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Chapter 142: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 142 Consider it done.

“By the way, last time I said I would invite you to dinner, right? How about now?”

Colin Ward narrowed his eyes a little. This woman had appeared in front of him three times, and every time she showed up as a coincidence, but things shouldn’t be that easy…

“Sure.”Colin nodded. He would like to see what this woman was up to.

They arrived at a restaurant and the two sat across the table.

After ordering, Ellie Ye chuckled, “by the way, I don’t know the name of you yet.”

“Colin Ward.”

Ellie kept chatting with Colin but Colin didn’t say much. He glanced at Ellie and sneered in his heart, “she’s quite patient and hasn’t shown any intention for such a long time.”

After a while, the steak he ordered was served. Colin slowly ate it. In fact, he didn’t like western food very much. It was inconvenient for him to eat with knives and forks.

Ellie, on the other hand, looked like an elegant and noble lady. She used the knife and fork skillfully. Plus, she was a beauty, so she looked very pleasing.

Halfway through the meal, Colin accidentally saw Ramon Chen, so he stood up, “excuse me, I have to use the bathroom.”

Ellie nodded.

In the bathroom, Ramon was waiting for him, “the wine is drugged, I’ve changed it for you.”

Colin nodded silently and went out of the bathroom. Then he sat back on the table.

Seeing Colin come back, Ellie smiled and took the glass first, “here, Mr. Ward, thank you for helping me, twice.”

Colin took a look at the glass in Ellie’s hand, picked up his own glass, and said lightly, “that’s nothing.”

The two clinked glasses and both took a sip of wine.

Ellie smiled with satisfaction and continued to eat the steak.

Yet a couple of minutes later, Colin shook a little and finally passed out on the table.

In the hotel room, Ellie threw Colin on the bed, “well, I forgot to take your phone last time.”

Ellie murmured to herself.

After saying that, Ellie reached out for the phone in Colin’s pocket and unlocked it with Colin’s fingerprint.

After a moment of silence, Ellie frowned, “where are the documents? Why don’t you have even have chatting records but only call records?”

The more she talked, the more irritable she became. Ellie threw her phone away, “what kind of broken phone is this? A piece of trash!”

After a while, Ellie sat on the edge of the bed and looked at Colin quietly. She couldn’t help touching his face.

“If it was me, would you do the same?”

“But it seems that you are not interested in me.”

With a slight sigh, Ellie turned around and left the room. Then, Colin, who was supposed to be in a coma, opened his eyes.

Colin sat up and took the phone thrown aside. He called someone, “Room 816.”

After a while, there was a knock on the door. Colin opened the door and saw Ramon Chen come in.

“Boss, you okay?” Ramon asked worriedly.

Ramon’s capacity was outstanding, and most importantly, Colin’s enemy didn’t know Ramon yet, so it was the most convenient for him to work in secret.

Colin nodded, “I’m fine, she just looked through my phone and was looking for some documents. But she said something that made me worried.”

While using the bathroom in the restaurant just now, Colin moved the documents in his phone to a safe place, removed all the APPs, and even deleted the messages.

It turned out that what he had done was right.

“What should we do to her?” Ramon asked.

Colin said indifferently, “I need her phone. Can you do that?”

“Consider it done, “Ramon promised.

Colin nodded, “good. I’ll give you three days, by the way, investigate this woman.”

Colin went straight back to the villa and was not in the mood to go to the Marquis group.

Doris Lee was watering the flowers in the courtyard of the villa. When she saw Colin, she was surprised, “Why are you back? Have you forgotten something?”

Colin shook his head. Looking at Doris’s pale face, he felt sorry for her, “I just want to keep you company.”

Doris smiled, “this is not some incurable disease I have, you don’t have to come back. Plus, don’t you need to work?”

With a bitter smile, Colin walked up to Doris and gently held her in his arms, “it’s just…Doris, it’s so good to have you around.”

Doris was confused by Colin’s sudden hug, “what’s wrong? Something happened?”

“No, I’m fine, oh right, how about you call Flora Lewis over to keep you company?”

“No, she has to work too!”Doris replied, shaking her head.

Colin had no choice but to be driven away by Doris.

Back in the Marquis group, Colin sat in his office, doing nothing. He was waiting for the information.

In the afternoon, Nina White came in, “Sir, recently, there are many problems in our group. The other directors hope you to deal with them as soon as possible…”

“Then let’s hold a board meeting first!”

An hour later, everyone came to the meeting room and talked about the recent problems. However, Colin didn’t respond. He just looked at his phone.

Nina glanced at Colin, feeling anxious.

“Sir, someone must be targeting us on purpose. We can’t just let it go. We have to fight back.”

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