful auctioneer smiled charmingly and said: “Calm down, this is the second treasure of the second round, the most important one in today’s auction!”

A spotlight shone on the tray as the auctioneer’s back flashed on a large screen.

A black pill was inside the mahogany tray covered by a layer of yellow silk.

“What the hell is this?”

“Is this Pheonix Fitness Boluses pill?”

Someone in the audience said, and the crowd immediately burst into laughter.

“Pheonix Fitness Boluses pill? No, no, no!”

The beautiful auctioneer shook her head again and again, and then smiled mysteriously: “This is a magic medicine few people have access to, and this medicine is called”Obstacle-Breaking pill”. Its biggest function is to help monks break through the bottleneck of training! If you’ve been stuck at the fulfilled stage of the acquired stage and can’t make a break-through. This break-through can help you to be in the innate-power stage. This is the elixir that all friars dream of!”


The beautiful auctioneer just finished, and all the people were shocked!

One by one, everyone looked at the black pills with a desire in their eyes.

Chapter 140: An expired pill

Many of those present are Practitioners, and even many of them are disciples of the six major schools. Because of their own reasons, they couldn’t break through the bottleneck for a long time, which forced them to go into society.

After hearing that there’s a pill that would allow them to break through their current bottleneck, everyone couldn’t help be excited.

Some of them have even been stuck in the fulfilled period of the acquired stage for more than 20 years, and they had no hope for reaching the innate-power stage. After hearing that there’s such a magic pill, they were ready to do whatever they can to get the pill.

Tianba Li’s face lit up when he looked at the screen.

That’s a magic pill. He was in the fulfilled period of the acquired stage three years ago. But the bottleneck from the acquired stage to the innate-power stage is as hard as an impenetrable barrier, and he hasn’t made any progress.

Tianba consulted his father and knew that many people are limited by their talents, power of understanding, and their roots. And some people are even stuck in the fulfilled period of the acquired stage all their life. But those who have excellent roots, power of understanding, and talents can reach the innate-power stage within a few years.

But it’s a gap form the fulfilled period of the acquired stage to the innate-power stage, and ninety-nine percent of people can’t cross that gap in their lifetime.

After hearing what his father said, Tianba was very depressed. He thought he was going to end up like the gloomier predecessors who have been stuck in the fulfilled period of the acquired stage in their lifetime.

But Obstacle Breaking Pill gives him hope.

Just as the saying goes, if you haven’t reached the innate-power stage, you’re an ant.

So Tianba couldn’t help be excited.


Obstacle Breaking Pill?

Kris was stunned when he saw the black pill on the big screen.

Obstacle Breaking Pill is the pill that Kris is most familiar with.

And he’s got some on him. But how could the surface of the pill be so rough? Although the pill he refined is also black, the surface of it is very mellow, as if it is wrapped with a layer of sugar-coating.

He compared the one in the screen and the one of his and found huge differences.

But as there were so many celebrities and politicians, the Ding family couldn’t do something to ruin its reputation.

Kris touched his chin. He guessed that the pill has been stored for too long, and the protective film on the surface of it has been oxidized.

In a word, it’s an expired pill.

Kris was sure that there was no one in the world but himself who can refine the pill. If someone can really refine the pill, discussions about it must be everywhere.

At the thought of that, Kris was relieved. Then he looked at the beautiful auctioneer calmly. “The starting price of Obstacle Breaking Pill is 500 million dollars, with each bid at least 100 million dollars.” The auctioneer said.


“Bidding starts now!” The beautiful auctioneer knocked on the table and said.

As soon as the mallet fell, everyone couldn’t wait to raise the sign in their hand.

“A billion dollars!”

“1.5 billion dollars!”

“It’s mine. 2 billion dollars!”


People in the salesroom raised the sign in their hands one after another. They didn’t offer 100 million dollars at a time, but 500 million dollars.

In less than 10 seconds, the price of the Obstacle Breaking Pill had risen to 3.5 billion dollars from 500 million dollars.

Oh my god!

Kris was dumbfounded.

These people played fast and loose with money. How could the Obstacle Breaking Pill be auctioned for 3.5 billion dollars?

There was still room for the price to go up from the trend.

Kris suddenly remembered that he had sold one to Hu Li at the price of 1 billion dollars and one to Wei Quan at the price of 2 billion dollars. He earned a total of 3 billion dollars.

Kris thought he had made a lot of money, but at that moment, he knew the price of his pill is lower than cabbage.

Kris felt his heart was bleeding.

Fuck, what a loss!

When Kris regretted, the pill’s price soared from 3.5 billion dollars to 4.5 billion dollars and the price was still rising.

At that moment, Tianba was unable to contain any longer. He was determined to get the pill. If he could reach the innate-power stage, perhaps Li family can become an aristocratic family from the first-class family under his guidance.

But he was stopped by Kris when he wanted to raise his sign.

“Kris, why you stop me?” Tianba looked at Kris and said confusedly.

Tianba had lived for more than twenty years, and it’s the first time he had ever heard of such a miraculous pill that could help people break through a bottleneck. As he saw the pill, he couldn’t just let it go.

Kris felt Tianba’s confusion and shook his head. “I tell you what, don’t join the fun. Although the Obstacle Breaking Pill is real, the protective film on its surface has been completely oxidized. It’s an expired pill now,” Kris said.

He paused for a second and then added, “If you eat expired food, you’ll have a stomachache, but if you eat the expired pill, I’m afraid it’s not just as simple as stomachache…”

Kris took a look at Tianba, and he believed Tianba could understand his meaning.


An expired pill?

Tianba sat slumped in his seat. His wife, Xuan Song, hold his hand when she saw he lost his wits.

Tianba sensed his wife’s concern, and then he patted her on the back of her hand to sign her to relax. He took a deep breath and looked at Kris and said, “Kris, how do you know it’s an expired pill?”

The reason why Tianba said that was not to question Kris, but out of pure curiosity.

Tianba knew Kris is not an ordinary person when Kris refined the antidote with a clay pot in front of him and saved his wife.

Kris smiled mysteriously and didn’t say why. “There were so many voices speaking, and I couldn’t explain it clearly in a short time. I will tell you when it’s over,” Kris said.

After hearing that, Tianba’s face lighted up. He had anticipation that Kris would give him a big surprise.

Tianba trusted Kris unconditionally.

Xuan couldn’t help taking a look at Kris. She was very grateful for Kris. She would have died, had it not for the help of Kris.

So she believed what Kris said. At that point, however, laughter burst out from the side.

Yong Wu, sitting beside them, held his belly, and laughed.

“Ha, ha. You’re killing me!” Yong said.

Yong pointed to Kris and said, “You’re not here to be funny, are you? It’s nothing big that you laughed at me that I didn’t get the Heavenly City. But now you say the pill for auction is expired. Are you crazy? Ha, ha, ha. It’s so funny. How can Ding family auction overdue things? Won’t it ruin its reputation? As far as I am concern, you are too jealous to see others do well. So you deliberately smeared others.”

Yong said that with a loud voice as if he was afraid that others couldn’t hear. The people around him were attracted by his words.

“Why you say so much nonsense? You can’t afford it anyway!” Kris said coldly.

“Yes, I can’t afford it. But at least I have 18.1 million dollars to bid on Heavenly City, and you? I suppose you don’t even have 18 hundred dollars in your pocket. Ha, ha, ha…” Yong admitted the fact with a cold smile and said ironically.

After seeing the people around him were looking at him, Yong was more energetic. He stood up and roared, “Come on, everybody. The live-in son-in-law of the Su family said the pill for auction is expired.”


Is he courting death?

How dare he talk nonsense in the auction of the Ding family? Wasn’t he ruining the reputation of the Su family?

After hearing what Yong said, all the people looked at Kris.

Many people couldn’t help laughing. The atmosphere, which was lively, became weird immediately.

The beautiful auctioneer was very angry and thought where on earth did he come from to disrupt her?

“Ah, how can such a person come in on such an important occasion? The security of the Ding family is questionable!”

“Yes, it’s too imprudent…”

Discussions were everywhere, and the scene was about to be chaotic.

Just then, a young man with a sullen look approached, accompanied by several burly security guards.

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