Chapter 141: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 141 Something happened to Kerry (1)
“So, why do you make yourself so miserable?” Venus Mu wiped away her tears with a towel and asked, “Tell me where you’re going. Why do you want to say goodbye?”

Xiaozi frowned and said, “I have a mission. If I succeed, I might not have to leave.”

“Don’t worry, you will.” Venus believed in him.

Xiaozi gazed into her watery eyes, complicated inside. If Venus knew the truth, she might regret saying that today.

“Venus, if one day… You find out that I’m actually not the person I am now, but the complete another one. Will you still see me as a friend?”

Venus held his hand and said firmly, “Xiaozi, for me, you will always be Xiaozi and no matter what you become, you will always be my best friend.”

“Really?” “Of course!”

Moved, Xiaozi took her hand and said, “Venus, can I take you out now?”

“Wait.” Venus ran into the dressing room to put on a long coat, then said to Xiaozi, “Let’s go.”

“Fuck you, Kerry.” Venus thought that she shouldn’t care too much and there would always be a way.

“Close your eyes.”

The wind whistling in her ears and Venus hugged his waist tightly, remembering the day when she first met him. She told Xiaozi to take her with him when he left, but she didn’t expect that now that he was going to say goodbye. However, she couldn’t follow him, for she had to stay here to expose Hao Nangong’s plot and find her brother.

“Alright, open your eyes.” Xiaozi said softly.

Venus felt her feet on the ground, her hands loosening his waist and opening her eyes.

Wow, so beautiful.

A poem she had learned as a child came to her— the bright moon shines between the pines, the clear spring flows on the rocks.

It was the scene right now.

“Where is this? Why I haven’t seen it?” Venus’s long hair was blown up by the wind, showing her slender neck and her face was full of surprise.

Xiaozi moved his hands and after a few seconds, one, two, three… countless fireflies were lit up in the darkness, seeming to be summoned by God. They danced around Venus.

“It’s so beautiful,” Venus lifted her finger and a bright firefly stopped at her fingertips, and after a moment, it waved its wings and flew away.

“Xiaozi, you’re so amazing.”

Xiaozi gazed at her beautiful face, wishing that she could only remember this moment and remember that he was omnipotent.

The fireflies flew around them for a while and then left.

Venus’s gaze followed those bright lights, “Why? Why are they leaving us?”

“They’re going home to rest.”

“Okay.” Then Venus took off her shoes and stepped on the smooth boulders, the running water just missed her feet, “It’s so comfortable, Xiaozi, you still haven’t told me where this is.”

“It’s less than a hundred miles from the villa. You’ve just never been here.” Xiaozi patted her on the shoulder and Venus followed his finger, “See? The villa’s lights are still visible.”

“Oh… It’s quite close.” Venus treaded water with her bare feet, “Xiaozi, will you still remember me?”

“I will.” Xiaozi replied.

Mu Venus was a little sad, “Thank you.”

That night, they stayed by the stream for a long time, and Xiaozi sent her back to her room, “Venus, goodbye.”

Venus’s tears steeply rolled down, “Goodbye.”

In the haze of tears, the pair of purple pupils suddenly approached and Venus’s lips were held in his mouth, with his hands holding her slender waist. Then his tongue got inside her mouth…

Venus froze. Oh, God, he was an immortal…

However, how was Xiaozi’ s kiss so much like… Kerry’ s?

Uh… Was it because they look alike?

Venus didn’t know what to do, with her hands nowhere to put. Though, inside she knew she couldn’t do this, she then thought that not everyone had the opportunity to meet an alien with some superpowers and kiss him. besides, he was really good at kissing.

He pinched her waist, making her hurt, but when she went blank, he disappeared…

Venus stood by the window for a moment, touching her lips, which still had his scent on it.

Bastard, why suddenly left? The next time she wouldn’t let him go.

Venus, however, was ‘captured’ by Kerry that night. Shortly after Xiaozi left, Kerry came in and presses her down. But this time, there was some sadness within him, which couldn’t be understood by Venus.

Sadness? Could he know what this was?

How could he be sad when he was a man without any feeling.

Venus was so exhausted that she gradually went into sleep, but she seemed to hear him whispering something. However, she was too tired to hear it clearly.

Wednesday, July 15, cloudy day

When Venus woke up, Kerry was still asleep. She looked at the time on her phone, 8 am.

Wasn’t he going to work?

Venus pushed his shoulder and Kerry nasalized “Huh?”, sexy as hell.

“You’ll be late for work,” Venus reminded him coldly.

Kerry circled her into his arms, and said in a hoarse voice, “No work today.”

Venus rolled her eyes—off on Wednesday?

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 141 Something happened to Kerry (2)
Well, he’s the boss.

But could he let go of her? She didn’t want to be a pillow, especially for him. But once she moved, Kerry Ye held her tighter.

“Kerry, I want to get up.”

“No, stay with me,” Kerry’s face was buried in her long hair, and his voice was muffled.

Somehow, Venus Mu actually felt they were like a couple marrying for many years.

Well, it’s not right for Venus to think so.

So, Venus gazed at the ceiling and she always felt that there was something important today, but what exactly was it, she couldn’t remember.

It was gloomy today, and it could rain at any moment.

July 15th, wait, 15th, something suddenly came to Venus.

Wasn’t today the Memorial Day of her parents’ death?

How could she be so damned as to forget something so important?

One year ago, today, her parents died in a car accident and her brother disappeared, so she was forced to marry Kerry to have such shitty life.

“Kerry, wake up, I have something to tell you.” Venus shook him awake.

Kerry opened his eyes very unhappily, staring at her and asked, “What is it?”

“I have something important to go out today. Will you let me out?” Venus softened her tone to beg him.

Kerry began to feel something wrong with her. Important matter? Should she go out to meet with re brother?

“What is it? I’m not going to let you out until you tell me what it is.”

“Today, it’s the Memorial Day of my parents’ death.” Venus’s expression was a bit sad.

Kerry eyelids twitched. No wonder Tianye Mu wanted to fight today. He really had the self-awareness to choose to die on the same day as his parents.

Venus saw him frowning, afraid that he wouldn’t agree, and continued, “Kerry, usually I listen to you whatever you want, but today, please, let me out, okay?”

Though they had been together for so long, he had never seen her put her profile so low. She had begged him before, but there was some desperately stubbornness within her. Today, not only was her tone soft, but also humble.

“What if I don’t agree?”

Mavis bit her lip and glared at him. She wanted to strangle him now. How could he be so inhuman?

But she didn’t do that, instead she pressed him down, kissing him…

Kerry clearly didn’t expect her to do this, and after a few seconds of stagnation, he readily accepted it.

“Kerry, can you agree now?” Venus lay on top of him and asked, blushing.

It was rare to see her so proactive, so how could Kerry let go so easily? He laughed, “It’s not enough.”


Kerry looked down, “You know it…”

“You…” Venus gritted her teeth, and although he had forced her to do it a few times, she was never willing to do it…

Holding back the humiliation, Venus’ s head went down a little…

Kerry shuddered, grabbing her long, seaweed-like hair, and he quickly seized the initiative when he finally couldn’t resist.

“Do you…you agree?” Venus pressed both fists against his chest, still not forgetting her intentions.

“You’re so aggressive, why don’t I?”

Venus was relieved. Fortunately, he was just a president of a corporation and if he was an ancient emperor, he must have been a dim-witted tyrant.

When it was almost ten o’clock, the two left the bedroom.

Kevin Ye was reading in the living room, and when he saw them, he was smiling wryly. Kerry, who was in a good mood, asked, “Kevin, what are you smiling about?”

Kevin shook his head and signed, “The night of rendezvous is always too short.”

Venus was drinking water and when she heard this, she spat the water all over the floor, embarrassedly wiping her mouth and said, “I’m sorry, I did not mean this.”

“Venus, you’re too over-reacted.” Kevin teased her.

Then Venus left the living room, with a blushing face, for she thought of a joke when she was in high school, which was about man’s erection.

Kerry was sitting on the sofa with his two legs crossing, some tenderness in his eyes.

“Kevin, I have something to go out this afternoon,” Kerry looked serious.

Kevin put down the book in his hand, his heart slightly moved. If it was about normal business, he would not tell him. Was it related to him?

“Brother, have you found him?” Kevin was a bit agitated.

Kerry sneered, “It’s not that I found him, but he found me.”

Kevin was surprised. How dare Hao Nangong do so? What did he want?

“What does he want?”

Kerry looked through the window, his sight falling on Venus, “He asked me to meet him.”

“I’m going with you!” Kevin said, but his foot hadn’t recovered yet.

Kerry naturally wouldn’t say yes and withdrew his gaze to look at his brother, “Kevin, I can go alone. It’s fine.”

“You’re going alone? No, it’s too dangerous, you take more men with you.” Kevin knew the dangers and Hao must have set a trap for him.

“I can deal with them.” Kerry was confident in himself because he had powers that many people didn’t know.

Kevin knew his brother, who wouldn’t easily change his decisions once made.

“Brother, you have to be careful of that Tianye. I always feel there is something wrong with him.” Kevin reminded him again.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 141 Something happened to Kerry (3)
Kerry Ye nodded solemnly, “I see.” However, Kevin Ye still looking worried, so he comforted him, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Don’t you trust your brother?”

“Of course I believe you. I’m just afraid that they’ve set a trap for you.”

Kerry raised his eyebrows, “Hmph! No matter what they do, they can never catch me.”

Kevin was speechless. He could never have such boldness of his brother.

“Kevin, in case I…”

“Stop.” Kevin interrupted him and says menacingly, “You will come back, or I won’t forgive you!”

Kerry was stunned for a moment and laughed heartily. His brother usually seemed gentle, but he was like a leopard when he got angry.

“Okay, I promise you, I’ll come back.”

Kevin calmed down for a moment and asked him, “When?” “Two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Kevin looked at the clock, less than four hours left, “Where is it?”

Kerry raised his chin and smiled, “Well, don’t ask any more. I know what you’re doing. I will go alone, for I’m afraid that guy will run away again.”

Kevin snorted, keeping reading without saying anything.

When Kerry saw this, he knew that he was angry, but this anger, Kerry felt very warm.

At this time, Venus came in and said to Kerry, “You asked John to give me a car. I want to go now.”

“What’s the hurry? Eat lunch before you go.” Kerry rudely refused.

Venus was dissatisfied with his decision, “But I still have to do some shopping, otherwise the time will not be enough.”

Kevin was confused. Where was she going?

“I said after lunch.” Seeing her tears was about to come out, Kerry made a compromise, “I’ll give you the whole afternoon. Is that enough?”

“Really?” Venus asked in surprise.

“Sure.” Kerry replied with a rare good temper.

Venus immediately ran to the kitchen when she got the reply, “Mrs. Qin, eat lunch early today, the earlier the better.”

Kevin looked at his brother with a puzzled look, and Kerry said coldly, “Today is the Memorial Day of her parents.”


No wonder she looked so anxious.

After the meal, the black Cayenne had been parked in front of the villa waiting for his master. Behind the Cayenne is the Porsche, who often used. In addition to Venus and the driver, there were two bodyguards.

Before getting into the car, Kerry stopped Venus.

“What?” Venus was wary of looking at him. Wouldn’t he go back on his word?

Kerry looked at her. After this afternoon, her hatred for him would be more.

Venus was scared to see him like this, “Say it. I’m in a hurry…”

Kerry suddenly lowered his head and kiss her deeply. He then hugged her tightly into his arms. He didn’t want to say goodbye like this.

“Venus, if you were going to hate me, then you might as well hate me more, so that you would never forget me for the rest of your life.” Kerry said inwardly.

Venus didn’t know why he was suddenly like this, but she didn’t push him away.

Half a minute later, Kerry let go of her and got into the black Cayenne without looking back.

Venus looked at Kevin with some puzzlement, who shook his head gently at her, indicating that he knew nothing.

Kevin was worried about Kerry, but he couldn’t tell Venus about it, for he couldn’t let Venus take the risk, and he couldn’t let her go and cause trouble for Kerry.

The wind grew stronger and the sky was getting gloomier and gloomier.

Venus bought two bouquets of flowers, a bottle of her father’s favorite wine, and some fruits, and drove to the cemetery in a Porsche.

Since her parents died, Venus rarely visited them, for she didn’t dare to set foot in here. She was afraid to see their smiling faces on the tombstones…

When she reached the cemetery, two bodyguards followed her, making Venus furious, “You’re not allowed to follow. Can I run away here?”

Today, she didn’t want her parents to see her being held captive.

The two bodyguards looked at each other and stopped.

Venus was holding a large pile of things, in a sad mood. She stepped to the tombstones, placing flowers in front of the stone and pouring the wine. Then she kneeled in front of her father’s grave.

“Dad…” She just shouted a sound, but Venus cried out, “Dad…I’m sorry… I shouldn’t come so late… Dad, I didn’t keep the company …I’m sorry.”

Venus was crying harder and harder, and in the end, words couldn’t come out, so she just cried out in pain.

Not far away two bodyguards watched this scene, they sighed and lit up a cigarette.

After crying, Venus felt much calmer, so she went forward and wiped her mother’s photo with her hand, sobbing, “Mom, you and dad don’t worry, I…am happy… Kerry, he’s been good to me too…” Saying so, she cried again, “I’ll find my brother, and you and Daddy please keep him safe.”

The black Cayenne flew on the road like an arrow. Kerry had an inexplicable excitement, for his years of long-cherished dream would be achieved. How could he not be happy?

At 1:58, the black Cayenne steadily parked at the top of the mountain. The wind swirled up dust and wrapped the entire car in it.

Kerry was observing the surroundings carefully. Though it was a mountain top, but in fact it was a large piece of open land, with a pavilion on it for visitors to rest. The mountain top was surrounded by verdant pines and cypresses, which were green all year around. The wind blew, it rustled. A good place to hide.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 141 Something happened to Kerry (4)
The wind stopped, dust to dust. Through the window, a man in a black coat appeared in the pavilion, Kerry Ye knew this back. It was Tianye Mu.

Good, he came.

Kerry then unfastened the safe belt and got out of the car.

Tianye turned around, with an evil smile, “Kerry, long time no see.”

Kerry looked at him coldly, “It’s been a long time. I thought you’ve died somewhere.”

“I’m sorry I let you down.” Tianye put his hands behind his back, “God doesn’t want me to meet him.”

“Really? Today you can go to see him.” Kerry said rudely. Not knowing whether it was Kevin’ s advice or his intuition at the moment, he had a sneaking feeling that something was wrong with Tianye.

His face was Tianye’ s face, but the temperament was not, as well as those eyes. There seemed to be a fearsome lion in Tianye’ s eyes, but this person in front of him was too weak, just a cat.

“Tianye, why do I feel that you’re different from before?” Kerry asked directly.

He raised his eyebrows and his breath was unsteady, “Oh? What’s the difference?”

Kerry leisurely leaned against the car, but his nerves was jangling, observing the movement around him.

“I feel… that you are now like a lost dog, completely unworthy of being my opponent. Tianye, why turned into a such loser?”

His face changed and yelled at him, “Kerry, I didn’t come here today to fight with you. Let’ s settle any grudges today.”

Kerry grew suspicious of this man and suddenly thought of Venus, “Fine, but before I have a question.”


Kerry slowly put his hand to his waist, asking, “I really want to know, why you choose today? Is today special?”

Tianye was stunned. How did he know why he chose today and Hao Nangong didn’t tell him.

“No reason, just today is perfect for killing.”

Tianye made up a reason that sounded awesome, but Kerry couldn’t help but laugh.

Where did this fucking guy come from? If it was the real Tianye, how could he not remember his parents’ death?

“Okay, so tell me, what do you want to do?”

“Fuck you, Kerry,” As soon as his words ended, he pulled out the pistol at his waist and fired in the direction of Kerry.

He was moving fast, but Kerry was faster. The moment he took out his gun, Kerry had hidden on side of the car, only to hear a thud when the bullet hit the car.

Damn if. He was so poor that he still dared to impersonate Tianye?

He was about to fight back when dozens of black-clad men ran out of the surrounding pine forest, and without waiting for them to shoot, Kerry had shot two. He took the body as a shield to start a fierce confrontation.

After a gun battle, Kerry was trapped in the back of the Cayenne with no one to help. More than ten guns were pointed at him at the same time.

Kerry stared at them with cold eyes, his blue eyes gradually turning purple, then he quietly disappeared into the crowd’s view.

They were all dumbfounded. A person disappeared in front of them?

Was this possible?

Everyone looked at each other, unable to believe what they were seeing, “Where’s Kerry? Why has he gone?”

Standing in the pavilion, Tianye didn’t know what was going on and hurriedly asked, “What are you guys doing? Kill him now!”

“Kill who?” A voice suddenly came, and Tianye was startled into screaming and looking back. A gun was pressing against his forehead.

“Say, who are you? Why would you want to impersonate Tianye?”

He had no intention to admit it, “I am Tianye Mu.”

Kerry sneered, “How could he be a wimp like you? You’re look like him. Say, who sent you here, or I’ll shoot you.”

“I… am Tianye!” He still resisted to tell the truth. Kerry noticed that the man in black had been running this way, so he wanted to use Tianye to block the bullets, but he didn’t expect that he didn’t follow. Therefore, Kerry directly sent the bullet into his heart and also took his gun away.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

There was another gun battle and more than ten people in black were all shot on the ground.

Kerry looked around, finding that there was no one alive, so he came to Tianye and kicked with his feet. He was already dead.

The sound of footsteps came from behind and Kerry took out his gun and keenly turned back, but to see Venus, with two bodyguards appeared.

Shouldn’t she… be in the cemetery?

Half an hour ago, Venus was talking to her mother about her work, when her phone suddenly rang.

Venus wiped away her tears and pulled out her phone to look at it. It was a text message with an unfamiliar number.

“Tianye and Kerry are having a firefight on the outskirts of Nanshan Mountain. Won’t you go?”

Venus immediately woke up from her sadness and read the sentence again. She noticed the word “firefight”.

She suddenly recalled what Kerry had done before he got on the car. She felt confused and it was because…

Should she go?

After hesitating for few seconds, she made her decision.

Yes. She must go!

Even though she knew this Tianye was an impostor, she still wanted to go, for she wanted to use this opportunity to get rid of Kerry once and for all.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 141 Something happened to Kerry (5)
Thinking of this, Venus Mu took her phone and quickly ran towards the two bodyguards, “Kerry is in danger, you guys quickly take me to him.”

Seeing that she looked panicked and she was saying something about young master, so they couldn’t help but get serious, “Young lady, what’s going on?”

Venus showed them the text, both of whom were shocked, for young master did go out alone.

“What are you guys hesitating for? Hurry up and take me there.”

“Young lady, our mission is to protect you.” One of them said.

Venus was anxious, “But Kerry is in danger now, don’t you guys care?”

“That’s not our mission.” The other replied, for they didn’t know its Venus’ s trick or not.

“You…” Venus took out the scissors that had been put in her bag for a long time and put it on her neck, threatening them, “Take me there or I’ll die here right now.”

“Young lady, don’t be impulsive!” The bodyguard was taken aback and said, “Okay, we’ll take you there.”

Therefore, Venus came to the top of the mountain. Looking at the corpses on the ground in horror, she staggered for a moment and stumbled all the way. She lost her voice the moment she saw Tianye Mu’ s corpse.

“Brother… brother…” Venus threw herself on top of him, letting her tears run rampant, “Brother, wake up… How could you leave me alone?”

Kerry had a very bad feeling coming up and he bowed his head and said in a cold voice, “See it clearly. It’ s not Tianye.”

Venus was stunned, but her face was still grief-stricken, and she yelled at Kerry, “Nonsense. He’s obviously my brother.”

“He’s not!” Kerry firmly denied that it’s all his fault for killing him so quickly. He should have left him alive.

Venus definitely wouldn’t listen to him. She then held the body and said with tears, “Are you satisfied? Why don’t you kill me, so that our family can reunite?”

Kerry was furious, “Venus, are you crazy? How many times do I have to tell you that he’s not your brother?”

“Brother was killed by you, of course you’re the one to say it now!” Venus was weeping so hard that her eyes were filled with hatred, “Kerry, either you kill me now. Otherwise, as long as I’m still alive, I’ll seek revenge on you and kill you for my brother!”

A hate-filled oath crashed into Kerry’ s heart and somewhere began to ache so badly that he could barely breathe.

Was this woman an idiot? Why didn’t she believe him? Why wouldn’t she get a closer look at that man’s face?

“Venus, do you really want to kill me?” Kerry’s heart ached with every word he said.


“Good.” Kerry laughed a few times at the gloomy sky, “Then keep living. I’d like to see how you will kill me!”

As soon as the words fell, there was movement in the surrounding again. Kerry saw several shadows flashing past, so he grabbed Venus to run to the side of the car, but Venus held onto the body of Tianye and didn’t go. She even bit on his wrist.

It hurt, but seeing the shadows getting closer and closer, he hit the back of her head with the handle of the gun directly, so Venus stopped.

The two bodyguards immediately ran up to protect their boss.

Kerry was holding Venus’s arm and moving to the side of the car, but there were too many people on the other side. Not knowing if they wanted Kerry to die or Venus, the bullets were all targeting at them.

Kerry tightly held Venus in his arms, and moved swiftly to shoot a few people.

After a round of fierce fighting, the surroundings were silent once again, and the smell of blood was drifting in the air.

“Go, bring the car over.” Kerry ordered one of the bodyguards.

The bodyguard rolled over. But when he just crawled to the side of the car, he was shot by the enemy hiding in the shadows.

“Young master, you take young lady over there, I’ll cover you.” Saying so, the left bodyguard held his gun in both hands and shot into the woods.

Taking this opportunity, Kerry held Venus’s waist, quickly moving to the car. He was about to put her inside, when saw a bright flash of light across the street, almost subconsciously, Kerry turned around and embraced Venus in his arms.

A bullet was fired into his shoulder, but Kerry was still holding Venus in his arms.

Then there was another shoot, and one of the Cayenne’s tires blew out.

They seemed to know his intention.

So, what to do? Were they really going to die here today?

Just then, a Porsche rushed in and steadily parked in front of Kerry. The back door was still open.

“Young master, get in.” The driver shouted at him.

Too late to think, Kerry threw Venus into the back seat and got in.

The Porsche started again and came to the bodyguard’s and Kerry extended a hand and said to him, “Get in the car.”

The bodyguard gratefully grasped Kerry’ s hand, climbing into the car with difficulty. Only then did Kerry find there were countless blood holes on his arm. Blood kept flowing out like running water…

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