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Chapter 145: My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 145 Venus disappeared (1)
Hao Nangong looked down at his watch and said, “It’s only seven o’clock, I’ll stay with you for a while.”


Venus Mu was feeling that there was something wrong with him tonight. Normally, he rarely stayed after dinner, but today he was sitting there watching TV.

“Hao, I want to rest.” Venus’s tone was a bit cold.

There was some disappointment in his eyes, but he still showed a helpless smile, walking over to gently hug her, “I just want to accompany you for a while longer. Okay, I’m leaving.”

Venus didn’t say anything. She was depressed now anyway, so it was normal for her to be unstable.

Hao lowered his head and smiled, “Angry? Okay, I’m leaving. Remember to drink the water and get some sleep. I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

Venus said nothing.

Hao couldn’t help but pinch her face, looking at her deeply, and then left.

When he disappeared down the hallway, Venus locked the door. She finally relieved now and then poured the cup of water into the sink.

This night, Venus tossed and turned and couldn’t sleep soundly, always feeling that something would happen. Until it was after one o’clock late at night, she closed her eyes drowsily.

It was late at night. The wind was blowing and thunder was rolling outside the window.

The locked door moved a little, and after a few seconds of stopping, the door was opened from the outside.

A dark shadow quietly walked to the bed and raised a hand to gently fondle her forehead, cheeks, the bridge of her nose, and finally rested on her red lips.

Venus was already sleeping restlessly, and after realizing that there was someone beside her, she opened her eyes in confusion and was startled by him. She was about to scream, but that man covered her mouth, and then, with a stinging pain, a syringe stuck into her arm.

Venus struggled desperately, using her hands to grab his arm, but heard him say in a deep voice, “Venus, it’s me, don’t scream. I’ll take you away right now.”

Venus opened her eyes wide, with the moonlight, it was Hao, with a strange smile.

“Venus was frightened. Where was he going to take her to?

“Be good, don’t move, it’s almost done.”

Then quickly, Venus felt her eyelids heavy and the hand that was struggling in mid-air was growing weak.

“One, two, three, sleep.”

Hao pulled out the needle and threw it on the ground, gently patting Venus’s face, but she didn’t react in the slightest.

“So fast? But it’s fine, Vivian, get some sleep, wake up and we’ll start a new life. There’s no Kerry Ye or Xinyou Qiao, just you and me.”

After saying that, Hao leaned over and kissed her on the lips, put on her jacket for her. Then he picked her up and left the hospital room.

The corridor was quiet, at this time, everyone was asleep and no one knew what was happening here.

But as soon as Hao left the hospital, he was seen by Ajie, who had been on guard for a long time. Seeing this, he called Kevin Ye.

Because it was late at night, so the phone rang for a long time before Kevin picked up.

“Boss, Hao has brought Venus out of the hospital. Venus seems to be fainted away.”

Kevin sat up from the bed in a stir when he heard this, “Follow him, see where he’s going, and report to me.”

“Okay, boss, he has started his car, I’m following…”

Kevin was completely sleepless. What he was worrying about was going to happen.

He thought that Hao meeting Xinyou was just to tell her to find a way to deal with Kerry, but he didn’t expect that Hao still had another plan.

Kevin walked back and forth in his room, forcing himself to calm down and analyze it. Where was he going?

Domestic, or abroad?

He wouldn’t be able to drive this long by himself, nor would he go on a train, because Venus’ s waking-up halfway was an uncontrollable factor, so the biggest possibility would be plane.

It was already thundering outside and it was expected to rain heavily later, in which case the airport might be temporarily closed.

No, he couldn’t put his hope on God.

In the whistling night, there were very few cars on the road.

Hao was driving fast towards the airport, and ten minutes later, he noticed from his rearview mirror that there was a car always following him.

It was a coincidence or…?

Hao smirked, trying to follow me? Then I’ll let you know what I was.

The car suddenly accelerated and rushed past the red light. Ajie knew he was exposed, so he didn’t hide himself anymore and followed directly.

A bolt of lightning cut through the sky, instantly illuminating the road. Two cars one after the other staged a fierce chase.

Hao speeded to the fastest, suddenly remembering that when he used to escape from his enemies, he had escaped from a small road in front. The car behind was getting closer and close, so now, he could only do that again.

Quickly turning a few corners on the road, before the cars behind them caught up, Hao hit the steering wheel and plunged into a small road with no street lights. He then turned off all the lights of the car.

In the rearview mirror, the car had been chasing him flashed past. Hao proudly laughed.

No one could be better than Hao at this.

Hao looked at the still unconscious Venus, and asked himself, “Venus, guess who the person behind is? Kerry? Or other man who covet you?”

After two minutes of hiding in the darkness, the car started up again.

Another bolt of lightning was again overhead, followed by heavy rains, which crackled on the roof and glass of the car.

A storm was coming.

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 145 Venus disappeared (2)
An hour later, Hao Nangong’ s car slowly approached the airport, and from afar, he could hear the announcement on the airport radio.

“Dear passengers, due to the thunderstorm weather, all flights have been temporarily cancelled, and when the flights will resume will be announced.”

“Holy shit!” Hao slapped the steering wheel in anger. How could God do so to him?

But soon, he found something even more unpleasant.

There were more than ten bodyguards at the entrance of the airport, inspecting the passing cars one by one, and all of them were familiar.

They were dad…’ s men? How did Dad know he was coming to the airport? Was it possible that the car following him was Dad’s?

Unable to move forward any further, Hao immediately turned the car around and drove back.

Where to go now?

Now that his father knew what he was going to do, he couldn’t go back to his home, as well as the residences, so he could only go to the private villa halfway up the hill.


It was the one he had bought a long time ago, but he hadn’t gone to live there much. There was usually only a housekeeper, watching over the house and cleaning it. His parents didn’t know about it, so he could go there to settle down first and then re-plot.

In the early morning, he arrived at the villa.

“Is the bedroom clean?” Hao carried Venus upstairs and asked the housekeeper.

The housekeeper was surprised to see him, “Sure, yes. I’ve been cleaning it every day.”

He hadn’t seen Hao for a long time, so he was a little shocked.

Hao went to the second-floor bedroom and kicked the door open with his foot. The housekeeper following behind to turn on the light for him.

“You go down and make some breakfast. Don’t come here without my permission.” Hao commanded with his back to him.

“Yes, boss.” The housekeeper answered, and the moment he closed the door, he saw Venus’s delicate face.

She …… looked somewhat familiar. Where had he seen her before?

Ye’ s villa

The sun was about to come out and Kevin received a call from Ajia in his agitation.

“How’s it going? Did you find Hao?”

Half an hour ago, he told him that he had lost Hao, so Kevin then ordered everyone out to look for it.

“Not yet, no clue.” “Keep looking for him!” Kevin sounded a bit angry.

“Yes, boss.”

Kevin hung up the phone, rubbing his sore eyes. Venus’s phone couldn’t be reached now, and Hao’s phone was also off.

How else could he find them? One person came to mind.

He couldn’t wait any longer. One more minute of waiting, more dangerous Venus will be.

Wearing pajamas, Kevin strode to Xinyou’ s door.

“Knock, knock, knock.” The rapid knock on the door was particularly harsh in the early morning.

Kevin clenched his hand into a fist and knocked vigorously on the door.

Inside finally came Xinyou’ s lazy tone, “Who is it? I’m coming.”

The moment the door opened, Xinyou was surprised, “Kevin?”

“Where did Hao take Venus to?” At this time, Kevin didn’t bother to maneuver with her and directly questioned her.

Xinyou suddenly woke up and pretended to know nothing, “Hao? I don’t know.”

Kevin smashed his fist on the door frame and roared at her, “Don’t act like as if you know nothing, I saw everything yesterday when you went to the café to meet Hao. Tell me, where?”

Xinyou’ s heart was beating so fast. He knew it?

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Xinyou was about to close the door.

Kevin kicked the door open, his eyes filled with viciousness, “Xinyou, don’t think that I don’t know about those things you and Hao did. You’ d better tell me. Otherwise, I’ll tell Kerry all the tricks you’ve been playing.”

Xinyou had never seen such a strong Kevin, but at this point, she could only resist to the end, not to mention that she really didn’t know where Hao was.

“Kevin, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t know Hao and I don’t even know where he is!”

When Kevin was about to explode, Kerry’s voice sounded behind him.

“It’s early in the morning, what are you two arguing about?”

Kevin knew that he couldn’t hide it, so he turned to him and said seriously, “Brother, sister-in-law was taken away by Hao last night, and now she can’t be found.”

Kerry was surprised and then grew angry, and quickly dialed the phone number of Venus’s attending doctor.

“I’m Kerry. Is Venus in the ward?”

The doctor was obviously still asleep and spoke in a somewhat impatient tone, “Of course she’s in the room.”

Kerry shouted, “Go to check it for me right now! Now, immediately.”

The doctor was woken up by his yelling and he didn’t dare to delay. He put on his shoes and ran to Venus’ s ward, but she was not there.

“She… she’s not…” The doctor stammered. God, the patient had been lost…

“Bastard!” Kerry hung up the phone and turned back to ask Kevin, “You said Venus was taken away by Hao?”

Kevin looked anxious, “Yeah, he dumped my man. Brother, you are familiar with Hao, so where do you think he will go?”

My Mysterious Husband – Chapter 145 Venus disappeared (3)
Kerry Ye called Henry He from upstairs and ordered, “Let everyone go to look for Hao Nangong. All his properties, the bars he usually goes to, hotels and so on. Find him.”

“Yes, Young master.”

Seeing Henry leave, Kerry turned around and calmly looked at Kevin Ye and said, “What’s going on, now tell me.”

“Let’s go to the living room and I’ll tell you everything.” Kevin took two steps, staring at Xinyou Qiao and said coldly, “Do you want to tell him or not?”

Xinyou took a step back, gripping the edge of the door, fear in her voice, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Are you sure?”

Kerry glanced at the two and then stopped at Xinyou, “You together.”

Venus woke up among the bird-sound. Opening her eyes, she found it was a total strange place with unfamiliar bed and furniture, but she was still wearing the same pajama.

She got up and pushed open the window. The fresh air came in, and the rain was still pattering down, covering the lush green hills in the rain.

Where was this? Where’s Hao?

“You’re awake.”

Venus turned back, only to see Hao was standing at the door, smiling, however, in Venus’s eyes, there was no attraction at all.

“Hao, where is this? What do you want?” Venus looked at him indifferently, her eyes clear and distant.

Hao walked in and smiled gently, “Are you hungry? Eat something first.”

Venus stared at him, forcing herself to calm down. She planned to do what he wanted, “You don’t have any women’s clothes here. Please get one for me. I can’t go to dinner in my pajamas.”

“I’m sorry. Wait a moment, I’ll go and find one for you now.” After saying that, Hao turned around and went out. Venus took a deep breath.

After last night, Venus was now afraid of Hao, even just looking at him. She was worrying he would easily do something to hurt her.

What to do now? The phone must have been left at the hospital, and there was no phone in this room.

Now all she could do was to get to know the environment here and what Hao really wanted.

A few minutes later, Hao appeared at the door again, with a few new shirts and pants in his hands.

“Venus, I haven’t lived in this villa much and I don’t have any maids. There are only my clothes, so…”

“Well, it seems that I have no choice.” Venus took the clothes over. Seeing that Hao was still standing at the door, she was a little furious, but she still said calmly, “Wait for me. I’ll change my clothes.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

As soon as Hao left, Venus immediately closed the door and locked it.

Venus was tall, so it’s not that unsuitable to wear Hao’s clothes. The pants were fine and Venus picked the smallest one.

The villa had three floors, the pattern of which was similar to Ye’ s villa. The first floor had the living room as well as the dining room and so on. The second floor was the bedroom, and the third floor was the study and home theater.

Because it hadn’t been occupied for a long time, the whole house gave off a musty smell.

Venus came down the spiral staircase and met the first stranger in the villa, a middle-aged man in his fifties, wearing an old-fashioned shirt and black pants, with a kind face.

“Hello, I’m the housekeeper here. My surname is Tang, you can call me Mr. Tang.”

Venus nodded at him, “Hello, Mr. Tang.”

He was stunned, not expecting her to be so kind.

“Venus, come this way.” Hao stood in the dining room calling out to her. Venus walked over to the table where there were two bowls of porridge and a few plates of simple dishes.

“Are you hungry? Eat something first, I’ll send Mr. Tang out to buy ingredients later.” Hao helped her pull the chair, pressing her to sit down. He leaned over and said, “My clothes suit you.”

Venus was irritated by his breath.

Seeing that he was sitting across from her, Venus said, “Hao, aren’t you going to explain?”

Hao picked up his chopsticks and said, “I was going to take you out of the country, but I ran into a thunderstorm, so I had to bring you here.”

“Then why didn’t you ask about me? Won’t you ask if I’m willing?” Venus tried to make her tone sound peaceful.

Hao stared straight at her, “Because I know you won’t agree, so I can only take you by force.”

“Good, then what? Did you bring me here to lock me up for the rest of my life?” Venus gripped the chopsticks in her hand, suppressing the anger inside.

Hao smiled, “Of course not. I’ll take you away when it’s safer outside. The world is so big, so let’s find a place to live where we don’t know anyone, just you and me, isn’t that good?”

“Not good!” Venus interrupted his fantasy, “Hao, this is just your idea, I don’t want to go with you.”

Hao’s face got a little colder and his smile disappeared a little, “Didn’t you want to leave Kerry? I’m trying to help you get away from him completely. Why don’t you thank me?”

“Of course I want to leave him, but that doesn’t mean I have to go with you?”

Hao patiently convinced her, “Venus, didn’t we used to have a good relationship? You liked me, but in the end, we were forced apart because of my mother, and now there are no barriers between us, so why can’t you come with me?”

“Because I don’t love you anymore.” Venus said this out directly. From the beginning till now, she just treated him as a friend.

Hao sat up straight and said with a cold face, “It’s okay, we still have a lot of time. You’ll fall in love with me again.”

Venus was trembling with anger, but she couldn’t fall out with him, so she had to force herself to eat.

Only when she had the energy, could she fight with him.

The atmosphere was extremely depressing. After the two ate in silence for a while, Hao reminded her, “Venus, don’t think of running away. This place is halfway up the mountains and there are no cars, so you can’t walk out for two hours. Besides, don’t try to run into the mountains, there are quite a few poisonous and fierce beasts there. You can easily lose your life if you are bitten by anything.”

Venus stirred the rice porridge in the bowl and said angrily, “I’m not that stupid.”

“If you’re bored, there’s a home theater on the third floor where has a lot of classic movies. There’s also a drawing room where you can go to paint, and of course, you can also choose to watch TV on the first floor. Remember, don’t fantasize about contacting Kerry. There aren’t any communication devices here.”

After hearing this, Venus’s resentment deepened.

He was trying to keep her captive at this pace.

It seemed that she had overestimated herself. Originally, she wanted to use Hao’s power to escape from Kerry, but now she had fallen into another hole.

Compared to that, she would rather stay in Kerry’s place, where at least she could still passively let her brother find her.

If Hao forced to take her away, then it would be even more difficult for her brother to find her.

Hao saw her expression change unpredictably and smiled, “Venus, actually you’re not sick. You acted for Kerry, right?”

Venus didn’t hide it from him, shrugging her shoulders and said, “Yeah, I’m just acting.”

“Good acting, Oscar owes you a golden man.” Hao teased.

“Thank you!” Venus ended this unpleasant conversation with two words.

Now, apart from waiting for Kevin or Kerry to save herself, she also had to save by herself.

Hao’s words that there were no communication devices here were inaccurate. Though she didn’t have a cell phone, Mr. Tang had one, also Hao had one.

As long as she could get one of their cell phones, she would be saved.

Ye’ s villa

In the living room, Kerry, Kevin, and Xinyou were sitting there.

“Tell me, what’s going on?” Kerry asked.

Kevin understood that he couldn’t hide anything from him at this point, but also he couldn’t tell him everything, so he thought about it and said, “Yesterday afternoon, I was wandering around in City A, and happened to see Miss Qiao enter a café. I was about to go greet her, but found a man sitting opposite her, and coincidentally, I knew this man. That’s Hao. “

Xinyou’ s face turned pale and her fingers were clutching the corner of her skirt as she quickly thought of a response.

“Also, I saw that Hao gave her a card that seemed to tell her to do something, I guess it’s in her bag. Brother, why not search for it?”

Kerry was sullen, “John, go to her room.”


Xinyou knew that there was no way to cheat, so she ran over to kneel in front of Kerry to admit her fault, “Kerry, I tell you everything now. It was Hao who forced me. He called me yesterday afternoon and asked me to find a way to get you to sign that divorce agreement. If I didn’t agree, he would threaten me, so I had no choice but to agree.”

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