Chapter 145 – 146: Mary’s Bad & Great Husband

Chapter 145: A gift for you

Yong Wu’s lungs were about to burst with anger. The guy had slapped himself before, and he hadn’t even gotten even with him.

Tianba Li sneered, and then he pulled out the dagger he was carrying and walked towards Yong slowly.

“Husband, don’t be angry with such a stupid guy. Hold back!…” Xuan Song said.

Xuan pulled Tianba’s arm immediately. She knows her husband very well. He is definitely the one who will draw his sword against the person who disagrees with him.

“Behave yourself or I’ll call the police!” Yong said.

Yong was horrified. He didn’t expect that Tianba is so rash. Yong was no longer so arrogant.

Kris Chen smiled coldly. “Why this stupid guy didn’t offend others, but Tianba?” Kris thought.

Why didn’t Yong piss a puddle to look at his true reflection? His family has nothing but a pawn shop. Even when Yong’s father sees Tianba, he should call Tianba “Sir Li” respectfully.

At that moment, Yuan Ding went to Kris’s side and stretched out his hand. “Thank you very much, brother. My name is Yuan Ding. Can we be friends if you think I’m qualified?” Yuan said gratefully.

At that moment, Yuan had a sense of rebirth after suffering. If the old man had died at the auction, all Ding family people would have died distressingly in less than a day.

It’s the young man in front of Yuan who stopped the tragedy. Yuan wanted to jump on him and give him two kisses.

“Hello, my name is Kris Chen,” Kris said.

Kris smiled and held out his hand.

Kris had a good impression of Yuan. Kris knew Yuan has no insolence of common dudes form his manner of speaking. He is a man worth keeping.

As expected, they felt they can get on with each other after chatting for a while. For a moment, they felt it’s too late to meet each other.

“By the way, Yuan, who is the old man and the young girl? Why did you see the ring on that girl’s finger…” Kris said.

“Shh!” Yuan said.

Before Kris finished what he wanted to speak, Yuan made a gesture of silence to indicate that he should not go on.

“Come on, Kris, let’s go away from the crowd to talk,” Yuan said. Then Yuan took Kris to the corner where no one was. “They are not ordinary people. Kris, do you know The Holy Dragon Cult? Yuan said with a grim face.

The Holy Dragon Cult?

Kris was stunned for a moment. He wondered if it’s as same as that in the Royal Tramp.

“They are not the same. Actually, Master Yong Jin is a lay disciple of the six major schools. This is where the prototype of The Holy Dragon Cult in his book comes from.” Yuan said.

“I see,” Kris nodded his head and said.

There are two great cults in the world. One is The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, and the other is The Holy Dragon Cult. Although there are not as many disciples of The Holy Dragon Cult as The Sun-Moon Holy Cult, the Holy Dragon Cult disciples are all-powerful. The Holy Dragon Cult takes an elite route.

It’s said that the main members of The Holy Dragon Cult are practitioners who are at the innate-power stage, and they act strangely. They are sometimes good and sometimes evil. Whether they kill people or save people is just an idea. They are heartless and cruel and seek revenge for the smallest grievance.

If anyone kills a disciple of The Holy Dragon Cult, he is bound to get mad revenge from The Holy Dragon Cult until he dies.

Therefore, the whole practice circle is tight-lipped about The Holy Dragon Cult.

After introducing The Holy Dragon Cult, Yuan added, “The old man and his granddaughter should have a high position in The Holy Dragon Cult because the girl is wearing a dragon ring made of black gold. It’s said that the ordinary disciples of The Holy Dragon Cult wear white snake rings made of silver.”

Kris had a general idea of The Holy Dragon Cult after hearing what Yuan said.

The auction was close to the end when they finished chatting.

Yuan gave Kris a gift box in the backstage. There is a bright yellow jade pendant in it. “Kris, this is a little token of my gratitude for you. You must accept it.” Yuan said.

After saying that, Yuan stood up. “The auction is over. I have to wrap it up. I’m going now. I’ll invite you to dinner next time,” Yuan added.

Kris didn’t be pretentious and accepted the jade pendant. The quality of the jade pendant is good. It’s from the Ming Dynasty and worth about 3 million dollars.

Kris went out of the salesroom with the gift box and then threw it into the back seat.

Xi Lan had crashed the car yesterday, and it was repaired this afternoon. The car was driven here by a clerk in the repair shop, and Kris gave him 2 hundred dollars as a tip.

After starting the car, Kris felt the engine had an abnormal noise. It seemed that the car needed maintenance.

When Kris was at the toll gate, he saw Yong, Xiaorou Xu, and Jianguo Xu.

Yong stunned for a while when he saw Kris drove an imported Benz 4S. Then he rolled down the window and said cynically, “Pretty good. Is this your wife’s car?”

How come the stupid guy was everywhere. Kris didn’t bother to save face for a man like him. “Then, you are wrong. The car is mine. Because I am a low-key person, I bought an imported Benz 4S,” Kris said.

Oh my god, how could Kris say he was a low-key person when he was driving an imported Benz 4S.

A lot of people were stuck here because the exit was crowded. Kris spoke loudly, so the drivers all reached their heads out of the driver’s cab to look at Kris.

At the same time, Jianguo shook his head in Yong’s car.

Kris is a moon-calf. Everyone in Westriver City knows he is the live-in son-in-law of the Su family.

How could he afford to buy an imported Benz?

Was he making a fool of himself? He is not practical but likes to do grandiose things to impress people. How could he be worthy of my beloved daughter?

“Ha, ha, ha, you are so funny!” Yong said.

“You’re such a braggart. If the car is really yours, why didn’t you buy anything at the auction? You are actually poor, and there is no need to pretend that you are rich.” Yong said.

Yong had just finished what he said when he saw Xue Mi trotting to Kris’s car on high heels.

“President, this is the Heavenly City we got at the auction,” Xue said.

Xue presented the gift box with the Heavenly City in it to Kris, respectfully outside the car door. Just now, she secretly wore the Heavenly City and took a few pictures, which had already satisfied her very much.

Kris took the box and nodded. “Okay, there’s nothing you need to do. You can take a taxi to go home, and the company will reimburse the expense,” Kris said.

“Yes, president,” Xue said.

Xue leaned over and then took a taxi to leave.

After seeing that, Yong was surprised out of his wits.

Isn’t she the beautiful woman who just got the Heavenly City at the auction? Why did she call Kris president?

Yong’s face clouded immediately, and he wondered, how’s that possible?

Isn’t Kris the shitty live-in son-in-law of Su family?

How could he become the president of Huanyu Group in the blink of an eye?

It’s impossible.

Yong was unwilling to believe that. But as it was what he had seen and heard in person, and no matter how much he didn’t believe, it’s true.

Kris is the president of Huanyu Group.

Yong was stunned at the change of Kris’s identity. He stared blankly at Kris and couldn’t speak anything.

Not only Yong was stunned, but Xiaorou was also surprised. “Kris, are you the president of Huanyu Group?” Xiaorou said.

Xiaorou looked puzzled. She thought it’s impossible as Kris had never said it before. And all the people in Westriver City know he is a shitty live-in son-in-law of Su family and eats the bread of idleness all day long. But how did he suddenly become the president of Huanyu Group?

Kris shrugged and said, “Huanyu Group used to belong to the Chen family, but now I have nothing to do with Chen’s family because I have been expelled from the family.”

Kris held out the box as he spoke. “The Heavenly City is for you.”

“What? For me?” Xue said.

Xiaorou covered her heart, and her heart rate accelerated abruptly. Her pretty face suddenly turned red.

Jianguo, sitting in the back row, was also shocked.

This guy gave a necklace worth 130 million dollars to his daughter?

Chapter 146: A condition

Xiaorou Xu held the box dumbfoundedly.

She was very happy at that moment because she didn’t expect that Kris Chen would give the Heavenly City to her.

She felt she was surrounded by great happiness that Kris had given her.

She refrained the impulse to hug and kiss Kris. “Kris, the gift is too expensive. May I take you for dinner? MY TREAT!” She said.

She wanted to say she can’t accept the gift as it’s too expensive. But she likes the Heavenly City very much, and as it’s a gift Kris gave her, she was reluctant to give it back to Kris.

“OK!” Kris said.

Kris looked at his watch. It’s still early, and he’s boring, so he would like to chat with her to kill time.

After seeing Kris nodded his head, Xiaorou was very happy. She then got out of Yong Wu’s car immediately.

Jianguo Xu sat in the back seat and forgot to stop Xiaorou. By the time he came to his senses, his beloved daughter was already in Kris’s car.

Xiaorou didn’t speak when she got in the car. They just looked at each other, and there was an air of ambiguity.

At that moment, however, Kris’s phone vibrated. The sudden ringing of the mobile phone broke the ambiguous atmosphere.

“Who is calling me at such time?” Kris thought. Then he took out his phone unhappily and found it’s Lan Yu.

“Why’s she calling me now?” Kris thought.

“Officer, what can I do for you?” Kris said.

“Kris, are you available now? I have something urgent here. I need your favor.” Lan said anxiously.

“What’s the matter in such a late hour? I’m busy now.” Kris said with a smile and took a look at Xiaorou next to him.

“Kris, you’re an angel. I’m begging you. OK? You just come, and I’ll give you a kiss,” Lan implored.


Will she give me a kiss?

Kris was immediately interested and said, “Just tell me what it is.”

Lan’s face turned red when she heard the attractive voice of Kris. “What’s wrong with me? Why do I subconsciously want to kiss him? It’s too embarrassing. How could I say such things?” Lan thought.

Although Lan was shy, but as a commander of a criminal investigation, she must keep her word. Since she had said that, there’s nothing to be shy about.

“En, there is something we can’t understand clearly on the phone. I’m waiting for you at XXX café,” Lan said.

The moment Kris wanted to talk, Lan hung up the phone and sent him a location on WeChat.

Kris shook his head helplessly when he saw the message sent by Lan.

“I wanted to talk to you alone, but someone called me to come over for coffee. Will you go with me?” Kris said somewhat apologetically.

“Who is that?” Xiaorou asked.

With such a small room in the car, Xiaorou heard the conversation. Judging by the voice on the phone, it’s a woman who has a close relationship with Kris.

Besides, this woman is definitely not Mary Su, because Mary would not invite him to drink coffee in the evening, but ask him to go home directly.

Kris wanted to tell Xiaorou it’s Lan Yu, but he didn’t as he noticed the change in Xiaorou’s expression. “Just a friend,” Kris said.

“It’s strange that I suddenly care about what she thought.” Kris thought.

“A friend?” Xiaorou said.

“Since your friend is in such a hurry to find you, there must be something urgent. I won’t go with you.” Xiaorou said softly after hearing what Kris said.

Then Xiaorou smiled sweetly.

Kris thought for a while and said, “That’s all right. I’ll drive you home.”

Kris breathed a sigh of relief. His good images would go if Lan kissed him in front of Xiaorou.

Xiaorou is from a good family. She is a beautiful and understanding girl. It’s not clear who will be lucky enough to marry her.

At the thought of that, Kris was a little jealous.


Drive me home?

Xiaorou was stunned and then anxious. Although she said she won’t go, she was very eager to go with him.

A friend?

The women’s sixth sense told her that the woman is not just Kris’s friend. She wanted to see who’s that woman.

But Kris had already started the car at that time. Xiaorou couldn’t tell Kris that she really wanted to go with him.

Xiaorou couldn’t tell Kris her true feeling because a girl should be reserved.


Chen’s family’s old man sat cross-legged on a futon in the chamber of Chen’s manor. There was an old monk who sat opposite him.

The old monk’s eyebrows are white and long, which hang slackly in his cheeks.

The old monk has a kind face and looks like the Arhat with Long Eyebrow of Eighteen Arhats.

But he doesn’t have the mercy of monks. Instead, he is full of an evil spirit. He looks more like the Angry Kong Kim of Buddhism.

He is the old man’s good friend, Zhen Yuan.

“Thank you for coming all the way, master Zhen. Let me offer you a glass of Adam’s ale.” The old man said. Then the old man picked up the teacup on the tea table and gave him a toast.

Two days ago, the old man sent a message to invite Zhen. The old man thought Zhen was busy and didn’t expect that Zhen could come the next day.

“Amitabha!” Zhen said.

“You’re so kind. We are good friends. What’s the matter with you getting me here in such a hurry?” Zhen said.

After hearing what Zhen said, the old man smiled and nodded. Then he put down the teacup and thought for a moment. “I want the Chen family to become a family of practitioners.” The old man said.

When the old man said that, he couldn’t help thinking of the day when Kris and Tianba Li and their men acted wildly against the law and public opinion, which made him feel a lump in his throat.

“Oh, have you decided?” Zhen looked at the old man questioningly and said.

The old man nodded his head and said, “Master, I have no choice but to turn to you. There are hundreds of people in the Chen family, and hundreds of Build-up Pills are needed for them all to become practitioners.”

The old man paused for a moment when he spoke of that. It’s such a huge resource to get hundreds of Build-up Pills. It’s no exaggeration to say that even the old man sold the Chen family, he couldn’t afford to buy so many Build-up Pills. But the old man still wanted to try his best. “Master, if you can help Chen family to become a family of practitioners, all the people of Chen family are at your service.” The old man said.

That’s a big concession.

Zhen didn’t expect that the old man would make such a promise.

How attractive it’s that there is a family of practitioners is at his service.

Zhen’s eyes flickered, and one of his hands rubbed his eyebrow consciously. The old man knows that Zhen does that when he has hesitated.

“Since you have said so, I promise that,” Zhen said.

“But, I’ll do that on one condition,” Zhen rubbed his eyebrow and said.


He said yes! He did!

The old man was very happy. The old man would agree without hesitation even if there were 10 or 20 conditions, let alone one, as long as they can do it.

But the old man is experienced and has already mastered the ability not to light up with pleasure. He wanted to know what Zhen wanted him to do.

Zhen was not angry that the old man didn’t talk. He picked up a cup of tea to sip. “All the people have to join The Holy Dragon Cult before I help you. As long as you promise that, I’ll help you. OK?” Zhen said slowly.


All the people have to join Then Holy Dragon Cult?

The old man’s body shook, and there was a shocked look on his face. He didn’t even feel the hot water splashed into his hand.

The Holy Dragon Cult is an evil organization as famous as The Sun-Moon Holy Cult.

As a disciple of Wudang, how could he join an evil organization?

If Wudang School knows that it would destroy Chen’s family and no one else had to do it anymore. But then the old man caught on. “Master, aren’t you the presbyter of Shaolin School? Why you asked me to join The Holy Dragon Cult?” The old man looked at Zhen astonishingly and said.

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