Chapter 143 – 144: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 143: Don’t send him to the hospital

“Who had the nerve to say that he wants to kill the entire Ding family?”

Just then, a clear voice came from behind.

Everyone turned and saw a young man striding through the entrance to the hall.

‘Ke Ding’, what’s the matter?

The young man was surprised at the big crowd and quickened his pace.

“My big brother, you decided to come at last!”

Ke Ding was happy to see the person that came was his big brother Yuan Ding. He was secretly relieved and walked toward him quickly: “My big brother, an old man, suddenly vomited blood and fainted. Now his granddaughter insisted that it was because of the Obstacle-Breaking pill we had at the auction!”

‘Is it?’

Yuan Ding frowned. All the things in this auction were arranged by him. Everything went through his hand. If there is really a problem, the ding family’s reputation for more than 20 years will be destroyed by him.

Thinking of this, Yuan Ding squatted. His eyes earnestly looked at the grandchild of the old man and said: “Beauty, I understand your feelings, but our Ding family has held auctions for more than 20 years, and we never had a problem. Please rest assured!”

“You have the time here to talk nonsense to me, but don’t have the time to call someone to rescue my grandfather?”The girl flaked her eyes: “Do you want me to say it again? If you piss me off, your Ding family will be exterminated in three days!”

This little girl was bold, saying she would only need three days to destroy the ding family?

Although few people believed it, her expression didn’t feel like boasting. Especially when her grandfather just spent five and a half billion dollars buy the pill. They had to have some strength. Only a few presents can afford this much money.

Thinking of this, they were silent. Because she really seemed to have the strength!

Yuan Ding was so angry at her words that he smiled. He stood up and sneered: “Little girl if harsh words are useful, the world would be a peaceful place. Although I feel sorry for your grandpa, the only thing I can do is help your grandpa to the hospital. Yet you want to blackmail my family, and also…”

Then, before he finished his sentence, he froze.

The girl raised her hand to reveal a wrench she was wearing on her thumb. Seeing this wrench, Yuan Ding’s eyes instantly changed, with a faint look of fear on his face.

The next moment, he bent the waist and trembled: “Please calm down. This was my mistake, please forgive me…”

This attitude changed too fast like a different person. Ke Ding was shocked. He never saw his big brother begging. Now he is begging a little girl. He could not believe it.


The girl put down her hands and smiled coldly, “My grandfather was a born at the fulfilled period of the acquired stage. He was one step away from being promoted to a return to the innate power stage. Do you think he will get sick?”


The innate power stage?

Yuan was stunned. There is this kind of monk in this world? And he came to his auction?

He looked at Ke Ding subconsciously. He saw him in a sad face. This damn thing did not speak clearly.

Everyone knows that once a friar is promoted to the innate power stage. There will be no deceases, how can he get sick!

“Go and fetch the doctor!” The girl spat angrily.

“Yes, yes, I’ll do it! Yuan Ding was sweating, and he shouted to the public: “Where is the doctor? Where is the doctor? Come and help!”

People saw Yuan Ding panicked. They finally understood what was going on.

They all looked at the girl with horrified eyes. Even before this, they felt that she was unusual. Now, the reaction of the eldest son of the Ding family confirmed their thoughts.

Kris Chen touched his chin. These two people are extremely special. But he did not know who they are, or why did they come here!

“Make way, let me see!”

Amid the chaos, a beautiful young girl squeezed out of the crowd.

Hey, isn’t this Yu Qiu, the great-granddaughter of the Qiu family?

Kris Chen recognized this little girl once before. The Qiu family’s daughter, the young lady, helped Xuan Song make a diagnosis and gave treatment in Siluo.

This time’s auction, their family also received an invitation. So she decided to come over to have a look. Yet, she did not think that she would encounter such a thing the first time she came.

Doctors are benevolent. Although she was still an apprentice, Her skills were as good as a physician, so she did not hesitate to stand out.

“It’s Miss Qiu, how nice!” Yuan also recognized Yu Qiu and felt extremely excited. “Come quickly, the little sister of Qiu Family. Come and help the old man!”

It is rare for a wealthy young lady like Yu Qiu to study medicine because they are wealthy. They are born not needing to worry about their livelihood.

But Yu Qiu was an unusual character, so she was well known among the rich children of Westriver City, and of course, Yuan Ding knew her.

Knowing she had interned in the hospital, Yuan Ding was reassured.

“Spread out first, don’t huddle together, keep the air fresh!”Yu Qiu did not have any medical equipment with her, so she asked Yuan Ding, “Do you have a medical kit? I need a stethoscope!”

“Yes, yes, I’ll get it!”

Ke Ding heard this and was anxious. He hurriedly rushed to take out a medical box.

Equipped with medical equipment, Yu Qiu first listened to the elderly man’s breathing and heartbeat. Then, he checked to see if his pupils were dilating and then pinched open his mouth with rubber gloves. She found foam in his mouth, which may confirm her diagnosis.

“The initial diagnosis of old people is toxic symptoms. We need to detoxify him as soon as possible!”

After checking, Yue took off her gloves and said with a solemn expression.


The crowd was in an uproar.

It really was the pill’s problem!

Yuan Ding was afraid. Ding family’s auction has never caused a problem for more than 20 years. Now he made such a big mistake. He smashed the Ding family’s reputation. He was more afraid of the girl. If the old man had an accident, the Ding family would be destroyed!

“Girl, please, you must cure this old man. If you do this, I will promise you anything!”

Yu shook her head and said, “Big brother Ding, it’s not that I don’t want to help. The old man is poisoned. He needs to have his stomach washed and be injected with antibiotic drugs. We should send him to the hospital, have blood tests, see what is in the poison, and then gastric lavage. Find a remedy so that we can save this old man’s life. But now the old man’s pupil has begun to spread. Toxins obviously have spread, even if we take him to the hospital now, I am afraid that the survival rate is less than five percent.”


Pupil dilation. The survival rate is less than 5%.

Yuan Ding was in despair. The hospital was at least 20 minutes away. Not only can’t they rescue him, but he was also afraid that the old man will die halfway.

We are dead!

The Ding family will be ruined by him! What should he do?

Just when Yuan Ding was dead inside, a voice from the crowd was heard by him: “Now the toxin has begun to spread. If you have to send him to the hospital, the road bumps will only make the toxin spread faster. The best is not to move him!”

Yu Qiu followed the sound to see who was talking, but all she could see was people gathered. She could not see who was stupid enough to say this.

Although the treatment rate was not high, for her, as long as the patient has one percent hope, she can not give up on him!

At that moment, Kris Chen stepped out of the crowd.

The moment she saw him, Yu Qiu froze. Isn’t this the man who saved Xuan Song last time?

His name is Kris Chen. Yes, it’s Kris Chen!

The last time she sentenced Xuan Song to death. It was this man who snatched her back from the hands of death.

She was curious about the man after that episode, and even a little bit of affection. This was the man who made pills using clay pot!

He’s so good at medicine. No one would say this treatment plan was wrong!

Chapter 144: Saving an Old Man

At this time, the people in the house turned their eyes to Kris with a look of regret and perplexity.

Who was this guy?

According to Yong Wu, people got to know that Kris is an adopted son-in-law, but how could an adopted son-in-law have such a deep insight?

The other day Kris said that the Obstacle-Breaking Pill’s effect date had expired. Was it his wild guess?

“As you promised, thus, can you really save my grandpa?”

The girl looked at Kris with a pair of beautiful eyes, and a strong momentum spewed out from her body, looking toward Kris.

The people around were shocked again by the powerful aura emitted from her.

Kris, looking like he had nothing to do with all of this, smiled lightly: “In fact, the diagnosis that Ms. Qiu had just got was correct. Your grandfather was indeed poisoned. Now committing him to the hospital and bumps back and forth will only accelerate the spread of toxins. And this erysipelas is not something that medical equipment can detect.”

Speaking of this, Kris paused for a second, then said: “Fortunately, your grandfather has been poisoned for a short time. While the toxin has not spread to the whole body, so we need to he seal his Ten Major Points: Mingmen, Zhongwan, and Guanyuan acupoints and other points (positions in the body used for curing disease) and then use internal force to force out the poison in your grandfather’s body.”

Many people around him listened to his words and nodded involuntarily when they saw Kris’s calm expression and sound explanation.

But more people still remained in a state of suspicion because Kris is just an adopted son-in-law. The other day he just guessed that the Obstacle-breaking Pill was invalid, not because he was insightful, but by pure lucky shit.

If he is really so powerful, why would he willingly be a son-in-law in the Su family whose family status is even inferior to a manservant?

“Kris, who are you fooling around? It’s a matter related to human life, how can you make up stories?” At this time, Yong Wu jumped out and accused: “Are you nuts? According to what you said, people don’t need to go to the hospital when they are sick. Can they be cured by being pressed a few points in the body? Oh, holy shit!”

Yong Wu’s words immediately resonated with many people, and they began to whisper to one another.

The girl didn’t speak but frowned and fell into deep thought. For she clearly understands what Kris said. The first and foremost thing for a monk to get started in Practicing is to understand the body’s meridian points.

She could even be able to accurately press every point on the body with eyes closed.

“Do you know that once the top ten acupuncture points are completely sealed, although the blood can be forced to coagulate, but if the time is too long and the energy cannot get released, the body’s blood vessels will burst and cause death?” The girl looked at him and said word by word.

Kris smiled faintly and said, “I am pretty sure about my judgment, just trust me!”

The “The medicine book Thousand Golden Prescriptions” is not only a prescription book, it also records the symptoms and solutions caused by the wrongful taking of remedies, and even records how to cultivate elixir.

Obstacle-Breaking Pill is his most familiar panacea. He knows the consequences of mistaking the Obstacle Obstacle-Breaking Pill. He knows better than anyone. This is where he feels confident.

After listening to Kris, her face was cloudy and uncertain, and she couldn’t make up her mind for a while. Finally, she looked deeply at Kris and said, “Come and treat my grandfather, my grandfather will live, you live! But if my grandfather is dead, not only you are dead, Your whole family with be buried together with you!”

Kris was amused by her words: “It should be out of my willingness to treat your grandfather, and it should be a duty, be my guest, girl!”

He saves lives out of mercy and sympathy. This girl not only did not appreciate his help but also threatened him. She thought she was a princess?

“What did you say?”

The girl thought there should be nobody dared to talk to herself in that way, and she was irritated by that.

She took a deep breath and looked at the grandfather, whose face had gradually turned black, which was a sign of toxins spread.

As soon as she gritted her teeth, she stared fiercely at Kris. At this time, it was definitely too late to be sent to the hospital. Immediately she used her hand and quickly blocked the Ten Major Points of the old man.

Seeing her seal the ten positions, Kris reminded: “Remember, you must focus your mind on this, do not get distracted, otherwise your grandpa’s veins will not be able to withstand the pressure and burst open.”

The girl did not speak, but sat cross-legged on the ground, took a deep breath, mobilized Dantian’s( a major position under the belly, used for controlling breathing) inner air, and then put her palms on her grandfather’s body, and slowly entered the inside into his body.


Xiaorou approached him, pulled his hand nervously, and said, “Human life is very important, you have to take this matter seriously, no jokes please! “

Kris patted on her back and said with relief: “Don’t be nervous, just do what I say, it’s okay.”

The people around frowned as they heard Kris’s words.

This guy was damn too confident about himself!

Some people thought what Kris said sounded reasonable, but that was their temporary illusion. When they came back to the real world, they turned to take what Kris had talked about like shit.

Among these people, there were many Practitioners, they thought to themselves that how could The Ten Major Points of the human body be sealed indiscriminately? If there be one careless mistake, the sick man might suffer death immediately.

There was such a piece of news reported in the news media. Someone joked with a friend and gently hammered him in the chest. As a result, the man instantly fell to the ground and got killed. That was actually a result of hitting one of the major points of the human body.

However, with the improvement of the practitioner’s practicing stages, these dead gates(the ten major positions) will gradually be controlled, and when they reach the return-to-nature stage, their body would be get fulfilled

Of course, this old man was only in the congenital consummate stage, and he was not in the stage of the return-to-nature stage, so the major positions in his body could be sealed.

At this time, the most nervous person was Yuan Ding. He looked at the girl with sweat but he was helpless.

The old man must be cured, otherwise, the Ding family is doomed over.

He was also annoyed in spirit. How could this obstacle-breaking pill expire at?

He wiped the sweat from his forehead, and he kept praying to a different kind of god, begging them to make this old man wake up.

For half an hour, the blackness on the face of the old man gradually faded away. Although it was pale, it was better than before.

The most important thing was that there was constant black blood oozing from Yongquan Point at the old man’s foot, and the carpet was stained with a large piece of blackness.

Seeing the stinky bloodstains on the beach, the people around him took a breath.

Actually, the poisonous blood was forced out.

Although the old man hadn’t awakened yet, his breathing had been stabilized. It seemed that he is getting better.

At this time, the girl withdrew her hands and exhaled for a long time. Well, now the toxins in her grandfather’s body were almost forced out.

Even if there were residues in the body, like her, Grandpa woke up for a while, and with his strong inner energy, he could easily handle the remaining toxins in the body.

She stood up and looked at Kris with a pair of beautiful eyes: “Many Thanks, can you tell me your name?”

“Oh, it’s nothing, just a piece of cake for me!” Kris said lightly, without telling her his name.

“Thank you so much, I owe you a favor!”

The girl took a deep look at Kris. The tone was still very cold, but many times better than before.

After that, she helped the old man to leave the auction house.

When the grandfather and the girl disappeared in the sight of everyone, people could not help but breathe a sigh of relief. The girl left great impressions on them just now.

“Huh, shit, God is really blind, so this foolish guy got a jackpot again!”

Yong Wu’s strange voice passed into Tianba’s ears, which instantly angered him.

“Fuck you? You are so powerful, why didn’t you just save the person?” Tianba pointed at his nose and scolded: “OUT OF MY SIGHT .”

Tianba was not a good-tempered person, but it was not good for him to rebuke Yong Wu on this occasion, but he could not control himself at that time.

“You get out of here!” Yong Wu stared at Tianba with great anger.

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