Chapter 141 – 150: My Billionaire Mom

Chapter: 141

Lara was stunned, with an incredible face, how could this be possible?

Yvette has only recently been better to Chuck. It has only been a few days, how could he become a wife?

How could it be so fast?

“What are you talking about! Teacher Jordan is your wife?… You! Chuck is sick?? Or as my three-year-old child? Do you think that if you catch Teacher Jordan, she will become your wife?” Lara shook her head.

She still didn’t say the second half in her heart

Do you think you are rich? ? Teacher Jordan does not worship money. You can chase Teacher Jordan and you have a lot of routines. Teacher Jordan is too simple to be fooled by you.

Chuck frowned. Lara didn’t believe that Yvette was Chuck’s wife?

“Let Teacher Jordan know that you play with her, do you still think she will be your wife? Let alone your wife, girlfriend and teacher are not.”

“I didn’t play with her, she is really my wife.” Chuck said, why doesn’t Lara believe it?

“Okay, the marriage certificate! Show me the marriage certificate, and I believe you!” Lara stretched out her hand.

Chuck was helpless. He and Yvette didn’t have a marriage certificate. They slept until now when they were young, not to mention that Chuck is still young and it is impossible to have a marriage certificate.

Seeing that Chuck didn’t speak, Lara’s heart came out so quickly that she was really a big liar! This is all deceiving! !

“No, you are a liar!” Lara thought that Chuck was a “Baller” who lied to her, so she didn’t hit her.

“You have to be clear, you don’t have to have a marriage certificate.” Chuck said. The two have slept together for so long, aren’t they the wife?

“That’s it?”

Lara snorted, “You said you’re used to cheating and cheating? You all cheat me? You still call a wife without a marriage certificate. You two rich generations like to do this, right? You, call teacher Jordan’s wife, Jordan The teacher will definitely ignore you.”

“Whatever you say.” Chuck was too lazy to talk to her.

Otherwise, if you continue to say this, would you take Yvette over to confront? No need, so Yvette was embarrassed.

“You are a liar! You just chased Teacher Jordan, so you said she was your wife. Do you know how many people are chasing Teacher Jordan?” Lara snorted coldly.

Chuck didn’t want to talk to her anymore. Yvette was indeed chased by many people, but Yvette is still intact until now, which proves that Yvette doesn’t like these people.

Yvette worked hard enough by herself, and she likes to use her own money.

“Someday Teacher Jordan finds out that you are a liar, and she will break up with you, absolutely, wife?!” Lara snorted.

She already muttered in her heart

When Teacher Jordan is angry at you, then you will be miserable, even the teacher dare to play!

Chuck frowned.

Lara wants to go.

“Stop!” Chuck stared at her.

Lara trembled, bit her lip and turned her head, “What are you doing? Didn’t I say it? Obviously you two are in a relationship between a man and a woman. Why do you call him a wife?”

“I warn you, Yvette is my wife’s business, you are not allowed to tell other people,”

“It’s said that Teacher Jordan is not your wife. Are you shameless? You just chased her. Both your boy and girl friends are reluctant. When she knows you play with her, she will…” Lara said halfway, her face immediately She panicked, because Chuck took out her mobile phone and clicked on WeChat. She saw her own photos.

“Besides,” Chuck looked at her.

“I, I won’t say it, don’t say it,” Lara hurriedly shook her head. If this fruit photo is passed on, she really doesn’t know what to do.

And at this time, she felt a strong sense of shame in her heart, because Chuck looked at her own fruit photo in front of her, and now she is wearing her clothes in front of him, isn’t the clothes transparent?

Thinking of this, Lara was angry in her heart.

“As long as you and me, and today’s affairs are known to one person, then I will post your photos in groups.” Chuck laughed, still can’t heal you?

“No, I would never say it,” Lara’s face paled in shock.

Chuck was too lazy to look at her and was about to go back to the classroom, but Lara bit her lip, “Chuck, can you delete these photos? Please, OK?”

“Delete? I’m fine. I still want to show it and appreciate it.” Chuck smiled. Chuck warned her of this. He has read so many of them, and he is really not interested in taking it out again to “appreciate.” .

“Can you not be so shameless?” Lara stared at Chuck.

“Then when you sent me the photo, do you know how to write the word shameless?” Chuck replied politely.

“You!” Lara wanted to scold her, but she didn’t dare. Chuck is a rich second generation!

“Whatever you want!” Lara turned angrily and left, but she stopped, “Chuck, don’t torture me, or you can have a good time, I will stay with you all night, and you will delete the photos. Up.”

“I have already said, I already have a wife, I will still touch you?” Chuck shook his head. Although Lara is very beautiful today, with long legs and obvious chest, Chuck will not cheat, let alone The derailment was on Lara.

“Are you endless? If Teacher Jordan is your wife, my mother will immediately take off her clothes and Guo Ben!” Lara was annoyed.

At this time, the sound of high-heeled shoes sounded, Lara saw the tall Yvette approaching here, why would such a beautiful woman be deceived by Chuck?

Lara’s heart is full of puzzles, after all, in her heart, Yvette is perfect, perfect in appearance, and hot in body, but she is the dream lover of many people in the school.

There are many choices for such a woman, why choose Chuck?

“Chuck, Lara, what are you two doing? You are in class, but are you not in the classroom?” Yvette walked over and said.

“Yes, teacher.” Lara lowered her head and turned and walked into the classroom.

Chuck naturally went inside. It seemed that he and Yvette still had to pay attention. Yvette saw that Lara’s expression was wrong, she wondered, Lara looked down on Chuck the most? Why are you so afraid of Chuck?

“Chuck, what did you do to Lara?” Yvette asked.

Chuck shook his head. Could it be that there is Lara’s fruit photo on the phone?

“Then why are her eyes red? You bullied her?” Yvette suspected that Chuck might have been ridiculed by Lara just now, she might have beaten Lara.

“How dare I bully her? Wife, you go to class, I really want to study.” Chuck shook his head.

“Are you going to die? Call it where no one is!” Yvette was shocked, if the students heard her, don’t do her job.

Chuck nodded and hurriedly walked into the classroom. Yvette was helpless, followed, and whispered, “Old…husband, don’t be angry, just call in the car.”

Chuck was delighted, the cry was really nice, and when he walked into the classroom, Yvette’s face immediately fell cold, “Class is now!”

Seeing such a perfect Yvette on the stage, Lara hummed in her heart

Teacher Jordan, what kind of magic do you have Chuck? do you know? Just now, Chuck said that you are his wife, but I broke it down. How could you be his wife?

Thinking so, she secretly looked at Chuck again, a liar!

Teacher Jordan cannot be your wife’s, you are delusional!

After class was over, Lara immediately went to the office to find Yvette while Chuck was not paying attention.

Yvette was a little surprised, is Lara coming to sue Chuck?

“Teacher, what do you think of Chuck?” Lara asked.

“Very good, why do you ask?” Yvette packed her things unexpectedly, and she was going out because there was no class.

“Teacher, let me tell you that Chuck has a girlfriend.”

Yvette frowned, “Who did you hear?”

“I saw, didn’t I open a shop in the square? I saw Chuck school and Yolanda together.” Lara whispered.

Yvette stood up, and Chuck had already explained that he used to work part-time, how could he be with Yolanda?

“Teacher, don’t believe me, Chuck is a big liar, he specializes in deceiving women,” Lara said secretly, she didn’t know her purpose for doing this, she just didn’t want to see Chuck had a girlfriend.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Yvette shook his head.

“It’s true. I saw it in the square. The two of them were pulling and pulling. Maybe they did something in the office. Teacher, I really saw it.” Lara said a lot. It was originally. Yolanda is Chuck’s girlfriend. Chuck must have fallen on her. As for whether he is in the office, is there a difference?

Lara saw Yvette getting angry, Lara was proud of her, Chuck, you are a big liar!

Chapter: 142

Lara is proud of her, hum, let you be a teacher.

You still call Yvette as his wife. Isn’t anyone reluctant to do it?

It is even more impossible to be willing now.

She saw that Yvette was very angry. This was angry, but Lara was even more sorry. Yvette was angry, which only showed that Yvette really liked Chuck.

But apart from being rich and good-looking, what else does Chuck have?

He is a liar!

Yvette was silent. She took out her mobile phone and wanted to call Chuck, asking if Lara said it, but is it appropriate?

Yvette sighed in his heart.

Lara saw Yvette’s mobile phone interface, she was puzzled, “Teacher, don’t you have Chuck WeChat?”

After all, WeChat is much more convenient than calling.

“No.” Yvette shook his head and sat down.

When she was in the parking lot last time, she wanted to add it, but Chuck said that she would add it next time, and she didn’t add it until today.

“Do you have his WeChat? Then you can share your business card with me, I will add him.” Yvette said.

“Okay, I have him on WeChat, I will share it with you…” Lara took out her mobile phone and was ready to send her business card, but suddenly thought of Chuck’s warning, she shivered, sent it, and let Yvette know it. , Isn’t that your own photos will be seen by the whole school? ?

“Why haven’t you sent it yet?” Yvette waited, because Lara hadn’t moved her mobile phone for a long time.

“Teacher, I’m sorry, I forgot that I don’t have Chuck WeChat, I’m sorry.” Lara said quickly.

“Forget it, I’ll ask him next time.” Yvette was helpless, she packed her things, but suddenly thought of a question, why would Lara come over and talk to herself about Chuck?

Could it be that Chuck told Lara that he had a relationship with Chuck?

Yvette is worried, husband, what are you doing?

“What are you doing over here and telling me about this?” Yvette asked seriously and locked the door at the same time.


Lara was a little panicked when she was stared like this, and shook her head hurriedly, but Yvette’s eyes made her panic, “Teacher, I just came to talk…Teacher, you believe me…Teacher, I, I saw Chuck coming out of your car in the morning.”

“What are you…” Yvette said helplessly, so she must have seen Chuck kiss herself.

“So, teacher, are you with Chuck?” Lara asked in a low voice.

Yvette has always been an adult, and she quickly calmed down, knowing that denial is useless, and nodded after silence, “Yes, I am with Chuck.”

Yvette was surprised when he said this sentence, he actually said it? She didn’t feel nervous, but relaxed… she finally said it.

“Why? Teacher Jordan, you are so beautiful and work so well. Why do you want to be with him? Why do you like him?” Lara asked.

She didn’t understand this, and she was too puzzled. With Yvette’s capital, she could find any rich person, why should she find Chuck?

In other words, Chuck is just a BMW, a sports car, and his assets may be tens of millions, definitely not 100 million. Yvette can find something better than Chuck!

“I… you don’t understand, I feel that he is to me, very to me.” Yvette said, thinking of the scene of beating people for himself when he was in the capital.

He is really brave alone.

That was Chuck who Yvette had never seen before.

Lara sighed, “But, Chuckzhen and Yolanda are together, he is playing teacher you, don’t be fooled!”

“Well, I’ll ask him,” Yvette was lost in his heart. Husband, don’t you, OK?

Lara knew that it was useless to say anything. She thought that Chuck must have been Yvette’s in the car in the morning. She also thought that Yvette would break up with Chuck immediately, but Yvette’s performance was calm. Helpless.

“Lara, can you keep this secret for the teacher in advance?” Yvette walked over.

Lara nodded. Even if she said it, she could still think of the reaction of her classmates. She definitely didn’t believe her death. Yvette liked Chuck? Will they believe? ?

It is useless to say it, not to mention she dare not say, because Chuck has her fruit photo in his hands.

Lara went out, Yvette sat in a chair, she was silent, still dialed Chuck’s number, and quickly answered.


“Husband, where are you?”

“It’s in the square.” Chuck said. He will come out after class. He shouldn’t take Yvette’s car. Otherwise, let other people see it again. That’s really troublesome. This will hurt Yvette. The teacher’s job does not.

Is this so anxious to find Yolanda? Yvette sighed, “Well, go home early, take the exam tomorrow, remember to go to bed early.”

“Well, wife, can I go to your house today? You help me make up lessons.”

“I have to go out, I don’t know when I will be back,”

“Well, I’m here, let’s not talk about it yet.”

“Okay, by the way, when will you add me to WeChat?”

“Well, it’s fine next time,”


The phone hangs up, Yvette packs up her things and goes out. The day after tomorrow is when she wants to pay the “Baller” money. This is the agreed time. She must get the money, so she must go out and can only borrow usury. When she opened the shop before , I have borrowed it once, but the interest is high. She has survived this period of time and should be able to repay the money.

The main reason is that there is no other way. The house is sold and the money is invested. Last time I lost almost 500,000 yuan.

She sighed. I drove to the school, but the place where I borrowed the last time was a remote restaurant. She parked the car and walked in.

There are already people waiting inside. They need to check the information and evaluate how much they can borrow. Yvette estimates that her car and the company can borrow about 700,000 yuan. It should be no problem. The money from the “Baller” is returned, and there is still left. Next point, you can continue to fight. Recently, the company has improved, but the revenue has not been so fast.


Yvette frowned. The person she borrowed last time was a middle-aged woman, very fierce, but she was a woman, what was she afraid of? But this time it was actually a few men.

“Where is Sister Yue?” Yvette asked.

“What do you ask so much for? Isn’t all the loans the same? What about the prepared information?” said the headed Cun Tou.

Yvette took out the prepared materials after being silent.

After looking at this inch, he looked up at Yvette and asked, “How much to borrow?”

“Seven hundred thousand.”

“Seven hundred thousand? The amount is not small, can it be paid back on time?” Cuntou stared at Yvette.


“Okay, you have a good reputation in our company, and you have suppressed your car and company. I will lend you 700,000! But the rules, you know, 700,000, only 650,000, and pay 10 per month. Ten thousand, a total of eight months!”

Yvette frowned, why is it so expensive?

“Don’t linger, sign!” Cuntou said impatiently, and lost the contract. Yvette sighed. After a closer look, he signed the words. Cuntou immediately gave Yvette 650,000.

Yvette was silent, turned and left, but this inch said, “Beauty, don’t forget the time of repayment, when there is no money to pay back, I am going to find you.”

Yvette went out without speaking.

As soon as she left, she immediately sneered, and the little brother beside her sneered, “Boss, this is a superb beauty, this figure is life-threatening, and will not play?”

“Yeah, if this figure comes, haha, everyone knows it,…”

“She signed it, so I’m afraid I can’t play it?” Cuntou sneered. There is something wrong with this contract. If you don’t read it carefully, you are not studying the law, and there is no loophole at all.

But Yvette had already fallen into a trap after signing it. He smiled, Yvette really fell in love with a woman with this figure, she hadn’t played with it yet.

“Boss, don’t forget us at that time…” These little brothers are almost drooling.

“Don’t worry, if I have a mouthful of meat, there will be a mouthful of soup for my brothers.” Cuntou smiled, as if Yvette was already lying on his bed waiting for him.

Yvette got into the car, she was silent, and felt something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell what was wrong, hope it’s okay.

She immediately opened WeChat and then transferred money to the “Baller”.

Chuck here was surprised, where did Yvette get so much money? Chuck confiscated, and subconsciously typed and asked, “Wife, where did you get so much money?”

But when it was sent to Chuck, I was shocked and suffered!

Chapter: 143


Yvette, who took a sip of water just now, saw that the “Baller” actually withdrew a message. What did this message send? Why withdraw?

Yvette was a little strange. She happened to drink water just now, and didn’t see what the message was withdrawn. The “Baller” was there, why didn’t he collect the money?

“Thank you for the previous help.” Yvette replied.

After Chuck here saw this message, cold sweat was about to emerge. Fortunately, he had withdrawn in a timely manner. Otherwise, the word “wife” would be enough to let Yvette know that the “Baller” was him.


Chuck sighed. In fact, in the second that was sent just now, Chuck thought it would be wrong if she was wrong, and let her know it, but…Chuck hesitated, what should I say.

Yvette and Lara have different personalities. What would she do if Yvette thought it was cheating her and playing with her?

Chuck himself admitted that he was indeed deceiving Yvette on this point, but Chuck couldn’t help it. Yvette was almost asleep in the hotel. Chuck rescued her and wanted to know her situation, so Added her WeChat at the time.

Chuck looked at WeChat for a long time, but finally didn’t reply. Forget it, don’t contact Yvette on this WeChat, let Yvette forget this “Baller” who once saved her.

Yvette looked at the phone screen beautifully, isn’t the “Baller” here? Why don’t you receive the money and don’t reply to the information?

Yvette is even more strange.

Who will this “Baller” be? Yvette was puzzled and curious, who would be this person who helped him several times?

Yvette murmured to herself. In fact, how could she say that she really wanted to know who this person was. Two times before, she actively invited to tell her to meet, but this “tyrant” just didn’t show up.

Yvette was quite lost at that time.

But now…

Yvette shook her head and drove away from here. She drove to the square, ready to go to the company. She must make money quickly, otherwise the monthly repayment pressure will be too great.

It’s no joke that the usury can’t repay the money, Yvette knows this clearly.

When passing by Yolanda’s office, Yvette wanted to go in and see if Chuck was doing something with Yolanda, but she didn’t have the courage to go in, what if they were really doing it?


Yvette sighed and returned to the company and began to focus on his company’s affairs, but the picture of her husband lingering with other women appeared in her mind, Yvette was disturbed, she was a little disappointed, looking at her mobile phone in a daze.

At this time, the phone rang suddenly, Yvette was pleasantly surprised, did her husband Chuck’s work?


She saw that it was Queenie’s. She was a little bit lost. When she answered, Queenie’s crying voice came out, “Mr. Jordan…”

Yvette stood up immediately…

A minute later, Yvette came out of the company anxiously, very anxious.

At this time, Chuck and Yolanda were talking in the corridor. They seemed to be talking about work. Yvette sighed after seeing them, and immediately prepared to leave, but she found that Chuck and Yolanda behaved. There is no ambiguity, it just seems to be talking about the square.

Looking at Chuck from so far, he really changed too much. His speech and movements were all so elegant, except that there was a beautiful school girl Yolanda standing beside him.

Yvette walked over after hesitating, “Chuck…”

Chuck turned his head and looked at Yvette curiously, “What’s the matter?”

In fact, he was a little nervous, Yvette came to find himself at this time, did he still see the WeChat?

“Are you… free?” Yvette sighed.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Chuck looked at her serious look, Chuck immediately took it seriously, but he was relieved at the same time.

“Then you two talk first.” Yolanda returned to his office with a smile.

Yvette glanced at Yolanda who was going away, and sighed in enLoganlement. Is it true that Lara can tell?

“What’s the matter, wife?”

“Queenie called me just now and said something happened to her house, so I…”

“Well, let’s go there.” Chuck nodded. In fact, when Queenie left yesterday, Chuck felt that something had happened to her family, otherwise Yvette would not give Queenie 10,000 yuan, and tomorrow The exam was taken, and Queenie hadn’t come back yet, just couldn’t come back.

However, Queenie called Yvette without calling herself. She was simply telling herself that she didn’t want to do anything for her with what happened that night, Chuck sighed.

Queenie is too innocent.

“Will it interrupt your work?”

“will not.”


The two immediately went downstairs to the parking lot. Yvette turned on the phone navigation and drove to Queenie’s house.

After the two left, Zelda appeared in the square and went directly to Chuck. She came to see the shop, but when she arrived at Yolanda’s office, she did not see Chuck, so she asked, “Where is Chuck?”

“Go out with Teacher Jordan.” Yolanda said, “You come to see the shop, right? I’ll take you there and look forward to it.”

“Okay,” Zelda nodded, feeling a little disappointed, and went to see the shop with Yolanda.

She is actually thinking about whether to come here to open a restaurant, after all… will it be embarrassing to meet frequently in the future?

But she has been fancy here, still want to take a look, if it works, just open it, anyway, she is here to make money, no other ideas, but she thinks so, she has no confidence in her heart, she really has no other ideas?

But how could I be disappointed if I didn’t see Chuck when I came here?

She sighed in her heart. She didn’t give Chuck or even let Chuck touch her body. She helped him twice. There was not much physical contact during the help, but why did she get stuck?

On the way, Yvette carefully talked about what happened in Queenie’s house. In fact, Queenie was very pitiful. His parents had died a few years ago. Now there is only one younger sister. They live at her aunt’s house, which can be regarded as being under the fence. , I have been blinded since childhood.

Queenie was able to go to school, and she knelt down and begged her aunt, saying that after graduation, she would double the money, so that Queenie could go to school. Queenie had never asked her aunt for living expenses in college, and she was working part-time to earn living expenses.

But a few days ago, Aunt Queenie called and suddenly told her to stop reading. Someone had taken a fancy to her and asked Queenie to come back to get married. Moreover, her aunt even accepted the lottery, and Queenie was not ready to go back.

But her sister is still at my aunt’s house. The aunt threatened Queenie, saying that Queenie would not come back, so she would kill her sister. Queenie had loved her sister since she was a child. How could she not return?

Yvette gave her 10,000 yuan to get her to refund the gift money, but it was not enough, and there were other circumstances, so Queenie had to call Yvette for help…

Hearing this, Chuck was also a little annoyed. He only knew that Queenie’s house was not well, but he didn’t expect it to be so bad!

Chuck sighed, Queenie was too pitiful.

Queenie looked around at the intersection. She was very anxious. There was really no way she could do it. She could only call Yvette. She sneaked out. She was only 19 years old this year and was in her freshman year. She didn’t want to just get married. Otherwise her life would be ruined like this.


A mean-faced woman walked behind Queenie, grabbed her hair, and pulled Queenie to the ground.

Queenie cried bitterly, “Auntie, no, it hurts, it hurts…”

The woman raised her hand and slapped Queenie, “Young Master Zhou is your blessing, but you still don’t know what’s good or bad? Want to return the lottery? No way!”

“Auntie, please don’t do this to me, I still want to go to university, and I want to…” Queenie begged bitterly.

But the woman slapped and slapped again, “Stop! You eat mine, wear mine, you can’t do it if my old lady lets you marry, and her mother refuses. You are the same as your parents. White-eyed wolf!”

“Auntie, don’t say that to my parents…”

“Your mother is not a good thing, and your father is not even more so. My mother asked you to marry Young Master Zhou to give you a chance. Don’t be like your parents. Don’t let me go back!” The woman grabbed Queenie’s hair Just so procrastinated, Queenie cried and begged, but the woman just grabbed it and didn’t let go…

Queenie cried and looked at the intersection in the distance. Teacher, please come and save me.

Chapter: 144

Queenie struggled, and her aunt slapped it out again with an impatient slap. Queenie bit her lip and shed tears, her face flushed.

“Obviously, marry me and Young Master Zhou. If you don’t agree, you have to agree, but you can’t help!”

“Auntie, will you refund his gift, I beg you, after I graduate from college, I will double it back to you, auntie…” Queenie begged, she really felt desperate.

She still has a younger sister, otherwise she would have run away, but how can she run now?

“You pay it back? What are you paying back? Do you know how many gifts Young Master Zhou gave? Just your mind, you can’t afford to work for a lifetime, but you can double it?” The woman sneered with disdain.

“Auntie, please tell me how much, I will definitely give it to you after I work,”

“Shut up, let me tell you, Young Master Zhou gave half a million beauties, what are you going to pay?? Your mind goes out to work, three or four thousand days a month, what are you going to pay?”

“Five hundred thousand?”

Queenie sat on the ground, her face pale. She thought it was tens of thousands, but why so many?

Five hundred thousand is really an astronomical figure for her.

“Have you done it? Can you pay it back?” The woman sneered and grabbed Queenie by the hair.

“I, I can ask a friend to borrow it.”

“You borrow? Your mother is a poor ghost, and you are also a poor ghost. Will you have friends who can give out half a million?” the woman mocked.

Queenie shook her head desperately. She took out the ten thousand Yvette gave her from the bag, “Auntie, I will give ten thousand first, and I will give you the rest. Would you please refund the gift.”

The woman immediately grabbed the money in her hand and sneered, “Where did you get the ten thousand? Did you do anything bad in your studies? If you are not okay, how can I clean up you!”

“Auntie, this was lent to me by my teacher.” Queenie was anxious.

“Teacher? What kind of shame teacher will lend students ten thousand? You think I’m stupid? No matter how you get the money, I will collect ten thousand, just as you and your sister’s living expenses in the past few years!” She said He put the ten thousand in his hand into his bag.

“No, auntie, this is lent to me by my teacher, no…” Queenie cried anxiously.

She hasn’t eaten her sister-in-law in the past few years. She has part-time jobs every day, and she can pay a little money back every month as her sister’s living expenses.

How can you still take away the money Teacher Jordan lent him?


The woman slapped Queenie and scolded angrily, “It’s better to raise a dog than to raise you. You eat mine and live with me for several years. You don’t want to give me ten thousand. She is really a white-eyed wolf! “

“Auntie, this money is really not mine, really not.” Queenie cried in despair.

At this time, her mobile phone rang, and she hurriedly took it out to see that it was Teacher Jordan’s. She was pleasantly surprised to answer, but grabbed the mobile phone.

The woman glanced at it, “Ms. Jordan? This stupid lent you ten thousand? Huh, cell phone? Before you and Young Master Zhou got married, you would never want to use your cell phone anymore.”


The woman ignored it and hung up directly, but soon Yvette called back, and the woman answered impatiently, “Hit Nima and force it, let’s do it!”

After saying this, she turned off the phone, and she grabbed Queenie and went home.

Yvette, who was in the car here, looked bad.

“What’s wrong, wife?” Chuck was curious.

Yvette shook her head and said it was okay. She called again and found that the phone had been turned off. She didn’t feel very good. It was definitely not Queenie’s voice that had just scolded herself, so it should be her aunt.

“Queenie’s mobile phone was turned off, but she asked me to drive here,” Yvette sighed.

She liked this girl quite a lot, and didn’t want her to end her life like this, but now it seems that Queenie may be in an accident, and she should have been kept at home by her aunt.

Chuck glanced around and really didn’t see Queenie.

“What should I do now?” Yvette was anxious.

Chuck said, “My wife, wait a minute, I’ll ask someone to check where Queenie lives.”

“How to check this?” Yvette asked, checking people is not that easy, right?

“Call to check.” Chuck took out his mobile phone, opened the door and went down, found Betty’s number, and dialed out.

Yvette just looked at Chuck outside the car. She was silent and curious. Husband, who are you calling?

Soon Chuck came in, not a minute, so fast?

Yvette was particularly surprised!

“Wife, wait a minute, she will call me back.” Chuck said, Queenie is an ordinary family, it is easier to find out, it should be Baili to make a phone call, find out where she lives, just go directly.

In less than a minute, Betty’s call came, Chuck answered, nodded and hung up.

“My wife, drive three kilometers ahead.” Chuck pointed the way, but it was not far away.

Yvette nodded, started the car, and drove as Chuck said.


“Husband, how did you know?” Yvette couldn’t help but ask, how can you check people by calling, it shouldn’t be that simple?

“I told you that I was the rich second generation.” Chuck smiled.

Yvette was helpless, “So you used your rich second-generation identity to make the call? Hmm! Is it good to be a little more serious? I don’t know if you are the rich second-generation? We have been together since we were young, and I don’t know what you are. ?”

Having said this, Yvette blushed, really watching Xiao Chuck grow up slowly, but he hasn’t seen it in the past seven or eight years, because Chuck won’t let himself bathe him…

Chuck was speechless, he said this twice, why Yvette didn’t believe it!

“Well, this is your secret, I won’t ask.” Yvette drove seriously, and she didn’t think the joke was funny.

“Wife, I’m really a rich second generation, why don’t you believe it?”

“Okay, I believe it, I believe it, don’t say it, it will be here soon.”

Chuck was helpless, saying this made Yvette even more unbelief. It seemed that he was going to let his mother come over to see her daughter-in-law, so Yvette would believe it by then?

“If you run again, my old lady will kill your sister!” The woman scolded, and Queenie cried and returned to the room by herself, squatting in the corner, crying.

The woman walked out of the room and called Master Zhou. Soon a BMW 5 Series drove to her door. A 30-year-old man came out of the car. His head was covered with big yellow teeth and his face was greasy. He looked very sick. .

“Master Zhou, she is in the room. I think I will let Master Zhou be with her tonight. Anyway, it will be a matter of time before we get married. When a woman breaks, her heart will fall.” Woman Say.

Young Master Zhou has been impatient for a long time. There has been an accident in his family recently. He is thinking of marrying a wife in accordance with the old fashion. It happens that this woman said that there is a virgin relative. Isn’t that right?

Of course, Young Master Zhou was willing, and immediately gave her half a million beauties.

“All right, I’ll give you the money to stay for one night, don’t come back today!” Young Master Zhou gave one thousand to Aunt Queenie.

The woman hesitated, she was worried that Queenie would run away again, that wouldn’t work, she wanted to guard, wait until she broke, and then go out, so as to be safe.

“Why, do you still want to come together?” Young Master Zhou glanced at her, staring at her exaggerated hip line and said.

The woman blushed immediately after hearing this, she couldn’t do such a bashful thing.

Alone is fine, after all, Young Master Zhou is rich.

She took the money and said, “Master Zhou, then I’m going out tonight, that girl is very stubborn, I’m afraid…”

“Are you scared? How many women have I played with? I am attracted to, and still run?” Young Master Zhou shook his head. Isn’t a college student just half pushing and half doing it?

“Well.” The woman went out by herself.

Young Master Zhou smiled, opened the door, and saw Queenie squatting on the ground. He was immediately excited, such a tender girl, this figure and appearance is really against the sky, he closed the door, and then locked it.

Queenie was so scared that her face turned pale, “Auntie, auntie…”

“Stop yelling, your aunt has already gone out. I didn’t expect my wife to be so beautiful. Come on, let my husband take good care of you tonight.” Young Master Zhou said, he rushed over.

Queenie cried in despair, struggling frantically, but Young Master Zhou slapped Queenie out, and she hummed and fell to the bed. Young Master Zhou’s eyes were bright, rubbing her hands, and leaving impatiently past.

Chapter: 145

“Husband, is it there?”

Yvette pointed to a house not far away. It was a village and could be seen at a glance.

“Well, it seems to be, but why is there a BMW at the door of Queenie’s house?” Chuck wondered.

“Grass and mud, you are driving Nima, can you drive?” A woman was furious.

Yvette was shocked. She just looked there and didn’t notice someone in the blind spot.

“I’m sorry.” Chuck said hurriedly.

“Two shameless pens!”

The woman snorted angrily. Fortunately, she didn’t bump into herself, otherwise the old lady would lie down and lose you.

She left and continued to walk forward.

“Husband…” Yvette was stunned suddenly, because the woman’s cursing sound was so familiar, it seemed like the sound of cursing after calling Queenie just now. Is this aunt Queenie?

“What’s the matter? Do you want to kick her a few times? Anyway, it’s dark and no one sees it.” Chuck thought Yvette had been scolded, and felt uncomfortable.

“No, I was wrong just now, husband, I think she is Queenie’s aunt.” Yvette simply stopped the car.

Chuck was surprised. He opened the car door and walked out, yelling immediately, “Hey, stop!”

“Stop Nima!” The woman’s cursing voice came.

Where can Chuck stand it? Immediately ran over, “You don’t speak with respect? I ask you, are you Queenie’s aunt?”

“Who are you? Oh, I see, is it the shabi teacher who gave Queenie 10,000 yuan?” The woman sneered.

Chuck frowned, “Where is Queenie?”

“Do you care about me? Get out!” the woman scolded angrily, “I will call the police if you don’t leave!”

Chuck stared at her, too lazy to care about her, walked over and got in the car, “My wife, let’s go to Queenie’s house.”

“En…Ah, what are you doing?” Yvette was startled, thinking that Aunt Queenie suddenly ran over and blocked the front of the car. When she started just now, she almost hit her.

Chuck was annoyed, “Go away! What are you doing?”

He is not good, looking at the BMW car in the distance, this woman is so blocking, is it…

Chuck thought of something, and quickly became anxious, “My wife, step on the accelerator!”

“My husband, I dare not, dare not…” Yvette shook his head. The woman was cursing outside and lying on the hood, Yvette did not dare to step on the accelerator.

“I come.”

Chuck stretched out his hand to hug Yvette, and Yvette said, “Husband, don’t…ah!”

Yvette stepped on the gas pedal violently, and the woman lying on the hood was startled by the roar of the car. She screamed and fell to the side. Yvette took the opportunity to drive.

Chuck was also shocked, because Yvette’s throttle was too strong and the car sprang out like this.

The car drove over quickly, and Chuck opened the door and rushed in before the car stopped.

He heard the sound in the room and immediately kicked the door open, and saw that Queenie was already in the room with disheveled clothes, and what a man who took off his pants was going to do.

Chuck was angry, grabbed a chair and smashed it.


The chair exploded in pieces, Young Master Zhou let out a scream, and fell stiff to the ground.

“Chuck, woo…” Queenie jumped down on the bed, tears could no longer flow out, she rushed into Chuck’s arms.

“never mind,”

Chuck comforted that this man hadn’t taken off his shorts yet, so Queenie should have not been succeeded by him, but he should have done things like scratching.

“Put on the clothes first.” Chuck took a piece of clothing and covered it with Queenie.

She is a figure, but a lot of it is fully revealed, the skin is very good, and the figure is very material, I really didn’t notice that night.

However, Chuck would definitely not look around at this time. Queenie was already frightened just now. After hearing Chuck’s voice, she recovered from the shock. She cried, just like that, because she was just now. , I wanted Chuck to come over, but she didn’t tell Chuck how did he come over?

But when she was desperate, this person appeared, it was Chuck.

She was crying and put on her clothes, but saw Young Master Zhou getting up from the ground, clutching a chair and smashing it over, “Cool horse, dare to beat Lao Tzu!”

“Ah, Chuck!” Queenie screamed.

Chuck didn’t react slowly, turning around and raising his hand to block it, but the pain made him grin and his hand was about to break.

“It’s a grassy horse!”

Chuck kicked it out, and Young Master Zhou fell to the ground.

He picked up the chair and smashed it, daring to sleep Queenie, and beat you to death!

Young Master Zhou screamed like a dead dog, and Queenie was completely shocked.

“Fuck!” Chuck suddenly felt a pain in his leg. This horrible pen bit someone. Chuck broke into a cold sweat on his forehead. He kicked Young Master Zhou a few times. He got up from the ground and ran outside. Ruthlessly, “You fucking wait for me!”

With that, he ran out.

Chuck is about to kneel, is this shameful pen belong to a dog? I don’t know if the bite is bleeding.

“Fucked! Queenie, put on your own clothes,” Chuck limped and chased out, but he can’t let him run so easily, he must be abolished today!

Queenie was at a loss, was he really saved? She looked down at her torn pants, she yelled and hurriedly went to get dressed.

Chuck limped out with a chair, Young Master Zhou was already in the car.

“Husband, did he beat you?? Dare to beat my husband? Still want to run?” Yvette is on fire. Why is this not being beaten?

Before Chuck spoke, he saw Yvette’s face cool down, and he suddenly stepped on the accelerator with a loud boom.

Yvette’s car crashed into the back of Zhou Shaoye’s BMW, and Zhou Shaoye who had started the car was shocked.

I was hit by Yvette’s car on the wall, boom!

Yvette’s car was smashed, and Zhou Shaoye’s car was not much better, and both suffered.

Chuck was shocked, this… his wife is mighty! Actually stopped Young Master Zhou in this way.

But this car… isn’t it scrapped?

“Grass and mud horse, dare to hit my car, I think you haven’t died!” Young Master Zhou got out of the car cursingly, with a machete in his hand. He was suddenly interrupted by his arrow on the string just now, and he was also beaten. After a meal, he was already on fire, and now the car was hit, he was about to kill!


Young Master Zhou struck Yvette with a machete on the front of Yvette’s car. Yvette was dumbfounded, sitting in the car at a loss.

How can Chuck endure his wife being bullied? He threw the chair out of his hand, Young Master Zhou yelled, was hit, and fell to the ground. Chuck punched and kicked him, and Young Master wailed for mercy in the next few days.

“Don’t fight, don’t fight…”

Chuck kicked him a few feet, there are such scumbags! If he came a step late just now, wouldn’t Queenie be tarnished by him? ?

“Ah, what are you doing?” Aunt Queenie rushed over, raised her hand and patted the back of Chuck’s head. With a snap, Chuck was fainted.

He staggered and almost fell, Aunt Queenie helped Young Master Zhou up. This is her god of wealth.

“What are you doing? Dare to beat Master Zhou!!” The woman was annoyed.

She had thought that Young Master Zhou was on Queenie today, so there would be no change in the marriage! , But unexpectedly rushed out so two people came out, and beat Young Master Zhou, she was angry, the two are not afraid of death!

“I’m telling you, don’t even think about leaving today, you two dare to do it without asking for who Master Zhou is?” the woman scolded.

Chuck sneered. Such people still need to inquire? Get him done with a phone call.

“Auntie!” Queenie ran out of the room crying.

“You eat something inside and out, Young Master Zhou sleeps with you, so you can look down on you, so what else do you pretend?” The woman stared at Queenie.

If it wasn’t for her to be older, if Young Master Zhou had taken a fancy to her, she would have put on a set of underwear and waited.

Where is Queenie so ignorant of good and evil? ?

“Shut up!” Chuck said. He really wanted to kick this woman to death. How can Queenie be her relatives? How could he treat Queenie like this for money?

“What right do I have to let me shut up? You silly pen, my old lady…” The woman cursed unceremoniously, but Yvette rushed over and slapped her, “Swear my husband, you go to death!”


The woman fell to the ground, Chuck dumbfounded, Queenie dumbfounded, what, Chuck is Teacher Jordan’s husband? ?

Chapter: 146

Queenie was really stunned. Chuck is Teacher Jordan’s student. How could he be Teacher Jordan’s husband?

You know she clearly knows that Teacher Jordan was not so good to Chuck before, but it seems to have eased a little recently. Could it be that Chuck caught up with Teacher Jordan as a student during this time?


This really shocked Queenie. It is no wonder that students chasing the teacher, but Teacher Jordan is so beautiful, and only a few days ago?

Was it chased by Chuck? ?

and also……

According to this time, wouldn’t it be that that night… I helped her boyfriend and her husband in front of Teacher Jordan? ?

Queenie felt particularly ashamed for an instant. Teacher Jordan was so kind to herself that he actually did such a thing, and he was still in Teacher Jordan’s room in front of Teacher Jordan…

She sighed with disappointment in her heart, feeling ashamed of Teacher Jordan and also feeling…

Didn’t do it right that night.

However, it may be uncontrollable, because Chuck secretly touched her… how to say it, it is strange feeling, this may be the reason why she let a man touch her for the first time.

Aunt Queenie got up from the ground. Where did she suffer such a loss, right? Slapped in the face by a woman? She cursed and ran over to fight Yvette.

Yvette came up with a fire, raised his hand and slapped it out.


The woman fell to the ground with a butt, she fell a dog to eat shit, her face was swollen.

Yvette really rarely hits people, but she really can’t help it. She is really angry when she scolds the person who slept with her since she was a child.

She gets angry when she sees someone bullying Chuck.

Chuck really laughed. Today Yvette surprised him. He crashed the car and hit someone for himself.

Chuck looked at the severely damaged front of Yvette. Should he buy a car for his wife? ?

Sure, Yvette’s cars are all like this, and they need to change cars, but I don’t know what kind of car Yvette likes.

This depends on Yvette. If she likes it, she will buy it.

Aunt Queenie got up angrily, but she was so angry that she was going to hit Yvette when she ran over.

How could Chuck make people beat Yvette under the nose? He ran over and kicked the woman, this woman really deserves to be beaten!

“I hit someone, I hit someone…” The woman wailed, clutching her belly. This was all in the same village, and there was such a big movement that someone would soon come over.

“What’s going on? How did you hit someone?”

“Yeah, there was a crash. What’s this?”

“No matter what you are doing, this man and woman are finished. This car belongs to Master Zhou. They also beat Master Zhou. Today is unlucky.”

“I haven’t seen anyone dare to treat Young Master Zhou this way.”

“Yeah, these two people are probably fools, right?”

The villagers gathered around and pointed, and the voices of discussion were endless. They were surprised and laughed, and more of them were watching the excitement and the good show.

Aunt Queenie grabbed her belly and got up, her face distorted, like a bitch cursing the street, “You two are over today! Everyone is criticizing, these two people are robbing people and robbing my niece Queenie!”

“What? Robber?”

“Such things have been done? Is there any King Fa?”

The villagers were a little annoyed, and immediately turned to Chuck and Yvette with bad words.

“That’s not enough, Young Master Zhou and my niece are married. This is a coincidence! But this fool likes my niece, so he came to grab someone!” The woman pointed to Chuck and said, with a cold sneer on her face.

She is not afraid that things will make a big deal, she must breathe out today! What’s more, there is Young Master Zhou there.

“Fuck! This kid is robbing Young Master Zhou’s wife? Still beating? Why is this kid robbing someone? He is even half as good as Young Master Zhou, right?”

“Half? You look at him too high. You can tell by looking at his car. It compares with Master Zhou?”

The onlookers talked a lot.

Chuck frowned. “Don’t talk nonsense. It’s obviously that you forced Queenie to marry him. You said, how many gifts have you received from him?”

“Do you care how much I charge?” The woman was annoyed, “You are beating people now, you are still robbing people! You have beaten Young Master Zhou like this! You are over today! You don’t lose money, her mother don’t want to leave.”

Chuck stared at her, “I won’t lose money, I must take Queenie and her sister away today!”

Otherwise, Queenie would be sold by her aunt. Anyway, Chuck bought Yvette’s house, and it has been unoccupied, so Queenie and her sister moved in.

This way Chuck will feel relieved.

“Take it if you say it! Who does your mother think you are?” The woman sneered with disdain.

“Now I can’t help you. I said to take it, so I take it.” Chuck calmly.

At this moment, Queenie, who heard this sentence, was so moved that tears came out.

“Sorry pen, do you? Put on what? You want to bring it?”

The woman sneered and walked to Master Zhou, “Master Zhou, call someone to come over and kill these two fools!!”

Young Master Zhou had already taken out his cell phone. He really wanted to kill someone today. He has been out for so long and has never been so embarrassed as today. He is really furious. Wait, I ask someone to break your legs!

His face was cold, but Chuck came over, picked up a corner of a chair on the ground, and hit it directly!

To the head of Master Chao Zhou!

Chuck doesn’t have so much time to talk nonsense with him now! hit! !


Young Master Zhou held his head with his hands, blood flowed out like this, his face was shocked, and he pointed to Chuck, “Do you… dare to hit me?”

The audience was shocked!

He actually beat Young Master Zhou like this? ?

Chuck glanced at him, then smashed again.

As soon as Young Master Zhou closed his eyes, he fell to the ground limply and lay on the ground with a plop.

Yvette’s eyes widened, and the others were dumbfounded, crazy, knowing that it was Young Master Zhou, he even hit again, and even hit it twice.

“This kid is going to die?”

“Really looking for death, hit Young Master Zhou in our place, this is looking for death! They definitely can’t get out of here!”

“Ah! It’s killing, it’s killing!” The woman’s face turned pale in fright. If Young Master Zhou’s father knew this, she would not be blamed, but she would be miserable if she was angry.

Chuck walked to the dumbfounded Queenie and dragged her to Yvette. Chuck would not pay attention to anyone. He would hit anyone who blocked it.

Of course the woman wouldn’t let it go, holding on to Queenie and not letting go, “No going, no going! He beat Young Master Zhou and absolutely can’t go. Are you a white-eyed wolf trying to kill me?”

“Auntie…” Queenie cried.

“Don’t go!” The woman clung to her, “Everyone, call the police, dead, dead, if you let Young Master Zhou know that you will not stop the murderer, he will not let you go!”

The nearby villagers were really dumbfounded. After being said so, they came back to their senses and immediately surrounded Chuck and the three of them not to leave.

Young Master Zhou’s father is not joking!

It would really anger them.

Chuck glanced at the woman and kicked out.

“Ouch, kill people! Stop them.” The woman screamed and fell to the ground.

“Want to leave after hitting someone? No way!”

Several villagers grabbed Chuck and didn’t let go, with fierce faces!

“Husband…” Yvette was holding Chuck’s wrist in fear. She rarely saw this kind of scene. She was scared by Chuck’s beating Young Master Zhou. How could she have thought that Chuck would beat people like this? Call the police, but something will happen.

Chuck is not twenty years old, how could he have a criminal record because of this?

“It’s okay. Don’t worry.” Chuck patted Yvette’s hand. Such a confident voice made Yvette stunned. She bit her lip and nodded, not afraid.

“You won’t let us go, right? Okay!” Chuck pulled Yvette and Queenie behind him.

This person has many hands, and he doesn’t want Yvette and Queenie to suffer.

It’s really poor and evil!

“Don’t leave! You want to leave after you beat Master Zhou? No way!”

“Be good!”

These villagers scolded, maybe they stopped Chuck, Young Master Zhou woke up, he was in a good mood, and he would give them a little money, so these three people must not be allowed to leave!

Chuck glanced at them, took out his mobile phone and called Betty, “Hey, Sister Li, I am at the Queenie’s house that you just asked you to check. Someone refused to let me go.”

Chapter: 147

The top floor of the night hotel!

Sitting on the sofa, Karen Li smiled and called Logan in Beijing.

“You said Ceer invested in your movie?” When Logan talked to her just now, it wasn’t a surprise.

“Yes, it looks like the shooting will start soon.”

“How much did you invest? Ce’er shouldn’t have much money anymore.” Karen Li asked.

“A lot.”

“More?” Karen Li smiled, but she knew roughly how much Chuck had. She might have invested two to three million yuan, but it was not bad for a literary film.

“Well, he gave me all of the money. Seeing him, he is full of confidence.”

“Really?” Karen Li chuckled and entered the entertainment circle. This was also Karen Li’s idea.

“Yes, very confident.”

“Confidence is confidence, but don’t let the movie lose out when the time comes, and you will pay him another bonus. That won’t work.” Karen Li was serious.

She knew Logan’s character, too gentle. Chuck went to the capital once, and she didn’t know what she wanted to spoil Chuck. After all, Logan was ten years older than Chuck. She would have been good to be Chuck’s sister.

But she insisted on calling her own sister, and Karen Li was helpless at this point.

“Will not.”

“Really not?”

“En? Well, I have this idea, but Sister Karen li said that, I won’t,”

Karen Li is helpless, really not? She doesn’t believe it.

“By the way, I saw Ce’er wife Yvette. You have been back for so long, so you should have gone to see her too?”

“No.” Karen Li shook his head.

“Why not see?”

After being silent, Karen Li said, “Yvette, this girl is OK. I have known since the first day she was with Ce’er, and I have been paying close attention to her every move. However, I am a little bit about the identity of this girl. doubt.”

“I doubt your identity? Sister Karen li, what do you mean? Isn’t Yvette an orphan without father and mother?” Logan’s voice was surprised.

“On the surface, but who knows if there is anything else? You should know how many enemies I have for so many years. Grandpa Ceer kindly brought Yvette home for a while. I meant to let her leave immediately. Give her another arrangement so that she has no worries about food and clothing since she was a child. When she grows up, I will also give her another sum of money to let her live on her own. However, when she was a child, Ceer liked this girl and would not let her go, this girl I cried and made noise as soon as I left. What can I do? I can only agree. Fortunately, for so many years, the girl is really clean, but I can’t feel at ease without knowing who the girl’s parents are. I have to pay special attention to her.”

“I understand what you mean by Sister Karen li, but since Sister Karen li suspects Yvette, then just let her leave.”

Karen Li sighed and shook his head, “This won’t work. Ce’er has liked her since she was a child. If I let Yvette leave without saying a word, Ce’er would definitely hate me if she knew about it.”

“Should not?” Logan was surprised.

“I haven’t been with Ce’er for so many years, and I owe him a lot. I don’t want him to hate me for anything, so…”

Halfway through Karen Li’s words, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in!” Karen Li said, Betty is not an outsider, so even if she calls Logan, she will not avoid her.

Betty opened the door and came in, her face cold.

Sitting on the sofa, Karen Li saw her expression and asked curiously, “My face is so ugly, what happened?”

“The young master went to a village, but he was surrounded by the villagers, so the young master was not allowed to leave!” Betty said. When she received this call, she was very annoyed. How could she treat the young master this way?

Karen Li’s face immediately cooled down, and that kind of coldness can scare anyone!

She said to Logan with her mobile phone, “Logan, I’ll talk next time, I…”

“Well, help Ce’er handle it quickly, dare you not let Ce’er leave? Don’t want to live?” Logan’s angry voice on the phone.


When the phone hung up, Karen Li stood up from the sofa, “Go! Dare to stop my son? Call family unit No. 1!”

“Yes!” Betty took out her mobile phone, “Family Troop One is out!!”

Karen Li walked outside, Betty followed, but was surprised, “You go in person?”

After all, Karen Li seldom goes out now, it’s amazing to go out once.

“Well, poor mountains and bad rivers will lead to troublesome people, I’m afraid that something will happen to Ce’er.” Karen Li’s eyes were very cold!

A minute later, a Rolls Royce came out of the hotel parking lot and Betty drove!

Going towards a place at a galloping speed.

Behind him, one by one off-road vehicles came out of the parking lot and followed closely, like a long dragon, which was daunting!

The roar of the car shocked people passing by!

Every car was full of people, and everyone in the car looked grim! Exuding solemnity!

In the car, Karen Li said coldly, “To mobilize the satellite imagery, I want to see how many people my son is surrounded by!”

Betty nodded, and she called while driving.

Soon a picture appeared on Karen Li’s phone, which was a private satellite of the United States!

She saw a lot of people in a village surrounding Chuck, as if they were still evasive. There were too many people, and Karen Li’s face became even colder.

“Here is too far away from Ce’er’s location. Call Chen Hai near that area and let him go and deal with it first!” Karen Li said.

“Yes.” Betty called again immediately, she stepped on the gas pedal to the end.

A long queue of cars, galloping on the road with anger, this is Karen Li’s anger! !

Chuck guarded Yvette and Queenie behind them. These villagers were so angry that they had completely surrounded Chuck and the three.

Yvette is not afraid, because Chuck is protecting her, and she is very calm in her heart. Chuck’s eyes are very reassuring. When will this big boy who is a few years younger can protect herself.

Yvette put his arm around Chuck’s wrist, very relieved.

“White-eyed wolf, do you still want to leave?” The woman rushed over, grabbed Queenie’s hair, and dragged her away.

Queenie cried bitterly, “Auntie, let go.”

“Let go? I’ve raised you for so long, so you don’t have to repay me. Now you can come here, right? Find a rich man for you, don’t you want it, let her mother come here, right? White-eyed wolf! You want to harm me after hitting Young Master Zhou, don’t you? Don’t think about it!” The woman dragged Queenie into the house, her face full of grimness, just like a shrew.

Chuck was angry and kicked out after raising her leg. The woman fell to the ground with a sigh, but still clutching Queenie’s hair, Queenie was already crying in pain and fell to the ground.

Chuck is on fire, this wicked woman should really fight!

Chuck grabbed the broken stick from the chair on the ground and hit the woman’s hand. She screamed, “I hit someone, hit someone,…”

The woman let go of the pain, and Queenie got up from the ground crying, “Chuck, I’m sorry.”

Chuck shook his head, there is nothing to be sorry about.

“Ah, husband.” Yvette was shocked, because many villagers took the opportunity to surround her, Chuck rushed over in a blaze, hit out with a stick, and pulled Yvette behind him.

“Oh, I hit someone, copy guys, copy guys!” The villager who was beaten screamed, and Chuck was beaten to death.

The other villagers furiously grabbed things and hit them, as if they were about to kill Chuck.

Chuck stared at them coldly. There were more than a dozen villagers at the scene, both men and women, but Chuck had nothing to fear. He was not afraid of killing people.

He grabbed a wooden stick and saw people hit him. The other villagers had a lot of hands, sticks and fists. His fists were hard to beat four hands. Chuck soon suffered, staggering back, shoulder and stomach pain.

“kill him!”

“Yes, hit someone in our village, don’t let him go!”

The villagers rushed up, how could Chuck bear it? ? Hit one person hard, hit with a stick, hit! Soon the villager lay on the ground with a bloody head, wailing.


A villager raised his leg and kicked out. Chuck didn’t pay attention. He was kicked and fell to the ground. The villagers rushed up and punched and kicked Chuck who fell to the ground. Chuck was in pain all over his body. Hit the bricks on the ground and hit the feet and legs.

“Ouch!” A villager screamed and fell to the ground, and the others dispersed.

“Who the hell dare to come here, I will kill him!” Chuck got up from the ground, his eyes red! At this moment, he was like a lion, full of tyranny, whoever came, he would kill anyone!

Chapter: 148

The villagers surrounding Chuck looked at each other. They were irritated when Chuck smashed them with a stick or a brick, but now they are even angrier after Chuck said this.

“What are you afraid of? There are so many people, come on, kill him!”

“Yes, kill him!”

Group sentiment is angry!

They also grabbed the bricks on the ground and surrounded Chuck. Yvette’s face was pale. With so many people, Chuck would be killed.

She ran to Chuck, “husband,…”

“Stay back a little,” Chuck said, and today he is going to kill several people!

There is nothing to be afraid of, these people should really fight!

Still so calm, Yvette cried anxiously, “Husband, they have too many people, run away, I am a woman, they don’t know how to beat women…”

Chuck shook his head. This is not good. People like Aunt Queenie will definitely hit Yvette. She has beaten them, and everyone else will definitely hit Yvette. Besides, how could Chuck leave Yvette behind?

“Stay back a little.” Chuck was serious.

“No.” Yvette just pulled Chuck and didn’t let go.

“Don’t worry, I usually do sports, so I won’t suffer in group fights,” Chuck said.

“No.” Yvette’s eyes reddened and he shook his head firmly.

Chuck guarded her one after another, making Yvette feel the feeling of being protected. She didn’t want this feeling to be gone, so… we were all right together.

Chuck looked at her, really, his wife was mighty today.

These villagers surrounded him, and Chuck pulled Yvette behind him.

He has a serious face. There are many of these people, but he has already called Betty, so he only needs to hold him until Betty comes over.

Betty will definitely bring someone here!

Chuck pushed Yvette behind him, grabbed the brick and smashed it over.

All the villagers came over, Yvette was frightened, and Queenie’s face became pale.

But at this moment, a huge engine roar came from a distance!

Everyone stopped, and when they heard the sound, they saw the road in the village, and a man on a motorcycle was driving over at an incredible speed!

This speed is amazing!

The engine seems to burst!

brake! !

The motorcycle stopped in front of everyone, and a middle-aged man got out of the car, his body was dirty, as if he had come from a job site, he was still wearing slippers, and his mouth was still oily. It seemed that he was eating. coming.

“Who are you?” A villager grabbed the brick and walked over angrily, trying to scare the stranger.

But the middle-aged man just glanced at him, slapped it out after raising his hand.


The villager screamed, fell to the ground and passed out.

Chuck was surprised. Is this the person Betty called?

The other villagers were dumbfounded, and immediately surrounded them in anger, fierce and vicious.

“What are you fucking doing?”

“Why do you hit someone?”

“He must be a helper, don’t let him go!”


These villagers surrounded the middle-aged people. They were all holding bricks. One of the villagers smashed it down angrily. It was his relative who was knocked out just now. How could he stand it when he saw his relative being beaten like this?


This middle-aged man slapped again, and this villager was the same, his face was deformed by the fan, and he plunged into the soil and stopped moving.

The other villagers looked at each other.

“Hit someone, hit someone, come here!”

These villagers yelled, and there were many people nearby, and they all had guys, all with long hoes.

Soon dozens of people gathered around, and the atmosphere on the scene suddenly became terrifying. Everyone was full of anger. The mess on the scene told them that the people in their village were bullied by outsiders!

The middle-aged man walked up to Chuck and said, “The scene is too complicated before people come. Take your friends away first.”

Chuck nodded, this should be Betty, that is, his mother’s person, although it seemed to surprise Chuck.

Moreover, there are many people, and Yvette and Queenie may be injured, and they must be taken away immediately.

“Let’s leave first,” Chuck said to Yvette and Queenie.

Yvette and Queenie were stunned, they thought they were going to finish.

“We…” Yvette nodded.

Queenie said yes, but she wanted to take her sister away. Chuck asked where her sister was. Queenie said that she was staying at school and her sister had just been in the first year of middle school.

Chuck nodded and asked Queenie to call her sister. Queenie nodded anxiously, saying that the mobile phone was in her aunt’s hand, and Yvette took the mobile phone out to her.

Queenie called immediately.

Yvette looked at her car. The front of the car was like this and it couldn’t drive. She sighed. This car has been with her for a few years, but it was abandoned today, but it should still be able to drive. It shouldn’t be a problem to take them out of here. .

“Take the car, let’s leave.” Yvette opened the car door and sat in, started the car, and can barely drive, but the deformed front of the car has already affected the line of sight.

Queenie sat down. She had already called her sister just now, asked her to pack her things and leave immediately. Chuck looked at the middle-aged man, “Are you okay?”

“No.” The middle-aged man shook his head.

After being silent, Chuck asked what his name was.

“Chen Hai.” He said.

“En, remember,” Chuck was about to get into the car, but Queenie’s aunt rushed up, holding onto the front of the car and not letting go. “White-eyed wolf, you killed me today, do you want to leave?”

Chuck smashed a brick. Aunt Queenie’s head broke and fell to the ground. After Queenie saw it, she immediately cried. Chuck got in the car and Yvette drove.

Where could the other villagers easily let Chuck leave, and they smashed the car with their hoes. It was rumbling and scary. The car was already broken, but now that it hits like this, the glass soon breaks.

Yvette who was driving turned pale.

“Her mother rolls down, and the people in our village want to leave? Get out!”

These villagers roared, but the middle-aged man fists out.


One villager fell out and screamed and wailed on the ground. The other villagers were angry.

“Now, I will play with you!” The middle-aged man said blankly.

Yvette took advantage of this opportunity and slammed on the accelerator and rushed out.

These villagers were so frightened that they could only get out of the way. Who would dare to stop like this?

Soon Yvette drove through the siege. The middle-aged man was relieved when he saw it. If Chuck had any accident, he couldn’t afford it.

Now that Chuck has left, he can let go of his hands and feet.

All the villagers glared at him and gathered around. The middle-aged people just looked at them, “You still have time to leave by yourself.”

“Leave? You beat the people in our village, you can’t leave!” All the villagers rushed up.

Or fist, or hoe, or brick, just like that.

The middle-aged man was so muscular that he was completely beaten by this group of people.

Queenie’s aunt climbed up from the ground danglingly, her heart was worried, Queenie left, she wants to spit out the gift money, the key is she is unlucky!

She walked to the side of Young Master Zhou who had passed out and shook his body, “Young Master Zhou, Young Master Zhou…”

Young Master Zhou, who was confused and distraught, opened his eyes. He got up in confusion and glanced around. He soon became annoyed, “Where are people, where are people?!”



Young Master Zhou slapped it out, and the woman fell to the ground. Young Master Zhou grimly asked, “You want to run after hitting me?”

He took out his cell phone and made a call.

“Dad, you call thirty people over right away, I…I…” Young Master Zhou said, suddenly shocked, because a Rolls Royce drove in from the entrance of the village, and there were ten people behind the car. Many off-road vehicles!

Who is this?

With so many cars and so consistent, this is not something ordinary people can do, which shocked him!

The roar of the car brought everyone to a halt, staring at each other not knowing what had happened.

The car came around, the door opened, and fifty or sixty men in suits came out, all of them with stern expressions, and immediately surrounded everyone present.

Where did these villagers have seen this kind of scene, they were all stunned, looking around at a loss, completely unaware of what happened.

Rolls-Royce opened the car window, and a cold voice came from inside, “Someone beat my son just now, stand up!”

Chapter: 149

These villagers were really dumbfounded. How could they have seen this kind of scene? They didn’t even know Rolls-Royce but thought that this car should be very expensive.

The faces of the people surrounding them were stern, as if the servants with knives in ancient times, this was an aura of fear, enveloping them!

panic! They started to panic, who were still arrogant and domineering just now!

Panicked, surrounded by fright, silent, afraid to make any noise!

Especially the young Master Zhou who called, he was already stunned. He stared at the scene before him with wide eyes, his eyes were about to fall out, and he was shaking subconsciously.

The customized version of Rolls-Royce, a long-term off-road vehicle like a long dragon, with so many well-trained people coming down, this is a picture he has never seen before, domineering! amazing! It seems to swallow everything!

All this, Young Master Zhou clearly knows what this means, which means that the person sitting in the Rolls-Royce car is extremely scary!

He can’t afford it!

The key is what son in the car just said? Could it be her son who hit him with a stick just now?

Young Master Zhou’s heart is about to jump out!

“Hey, son, why don’t you talk?? Where are you? I’ll call thirty people over now, her mother dare to bully my son? See if I don’t interrupt his dog legs! … Hey, talk, why not talk Is it?” On the phone was the angry voice of Young Master Zhou’s father.

Young Master Zhou was shaking all over.

“Are you calling someone?” There was a cold voice in the car.

This voice fell in Young Master Zhou’s ears, making him tremble even more severely. He wanted to hang up the phone in horror, but the trembling finger pointed the wrong way. It was hands-free!

The angry voice in the phone rang suddenly in the silent atmosphere.

“Son, talk, who is bullying you? I called Shicheren and killed his whole family! Flatten his whole family! I even flatten his ancestral grave, talk! Son!”

This voice sounded all around, and this anger seemed very empty and small at this moment!

Killing intent is in the air! This comes from the killing intent of these well-trained people!

The air is about to freeze.

“Dad, don’t say anything, dad…” Young Master Zhou knelt down with a plop.

Fear spread in his heart, his father called someone over, but what’s the use? With so many people surrounding him, the distant water cannot save the nearby fire!

“Don’t say anything? Son, what are you afraid of? No one in our family dared to provoke him, saying, who is this person, I will come over and fix him personally!”

“Take me?” In the car, there was a cold voice.

“Who? Who is talking?” Young Master Zhou’s father yelled.

“You are on the 9th day of the week, right? Your finance company is losing a lot, three companies are losing money, and the other one makes three or four thousand a month. No, last month you made a little bit more, 4,830. Two, it seems that there are so many.” The voice in the car is still so weak.

“You, what are you talking nonsense?” The boss of Young Master Zhou panicked, even horrified!

Young Master Zhou was completely dumbfounded, and his chin fell to the ground in shock, because what she said was correct and detailed, as if the company belonged to her.

There was a real problem with his dad’s company, so he was lucky to find a place to get married.

The other villagers at the scene looked at each other. Is this true? Young Master Zhou does his family make more money than they do every month? ?

“What nonsense are your mother talking about? I find someone to kill you!” Young Master Zhou’s father was furious.

“You are not qualified enough to cut me down. The time should be almost the same. I hate others scolding me, so I will teach you a lesson.” The voice rang in the car.

“Haha, do you, do you know where I am now? Did her mother tell me a lesson? I’ve seen someone pretending to be forced, but I have never seen you like this! I just sit here and wait for you, and see what you can give me Lesson! Son, speak, I will immediately call someone over and let her kneel on the ground and give us…”

Young Master Zhou’s father’s voice is arrogant and domineering, full of arrogance and disdain, Young Master Zhou must believe him, his father is really awesome!


“Bang!” The sound from the phone seemed to be kicked open.

“Grass horse, don’t have eyes? I don’t know I’m here? Get out of me quickly! You…ah, ah, who of you, no, no, ah! No! My hands, my hands!! …Help, help…”

On the phone was the screaming voice of Young Master Zhou’s father, begging, he was begging.

The audience was dumbfounded!

Is Zhou Jiutian screaming?

The people in the car really sent someone to teach Young Master Zhou’s father?


Young Master Zhou was terribly frightened and sat slumped on the ground, shaking all over.


There is no sound in the phone.

He walked up to Master Zhou alone, raised his fist and smashed it down, ah!

Young Master Zhou screamed.

“No, no!”

However, soon, Young Master Zhou was dying! His eyes were staring, he was horrified and puzzled, who did he offend?

The audience was silent! ! Fear spreads!

Immediately, these villagers were terrified.

“Young Master Zhou was beaten.”

“What’s the matter? The person who was beaten just now was so powerful? Called so many people!”

“Too scary, too scary.”

“Who are these people? Special forces?”

“It’s none of my business, it’s none of my business!”

“It’s her, she told us to beat people, it’s all her…”

“Yes, it’s her! It’s none of our business!”

These villagers panicked and madly dragged Aunt Queenie out. She was dumbfounded, and her face was pale with great fear. She trembled all over, struggling madly, “No, it’s none of my business. They…”

She begged bitterly.

However, it was Chen Hai who came by alone. He clenched his fist and smashed it out. Aunt Queenie screamed, and soon there was no sound.

Deathly silence at the scene!

The air is shrouded in fear!

“I’ll say it again, everyone who beat my son just now stood up!”

In the car, the voice rang again, undoubtedly, full of the majesty of a queen!

These villagers shook their heads in panic, no one dared to stand up!

“You hit my son with your fists, bricks, and hoes. If you don’t stand up, then hit!” The voice rang in the car.

Dozens of well-trained men on the scene nodded, gathered, smashed their fists, and slammed the frightened villagers in the face, wailing.

“No, I didn’t beat him, no!”

“Neither did I, I just kicked him, I…ah!”

Three minutes later, the horrible cars left in long lines!

These villagers lay all over, with horror on their faces, they got up, they will always remember this day.

Chuck and the others have already received Queenie’s sister. Chuck thought it would be better to let her go to Haishi to study. In this regard, he should call his mother and talk about the arrangement. It is very simple.

Queenie hugged her sister. She hasn’t recovered yet, and her sister is even more sluggish.

Today, they are relieved and no longer need to be blinded by the aunt.

Queenie is grateful.

Yvette unknowingly drove a tattered car back to where she lived. She said, “You two will live in my house today.”

“Thank you teacher,” Queenie shed tears, she really didn’t know how to repay.

“It’s okay.” Yvette took out the key and handed it to Queenie, “You know what floor my house is on, you go up first.”

“En.” Queenie took the key and brought her sister upstairs. She looked back at Chuck and sighed in her heart. Teacher Jordan is really his wife. The two of them are in love.

But a few days ago, what I did that night was too ashamed of Teacher Jordan, Queenie was ashamed, but the more she thought about it, the scene where she helped Chuck became clear in her mind, her hands…

Queenie struggled, shouldn’t Chuck fall asleep today? In case, in case… what should he do if he touches himself again? Queenie shook his head, and the two of them went upstairs.

Yvette got out of the car. She looked at her car. It was a miracle to be able to drive back so far. Now it is worthless to repair. She sighed, the car is gone, and she will take the bus in the future. When she makes money, she will buy it again. .

This car will be sold by contact tomorrow. It may be sold for ten to twenty thousand, which can also relieve the strained economy.

Chuck saw Yvette’s lost expression, he walked over, “My wife, let me buy you a car!”

Chapter: 150

“No, husband, I’ll take the bus.” Yvette shook his head quickly.

But I was moved. What he said about buying a car was definitely not a cheap car. It might cost him two or three hundred thousand to buy it for himself, but this money…

Is it Chuck’s own or another woman’s?

Yvette is too enLoganled at this point. If Zelda or the Rolls-Royce woman’s money is mentioned, Yvette would never ask for it.

What’s more, how expensive is it to buy a car now? It’s better to save a little bit. She thought about it just now and sold the car to save money. When her own company is started, then she can buy it again.

“Husband, don’t buy it. I’ll take the bus. I’m really saying it.” Yvette saw Chuck helplessly, and she seriously repeated what she said just now.

“My wife, I can afford any car you want, you say, I can afford it,” Chuck said. Is Yvette worried that he can’t afford it? Now give my mom a call, and it’s okay to buy a 4s shop. How can I not afford a car?

“Not really, husband.”

“Wife, you run a company, how can you do without a car? Your company is so far away from home.” Chuck said.

“It’s the same as taking a bus, you might as well buy yourself a car.” Yvette said.

Last time at the airport, Chuck said he had a car, but he didn’t see it when he went to the parking lot. She didn’t see it again. She was very strange.

“I have a car, I have a BMW, and…” Chuck is speechless. He has a BMW 7 series and a Porsche. Two cars are enough for the time being. When his movie makes money, the square makes money, then He will consider buying other cars, Rolls-Royce, Maybach, and Chuck will also consider buying them.

He is a super rich second-generation super rich, and he has no problem buying dozens or hundreds of them.

“Husband!” Yvette was serious.

“You don’t believe me, you go with me now…” Chuck said, Yvette came over, biting his lip, “Stop talking about my husband, are you going to sleep here today?”

She didn’t want to hear it anymore. She suddenly felt that she was too incompetent and Zelda could buy him a car, but she couldn’t afford it. Chuck was originally younger than her, so it was not right to buy him a car.

Are sisters in love, shouldn’t they?

Chuck considered that if Queenie was the only person, then Chuck would definitely have no problem sleeping, but Queenie’s twelve-year-old sister was there, and it was originally one bedroom and one living room. It would be inappropriate to sleep on her own.

“I’ll go back and sleep well.” Chuck thought for a while and said.

“Well, be careful on the road.”

“Wife, you go to my house and sleep well, I…” Chuck was excited.

“not good.”

Yvette shook his head. The house belongs to Zelda. How can I go to sleep by myself? What an embarrassment if Zelda comes back?

Yvette blushed even thinking so.

“Okay,” Chuck nodded, disappointed.

But today Yvette is too mighty, and Chuck wants to do something to her. After all, his wife is too beautiful and the figure is good, which increases Chuck’s desire to conquer.

But Yvette doesn’t go home with herself, nor does it work to go to her house, then go to open a house? She would definitely not agree.

The more he thought about it, Chuck was sceptical, “Wife, there is no one in that alley, can you…”

“You, what are you thinking?” Yvette blushed.

She just watched Chuck suddenly stopped talking, she looked at Chuck and found that Chuck was looking at her legs, chest, and…

The look in the eyes, gesticulating, horrifying

She was very nervous and cautious by this look. She was still thinking, wouldn’t Chuck just do anything to herself here? Sure enough, he thought so, did he make him hold back too hard?

“I’m thinking…” Chuck felt very powerful, he was shocked, shit, was he too nervous? Damn, my wife is so nervous, wouldn’t I really have that kind of problem? If my wife knows this, can I still lift my head? Shame.

Chuck didn’t dare to think too much.

“Old,…husband, there will be people in the alley. In case they are seen, it is not good, not good, the car, or not in the car.” Yvette mustered up the courage and whispered. If she feels ashamed, maybe she doesn’t want Zelda to help him, so…

She should take the initiative, but she said more than ten wonderful things, tense more than ten seconds, Chuck did not make a sound, she raised her head nervously, and found that Chuck was breathing deeply, as if restraining something.

Yvette was startled, wondering, “Husband, what are you doing?”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing,” Chuck shook his head, “Wife, I’m home, you go to bed early, I’ll pick you up tomorrow, I really have a car.”

Yvette was silent, Chuck’s sincere eyes moved her, “Okay, husband, come and pick me up tomorrow, early, and the exam tomorrow.”

“it is good.”

Chuck nodded. Tomorrow Queenie will definitely have to ride too. Then it will definitely not work to drive a Porsche. It is not enough to ride. Then we can only drive a BMW 7 Series. A few days later, the car should be repaired.

I hope.

Chuck didn’t dare to look at Yvette’s wet lips. He threw his leg and ran out of the community. Yvette was astonished. “What was he doing just now? How do you think about it and don’t want to? It’s strange… Yeah, no Knowing what I just said, did my husband hear what I said like that? Shy, shy…”

Yvette blushed and went upstairs. After opening the door, she saw Queenie, she smiled, “Don’t worry about the others, live with me first.”

Before she saw herself from Queenie, she had no father and no mother, so this is the touch to let her do it.

“Thank you teacher.” Queenie was even more embarrassed to look at her.

“It’s okay, what’s wrong with you? Why are you so cautious? Don’t be polite with the teacher.” Yvette comforted.

“Teacher, you, and Chuck are really married…” Queenie asked in a low voice.

“Well, he and I are husband and wife, but there is no marriage certificate yet. When he is twenty-two, I will get a marriage certificate with him.” Yvette said seriously.

She decided that if Chuck was twenty-two years old and there was no conflict between the two and could still be with herself, then she would have a baby with him, or two.

“I…” Queenie was shocked and heard Yvette confess with her own ears that it was subversive to her. How did Chuck catch up with the most beautiful teacher in the school in such a short time?

This is really incredible.

“Surprised? Haha, don’t be surprised. First keep this secret for the teacher. The teacher still wants to continue teaching.” Yvette was serious.

“Okay, I will,” Queenie nodded, she won’t say anything. This school is too strict. If someone knows about it, then Teacher Yvette will definitely be dismissed.

“Thank you, take the exam tomorrow. Go to bed early. The three of us will sleep well together. Come in.” Yvette took Queenie back to the room. Queenie subconsciously looked at the corner of the room. There are memories here…

She still clearly remembered the situation in the room at that time, Queenie could not help but since Teacher Jordan said so, then she definitely couldn’t do that.

Chuck took the car home. He couldn’t help but went to the toilet. Damn, what’s the matter? He walked out frustrated, his body is okay, it can’t be so weak, can it be said that he is too nervous, is there any reason why he has really touched a woman?

It should be like this, run, run a few kilometers and then come back to sleep.

work out!

This kind of thing can’t be ashamed in front of Yvette. At least it must reach the average time of China. Chuck vowed to change his clothes and go out. Anyway, there is a basketball court in the community. It is better to run around for a few laps. Yes, that will definitely be good.

He opened the door and went out, but he happened to see Zelda walking out of the elevator. Zelda was startled. Didn’t she unexpectedly Chuck go out with Yvette? Why are you back? Why did Chuck change into his sports clothes and go out so late? Is this going to run?

“What are you doing?” Zelda walked over.

“I…” Chuck couldn’t say anything. Could it be that he went to exercise that aspect?

Damn, how could this be?

“You…” What did Zelda think of, exercise? Could it be that Zelda suddenly wanted to laugh, “You, the exercise is for Yvette, you, and her today, and then she laughed at you, so you…”

Chuck blushed.

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