Chapter 145: The Rise Of A Poor Husband

Chapter 145 A gun in his pocket!

Colin Ward looked at him and said coldly, “oh, really?”

Seeing that Colin didn’t take it seriously, Walson Martin got angry at once, “don’t think that you can have nothing to fear just because you have the Marquis group. No matter how strong the Marquis Group is, it can’t be stronger than the combined power of more than a dozen groups!”

Colin lowered his eyes and thought of something. He raised his head again, “so you are already making a move? Good, I’d like to see the result.”

“Ha! Just wait and see!” Walson got close to Colin, “let’s start with the place in the southern suburbs and see who will be the final winner.”

The southern suburbs?

It suddenly occurred to Colin that Nina White had mentioned it. The preparation of it was almost done, but now the place seemed to be auctioned soon.

Recently, he had been worried about the antidote of Doris Lee and had almost forgotten what had happened in the Marquis group. He knew that recently, the Marquis group had been refused by many clients, and many partners had also refused to cooperate. In short, all kinds of problems just came.

It turned out to be him!

“Well, if you say so.”

Colin didn’t want to stay any longer, so he turned around and went out. But just two steps later, he saw Doris in a white dress.

Why was Doris here?

Meanwhile, Doris also saw Colin, and she wondered why Colin was here?

“Doris, over here.”Called out Barr Martin.

In fact, it was Barr who called Doris here.

“Why do you ask me to come here?”Doris’s face darkened.

Barr just smiled, “of course, I have something important to tell you.”

He sent a message to Doris, saying that he wanted to tell her something about Colin. Doris cared about Colin, so she came.

“I think we need to sit down and talk about it. Come on,” Barr said with a smile.

Colin walked to Doris, held Doris’s hand, and said, “honey, don’t listen to him, let’s go home.”

Doris hesitated for a moment and was about to nod her head when Barr said, “are you afraid that I will say something to Doris? Why are you in such a hurry to take her away? Are you feeling guilty?”

Colin turned to him, “I will tell Doris myself as her husband. We don’t need you to meddle in.”

“No, if you want to tell her, she would know it long ago!”

After saying that, Barr said to Doris, “Doris, don’t believe what he said. He is lying to you.”

Doris stared at Barr, “Colin’s right. He is my husband, and I know what kind of man he is. I don’t need you to tell me anything. Besides, I have made myself clear that things won’t work out between us!”

After saying that, Doris was about to take Colin’s hand and leave.

While Walson suddenly asked, “Colin Ward, you seem to really care about your wife, huh?”

Colin looked over and pulled Doris behind him all at once, “I’m warning you, don’t you dare touch her. Otherwise, I have one thousand ways to let you know what regret is!”

Walson wasn’t scared at all, “whoa, I’m scared.”

And, the next moment, Walson suddenly stepped forward, with a black thing in his hand and leaning against Colin’s waist.

“I suggest you not to mess with me, or I will kill you right now!”

Colin froze and broke out in a cold sweat.

That was a gun!

Colin had to admit that he was scared at that moment, for that was a gun, and only by pulling the trigger, Colin would be dead right away!

Yet he couldn’t panic, for Doris was here as well, “we are in public now. There are surveillance cameras all over. You really want to do this?”

Walson replied indifferently, “I’ll kill you and go abroad immediately. The police can’t catch me at all!”

Colin was speechless.

For the next second, Walson suddenly froze as well, because something was also against his back. If he guessed right, it should be a gun.

Then came a cold voice, “if you move a single muscle, I’ll kill you.”

It was Xu Lang?

When did Xu come? No one came in just now.

Walson froze and didn’t dare to move, “fine, I’ll take it back, and so do you.”

“After you.”

Walson had no choice. After all, his life was important, so he put the gun back into his pocket. But he still didn’t dare to turn around, because he felt that the person behind him was very dangerous.

Colin looked at Xu in surprise, “are you here to save me?”

As soon as he finished his words, Doris, who was standing behind him, suddenly trembled because she recognized that Xu was the killer.

Colin quickly turned around and explained, “it’s okay, Doris. He won’t hurt us.”

Doris nodded in confusion and didn’t ask more. Her face was pale, perhaps because of the poison or the shock.

Xu said flatly, “no, I just want to kill you myself so that I can get the money.”

After hearing that, Walson’s eyes lit up, “brother, you need money? I have the money. How much do you want? Name a price.”

Raising his eyebrows, Colin was looking forward to the expression on Walson’s face after being refused. He had seen how professional Xu was before.

As he expected, Xu cast a cold glance at Walson and replied right away, “I have my professional ethics. If you dare to talk about it again, I will kill you immediately.”

Walson was speechless.

At this time, a voice came from the door, “what happened?”

It turned out that Jason Moore came in with several policemen.

Colin was finally relieved. He pointed at Walson and said, “Sir, he just said he wanted to kill me, and he has a gun in his pocket!”

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