Chapter 141 – 142: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 141: An argument

This young man’s name is Ke Ding, who is in charge of keeping order and security at the auction site.

He is young, but his body is very strong.

“Sir, making noise is not allowed in the auction hall!”

Ke Ding looked at Yong Wu solemnly. He absolutely did not allow anything wrong to happen during the auction!

Yong Wu quickly waved his hand and said: “You misunderstood me, I just heard a guy said negative words on the auction, I went angry hearing his mad words, so I argued over this matter with him.”

As he said, pointing at Kris: “That is the guy who slandered that auctioning item Obstacle-Breaking pill is expired medicine, if you don’t believe me, you can ask other people to get more testimony.”

“Yeah, that guy did say that!”

“I can testify for that!”

“I can testify too!”The people around echoed Yong Wu’s words.

Listening to their words, Ke Ding looked at Kris with an unfriendly look.

Xiaorou Xu secretly murmured in heart, feeling it was not good about anything wrong with the auction, and she squinted Yong Wu with a fierce look, then stood up and apologized to Ke Ding: “Mr. Ding, I’m so sorry for interrupting the auction process, we will be quieter.”

After she finished speaking, she paused for a second and then said: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, they were just joking around. And Ding Auctioning’s reputation is pretty good, how can they bring fakes to auction?”

Hearing Xiaorou’s explanation, Ke Ding’s face turned a little more better.

“Xiaorou, how could you help this jerk?” Yong Wu said unpleasantly: “Everyone had heard him say the Obstacle-Breaking Pill is an expired one, I was not kidding, you know?”

Ke Ding’s attitude was uncertain if Yong Wu is an ordinary person, he would have been driven outside, but as he was a friend of Xiaorou, and Xiaorou Xu is the daughter of the Xu family, so Ke tolerated Yong’s provocation.

In addition, the industry of the Xu family’s business involves antiques, so he often invites Mr. Xu to come to appraise treasures, so he still believed in Xiaorou. As for Yong Wu, he was totally ignored!

“Yes, since what Mr. Wu said is a joke, please be quiet, don’t disturb others!”

Having finished speaking, Ke Ding turned to leave.

At this time, Kris shouted at him: “Mr. Ding, please stay here! The Obstacle-breaking Pill on the auction has expired, and the medicine has lost its medical effect. For preserving the Ding family’s reputation and credibility, I recommend the auction be ended here.”

As Kris’s words just fell, and there was an uproar in the audience!

Everyone’s eyes were fixing on Kris now!

They looked at him in surprise!

Are you crazy?

How dare he say that the auction item is a fake one right in front of Ke Ding?

Did he want to die?

Everyone knows that the Ding family values reputation above all, how could they damage their own reputation?

“What are you talking about?”

Ke Ding suddenly turned around, releasing a terrifying momentum, if Kris could not give a reasonable explanation, he would definitely not let him go!


Xiaorou almost fainted hearing Kris’s words, he didn’t expect Kris would say such a thing right before him, which seemed like slapping in the face of the Ding’s family in public.

Now the auction house was filled with people for such a thing related to Ding’s reputation. If Kris didn’t explain the matter clearly, how could Ke Ding let him go?

Thinking of this, Xiaorou was anxious. If it was about identifying antiques, she would believe Kris unconditionally.

But this was a matter in the spirituality-cultivation world, he is totally a layman in this field!

“Shut up, how dare you to humiliate we Ding family!”

Ke Ding rushed to Kris with face darkened. Thinking that Kris relied on being a friend of Miss Xu’s family, so he dared to talk wildly at the auction. Wasn’t this like slapping the Ding’s face?

If Kris didn’t give him a reasonable explanation this time, even if he was a friend of Miss Xu’s family, he would never be allowed to talk nonsense here.

“Hey, why was this bring humiliation on your Ding family again?”

Kris sighed helplessly, he stood up, looked at Ke Ding seriously, and said: “Do you think I’m sullying your Ding family’s reputation, OK? I just told you that the medicine to be auctioned has expired, If someone takes it rashly, you might be in danger!”


Ding sneered coldly. He believed that this guy was here to make trouble. He couldn’t help it anymore, pointing at Kris’s nose and saying, “You, get out immediately, you are not welcome in here, and you are forbidden to come for our auction anymore in the future!”

Anyone who comes for the auction is his customer, and now he tried to drive away from this “customer”, Ke Ding was obviously in a fury saying such things.

Xiaorou’s tears came out after hearing that. She quickly said: “Mr. Ding, please show my a favor, Kris is just an ordinary person, he doesn’t understand things in the spirituality-cultivation field at all, so you can just take what he just said as pure nonsense. I am here to apologize to you in front of everyone, please do not drive him away!”

“Miss Xu, but…”

Ke Ding’s felt at a loss, knowing not what to do, as Xiaorou said so if he didn’t want to turn her down.

Besides, her father, Mr. Xu, is a distinguished guest of the Ding family. If he offended Xiaorou, nobody in the Westriver City wound to come to help him appraise antiques.

And when he glanced at Kris, he was shocked to find that Tianba Li and his wife were sitting beside him. Is this guy a friend of Tianba’s?

Although the Ding family is also a big family, it is not a rival against Westriver City. It is really stupid to offend the two big families for such a fool, like Kris.

After thinking for a while, Ke Ding’s face was slightly squinted: “Since Miss Xu has said so, let him go.”

Then he left with his men.

Those who wanted to watch this show were regretted to see Ke Ding leaving the spot.

As Yong Wu saw Ke Ding leaving, he was very angry. He looked at Xiaorou angrily: “Xiaorou, what are you trying to do? Everyone has heard what Kris said. Why you still plead for him? And such a villain who wanted to destroy other people’s reputation should be kicked out of here.”

Xiaorou just ignored Yong Wu but looked at Kris with a complex face.

She likes Kris in secret, and she doesn’t want him to be mocked and ridiculed because of his nonsense.

If she was not here today, Kris might have been severely beaten up.

She didn’t want to see him get hurt, because she would feel heartache for that.

She bit her lips, getting close Kris’s ear, and said softly, “Kris, we just look, don’t talk nonsense. The Ding family has been running auctions for almost 20 years. They have a good reputation, and they won’t take any fake items in. I need you to stay beside me and help me pick some good items.”

Some complaining was mixed in Xiaorou’s words, but as her delicate voice fell into Kris’s ears, he was happy to hear that.

What’s more, Xiaorou’s voice was full of love for him, which made Kris feel warm.

He smiled and said it was nothing, and then turned his eyes to the auction stand.

Now the competition for the auctioned item had reached an intense level. Although Kris said that the Pill was expired in date, nobody bought what he said.

Those people who were competing for the auction were like getting drowned and see a log floating on the water. If they failed to seize the only chance, they would lose the game.

“I offer 5.5 billion!” At this time, an old man in the front row shouted excitedly, holding up the sign in his hand.

God, it’s actually 5.5 billion, which was too fierce!

The excited hands of the beauty auctioneer were shaking: “The gentleman No. 8 bids 5.5 billion, is anyone higher than this bid?”

At this moment, everyone was shocked by the figure of “5.5 billion.”

Fifty-five billion for such a small immortal medicine, totally incredible!

It is such a crazy world, is not it?

Everyone held their breath and turned their attention to the front row, fixing the gaze on the old gentleman No. 8!

Chapter 142: A breakthrough

Kris was also surprised to see the old man in the front row wearing a Chinese tunic suit.

The old man must be at least seventy, but his face is rosy, and he is hale. The temples on both sides of him are bulging. You can know at first sight of him that he is a successful practitioner.

However, Kris marveled more at the old man’s wealth. As he was willing to spend 5.5 billion dollars to buy an Obstacle Breaking Pill, he must be a deep-pocketed person.

Kris thought he should take some time out of his day to refine Obstacle Breaking Pill, and then wealth will be at his fingertips.

The beautiful auctioneer’s enchanting body was trembling with excitement. She knocked the mallet on the table and said, “5.5 billion dollars first, 5.5 billion dollars second, last chance, sold. Congratulations to the old gentleman bid for Obstacle Breaking Pill at the price of 5.5 billion dollars.”

The Obstacle Breaking Pill was sold to bidder No. 8, the old man with the last offer.

Everyone was silent for a moment, and then there was regret in their eyes. It’s not that they didn’t want to compete, but they have no money to do that.

What a pity! The magic pill that can help them break through the bottleneck was in front of them, but as they don’t have enough money, and they could only watch it be sold to others. It’s such a hopeless feeling.

There was silence for two seconds, and then a roar of applause burst, which was able to break through the ceiling.

At that time, many people began to look at the old man. As he could spend 5.5 billion to buy the Obstacle Breaking Pill, he should not be a nobody. But why has nobody seen him before?

The applause lasted three minutes before it died down. At that time, the Miss Etiquette on the stage sent the Obstacle Breaking Pill to the old man respectfully.

After seeing the Obstacle Breaking Pill in the annatto tray, the old man was excited. “Fifteen years have passed, and I am able to break through the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage to reach the return-to-nature stage finally.” The old man said.


The fulfilled period of the innate-power stage?

Is the old man a practitioner in the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage?

After hearing that, many people couldn’t help be shocked.

Oh my god, how can there be a practitioner in the fulfilled period of the world’s innate-power stage?

It’s so crazy.

He can be an originator of a small school. If he is a member of the six major schools, he is definitely a presbyter.

Many people looked at him with respect, which was the awe of the weak to the strong.

“Congratulations to grandpa for getting what you want!”

At that time, a young girl sitting next to the old man smiled at him sweetly and said.

The girl is not more than eighteen years old, but she has an angelic face and a fantastic figure. People couldn’t help having a good impression of her when they see her sweet smile.

How lucky the old man is! Not only it’s possible that he can make a breakthrough, but also he has such a beautiful granddaughter. No one knows which guy will be lucky enough to be his grandson-in-law.

“Ha, ha. Well, I will reach the return-to-nature stage today at one fling.” The old man said.

The old man laughed and then swallowed the Obstacle Breaking Pill.

All those present were dumbfounded.

Oh my god, what’s going on?

Why he swallowed that in front of everyone?

Many people don’t understand the mentality of the old man, but those who have also been stuck in the bottleneck for years can understand him.

They looked at the old man with envy. If they have enough money, they would be more eager than the old man.

The idea that the old man would soon reach the return-to-nature stage made everyone excited.

Only a great practitioner can reach the return-to-nature stage. They would die without regret as they were able to see a great practitioner reach the return-to-nature stage from the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage.

The crows held their breath and sat motionless in their seats for fear of disturbing the old man to breakthrough.

Kris looked at the old man sitting cross-legged and frowned.

Something bad would happen if he swallowed it like that. But the old man was trying to reach the return-to-nature stage. Kris dared not to speak, but sat in his seat and watched quietly.

At that time, Yong couldn’t help looking at Kris said ironically, “Kris, it’s that the expired pill you said? Now open your eyes and look at the old man. Is something wrong with him? I know you are talking nonsense and smearing others. You are a base person.”

Yong said that with a loud voice. What’s more, the scene was very quiet, so the people around could hear very clearly.

Many people turned to look at Kris with mockery and ridicule. Some girls even covered their mouths to snigger.


At that moment, the old man who had been sitting cross-legged suddenly spouted a mouthful of blood, which splashed to the auction table.

The next second, he fell headlong from his seat to the ground.


The young lady beside the old man gave a cry of surprise and rushed to hold the old man in her arms. Her eyes turned red instantly.


The whole audience was in an uproar. Everyone got up from their seats and craned their necks to see what was wrong with the old man.

Wasn’t he doing well of the breakthrough?

Why did he suddenly spray blood and fall to the ground?

Everyone looked at the unconscious old man with a puzzled look.

“Oh my god, what Kris said is true. The Obstacle Breaking Pill really expired.” Someone in the crowd said.

As soon as the man said that, everyone turned their heads to look at Kris, who was in the corner.

At that moment, they remembered what Kris had said before. They didn’t expect that the pill really expired.

After seeing that everyone was looking at Kris, Yong was dumbfounded. He had never thought that what Kris said is true.

Oh my god, how’s it possible?

Does Kris really know something about it?

It’s impossible. Kris is just a fucking live-in son-in-law. If he really knows that he couldn’t live such a life.

He must say that, based on guesswork.

At that moment, Tianba, sitting beside Kris, swallowed the saliva. Then he looked at Kris with fear on his face. “Kris, it’s lucky that you stopped me just now, or something bad would happen to me,” Tianba said.

“Yes, thank you so much,” Xuan nodded her head and said. Kris saved her and then stopped her husband at the critical moment. She would bear the kindness in her mind firmly.

Xiaorou Xu, who was standing beside, was also stunned. There was a sense of pride in the bottom of her heart immediately.

She looked at Kris without blinking her eyes. She thought Kris is mysterious and omnipotent. Her heart couldn’t help trembling, and her heart rate quickened sharply.

At that moment, she found herself began to admire Kris.

“Is there anyone who can save my grandpa? …”

The young girl kneeling on the ground with the old man cried out to the crowd in her arms.

However, no one around dared to walk over.

The old man is in such an old age, and he just sprouted a big mouthful of blood. The old man’s face was deathly gray, and it seemed that he would die immediately. Who dared to help at that time?

At the same time, Ke Ding hurried over with his men after hearing the shout. When he saw the old man’s face was deathly gray, he was dumbfounded. “This young girl, is your grandpa sick? Ke said subconsciously.

However, he realized he had put his foot in his mouth in the next moment. “No, that’s not what I mean…” Ke waved his hand to explain immediately.


There was a shocking momentum burst out of the young girl. The frightened crowd took two steps back, and Ke even took three steps back.

“Nonsense. You, grandpa, is the one who is sick. My grandpa is a great practitioner at the fulfilled period of the innate-power stage. How can he be sick? Is the fault of your Obstacle Breaking Pill. There is no way for you to shirk your responsibility.” The girl said coldly.

Those present were shocked by the momentum of the girl.

How old is the girl? What makes her momentum so powerful?

“Young girl, let me explain it for you…” Ke said with a grimace.

“Explanation? I tell you, if something bad happens to my grandpa, I will destroy your family!” The girl said word by word.

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