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Chapter 140: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 140 A letter from Tianye– Kerry, fight wiht me (1)
“How many times you’ve said ‘thank you’ to me?” Kevin Ye pretended to be upset, “If you keep being so polite to me, I won’t help you.”

“Oh…” Venus Mu smirked.

Seeing the person across was about to leave, Kevin found that Ajie hadn’t arrived yet, and so he said to Venus, “You take my car and go back first. you can’t let brother find out that you’re missing. I need to check something.”

“Well, okay, don’t worry about me.” Venus knew that he was going to chase after this fake Tianye Mu. If he was caught, they would know what Hao Nangong’ s plan.

Kevin snapped his fingers and called the waiter and the fake Tianye just happened to stand up as well, bowing to Hao and then walking towards the door.

“I’m leaving first, be careful when you go back to the villa by yourself.” Kevin instructed her.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, you have to be careful too.” “Yeah, bye.”

Kevin walked quickly out of the café with his head down, following him.

As Venus watched him leave, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried and prayed silently, “Kevin, you must be safe and sound.”

At this time, Hao called the waiter to pay the bill and also got up to leave, but for some reason, he looked towards the direction of Venus.

Venus was shocked, afraid of being seen by him, and she hurriedly even curled her legs to hide under the table.

Both she and Kevin had forgotten one thing—Hao was not an ordinary person, who had a keen sense of his surroundings, especially those were hostile to him.

“Mr. Nangong, here’s your change.” The waiter handed it to him politely, seeing that he looked calm and asked, “What else can I serve you?”

Hao pointed the direction of Venus and asked, “Just now, who was sitting there?”

The waiter looked over, smiled and said, “It’s a couple. They paid the bill and left.”

Venus gripped the bag in her hand, not daring to make a sound, she heard Hao ask, “A couple?” And then, he walked towards the table…

Holy shit!

Venus stared at his shoes, whose heart was about to jump out of her chest. What if he found her was here? Would he take her away?? Or just kill her?

God, bless him for not coming over, bless her for not being found out.

Please, please, please, please…

Just after the prayer, Hao’s magically stopped, for his phone rang.

“What? … Okay, I’ll come right away … You head to the remote place first… “Then, he changed another direction and quickly walked towards the entrance.

Venus breathed in relief. Thank you, God.

Crawling out from the table, Venus remade her hair and hurried out of the café. Kevin’ s car was waiting at the door, so she opened the door and sat in, and said to the driver, “Let’s go back to the villa.”

In the car, Venus recalled the phone call just now, he said, “You head to the remote place first.”

Couldn’t it be Kevin who caught up with the imposter and was discovered by him, that’s why he called Hao for help?

She thought this was possible.

But Kevin must be okay, or she would have to feel guilty for the rest of her life.

As the car passed through the city center, the road became congested. Looking at the stagnant traffic, it dawned on Venus that it was already the off-work time.

“Please hurry up, we’d better get back to the villa before Kerry.” Venus sat in the back seat and looked anxious, hoping that Kerry had overtime or a social gathering at night. “Yes, young lady.”

Then, the speed of the car was much faster, and when it passed the congestion in the city center, the car was at its fastest speed, nevertheless, it was almost close to six o’clock when it reached the villa gate.

Usually at this time, Kerry was almost home.

“Would you please ask the security guard later to see if Kerry has returned?” “Yes, young lady.”

Knowing oneself as well as the enemy. If Kerry had already returned, she had to quickly think of a reason while not getting Kevin involved in.

The villa’s door slowly opened and the driver stepped on the brakes, poking his head out and smilingly asking a nearby security guard, “Xiaowei, has the young master returned?”

“Yes.” He answered.

Venus was disappointed.

Then she heard him say, “It’s just before you, less than two minutes.”

“Got it, thanks!” The driver then asked, “What do we do, young lady?”

Venus was also anxious, but she noticed a bamboo forest in front of her and suddenly came to an idea.

Kerry walked into the villa and asked John as usual, “Where is Venus?”

“Young lady should be in the bedroom.” He wasn’t quite sure, for he didn’t seem to have seen her all afternoon.

Kerry found something wrong, “Should be?”

“Oh, after lunch, young lady said she was going to take a nap and she went into her room and hasn’t come out.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 140 A letter from Tianye– Kerry, fight with me (2)
Kerry Ye turned pale, throwing his jacket to John and strode up to the second floor. He pushed open Venus Mu’ s door, but she wasn’t there.

“Where is she? You told me that she’ s taking a nap, didn’t you?” Kerry yelled.

John was also dumbfounded. How could she suddenly disappear?

“Young master, Young lady might be hanging out somewhere at the villa. I’ll send someone to look for her right away.”

The veins on Kerry’ s small arms bulged, “Go!”

John ran downstairs and immediately ordered some security guards to look for Venus.

Two minutes later, she was found in the bamboo forest.

Kerry was inexplicably relieved to hear this. What was he just worried about? Afraid of she would run away from the villa again? Or afraid she would just leave without saying goodbye?

When he got there, Venus was squatting on the ground and looking for something, with some mud on her feet.

“What are you doing here?” Kerry unpleasantly asked.

Venus’s long hair was draped over her shoulders, with a pinch of it on her cheek. When the wind came, it was flowing. Kerry had the urge to flick that pinch of hair behind her ear, but he told himself not to do that.

“I’m looking for bamboo shoots. The TV said that bamboo shoots will grow after it rains, I’ll see if it’s true.” Venus plucked at the mud with her small hands and there were already many small holes around her.

Looking at her jade white fingers covered in mud, Kerry was so angry that he went forward and dragged her up hard and said angrily, “Are you mad? You’re actually looking for bamboo shoots here?”

Venus allowed him to grab her wrist and said calmly, “I’m imprisoned here by you, so I have to find something to kill the time.”

All of a sudden, Kerry didn’t know what to say, so he took her towards the villa, “I advise you to eat and sleep well while you’re here, I’m afraid you won’t have such a good time when I find your dear brother.”

Venus didn’t reply. Looking back at the bamboo forest where she had been waiting, she smiled like a winner…

Just now…

From the villa gate to the garage, she had to pass through a bamboo forest.

A few minutes ago, she said to the driver, “Slow down when you go through the bamboo forest, I’ll get off there.”


Taking her phone out of her bag, she tossed the bag into the unseen corner, “Sir, I’ll hide my bag in the back and come to get it when I’m free.”

“OK.” The driver didn’t say too much.

When the car reached the bamboo forest, the driver stepped on the brakes. After checking that no one was around, Venus immediately pushed open the back door and jumped out, disappearing in the bamboo forest.

It had just rained two days before, so the bamboo forest was very wet. Venus moved quickly to create the holes before anyone else noticed her.

Then that was what Kerry saw.

She made it.

“Hey, Venus, what have you done?” Xinyou saw her and scoffed, but Venus didn’t want to answer her while Xinyou had changed a new dress.

Venus ignored her words and went upstairs to change her clothes and shoes.

At eight or nine o’clock in the evening, Mrs. Qin heated the dishes, but Kevin didn’t come back. Though Venus was sitting in the living room, reading a fashion magazine, but she was worried terribly inside.

Kerry looked at his watch and asked John, “The driver didn’t say where he had gone?”

“No, he said that Kevin wanted to go for a walk and would come back by himself then.” John answered.

“Isn’t there anyone following him? What if something happens?” Kerry began to lose his patience.

John said with embarrassment, “Young master, you know him, he usually doesn’t like people to follow, so…”

Kerry took out his cell phone and dialed the number again, but it was still off.

“John, send some guys out to look for him.” Kerry still felt uneasy, as if something was about to happen.

“Yes, I’ll send someone out to look for him.”

Within two minutes, John shouted, “Second young master, what happened?”

When the three ones in the living room heard this, they all rushed towards the door.

“Young master, come out quickly…

Kerry ran out, only to see two security guards supporting Kevin, whose black shirt was covered in dust and his trouser were torn.

He rushed over to Kevin and asked anxiously, “Kevin, tell me what happened?”

Venus was also panicked and she held his other arm, whose face was pale, “Kevin… Do you feel hurt?”

Kevin gave Venus a calm look and said to Kerry, “Brother, I twisted my foot. It hurts.”

“OK, don’t move. I’ll carry you.” After saying that, Kerry directly put him on his back and walked inside the villa.

Kevin didn’t expect that Kerry would really carry him, which was only happened in childhood. Lying on his broad back, Kevin seemed to recall the happy time when they were kids.

Kerry placed him on the sofa, turning around and asking John to call Dr. Han over. He then asked, “What exactly happened?”

Kevin laughed bitterly, “It’s fine, just ran into some robbing bastards on the road, and my wallet and phone were taken.”

Kerry was furious, “Where? Who are they?”

“Brother, forget it, you can see that they didn’t get anything from me either.”

Kevin wanted to just let it pass, but how could Kerry leave it alone?

“Forget it? Huh? You’ re Ye family’s young master and you’re my brother. How could I just let it go?” Kerry flew into a rage.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 140 A letter from Tianye– Kerry, fight with me (3)
“It’s so dark, so I didn’t see his face clearly. And I am not hurt very badly, so just leave it alone, okay?”

Kevin hadn’t begged him for anything since he had returned. At this point Kerry had to compromise, “Fine, but you must bring a bodyguard when you go out.”

Kevin smiled, “Okay, I will.”

“Does it hurt?” Kerry looked at his injured foot and asked.

“A little…, don’t touch it!” Kevin said.

“Why isn’t Dr. Han here yet?” Kerry shouted.

“He’s on his way. He’ll be here soon.” John responded quickly.

At that moment, Venus brought an ice pack wrapped in gauze and handed it to Kerry and said, “You let Kevin put it on his injured foot.”

Kerry was hesitant, “Will your method make it worse?”

“No. I twisted my ankle may times. I have experience with this. You can call and ask Dr. Han if you don’t believe me.” Kerry’s face sank as soon as Venus finished speaking.

John dialed Dr. Han again and after asking him about this, he said, “Mr. Ye, Dr. Han said this method can work.”

Then Kerry placed the ice pack on his brother’s swollen ankle.

After the ice pack was replaced two times, Dr. Han arrived at the villa. After a careful examination, he said, “His injures are not serious. It’s just a sprain.”

“Does he need to go to the hospital?” Kerry asked.

“No need, but if you insist, you can take him to the hospital.” said Dr. Han.

“I’m fine. There is no need to go to the hospital.” Kevin said.

Kerry frowned and said after a moment’s consideration, “Then you’ll stay at the villa for the next two days. When Kerry’s foot is better, then you leave.” he said to Dr. Han. Then he told John to prepare a guest room for Dr. Han.

“Mr. Ye, I haven’t agreed to stay here.” Dr. Han said.

“I’ll double your salary.” Kerry said coldly.

Dr. Han immediately nodded and swallowed his words.

At that moment, Xinyou was sitting at a distance watching them over here.

Kevin looked over at her. Then he felt the need to remind his brother of something. Although he had some grumbling about his brother, Kerry was his family that he cared. With that in mind, Kevin said, “Brother, please come to my room later. I want to talk to you about something.”

Kerry looked up at him deeply and nodded.

After they ate dinner, Kevin was helped upstairs.

“After I take a shower, I come over to you.” Kerry said to his brother.

Venus followed Kerry out.

“Hao Nangong, I remember what you did to me. I’ll get my revenge for me and Venus.” Kevin swore in his mind.

Half an hour later, Kerry came to his room wearing a light colored t-shirt and grey slacks, his hair still wet as he slouched on the couch.

Kevin leaned back on the bed, rubbing his ankle lightly, and said, “There’s been a lot going on these days. I have some different opinions.”

Kerry smiled, “I thought you didn’t care about anything at home.”

“It’s about Tianye Mu,” Kevin paused, seeing that her brother’s expression hadn’t changed, and continued, I know a bit about him. Although everything that has happened in the past few days implicates him, I don’t think he did these things.”

“Why do you think that?” Kerry looked at him in surprise,

Kevin continued, “It’s not the way he does things. I think it’s someone trying to use him to stir things up.”

Kerry looked serious. He also felt the same way, but he didn’t think about it. “Is there really something wrong with this?

“Well, that’s what I think, but I don’t exactly have proof. You should be wary.” Kevin said sincerely, “You’re all the family I have. I don’t want anything bad happen to you.”

Kerry got up and patted him on the shoulder and said, “Don’t worry. I’ll remember what you said.”

“Then please be careful.” Kevin looked up at him.

Kerry looked at him and nodded.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 140 A letter from Tianye– Kerry, fight with me (4)
At this point, Venus fidgeted in her bedroom. She didn’t know if Kevin was going to call her. If he didn’t call her, then she wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight.

She just wanted to go to his room and asked him why he had sprained his foot. She knew Kevin must be deliberately trying to hide something. However, she was afraid that she might bump into Kerry or someone else and then she was worried that Kerry would mistake her for seducing Kevin.

After waiting almost two hours, her phone suddenly rang and Venus grabbed it to see that it was the villa’s landline number.

“Is it Kevin’s calling?” Venus thought.

It was close to midnight, the villa was quiet and Venus guessed Kerry would be asleep.

Venus summoned the courage to pull the door open and walked outside. Then she quietly closed the door and walked quickly to Kevin’s room. She didn’t knock the door, but Kevin opened it suddenly.

“Come in.” Kevin took her by the wrist and then closed the door.

“You run into Hao Nangong this afternoon? Did he cause your foot injury?” Venus got right to the point.

Kevin hopped on one foot to the side of the bed and sat down, smiling lightly, “How did you know that?”

Venus said briefly about what happened at the café afterwards.

“Did he recognize you? Will he trouble you later?” Venus asked.

Kevin was happy to hear that she cared him. She pointed to the couch and motioned for her to sit down. “He didn’t recognize me. I was in the process of following the man who impersonated your brother when he spotted me. Then I saw Hao Nangong coming and I left as soon as I could.”

“What about your feet?”

“Hao Nangong didn’t catch up to me, but a few of his men blocked me and then my foot was like this ……” Kevin said bluntly.

“Why did Hao have to do all this?” Venus said to herself.

“That’s how it happened. You should go back.” Kevin said to her. He was worried that if she stayed in his room too long, his brother would know that she was in his room.

“I’ll go now.”

Venus pulled the door open. Outside of the house was calm as usual. She moved quickly back to her room and leaned against the door to catch her breath.

“Where have you been?” Kerry said suddenly.

Venus covered her mouth sharply, “When did he come here? Did he see me go into Kevin’s room?”

She pretended to be calm, “I’m thirsty, so I’m going downstairs for a drink of water.”

“Come here.” Kerry ordered. He was on the bed.

Venus took a deep breath and stepped away.

“Isn’t there water on your desk?” Kerry stared at her and asked.

Venus looked at the water and said coldly, “I don’t want cold water.”

Kerry didn’t ask any further questions and looked down at his phone.

“Why do you come to my room?” Venus tried to use her usual indifferent tone.

“Go to bed.” Kerry simply said, apparently not bothering to talk to her.

Venus was silent for a moment, and then she climbed onto the bed, unrolling the covers and laying in, her back to him.

The next Venus’s back was feeling Kerry’s hot chest.

“I thought you told me to sleep but not to…..” Venus said. She was a little worried.

“Why do you wear so many clothes?” Kerry asked.

Venus felt his breath on her ear. “I like sleeping in so many clothes …… you don’t touch me.”

“But, I don’t like it.” He said. Then he took off her clothes and made her body face him and then kissed her on the lips.


On the third day after the beating of Xinyou Qiao, Henry Zhang walked into the study with a sad face. He was worried that Kerry would be angry at him.

“Do you find out something?” Kerry put down the paperwork and asked him.

“While we were looking into it, a group of people came out to destroy the evidence. They seem to be deliberately working against us.” Henry said cautiously.

“Did you run into them face to face?” Kerry frowned.

“Yes, but I’ve never seen them before.” Henry answered truthfully.

Kerry paused for a moment and calmly said, “Take your time to investigate it. Follow your lead, and the other party will definitely reveal themselves.”

“Since Tianye Mu left many clues deliberately, he must be trying to lure me in ” Kerry sneered. “But what if I just wait and don’t fall for the trap?

“Then he’s sure to come back to you again.” Henry returned at once.

“So I let you take your time to investigate it. If we don’t go after them, they’re sure to come after us. Don’t forget, we have a trump card.”

Kerry didn’t say what Kevin had told him that night. If the man really impersonated Tianye Mu, then he had even less to worry about. He knew the imposter would only be in more of a hurry to get to him than Tianye Mu.

Kerry picked up the file again, “You go through it as fast as you can now.”

“Yes, sir.” Then Henry left the study.

Just outside the villa, Henry ran into Xinyou. He nodded politely at her and then prepared to leave.

“Mr. Zhang, do you find Tianye Mu?” she asked.

“Miss Qiao, you should ask Mr. Ye about this.” Henry said coldly.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 140 A letter from Tianye– Kerry, fight with me (5)
“I …… “Xinyou Qiao was a little awkward, “Kerry is very busy. I don’t want to bother him.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll only report this to Mr. Ye.” Henry said coldly.

Xinyou smiled, “Mr. Zhang, this matter also has something to do with me. Please tell me, okay?”

“Sorry, I only report to Mr. Ye. I have to go.” Henry just cut her off and headed for the garage.

Xinyou looked at his back and said to herself, “I’m going to ask Kerry myself.”

However, Kerry told her directly: you stay out of this. I’ll give you a satisfactory answer.

“They haven’t found any clues so far. Hao Nangong should be relieved.” Xinyou thought. “With such a thorough plan, Kerry surely won’t find any clues. As for the man from that night, it might be a coincidence.”


The next morning, at the Yehuang Group, Kerry had just finished a video conference. At this time he rested on his seat, and Secretary Liu brought in a delivery.

“Mr. Ye, here’s your delivery.”

“Put it on the table.” Kerry said with his eyes closed.

Secretary Liu put down it and asked with concern, “Mr. Ye, do you need coffee?”

“Yes, thank you.” Kerry said. Secretary Liu left the office and prepared the coffee.

As it was the middle of the year, several department directors arrived one after another, and the papers were piled up. The delivery was soon at the bottom of the pile.

Secretary Liu didn’t see that delivery again until the end of the afternoon when she came to get the papers signed by Kerry. She saw that it hadn’t been unsealed. “Mr. Ye, this is an expedited one, won’t you open it?” she said.

Kerry just remembered this and reached over and tore it open casually

There was only a piece of paper inside, a piece of war paper to be exact.

As soon as he saw the font, Kerry stood up suddenly.

“Mr. Ye, you ……”

“You go out first.” Kerry said coldly.

He had seen the handwriting on the paper a few days ago. It was Tianye Mu’s writing.

It read, “Kerry, long time no see. I guess you must be surprised to receive this letter from me. It’s time to settle the score between us. Let’s have a duel. If you die, I’ll take Venus and leave Kevin alive. If I die, you and I settle our score, and you keep Venus alive. We’ll have a fair fight, or you’ll never find me in your life. I’ll meet you at the top of the South Mountain at 2:00 p.m. on July 15.”

Kerry looked at the calendar on his desk. It was July 13. It was now two days before the appointment time.

“Is Tianye Mu really going to ask me to a duel? This seems to be his style.” Kerry thought. “The envelope is the same as last time. There’s no address written on the other side, so it seems to come from the same person.”

Kerry was ready to go to the South Mountain whether the other party was the real Tianye Mu or not. In his mind, there was no such word as fear.

Kerry didn’t want Kevin to worry about him, so he didn’t tell him about it. He still talked to him as usual at dinner table. Only at night in bed he tortured Venus so hard that Venus thought he was going to kill her.


On the evening of the fourteenth of July, Venus came out of the shower in her pajamas and Xiaozi appeared by her bedside. Venus rushed over and locked the door.

Xiaozi seemed a little depressed today, keeping his head down and not speaking.

Venus asked as she wiped his hair, “What’s going on?” Then she remembered what he had said last time.

“Did you duel with another immortal?” Venus asked again. “Xiaozi, are you hurt?” Venus took his arm and looked at it.

Xiaozi looked up at her quietly for a moment and said, “Maybe I’ll have to say goodbye to you.”

Venus stiffened, her eyes widening.

“What did you say? What do you mean by saying goodbye to me? Why do you say goodbye to me?” Venus was sad.

She’d known Xiaozi for so long. He’d shown her a different world. In front of him, she had no burdens and worries. To her, Xiaozi was the kindest person in the world and the last comfort she had in this villa.

Yet now that he was leaving her as well, she felt like a piece of her heart had been cut off.

“Venus, I don’t want to leave either. I also really want to stay here with you, but….” Xiaozi’s voice was getting low.

Venus burst out tears. Xiaozi used his sleeve to wipe her tears, “Don’t cry. Maybe I don’t have to leave.”

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