Chapter 143: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 143 Photos.

“Yes! We must fight back! Or people will think we Marquis Group is coward!”

“That’s right! As long as you say the word, Mr. Ward, we will immediately crush those unscrupulous enterprises on the ground!”

Feeling a little annoyed, Colin Ward suddenly stood up, which scared everyone to shut up.

“Then just go and find out who is attacking us!”

Then Colin walked out of the meeting room.

When he was about to go back to his office, he received a call from Ramon Chen.

“Boss, I got her phone. There are many photos on it. I think you’d better come over. I’m at…” Ramon said in a very serious tone.

After hanging up the phone, Colin immediately drove to look for Ramon.

The two of them met in a small restaurant.

“Boss, look!” Ramon handed the phone to Colin.

Colin held the phone and looked through it for a while. The more he looked at it, the bigger his eyes widened.

In the photos, three naked women sat around Colin, kissing and hugging him. The photos were almost the same, but the actions of the three women were different.

“Damn it!”Colin threw the phone on the table.

He was very worried about Doris Lee now. If Doris saw this kind of photo, he would not be able to clear himself. What’s more, Doris would even be emotional and accelerate the spread of the poison.

But why did Ellie Ye take these photos? Did she want to give him a hard time?

Colin frowned and thought for a while. Then he said to Ramon, “keep these photos, but I need you to ask someone to help me deal with them.”

“No problem.”Ramon nodded and picked up his phone, “I’ve checked her records just now. These photos haven’t been sent to anyone yet and should have no other copy.”

Colin nodded.

Then the two of them left.

In a villa, Ellie put down her newly bought phone, her eyes full of anger, “Damn thief!”

“The photos last time were all wasted!”

For safety, Ellie only kept the photos on her phone. So once her phone was stolen, it meant that she didn’t have those photos.

“Ring, ring, ring…”

The phone rang.

Ellie picked up the phone and heard someone say, “Miss. Ye, someone called me on your phone. He said he found your phone and asked if he should bring it to you.”

“Really? That’s good! Ask him to give it to you, and then you can send it to me.”

“Yes, Miss. Ye.”

After hanging up the phone, Ellie smiled and said, “God is helping me. Even if I lost my phone, I still found it. But I thought it was stolen…”

At the airport, a man in his thirties slowly walked to the roadside with his suitcase. When he waited for the car, he slowly looked up at the sky and whispered, “Tianbei City, I’m back…”

“The Marquis group, I will make you pay!”

After getting in the car, the man told the driver an address and then took out his mobile phone to contact me, “investigate the people who attacked the Marquis group recently.”

Ellie took her phone and opened the album. The photos were still there, and there was no trace of being touched in other places. It should be true that someone just found her phone.

“Colin Ward, I wonder what you will be like when you see these photos.”


Knock, knock!

“Come in.”

“Miss. Ye, someone is looking for you.”

Ellie looked over and asked, “who is it?”

“It’s a man. He said he wanted to cooperate with you.”

Ellie frowned and said, “ask him to wait for me in the living room. I’ll be right there.”

“Yes, Miss. Ye.”

Ellie changed her pajamas and went downstairs. She saw a man in his thirties sitting on the sofa in the living room. He was wearing a suit and looked calm.

When the man saw Ellie, he stood up and smiled, “greetings, Miss. Ye.”

“Who are you?”Ellie walked over and sat down.

The man smiled, “my name is Walson, Walson Martin.”

Ellie raised her eyebrows slightly, “Walson Martin? Never heard of it.”

Without any embarrassment, Walson replied, “you do now, don’t you? You must have known that I’m here for the cooperation with you.”

“Cooperate?” Ellie chuckled, “I wonder what kind of cooperation Mr. Martin wants to offer.”

Walson smiled, “ruin the Marquis group. Sounds good?”

Ellie paused and squinted slightly, “is this a joke or something? Am I supposed to laugh right now? The Marquis group is the leading enterprise of Tianbei City. How can you be so confident?”

“Just hear me out, Miss. Ye. I know you’re from Yeshi Company, and Yeshi Company is a big deal in Beihai Province, but in Tianbei City, the Marquis Group is the leader. So if you want to destroy them on your own, I believe it will be extremely difficult, right?.”

Walson was right, but Ellie was still confused, “hmm, at least you proved that your brain is still functional. Before you continue, Mr. Martin, may I know why you want to deal with the Marquis group?”

At her words, Walson’s face darkened, but he didn’t hide the truth, “because Colin Ward sent my whole family to prison.”

Ellie already had an answer in her heart, “then please show your sincerity.”

Walson smiled and said, “it’s hard for the Yeshi Group to defeat him alone, but what about five more, what about ten more? Will the Marquis still be our match?”

At the prison of Tianbei City.

Barr Martin looked at John Martin across the glass.

John had been in prison for such a long time, and he had completely changed. He was no longer the energetic young master of Martin’s group, but a prisoner with stubble.

“John, Walson is back.”

John’s dull eyes lit up when he heard this, “Walson is back? When? Can he get us out?”

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