Chapter 139: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 139 Sell the house.

Doris Lee put on the tie for Colin Ward and tidied it up, “not bad.”

Colin smiled and held Doris’s hand. He wanted to say something but found that Doris’s hand was very cold. It was summer now, and even if there was an air conditioner in the room, her hand shouldn’t be this cold.

“Doris, why is your hand so cold?”

Doris paused and withdrew her hand, “I’m fine.”

After saying that, Doris went upstairs with the bag on the sofa.

Looking at her back, Colin’s face darkened. It seemed that the poison on Doris had become more and more serious.

Thinking of the person who drugged her, Colin gritted his teeth. He must get the antidote!

Thinking of that, Colin went upstairs to Xu Lang while only to find he was already gone.

There was only a note on the table.

“Think about it in another way.”

Another way? What way? What did it mean? Was he saying the man who drugged her? Or the one behind all this?

Whatever. He had to find the person who drugged Doris first.

After dinner, Doris received a call.

“Mrs. He, what’s wrong?” Doris was a little surprised to receive Mrs. He’s call.

Since they had moved into the villa, the original house was empty. There happened to be a married couple who came to find jobs in the city and wanted to rent a house, so Doris rented the house to them.

Mrs. He’s voice came through the phone, “Miss Lee, what’s going on with the house? Didn’t we pay the rent for a year? Why did you take the house back?”

Doris was stunned, “huh? We didn’t take the house back, Mrs. He.”

“Someone came just now and claimed that this house belonged to the Lee family. Now they have to take it back and don’t allow us to live here anymore.”Mrs. He said anxiously, “if the house is taken back, where do we live?”

Doris hurriedly said, “Mrs. He, don’t worry. Who said that to you? Can you tell me his name?”

“A young man from the Lee family. He said that as the master of the Lee family, he had to take back the house.”

Young man, the master of the Lee family. Could it be Fox Lee?

“Is it Fox Lee?” Doris asked.

Mrs. He answered, “it seems so. He also said that tomorrow is the last day. We have to move out.”

Doris frowned, “Mrs. He, I’ll come tomorrow. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it.”

“Alas, fine!”Mrs. He had no choice but to agree.

The second morning, Colin and Doris drove to their original house.

Mrs. He was alone at home.

“Miss. Lee, what should we do? This is too hasty. We haven’t found another house yet! “Mrs. He asked anxiously.

Doris held Mrs. He’s hand and said, “Mrs. He, don’t worry. This house belongs to my parents, not Fox Lee. I’ll talk to him, and you can just live in peace.”

“Well…” Mrs. He didn’t know if Doris could really solve this matter. What if Fox insisted on taking the house back?

Colin, on the other hand, paused a second to think, “Mrs. He, how about this! I’ll find another place for you. It’s in the Lanbo port community, and the rent is free, but on one condition, you need to take care of an old lady who lives there. What do you think?”

“What?” Mrs. He and Doris were both confused.

Colin explained, “here is the thing. I happen to have an employee whose mother has a slight mental illness, but it’s not serious. As long as she is accompanied, she will be fine by taking medicine on time. But my employee is very busy, so he wants to hire a 24-hour nanny.”

“It’s very simple. All you need to do is to cook, clean, and accompany the old lady. The house is free for you to live in and you will be paid every month. What do you think?”

Mrs. He was stunned and asked hesitantly, “you are…”

“Oh, right, I’m Doris’s husband.”

Mrs. He blinked her eyes, “I thought Miss. Lee was single.”

Colin smiled, “yeah, I’ve been busy, too, so you’ve never seen me, it’s alright. And don’t worry, what I said is all true. You can ask Doris about this.”

Doris nodded immediately, “yes, Mrs. He, don’t worry. He didn’t lie to you. Besides, he is working in the Marquis Group now, and he will fulfill his promise.”

Mrs. He nodded in agreement at last.

After settling this matter here, Doris and Colin went to Lishi Company.

Of course, it was not the first time for the security guards of Lishi to see Colin and Doris, but they were still blocked at the door.

“Our chairman is very busy, he doesn’t want to see anyone today.”

Colin and Doris looked at each other, and Doris asked, “is Fox Lee the chairman of Lishi Company?”

“Of course, he is. So don’t stand in the way and move aside! The chairman won’t see you.”The security guard looked at Colin with disdain.

Colin frowned. He didn’t bring Gerd Ward with him today, so he couldn’t break in directly like before.

“How about we go back?”Doris advised.

“What about the house?” Colin scratched his head.

“Haven’t you taken care of it already?”Doris replied, “it’s just that the house belongs to my parents, and I won’t allow him to take it back. We can find another way to deal with this.”

Colin glanced at the security guard and suddenly thought of something. Then he pulled Doris into the car, “isn’t the house belonged to Baker and Eva? Let’s go back and ask them to sell the house as soon as possible.”

“Right!”Doris’s eyes lit up, “Colin, you’re so smart!”

Colin chuckled, “well, it’s my duty to solve my wife’s worries.”

When they got home, Doris told her parents what had happened. Eva got angry immediately, “what? Who the hell does Fox Lee think he is?! How can he take back our house?”

“Lee family, ha! My ass!”

Doris held Eva’s hand and said, “Mom, don’t be angry. Colin had a good idea. We can sell the house as soon as possible. Then Fox will have nothing to do with it.”

“Hmm, that’s doable.”Eva took a look at Colin.

Baker didn’t care much about these things, so he asked Eva to deal with it alone.

After lunch, Colin returned to the Marquis Group.

“…we have bought a place in the south suburb recently. Every detail was already done, but all of a sudden, that place is said to be auctioned in a week.” Nina White reported.

Colin didn’t listen at all for he had been thinking about the man who drugged him.

“Find me a painter who is good at portraits.

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