Chapter 142: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 142 Pretending to be crazy (1)
Kerry’s Porsche was modified. A normal gun can’t shoot through the glass of the car. However, the gang came prepared. Their bullets didn’t break the glass, but they cracked it.

A line of black-clad men came out of the woods and stood in front of the car with guns, shooting. The driver stepped on the accelerator and drove into them.

The Porsche ran hard through them, and the driver can’t count of how many people he had hit.

“Zhang, call Kevin and tell him what’s going on over here, and let him bring in more doctors.” Kerry said to the driver before he passed out, covering the bleeding wound on his shoulder.

Zhang nodded and pressed the car’s call system and the call was quickly answered.

“Hello, it’s Kevin.” Kevin said. Kevin stayed in the living room in the afternoon, fearing that Kerry would call for help, and sure enough his call came.

“It’s Zhang, Kerry’s hurt. He’s been shot in the shoulder.” Zhang said, “We’re heading for the villa. He let you get Dr. Han to get more doctors and nurses here. Venus is also in the car.”

“Is he seriously injured?” Kevin asked anxiously.

When Kerry heard his brother’s words, he struggled to speak, “I’m fine, don’t worry.”

“I’ll arrange it now. But the outskirts of Nanshan Mountain are too far from the villa, and I’m afraid that there is danger on the road, so take care of yourself.” said Kevin.

“I’ll get an ambulance with Dr. Han to pick you up now.” Kevin continued.

Kevin arranged it properly and Kerry nodded.

Zhang saw that Kerry’s face was white and had no strength to speak, and said to Kevin immediately, “Please hurry up and get here. Mr. Ye is seriously injured.”

Kevin hung up the phone. He didn’t want to Venus about his brother’s plan just because he didn’t want her to get Kerry in trouble, but he didn’t expect that someone would be there to ambush them.


In the car, Venus remained unconscious. Kerry looked down at her tear-stained face and was worried about her.

If she woke up now, he was sure she wouldn’t hesitate to shoot him in the heart.

But what if she knew Kerry was Xiaozi? Would she be willing to shoot him?

“Venus, when do I have feelings for you? I can’t believe I also took a bullet for you.” Kerry thought.

With Kevin’s planning, it took him half an hour to reach Kerry’s location. Dr. Han and his colleagues carried Kerry and the injured bodyguards into ambulances.

Kevin was hesitant when he saw the unconscious Venus, “Brother, what happened to Venus?”

“She was knocked unconscious by me,” said Kerry.

“So let her ride back in one car with you?” Kevin asked.

“She hates me right now. When she sees me, she becomes furious. So you take her to your car.” Kerry said.

“Okay, I got it.”

The two ambulances left one after the other. Kevin then bent down to take Venus out of the car and said to the driver, “I can smell blood in the car. You’ll have to rinse it off when you get back.”

Then Kevin carried Venus to his car and then he said to the driver who was sitting in front of him, “Back to the villa.”

It was raining heavily now. Venus’s hand was draped over his, a little cold.

He looked at her sideways, pulled out a tissue to dry the tears from her face, and then carefully took his her hand in his.

“How silly you are. Why did you shed so many tears for someone who’s pretending to be your brother?” Kevin said. “By the look on my brother’s face, he falls for your trick.”

Her fingers had worn a thin layer of calluses on her index knuckles from using the pen for so long. Kevin rubbed the calluses. He was conflicted. He was worried about Kerry’s injury, but also wished he could stay like this with Venus. She rested peacefully on his shoulder and he held her hand.

The rain outside the car was getting heavier. Whatever had happened at the top of South Mountain, all traces of it would be washed away by the downpour.

Of course Hao Nangong was worried about Kerry going back to investigate. He’d be sure to dispose of the bodies quickly

Nearly an hour later, all the men were back at the villa. Kerry and the injured bodyguard were pushed into the medical rooms. Kevin helped Venus out of the car and then handed her over to Mrs. Qin. Then he came outside the emergency room to wait.

Ten minutes later, a nurse came out, looking nervous.

“Kerry has lost a lot of blood and needs a transfusion.” said she.

“I have the same blood as my big brother.” Kevin said immediately.

“No, blood transfusions can’t be between relatives. It can lead to transfusion complications. You quickly find out who else here is blood type A.” After the nurse said that, she turned around and went into the ward.

John Wang was there to hear it and immediately called his people, “Have someone with type A blood come up to the emergency room right away.”

Two minutes later, three men came in and said seriously to John, “Mr. Wang, we all have type A blood.”

Kevin stood up and expressed his gratitude to them.

“You are type a blood?” The nurse came back out at this point and asked.

The three of them nodded.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 142 Pretending to be crazy (2)
After the nurse took a little blood from the three men’s fingertips for testing, she said, “Yes, you are type A blood. Come with me.”

Kerry was still in the emergency room. Mrs. Qin came over, looking worried.

“Mrs. Qin, how is Venus?” Kevin asked.

“She hasn’t woken up yet.” Mr. Qin sighed and said.

Kevin wondered just how hard his brother had knocked her out then so that she hadn’t woken up after being unconscious for over two hours.

“Kevin, is Kerry okay?” Mrs. Qin asked. She had been serving the Ye family for over twenty years. She treated Kerry as her own child.

Kevin came over and patted her on the back, “Don’t worry. My brother will be fine.”

Mrs. Qin’s eyes misted a little.

After two hours of surgery, the bullet that was in Kerry’s shoulder was removed, but he was still in a coma.

At the design department of the Yehuang Group, Xinyou Qiao was anxious and fearful all afternoon. She wanted to come back to the villa to see if their plan was going well. She also wanted to know if Kerry was hurt. But she couldn’t come back now. She was afraid that Kerry would suspect her when she returned.

In the meantime, she sent several text messages to Hao Nangong, but he didn’t reply.

When it was time to go off work, she quickly rushed downstairs.


It was raining heavily. The Ye family villa was shrouded in heavy rain and had a gloomy atmosphere.

Xinyou smelled a faint odor of medicine as soon as she entered the house. “Who’s hurt? Kerry or Venus?” she thought.

Of course she’d rather it was Venus who was hurt.

She strode towards Kerry’s bedroom on the second floor. As soon as she reached the door, she was stopped by Kevin coming out.

“Is Kerry hurt? I’m going to see him.” Xinyou looked worried.

Kevin closed the door and smiled faintly, “Why do you know my brother get hurt?”

Xinyou was hesitant for a few seconds and then said, “I …… smelled the medicine after I got the door. I thought …… Kerry was injured.”

Kevin knew that she and Hao Nangong planned all this. He returned directly, “He’s suffered a minor injury and needs to rest. You don’t bother him.”

“I want to see him.” Xinyou insisted, “I’m worried about him.”

“Miss Qiao, don’t you understand what I’m saying?” Kevin became serious, “My brother is fine, please get out of here. I’ll let you know when he wakes up.”

Xinyou was silent for a moment, and then turned to leave.

“You guys let my brother get hurt, now pretend to worry about him.” Kevin thought.

Venus woke up at about 7pm. She looked at the ceiling and thought about what to do next.

She wondered if she’d continue to act crazy and force Kerry to kick her out of the Ye’ family, or she pretended to avenge her brother’s death so that Kerry could kick her out.

In the end, she planned to continue to act crazy and then lied to Kerry that she was going to kill him to avenge her brother’s death.

But she knew she needed Kevin’s cooperation to make it happen.

When she felt a pain in the back of her head, then she remembered that it was Kerry who had knocked her unconscious.

The door was pushed open slightly and Venus closed her eyes quickly.

“She’s still not awake?” Mrs. Qin said to herself. She put the chicken soup on the table and turned, touched Venus’ forehead, “Fortunately, she doesn’t have a fever.”

Then Mrs. Qin walked out with the chicken soup.

Actually, Venus would rather stay here if there was no Kerry. Mrs. Qin, John, Kevin, and Xiaozi were all good to her.

Ten minutes later, the door was open again and someone walked in and sat on the couch.

Venus lay flat on her back, carefully controlling his breathing.

For a while the man still sat and didn’t say anything. Venus couldn’t stand to keep pretending to be asleep. She was about to wake up when he said, “Now that you’re awake, don’t pretend to be asleep.”

Venus opened her eyes and struggled to sit up in bed, rubbing her neck and complaining, “You should have spoken earlier. I thought someone else was in my room.”

Kevin laughed, “I want to see how long you can hold out.”

“How’s Kerry …… doing?” Venus asked. She was going to ask if he was dead, but when she remembered he was Kevin’s brother, she didn’t ask him like that.

“He was shot in the shoulder and the bullet was taken out. He’s not awake now, but he’s okay.” Kevin said, taking a look at her and continuing, “Didn’t you go to your parents’ gravesite? Why did you appear in the Nanshan Mountain?”

Venus took out the phone beside the bed and handed it to him, “Someone sent me a text message.”

Kevin read it and then said, “This text must have been sent by Hao Nangong. He wanted to lure you to Nanshan Mountain and then let my brother misunderstand you”

“The person who impersonated your brother is dead?” he asked.

Venus nodded, “Well, when I got there, he was already dead.”

Kevin gave her the phone and asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Venus looked at him and told him her plan.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 142 Pretending to be crazy (3)
Kevin stood up and looked out the window. It was raining heavily. He was very hesitant.

“Should I help her? If she got out of here, she’ll be free; otherwise she’ll stay here forever.” Kevin thought.

“I can’t live like this anymore. I’m like a puppet. When he’s in a good mood, he is kind. But in many cases he tortures me。”

“Venus, I’m going to pretend I don’t know anything,” Kevin interrupted her, turning his back on her. “Just do what you want. I won’t stop you.”

“Thank you.” Venus said.


After a heavy rain, it cleared up.

In the morning, Kerry woke up. He recovered quickly from his injuries, but his face was still haggard.

“You’re awake! Thank god.” John excitedly helped him up.

“How’s Venus?” Kerry pressed his forehead and asked.

“She woke up last night, but ……” John answered.

“But what?” Kerry had a bad feeling about this and frowned.

“She has been on a hunger strike.” said John.

“A hunger strike?” Kerry sneered. He was ready to see Venus.

John tried to help him put his leg down.

Kerry looked at him and smiled, “John, I hurt my shoulder, not my leg.”

Then John smiled awkwardly.

“Get out, I’m not eating! Take them all out!” Venus shouted.

Before Kerry reached her bedroom door, he heard Venus shouting and cursing. Then there was the crisp sound of a bowl breaking.

A maid came out of the bedroom.

“What’s going on?” Kerry asked.

“Ma’am has been on a hunger strike since last night. She also threw the food on the floor.” maid said with her head down.

When Venus heard Kerry’s words, she immediately ruffled her hair and leaned against the bed.

So, when Kerry came in, all he saw was a shaggy woman with a sad face. There was, of course, a floor of food and dishes.

“What are you doing here?” Venus looked at him hatefully, “Aren’t you afraid I’m going to pull a gun out of my blanket and kill you right now?”

John was busy standing in front of Kerry and was about to protect him when he heard this, “Venus, Mr. Ye really cares you. You can’t hurt him.”

Venus laughed, “Why are you so nervous, John? I’m kidding.”

“Why are you on a hunger strike” Kerry looked at her calmly.

“You killed my brother. You have his blood on your hands. I hate you.” Venus tears rolled down her face, “I told you I would kill you to avenge my brother.”

“How do you have the strength to avenge your brother if you don’t eat?” Kerry said this coldly, and said to John, “Bring some food for her. If she doesn’t eat it, force her.”Chapter 142 Pretending to be crazy (3)

“Kerry, you are a devil. I’m not going to let you off the hook.” Venus yelled at him, using every acting skill she had ever had in her life.

Kerry gave her a deep look and turned away.

“Have the room cleaned.” he said.

“Yes, sir.” John followed close behind him. He was truly afraid Venus would suddenly attack Kerry.

Xinyou Qiao, who was standing at the corner, heard their conversation and rejoiced. They had a feud now, and they would definitely break up


This time Mrs. Qin personally brought in the prepared meal, followed by the maid just now. Venus didn’t want Mrs. Qin to be sad, so she got out of bed and sat on the sofa, and said, “Kerry is right. l need to eat more to have strength and avenge my brother.”

Mrs. Qin put the food in front of her and Venus started eating right away. She had been hungry since last night. She would have run for food late last night if she hadn’t been trying to put on a show for Kerry.

“Slow down. You’re gonna choke.” said Mrs. Qin with concern, and turned to let the maid leave.

“Venus, I don’t know what Mr. Ye has done to you, but you’d better not antagonize him.”

“Kerry killed my brother. I will avenge him.” Venus said angrily.

Mrs. Qin’s eyes went wide in surprise. She didn’t know things were so serious. After so many years in the Ye family, she knew the feud between Kerry and Tianye Mu, but she didn’t know that he had been killed by Kerry.

“You …… saw that?”

“Yesterday afternoon, I saw my brother’s body.” Venus said.

Mrs. Qin had nothing to say but sigh, “I don’t know who’s to blame. Take care of yourself, or your parents will be sad.”

Venus cried sadly at the mention of her parents. Yesterday was the anniversary of their death, and she hadn’t spent much time with them.

Mrs. Qin stroked her hair and went out of the bedroom.

There was a three-story building that was not far from the villa. Kerry’s bodyguards and chauffeurs lived here.

After he came out of Venus’s room, Kerry came here.

“How are your injures?” he asked.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 142 Pretending to be crazy (4)
“It doesn’t hurt much young master.” The injured bodyguard said.

Kerry Ye sat across from him and asked, “Weren’t you guys accompanying young lady to the cemetery at the time? Why did you come to Nanshan?”

The bodyguard told him what happened at the cemetery. When he said that Venus took the phone and said that Kerry was in danger and threatened them to go with a knife. Kerry felt like someone was clutching his heart.

“Did she really do this?”

“Yes, young lady was very excited, we had no choice but to go to Nanshan.”

Kerry got up and patted him on the shoulder, “I don’t blame you guys. Take care of yourself. Tell Henry He if you need anything.”

“Thank you, young master.”

The weather was good and Kerry was walking in the garden, but he kept thinking about what happened yesterday.

He just thought that it was a simple scam, wanting him to die in Nanshan. Until Venus received a message from a stranger and was lured to Nanshan, this became a second game. If he died, it would naturally succeed, but if he didn’t die but killed Tianye Mu instead, then it would lead to a broken relationship with Venus.

Two birds with one stone.

Who wanted him to die? Why did he want to make Venus hate him?

Kerry had offended too many people and didn’t have a clue at the moment, but he had a feeling that he was familiar with him and Venus. The one could only be Hao Nangong.

However, it seemed like he had been out of his sight for a long time under his father’s restraints. Could this be related to him?

“Kerry, there you are.” Xinyou Qiao came from behind, all alive, “I’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

“What?” Kerry asked directly.

Xinyou smiled, “Nothing. I was afraid you’d be bored, so I come to keep you company. Besides, you’re injured, it’s better to have someone by your side.”

“Fine, let’s take a walk together.” Kerry didn’t reject her.

“OK.” Xinyou was excited, “Kerry, how’s your injury? I was supposed to see you last night, but Kevin said you needed to rest, so I didn’t.”

“It’s fine. I just need to rest for a few days.”

“Thanks God. I didn’t sleep all night, for I was worrying about you.” Xinyou breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment, Henry came from the distance and Kerry said to her, “You leave for a while, I need to talk to Henry about something.”

“Okay, I see the flowers blooming, so I’ll go pick some for you.” Xinyou walked forward with easy steps. She knew what was going to be said anyway, so there was no need to listen.

Henry whispered, “Young master, as Kevin’ s expects, nothing was left on the top of Nanshan Mountain, as if nothing had happened.”

“What about the Cayenne?” It seemed that they were fast and they didn’t want to attract the attention of the police.

“It’s gone, it should have been dragged away. It’s been raining all night, so there’s no trace left.”

Kerry frowned, “You go and check what Hao has been doing lately.”

Henry was surprised, “Young master is suspecting him?”

“There aren’t many people in City A who can plan so and still mobilize so many men. You go investigate first and we’ll talk about it after your results.”

Upstairs, Venus finished her meal and took a shower. Then she found a long-sleeved dress to put on. She was about to start her revenge plan.

“Young lady?” Mrs. Qin looked at her in surprise, “Where are you going?”

“It’s a nice day, I’m going out for a walk.” Venus said coldly.

Mrs. Qin was very pleased, “Yes, take a walk. You can’t stay in the house all the time.”

Venus didn’t answer, out of the door to meet Kevin. He looked at her, walking around her to the pool.

In the garden, Xinyou was picking flowers like an innocent girl, and Kerry was standing next to her, watching lazily.

What an idle scene, but it was broken by the arrival of Venus.

“You guys are really in a good mood.” Venus sneered, holding the knife in her hand. She was nervous, what if she really killed him?

Kerry looked at her with no expression, wondering what she wanted to do here. Wasn’t she still dying of hunger strike in the morning? So, she was back to normal now?

Venus stepped closer to him, trying to make the expression on her face look fierce and desperate, “Kerry, you killed my brother, why are you still in the mood to accompany this woman to pick flowers? Don’t you have a little bit of guilt?”

In the meantime, Kerry explained once again, “Venus, I told you at that time. Tianye is a fake one. He is not your brother.”

“Don’t lie to me anymore,” Venus shouted at him like a mad woman, “Today, I’ll kill you for him!” After saying that, she raised his right hand, stabbing at him.

“Venus, you stop!” Xinyou threw down her flowers and ran over, shouting as she ran, “Help. Venus is killing Kerry.”

However, though Kerry was injured, he could easily stop her.

The moment Venus’s knife stabbed down, he held her wrist with his hand and then deftly took the knife from her.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 142 Pretending to be crazy (5)
“Venus, are you trying to kill me?” Kerry mocked, playing the knife in his hand, “you don’t have enough strength and the angle is wrong. Besides, the knife is too short. I suggest you train for a while before doing it again”

“Kerry Ye, don’t be arrogant. As long as I still breathe, I will definitely kill you.” Venus said harshly, and left angrily before the bodyguard came.

Xinyou thought that it was too easy for Venus to leave like this, and said to Kerry, “Kerry, are you really letting her go like this?”

Kerry glanced at her and asked indifferently, “Or what?”

Xinyou was very anxious, “She just wanted to kill you, how could you let her go easily? If she thinks of another way next time, don’t you have to worry about it all the time?”

Kerry strolled forward, and there were a few green grass in the bricks under his feet, “What do you want to do? Lock her up?”

Xinyou looked at his gloomy face, knowing that what she had just said had made him unhappy, so she quickly said, “No, no. I’m just afraid that she will hurt you again.”

Kerry snorted coldly, “she can’t hurt me at all.”

As for locking her up, Kerry wouldn’t even think about it. Now Venus’s emotions were on the verge of collapse. If she was not allowed to vent it, it will really drive her crazy.

He didn’t want to see her go crazy before his own eyes.

At dinner, Mrs Qin putted all the food on the table, Kerry looked at the empty seat opposite and asked, “Mrs Qin, where is Venus? Let her come down for dinner.”

Mrs Qin said in embarrassment, “Master, young mistress just brought the meal to her room.”

Kerry was angry, “Call her down.”

“Young mistress said… she wants to eat alone.” Mrs Qin didn’t dare to say what Venus said. What she said at the time was that she didn’t want to sit with the murderer because she was afraid that she would vomit.

Kerry was about to get mad, but thinking of her red and swollen eyes, he just suppressed the anger in his heart. Forget it, just bear her this time.

Xinyou took advantage of the situation and said, “Kerry, don’t be angry with Venus. How could she come to dinner when she is so sad?” Then, she ladled a bowl of soup, “Mrs Qin made it specially for you, so drink more to nourish blood and nourish energy.”

Kevin Ye smiled secretly, this girl was addicted to acting.

At about 11 o’clock in the middle of the night, Venus got up from the bed and found a snow-white dress. Her hair was combed straight down on her shoulders, and she smiled strangely in the mirror. Tonight, she would act Sadako.

She pushed the door open, walked out barefoot, and went downstairs.

After walking around in the huge villa, there wasn’t anyone except for the dim light. What a failure.

She turned upstairs.

“Ah… Who is there?”

Venus stopped, smiled, and thought, “I’m sorry, John.”

Turning around slowly, staring at John in a daze, she said in a very bitter tone, “Where is my brother? I’m looking for my brother.”

Steward Wang wiped his cold sweat, moved slowly, and asked in disbelief, “Young mistress? What…what’s wrong with you?”

“Where’s my brother? I’m looking for my brother.” Venus repeated these words, and her eyes were hollow.

Steward Wang looked at her with horror in his heart. The young mistress might not have been stimulated to have sleepwalking.

“Young mistress, go back to the room first. Your brother… is in the room.” Steward Wang said without conscience. She looked so scary in the mid of the night, so he wanted to trick her back to the room first.

“In the room? Okay, I’ll go back to the room.” Venus quickly went upstairs. Stewart Wang quickly followed, but saw that she did not enter her room, but went straight to Kerry’s room, and then knocked hard at the door.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom—”

In the middle of the night, the knock on the door was very permeating.

“Young mistress, it’s not this room. You went to the wrong room.” John said anxiously, not daring to pull her.

Venus didn’t care, but still knocked hard.

The door opened, and Kerry appeared at the door. He was angry, but when he saw Venus, he became dull for a while.

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