Chapter 144: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 144 Walson Martin.

Looking at John Martin, Barr Martin shook his head, “John, don’t get it wrong. Even if Walson comes back, you can’t go out.”

“Why?” John still hadn’t found the change of Barr.

“Because I won’t let you out,” said Barr sullenly, “John, I don’t deny it. You are indeed very smart, but…you are too self-righteous.”

“What do you mean?”

Barr chuckled, “haven’t you thought about why Lenard Wang knew that you are going to investigate him in advance and prepared false files?”

“It’s you!”John suddenly understood something.

Barr nodded with a grin, “that’s right, and you’re gonna stay in prison.”

John glared at Barr, “why?! Do you know what you’ve done?! Because of you, all the people in the Martin group are in prison!”

“Yes, I used to be ambitious and want to monopolize the Martin group. But if you want the Martin group, you can fight with me! Why do you want to get the whole Martin group involved? What’s the point if you destroy the whole Martin Group!”

Barr nodded, “it’s indeed meaningless.”

“Then why did you do that?”John couldn’t figure it out.

Barr smiled, “because, for me, the Martin group is nothing.”

“You are out of your goddamn mind!”

Barr looked at John’s expression and smiled meaningfully and horribly, “whatever. You’re going to stay here anyway, haha…”

John wanted to say something more, but Barr had already left.

On the morning of the second day, Colin Ward received a call from a stranger.

“I found him.”

“I’ll be right there.” Colin rushed out excitedly.

Finally, they found the one who poisoned Doris Lee. Colin was very excited, so he didn’t inform Gerd Ward. Besides, Gerd was guarding outside the villa to protect Doris. The safety of Doris was more important than anything else.

When he arrived at the coffee shop, Colin paused for a while. The man he met in the KTV should be a gangster. Why would he appear in this kind of coffee shop?

He didn’t think it fit in.

So Colin called the strange number first, only to find that it was powered off.

Colin was suspicious, but the opportunity was rare, so he still had to go in. But before he went in, he called Jason Moore, just in case.

There were not many people in the cafe. After all, it was in the morning and a few people came to the cafe.

He could see everyone at a glance, and there was no sign of that little punk. Instead, he found Barr sitting by the window not far away!

Besides, there was a man next to Barr who looked quite similar to Barr.

Colin’s face darkened. He didn’t know if Barr and that man were here by coincidence or for something else. Anyway, he was unhappy to see Barr.

After making sure that the man who he had been looking for wasn’t here, Colin was about to leave.

Barr, who was sitting by the window, immediately stood up and stopped Colin when he saw him.

“Colin Ward!”

Colin pretended not to hear and kept walking.

“Colin Ward,” Barr said as he strode over.

Colin frowned and looked up at Barr who stopped him, “what do you want?”

Barr smiled, “can’t you sit down and have a chat?”

“Sorry, I’m busy.”After saying that, Colin was about to leave.

Barr stopped him again, “are you really leaving like this?”

“Or what?” Colin was a little pissed.

Barr suddenly got close and whispered, “what do you think Doris will react if she knows that you are lying to her?”

Colin squinted, “what did I lie to her about?”

“You should ask yourself but not me,” Barr didn’t make it clear.

If he was talking about the fact that Colin was the chairman of the Marquis Group, Doris might not be upset at all, but there was nothing else Colin could think of…

No! There was one!

Colin suddenly thought of the photos that Ellie Ye had taken for him. If Doris knew it, it would be a disaster. But how did Barr know about this?

Or was he just bluffing?

Thinking of that, Colin changed the topic,” the Martin group is gone now. You can enjoy yourself outside, but what about your family? Why don’t you go and help them out?”

“It’s none of your business,” said Barr with a smile.

Colin shrugged, “I don’t want to bother. Besides, I don’t think we have anything to talk about, so get out of my face.”

Barr didn’t say anything, but Colin was stopped again when he was trying to leave. This time it was the man beside Barr. He had already come over.

“Colin Ward!” The man said while glaring at Colin.

Colin was confused. He didn’t know such a man, but why was this man so hostile to him?

“Don’t play dumb with me! You have ruined the Martin group. Except for Barr and me, all of our family have been sent to prison because of you. Do you think I will let you go?!”

It was Walson Martin, the eldest son of the Martin group.

Colin had asked Nina White to investigate the information about the Martin group, so he had guessed the identity of the man.

Perhaps it was because the Martin group was gone that he came back for revenge?

“Yeah? Then what do you want?”Colin was not worried at all.

The Marquis group had an unshakable position in Tianbei City. If Walson wanted to take revenge on Colin, he was simply looking for his own death.

With a gloomy face, Walson asked, “what do I want? Huh! I want to kill you. “

“But don’t worry. I won’t, because I want you to know how it feels when the Marquis group is destroyed and how it feels when you are in prison!”

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