Chapter 143: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 143 Kerry, I Must Leave You (1)
As if she hadn’t seen him, Venus Mu walked straight in, saying, “Where’s brother? Where is my brother? Brother — Brother –“

Kerry Ye watched her behavior in surprise and let her look for her brother in the spacious bedroom.

“She, what’s the matter with her?” Kerry was also confused. He hadn’t encountered this kind of situation.

John inferred, “The young mistress of the house is probably sleepwalking.”

“Sleepwalking? Then…what about this situation?”

“I…I don’t know, but the old man said that sleepwalkers cannot be awakened, otherwise they will be scared to death.”

Kerry was extremely surprised, “Huh?”

“Brother — Brother –“Venus searched the toilet, bathroom and dressing room, but she couldn’t find the person she was looking for. Then she came to Kerry and looked at him for a long time and said, “where’s my brother?”

Kerry felt uncomfortable when she saw him, “He… He’s gone away, and he hasn’t come back.”

“No! “Venus screamed suddenly, she was also a little crazy, “No, he is dead, he is dead, stained by blood, I saw it, he is dead.”

“Venus, calm down,” said Kerry, who tried to stop her pulling her hair, but was pushed away.

“My brother is dead, he’s covered in blood, he’s dead…” Venus repeated, curled up in the corner of the door like a frightened kitten.

Kerry didn’t know what to do. He raised his hand and hit Venus hard.

At the moment when she was in a coma, Venus thought to herself that she won’t play Zhenzi again next time, it’s too tiring.

Kerry looked at her fallen body and asked Butler Wang, “Who else knows about it tonight?”

“There should be no one. I didn’t see anyone else during my inspection tour, nor did I hear anyone shout.”

Kerry bent down and lifted Venus from the ground with one hand and said, “that’s good. I don’t want anyone in the villa to talk about it.”

Butler Wang bowed and said, “young master, I know.”

“You can go and have a rest.”

Afraid that his shoulder might be hurt again, the housekeeper asked anxiously, “Young master, may I help you? Your injury is still not healed.”

“No.” Kerry carried Venus into the bedroom and said, “close the door for me.”


The moon was bright outside the window and Kerry was staring at her lovely face. When did he feel reluctant to let her get hurt or to do anything bad to her?

Venus, no matter what you become, I will not let you go, even if you hate me deeply.

Kerry cradled her in his arms, smelling the lemon scent in her hair, and an indescribable feeling filled his heart.

Early in the morning, Venus was awakened by the sun. As soon as she moved her head, her neck hurt badly.

She recalled what happened last night, remembering that it was Kerry who knocked herself unconscious.

She opened her eyes, and sure enough, she was in Kerry’s bed.

However, he seemed to have done nothing to herself. Yeah, he’s hurt and he couldn’t do anything.

From the changing room came the sound of footsteps. Venus looked coldly as Kerry walked out in his shirt, his buttons still unbuttoned.

“Why am I in your room? ” Venus asked deliberately.

“You came here last night in a sleepwalk,” Kerry said as he buttoned up his shirt.

“Impossible! “Venus denied, “How can I sleepwalk?”

“Did I bring you here? Humph.” Kerry sneered.

Venus grabbed a pillow and threw it at him, but Kerry didn’t hide. The pillow hit his leg and landed on the ground.

“Kerry, let’s wait and see!” Venus climbed down from the bed, put down the cruel words, and left the bedroom.

“All right, Venus. I’ll wait.”

Kerry’s lips curled up.

Dr. Han was indignant at the remark that Kerry was going to work. This was the third day of his injury. Shouldn’t he stay at home?

“Anyway, I don’t agree. If you have to go, I won’t be responsible for any symptoms.” Dr. Han said angrily.

Kerry pressed his temple. His wound healed quickly, but he was afraid to frighten Dr. Han, so he didn’t show it to him. He just asked him to leave the medicine for himself.

“Young master, since Dr. Han has said that you need to rest, don’t go to the company.” Butler Wang also came to persuade him.

Kevin, holding a glass of water, said, “well, without you, the boss, can’t the company run normally?”

Well, Kerry spread his hands, “Okay, let me rest for another two days, it’s a holiday for me.”

Dr. Han finally smiled, “That’s right. You have a good rest and I’ll see another patient.”

In his rest days, it was not peaceful, because Venus attacked him secretly several times, such as pushing him down from the balcony and drugging the food, but they all happened to be seen by others and ended in failure.

Originally, she didn’t want to really kill him, but just behaved. The rhythm was just right.

Kerry grew more tolerant of her behavior, but his face became more and more gloomy, because he found that Venus’s spirit seemed a little abnormal.

Sometimes her mind would wander while she was eating, and she would sleepwalk more often at night.

Slowly, rumors spread all over the villa.

“Did you see it last night? The young mistress of the house ran around with a knife and said she was looking for her brother.”

“I saw it. In the end, the young master took the knife off. Oh, it’s terrible.”

“You said…” The little maid looked around carefully and continued to discuss in a low voice, “Is the young lady mad?”

“Shhh – keep it low,” another maid said nervously, “I heard that it was because the young master killed the younger lady’s brother, and she would be like this. Ah the young lady is also very miserable.”

“You said, if the young lady is mad, will the young master drive her out?”

“I don’t know… Don’t say it, don’t say it, John the Butler is coming here…”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 143 Kerry, I Must Leave You (2)
What Venus had been doing was just what Xinyou wanted. She called Hao Nangong after seeing Venus almost poured boiled water onto Kerry.

“How did you deal with the dead body?” Xinyou asked. She didn’t want anything to go wrong at this crucial time.

“Don’t worry. The body was burnt to ashes. How is everything going with you?” Hao asked.

Xinyou was on the balcony on second floor. She kept her voice low and said proudly: “Everything is going so smoothly. I believe we will achieve our goals pretty soon.”

Of course, she didn’t tell Hao the fact that Venus had gone mad.

“That’s good.”

Xinyou hung up the phone. She felt so good.

Doctor Han changed Kerry’ s bondage for one last time that day. Kerry finally summoned up the courage and asked: “Doctor Han, do you know anything about mental disorders?”

Doctor Han was putting his medical tools away. He froze when he heard what Kerry said. He asked in astonishment: “Who is sick?”

Kerry sighed heavily and said: “I’ll take you to her.”

Venus was in her bedroom. When she heard people outside the door, she grabbed a pencil and began scribbling all over a paper.

Doctor Han called Venus’s name, and he felt his heart was pounding violently. He was concerned with Venus’s mental health long ago when he saw the way Kerry treated her, but he never thought the day would come so soon.

“Doctor Han?” Venus looked at him. Her brow furrowed. “What are you doing here? I’m not sick. I don’t need a doctor.”

Doctor Han smiled gently. “I’m only here to visit you. We haven’t seen each other for such a long time. How is everything going?”

“I’m doing fine.” Venus said calmly. But the moment Kerry walked into the room, Venus flew into a blind rage. She threw the pencil heavily on the ground and shouted at Kerry: “Get out!! I don’t want you to be here!! Get the hell out!!”

Doctor Han calmed her nerves and pushed Kerry out of the room. “Don’t worry. We will go. Calm down.”

The door was shut. Venus sighed with relief. She sneaked to the door and listened to their conversation.

“How long has she been like this?” Doctor Han asked concernedly.

“Almost a week.”

“Does she have any other symptoms? Apart from her fiery temper?”

Kerry thought about it and said: “She always seems absent-minded for no reason. She sleepwalks a lot. Sometimes she is just not in her right mind, and she even tried to kill me.”

Doctor Han snorted and said: “It’s normal that she wants to kill you, after what you did to her.”

Kerry glared at him.

Doctor Han ignored him and said grimly: “I recommend you to take her to a specialized hospital and give her a thorough checkup. These clinical psychologists will help her a lot. Don’t wait, because it will only get worse.”

“But I don’t want to take her to that kind of hospital.” Kerry was hesitant. What if Venus really has some kind of mental illness. He thought.

“It’s just a physical examination. You can take her back home if her mental condition is not that bad.” Doctor said. He then stopped for a few seconds and then said: “She doesn’t want to see you these days. If you keep appearing in her eyes, her condition will only get worse.”

Venus almost burst into laughter hearing what they said.

“I know. I’ll think about that.”

“Do remember that she needs treatment in an instant. As you can see, she is in a bad condition.”

“I know.”

Venus then rushed to the window when they were done talking. Obviously she needed to take more actions to make Kerry determined to send her away.

“So, what should I do next?” Venus thought to herself.


That night, Xinyou put on delicate makeups, and walked into Kerry’ s room dressed in her new silk pajamas.

Kerry was drinking wine on the balcony. A breeze came and blew up Xinyou’s dress.

“Kerry, the doctor said you can’t drink wine now.” Xinyou sat beside him and put her hand over his glass. “Stop drinking, please.”

Kerry lowered his head and looked at her sparkling eyes. Her lips were full and sensual.

“What are you doing here?” Kerry’ s voice was deep. She could feel his breath on her face and her nostrils were filled with his smell, which was mature and and delectable.

Xinyou thought it would work. She placed her arms around Kerry’s neck and pressed her chest against his. “You look so sad these days. You have obviously got something on your mind, so I came to talk with you.”

Kerry knew what was her true intention. But he didn’t want to push her away.

“Talk about what?”

Xinyou slide her hand into his shirt, and her body collapsed onto his as if she was boneless. “Anything. As long as it can make you happy. You know I want you to be happy.”

“I know. You want me to sleep with you, right?” Kerry whispered to her.

Xinyou froze for an instant and then laughed, and pressed her body against his even tighter. She said flatteringly: “What are you talking about? I like you. That’s why I want to get you.”

“Is that so? You like me?” Kerry put a finger below her jaw and lifted her head up. Their eyes met. His eyes were blue and deep, no emotion was betrayed by his eyes.

Xinyou moved her head up, and then their lips met. She said: “Yes. I like you very much.”

Kerry was tempted. He kissed her on her lips tightly, and Xinyou poked her tongue out……

Outside the room, Venus stole a bucket of gasoline from the garage, and walked into Kevin’s room.

“Venus, what are you gonna do?” Kevin sat up from his bed and looked at her in astonishment.

Venus laughed shyly and said: “Kevin, this is the last time, you must help me.”

Kevin saw the gasoline and said in disbelief: “You want to set fire on this villa?”

Venus said in a hurry: “No, no. I only want to burn Kerry’ s room.”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 143 Kerry, I Must Leave You (3)
“Venus! You promised that you won’t kill my big brother!” Kevin was obviously angry.

“That’s why I came here to ask you to help me. I don’t want to make him die.”

“So, what’s your plan?”

Venus crooked her finger at him and said: “Come, let me tell you.”

Venus then whispered her plan to Kevin. Kevin still didn’t agree. “It’s too dangerous. If things get out of control, both you and my big brother would be in great danger.”

“No. We won’t be in any danger. If the fire got out of control, we can still jump out of the window. There is a lawn below the window and we won’t have our legs broken.” Venus tried to convince him. “Kevin. I am so tired of acting. I think if I keep doing this, I’ll really get mad. So, this is the last time. If I still can’t get away from here after this, I’ll give up.”

Kevin thought about it for a long time. Then he put on his shoes helplessly and said: “Venus, I can’t believe I am going to help you to set fire on this villa. I think I’m also mad.”

Venus said smilingly: “I’ll start the fire, and you will put the fire out.”

Kerry and Xinyou were still on the balcony, having sex. They were so absorbed that they didn’t notice it when the door was opened.

Kerry has very sensitive nose and he smelled it the moment Venus poured the gasoline on the rug.

“What’s the smell?” He pushed Xinyou away, who was all over him.

Xinyou was engulfed by strong sexual desire, and she said angrily: “What smell?”

The minute she finished, a spark appeared at the door and fell on the ground. The next thing they knew, a huge fire broke out in the room.

Xinyou screamed and rolled off Kerry.

Venus walked into the room with a bucket of gasoline and shouted hysterically: “Kerry! I can’t kill you! So we have to die together!”

Kerry rushed towards her and tried to snatch the bucket, but Venus ran away nimbly. The fire was right behind her, and Kerry said anxiously: “Venus, come to me! Don’t you want to die together with me? Then come here!”

“Kerry! Are you afraid?” Venus laughed uproariously. She had never felt such ecstasy as she did that night. She was taking revenge, and it felt so damn good.

The fire spread rapidly and soon it reached the living room.

“Venus! Come here!” Kerry reached out and tried to grab Venus, but he found his other arm was grabbed by Xinyou tightly.

“Kerry, don’t! You will get hurt!”

Kerry shouted viciously: “Let me go!”

“No! Don’t……” Before she finished, She was kicked into a corner by Kerry.

Venus’s long hair was loose, and she looked like a phoenix with the raging fire as her background.

At that time, Kevin appeared with a fire-extinguisher, and half a minute later, all the servants appeared, and they were all equipped with fire-extinguishers. Soon, the fire was put out.

The gasoline bucket was also snatched from Venus’s hands.

Kerry delivered a hard slap across Venus’s face. She fell on the ground heavily, and her face was covered by her hair, so no one could see her eyes.

“Venus! Are you freaking mad!” Kerry’ s veins bulged. He was worried about her safety a few minutes ago, but now, he was seized by a desire to kill her.

John dismissed the crowd.

Kevin looked at Venus, who was still on the ground, and for the first time he wished Venus could leave Kerry for good. Because he couldn’t put up with a man using violence against a woman.

Venus wiped blood from the corner of her mouth. There was no madness in her eyes, only despair.

She looked at Kerry and Xinyou, who was standing in a corner, smiled, and left.

There were only Kerry and Xinyou in the room. Kerry clenched his hand, with which he just hit Venus, and he felt a pang of regret.

“Kerry, are you alright?” Xinyou walked over timidly and asked softly.

“Get lost!” Kerry roared in a low voice.

Xinyou left quietly. Her eyes were filled with hatred. She would have achieved her dream tonight, if Venus didn’t appear.

But it was obvious that Venus wouldn’t stay in the house any longer. She would be the hostess of this place soon. Xinyou thought.

The dawn broke, and another day started.

Everyone in the villa was talking about Venus’s madness after what happened last night.

Venus knew Kerry would come to her. Maybe it was because of woman’s sixth sense. So she dressed herself and waited for him in front of the window.

She didn’t feel happy, nor did she feel sad. She only felt free.

It was eight o’clock, and Kerry walked into her room.

“Venus, I’ll take you to see doctor.” Kerry’ s eyes fell upon her swollen face, and he felt he couldn’t even breathe.

Venus stood up and said calmly: “Fine.”

Kevin walked to them when they got into the car and said: “Big brother, I’ll go with you. Maybe she will need my help.”

Kerry looked at Venus’s expressionless face and nodded.

The car dragged to the hospital. Venus was looking outside the window. And she pondered how could she fool the doctors. She felt regretful for not reading some books about mental illness.

Kerry took her to the best hospital in the city. The doctor asked about her symptoms and demanded to talk with her alone.

“Venus, look at this picture. What do you see?”

Venus shot a glance at the picture and didn’t say anything.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 143 Kerry, I Must Leave You (4)
It was only a picture of a tree. What’s so interesting about that. Venus thought.

“Venus, do you still remember what happened last night?” The doctor asked.

“I started a fire.” Venus laughed coldly. “But I didn’t burn him to death. What a shame.”

The doctor didn’t seem to be surprised at all. He said kindly: “Can’t you fall asleep last night?”

“I slept very good.” Venus answered.

Then, the doctor took out some equipment and gave her a checkup, and concluded that Venus was suffering from schizophrenia and depression.

“Is it serious?” Kerry asked concernedly.

“Sever depression can lead to death. What do you think.” The doctor glanced at him and said: “She should stay in hospital and take treatment. She is afraid of you, so you’d better stop appearing in front of her, or she will get nervous.”

The doctor then stopped for a few seconds and asked: “Did you use violence against her?”

“No, I didn’t.” Kerry denied.

“Then who slapped her so hard? Mr Ye, you can’t hit her whatever happens. She is in a very vulnerable psychological state right now, and she will break down if you hit her!”

Kerry was speechless. He knew he was wrong, but he was so pissed off at that moment.

“Fine. Fill this form out, and she will stay in the hospital. We will give her the best treatment.”

Kerry initially wanted to take her back home. He had obviously underestimated her illness.

“Thank you.”

The forms were filled out, and Venus lived in a separate fancy ward. There was a living room, a bedroom, and a kitchen. It was just like a small apartment. Venus was very satisfied. She wanted to laugh but she refrained.

“You stay here and listen to the doctors. I will come back and visit you.” Kerry said. He was loath to part with her.

Venus had her back towards him. She bit her lips to prevent herself from laughing.

Kerry lifted his arm and he wanted to stroke her hair, but he then drooped his arm heavily because he thought she would be frightened.

“Venus, I’m leaving.”

Venus was still motionless. She turned around only when she heard the door was shut. She felt relieved. She was wild with joy and she jumped up and down in the ward to express her excitement.

When she jumped onto the sofa in the living room, the door was opened suddenly. Venus was so frightened that she almost fell. She looked at the door and found it was Kevin.

“You almost frightened me to death! I thought it was Kerry.” Venus patted on her chest and said. She then jumped off the sofa and walked to Kevin. “Why are you here?”

“You are such a good actress. I thought you really went mad.” Kevin said jokingly.

“These days were so dark. I don’t even want to think about them.” Totally different from the way she presented herself in front of the doctor, Venus was now full of vigor and energy.

Kevin gave her phone back to her and said: “This is a psychiatric hospital, and you must remember not to take the pills these doctors give you, since you are not ill. What’s your plan?”

Venus got serious and said: “I am going to divorce Kerry. He now thinks I’m crazy, and he wouldn’t keep a crazy woman beside him, would he?”

Kevin’s brow furrowed because he knew Kerry wouldn’t agree to end their marriage so easily.

“Fine. Since you have already made up your mind, I’ll find a lawyer to help you.” Kevin said. He was doing it not only for Venus, but also for himself.

“Thank you. Kevin.”

Kevin then embraced her shortly. He said: “I must get going. I have something to deal with.”

Before Venus realized what was happening, Kevin had already disappeared.

“Why did he just hug me? To comfort me? As a friend? Right. He hugged me as a friend, and he has no other meaning.” Venus thought to herself.

For the next two days, Venus sometimes cooperated with the doctors. It was mostly some counselings, and she just took them as some casual chats. And as for the medicines prescribed by the doctors, she flushed all of them down the toilet.

These two days were the most enjoyable days since Venus got married. Her doctor was bewildered, because he couldn’t see anything wrong with her. She eats abundantly, and sleeps soundly.

Kerry didn’t show up. Maybe he was worried that he might frighten Venus.

On the third day, the doctor tried to make Venus to go back home. He said: “Venus, I think you have made a very good recovery. Maybe you can leave the hospital.”

“No! I won’t! I’m sick! I’m not cured yet!” Venus protested excitedly. She had to keep acting until she divorced Kerry.

The doctor furrowed his brow and said: “Fine. If you insist. Kerry is a rich person anyway.”

“Don’t mention him! I hate him!” Venus sat on her bed and put her arms around her legs. She looked very angry.

The doctor realized that Venus was sick all because of Kerry.

That afternoon, Venus was drawing, and someone paid an unexpected visit.

“Venus.” It was a familiar voice.

Venus froze. “Why is this bastard here?” She thought.

His footsteps approached. Venus put on a blank expression and looked at him. It was Hao Nangong. They hadn’t met each other for a long time. He still looked young and attractive.

Venus looked at him with a blank expression for a few seconds and then asked: “You are Hao Nangong. I know you.” And then she went back to drawing her design.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 143 Kerry, I Must Leave You (5)
Mixed feelings came over Hao Nangong when he saw Venus.

He likes Venus so very much, and there was nothing that he couldn’t do to get her. But seeing that Venus was in such a state, he felt a pang of regret. He began doubting whether what he did was right or not. But he soon dispelled his doubts.

“Venus, what are you drawing?”

Hao wanted to look at her picture, but when he finished, Venus moved back suddenly as if she was frightened.

She gave him a hostile glare and said angrily: “What are you doing?”

Hao pointed at her design and said awkwardly: “I…I only want to see your drawing.”

“No!” Venus held the picture against her chest tightly and moved farther away from him.

Hao had no idea what to do next. He thought about it and said: “Alright. You can keep drawing. I’ll go out.”

Hao decided to ask the doctor for some advice.

Venus sighed with relief when Hao walked away. She used to like him a lot, but now she didn’t want to see him at all because she knew what he had been doing behind her back.

“But what is he doing here? And how should I deal with him?” Venus thought.

Venus felt confused, and she sent a message to Kevin, telling him that Hao was here.

Kevin sent a message back to her, which reads ‘Just wait and see.’

Venus took his advice, cause she couldn’t think of any other way to deal with him.


It was at Yehuang Group. All the workers sensed that Kerry was in a bad mood since he came to the company. They were very careful not to get on his nerves.

The newest issue of Fengshang Magazine came out, and Venus’s pictures were in it. Everyone was surprised by her fancy style, because in their opinion, Venus was too timid to dress like that.

Kerry stared at Venus’s delicate features on the picture. His eyes betrayed his affection for her, but no one noticed it, not even himself.

Turned out, she had always been putting her artistic talents to good use, but now, she had to cover her talents because of him.

Xinyou felt free and happy without Venus in the company. She ordered some lunch from a fancy restaurant even though it was still not lunch time. It was a good opportunity to win Kerry back.

She took the lunch and went to Kerry’ s office excitedly, but Secretary Liu stopped her at the door.

“Xinyou, you are not allowed to get into this office for personal affairs, remember?”

Xinyou’s chin tipped proudly and she said: “Secretary Liu, it was a rule in the past. The times have changed. Why don’t you ask him whether he wants lunch or not.”

“He is not in the office.” Secretary Liu said coldly.

Xinyou didn’t believe her. She said: “That’s not possible. You are lying.” Then, when Secretary Liu was not paying attention, she pushed the door open and got in, only to find there was no one in the office, just like what Secretary Liu said.

Secretary Liu closed the door and said to Xinyou: “Xinyou, if you keep violating the rules, I will have to terminate our contract and end your internship ahead of time.”

Xinyou refrained her anger and apologized: “I’m sorry. I was just concerned with Kerry. He is always so busy and he always forgets about eating lunch.”

“Please leave here.” Secretary Liu motioned her to go.

Xinyou glanced at her and left. When she walked to the elevator, she called Kerry, and said softly: “Kerry, can we have lunch together?”

“I’m busy.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m going to visit Venus, and I’m now driving. Talk to you later.”

Xinyou was so angry when he hung up the phone. She threw the lunch into a trash can beside her.

Kerry stopped the car beside a restaurant and walked inside.

“Welcome sir.” The waitress greeted him politely.

Kerry went to the counter and said: “I want three of your best cuisines. Be quick. I’ll take them away.”

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