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Chapter 141: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 141 Something is changing.

“I’m telling you, even for the Marquis group, Lishi Company right now is untouchable! What’s more, you are just a teeny employee. Who the hell you think you are?”

Colin Ward sneered, “oh, yeah? Just wait and see! “

Then Colin hung up the phone and drove to the hospital with Doris Lee in his arms.

Fox Lee looked at his phone and snorted. He didn’t take Colin’s words seriously at all.

After settling down with Doris, Colin was furious and informed Adam Moore, “Lishi Company, crush it.”

“Lishi Company?” Adam was stunned for a moment, “Sir, Lishi is happening to attack us, and we are fighting back, but at the same time, there are also problems in other companies in our group. I’m afraid we don’t have so much energy!”

Colin said coldly, “I don’t care! Just destroy Lishi at any cost.”

Adam sensed Colin’s anger and immediately nodded, “sure, sir, I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Adam breathed a sigh of relief, “shit! Which fool has irritated the chairman? Horrifying!”

Colin remembered that Nina White had told him that Lishi was starting a new project recently. It seemed that Lishi had found a new backer and became arrogant. But so what? In Tianbei City, no matter who it was, the Marquis group was the boss!

Two hours later.

Fox received a call from Ellie Ye, “Hello, Miss. Ye, you…”

“Are you a fucking idiot?!” Ellie scolded, “what the fuck are you thinking? Damn it! Why did you mess with the Marquis group again?”

Fox was stunned a little and replied, “Miss. Ye, I didn’t mess with the Marquis group. It’s just Colin Ward! As the general manager, he shouldn’t have the ability to influence the chairman of the Marquis group.”

“You shut your goddamn mouth and listen carefully!” Ellie was raging, “don’t mess with Colin Ward, or I’ll kill you personally. You hear me?!”

“But, he is just a manager. He…”

Ellie took a deep breath and interrupted, “okay, don’t mess with the Marquis group, you clear?”

“Yes, Miss. Ye” Fox replied, “but isn’t Yeshi Company one of the top five ones in the whole province? The Marquis group is not even in the top ten. You don’t have to be afraid of them, do you?”

“Oh, you motherfucker!”Ellie was too angry to speak incoherently, “you do what I say, don’t you understand?! Just shut the fuck up and obey! Or I’ll smash Lishi Company as well as the entire Lee family!”

After saying that, Ellie hung up the phone and couldn’t help cursing again, “fuck!”

Yeshi Company was indeed one of the top five companies in the province, but as the saying went, a wise outcome wouldn’t mess with a local punk. Their headquarter was not in Tianbei City, and Tianbei City was just a subsidiary company. How could they fight against the Marquis group?

On the other hand, Fox looked at his phone and was stunned for a long time.

He just couldn’t figure out why.

When Doris woke up in the hospital, she said that she didn’t want to stay here, so they planned to go back home.

Coincidentally, Eva Grey, and Baker Lee also came.

“I don’t know how you take care of Doris. She has hypoglycemia! Why didn’t she have hypoglycemia before? It must be you who didn’t take good care of Doris!” Eva Gray kept complaining.

Colin didn’t say anything. Doris didn’t suffer from hypoglycemia, but Eva was right. It was his fault. If it weren’t for him, how could Doris be poisoned?

Moreover, he knew that Eva said these words because she was worried about Doris, so he didn’t refute them.

“Doris is so unlucky to marry such a useless man like you!”

“If you are smart enough, just leave Doris!”

Eva was still nagging.

Seeing this, Baker said, “okay, Doris has woken up, hasn’t she? I believe Colin will take good care of her and Doris will be fine.”

“Yes, mom! Besides, it has nothing to do with Colin. Please don’t say that.” Doris added.

Seeing that both the father and the daughter were talking back at her, Eva got angrier, “am I wrong? If you hadn’t let Doris marry this loser, would Doris have fainted like this? “

“And Doris! I told you to divorce him, but you just didn’t listen! Look at yourself now. What kind of life do you live after you get married to him?”

Knowing that it was useless to say anything now, Doris just waved her hand, hinting that she was sleepy, and asked Eva to help her back to her room.

In the past, she married Colin because she didn’t want to marry Barr Martin, but now, she fell in love with Colin, and it was impossible to divorce him.

Baker and Colin were left in the living room alone.

Baker said indifferently, “something is changing in the Lee family.”

“It may become a formidable enemy this time, be careful, Colin.”

“Got it, I will. I’ve sent someone to investigate it already.”Colin promised, “and I’ll let those who hurt Doris pay the price!”

Then he left without looking back.

A couple of seconds later, Eva came downstairs, “is that useless trash gone?”

Baker shrugged, “after all, he is your son-in-law. Don’t call him that.”

Eva snorted, “if he is useful, how could Doris be like this?”

“I know Colin is a good man, but Doris can’t live a good life with him. That’s why I hate him so much.”

Baker was surprised a little for he never expected that Eva would say Colin was a good man.

“Doris told me just now that she met some lunatic once when she was having dinner with Colin outside. It was Colin who fought with that man regardless of his life. He knocked off the sulfuric acid bottle and held the knife with his bare hands.”

Eva sighed a little.

“So I know he is a good man and loves our daughter very much, but Doris’s health seems to be worse than before. He must haven’t taken good care of Doris!”

Baker was stunned. He never knew such a thing.

“I think Doris must divorce him. If things go on like this, I don’t know what will happen to Doris! What’s more, look at him! Doris just fainted, but he still left without hesitation!”

In fact, Eva didn’t really mean what she said. For example, she said she wanted to divorce Baker, but more than 20 years had passed, did she get divorced?

When Colin left, to ensure the safety of Doris, he asked Gerd Ward to stay in the villa and went to the Marquis group by himself.

But he met Ellie at the door of the Marquis group.

Colin was on high alert. He didn’t tell Ellie his identity, so how did Ellie know he was in the Marquis group?

When Ellie saw Colin, she didn’t seem to notice his expression on purpose. Instead, she smiled, “what a coincidence? What are you doing here? You work here?”

“Well, what are you doing here?” Colin asked in a low voice.

Ellie smiled, “Of course, I want to cooperate with the Marquis group. “

“Cooperate?” Colin raised his eyebrows slightly, “it’s said that the Marquis group seems to have a lot of troubles now. Even so, you still want to cooperate?”

Ellie was still smiling, “oh, come on, trouble is an old friend to me. Besides, the Marquis group is the leading enterprise of Tianbei City. I believe it won’t be affected much if there is any problem.”

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