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Chapter 144: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 144 Divorce Agreement (1)
Hao asked his chef to bring food to hospital, to pleas Venus.

“Take a sip, Venus, it took them hours to make this soup.”Said Hao, putting a bowl a milk-white fish soup near Venus.

“How is it?” Asked Hao as Venus tasted the soup.

“Pretty good.” Answer Venus, and she did mean it.

That delighted Hao:”So glad you like it, I’ll bring something different tomorrow.”

Tomorrow? Wait, was he planning to come everyday?

Hao’s phone rang before Venus got to say no, he walked outside the room but Venus managed to pick up the talk.

“Mom? Okay, be right back.”

Finally, Venus was already fed up with his enthusiasm.

Hao walked back into the room and said to her gently:”Enjoy it, Venus. I have some things to settle. There’ll be people doing the clean-up after you finish your meal.”

“Okay.” Replied Venus, without even looking at hi, which Hao didn’t mind. He fixed his eyes on her for a little while and left.

Venus took a glance at the door as Hao’s footsteps drifted away, until she was sure that Hao was gone.

What a damn-long morning!

She took her time enjoying the soup after which she started walking around in the room, wondering when the lawyer that Kevin mentioned would come.

She got excited every time she thought about divorcing Kerry, which would eventually set her free.

“You look fine.” There came a man’s voice behind her.

Venus immediately turned around and found Kerry at the door with packed lunch in his hand.

“Don’t look at me like I’m a bad guy,”Kerry walked in and noticed the lunchbox on the dining table, frowned,”You’ve had lunch?”

He was met with Venus’s indifferent silence.

“Then we could eat together.” Said Kerry as he placed the lunch on the table and unpacked it.

“Out!” It was Venus, pointing at Kerry with a knife in her hand.

Kerry was shocked for a while, but soon looked to her and said helplessly:”Can’t I just have my lunch?”

“Out!” She was nearly shrieking, and more emotional,”Or die here!”

“Easy, Venus, easy.” Said Kerry, trying to calm her down.

“Shut up and get lost! Out, Kerry, out!” Screamed Venus, wielding the knife in her hand as if mad, Kerry kept a distance from her, worrying that he might get hurt.

Nurses and Venus’ doctor all dropped their chopsticks and took Kerry out of the room as got into the room.

“Calm now, Venus, he’s gone. Drop the knife, okay?” Said Venus’ doctor slowly.

Her hands were shaking, there was a moment she felt like she had really gone mad.

The knife dropped from her hand as she knelt down and threw her arms around her shoulder, sobbing.

Her doctor walked near, patted on her back and uttered:”Alright, now…”

Kerry was watching outside the room, heart aching as if stabbed. Even thought they used to have quarrels and fights, he still found her vivid and full of vitality, he still found himself reflected in her eyes back in those days.

But now, she was crying in a dark corner and he couldn’t even get near her to help.

What had he done to her to push her so far like that?

“Mr Ye, you’d better not come unless it’s some matters of significance. She has been recovering well, even joked with our nurses, but your presence just sent her back to the unstable mental stage the day she got here.”

“Okay, I get it.” Said Kerry, eyes fixed on her.

Hao appeared in her room right on 11 am the next day, with various food and a bunch of red roses.

“I wish you all the best, Venus. Do you like it?”

“Hao Nangong, I don’t like roses.” Replied Venus, smiling constrainedly.

“Then tell me what you like and I’ll get it right now.”

“I don’t like flowers, okay?”

“Okay, I see.” Answered Hao, not upset at all.

He came back with a special in the afternoon, a manuscripts of a famous French fashion designer.

It was a delightful surprise to Venus, she looked at it from top to bottom and from bottom to top, said:”Where did you get this? It’s so precious!”

Hao was delighted as well knowing he picked the right gift, thanks to Xinyou’s advice.

“I can get you whatever you desire, well, except the moon.” Said Hao gently.

Gooses bumps crawled over Venus, but still she smiled:”Thank you, Hao.”

There came a warm smile on Hao’s face as well, since he managed to changed Venus attitude toward him withing just two days.

A stray of hair fell from Venus’ forehead as her attention was caught on the manuscript, Hao put it back her ear and was met with no refusal. It encouraged his confidence.

It took him great effort to get the manuscript, there would be more coming up and he had managed to guarantee that they would all come to Venus.

Soon Venus seemed to smile more often when Hao was around, their relationship were going smoothly to the good side as if all the misunderstandings had never existed.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 144 Divorce Agreement (2)
In the study of Ye’s villa, on a weekend.

“Any information of Hao from your investigation?” Asked Kerry Ye to Henry Zhang.

“Nothing special, there was no evidence that he was linked to what happened that time, but…” Said Henry.

Kerry glanced at him and said:”Go on.”

“He’s been visiting the hospital quite often.”

“Is he sick?” Asked Kerry, eyebrow lifted.

Fists clenching, Henry gathered up his nerve and said:”No, he’s visiting Venus.”

Kerry’s face turned stern immediately, reminiscing the lunchboxes and utensils he saw last time in Venus room, it turned out they were Hao’s.

“Why didn’t you tell me until now?”

“We didn’t figure that out until now, his bodyguard had made it quite hard for us to get close to him.” Answered Henry, head down.

“Fool!” Scorned Kerry.

There came knocking on the door and was met with Kerry’s anger:”Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Sir.”

“Come in.”

John the butler came in with a package in his hand:”Sir, it just arrived.”

Kerry tore open the package and found a few papers in it, which pissed him off:”Divorce? To hell with it!”

He slammed the papers on the table and left the room, with Henry and the butler in two after they took a look at each other.

There was already Venus’ name on the paper, the divorce agreement.

A few hours ago.

Venus felt dizzy when she got up. Doctor checked and told her it was a fever, she would be prescribed some medicine if the fever doesn’t go down after a sleep.

Hao came when she was hanging on the edge of falling asleep.

“Doctor told me you got a fever, is it, Venus?” Said Hao as he dropped some things on the ground and placed his hand on Venus’ forehead,”It’s…hot, how do you feel now? Need some water?”

Venus nodded, her throat was having a drought.

Hao got her a cup a warm water and said:”Take it slow, don’t get choked.”

Venus felt better after taking a gulp of water and said to Hao:”Why did you come so early?”

Hao sat at the bedside and looked at her tenderly:”It’s weekend, you may get bored being alone here.”

“Thank you, Hao. I’m still sleepy, can I take a break first?”

Hao lifted his eyebrow and patted on Venus’ shoulder:”Not now, I got a file here and need you signature on it.”

“What?” Asked Venus, heart beating rapidly, thinking what was Hao scheming.

Hao took out a few papers out of his pocket and said:”You want to leave, Kerry, don’t you? Sign this and you’ll be free.”

“Really?” Venus barely sat up from the bed and checked the paper titled divorce agreement.

It quickly knocked away Venus’ dizziness. She never thought it would be that easy to get the agreement, and she would’ve been nice to Hao a lot earlier had she known that was what Hao was planning.

“Are you alright, Venus?” Said Hao nervously.

Venus turned around and smiled nearly unconsciously:”Just a bit dizzy.”

Hao was delighted and handed her the pen:”Sign it, you’ll be free from Kerry for good.”

Venus took a deep breath and signed her name on the paper, there were three documents to sign and she signed them all.

Hao let out a sigh of relief after Venus signed her name on all the documents, he ruffled her hair gently and said:”Alright now, take a break and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Venus nodded and fell asleep again.

That was it? She didn’t really checked what was on the documents, but it didn’t matter anyway, with or without being compensated from the divorce.

But would Kerry sign it?

It would be strange that he would.

First step’s been taken anyway, she decided to leave everything to Hao as long as she could get rid of Kerry.

But what she didn’t know was that she just tossed herself into another abyss.

It was afternoon already when Venus woke up.

Hao walked in with a cup of water again:”Doctor said you need some more water, come one,drink some.”

“Okay.” Venus drank the water sip by sip, thinking whether Kerry had received the agreement.

Suddenly the door was open, it was Kerry.

Well, speak of the devil.

Kerry strode into the room and said to Hao grimly:”What are you doing here?”

“Taking care of Venus, she’s sick.” Replied Hao as he remained sitting at the bedside, kept Venus behind him as if challenging Kerry.

“Venus Mu is my wife, I see no need of you being here.” Said Kerry, incensed.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 144 Divorce Agreement (3)
Hao Nangong was pissed as well:”Kerry Ye, Venus could’ve avoid ending up like this if it weren’t for you! Now you’re here claiming she’s your wife? Have you ever treated her like she’s your wife?”

“It’s none of your business!” Said Kerry, fists clenching.

“It sure isn’t if it was not Venus that you married!”Sneered Hao.

“Get lost, I need to speak to her.” Said Kerry, looking at Venus behind Hao.

“No! Get out, I don’t want to see you!” Screamed Venus.

Kerry grabbed her by her arms and dragged her out of bed and stared into her eyes:”Venus Mu, did you sign the divorce agreement?”

“So what? You’re a demon, Kerry Ye, let me go!” Screamed Venus, trying her best to get Kerry off her.

“Then live your happy life with Hao? No way, Venus Mu!”

Hao helped Venus got Kerry’s hand off her and stood between Kerry and Venus:”Leave this place, Kerry, she doesn’t want to see you.”

“Shut up!” Shouted Kerry,”Who are you to interfere with our family business?”

Hao shrugged:”Fine, but Kerry, for the sake of your own good, you’d better sign the agreement as soon as possible.”

And Kerry didn’t budge:”I said I won’t, there will be ‘Kerry’s wife’ on her tomb even if she die! Wait for your afterlife and prey you could be together with her by then!”

Kerry words planted fear into Venus’ heart.

“Okay, see you at the court, then.” Said Hao.

“Does your parents know this, Hao Nangong? Don’t you remember their warnings last time,about marrying a woman who had married once?” Sneered Kerry.

“What can they do about it once I’ve made up my mind?” Said Hao, but still he had worries about her parents attitude. He knew it for sure that his parents would never agree such a marriage.

But he had decide to elope with Venus if his parents stick to that attitude.

“Drop your big talks when you’re in charge of your family, Hao Nangong, now leave!” Said Kerry, pointing to the door.

“Don’t, Hao! It’s you that should leave, Kerry, I don’t want to see you anymore!”Shouted Venus as she grabbed Hao by his arm.

Kerry almost lost his control of anger hearing it.

Hao immediately took Venus hand in his and said:”See? Now tell me who needs to leave!”

“Seeking death, are you, Venus?” Uttered Kerry, blue eyes blazing with rage.

“Fine, kill me! Just like how you kill my brother, it would be a favor to you!” Cried Venus, staring into Kerry’s eyes.

“You…” Kerry was speechless, what was wrong with this woman talking back at her own husband?

Hao turned around and said tenderly:”Don’t worry, he won’t do anything to you as long as I’m here.”

Venus rested her head on his shoulder and nodded.

“You see it now, Kerry, you’re the last man Venus wants to see. Why don’t you just do us a favor and get lost?” Sneered Hao with great sarcasm, holding Venus’ hand in his.

It was the last straw on Kerry’s back, who later punched toward Hao.


Hao was knocked down on the ground and Venus shrieked out of fear.

Kerry stomped on Hao’s chest as he tried to got up:”Remember what you said today, Hao Nangong. You will pay for this!”

Then he turned around and choked Venus with hands on her neck and stared into her eyes:”Don’t you ever imagine this divorce, you’ll be mine, alive or dead. If you dare messing around with this bastard, I’ll skin you alive!”

Venus kept screaming, waving her arms trying to get rid of Kerry.

Doctor came hearing the scream of Venus but dared not do anything, he knew who Kerry was.

Luckily Kerry soon left the room.

“You’re insane, Kerry.” Venus kept panting as she thought to herself.

Hao got up from the ground, wiped away the blood on his mouth as if nothing happened and said:”Are you alright, Venus?”

“I’m…fine…”Whispered Venus as she crawled into bed again,”I need some sleep, just…leave me alone.”

The doctor took Hao out of the room and said:”You heard it, we’d better just leave her alone.”

Hao nodded, closed the door, stayed for a while and made for the end of the hallway.

He couldn’t wait no more, his plan must be carried out as soon as possible before Kerry did anything to separate him from Venus.

He made a call:”Xinyou, I need to see you.”

“When?” Said Xinyou, he was asking the maidens to set up curtains in the villa.

“5pm, same old place.”

Xinyou checked the time, there were two hours left.


Kerry drove on the road with a excessively rapid speed, he kept stomping the gas pedal as anger and hatred in his heart piled up, he didn’t hit the break until he drew close to a truck in front of him.

With a sharp sound of squeaking, his car stopped a meter away from the truck.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 144 Divorce Agreement (4)
Kerry Ye calmed himself down after placing his head on the steering wheel for a while and made a call.

“Greetings, Mr Nangong, it’s been a long time last time we met each other.”

“You must have been busy, president Ye, never saw you in any of commercial meetings.” Said Hao Nangong’s father from the other side of the call.

“Actually, I’m calling to tell you something.”

“Go ahead, please.”

Looking at the cars running along the road, he said coldly:”Have you noticed what your son has been up to? I have to ask for your forgiveness if anything happens to him since he seemed to be quite interested in my wife.”

“Damn him…” Cursed Hao’s father, and soon apologized,”I’ll talk to him about his soon, don’t worry, president Ye.”

Ye’s and Nangong’s family were both quite influential in the Sky City, Kerry didn’t want things between them to head to the bad side because of his issue with Hao.

“I appreciate it, I would like him to stay away from my wife, for I can’t guarantee that there would be no bullets in my gun next time.”

“Kerry, the relationship between us had been great for a long time, do me a favor and leave this to me, he’ll be disciplined.” Said Hao’s father sternly.

“I wish so, Mr Nangong.” Said Kerry after which he hang up the phone and hit the road again.

Do you think you can really snatch Venus out of me Hao?

Hao’s phone suddenly rang when he was on his way to meet Xinyou.

It was from his father, Hao hesitated and picked it up one second before the call stopped.

“Where the hell are you?” His father sounded incensed.

“Hanging around, what’s up, dad?”

“Get back, now!”

“No, got some important matters at hand, can I go back tomorrow?” Hao kept trying to got away from his father knowing he would be grounded once he head back home.

“Are you with Venus now?”

“No! Why would I? Mom had warned me before.”

“Don’t you lie to me, Kerry has called me,” It was his father’s last warning,”If you don’t come back by tonight, all your money will be frozen!”

“Suit yourself, then.” Said Hao and hang up the phone. He had transfer all the money that was enough for him and Venus to spend for the rest of their lives to an overseas account.

The phone rang again, it was his mother.

This time, Hao powered off his phone.

On the other side, Xinyou sneaked out of the villa.

“Get the car ready, I’m going out.” Said Kevin to the butler, standing on the balcony fixing his eyes on Xinyou.

His car followed a bus Xinyou was on to a bus stop, Xinyou got off the bus and got into a coffee bar a few blocks away.

Kevin laughed seeing the name of that coffee shop, it seemed like Xinyou and Hao never thought about meeting elsewhere.

Hao was already there when Xinyou arrived.

“What’s the matter? How’s thing going?” Asked Xinyou.

Hao asked for coffee and said:”Not bad, and I wish this that this could be the last time we meet.”

“Really?” Xinyou seemed delighted.

“It’s time, I’ll leave with Venus.” Hao smiled as he spoke Venus’ name.

Xinyou was a bit jealous seeing the way Hao looked. She had no idea why there were so many men revolving around Venus. But anyway, Kerry would be hers soon.

“Anything else you need me to do?”

Hao took a black bank card out of his pocket and said:”Here’s for you.”

Xinyou smiled:”What, cooperation fee?”

Hao skewed at her and said:”Not yet, we still need Kerry to sign the divorce agreement.”

“To make him sign?” Xinyou was surprised,”How am I supposed to do that? You know what kind of man he is!”

Hao sneered:”I don’t care, just get it done, otherwise Kerry would never be yours.”

Xinyou stayed silent for a while, and smiled:”Fine, take Venus away, and I’ll get Kerry sign on the agreement.”

Hao took the coffee cup of and said:”Wish us both success.”

So did Xinyou:”Wish us both success.”

Kevin was aware that they had come to an agreement, but didn’t know what it was.

Kevin made a call to his man seeing Hao left the bar:”Jie, follow Hao and report any suspicious thing he does.”

“Yes, boss.”

Kevin was still worried, his instinct told him that these two people were scheming something serious.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 144 Divorce agreement (5)
Having considered for a while, Kevin sent a text message to Venus Mu, telling him that Hao Nangong and Xinyou Qiao met each other, so she had to be careful.

Then, Venus replied to the message, saying that she knew it.

A few seconds later, Venus sent another message, “I forgot to tell you that Hao asked me to sign a divorce agreement this morning. Kerry came here after receiving it and was very angry as he had just left.

A divorce agreement? Kevin was stunned when he saw this. Hao’s acted quickly, so it seemed that the biggest reason for his meeting with Xinyou was this divorce agreement.

Ye’s villa.

As soon as Kerry got back, she went into the study, where John had put the divorce agreement on top of all the papers. Kerry took it over and looked at it again.

The reason for the divorce was that the couple had been estranged and quarreled frequently since they got married. They grew apart, so they could not live together any longer.

On the divorce agreement, there was only one sentence: Venus was willing to get divorced without any fortune.

Well, Venus, though you didn’t take anything away, you could never go away from me.

Lighting a match, Kerry set the divorce agreement on fire.

After dinner, Kevin took him out for a walk in the garden as Kerry was in a bad mood. Xinyou immediately ran to the study on the third floor after seeing this.

Trying to twist the lock and it actually opened, so Xinyou rushed into the study without hesitation.

Where would he put the divorce agreement?

On the shelves, on the desktop, in the drawers, Xinyou rummaged through but found nothing.

Where exactly was it?

Searching every corner of the study, Xinyou suddenly saw a dustbin in the corner covered with ash.

He… might have burnt the divorce agreement.

Thinking of this, Xinyou suddenly had a headache. Kerry was determined not to divorce Venus.

How could she get him to sign it?

Voice came that Kerry and Kevin were talking in the living room downstairs, so Xinyou dared not stay and pulled the door open to leave quietly.

The hospital.

After Venus received this message from Kevin, she became alert to Hao’s behavior.

She even didn’t eat the supper he had delivered.

“What’s the matter? Doesn’t it taste good? What would you like to eat? I’ll buy it for you.” Hao asked with concern.

Venus shook her head, “I don’t have an appetite. I don’t want to eat anything.”

Hao looked at the soup made specially and personally ladled out a bowl of it for her. “If you don’t want to eat, have some soup,” he said. “What if you are hungry at night?”

Venus took it and stirred it. She felt a faint smell of medicine and asked calmly, “This soup doesn’t smell like it always does.”

“I bought the medicinal food,” Hao said calmly. “There are some Chinese herbs, which are good for sleeping, in it.”

“Oh… Well, “she exclaimed, frowning at the spoon which she tasted on her tongue,” Oh, no, I can’t get used to it.” Then she put the bowl on the table.

Hao did not want to give this away, so he said, “Really? Don’t drink it if you don’t like it. I’ll buy another tomorrow.”

While he cleared the table, Venus hurried to the bathroom and rinsed her mouth.

Did he drug her? What did he want to do?

Did he want to make me unconscious with the drug and…

Venus shuddered as the indescribable images flashed through her mind. He might not so mean.

Going outside the bathroom, Hao threw all the lunch boxes into the trash can, pouring a cup of warm water, and turning on the TV for her.

“Is there anything you want to watch on TV?” Hao changed channels repeatedly, showing no apparent sign of trouble.

Venus was sitting farthest from him on the sofa, holding the glass in her hand but not taking a drink.

“Hao, it’s getting dark. Go home.” Venus began to let him go.

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