Chapter 14: Violet Golden Regal Card – Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

“Violet… Violet Golden Regal Card?” “What card? I’ve never heard of it!” The people of the Su Family said confusedly.

Nevertheless, since Xiaorou Xu said so, everybody focused their attention again on the bank card in the clerk’s hands.

The card looked fabulous; the color was violet with floating clouds framed with real gold, and the whole card was made of purple gold, on the back of which is the signature of Kris Chen. It really was a Violet Golden Regal Card!

If Hai Su’s General Card needs more than ten million dollars of deposit, then this Violet Golden Regal card issued by the commercial bank needs at least two billion dollars of deposit. There are at least two hundred ‘Generals’ between the General Card and the Violet Golden Regal Card!

Even Youming Zhou was not qualified to own a Violet Golden Regal card, and there were estimated to be less than ten such cards in the whole Westriver City.

Mary Su and Jane Tang also got shocked by Xiaorou’s words; they just stupidly stared at the bank card, not being able to say a word..

“So what? Who knows if it’s true or not; maybe it’s a fake card!” An unknown voice came from the crowd.

It immediately got people to talk. “Yes, he is a poor loser, how can he own a Violet Golden Regal card!”

“Agreed! It must be a fake card! He must have had it made by some false card dealer.”

“Yes, must be it.”

Thus, people revealed the “truth” by looking into the details.

“Kris, we already know you are a coward and a loser, you really don’t have to pretend to be a rich man.” Hai sneered hard and added, “There are two things in the world that can’t be hidden: one is coughing, the other is poverty. Accept your destiny, loser!”

Kris did not seem to care about Hai’s words at all. He just smiled and said nothing.

At the time, Mary came over. Seeing the clerk going away, she grabbed Kris’s arm and said anxiously, “Hurry, go get the card back! You gave her a fake bank card; how disgraceful!

“Take it back? Why should I ?” Kris smiled and said, “What if it does work?” No sooner had he finished his words than there was another burst of laughter.

“Ha ha ha, so ridiculous; it’s killing me!”

“Ouch, help me, it gives me a stomachache, ha ha.” “He gave a fake card and said it might work? How could it possibly work?”

“Stop laughing; what if it really works…”

The People of the Su Family finally left after paying the bill. Youming waited until everyone’s gone, then he secretly pulled him into the car.

“My master, ten years we haven’t seen each other… you are now a grown man…” Youming was so excited that he stumbled over his words as he drove.

“You… A nice person, I was right about you,” Kris said lightly.

“This is all because of you. Without your support, I wouldn’t be the famous Youming Zhou today.” Hearing Kris’s praise, Youming was as happy as a child.

“But where are you taking me?”

Hold on tight; you’ll see…” Kris’s hands were shaking because of excitement. “So mysterious…” Kris fastened his seat belt and muttered in a low voice.

“Hey, don’t get so excited! Eyes on the road… Look out for cars coming…” The car kept speeding the whole time, and finally, it pulled up in front of the Muse Bar, which was known as the top nightclub in Westriver City.

Anyone without tens of thousands of dollars wouldn’t dare to step into the Muse Bar.

After getting off the car, all they could see were limos and racing cars parked out of the gate; most of the people came here for pleasure or to look for prey.

“Why are we here?” Kris frowned. He really disliked this place where good and bad people were mixed up.

“You know someone here.” Youming said with a smile, “Do you still remember Heqiu Zhao? He owns the Muse Bar.”

Heqiu Zhao? It took Kris a while to finally remember who this person was..

He had come into contact with this guy a few years ago when he was the First Young Master of the Chen Family, and Heqiu was only a minor employee of the Chen Family. Because of his wise words, Kris thought this guy was a promising man, so he promoted him to be the manager in chief.

After learning and observing for two years by Kris’s side, he resigned to start his own business.

“Master, please go inside first and wait for me in the Supreme Chamber.” Youming said respectfully, “Heqiu and I prepared a surprise for you. You will love it.”

Before Kris could say a word, Youming turned around and left. “What a guy!” Chen Kris shook his head and walked into the bar.

Muse Bar is worthy of being called the hottest bar in Westriver City, and even the welcoming young ladies at the door were selected carefully.

Kris was in a good mood and went in smiling. At this time, the bar was full of people and their voices; men and women were swaying their bodies in the loud music wildly, expending their excessive energy.

“Darn it! Why do I feel it’s hard to fit in? Am I out of date?” Kris was thinking to himself and decided to find the Supreme Chamber first.

Just as he was looking for the Supreme Chamber, a familiar voice came from his back, “Oh, isn’t this loser Kris Chen? How dare you come to the bar to have fun behind Mary’s back?” Chen Kris followed the voice and looked over. A tall woman in tight black leather pants was standing behind him.

The light in the bar was a little dark, so Kris walked a little closer and found this woman was Mina Li.

“Oh, you don’t say! Aren’t you the daughter who I adopted only two days ago?” Kris said with a smile, “Come, call me daddy!”

“You shut up!” Mina’s face suddenly turned unpleasant. In order to sign the contract, she invited her big client to this bar to have fun. She could earn at least two million dollars as commission if she could get the client to sign the contract.

Little did she expect that she would run into Kris here in the bar.

“I will call Mary now; what do you think?” “Why should I be afraid when I’m behaving well, and I didn’t do anything bad to hurt her?” Kris smiled, ignoring her threat.

“You…” Mina was so speechless that she could not say a word. Seeing that Kris wasn’t threatened by her, she sneered, “Can a poor loser afford to have fun in Muse Bar? Aren’t you afraid you won’t be able to pay your bills and have to ask Mary for help?”

“It’s none of your business, whether I have money or not.” Kris winked at her and said, “I am just wondering when you are going to call me daddy!”

“Boy, how dare you talk to Miss Li like this? I’ll teach you a lesson!” A strong man suddenly came out of nowhere and walked to Mina and said, “Miss Li, shall I teach him how to behave?”

Mina smiled and said, “Kris, do you know who the macho man beside me is? He’s the captain of security at Muse Bar; I’ll let you go if you apologize; how about that?”

This security captain named Bob Sun was Mina’s big client.

Well, to make it sound better, he’s a Captain; to make it sound worse, he’s no more than a gatekeeper…

Bob was tall, looking ugly and ferocious. He was quite famous in the nightclubs of Westriver City. He was an important person to maintain the order when there were all kinds of people mixed up in the night clubs.

“Didn’t you hear Miss Li, boy? Apologize quickly!” Bob’s eyes were full of fierce light, and his tone was unfriendly.


Kris shook his head with a smile and did not answer. He then asked: “Excuse me, where is the Supreme Chamber?”

“Oh, go straight ahead to the end, and you’ll see it!” Bob just couldn’t help replying.

“Thank you,” Kris nodded and went straight to the Supreme Chamber.

At this time, Bob also realized what he said, and he shouted hurriedly, “Boy! Stop!”

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